Sep 30 2014

Tuesday 30 September 2014: Castle

Still just about warm enough to sit in the graveyard for lunch. In fact it was plenty warm enough, and I rather enjoyed my quiet half hour.

First night at the boozer in ages which was grand.

It was also the first night I’ve had to use lights on my bike this winter, which is a bit of a downer

And that was tuesday, that was.

you: didn’t fancy tinkering with this photo any more
me: no I think it’s ruined enough
you: yes I think you are right. And for the last time, it’s not winter yet
me: I suspect you may be wrong
you: no, it’s not winter
me: I mean you may find it’s not the last time you have to tell me.

Sep 29 2014

Monday 29 September 2014: Escape

First day back at work after a week off and I was totally knackered as Ghengis had me up 5 times through the night. It’s getting to be a bit much. Luckily I am on holiday next week.

When I got home I had a quick flick through the photos that Ghengis had taken today when the missus and in laws went to look around the kelpies and they were frickin’ awesome for a 2 year old. No adult involvement. She turns the camera on, composes her picture on the screen and takes it. Proud daddy alert. Then we played chase in the garden, and I just liked the way she is mid flight and changing direction in this photo.

Am enjoying my music again since I installed foobar2000. And I installed an app on the tablet today that lets me control the big camera. Not wirelessly which is a shame but my camera doesn’t do that. At £6 it’s the most I’ve ever paid for an app, having only ever paid for one other, but it seems pretty sweet.

you: pushy more like
me: pushy what?
you: pushy daddy alert
me: I wasn’t even there, how could I be pushy
you: I bet you made sure she had her camera with her
me: well yes, but that’s not pushy.
you: eh…..
me: it’s not!
you: pushy.

Sep 28 2014

Sunday 28 September 2014: Looking sleepy

Out for a bit of lunch and that’s been about it for the day really. A few emails sent to brides from last weeks wedding fayre, and a phone-call with a prospective blipper bride which could be awesome.

A bit of discussion with the missus’ dad about getting the garage converted as he’s kindly doing the drawings for us seeing as that’s his day job.

Time to catch up on strictly I think

you: haven’t you realised yet?
me: realised what?
you: you’re watching a tv show aimed at little girls and women
me: it is not!
you: yes it is. Think about it. What do the women wear
me: sparkly frocks
you: that’s the little girls covered. And what do the men wear
me: not a lot
you: so that’s the women covered. And you watch it because…….
me: eh, the sparkly dresses.
you: I suppose that’s the better of the two options
me: and the choreography
you: you had to go and look that word up.

Sep 27 2014

Saturday 27 September 2014: Heather.

No idea what was up with Ghengis last night. She had me up about 6 times in the night. As a result I have been freakin’ shattered today.

It was such a lovely day though I decided to go do the park run this morning. Not a great time.

Then I went for a wander in the woods for a couple of hours. Came across a couple of spots where the teenagers have been camping out over the summer and it’s an absolute disgrace. Smashed bottles and litter absolutely everywhere. Made me a bit sad. I thought the younger generation were meant to be more aware about the environment and looking after it?

you: come on then
me: what?
you: lets hear them
you: the excuses for the slow run
me: oh, eh, headwind
you: you always use that
me: and the gps watch Em sent me was set in miles rather than km
you: not sure how that would make you slower
me: and I didn’t have my music
you: likewise
me: and, eh, the sun was in my eyes
you: now you’re scraping the barrel again
me: oh yeah and a big monkey was throwing barrels at me
you: you’re confusing reality with donkey kong again.


Sep 26 2014

Friday 26 September 2014: Me and my gal.

Ghengis decided she didn’t want to go to soft play today….just as we were about to arrive. Instead she wanted to go to the park. Because we were going to soft play I didn’t have her jacket, and it was blowing a gale. But she was determined we were going outside and that she wouldn’t be cold. So we went to the new park at the helix. There isn’t an awful lot for the wee ones, but she had a good time.

