Aug 31 2014

Sunday 31 August 2014: Serving for one.

That’s me sorted. Now what’s everyone else going to eat.

Through to Oz’ hoose to meet his new wee baby girl. All the tuesday night peeps were there so it was a grand afternoon. And he’d made the biggest portion of nachos I’ve ever seen. And home made salsa. Cheese dispersion I hear you ask? Spot on.

Ghengis had great fun playing with the other kids that were there, and she took a cracking portrait of me and Napoleon. I’ve never been one for being in front of the lens, but when it’s Ghengis I love it if it encourages her to keep taking photos. I particularly liked her method of making me smile yesterday: When she held the camera up she said "blue cheese" and I couldn’t help but laugh.

you: blue cheese?
me: yeah I think it’s perhaps a combination of "cheese" and "blue steel
you: oh that would make sense. If she’d ever watched Zoolander! Moron.

Aug 30 2014

Saturday 30 August 2014: huff n’ puff

Tried to watch The Little Mermaid with Ghengis this morning and while she sat with me for a while she kept getting distracted. Anyway, it was amazing how far animated films have come looking at that, then seeing frozen.

Made a bit more house progress but I’m getting a bit frustrated that joints that are perfect when I put them in have warped and opened up the next day. The timber just seems to change a lot when it get’s damp outside. I think I need to stop worrying about it and remember it’s just a playhouse.

Fell asleep at half eight. Which seems to be becoming the norm. Hibernation kicking in

you: it’s not hibernation
me: no? what is it then?
you: old age
me: it may well be that too.
you: and joints that "are perfect"
me: ok a bit of an over exaggeration
you: how about "bits of wood that meet"?
me: yeah that’ll do.

Aug 29 2014

Friday 29 August 2014: Three in a row.

I’ve been to look at a different photo exhibition 3 days in row now. This was my favourite as it has one of my photos in the competition shortlist. So I am now down to a 1 in 10 chance of winning an ipad mini which isn’t bad out of probably a couple of hundred entries. I told Ghengis to go stand below her favourite. She seemed a bit indecisive and stood between two. Neither was mine. Traitor.

Turns out her waking me at 5 in the morning because she couldn’t find her sunglasses was perfectly valid. It turns out she sleeps in them. Who knew.

you: eh, perhaps you should have known
me: eh…and why would I know
you: well as one of her parental units and…. actually you are right
me: go on, what were you going to say
you: I was going to say responsible adult. But I’m not a liar
me: ho ho.
you: oh, and well done on getting tenth place in a few days time.

Aug 28 2014

Thursday 28 August 2014: Two in a row

My lunchtime wander took me to a photo exhibition. That’s two days in a row. I just spotted the sign for this one as I was passing, so I wandered in. There was no one there. Not just no one else looking, there was no one supervising, there was no one that paid any interest in the fact a random bloke had just walked into their building from the street. There looked to be offices and stuff. I could have been anyone, and wandered out with anything. But I didn’t, I just looked at the photos. Took a photo. And left.

There was nothing particularly exciting about the photos. There wasn’t really any technical skill in them either. But as a set I quite enjoyed looking t them. She was trying to sell them for £150 unframed or £300 framed. That’s an expensive freakin’ frame. And who would buy a photo of a dirty mattress in a derelict building anyway?

Ghengis had me up at 4 this morning: "Daddy, covers over". She was cold, that was fine, I don’t mind that so much. But then at 5 again "Daddy daddy daddy" what do you want? "Want my sunglasses." IT’S 5 IN THE MORNING AND DARK! I still gave her her sunglasses though.

Out for a curry with Steven as my arm is still gubbed

you: still?!
me: yes
you: are you doing anything about it?
me: not really
you: well it serves you right then.
me: you would say that
you: oh, and I applaud Ghengis’ choice of wake up tactics. Sunglasses in the night, nice.

Aug 26 2014

Tuesday 26 August 2014: Where am I?

Points for anyone with the correct answer. Specifics required.

you: Edinburgh
me: not specific enough. I suspect the correct answer might come from oz or napoleon.

Aug 25 2014

Monday 25 August 2014: Mist

I liked this wee patch of mist but sadly the train refused to slow down to let me take a decent photo.

