Nov 30 2014

Sunday 30 November 2014: Lamp post.

Beautiful sunny day today.

Leftover chicken satay and chicken with mushroom for breakfast. Not a bad start to the morning.

The missus’ mum’s sister and hubby came down and we all went out for lunch to cooks, but the place was too slow (which seems to be a common theme with them which isn’t great) so Ghengis and I left before pudding. The inlaws and entourage went to see the kelpies.

And I can’t see there being an awful lot happening for the rest of the day. I might try and get the rx8 listed for sale somewhere again. And I need to get some prints ordered. But that’s barely worth mentioning.

you: and yet you did
me: did what?
you: mention it
me: it just seemed like a bit of a sparse entry
you: brevity is a blessing when it comes to you’re journal entries. And with a breakfast like that I hope you had a light lunch?!
me: yes there were plenty of windows in the place
you: ho ho.
me: I had roast ham, and it was very nice, if a little salty.

George Formby: Leaning On A Lamp Post

Nov 28 2014

Friday 28 November 2014: Oop North.

Not oop north as southerners call it (ie, Manchester) but starting to get properly up North, as in Rannoch Moor and Glencoe.

Sutin picked me up at 5am. Things weren’t looking promising as it was a proper pea souper with fog. As we got nearer to our destination though it cleared. We traipsed off across the moor in the dark to find a suitable location. Sunrise didn’t quite turn out as spectacular as we hoped as the broken cloud all cleared away… was still pretty damn nice though!

The rest of the day was a bit more of a washout as the glen and Buachaille Etive Mor were both hiding in cloud.

Both Sutin and I were a bit nervous about getting the files onto the computer and taking a look in case we hadn’t done the location justice: I’m happy enough with this though. I’ve put a few more here

All in all it was a grand day out though. Now though I’m knackered and am looking forward to a lie in tomorrow….oh no, that’s right, Ghengis will have me up at 7 if not earlier.

you: credit where it’s due
me: what?
you: it was nice of Sutin to do all the driving
me: indeed it was. And there was me thinking you might actually say something nice about one of my photos
you: dream on!

Gnarls Barkley: Crazy

Nov 27 2014

Thursday 27 November 2014: Plans are afoot

Big day out with Sutin and the big cameras tomorrow. Fingers crossed it results in a better photo than this. Given the planned early start it had better do. The early start might be struggle though, given that I couldn’t get to sleep till after 2 last night as I was stressing about sheds, and then Ghengis woke at 630.

you: could you be any lazier with your photo?!
me: I put enough effort in to last nights processing to make up for the lack of effort tonight
you: I’m not entirely sure anything could make up for the lack of effort tonight

The Killers: Somebody told me

Nov 26 2014

Wednesday 26 November 2014: The trench revisited

Or to give it it’s proper title, based on Monochromes re-brand of the building floor plan, "The gulley of doom". Positioned between the Tie Fighter bays.

I had the big camera with me today and there was something I wanted to try so I had another go at this. Still not quite what I wanted.

Bit of a wander with sbarlster at lunchtime. He was after an Elf christmas jumper from primark, but they had either sold out or the staff were idiots. Or we were idiots.

you: almost certainly the latter.
me: I thought that might be your opinion
you: if there is ever any doubt whether the blame is yours, then I’ll probably assign the blame to you
me: probably?
you: Actually no you’re right. The blame is yours, no matter what.

Supergrass: Alright

Nov 25 2014

Tuesday 25 November 2014: The trench

Made it to the pub for the first time in ages tonight. Had a grand jar, somebody or other’s DNA. Tasty. And as we were at the 52 canoes, nachos were mandatory. Very nice they were too. What wasn’t mandatory was then having a breakfast burrito, or half of one anyway. The Teacher and I both had meal envy in relation to Esme and Napoloeon’s choice… we decided to get one for ourselves and half it.

you: you big…..
me: ….fatty? Pig? Greedy guts?
you: nancy!
me: ok not what I was expecting?
you: not man enough to have a whole breakfast burrito? What a pansy!
me: I’d just had a big plate of nachos!
you: which should have warmed you up nicely. What is a breakfast burrito anyway?
me: it was just a regular burrito with a fried egg and haggis on top
you: mmmm, appetising…… oh no hang on it sounds gross
me: No, it was tasty. I could have done without getting home to be told there was macaroni cheese in the oven for me thoug
you: you did not eat that too?
me: I made a start on it
you: ok now you can have it…
me: fatty? Pig? Greedy guts?
you: and the rest.