The missus’ folks arrived this arvo with our new car. Too much power. So, if you know anyone that wants an rx8 with 108K miles on the clock, send them my way. It’s got 4 nearly new tyres on it, and starts first time every time.

you: you’re not finally going to get rid of that thing are you
me: looking like it
you: I bet you cry like a baby
me: Naw, but it’ll be sad to see it go. I’d like to just rally it around a field or an old runway or something until it died
you: could you do it until you died?

Sep 25 2014

Thursday 25 September 2014: That’s my girl

A stack of rich teas (mcvities no less) and a cup of coffee. Ghengis took great delight in stealing them from me and dunking them.

Another day actually to myself. So what did I do? My tax return. And then I fitted a proper door handle mechanism to the playhouse.

Tonight Ghengis sent me to the naughty corner. I was waiting on her to use the potty and she said "go away daddy, one, two, right, naughty corner" and pointed. I had to leave the room to laugh. Then when I put her to bed she made all the toys in her cot wave to me. This has been fine the past wee while when it’s just been bahbay, dolly and baby. But this week the entourage has made a return, there were 5 bunnies, iggle piggle, a horse, and the usual suspects. I couldn’t get cross, she was too cute.

you: it’s where you belong
me: where
you: the naughty corner
me: but it’s so boring there
you: and did you make a massive profit to be taxed on?
me: eh, naw.
you: maybe if you stopped buying stuff you’d make more of a profit
me: oh, my credit card machine thing arrived today
you: a yes, obviously, for all that stuff you don’t sell. At the risk of repeating myself, maybe if you stopped buying stuff you’d make more of a profit

Sep 24 2014

Wednesday 24 September 2014: Blurred vision

Out on the bike this arvo. First time this year(!) around my 30 mile loop. I made the mistake of setting my PB as the target on the phone. This was demoralising from the off as I saw more and more time slip away. In the end I was 15 minutes down. And totally knackered. So out of shape. Today was the first time I have ever wished I had a triple chainring rather than just the double to make life easier. Still, hit over 48mph on the crazy hill outside Linlithgow. That was without pedalling, just getting in a tucked position.

Jenelope helped me sort the windows out on the house (the real house, not Ghengis’ one). I got to use the new tool that I bought months ago but hadn’t found a use for yet, so that was exciting. Got most of them painted this evening. This holiday hasn’t been particularly relaxing so far.

My new tablet arrived. Pretty sweet so far. The screen is incredible.

you: a screen’s a screen
me: this one is 2560×1600 though
you: so? It’s still just a screen
me: but it’s so sharp
you: just a screen
me: and colourful
you: just a screen
me: and…..
you: it’s just a screen I don’t care!

Sep 23 2014

Tuesday 23 September 2014: Ryder Cup.

I went up to Gleneagles today for the first practice day of the Ryder Cup. There were some men hitting a wee white ball about. And some brash, shouty Americans ("Go Team USA". It just reminded me of the film Team America….and it was just a practice day, settle down)

Oh, and there was this wee thing. She came flying down the side of the fairway, scared out of her wits no doubt, and rather than go over the barrier which I’m sure she could easily have done, or down a couple of yards and under the rope, she somehow managed to go through the barrier in a single bound. The bars are only about 4" apart. If you’d asked me "could a deer fit through those bars" I would have said no. And I would have been wrong. She didn’t shout, or look injured as she ran off, so I hope alls well.

I enjoyed the bus journey up there. It’s not often I am a passenger. Even less often that I am so far above ground level. So I just enjoyed having a look about.

And I liked the grass too. The fairways and greens looked incredible in all their chequered glory. Green. I like green.

This arvo I got the final coats of paint on the playhouse. Jenelope came and helped with all the window frames. And now it’s raining. I hope the water based paint has dried enough.