I was nominated to do the ice bucket challenge yesterday. So tonight I got my scaffolding out and set up the tower, built a tipping platform, filled the paddling pool on said platform, got the missus to pull the release mechanism (string tied to a block of wood)….and… missed…..mostly. And because I forgot to do up the bolts on the tower stabliliser legs the tower and platform was very close to falling on me. But, it was all for a good cause.

you: idiot
me: what?
you: why do you have to always make things hard for yourself?
me: what do you mean?
you: why not just use a bucket like everyone else?
me: have you been speaking to my missus? That’s exactly what she said
you: I would say "great minds think alike", but it’s not even that, it’s just that neither of us are idiots.

Aug 24 2014

Sunday 24 August 2014: A dry lunch….

….or exceptional good luck on the way. Catching these things is meant to be lucky right? Or did I just make that up?

Been lovely and sunny with barely any wind here today. If I wasn’t full of snot, the missus wasn’t crook, and had I not had a two year old, then I would have gone for an awesome cycle today. But I am she is and I do. So I didn’t.

Made some more good….

you: Don’t. You. Dare
me: what
you: say that you made more good progress on the playhouse
me: but….
you: I don’t care. And neither does anyone else
me: but I….
you: zip it
me: …..totally re-worked the front elevation layout
you: I. Don’t. Care.

Aug 23 2014

Saturday 23 August 2014: Green

I just liked the way the sun was hitting this recently silaged, and now re-growing field.

Made some proper progress with the playhouse this morning which Jenelope looked after Ghengis again. I’m well pleased with how it’s looking. Now I’m getting a bit better with the router it’s letting me make so much better a job than I would have been able to without it.

Got a few photos in a wee exhibition in town so went down for a look. It was shut. Could have stayed home and done some more building.

The missus is getting fed up of me just wanting to build all the time but I just want to have it finished while there’s still a chance Ghengis will play outside in it.

you: it’s not just your missus
me: what’s not?
you: that’s getting fed up with this frickin’ playhouse
me: what harm is it doing you?
you: it’s all you blimmen go on about
me: well it’s the only thing that I’m doing at the moment
you: do something more interesting.

Aug 22 2014

Friday 22 August 2014: Installation.

This is the modern art installation I’ve bought and placed on the lawn.

It’s entitled "a window to my soul". One of the panes is clear, while the rest are opaque. This depicts the rare moments of clarity that we get in this day and age of constant bombardment through social media streams of the irrelevant minutiae of the lives of the people we know. The unkempt lawn illustrates how day to day tasks are constantly overlooked as we seek to gather information that is of little to no value.

Is it b0ll0cks. It’s the windows I’ve been building today for Ghengis’ playhouse. But it appears that if the colouring in falls through I have a promising career in writing the nonsense that accompanies modern art.

Jenelope came down today to look after Ghengis to give me a clear day to work on the playhouse. As I was working on building the windows it became apparent that I was going to be well short of timber. I couldn’t understand this as I had planned it all so carefully. I had one uncut section left, so I measured it. 3.9m. Yet I had planned for, and the invoice said, 4.5m. Frickin’ annoying as I wasted ages trying to work out where I had gone wrong, then when I realised what had happened it meant I had to head in to town to get them to give me what I was owed. They did, and I got all but one of the windows finished in the end. I even started getting the walls up. So, progress was made, but not as much as I would have liked.

you: excuses excuses
me: it’s not an excuse. It’s an accurate description of what happened.
you: or an excuse. So are the joints a bit better on these ones
me: well, no. It’s impossible. The timber is all so bowed that my cuts run off
you: sounds to me like more excuses
me: look, progress was made, I’m happy at that.
you: doesn’t sound like Ghengis is though

Aug 21 2014

Thursday 21 August 2014: Missing zeros

A single letter hanging through the box. Probably junk. Oh no, it has my full name and address rather than "the occupier". What can it be? Oooh it’s from premium bonds. Blimey I’ve won. Heart starts to race. Is this it? The end to daily drudgery? The start of fast cars and holidays? Turn it over. 25 quid. 25 frickin quid. From a grands worth of bonds over 5 years. Ernie, you are a git.

After buying Ghengis a t-shirt at the craft fair yesterday, today I went back to get the missus something. I got her a wee tatty cloth cat. £12 blimmen quid. But she liked it, so that’s all that counts.

you: a wee win is better than nothing
me: I’m not so sure
you: why?
me: because that sudden rush of adrenaline and racing of my heart has probably shortened my life by a few seconds
you: I was wrong
me: I told you
you:no it’s much better than nothing.
me: oh
you: had I known I could shorten your existence by throwing money at you I would have re-mortgaged your house
me: you can be a horror sometimes.