Foster the people: Pumped up kicks

Nov 24 2014

Monday 24 November 2014: Low

In summer I can sit on my bench and be in the sun because it is above this tree. Now I can sit in the sun on my bench because there are no leaves left on the tree. I know how low the sun stays in winter, but this was a nice wee illustration of what a massive difference there is….. at least I thought so.

you: I think you’re on your own with that one
me: yeah you might be right
you: what are you doing sitting out on a bench now anyway? It’s baltic!
me: the sun was out
you: which makes oh so much difference when it’s barely skimming the horizon
me: hey I’ll take it where I can get it.

The Felice Brothers: Frankie’s Gun

Nov 23 2014

Sunday 23 November 2014: Camera shy little owl

We went through to dobbies in Stirling this morning to take a look at sheds. They had ones from 2 manufacturers I am looking at. Almost too much excitement for one morning. Outside there was a wee bird of prey display and the kids could hold one for a couple of quid. We got Ghengis the little owl, and she showed absolutely no emotion or interest at all. Then the minute we were in the car: "I loved holding the little owl daddy". It sure didn’t look like it.

After that we went back to the river house. I really enjoyed my breakfast there the other day so I wanted to see what lunch was like. And it was good. 2 courses for £8 and it was tasty stuff. I think it might be my new favourite place.

Ghengis got in the way of my quadcopter this arvo and one of the props got stuck in her hair, and because they spin at about a million rpm it created a right old knot in her hair. The missus got most of it sorted, but we had to cut the last bit out. Somehow I got the blame for this.

A bit of sorting out photos in the evening and that was it, day done, holiday over.

you: "some how I got the blame for this"?!
me: yeah. A bit rich eh
you: what the frick are you talking about?! You tangled your stupid toy up in her hair
me: hey she dived in to the way of it
you: really?
me: well…..
you: were you trying to land it on her head
me: no!
you: hmmm. I’m not sure I believe you in any way shape or form.

Lorde: Yellow Flicker Beat (Lorde gaining the award for the only artist to feature more than once in a single run of tsfb.)

Nov 22 2014

Saturday 22 November 2014: Where the wild things are

Started the day off with a parkrun. I thought I was going to do a bit better today because I had my music but there was only 10 seconds in it. So in other words still slow.

New B&M store has opened in town and it is massive. Popped in to get ghengis a new pen for her book but they didn’t have one so we had to buy a whiteboard as it had a pen included with it. Still, she liked drawing on the whiteboard. And it came with some magnets for me. I like magnets.

you: you really do claim to like some odd things.
me: what?
you: magnets
me: true. I don’t like magnets, I love magnets
you: of course you do, and why wouldn’t youi
me: exactly, you can stick them together or stick things to your fridge* or make things levitate. Incredible.
you: you really need to get out more. And I’m not sure about that last one
me: Levitation? Oh totally, that’s how Marty McFly’s hoverboard worked.
you: and there we go again, mixing up reality with cinema. You are a prize idiot
me: but a levitating idiot.

Nov 21 2014

Friday 21 November 2014: Flutterby

Ghengis was a wee monster today. Absolutely crazy. We went to butterfly world, partly as it gave us an hour of not having to deal with her as she was in the back of the car.

The final of oz masterchef tonight. We wanted Laura to win, but Brent was acceptable.

I love the instructions and descriptions you get on some chinese products. The following was on the wireless doorbell that arrived today:

Fine Quality: Outstanding design
beautiful outward exhibits the distinct art and master style.which is popular withall spheresof the society, it will be vivid whit ife only because of the GALLOP brand doorbell regardless of it is put it in bedroom, office or other place. Desucing the specialart ampily for you.

Wireless and Facyle; Anyone can do
Anyone can use without troubling othars especially without chiseling or disposing. So it doesn;t attect the decoration. Doing by yourself and quick installing, these all appear to be ingenious. When the music comes up, you must be full of joy.

