Dec 15 2014

Monday 15 December 2014: Flower Lion

This is Ghengis the flower lion. Raar.

Headed along to the playhouse at lunchtime to get tickets for wicked. There was a massive queue. I only went along rather than book online because the website annoyed me. Turns out the box office annoyed me too.

When I got home Ghengis and I had a cracking sing along to Frozen. She still doesn’t quite have my vocal control or range but she’s getting there.

you: can she manage more than 2 notes?
me: yes
you: so in effect she already has a greater vocal range than you
me: who said I was suggesting her’s needed to increase to match mine?
you:eh…. it was an assumption
me: you know what they say about assumptions
you: no.
me: me neither. If you find out do let me know.

Dec 14 2014

Sunday 14 December 2014: Dancing dunker

A day at home with Ghengis today as the missus was away shopping.

I had the first nose bleed I’ve had in about 20 years this arvo. Dunno what that was all about.

We mostly had fun, with a few tiredness related melt downs

you: mostly yours?
me: mostly mine.
you: and it must finally be taking hold
me: what?
you: the brain eating worm I put in your lunch the other day
me: what are you talking about?
you: the cause of your nose bleed
me: I would have thought that if it was a brain eating parasite that it would have died of starvation by now.

Dec 13 2014

Saturday 13 December 2014: Look at what you could have won…

….but didn’t. Not a single one of them.

It was our lads chrimbo day out. Based on last years efforts I was concerned I might die seeing as this feckin cold won’t shift. But I didn’t.

We started off at the golf driving range where we had two competitions, longest drive (won by Oz) and a target based points competition, won by Colin. I got a massive 2 points because one of the balls I hit bumbled along the ground and through the goal posts. White Lightning hit the shot of the day though getting it straight into one of the baskets. Then we went for lunch. Which….was……slow. And the lass serving us had never heard of any form of alcohol. I said I wanted a glayva (I thought it might be good for my cold) and she came back with the wine list.

So far so predictable. Both golf trophies won by the people who play golf.

Then we went to the newly re-furbished Marcos pool hall. Colin plays pool. Colin was wiping the floor with us and heading for his second trophy when The Chemist threw in the wildcard of having a semi final round, where Colin’s skill faltered against the random onslaught of Napoleon. So we had a final no one saw coming. Napoleon vs Oz. Oz took the title.

Then we went for a few beers and the first round of dominoes before heading for some tea at a malaysian place that was super tasty. Except for the fresh coconut cocktail I ordered. I thought it was going to be sweet and like cream of coconut. But it appeared to be a hollowed out coconut into which alcohol had been poured, then the coconut allowed to go putrid. I gave it to the teacher and had his beer.

Then for the final round of doms. This was it. My final chance to lift a trophy. This was the one that’s been on the go the longest. The most prized of all. And I came third. The Chemist took it by 2 points as a result of oz getting left with double blank on the second last round.

And that was that. A grand day out. A limited alcohol intake from me, but a good laugh as always.

you: glayva?
me: yeah
you: and a coconut cocktail
me yeah
you: what kind of lads day out is that?!
me: oh that’s not all I drank!
you: phew
me: I had a baileys
you: oh the carnage
me: and a couple of cups of coffee
you: you wildman
me: yes the sign Oz was sat in front of summed things up fairly well this year compared to last
you: what did it say?
me: reserved.

Dean Martin: Winter wonderland

Dec 12 2014

Friday 12 December 2014: Greedy witch!

Dentists this morning with Ghengis. She was as good as gold. She sat quietly on a chair while the dentist checked my teeth out, then sat on my knee quite happily and let the dentist check her over.

After the dentist we did a quick bit of christmas shopping and then went to soft play. I decided to get a bowl of soup while we were there. £3.50. And figured I’d have a cup of coffee while I was at it, and since it was christmas I’d have one of their christmas lattes. £3.90. WTF. For some milk, the tinniest whisp of coffee, and about a gallon of some syrup or another? Had I known I would never have had it. I’d rather have had another bowl of soup.

you: you should have checked
me: what?
you: the price before you ordered it
me: I didn’t expect it to cost that much!
you: how much were you expecting?
me: £2.50 tops.
you: we’re not still in the 90’s you know
me: it doesn’t matter. It’s the last money they’ll ever have off of me.
you: I’m sure they’re devastated.

Dec 11 2014

Thursday 11 December 2014: Snow

Given that there was pretty much a full on blizzard for at least an hour not a lot of it seems to have remained. There is a general smattering of white, but not as much as you would expect given the conditions.

Another day at home. Feeling like cack. Poor wee Ghengis is full of snot now too.

you: and as usual she is dealing with it better than you.
me: as usual.