Aug 17 2014

Sunday 17 August 2014: I’ve only gone and….

….managed to finish the first window for the playhouse. And I’m pleased with it. Ok a couple of the corners are a tiny bit gappy, but it’s exactly how I wanted it to work out. Shame it’s the smallest….and there are still 8 to go. And after struggling a bit I’ve realised that there are things I can get to make life easier, like corner clamps.

Decided to fit the new hydraulic brakes I got for one of the bikes today. I should have been a 20 minute job, but typically one of the rotor bolts sheared and it took me frickin ages to get it drilled out and re-tapped.

Mama-oishi for tea. Day done.

you: it’s "exactly how you wanted it to turn out?
me: aye
you: you wanted it to turn out gappy
: well, no
you: so it’s not exactly how you wanted it to turn out
me: it’s nearly exactly how I wanted to turn out
you: in what way? In that it is a good approximation of a square
me: well, yes, that
you: and there’s not exactly anything else you can say about it is there
me: well, the perspex fitted perfectly into the recess all the way around, that the router cut neatly, without slicing a finger off, I’m fairly pleased about that
you: simple things for simple minds I suppose.

Aug 16 2014

Saturday 16 August 2014: Car

Some of us didn’t even get out of our jammies today, not mentioning any names….Ghengis……missus.

I did though, to go and get some router bits to allow me to make progress on the playhouse. I started making the window frames today. But I think my design is making it far to hard for myself. I think it is not only beyond my skills (or lack thereof) as a carpenter, but beyond the abilities of my tools too. The mitre saw just doesn’t seem to be accurate enough. So I may have to simplify things a bit.

I’ve spent a fair bit of the day in awe of Ghengis. I’ve just been watching her play, and sing, and dance, and talk. And she’s frickin’ awesome. Even with a snotty nose.

you: backing out already
me: who is
you: you are
me: from what?
you: building the playhouse as you designed it
me: I haven’t backed out yet
you: but you are in the process of doing so
me: well, maybe, just very slowly
you: much like the overall progress
me: hmm. Indeed.

Aug 15 2014

Friday 15 August 2014: Caterpillar (holiday day 7)

Out for a bit of lunch, then home for a nap prior to the long drive home.

The drive was easy. Made even better time than we did on the way down. As we were leaving there were some ridiculously black clouds coming in, but we seemed to miss the worst of the downpours, just getting wet roads for a few miles

you: scintillating
me: indeed
you: you could at least have made something up
me: oh, didn’t I mention, as we left the black clouds opened up reveal massive space ships that had come to earth bent on destruction and the eradication of the human race, but my cousin Will Smith was there to save the day
you: that’s not making stuff up, that’s stealing someone else’s idea. And Will Smith is not your cousin
me: is so.
you: next you’ll be saying Delia is your aunt
me: but she is
you: that’s quite a family you’ve got there. Idiot.

Aug 14 2014

Thursday 14 August 2014: Another day….. (holiday day 6)

…another stately home. And a glaring omission from my requirement list for my stately home. Water. I haven’t yet decided if I want a loch or a river.

Had fun playing with Ghengis this morning. She kept running out of the room saying she was going shopping for me and asking what I wanted. I got through a range of fruit, pizza, tuna, some juice. But when I asked for some chicken she ran off and came back saying there was none but she had got me a sheep. Not quite what I was after.

Unfortunately she’s passed her cold to her grandma. How kind of her to share :-/

you: it’s never gonna happen
me: what?
you: you having a stately home
me: you don’t know that
you: eh, I do
me: well, I have another plan anyway
you: robbery? selling internal organs?
me: no, I’m on the lookout for a bit of woodland with a stream that’s for sale that I could buy
you: so, about as likely to happen as you having a stately home then
me: you never know.
you: the only home you’ll be in is one for either the elderly or the clinically insane
me: hey I bet they’d have grounds and water and trees….
you: I’ll sign you up.

Aug 13 2014

Wednesday 13 August 2014: Bench (holiday day 5)

The missus seems to have taken it on herself to wear nothing but black. It’s like being married to the female equivalent of Johnny Cash, but without the singing ability or money. I don’t really like taking holiday photos with us/her in them. "Why would I want a picture of the stately house/garden/theme park we are visiting with you stood in front of it? I know you were there, I want a picture of the attraction" is always my argument. Anyway, just to appease her I have tried to take a few on this holiday. And given her black attire it makes getting a decent photo hard, which she seems to find amusing.