No fearing of o8stacle; No fearing of distance
Overlong remote could be 100 meters, the sound of signal feach a once at your will, even though it is used inhigh building, villa or other complex building

More place, more happiness
The door bell can be installed at random the button can be fixed or pasted. It is applcablein Bedroom, office, restaurant, factory, dormitory or any other place where need help. you wont miss any visitors, the happiness spread through the digital world.

you: go on then
me: what?
you: you write it out in chinese
me: well I can’t, obviously.
you: stop being a smart @rse then
me: I’m not. I said I liked it.
you: you shouldn’t criticise if you can’t do any better
me: when I start selling doorbells in china then I’ll ensure that I’ve done better.
you: I’ll be checking.
me: I have no doubt.

Emile Ford and the Checkmates: what do you want to make those eyes at me for?

Nov 20 2014

Thursday 20 November 2014: Silver birch (holiday day 4)

This morning we dropped Ghengis in at nursery then went for breakfast at the riverhouse. And it was ace. They had a log burning stove fired up, so we grabbed a seat next to that which was a grand start. There were a couple of papers to read. We got oj and tea and coffee. I liked the music that was on. And the breakfast was decent too. It really felt like we were on holiday.

Then we went to see Mockingjay Part 1. There is something wrong with that title. There shouldn’t be a part 1. There should just be "Mockingjay". Just the usual money grabbing stupidity splitting the last book in two. Annoying. Not a lot happened in the film, but we still quite enjoyed it.

Then we went for lunch at Colessio. It was quite nice. The music was dreadful though. Some incessant electro garbage. After lunch we went for a bit of a wander in town, then we went to pick up Ghengis, and that was that.

you: so your day consisted mostly of eating
me: no larger a proportion than usual
you: so you didn’t eat a massive box of popcorn at the cinema
me: if only I got the chance. I don’t get to see the popcorn bucket until all that’s left is husks and unpopped kernels.
you: and that’s still more than you deserve.

Mary Poppins: Let’s go fly a kite

Nov 19 2014

Wednesday 19 November 2014: Yeah Science!

Ghengis seemed fine this morning after a good nights kip, so we headed through to the Glasgow Science Centre.

TOO MANY CHILDREN! I thought it would have been ok seeing as it’s a week day. How wrong was I? Very. There were at least 5 different school groups there. They were so noisy. They were so runny about-y. They were so "using all the exhibits so we couldn’t get a shot-y". Ghengis still had fun, but was it worth the £30 to get Jenelope the missus and I in? No. Not with that many schoolkids.

Took Jenelope through to meet up with Dad as they were off to a job. A cup of tea and a blether and then home. Day done.

you: what did you expect?
me: with what?
you: you went to childs museum and didn’t expect kids?
me: that’s exactly what I expected
you: you took a kid!
me: yes, one child
you: so you added to the noise and runny about-y-ness
me: I could have taken ten kid and it would have had minimal impact on the maelstrom of the school trips
you: but did you learn anything?
me: I guess
you: stop whining then

Bon Jovi: Livin’ on a prayer

Nov 18 2014

Tuesday 18 November 2014: The ducks

This morning we headed down to the park to feed the ducks. When we arrived the carpark was mobbed which seemed odd for a tuesday morning. Then we noticed the 6 billion school kids that were there for some cross country event. After the duck feeding we went and fed ourselves some cakes and tea at the big hoose.

Took the yaris out for the the first time this arvo. We were laughing our heads off. Where is the power? Where are the gears? Looking for a gear is like stirring a pan of porridge. Come back RX8, all is forgiven, I’ll treat the visibly falling fuel gauge as in car entertainment rather than an issue. Not that it’s gone as I haven’t re-listed it for sale after the timewaster.

Took the quadcopter outside for a go. Not the best of plans, I’m not a good enough pilot yet. I crashed it into various neighbours gardens. "Please Mr can I get my helicopter back?"

Ghengis had a fever temperature again this arvo so the missus took her down to the docs. You’d never have known she wasn’t feeling right when Jenelope arrived as she was running around having a grand old time.

Rather than head through to glasgow for tea as we’d planned, the missus and I just went to Pierre’s in town. We were the only people in all night. I feel sorry for local businesses when I see them like that. We had a nice time though and the food was grand.

you: pilot?!
me: yeah.
you: pilot?!
me: yes, pilot. What’s wrong with you?
you: it’s a toy!
me: it still needs a pilot
you: no, it doesn’t
me: so what does it need?
you: the mind of a child/idiot trapped in a man’s body.
me: which….
you: describes you to a T

Belle and Sebastian: Get me away from here I’m dying

Nov 17 2014

Monday 17 November 2014: Terror from the sky.

