Oct 31 2014

Friday 31 October 2014: Winner!

Woop woop! So finally I won something in the works halloween do. Third in the photo comp. Second in the apple dookin. But today I got first in the pumpkin comp. £50 amazon voucher! Sweet. So now they have slashed my pension in half minus £50. I only need to win a pumpkin carving comp virtually every day of the year for the next 23 years and I’ll be evens.

Took Ghengis on the train to go to the museum today. The minute we got there she ran off with her camera taking photos of the animals.

After that we stopped in by my work for the pumpkin and fancy dress competition judging and arrived just as it was completing. Ghengis popped on her witch outfit before we went in. Quite amusing seeing a wee witch wandering around a multi million pound head office. The ladies on the reception desk certainly had a laugh. We had to get a security pass printed for her and everything. My plan was that if I didn’t win the pumpkin comp I was going to invent an under 3 fancy dress category.

So it was a long day for the wee chook with no nap, but she was a good wee chook and good fun too.

you: what do you mean you won?!
me: eh, I came first
you: how can that be?
me: because mine was judged the best
you: but what about BC?
me: yes I heard about it before I went to the office. I feared I was doomed to fail again as he had created an arduino powered mega-pumkin. But I think it had a technical malfunction on the way to the judging
you: what did you do to it?!
me: you’re not pinning it on me! I arrived after the event!
you: do you have any witnesses?
me: Ghengis
you: you are calling on your 2 year old daughter as your chief witness
me: and all the folk in the office!
you: highly suspicious if you ask me!

Sleeper: Lie Detector

Oct 30 2014

Thursday 30 October 2014: Half a pumpkin

Realising that there was a high probability I wouldn’t see my pumpkin again once I took it in for the work competition I grabbed a quick photo this morning. I couldn’t get a panorama shot to work, so I’ve only got half of the design to show. Because I’m not in the office tomorrow I had to take it today, a day early. I hope there is no sabotage.

Today’s halloween activity at the office was dookin’ for apples. And I was winning! Right up until the organiser had a go, and beat me. Another 50 quid slipped away. As far as I am aware, in the history of competitions, organisers (and their immediate family) are banned from participating. And his apples were smaller than mine. I demand a stewards enquiry. It was pretty funny all the same. I didn’t think any lasses would have a shot due to the hair/makeup implications. So I was surprised when some seriously senior women had a go!

Curry and a beer with Steven tonight. First time in ages.

you: you’re not handling this well
me: what?
you: the continual losing
me: I’m not losing. I’ve had a third and a second so far
you: so, you’ve been first and second loser.
me: if you must. Always the bridesmaid, never the bride.

Taylor Swift: Shake it off

Oct 29 2014

Wednesday 29 October 2014: Lanterns

Spent nearly an hour yesterday getting the car running after yesterday’s garage revelations. PITA.

At work this week our area is having a halloween themed event each day. Monday was a baking contest. Tuesday was a photo competition. The missus vetoed the photo I was going to do so I ended up just punting in the photo of Ghengis in her pumpkin outfit just to show the event some support. Anyway, it came third, which was fine, had the winning "Photo" actually been a photo, rather than an exercise in photoshop. And the prize was £50 of john lewis vouchers! Raging. Actually it was a good laugh winding the winner up saying I was going to request a stewards enquiry.

Friday’s is a pumpkin carving contest, so I’ve spent this evening in the garage, dremel in hand. Considering it was freehand and no templates were involved I’m pretty pleased with the result. No doubt a carved turnip will win, seeing as the contests appear to be lacking well defined rules.

you: but you’re not bitter!
me: no, I’m not
you: much.
me: seriously. It’s all just a bit of fun
you: you wouldn’t have got the vouchers anyway, you would still just have been second
me: ….I’m trying to identify a reason for a stewards enquiry for that one too
you: oh no, not bitter at all.

REM: Driver 8

Oct 28 2014

Tuesday 28 October 2014: Beer

Few jars at the red squirrel tonight. Had a burger. While they are ok, and have a nice char grilled flavour, they aren’t a patch on the stockbridge tap. I liked this wee poster in the shunky. But under IPA it doesn’t mention Deuchars. An oversight surely?