Today we stopped in to have a look around Hardwick house. It was pretty good. Not quite the grounds of chatsworth, but it had the best windows of any houses I’ve visited. They were colossal. It must have been such a lovely light house when it was in use. Now all the curtains are mostly drawn to protect the tapestries. The missus isn’t a fan of tapestries. They don’t cause quite the rage that modern art does with me, but I think I’ll get one for her birthday anyway.

Talking of modern art, they had some in the gardens here too. Fearing my blood pressure was too high still from yesterday’s outburst I tried just to ignore it. But I couldn’t. One of them was a massive 6ft nail standing on one of the lawns. Had it been left at that, "I thought a massive nail in the lawn might look fun" it would have been fine. But instead it was "a study of the construction techniques used in the house, with particular focus on techniques that are falling out of fashion". IT’S A BIG NAIL IN THE LAWN!!!! And the day that nails fall out of use in construction will be roughly the same day that I own a stately home.

Oh, and while in the house I spotted some clear scaffolding. It looked like it was made out of perspex. There were a few more tubes on it than in traditional scaffold, which I thought were maybe to increase the load bearing capacity. I found this quite interesting. I’d never seen it before, and thought that it was maybe so that it wasn’t such an eyesore while they worked on restoring the tapestries. It turns out it was a modern art installation. My interest immediately vanished. It wasn’t functional. It was pointless.

Back to the in laws and seeing my wee Ghengis has calmed me down no end. Amazing how hearing "my mummy and daddy home" can calm the nerves.

you: hahahaha
me: I know where this is going
you: you liked a bit of modern art
me: I did not like a bit of modern art
you: you did. You stood looking at it, thinking about it, a bit of modern art
me: NO! I stood and looked and thought about a bit of functional engineering
you: that turned out to be entirely un-functional and in fact modern art
me: but I didn’t know that at the time did I?
you: it doesn’t matter. The artist made you think, that was probably the point of it
me: NO! They didn’t. It was deception. Plain and simple deception. And I’ll hear no more about it.
you: You like modern art, you like modern art, you like modern art….and tapestries.

Aug 12 2014

Tuesday 12 August 2014: Room for a wee one? (holiday day 4)

We left Ghengis with Grandma Jill today and headed off for a day away, with a visit to Chatsworth house first thing on the agenda.

As always with places like this it’s always the gardens that I wish were mine. I need a garden that size. I need a garden with mature deciduous trees. I wouldn’t mind a big lion statue either I suppose. And I most certainly need a ride on mower or two.

While in one of the restaurants an old lady said something that vindicated something I said in a previous tripadvisor review. She said "This cutlery is poorly balanced, it twists in my hand when I try and use it.". Which is almost word for word what I said, yet the missus chided me about it: "No one else on earth would think that". Take that smarty pants.

While sitting having lunch I commented that I didn’t like the artwork much. They were all the same, no real skill in them, dross really. Then as we left I saw a huge poster saying who the work was by, and it was K**** frickin’ N****. I couldn’t believe it. The same bollocksing person’s "art" we saw plastered all over here. How does she do it? Wangle her way into these big stately homes? I’ll give her credit for that at least. I don’t understand. There was a bunch of "modern" sculpture dotted around the grounds too. I can feel my rage starting to build. One of them was just a big pipe with about 4 bends in it.

The Peak Edge Hotel that we booked for the night is nice, and the meal in the adjoining restaurant was very nice too. Then I managed an episode of CSI before falling asleep at about. 10 oclock. Rock n’ Roll.

you: settle down
me: WHAT!
you: just because you don’t like it doesn’t mean it’s not good
me: it’s not just me, at the last place it was all the staff too. So why don’t the toffs that own these places realise it? Does she drug them?
you: eh, I think you’re skating on thin ice legally now
me: it was a question not a statement
you: and why can’t a bent pipe be art?
me: if it resembled something, or did something, or wasn’t just a PIPE WITH BENDS IN IT AND SOME GUFF WRITTEN ABOUT IT…….
you: it is so much fun winding you up about modern art. Fancy a trip to the pompidou centre?
me: aagggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh………………..

Aug 11 2014

Monday 11 August 2014: Scream if you wanna go faster (2)

We all went to Drayton Manor Park today. And it was verging on being ace. Except I barfed. I am blaming the sausage roll as I never used to feel bad after rollorcoasters and fair rides. But I was never right for the rest of the day after I went on air race. Even a tactical barf didn’t help.