Jenelope babysat for us tonight so we could go out for a meal by ourselves for the first time in forever. Pizza hut and home by half 8. Rock n’ Roll.

you: men hitting a wee white ball about?
me: yup, that’s what they were doing
you: one of the biggest sporting events of the year and you reduce it to "men hitting a wee white ball about"
me: but that’s exactly what they were doing
you: so what’s athletics?
me: men chasing each other
you: swimming?
me: people trying not to drown
you: football?
me: idiotic.
you: ooooh, thin ground there I reckon. Best quite while you’re ahead.
me: I think you mean under par.

Sep 22 2014

Monday 22 September 2014: Just another sky.

A couple of coats of primer on the playhouse. Out for lunch. Playing in the garden. And that was it.

Bought a new tablet today with the money I got from selling the ipad mini prize. Galaxy Tab S. Cream of the crop at the moment. No doubt something better will be in the shops tomorrow.

Ghengis woke up having had a bad dream again last night. This time it was because someone had put snakes in the baby wipe packet. Poor wee sausage, where is she getting these ideas. Wooly and me is still to blame I reckon. I think I might send another email of complaint….even though I’ve not had a reply to the first one yet.

you: yeah that’s sure to work
me: what?
you: firing in another complaint before they’ve had a chance to reply to the first
me: yeah I figure it will help matters
you: and that’s not likely to annoy anyone now is it, moron.

Sep 21 2014

Sunday 21 September 2014: C is for….iCe Cream.

Absolutely cracking day today. Which made it all the more of a shame that I spent it in a hotel basement function room. The wedding fayre wasn’t as well attended as I had hoped. When I was packing up I found a set of my flyer/card discarded. Didn’t even make it home with whoever it was, that’s not a good start and a bit disheartening. A few of the conversations were pretty positive though. I got 7 sets of contact details so something might come of one of them I guess.

Saw Saz n Stu crossing the road on the way home so stopped for a quick blether, then home to play in the garden with Ghengis. We all had ice cream sitting out in the garden. Cracking. Then Ghengis and I played chase for a while. That’s pretty much all the exercise I’ve had in ages.

Downton abbey and australian masterchef in one night. Life doesn’t get any better than this….

On holiday this week. I’m just hoping the weather forecast is accurate as it’s looking like it could be pretty nice.

you: not if i have anything to do with it
me: what?
you: the weather
me: and what are you going to do about it exactly? A rain dance
you: don’t be daft. I’ve learned that they don’t work
me: what then?
you: you know in Command & Conquer Red Alert 2 there was the weather control machine?
me: oh yes, that computer game with a fictional machine developed by Einstein. I can see how that would be a threat to my holiday
you: mock as you wish, but it’s fictional no more… muh-hah-hah-ha.

Sep 20 2014

Saturday 20 September 2014: Doom

Something very odd was happening today. We were sitting out back in the lovely afternoon sunshine when I noticed that there was a constant stream of crows flying west, each carrying a pine cone. As far as I’m aware crows don’t eat pine cones. Then I would see one flying east with no cargo. We watched this happening for quite a while. What are they up to? What are the cones going to be used for?

Then I saw this sky. We’re all doomed for sure.

Which is annoying as I have spent the evening preparing for the wedding fayre I am exhibiting at tomorrow.

you: well they are obviously building something
me: who?
you: the crows
me: what though?
you: something that takes cones as ammunition?
me: I’m not sure crows have the mental capacity, or dexterity to fashion any form of cone firing weaponry
you: are you kidding me? You know when the A-team got locked in a shed with a welder and some scraps of metal and came out with a tank? Do you think that bunch of idiots could have done that?
me: eh, yeah. B.A was brilliant at building stuff
you: you’re having a laugh! They brought crows in to do the work. The "A-team" were just body doubles.
me: eh, yeah…. I think I read that somewhere
you: are you humouring me?
me: no, no, not at all
you: good job. I would have set my crow army on you otherwise.

Sep 19 2014

Friday 19 September 2014: Invisible

Ghengis was taking any evasive action she could think of not to have her photo taken.