Got a call from the garage to say that they had their new welder so the rx8 had now passed it’s MOT (yay), and that they had flooded the engine and could no longer get it to start….so I could come and collect it when I was ready. Eh. WTF?!

Also got a call from the organiser of a wedding fayre I’ve been waiting ages to get in to. But the space she was offering me was bigger than I needed and so expensive I had to turn it down.

you: hahah!
me: you find something amusing?
you: yeah you drop off a fully functional car, they break it, then tell you you can come and collect it
me: yes, were it not mine I dare say I might find the tale amusing too.

Sundays: Summertime

Oct 27 2014

Monday 27 October 2014: V1.1

That was monday that was.

The garage appear to not be returning my calls regarding the rx8. This does not fill me with confidence.

First TSFB, and the first time I’ve felt the baby kick. Ace!

you: go on then. What are the new features since V1?
me: eh
you: No..!
me: no what?
you: you haven’t?!
me: haven’t what?
you: just updated what the screen says?
me: eh…
you: you loser!


Lorde: Team

Oct 26 2014

Sunday 26 October 2014: Here we go again.

When we asked Ghengis what mummy had in her tummy, the response was "pasta and pizza". Which given that we’d had italian for lunch was a fair response. We tried explaining that she was going to have a wee brother or sister but she either didn’t get it, or was just blanking it out for fear of no longer being top dog. It’s gonna be awesome. That’s assuming this is a 16 year pregnancy and Ghengis has left home by the time the baby is born. Failing that it’s just going to be tiring….and awesome. Touchdown is early March. Bring it on.

Anyway, this is it, bump 2’s first outing on blip. Which can only mean one thing. It’s time for TSFB to make a re-appearance. I’ll give one nights grace to look out ear plugs/defenders.

Obi-wan and his posse came round for a couple of hours. The wee dude is cute as a button and was running around like a good un

This arvo Ghengis fell while she was holding a wooden egg between her teeth, and it went into her mouth and got stuck. Poor wee chook looked frightened as we tried to get it out. Thank goodness we were both here as the missus had to fish it out as my fingers were too big. She’s been told a million times not to run with things in her mouth. Hopefully now she’ll listen.

We managed to fit another film in, not quite finished it yet. That’s three in three days. That’s more than we’ve watched the rest of the year combined. Today was Argo. An hour and a half of dull, followed by what might be a good ending. But I think I’ll stick with my Life of Pi review: "No."

you: something has gone horribly wrong
me: what?
you: it hasn’t worked
me: what?!
you: the chemical castration.
me: what are you talking about?
you: I couldn’t bare the thought of another child having to suffer you as a father so I’ve been slipping you a little something something in your coffee.
me: it would appear to have been the wrong kind of something something.

Oct 25 2014

Saturday 25 October 2014: New boots.

Ghengis got new wellies today. And she seems to rather like them. She ran up and down the house in them. She danced in them. She even posed for a picture in them.

Out this morning to help take down all the bird boxes in the woods as they are getting re-furbished. Bit of a wild day for it, wet and windy.

At lunchtime we decided to fit another film in while ghengis slept. Jack Reacher this time.

you: so?
me: so what?
you: where is it?
me: where’s what?!
you: well based on your amazing film review skills yesterday I’m on tenterhooks for your stunning appraisal of Jack Reacher
me: better
you: better than what?!
me: lots of things
you: like?
me: dog dirt. Supermarket car park door dings. Neds
you: useful. Any film related things
me: better than yesterdays film.
you: great. What a review. I’m going to rush out and buy the dvd. Idiot.

Oct 24 2014

Friday 24 October 2014: mini goggle box

When Ghengis wakes up a bit early she likes to be given a tablet and her choice of viewing. And she’ll sit like a wee zombie quite happily until it’s time for her breakfast. Unless it’s an episode of peppa pig she doesn’t like in which case I get jumped on to sort it out. What did people do before tablets and youtube? Get up I suppose.

Ghengis’ wee friend’s mum sent me a text last night to see about meeting up at soft play. So after a trip to the hospital we headed down and they had great fun running around.