The mini quadcopter I bought with my pumpkin carving winnings arrived today. I haven’t been as excited about a wee gadget in a long time. I do find it slightly terrifying though as I fly it around the house. I can just imagine a swarm of them armed with lasers rather than a camera flying around under the control of an evil robot overlord and everyone running away in fear…..but then the batteries only last 5 minutes so we won’t have to run too far.

Apart from that I had some major annoyance with the battery backup on some security stuff. And then more annoyance trying to get the cars insured. 42 minutes on the phone….to stay with the folk I am already with. I hate car insurance. I hate insurance in general.

Ghengis is still a bit coldy, but I think we might have the potty training almost sorted. She asked to go every time she needed today. Awesome.

you: what a terrible photo
me: you try flying a quadcopter and taking it’s photo at the same time
you: you have 2 hands!
me: so that’s the copter sorted. And the camera?
you: well I don’t know, improvise. And it’s the size of a saucer, what is there to be scared of?
me: eh, the blades going round at 30k rpm coming straight for your eyes as you push a stick the wrong way
you: best learn to fly it quickly then eh
me: yeah the sooner I can fly it the sooner I can move on to a Phantom
you: I was thinking more along the lines of avoiding injury, rather than spending more money
me: I don’t think they are mutually exclusive
you: just imagine the damage you could do to yourself with that big one……can I lend you some money for it…

Radiohead: Black Star

Nov 16 2014

Sunday 16 November 2014: Poo Sticks

The fog barely lifted today so it’s been a bit of a cold old day. We got out for a wander this morning and Ghengis and the missus threw twigs in the stream to race them.

Watched a few of the latest Guy Martin: Speed series. I don’t have many people I would class as heroes but he’s one of them. He just seems like such a top bloke.

This arvo we went down in to town to see santa and his reindeer, and the switching on of the lights. I read the poster wrong….santa and his reindeer were there yesterday, so we went and had a scone and a cuppa instead, then back to see the lights. I think it might be the first time Ghengis has been in a crowd. She was just looking all around her wide eyed. I don’t think anyone was expecting the confetti/snow cannons, there were kids crying all over the place, it was like a shotgun had gone off!

you: it’s "Pooh Sticks" you moron!
me: what is
you: the game
me: what game?
you: throwing twigs from the bridge and seeing who’s get’s to the other side first
me: that has a name?
you: yes, Pooh Sticks.
me: oh, I was just stating fact.

Elbow: One day like this

Nov 15 2014

Saturday 15 November 2014: Slice

We all have a bit of a cold. Ghengis seems to have it the worst today. Poor wee sausage. It keeps waking her up and she’s getting upset. I hope she never has an illness more serious than a cold as I won’t be able to handle it.

Back to the library today to take back the book we got out for her yesterday. Dinosaur Farm. It was rubbish. Dinosaurs and tractors, surely a match made in heaven. No.

If anyone happens to read this and can spare 1 minute could you vote for Hardgate Primary. It’s my old school, just a small village with not that many kids at it so they don’t have as many families to vote for them in the choir contest as the bigger places.. Just put guff data in so you don’t get spammed by the organisers. There’s no validation I don’t think, 9 zeros works for the phone number.

you: Dinosaurs
me: yeah dinosaurs
you: and tractors
me: yeah, how awesome does that combo sound?
you: eh. I think it sounds like some sort of typo
me: no, it sounds awesome
you: so what was wrong with the book?
me: well the dinosaurs didn’t drive tractors for a start
you: probably anatomically impossible. And chronologically now I come to think of it.
me: well never mind that. Nothing happened in the story either
you: what were you expecting? Some crazy plot twist?
me: just more than "farmer wakes up, washes dinosaur, goes home"
you: but that’s the life of a dinosaur farmer.

Little Mermaid : Part of your world (sorry, we had a disney cd on in the car)

Nov 14 2014

Friday 14 November 2014: Oops

Only photo of the day. Not much I can do to rescue it. It’s just Ghengis, at the library, in her pyjamas.

Baby ballet this morning and since it was children in need the bairns were all asked to wear their pj’s.

Then we went to the library to pick a book.