A bad start to the day when I was woken at 1 by her shouting. She’d taken her nappy off and pee’d the bed. So I took her in to the spare room and slept there with her…..until 530 when she woke up complaining about seagulls.

Still, we had a reasonably nice rest of the day. A two hour afternoon nap helped.

Was quite surprised this morning to find the referendum wasn’t quite as close as the polls suggested. I have done my best to avoid facebook etc as it didn’t take long for the armchair analysis to begin.

I finally got the stop motion of the playhouse build put together. It’s here if there’s anyone that cares.

you: oh what!
me: what?
you: I thought the inane drivel about the playhouse was done with
me: au contraire mon ami
you: and you made a stop motion?!
me: but of course. Wouldn’t you have done?
you: to put it simply. No.

Sep 18 2014

Thursday 18 September 2014: x marks the spot

Big day today. My competition winning photo was in the paper.

Oh, and there was some vote thing. When we came out the missus said there was a sign saying no photography, but I didn’t see it. But it doesn’t matter as this is just an inch perfect replica of the voting booth…and my hand.

I was hoping the voting results would start coming out late in the evening, but it’s looking like being very early morning, so I’ll just have to wait.

I was going to have a bacon butty and and egg butty for tea. But I decided to put both items on one roll. Why? Because they’re better together. With brown sauce obviously.

you: controversial statement
me: what? my thinly veiled political statement?
you: what thinly veiled political statement? I was talking about brown sauce on a bacon butty
me: but it wasn’t just bacon. It was bacon and egg.
you: I’m not sure that changes things
me: I think you’ll find it does

Sep 17 2014

Wednesday 17 September 2014: Long time coming

I’ve walked past this church well into the thousands of times over the nearly 20 years that I have been in and around edinburgh. But I’d never been in. Until today.

There was supposedly a service about to start, but I ducked in for a look anyway. Then another lady came in, walked to the front, said welcome, and that in a short while there would be a minutes silence for world peace. I don’t think she was going to have any trouble getting it. The minutes silence that is, as there wasn’t another soul in there other than the caretaker dude.

Tonight on the way home from nursery Ghengis was apparently exclaiming "Mummy the cars are chasing us. What are we going to do? There’s two cars chasing us now mummy". All the way home. The missus is off work poorly. Poor wee chook.

you: are there a lot of car chases on cbeebies
me: not that I’m aware of
you: so where did she get that idea from?
me: probably Wooly and Me. I feckin hate that programme
you: why would kids programme invoke such a strong emotion in an adult idiot?
me: because every episode the story is about the kid being scared of something. Oh it’s lightning, right I’m scared. I’m going to the dentist, right I’m scared. I actually really hate it
you: why?
me: because ghengis isn’t scared of any of these things unless she hears it on there
you: so don’t let her watch it
me: i normally turn it off the second it comes on. But I missed it the other day. So what did we get at bed time? "Daddy there’s a monster under the bed" "What are you talking about?" "Wooly said monsters under the bed" AGGHHH.
you: sounds like it’s about time for a complaint email
me: you know what, I’m going to write and complain to the bbc. It’s just giving kids ideas about things that are scary
you: but you’re scared of monsters under the bed too
me: well, yeah, but that’s different.

update: complaint sent

Sep 16 2014

Tuesday 16 September 2014: Coffee culture

It wasn’t particularly warm. Hence the scarf. But it wasn’t sunny in the slightest, so I have no idea about the sunnies.

On a training course today. "Train the trainer". It wasn’t too bad. It also finished early enough for me to get away and collect my prize from the photo competition. A nice shiny new ipad mini, a case for it, and 2 tickets to a football match. The ipad is already sold, but if there’s anyone that wants a couple of tickets to Falkirk vs Dumbarton this week just drop me a comment and you can have them.