Then out for a bit of lunch. And then the missus and I decided to watch a film while Ghengis had a nap. We watched the life of pi. No.

you: no what?
me: just no.
you: to what?!
me: the film.
you: so your response to a film with 8/10 on imbd and over 300k votes, is just "no"
me: yes.
you: no explanation, no expansion?
me: no. Just, no.
you: hang on, what was that, is that the bbc at the door offering you the host position on Film 2015. Oh no, because your opinion is worthless.

Oct 23 2014

Thursday 23 October 2014: Diwali

When I got home tonight I found danbo staring wistfully at the battery charger. I asked him what was wrong and he said he’d been feeling a bit low on energy.

Unlike me. I’ve had a sugar headache all day today. This week sees a lot of the indian folks in our office celebrating Diwali, the festival of light. As a result they had brought in lots of indian sweets today. You know, the ones made with cashews and sugar. The ones I can’t resist. And to top it off one of them was the carrot based sweet that is incredible. The basis of it is grated carrot boiled in milk. Sounds rank? Don’t knock it until you’ve tried it. It’s ace.

So to try and calm my sugar intake I went out for lunch with JJ.

Bit of a grim night tonight, and looking to be the same tomorrow, so I don’t know what I’ll do with Ghengis. The RX8 still isn’t back from the garage having failed it’s MOT. It just needed a bit of welding done, but their welder is broken. It’s annoying having to spend money on it to get it’s MOT just to sell it.

you: jeez man you really need to settle down
me: with what?
you: your eating. Sweets by the bucketload. Eating out. Puddings
me: I know I know. Still, it’s a good time to start afresh
you: what? The time of year when it’s horrible weather so you don’t want to go outside and exercise
me: well, there is that
you: and the time of year where just around the corner are christmas meals, beer, and oversized boxes of chocolats
me: well, there is that too. All I need is a bit more self control.
you: a bit more? Having any in the first place would be a good start.

Oct 22 2014

Wednesday 22 October 2014: Hide

Only here a day and already danbo is hiding from me when the camera comes out. I reckon Ghengis must have taught him that one.

When I got home Ghengis was still eating her tea, but she started shouting at me "daddy my made you lots of presents!". And she had. Some nice glittery paintings.

Jenelope arrived this evening to pick up mum. She had brought some home baking/cooking as she normally does. And it was perhaps the finest pudding I’ve ever eaten. It was perfect chocolate browny, topped with baked white chocolate cheescake. It was incredible.

you: well that sounds healthy
me: who cares about health. It was delicious!
you: said the overweight piggy
me: oink. Something needs to be done though.
you: it’s called exercise.

Oct 21 2014

Tuesday 21 October 2014: Danbo….

…..the saviour of many an uninspired blipper. I forgot I’d ordered him, but here he is in all his overpriced plasticy glory.

Dropped the rx8 off for it’s MOT this morning and dad ran me to the station. Which meant I didn’t have my bike. I can honestly say I hate walking. It’s so over-rated.

Met DB for a bit of lunch and to borrow some camera gear. Chicken and spinach calzone, it was rather nice.

Home and Ghengis has had a nice day with Bamma and Bumps.

Bit of an aussie masterchef catchup, and that’s about it for the day.

you: anything else you’ve forgotten you’ve bought?
me: well if I remembered I’d forgotten buying it enough to tell you about it then it wouldn’t be forgotten now, would it. Idiot.
you: hey that’s my line!

Oct 20 2014

Monday 20 October 2014: new stripes

The garage at work has been repainted. Exciting stuff eh.

A wander with Sutin at lunchtime for a moan about the walloping our pensions have had. I’ve come up with a solution:

All the decent pensions are being closed because people live too long. So I think that they ought to offer a euthanasia/running man pension option. You get a boatload of money up until you are 80, then you either opt for euthanasia, or you take the Arnold Schwarzenegger Running Man style option. Although what chance an 80 year old would have in such a scenario I’m not sure. The final option is based on the assumption that the world is going to revert to how it was when the Romans were in charge. So if you opt to get eaten by a tiger in front of a baying crowd in the Colosseum your family gets a £150k payout.

Left home early to look after Ghengis as the missus had to go to a conference. It was nice being home in the afternoon to play with her.

you: so what option are you going for?
me: Running Man, obviously
you: you reckon an 80 year old you stands a chance of escaping trained hunters with advanced weaponry?
me: oh totally
you: you sound pretty confident. What’s the plan?
me: easy, I’m going to play dead
you: oh yes of course, that’s bound to work. Idiot.