Wolfmother: Joker and theThief

Dec 10 2014

Wednesday 10 December 2014: First of the year

Snow and gales. There was a hail blizzard for about 20 minutes today. And thunder, so I assume lightning. The sky had that horrid sickly yellow tinge to it for much of the day that is always associated with snow.

I was meant to be doing some study from home today, but I made the mistake of logging in to work, which meant I just spent most of the day working. Think I’ll skip the logging in bit tomorrow and try and get through some stuff.

Did I mention that this car is for sale. Mot’d till Nov next year. £1100 and it’s yours.

you: are you feeling ok?
me: no, now you come to mention it, why
you: because yesterday you said you had a cold yet today you didn’t mention it
me: I feel rotten
you: I should have known better than to ask
me: My head is totally blocked up
you: ok ok
me: and my nose is streaming
you: fine. no more
me: and I have a tickly cough
you: me and my big mouth….

Will Smith: Miami

Dec 9 2014

Tuesday 9 December 2014: First of the year

Out for a wee team lunch today. We went to an Italian. They had a three course christmas lunch for £14. When my starter came out it was a pasta dish the size of a main meal. Then this came out. The veg was smothered in garlic butter and was delicious. Then pudding came out, and I literally could not cut it with a spoon. No idea what had happened to it.

Started to feel like I have a proper cold now rather than whatever I had yesterday and sunday. Not good.

you: no, not good at all
me: aw that’s nice of you to show some concern
you: concern, for who?
me: me, feeling ill
you: my concern is for me
me: I’ll do my best not to pass it on to you
you: not that, moron, my concern is around the incessant whining we will no doubt be subjected to over the next few days.

Paloma Faith: Picking up the pieces

Dec 8 2014

Monday 8 December 2014: This is the one….

…I should have blipped yesterday. Made by Ghengis at nursery.

After feeling rotten most of yesterday I had another shocking nights sleep and woke up feeling rotten. In the end I didn’t go in to work, and spent most of the day asleep.

I watched a few episodes of southpark. They claim Lorde isn’t a seventeen year old singer songwriter, but is in fact Randy Marsh in disguise, a 43 year old geologist. Which for someone that likes her so much was quite amusing.

you: your daughter makes a christmas decoration and you fail to blip it
me: I have blipped it!
you: only once you remembered
me: yes, only once we remembered to put it on the tree
you: you didn’t even put it on the tree the first day?!
me: well, no, we’d moved it because she kept trying to nibble the edges off
you: that’s no excuse. The poor wee soul, she’s not going to feel like her art is very appreciated is she!
me: she didn’t notice, she was too busy throwing random bits of tinfoil on the tree
you: there you go again!
me: what?!
you: it wasn’t random, she was expressing herself through art.

Marina and the Diamonds: I am not a robot

Dec 7 2014

Sunday 7 December 2014: String her up

This arvo we put up the christmas tree. Typically when I got the lights down out of the loft the lights weren’t working properly. We had one set of old style bulb lights that I bought in error a while back. I quickly got a couple of the sections working again, but when the next section was 6 feet long I gave up and went and bought some new led ones. I refuse to have the annual "spend hours untangling and getting the lights working" ritual. Anyway, the tree looked as terrible as ever when it came down out of the loft, but by the time it was decorated it looked semi respectable. Kind of. Ghengis likes it and that’s the main thing.

It snowed this morning. Straight away Ghengis wanted to go outside. She was so upset when by the time she had her outdoor gear on and was ready to go out the snow had stopped and none had lay. Poor wee sausage.

Have felt ropey all day, just crazy tired. Party as a result of another night of fevered nightmares.

you: you are what’s wrong with this world!
me: me? solely me?
you: mostly
me: what have I done now?!
you: it’s what you haven’t done!
me: which is?
you: fix your lights! Lazy git. You’re just another part of the throw away society.
me: I didn’t throw them away if that helps
you: what did you do with them?
me: put them back in the box in case I ever need a set of partially working fairy lights
you: well I don’t know where I stand on that. Assume displeasure as the start point
me: I always do.

One Republic: Counting Stars

Dec 6 2014

Saturday 6 December 2014: Peek

The teacher and his family were through today to get their portraits done, which meant the studio stuff was still up. Ghengis was highly amusing once they had gone as she made me go and sit down, and told me how to sit, and where to sit, then she took my picture. She also took a nice one of the missus .and I.

