Jul 31 2014

Thursday 31 July 2014: High and Higher.

I must admit that I like some of the random stuff that they have done for the commonwealth games. Like these station signs and the others they have done. I like Cambus…….langjump.

I’m not so sure about all the cleaners on the trains wearing jackets with "Train presentation team" emblazoned on the back.

Saw a frickin’ awesome video today but I can’t find the link. Believe me, it was good.

When Ghengis got home from nursery we put on Frozen. It was the first time she would sit still and watch it. Awesome. I feel a disney spree coming on. At least now I have an excuse to be singing the songs.

you: you don’t
me: don’t what?
you: have an excuse to be singing disney songs
me: I do
you: no. you don’t
me: why not?
you: you’re not a princess
me: you’ve claimed otherwise in the past
you: ok, you’re not a child, probably not female, and certainly not under the age of 10
me: probably not female?
you: I’ve always had my doubts.

Jul 30 2014

Wednesday 30 July 2014: Lame.

An evening spent sorting out wedding photos.

An unexpected early departure from work.

Oh, and GhengisWolf is in da house.

you: I hope the wedding photos are in better focus than this one
me: don’t worry. They are.

Jul 29 2014

Tuesday 29 July 2014: I am Nikon

I feel slightly guilty that I have sold Ghengis over to the dark side so young. But I have. The camera I bought for her arrived today. The canon’s and fuji’s I looked at didn’t fit the bill. So Nikon it is. And it seems to be a cracking wee bit of kit. She seemed excited about it too, so hopefully it gets some use.

It was a pot luck lunch again at work again today. And once again there was so much delicious food it was hard to stop. But I managed.

Went to the boozer for a quick blether, just stuck to the water though as I had power tools to play with when I got home. After the first cuts being made yesterday, construction proper started today.

you: why?
me: why what?
you: why have you bought her a camera?
me: why not?
you: because she’s only just 2
me: and getting older every day
you: and doesn’t have good enough hand/eye coordination
me: but it’s getting better every day
you: but she’s 2
me: already had that one
you: I’m not going to win at this I fear
me: you’re not. She needed a camera. This is it
you: you mean you wanted her to have a camera
me: I wanted her to have a camera. This is it
you: idiot

Jul 28 2014

Monday 28 July 2014: Let’s go.

We had a bbq tonight. First of the year.

Went out and bought the saw I needed. I have made the first cuts of many on the timber that will slowly but surely become Ghengis playhouse. Even just 2 cuts in I can see that it’s going to have been money well spent

I’m sure I should have a commemorative stone carved to mark the occasion. Or have smashed a bottle of champagne or something.

you: are you building a bridge?
me: no
you: a massive public structure
me: no
you: or launching a boat?
me: no
you: so why would you do either of those things?
me: eh..
you: because you are an idiot.

Jul 27 2014

Sunday 27 July 2014: No Ghengis, just, no.

When I arrived home yesterday I went upstairs to dump my bag in my childhood bedroom. Lo and behold Jenelope has installed a freakin’ pole in there! I should probably point out that she’s an instructor in pole dancing for fitness and hen do’s and stuff. She’s not a gogo dancer. At least that’s what she’s telling the family. Today Ghengis had fun running round and round it. And trying to climb it. Now that she’s got that out of her system I can rest easy that it probably won’t be a future career path. Remembering my previous experiences of being anywhere near a dance pole I stayed well away from the damn thing.

Took mum out for lunch for her birthday. It wasn’t great, which was a shame. Then we went for a wander around Threave Gardens, which was nice. Dad has several works installed there, the newest having just been completed. The plaque beside it lists it as being built by him, and his daughter Jenelope which is cool. When she’s not pole dancing she’s working with dad in the sculptury arty business these days.

A kip on the sofa as a result of an early morning wakeup courtesy of Ghengis and that was it, time to head back up the road.

you: what was wrong with it?
me: the meal?
you: aye
me: well it was a "roast dinner with all the trimmings"
you: sounds good so far
me: the yorkshire pudding appeared to have been cooked in the dishwasher it was so soggy
you: oh
me: and I’m not entirely sure when the beef was roasted, but I’m not convinced it was today
you: right
me: and I have nothing more to say on the matter. Other than mum enjoyed hers. So that’s the main thing.
you: I have a question
me: yes
you: is "sculptury" even a word?
me: based on the red squiggly underline I’m seeing, "Computer says no".

Jul 26 2014

Saturday 26 July 2014: Look down there.

The wedding photography went well today. It was so hot though, too hot to be traipsing about with kilos of gear strapped on my shoulders. This is one of the five flower girls. One of the older flower girls. It was like trying to herd cats.

It was the local town gala today too. Dad had been asked if he would take his old car for the gala king and queen to ride in. The missus wasn’t feeling well so mum took Ghengis with her to watch the parade. Little did she know that she’d be featuring in the parade too. Mum and Ghengis sat in the front with dad. The roof was down and the we cookie waved at absolutely everyone watching the parade. She absolutely loved it. And she loved it when the lorries honked their horns too.

you: Another wedding where you haven’t managed to get a photo of anyone’s face
me: this isn’t the only photo I took
you: but it’s the only one you have left
me: eh?
you: I just formatted all your cards and wiped your hard drive
me: NNNOooooo. Don’t even joke about it
you: I wouldn’t. I’m not.