Oct 19 2014

Sunday 19 October 2014: Blip10. Again.

Well they were still lying around. And I didn’t have another photo. And it’s the last day of the blip 10 year celebrations.

Had another go driving the bro in laws caymen. brrrrm brrrrm. Cracking noise.

Dad popped in on his way up to W.E which was a nice surprise. Then White Lightning and his missus popped in for a brew. Fed up with the prices of edinburgh they have started looking further afield for a house. It would be cool to have one of the boys living locally.

Got a bit of garage tidying done, in preparation for it’s (hopefully) imminent conversion.

you: did you hit a bridge?
me: what do you mean?
you: a tree?
me: eh?
you: another car?
me: what are you talking about?
you: what was the cracking noise you were referring to when you were driving the caymen
me: the engine you idiot
you: hey, it’s you who doesn’t make themselves clear.

Oct 18 2014

Saturday 18 October 2014: Tired wee chook.

This morning we took Ghengis to the park. It was so warm for the time of year, it was really nice. And I was surprised to find that there wasn’t another soul there.

In the afternoon Ghengis helped me to get the RX8 washed ready to take some photos to get it whacked on ebay. Then she decided to take a swipe at the beemer with her sponge even though I asked her not to. This meant I had to wash it too as I hate seeing cars badly washed. She initially said she was going to help….then quickly got bored and went back inside.

Chippy and strictly. Day done.

you: so is that why you don’t?
me: don’t what?
you: ever wash your car?
me: why?
you: because you are incapable of doing it well.
me: no. I just never seem to find the time
you: yet the algae/lichen/moss finds time to grow on the car
me: they don’t have a wee lass to keep amused
you: so what’s your excuse for the years prior to her arrival?
me: eh…….

Oct 17 2014

Friday 17 October 2014: Blip10

Notes to self:
* Poster paint is not face paint.
* White towels were not a good idea.
* I appear to have lost my expensive flash triggers.

you: you appear to have lost more than that. Freak
me: hang on, I’m not done recounting my day

Ghengis was a good wee chook today. She didn’t want to go to the library to get a new book so we just stayed home. She played with her dolls for about an hour, having a tea party and singing to them. In the afternoon she invited the neighbours around to her playhouse for a real tea party. I took some chairs in and it was grand.

So, blip is 10 years old this week. Congrats to Joe on a)starting blip and b) growing it to what it is today. I now have over 4 years of my life documented in pictures and words, and if it wasn’t for blip, and Monochrome telling me about it, all of it would have been lost to the sieve of grey mush in my head. Cheers chaps.

you: you appear to have missed the part of your day where you stuck red balloons to your head and painted your face red with Ghengis’ paint
me: I think the picture will help me remember that bit.
you: you really ought to thank Joe that you now have a place to document what I say to you
me: as I’ve said before, that’s the one bit I’m not thankful for. I’d rather be able to pretend you didn’t exist
you: and as I’ve said before, you can’t. And never will.

Oct 16 2014

Thursday 16 October 2014: Has anyone seen Ghengis?

This is where she hides every night when I’m going to brush her teeth

you: and why is there a suitcase at the top of your stairs every night?
me: isn’t it obvious?
you: no. Or I wouldn’t have asked
me: eh, to give Ghengis somewhere to hide. Duh!
you: oh yes, obviously.
you: and why does there appear to be christmas lights hanging off your stairs?
me: isn’t it obvious?
you: NO!
me: keep yer hair on! There just are.
you: all year?
me: all year.
you: WHY?!
me: because we don’t own a night light.
you: oh. Obviously. Idiot.

Oct 15 2014

Wednesday 15 October 2014: mega V

So many geese going around at the moment. This morning stood at the station I saw this batch. Tonight I saw what I assume was the same batch, if not more, going in the other direction

Ate half the cake Ghengis made yesterday. This would be ok if it wasn’t loaf sized.

New apprentice started last night, so we’ve just watched the first 2 episodes. How do they manage to find such idiots year on year?

you: you think you could do better
me: I’m pretty sure I could do better than the majority of them
you: and what makes you think that?
me: eh, I’m not a total moron
you: I beg to differ.