Then we went home.

you: please tell me you didn’t?
me: didn’t what?
you: you didn’t join in by wearing your pjs to baby ballet
me: of course I didn’t
you: phew
me: I don’t wear pj’s so it would have felt a bit fake. I just went in….
you: don’t finish that sentence.

Sheryl Crow: Strong enough

Nov 13 2014

Thursday 13 November 2014: Bird

I was trying to take a photo of the bird flying by and this pesky awesome sunrise got right in my way.

Got my eyes tested at lunchtime. Slight change to my prescription. I went to one near work assuming that a national chain of opticians would have centralised records. But they don’t. I found that a bit odd.

More builders round tonight, one more tomorrow and then we should probably have enough quotes to make a decision.

That’s me on holiday for a week. Woop Woop.

you: why aren’t you doing it yourself?
me: what?
you: the garage conversion
me: because there’s too tight a deadline
you: which is?
me: march, when bambino arrives
you: that’s 3 months!! Surely enough time
me: you saw how long it took to build the playhouse
you: fair point. Get someone in. You’re obviously not man enough for the job
me: right that’s it. Where are my tools…….

Bob Dylan: Subterranean Homesick Blues

Nov 12 2014

Wednesday 12 November 2014: Forecast

After probably 10 years of semi-reliable service my old weather station base unit has packed in. Luckily I had it’s replacement ready to go….having bought it about 3 years ago.

Bit of a headache inducing day at work. I was the only one of the three in my team in today, and it felt a bit like I was fire-fighting without actually putting any fires out. At lunchtime I went to DB’s office to give him his flash triggers back. The office is in what was once just someones home on Drumsheugh Gdns. To think that it was once a family home is amazing, the rooms are absolutely incredible. The ex boss saw me and asked if I was there to hand in my CV. Many more days like today and I could be tempted!

Also started the process of getting quotes for the garage conversion. Tried using, so we’ll see how that goes.

you: you bought it 3 years ago?
me: the spare weather station?
you: yes the spare weather station.
me: yes. I bought it 3 years ago
you: why?!
me: because you never know when ones going to fail
you: wouldn’t most people just wait until the failure occurred?
me: but I’m not most people
you: something which becomes more and more apparent as time drags on.

Culture Club: Karma Chameleon

Nov 11 2014

Tuesday 11 November 2014: Edge of darkness

Today was tuesday. Ghengis was super good, but the missus was super tired so I didn’t get to the boozer. Instead it was more oz masterchef. I noticed that it was episode 51. At at least an hour an episode (minus adverts) that’s a lot of time devoted to it!

you: and can you cook any better as a result?
me: eh…
you: for example what did you have for tea?
me: pizza
you: home made dough? Interesting toppings?
me: eh….
you: bought in?
me: well, yeah, but it was a freshly made tesco one
you: and was it good
me: it had, literally, an inch of grated mozzarella on it. That’s an inch thick. All over it. By the time it had melted it was a solid 1/2 inch slab of cheese
you: that’s doesn’t answer my question. Was it good?
me: no. it had too much cheese on it.
you: You are probably the only person to ever complain about too much cheese on a pizza. But then you are probably the only person to ever have complained about a lot of things.

Idina Menzel: Let it go

(at the time of writing that video has had 363 MILLION views! That’s incredible! And only half of them were Ghengis over the last few days. She loves running back and forward singing it….well singing a couple of lines of it anyway. And when I say singing I mean shouting. At the "here I stand, and here I’ll stay" bit she always stamps her foot like Elsa which is cute)

Nov 10 2014

Monday 10 November 2014: 2 birds

A lot of misty starts to the days at the moment.

Out for a wander with sbarlster at lunchtime. I had to get out for a bit of a wander to burn off some of the coffee and walnut cake that he’d brought in.

Tonight I sorted (with the missus help) out all the details I’d collected at the wedding fair over the weekend. Tomorrow the emailing will begin.

The d1ck that bought the rx8 off ebay still hasn’t got in touch. So I’m having to wait for a non paying bidder claim to go through before I can re-list. So frickin’ annoying.

you: if you hadn’t had any cake you wouldn’t have needed to burn it off
me: but if I hadn’t had any that would have been rude
you: not if it meant the rest of the team got to have some
me: I only had one bit!
you: when you cut the little triangle out of a cake that’s the bit you are meant to take
me: not the remainder?
you: not the remainder.
me: oh.