The first ride the the bro in law and I went on was Maelstrom. And it was mental! We were both properly freaked out by it! Then he showed me a video of a more extreme version of the same thing that does a full 360 and must be utterly terrifying. The stand up rollercoaster was probably the highlight. We went back on Maelstrom at the end and I had no fear other than was I going to barf while 80 feet in the air. The restraints took an age to release and when they finally did I raced for the bushes. But I managed to refrain.

Anyway, that’s a lot of barf talk. If you want a more enthusiastic write up of the day check out Ghengis’ views on the matter.

The missus and I couldn’t help but laugh till we almost cried as Uncle R took GHengis on one of the rides, and the only downpour of the day began just as they got strapped in. Not sure who looked more sad, Ghengis or R. We were of course only laughing at R, Ghengis got a cuddle when she got off. R just got uncle points. THey both enjoyed the one pictured though. She had a great day, and that’s the main thing.

you: you. big. nancy!
me: but it was spinny and twisty and up and downy
you: I will repeat. You. Big. Nancy!
me: but…
you: there are no excuses that will make this admission ok
me: I think it must have been something I ate. I felt ill when I had my shot with Ghengis on the ride shown above
you: that’s worse! You felt ill on a kids ride?! I don’t know what’s worse than being a big nancy to throw at you. So I’m just going to refuse to communicate further. And you should stop talking before you dig a deeper hole.

Aug 10 2014

Sunday 10 August 2014: what’s through the crinkly window?

Green and red. If you squint you might find that the green looks a bit like the profile of a face looking to the right? No? Just me then.

Today the tail end of hurricane Bertha decided to make it’s presence felt. Rain, rain and more rain. Then some wind. Then finally some sun.

Anyway, I never left the house, except to go on a chauffeur run.

you: well that’s 30 seconds I’m never going to get back
me: you must be a fast reader
you: not everyone has to move their finger along the page to keep track of where they’ve read up to you know.

Aug 9 2014

Saturday 9 August 2014: Tilly and her daddy

Headed out to one of the Nottingham park-runs this morning. Rushcliffe. It was a lovely sunny morning. But a bit windy. There were over 200 people there, and it was a tight start so I got boxed in. And there were lots of slugs on the path. Right, that’s me got all my excuses in. I was a bit slow.

Got some ace news in a text from Oz, he is now a daddy with the arrival of his wee baby girl.

In the afternoon we went to visit Em and the fella and tiny Tilly. We went for a picnic in the park which was lovely. They seem to live in "young family central" as the park was just full of couples with babies and toddlers. Ghengis set off pushing her buggy, and by the time I realised she had picked up a fair head of steam and was charging straight for one of aforementioned young families, who had to fend off the imminent crushing of their precious bundle. Ghengis was going on a massive tunnel slide thing. I was allowed to go in it with her the first couple of times, then I wasn’t allowed anywhere near it. Which was fine. Till a wee boy pushed her down it. She didn’t like that. Neither did I, but I couldn’t spot the culprit so he got off scot free.

you: it wouldn’t have mattered anyway
me: what wouldn’t?
you: if you’d spotted him
me: why not?
you: because you can’t run anywhere near as fast as you can get your excuses in
me: this is very true. I would have been much faster if it wasn’t for the slugs
you: what difference did slugs make to your time?!
me: I had to stand and wait on each one to finish crossing the path


Aug 8 2014

Friday 8 August 2014: guard kitten

Ghengis went to nursery for an extra day today to a)give me a chance to pack and b) give me a chance to have a kip.

a) I am the worst person on earth when it comes to packing for holdays. I am soooo slow. I have a list. I go to get next item on list. I get distracted. I forget item on list. Repeat. Ad nauseum.

b) I managed to get a bit of kip, so at least I won’t be nodding off after a few hundred miles.

Somehow we have managed to pack everything in the car without requiring the roof box, and barely any of the back seat. I think this probably ties in with a). What have I forgotten? We shall see.

The drive down was fine. Except for 3 hours of incessant whining from Ghengis. "cuddle daddy, juice mummy, peppa pig, snack". We were both getting to the end of our tethers when she finally fell asleep.

This wee kitten was setting off the car alarm in one of the service stations. Poor wee thing.

you: it’s not rocket science
me: what?
you: packing
me: it may as well be. It used to take me a full day to pack to go snowboarding
you: it’s not hard. Make a list. Find items on list. Put items in bag. Done
me: you’re missing some steps
you: no, I’m not, but what are your additions?
me: pack original list, add items to list, empty bag, add new items to bag, check original items still in bag, remove items from list, empty bag, remove items, re-pack bag, check original minus amendments plus amendments still in bag, change bag. Remember phone charger, change mp3 player. Check music on new mp3 player…..
you: ok ok. You are the worst person on earth at packing.