Put the new kitchen in Ghengis playhouse this morning and took her out to see it. Underwhelmed is an understatement, leaving me entirely deflated. Apparently it was all because I hadn’t taken any of her pots and pans and food out for her to use it with.

you: deflated?
me: yes. Deflated.
you: you mean that was an option?
me: what are you going on about?
you: I’ve been hatching all these elaborate plans to off you involving KFC meat reclaimers, diggers, and toilet rolls, and all I need to do is take the valve out of you?
me: I do wonder about you sometimes
you: about how I am so incredible
me: yeah, that’s it.

Sep 15 2014

Monday 15 September 2014: Glutton for punishment

Having just finished her house you’d think I’d be fed up with building stuff for Ghengis. And I am. But the kitchen for it arrived today and I couldn’t resist building it so she can see it tomorrow. It was in about a million bits. But it’s nicely made, and I’m so glad I decided not to build my own. I couldn’t have done it that nicely or cheaply, and it would have taken me days, rather than hours.

At lunch today I was talking to a fella that is very much a yes man for the upcoming referendum. One of his (strong) opinions was that a no vote was a just a vote for nothing to change, and pointless. Well I’m quite happy that I have a job, and a house, and am financially secure, so why would I want things to change? I don’t think I have ever discussed politics as much in my life as I have with regards to this damn thing. I wish it was done and dusted.

you: "so she can see it"
me: yeah, I want to see her wee face
you: don’t you mean play with it?
me: play with it?
you: yes, play with it, like little children do with toys
me: but….
you: but what?
me: she’ll mess it up
you: and?
me: it’s nice and neat and tidy and clean
you: it’s a toy!

Sep 14 2014

Sunday 14 September 2014: Tea Party

We had our first tea party in Ghengis’ new house today. She did a lot of cooking, and running outside to get water. During this time I realised that a door handle might help her getting in and out. I have it, I just never fitted it.

The missus and I decided to watch a film today. A rare occurence. We decided to watch Captain Phillips. I was really enjoying it, up to the point I fell asleep…..about half an hour in. The missus said it was good though. And I enjoyed my afternoon nap.

you: Afternoon nap?
me: yeah
you: so it wasn’t even the evening when you fell asleep?!
me: no it was about half 2.
you: what kind of man are you?
me: a tired one.

Sep 13 2014

Saturday 13 September 2014: Construction (external) complete.

Finally. I’ve finally finished building Ghengis playhouse. In retrospect I could have saved myself a lot of time and effort by designing something a bit simpler. Even just not having the sloping windows would have been fine. But anyway, that’s it, the outside is built. Now I just need to get it painted, and remove the protective film from the windows, and then I can get on to building the upstairs….. and the stairs to get to it.

Ghengis seems pretty pleased with it, and that’s all that matters. There are a few bits I might re-make when I’m not so utterly fed up with the whole thing.

Through to Matt’s flat warming party tonight. Nice pad. When I left it was like the mid 90’s though as I stank of fag smoke. I got home, threw my clothes out the window, and went for a shower. I cannot believe that’s how every night in the pub used to smell!

you: about-blimmen-time
me: I know eh
you: are you sure it’s big enough?
me: I’m struggling to find a small enough sofa. So no.
you: look at the size of her next to it!
me: I know she’s almost up to the door top already. Should have made it all bigger
you: eh, not what I was thinking. What was she playing in today?
me: hmmm, her peppa pig house
you: the little 3*2 fabric tent house
me: eh. yeah
you: and was she having fun
me: loving it
you: and yet you built her this goliath that she could probably move in to permanently
me: eh. Fair point.

Sep 12 2014

Friday 12 September 2014: No pictures.

This morning I went on a search for some photo frames for the wedding fayre I am exhibiting at next week. Fail.

Then I took Ghengis to a big soft play that we hadn’t been to before. It was colossal. There must have been seating for a couple of hundred folk. It must be hell on earth on a weekend/school holiday. But it wasn’t either of those things, so it was quiet. And we both had great fun

The feckin’ playhouse continues to be the bane of my life. I ended up attempting one tricky shaped bit 5 times, as no matter how I measured it just didn’t work out. Angled sections, bridges, knots. The works.

you: there’s an obvious way you could have tried measuring it that would have worked.
me: and what would that be?
you: the right way.
me: ho ho.
you: and shouldn’t it be "she had great fun"? Not "we".
me: are you kidding me? I was straight in there. Shoes off, now how do I get to the slide?
you: you realise the section you were in was for 2-4 years
me: yeah, we had a look in the 5+ bit but it was too hard
you: for?
me: me obviously.