Spin Doctors: Two Princes

Nov 9 2014

Sunday 9 November 2014: Shaft

Day 2 at the wedding fair. I thought I was tired after yesterdays, but that was just the warm up. Totally shattered today.

Another decent day though, another set of contact details, another set of brides that claimed to like my work.

Home and Ghengis was super excited as she’d done a big painting for me. It’s very nice too. She’d also pee’d on the floor though which the missus could have done without. Twice. We thought we were nearly there with the potty training, but maybe there is a wee (no pun intended) way to go.

you: of course they claimed to!
me: what do you mean?
you: claimed to like your photos
me: they did.
you: well they were hardly going to say your photos are crap when they are standing talking to you
me: oh. I guess. But they seemed genuine
you: you’re a great guy
me: thanks
you: did that seem genuine?
me: yes
you: well it wasn’t. Lesson learned for you I hope.

Ingrid Michaelson: You and I

Nov 8 2014

Saturday 8 November 2014: Work it.

First day exhibiting at the Edinburgh Wedding Fair and I am absolutely knackered. Because I’m there by myself I didn’t really want to leave the stand in case I missed prospective brides, so I didn’t have a seat in 8 hours. I didn’t even get to the loo. Same again tomorrow. Although I might try and fit in a loo break.

It was fun though. Spoke to some lovely couples who seemed to like my work. So hopefully something will come of it. Not getting all that much chance to network but I’ll try for a bit more of that tomorrow.

you: I don’t really want to know
me: what?
you: if you went to the loo or not!
me: and you’re probably best off not trying to network
you: and why might that be?
me: because you are an inept fool

B.J Thomas : Raindrops keep falling on my head.

Nov 7 2014

Friday 7 November 2014: One cloud

Been a bit of a non stop day today. Took Ghengis to her first baby ballet class this morning. She was a bit shy and didn’t join in a whole lot, but she showed mum how to dance pointing her toes on skype tonight so I guess she was paying attention.

Then I took her to soft play.

And to top it off I got offered a space to exhibit at the Edinburgh Wedding Fair as a result of a last minute cancellation. This has meant a rush job on getting prints done and preparations made. I’m still not finished and am knackered, but I’m hoping it’s all worth it, even more so as it’s costing me a lot of money.

Someone used the "buy it now" option for the rx8 on ebay last night. Then haven’t been in touch or answered my emails yet. So I fear it’s just a timewaster which is highly annoying. I think I’ll just have to re-list it, make immediate payment mandatory, and take the whacking great hit of the paypal fees.

Tonight Ghengis got woken up by fireworks and she was scared, so we brought her down to sit with us for a bit. And she was as cute as could be. She just sat quietly, or when she did pipe up it was to say something like "you’re my best friend mummy. And you too daddy." Wee sweetheart.

you: it was just a joke
me: what was
you: me buying your car from ebay
me: don’t joke about things like that. It’s so frickin’ annoying.
you: which is exactly why I joke about it
me: why would someone do that?
you: to waste your time
me: but why would they do that?
you: perhaps you wasted their time?
me: I don’t even know them
you: perhaps they read one of your journal entries and realised they’d never get that time back for something more interesting.

Suzanne Vega: Headshots (/hedgehogs)

Nov 6 2014

Thursday 6 November 2014: Cheery chops

That was thursday that was.

Ghengis was a right cheery wee thing when I was putting her to bed.

you: not much of an entry today
me: backblip. Can’t remember what I did
you: it was only a day ago!
me: a day too long ago
you: bit of a random song choice tonight
me: I remember making my family listen to the album it was from on repeat for the entirety of a holiday to wales. Even I was sick to the back teeth of it
you: you can remember one of your childhood holidays but you can’t remember yesterday
me: one of? The.

Levellers: One Way

Nov 5 2014

Wednesday 5 November 2014: Badaboom

Onslow. Tonight the missus said I reminded her of Onslow from Keeping Up Appearances. How rude! I was just sitting on the couch with no shirt on, eating yoghurt. That’s not so bad is it? Speaking of the missus, she wrote all our christmas cards yesterday. That’s even earlier than last year.

Cycled into town to see the fireworks tonight. I got my gear set up and started taking photos, then overheard a phone conversation behind me: "Aye, ah’m stood here up oan the flat bit beside some c**t wi’ a big f’kn camera". Not for long you’re not pal. I picked up my gear and moved. I mean call me that once you know me, fine, but before I’ve said hello. No. I made a bad exit strategy decision too, getting caught up in the 1000’s of people when had I gone the other way I would have been straight out.