Jul 25 2014

Friday 25 July 2014: Red hand gang

27.3C. Hottest temperature yet in the back garden.

Today Ghengis and I have run about (not much, too hot for that). Painted (well she has, as much on her and the path as on the paper). Sat in the paddling pool. We both did that. And it was lovely. With an ice lolly. That was lovely too. I could have done with not being in the paddling pool when one of the couriers of the day arrived though.

The timber for the playhouse I’m going to build Ghengis has arrived. I hope I’ve got my calculations right, there looks to be enough to re-build our own house. I’ve never been wrong in the past though.

The custom cut perspex also arrived. I wasn’t expecting that until next week so that’s good. I was expecting car tyres instead so couldn’t work out what the package was.

Shooting another wedding tomorrow. All the batteries are charged, The cameras are packed, and the weather forecast is looking grand, 21C and a bit of cloud.

you: are you trying to be funny
me: about what?
you: you made a very bold, and very inaccurate statement
me: it was 27.3C though.
you: Not that, moron.
me: what then?
you: "I’ve never been wrong before" Pull the other one. You’re wrong on a daily basis.
me: I meant with regards to ordering timber for projects
you: well, ok, I’ll grant you that one.
me: how very generous
you: you’re wrong about everything else though.

Jul 24 2014

Thursday 24 July 2014: March of the giants

Vicki leaves work tomorrow, so today was the last day I’ll see her. Before I left I went over to say cheerio, and to thank her for all her help over the years. She said thank you, and then "and thank you for all the help you’ve given me, you know, back when you were a real developer". It would appear that it’s perhaps time to get out of the colouring in game.

Ordered Ghengis a camera. Think I may have overdone it a bit. Not sure she’ll need the gps functionality…or the waterproof to 10m…..but I’m pretty sure the shock proof from 1.5m will come in handy.

Out on the bike again tonight. I decided to head out and across the clackmananshire bridge, up to the roundabout and back. 24 miles. It was a nice ride. I made a few navigational errors, but I got to where I was going, and I got back too.

you: more’s the pity
me: what?
you: you found your way back

Jul 23 2014

Wednesday 23 July 2014: The missus’ pots

I am sitting watching Captain Jack singing about Scotland while people dressed as tunnocks teacakes dance around him. Has someone slipped something in my coffee? Oh no, it’s just the opening of the commonwealth games.

I didn’t want to watch it. I’m glad I did.

Why is the queen’s car bouncing like a lowrider?

Got all the materials for Ghengis’ playhouse ordered. I’m excited now, just wanna get going with the build.

you: well it can’t get any worse
me: worse? than what?
you: than some pickup truck that’s had some scaffolding sellotaped on top driving around a stadium
me: it was tartan though
you: that’s no excuse. Good to see they have acknowledged Scotland’s number 1 pastime though
me: what? drinking? Highland dancing? Sleeping?
you: watching tv, that is one massive frickin telly they’ve got in the stadium
me: yeah they borrowed mine.

Jul 22 2014

Tuesday 22 July 2014: NeeNaww

I’m getting fed up of saying it, but it was another cracking day. Scotland is the best place on earth when the sun is shining. Mainly because I live here, but there are a few other reasons.

Tonight Ghengis recited bah bah black sheet as fast as she could, then started laughing and said " my crazy". Yes indeed chook, you are crazy.

Out on the bike again tonight. I’d intended to do my 25 mile loop, but realised I am so out of shape that I was riding slower than the sun was setting…..so had to cut it short. Still, 22 miles was a decent bit of exercise.

Sunshine, keep on coming.

you: well you know where she gets that from
me: what? Reciting nursery rhymes quickly?
you: no, the crazy part
me: I get the impression you are pointing the finger at me
you: why might that be?
me: I have no idea
you: because for the last 4 years you have had a daily conversation with a voice in your head
me: and?
you: and written it down. Freak.

Jul 21 2014

Monday 21 July 2014: Knot

This weather is awesome.

Was going to go for a run tonight. But I put the cycling on then fell asleep. This was at half 8. I went to bed at 9. I was fast asleep by ten.

Tough day.

you: tough day?
me: aye
you: you haven’t done anything!
me: it’s hard sleeping in this heat
you: so you’ve had a tough day sleeping?
me: aye
you: it’s a crying shame. Idiot.

Jul 20 2014

Sunday 20 July 2014: Cheeeeez

I think we are giving Ghengis too much pocket money. This is her new camera.

Blimey what a difference today’s weather was. It’s been wall to wall warmth and sunshine. We got Ghengis a paddling pool which she was delighted with.

One of her wee windmills wasn’t turning to which she exclaimed "needs batteries". Which I thought was cute. We sometimes still call her baby. "Do you want some juice baby?". She has started calling us baby back, with a response to the previous question along the lines of "No please baby".