Oct 14 2014

Tuesday 14 October 2014: Pork Bonanza…

…minus the pulled pork, which came later once I asked for it. It was relatively enjoyable. The ribs weren’t great, or the sausages….the gammon steak was quite nice.. wasn’t sure about the pulled pork.

Having a bit of trouble dealing with how cute ghengis is being just now, whenever I speak to her on the phone I just want to come home and see her. The missus was laughing at me the other day because she said I was just sitting staring at Ghengis totally smitten while she talked to me. I can’t help it, she’s awesome.

Today on the phone I got "daddy I made a cake for you, would you like some". Too freakin right I would. What she didn’t inform me of was that she sneezed in the mix while she was making.

you: so….
me: what
you: of the four pork items on your pork bonanza, you liked one
me: I wouldn’t say I liked it
you: so you didn’t like any of it!
me: I was happy enough to eat it
you: high praise indeed

Oct 13 2014

Monday 13 October 2014: Not a new camera

I want a new camera. I want a fuji xt-1. I figure it would cost me about £600 if I could get a decent price for the xpro1. I can’t justify £600 for a new camera. So I bought a new button for the xpro1. £5. So now I’m £595 up, what could I buy?

you: not again!
me: what?
you: I refuse to go through this again
me: what?!
you: by not buying what you want, you have not saved money, you certainly haven’t earned money, so you do not have £595 to spend on something!
me: I think you’ll findI do
you: you are a prize idiot

Oct 12 2014

Sunday 12 October 2014: Stripes and spots

We took Ghengis and L for a walk this morning. K did her usual and turned it into something special for the girls, she ran ahead sprinkling fairy dust (glitter) and hanging up stars and glittery things and windmills and butterflies. Ghengis loved it.

A nice weekend up at W.E

So tired driving home.

you: how many did you leave for the girls?
me: how many what?
you: of the fairy items
me: all of them!
you: you’re trying to tell me you didn’t run ahead looking for them?
me: no i didn’t!
you: not even one?
me: not I single one
you: you’ve either been snorting fairy dust or you are a liar

Oct 11 2014

Saturday 11 October 2014: Double trouble (3)

Up to W.E this morning to spend some time with KK+L. We were a bit late getting going, and then Ghengis decided that she would actually ask to use the toilet, 1o minutes after we stopped to try and get her to use it. But because she had actually asked we figured we’d best oblige.

Down to the playpark for a bounce on the big bouncy pillowy things. I think they might be called jelly bellys. It’s either that or that’s what the schoolkids were calling me the other day when I was on one.

K just happened to have a side of salmon in the fridge and made a well tasty mary berry dish. And whipped up a cheesecake too.

We skyped bamma and bumps and jenelope with the bairns, and they had a meltdown fighting over the musical instruments. But they both went to bed fine, leaving us to watch Brave which none of us had seen. I liked all the wee scottish jokes and stuff in it, but for a bairns film it was quite scary, and it’s not one I’d rush to watch again.

you: what’s a mary berry?
me: you mean who?
you: not the way you’ve written it. Is it like a blueberry?
me: fine. Mary Berry.
you: and I would have put money on you not liking brave
me: why?
you: not enough sing along songs in it for you
me: true
you: and a scary bear
me: it wasn’t that scary
you: you could tell that peeking out from behind the couch could you
me: just about.

Oct 10 2014

Friday 10 October 2014: V1

Since we were both off today we took Ghengis down to soft play for a while. I think my days of riding fairground rides are well and truly over. Last time was an unmitigated disaster, but I thought it was a one off, however even going down the corkscrew slide at soft play made me feel ill……as does pushing Ghengis on a swing.

Got in about the neighbours trees and hacked the tops out of them again as they were starting to impinge on my view. My arms now look like I have been in a fight with a cat, and I managed to run the saw through the tip of a finger.

you: was it yours?
me: what?
you: the finger?
me: eh. Yes.
you: don’t care then. It would have been a better story if it was someone else’s
me: it would have been a more worrying story.
you: Anyway, what does this contraption do?
me: V1?
you: yes, V1, if you must.
me: eh, it displays that on the screen.
you: useful.