So, tonight I have been Onslow the C**t. Neither of which I am particularly happy about.

you: haha
me: you would find it amusing
you: seems like it’s a night for name calling
me: here we go…
you: fatty
me: novel
you: bawbag
me: interesting
you: mr poo poo head
me: what age are you?!
you: younger than you, you decrepit old bawbag mr poo poo head.

Nov 4 2014

Tuesday 4 November 2014: Duck this.

Straight out of the "what’s sitting on my desk" book of blipping.

Met monochrome and boab for a bit of lunch at taste of italy. Since I started a diet yesterday I just had lasagne, and chips, and coke.

I decided to try and sort out my t-shirts on sunday. So I emptied the t-shirt shelf. There were 57 on it. I got it down to 51. And a few more have made an appearance from the washing machine. The oldest one I have is 24 years old. But I have several others that are over 20. I just can’t throw them out.

you: a diet?!
me: yes.
you: but you dislike the concept of diets
me: yes. That has something to do with liking food
you: you always say diets are pointless, people should just do more exercise
me: I do.
you: so why aren’t you?
me: doing more exercise? because I just can’t find the time.
you: and why are you?
me: trying to eat a bit less? Because along with the t-shirts I found another pair of work trousers. When I tried them on lets just say I was putting a lot of faith in the stitching holding the button on
you: fatty fatty boom boom.

Athlete: wires.

Nov 3 2014

Monday 3 November 2014: My new motor….

….and then I woke up and had my cornflakes.

Blue skies and sunshine at lunchtime so I got out for a bit of a wander and spotted this beauty. Interestingly it had Michelin Pilot Alpin tyres on.

you: no.
me: what?
you: it’s not
me: what’s not what?!
you: it is in no way interesting what type of tyres a car had on.
me: well I found it interesting
you: and that’s why you are lacking in the friends department.

Vengaboys: We like to party (vengabus)

(the first duplicate, and this baby loved it too.

Nov 2 2014

Sunday 2 November 2014: I like riding on my bike

Today was the first time we’d taken Ghengis out down the street on her bike. On the gentle slopes she was lifting her feet and gliding a bit which was ace. We played snap with the new Peppa Pig cards the missus bought a lot today too. She’s getting better, but Ghengis still beats her.

W.E were having a halloween party for the bairns today, but I was too tired to do all the driving so we didn’t make it. Instead I had a nap.

Got the RX8 photographed and on ebay. Straight off the bat I had a mistake, claiming in the title that it had an MOT until 2105. Which wouldn’t be bad going.

you: she has her bunnet on I see
me: she wasn’t allowed to leave the house without it.
you: and finally!
me: finally what?
you: you’ve put the motor up for sale rather than just talking about doing it!
me: I haven’t mentioned it that much
you: no no, not at all.

Pet Shop Boys: Always on my mind.

Nov 1 2014

Saturday 1 November 2014: Hairstand

First park run for a while today. It was a lovely autumnal morning for it. Half way around I was overtaken by an 11 year old girl. I got by her again on the uphill. Then she overtook me on the downhill, and then I couldn’t catch her again.

Through to the swamp with arvo for a bit of lunch and some fun out in the park.

Ghengis has taken to calling me by my name rather than "daddy". Which is amusing and annoying at the same time.

Decided to do a chippy taste test tonight. There is one just along the road that I’ve always ignored as I drive to the one we know is good. Tonight I got a fish supper from each. While the staff were friendly and cheery, sadly the fish and chips weren’t quite as good.

you: on the downhill?
me: what?
you: you were overtaken by a small girl on the downhill?
me: yes.
you: on the downhill?!
me: yes on the downhill. I can’t run very well downhill. I’m too worried about my knees
you: you can’t run very well full stop. But on a downhill? That’s just embarrassing
me: there were plenty of other people to be embarrassed about being beaten by so one more doesn’t matter. There were a couple of witches. A skeleton, and the man who’s breathing made him sound like he was an actual zombie (which sped me up for a short while, just in case), but then he overtook me and it turns out he was just a man with breathing difficulties
you: beaten by a man with breathing difficulties. That just says it all. Give up.


Rednex: Cotton Eyed Joe. (sorry)