Sep 11 2014

Thursday 11 September 2014: Trampoline

I have been awarded some tickets to a day at the ryder cup by work. I’m pretty sure that they are for the other person at work with the same name as me, who is the captain of the golf club. And I’ve raised this several times. But no, they say they are for me. So I headed across town to one of our other offices to pick them up this morning.

This cracking indian summer seems to be showing no signs of slowing up, so I left work early to get some uninterrupted time working on the playhouse. The section around the sloped windows is causing me no end of trouble. I’m sick to the back teeth of this project now.

you: you’re sick of the playhouse.
me: that’s what I said
you: well imagine how everyone else feels about it.
me: yeah yeah.
you: and let’s get this straight. You went across town to pick up tickets, then you left early
me: yeah
you: consider throwing a few hours of work in to your work day at all?
me: the beauty of flex time.

Sep 10 2014

Wednesday 10 September 2014: Fog and a nuclear explosion

Started off quite misty. The sun soon got rid of that though and it was a lovely day. Indian summers. Love them

My employer announced again today that they would pretty much be heading south if the referendum goes wrong. Nice as it is, I don’t want to have to move south to englandshire. I’m actually getting quite concerned about what the outcome is going to be. And for someone with little to no interest in politics that’s quite a statement.

Got an awesome email today. I’ve won an ipad mini in a photography competition. Woop woop. If only my blips reflected the fact that I’m awright with a camera….

Ghengis wasn’t for going to sleep tonight. The last time I came up to see what was wrong I went in to her room to find she had taken her nappy off and had got her pyjama bottoms stuck on her head over her face.

you: she takes after you then
me: in what way?
you: not very good at putting her clothes on
me: I do fine thank you very much
you: yeah? When was the last time you went out of the house wearing something outside in?
me: outside in doesn’t count. At least my tshirt was on the right part of my boddy
you: oh yeah, sorry, I forgot, going out in public with your clothes on outside in "doesn’t count". Idiot.

Sep 9 2014

Tuesday 9 September 2014: MMMMmmm

can’t be bothered typing it again. Getting tired of having to re-type things because of the dreaded "over capacity" error message

you: just one more thing for you to complain about
me: indeed. Much like the announcement today that we are getting shafted on our pension again.
you: possibly for the best that your rant was lost
me: possibly.

Sep 8 2014

Monday 8 September 2014: Blue moon

Bit of a wander at lunchtime with Sutin.

you: and?
me: and what?
you: is that all you’re going to tell us?
me: eh, I got some more of the roofs for the playhouse finished off.
you: glad I asked.
me: as usual.

Sep 7 2014

Sunday 7 September 2014: moonshine.

I can’t see the moon without having to subsequently watch this. Got the telescope out for a bit of a play. I love the moon.

Lovely September day today. Except for yet more hours spent on the playhouse with little progress. I’m obsessing about details that no one else will ever notice or be bothered about and it’s driving me to distraction. I’d rather it drove me somewhere interesting like Adelaide or Paris.

you: eh….
me: what?
you: Adelaide or Paris
me: yeah
you: eh….
me: what?!
you: Random.

Sep 5 2014

Friday 5 September 2014: Eh…

….that was friday that was.

normally when I am going to back-blip I send myself a couple of notes. For today I didn’t. Since it was a friday though I probably played with ghengis a lot. And this was taken as part of a test with the arduino driving the camera, and that’s all I remember.

you: surely not!
me: what?
you: you’ve made use of one of your arduinos
me: well, aye, but it’s not exactly groundbreaking stuff firing the camera every so often
you: but you used one of your arduinos
me: well yeah I guess, why are you trying to be nice to me?
you: just building you up
me: why?
you: to prepare you for a fall
me: which is?
you: you built a freakin trigger timer for a shot years ago. You haven’t progressed much have you. What a rubbish thing to use it for,

Sep 4 2014

Thursday 4 September 2014: Going nowhere fast

A bit like me really.