Oct 9 2014

Thursday 9 October 2014: All the way to Almondvale….

….and all we saw was this lousy chicken.

Lousy chicken (1)
Lousy chicken (2)

Yeah, so we swithered about putting Ghengis in nursery again and just having another day to ourselves. We decided last night we’d see what the weather was like, and how she appeared to be behaving. If she was anything like yesterday morning she was going to nursery no matter what! Well the sun seemed to be burning the mist off, and she seemed to be behaving, so I phoned the nursery to say she wouldn’t be in. Cue instant transmogrification into a wee monster, and a heavy cloud descending.

But we went over to Almond Valley anyway, and apart from one trampoline related meltdown we had a nice day. Ghengis liked seeing the animals, and digging in the sand, but most of all she liked it when I took her on my knee on the pedal carts.

When we got home we had another massive tantrum session. Then K+L called on skype. So cute seeing Ghengis and L saying bye bye to each other and both hugging the tablets at the same time.

you: well they probably weren’t for adults anyway
me: what?
you: the trampolines
me: what are you talking about?
you: I’m assuming the trampoline related melt down was because you were told to get off?
me: ho ho.
you: and why did you have a tantrum when you got home
me: because the flapjacks were finished.

Oct 8 2014

Wednesday 8 October 2014: Perth

Ghengis must have got out of the wrong side of her cot this morning as she was a wee monster. Whenever we asked her to do something she started singing "bango bango bango" over the top of us and kept doing whatever she wanted. It just went on and on. She knew exactly what she was doing too as I could see her smirking as she refused to look at us.

Lucky for us we’d already decided to put her in nursery and head on up to Perth for our annual wander round the usual shops. A quick jaunt along the river. A speed visit to the museum. A cup of tea. And then back down the road.

Just as we were leaving I spotted a fuji xt-1 in the camera shop window so I popped in and had a go. Very nice. I think it could be a worth replacement for the xpro1. I don’t think, I know. But I shall resist.

you: aye right, for how long will you resist?
me: forever
you: forever is a long time
me: ok, at least for the rest of the today
you: sounds more probable

Oct 7 2014

Tuesday 7 October 2014: U-turn

The weather forecasters seem to be struggling a bit at the moment. Rain and wind? How about sunshine, and, eh, wind. 50%, I guess that’s a pass.

Down in to town to get Ghengis a library card, and we got a book out. Also dropped her nursery application form in to the school. She got upset when I said we had to leave as we were just dropping the form in, she just wanted to go to school.

Got out for an hour on the local trails this arvo and really enjoyed it. When I arrived at the top woods I got hit with a waft of pine and it was just nice to be out there.

This arvo Ghengis fell down the stairs. My heart just about stopped. But she just got a fright and was fine. I wasn’t.

you: haven’t you already read them all?
me: all of what?
you: the books
me: haven’t I already read all the book in the library? No, obviously.
you: ha! like you could read anything that’s not in the kid section
me: can so
you: magazines don’t count.
me: oh

Oct 6 2014

Monday 6 October 2014: The museum

A couple of firsts for Ghengis today. First up was her first ride on a proper train. She was obviously super excited as she got on and sat on the seat. She couldn’t have expressed her delight any better than she did: "Daddy, I’m on a bus". Excitement:1, Observation:0.

Then we took her to the museum and she had great fun running around taking photos of the animals. I have to sort her camera out as the flash just wasn’t firing so although she framed them nicely all her shots are blurry. One benefit of her being able to work her own camera though is that we now have some shots of me and the missus on our days out as a family.

For lunch we went for italian. Her pasta came out far too hot, so I cut it up and was blowing on it, and took a wee forkful to check it was ok. "Daddy that’s naughty eating my dinner. That’s not very kind". Blimey, that was me told. I didn’t particularly enjoy mine. It came with a whole wee mini lobstery thing, and I can’t be doing with that. Poor wee thing died just to go in the bin. That displeased me.

you: well that was just plain rude
me: what?
you: and you deserved to be told off
me: me trying Ghengis’ food?
you: stealing, not trying.
me: I was checking it wasn’t too hot for her
you: thief
me: but she might have burned herself
you: stealer
me: I was only watching out for her
you: not just a thief, but a waster of food and spoiler of oceans
me: I think you’re maybe aiming a bit much blame in my direction
you: I think I’m only just getting started.