Aug 7 2014

Thursday 7 August 2014: ORANGE!

I suspect this lady hadn’t just come from a 9-5 office job. She certainly stood out at the platform in among the rest of us in our drab office clothes.

Had lunch at chimichanga today with a few workmates past and present. They had an offer on whereby if you paid through the paypal app for your juice then you could have a free burger or burrito. A very odd deal. The app was cool though. My free burrito was very tasty. Had I paid full price for it (£13) I would have been quite disappointed. It wasn’t exactly voluminous.

Got the shock of my life when DB walked in. He has a big feck off Grizzly Adams beard going on. I suspect I could never grow a beard that good

you: I know it
me: what?
you: you could never grow a good beard
me: and why might that be?
you: you’re just not man enough. You’re a nancy
me: am not
you: are too. What’s your favourite film?
me: currently?
you: for starters?
me: Frozen
you: I rest my case.

Aug 6 2014

Wednesday 6 August 2014: Grim start and reflections

pretty poor start to the day. It did get nicer though. I finished Chris Froome’s auto biography on the way in. Thought it was pretty good. So much better than Wiggo’s.

On my lunchtime wander I decided to have a look around poundstretcher. It was like an Aladdin’s cave of tat. Not Ali’s Cave, that is a whole other world of tat. My favourite thing I saw was the biggest tv remote I have ever seen. I think I might go back and get it because it made me smile.

Some progress on Ghengis’ playhouse tonight. I now pretty much have the outer frame completed. Just need to get some bracing on it now.

you: you’re going to buy it because it made you smile?
me: yeah, I might
you: so what are you going to pay me?
me: why would I pay you anything?
you: because I’m always making you smile
me: that’s not a smile. That’s a grimace.

Aug 5 2014

Tuesday 5 August 2014: Manly pursuits

A friend is doing a series of paintings entitled "Manly pursuits". This was my contribution. He said "that’s how ideas start, just scan it in and start fleshing it out". Little does he know that this is the entirety of my artistic ability.

Tonight Ghengis and I went for our first ever cycle together, and it was frickin awesome. We did about 10 laps of the garden. Me cycling as slowly as possible while she followed along on "mine tiny bike". Loved it.

you: "cycled as slowly as possible"
me: yeah
you: more like you tried to keep up. Old man.

Aug 4 2014

Monday 4 August 2014: Catch me

Managed to make some progress on Ghengis’ playhouse tonight.

you: have you cut your tongue out with the circular saw
me: no, why
you: you don’t exactly have a lot to say tonight
me: and you’re complaining?
you: actually, no. Keep it up.

Aug 3 2014

Sunday 3 August 2014: Peek

Fat Mungo and the troops were round this afternoon for a bit of lunch which was fun as usual. Ghengis is getting big enough that she can muck in with the swamplings and play with them properly. At one point she was riding around as a pillion passenger on her wee quad which looked rather amusing.

The swamplings kindly/begrudgingly helped me test out a new lighting setup.

Frozen was on at one point (or several times throughout the day is perhaps more accurate), but strangely it was the 37 year old men singing along, not the kids.

Tesco seem to have a bit of a discount going on at the moment for animated films, so I picked up madagascar and rio, just to try and fend off Frozen overload. Would that be like ice cream head?

you: not strange at all
me: what?
you: in fact it can be easily explained
me: what?!
you: the old men singing along to a kids film
me: middle aged if you don’t mind
you: whatever, it makes no difference to the root cause.
me: which is?
you: you’re both as weird as each other. And no, it wouldn’t be like ice cream head.

Aug 1 2014

Friday 1 August 2014: Router.

This is a tool I probably have no need to own. I certainly don’t know how to use it properly.

But I do. On both counts. If you can "do" no knowing how to use something.

Disappointing progress on the playhouse today. Mostly because I spent most of the limited time I could have been putting the house together putting the router table together and then trying to work out how to use it. Ghengis wasn’t very impressed with my progress either.

you: just sell it then
me: sell what
you: the router
me: why would I do that?
you: because if you have no real need for it an no idea how to use it you may as well have the money
me: but if I did that then I’d instantly need it
you: you still wouldn’t know how to use it though
me: and that’s where the power of youtube comes to the fore