Met Monochrome for a wander at lunchtime. It was surprisingly warm for winter. The leaves are coming off the trees at quite a rate.

The last of the edinburgh police boxes are up for sale. Looking like they are expecting offers around 15-20k. I have an idea for one. I just don’t have 20k to spare. But I would have made a fortune otherwise.

It was a lovely sunny evening so Ghengis and I were out in the garden for a bit. For a while we just sat on the couch and had a conversation out there, she told me all about what she’d done at nursery (in a fashion) while dunking her biscuits in my cup of coffee. It was ace.

Got the grass cut. Might be the last time for the year.

you: I told you yesterday it’s not winter!
me: tell that to the trees
you: I don’t need to. They are perfectly aware it’s autumn
me: yeah yeah
you: and what was your idea for one of the boxes?
me: like I’d tell you!
you: you think I have 20k to spare?
me: I know nothing about you
you: and that’s the way it shall stay.

Sep 3 2014

Wednesday 3 September 2014: V

Can you see it? There in the middle? The first big V of geese I have seen (and heard) so far this winter.

Made a bit more progress with the playhouse. 3 walls complete. I just need to make 3 more windows and do the most awkward section of wall, and make a door, and put the roof on, and paint it, and that will be the outside complete. Then it’s just the inside to go, so upper floor, stairs, kitchen, and flooring. Given that the sun is now setting by 8 olock I’m running out of nights to do this.

you: winter?
me: yeah. Look out your thermals, crank up the heating
you: Winter?!
me: yes. Winter. The season that comes after spring.
you: idiot.

Sep 2 2014

Tuesday 2 September 2014: Nice view

This was mine for some of the day. Woke up at half four with cold sweats and feeling decidedly ropey. Rumbled about trying to get back to sleep for an hour or so then barfed. Didn’t go to work. Barfed again. Pretty much spent the day in bed drifting in and out of sleep.

I phoned the missus to get her to bring me a cup of tea. She refused. So I phoned mum to get her to bring me a cup of tea. She refused too. She only lives 100 miles away. A flask would have kept it warm. Selfish

Ghengis brought me a cup of water. Sadly she had filled it from the toilet, and it is unclear if she drank any before she brought it to me because one time you ask she says she did, the next she didn’t.

She has also developed a fear of the noise of seagulls. Considering there are maybe three a day that fly by I’m not entirely sure where this has come from.

you: you rang your mum to bring you a cuppa
me: yeah well the missus had refused
you: quite rightly so
me: and she wouldn’t let me have a bit of cake either
you: quite rightly so!
me: but everyone knows that cake is a cure for a sickly tummy, and chocolate is a cure for the cold
you: a swift clonk on the head would be a cure for all of your ailments in one fell swoop.

Sep 1 2014

Monday 1 September 2014: Bad Panda.

I was trying to explain a wee toy I’d seen at a craft fair. I thought the bamboo might help set the context.

I went in to John Lewis today to get a radio that had started buzzing replaced. When I left I was really annoyed. I was dealt with without any problems, but while I was in the tech support bit I could hear some slimey wee salesman telling an old lady that had come in with a faulty laptop that she really needed to spend a thousand pounds on an apple laptop even though she kept saying "but I only send a few emails and occasionally write a letter". His reasoning? "Macs laptops last longer because pc laptop parts wear out quicker". And "microsoft word costs £100 but you don’t need to buy it if you get a mac". When I had been dealt with I went in search of the old lady to tell her he was a git and was talking tosh. But I couldn’t find her.

you: I think being able to draw might have set the context a bit better.
me: aye. If only I could
you: set the context?
me: draw.