Oct 5 2014

Sunday 5 October 2014: Whur’s yer bunnet (2)


I’m having a bit of bother getting Ghengis to wear her cycling bunnet. Which is an issue for me as I hate seeing kids out without them, I think it’s totally irresponsible. Sure I never had one as a wee kid….but I don’t think they were even invented. My bunnet has saved my vision, if not my life, at least once. While she’s just on the grass I’ll let her off, but the minute she goes on the pavement it’s bunnet or no bike.

Won a tenner on a scratch card today. Woop woop. Think I’ll hand in my notice tomorrow. Except I’m on holiday so I won’t get the chance. Oh well, probably for the best.

you: a whole tenner?
me: a whole tenner
you: except it cost you a quid
me: well, yeah,
you: lucky you only bought 1 eh
me: oh, I bought 2
you: so it cost you 2 quid
me: well, yeah
you: so you won 8 pounds
me: I guess.
you: possibly for the best you can’t hand your notice in then eh
me: dreams foiled. Again.

Oct 4 2014

Saturday 4 October 2014: Secret snack time.

Had PC and his family through for a bairns photo shoot today. It went grand, as hard work as photographing kids ever is though.

Jenelope headed off just before lunch. She’d brought some photos of the latest sculpture her and dad built, it is absolutely colossal. The photo of the landrover getting dwarfed beside it is my favourite.

And apart from that, it was just a day of playing with Ghengis, eating nachos, and watching Strictly.

I liked this wee moment that I caught of Ghengis sitting in her playhouse eating the empire biscuit we all shared.

you: you maybe need to charge a bit more for your photos though
me: why might that be
you: perhaps then you could have an empire biscuit each rather than sharing one.

Oct 3 2014

Friday 3 October 2014: Not even a cat blip

In the history of blip this has got to be up there with the biggest mojo slump in history. I couldn’t even be bothered to find the cat to do a cat blip.

Apart from that today was awesome. Had loads of fun with Ghengis. She was such a good wee chook at the dentist. And then she had fun with her wee friend at the soft play. But most of all I like showing her pictures of animals on 500px. If she’s gonna see photos of animals they may as well be awesome ones. She loves it. I flick through and straight away she either says what it is or says "what’s this one", and I ask her what she thinks it is, and she without fail says "dunt know".

And another highlight of the day, a new Danny Macaskill video is up. What an advert for Scotland, the scenery is frickin incredible.

you: well what else would she say if she doesn’t know?
me: well, eh, yeah. It’s the way she says it that I like.
you: and seriously, if this is the best you can do, just don’t.

Oct 2 2014

Thursday 2 October 2014: it’s a cat

Bit of a slump in the blip mojo lately. 4 years is taking it’s toll.

Out for a bite to eat with Party Boy and Chris. Went to Pintos, a place billing itself as mexican street food. It was pretty dang tasty. Perhaps a touch on the expensive side for what it was, but I reckon I’ll still be back.

Slowest 5k I have ever run tonight. Verging on embarrassing. There was a dude out collecting hazelnuts, I think I’d be better off taking that up as a hobby.

you: you could probably do that really slowly too
me: what?
you: collect hazelnuts
me: I think slow hazelnut collection is acceptable
you: unlike cat blips
me: it’s a photo. It counts.
you: it might count, but it’s not acceptable

Oct 1 2014

Wednesday 1 October 2014: Not autumn

Out for a bit of lunch and a wander with JJ.

When Ghengis got home we had a full on conversation with her telling me all about what she’d done during the day which was ace, and she showed me the picture she had made at nursery. I said it was a lovely autumn picture. She said it’s not autumn, it’s a hedgehog. That was me told.

She just had her pull up nappy thing on all day today and didn’t wet it once. Maybe now we are making a bit more effort with the potty training it will catch on pretty quickly.

Got confirmation from a ‘bride to be’ that she wants me to shoot her wedding, so that’s always super exciting. And the venue is awesome too, so I can’t wait.

you: learning from you eh
me: what?
you: well you just wear the pull up nappies now don’t you
me: ho ho
you: who’s a clever boy.