Felt a bit ropey towards the end of the day, and this missus was knackered too, so we were in bed before 9.

you: so she’s finally getting her own back?
me: who?
you: Ghengis
me: for what?
you: you permanently having a camera stuck in her face
me: it’s not permanent
you: yeah, you give her peace when she’s sleeping.
me: normally.
you: must be a bit embarrassing when your two year old takes as good a pictures as you
me: I prefer to look on it as she’s had good tuition

B-52’s -Loveshack

Dec 5 2014

Friday 5 December 2014: Stand still….

….a second while I sort my lights out. Ok why don’t you just jump around like a loony instead. Oh, you already are.

Baby ballet this morning. I’m not entirely sure it’s worth going. And now they are changing the time of the class I’m not keen on continuing, but we’ll see.

Then G+O came through for a kids portrait session. That’s the last 3 years I’ve photographed them and the difference is amazing.

Ghengis has been a wee star this arvo. She’s just been really good, playing with her toys and reading her books. When I put her to bed and closed the door she shouted "you have a lovely sleep daddy". Aw, thanks chook. I will.

you: what would have been the point of that?
me: what?
you: Ghengis standing still
me: well it would have made life easier
you: because that’s what kids do when they come to get their photos done?
me: what?
you: make your life easy?
me: well, no.
you: so Ghengis was providing you with a realistic shooting scenario
me: well, I guess
you: I hope you paid her.

Tommy Steele: Flash Bang Wallop

Dec 4 2014

Thursday 4 December 2014: #GetHomeSafely

A lunchtime text from Monochrome alerted me to the fact that some F1 stars were going to be hooning around princes street gardens in supercars. So off I went for a look. The Caparo T1 sounded absolutely awesome. It was pretty greasy so they were having a bit of trouble getting the power down, as demonstrated by Hakkinen who had the back end of the Caparo out…..on the straight.

They were there to promote the #gethomesafely campaign, the new anti drink drive campaign, sponsored by johnnie walker……the purveyor of whisky.

Anyway, they should have been drifting around the fountain. Sebastian Loeb would have.

you: no he wouldn’t
me: yes he would have
you: I bet he wouldn’t
me: I bet he would
you: your not going to win this argument
me: that’s what you think….
me: yes he would have done. He’s the best driver in the world
you: no he’s not
me: yes he is
you: I give up
me: I win.

Ben Howard: Old Pine

Dec 3 2014

Wednesday 3 December 2014: breakfast boredom

Porridge? Again?

Bit of a meh day.

Think I have decided just to buy the shed rather than build one.

you: one of your most enthralling entries ever
me: I could barely contain my excitement as I typed.

The Cribs: Hey Scenesters!

Dec 2 2014

Tuesday 2 December 2014: Chrimbo jumper

Oz was sporting a rather fine chrimbo jumper to the boozer tonight, and standing in front of an open fire with a pint in hand he looked quite the jolly christmas character. We were at the abottsford. Have no fear, the cowboy was there. I just didn’t blip him. A break from tradition.

knackered today as I had another night of stressing about garden sheds and what I would need to build the one I want rather than buy the one I kind of want. That’s two sleepless nights due to stress over a garden shed. That has got to be some kind of world record for ridiculous things to lose sleep over.

It was another community woodland committee meeting tonight. I need to try and see if I can get the local paper to do an article about the kids photo competition I am going to run but I’m not entirely sure how you go about that.

you: you could dress as spiderman and climb the steeple with a banner
me: why would I do that exactly
you: to get an article in the paper
me: I’m not sure it would be the right kind of article
you: There’s no such thing as bad publicity
me: I think there is
you: define it
me: climbing up the steeple in a spiderman outfit
you: fine, just you ignore my advice and send a weedy email
me: I think I will
you: wonder woman outfit?
me: now we’re heading in the right direction I think
you: princess Leia
me: done!
you: I’ll keep a look out for the article. "freak arrested climbing town hall steeple wearing princess Leia outfit"

Avril Lavigne: Complicated

Dec 1 2014

Monday 1 December 2014: Where were you…..

….. on Friday? Could have done with this sky up at Glencoe. Ach, you cannae have it all. At least I wasn’t in the office Friday.

Today was Monday. Sadly I am no longer allowed in Ghengis’ secret club, even though I know the password (noodlesnoodlesnoodles). Apparently I’m not allowed because I am wearing a jumper. Seems a bit harsh.

you: harsh?
me: yeah, being thrown out for wearing a jumper, that seems a bit harsh
you: well it would appear your eviction has already been vindicated
me: how so?
you: well, you’ve already blabbed the secret password. Who knows what other secrets you may have leaked to the press
me: I’m fairly sure Ghengis doesn’t have that many secrets
you: You hope Ghengis doesn’t have any secrets
me: well, other than her plans for world domination obviously
you: obviously.

Stevie Wonder: You are the sunshine of my life