Out for a quick run on the bike again tonight. There was more wind than I usually like to go out in (in that there was some), but it was still warm and sunny. I decided not to pedal on the big downhill. I just got as tucked in as I could. 41mph. Compared to the other night when I pedalled until my heart and lungs were going to explode and I only got to 44mph. I know which option I’ll take in future. I’ll also not go out quite as soon after having a pizza cheese.

you: you mean a cheese pizza
me: no. A pizza cheese
you: what’s that meant to mean
me: well the topping usually comes first. Mushroom pizza. Pepperoni pizza…..
you: ….cheese pizza
me: no. I added so much cheese that it outweighed the pizza base about 3:1. This was most certainly a pizza cheese.
you: and you are most certainly an idiot

Jul 19 2014

Saturday 19 July 2014: The corner shop

It’s been pretty grim up here weather wise today. Grey from morning till night, with the rain varying between heavy drizzle and torrential. This has resulted in us barely leaving the house, except for a mercy mission to the co-op to get chips for tea.

We all played shops this afternoon. And that was about it.

I’m wearing a t-shirt the neck of which is too tight and it’s annoying me

you: good grief!
me: what?
you: it’s really been such a slow day that you feel that the level of constriction of your t-shirt neck is newsworthy
me: that would be newsworthy any day of the week.
you: eh, aye, indeed. It could do with being a bit tighter in my opinion. Scratch that. Significantly tighter.

Jul 18 2014

Friday 18 July 2014: Fun in the sun….

…and the playhouse.

Up to W.E for L’s birthday. It was looking like it was going to be a bit on the cold side for a while. But the sun won the battle with the clouds and it turned into a lovely afternoon.

All the bairns played in the paddling pool. They all got cake all over their faces. They all had a good time. As did I. Got a bunch of nice photos of the bambinos. I think the bare bum pianists will be one that is rolled out at 18th birthday parties

Back down the road and a bit of a tour catch up, and of course the obligatory episode of Australian Beauty and the Geek.

you: have you been taking your clothes off again?
me: no
you: just your bottom half?
me: No!
you: how many times do you have to be told. No one wants to see you naked
me: it wasn’t me!
you: and it’s entirely inappropriate at your niece’s 2nd birthday party!
me: it wasn’t me! It was Ghengis and L when they got out of the paddling pool!
you: yeah yeah, whatever.

Jul 17 2014

Thursday 17 July 2014: Too fast….

….for my own good. I was going along so quickly I raced straight out of the frame.

Out on the road bike for the first time in literally months. And I didn’t half enjoy it. It was the back of eight before I left but the sun was still lovely and warm and there wasn’t a breath of wind. Loved it. And for not having been out in so long my time wasn’t bad at all….for me.

Harshal’s leaving do was tonight. I was only able to get along for one, but I arrived and there wasn’t a soul there! I phoned and he said he was going to be a while. It seems to be a culture thing. The indian guys and gals in the office never ever ever turn up at arranged times, but think nothing of it. Anyway it was a shame as I wanted to buy him a beer and wish him well.

For tea I had peanut butter and prawns on toast. My theory was that it would be like having a satay. It was. Kind of.

you: I don’t even want to ask
me: ask what
you: if you’re kidding
me: about the indian guys being late? No, they always are
you: not about that.
me: what then
you: about if you are kidding about your tea
me: why would I be kidding?
you: because it sounds totally rank
me: surely that answers your question then
you: true. You’re not kidding.

Jul 16 2014

Wednesday 16 July 2014: New toys

Finally bit the bullet and bought some makita kit. If storm troopers needed a drill and impact driver I think these would go rather well with the outfit.

It’s taking forever to get Ghengis to bed at the moment. It used to be a five minute job. Now it’s about 45. She’s just being such a faff and asking for this that and the next thing. Then when she is finally in her cot she says she want’s on the potty and we don’t like to deny her that when we’re trying to get her potty trained. It’s very tiring and we could do without it. Hopefully she’ll stop it soon.

you: no they wouldn’t
me: who wouldn’t what?
you: storm troopers would not choose those drills
me: and why not?
you: because they look like toys
me: well they’re not
you: they look like they are for a wee girl that’s just left home and doesn’t have her daddy around to help with diy
me: they do not!
you: yes they do
me: well they’re not.
you: who told you that? The nice salesman? The one that told you they were a storm trooper fashion accessory?
me: away and bile yer heid!
you: did he sell you a sparkly handbag too?

Jul 15 2014

Tuesday 15 July 2014: New hat

Since the pub tour is over, we now have free reign to go to whatever pub we want. Tonight we went back to the Abbotsford. I was getting quite concerned when by quarter to seven he hadn’t arrived. ‘He’ being the cowboy. The international man of mystery with the cowboy hat and a tool belt. Then he arrived. I let out an audible shout of delight. And he has a new hat, and this time it doesn’t have a band that I’m sure he has on back to front. Result.

It was novel staying in one pub for more than one pub. So novel that I almost forgot my 3 pint limit. Almost.

Home, and my new drill(s) have arrived. They look cool. And with a 3 year warranty I’m hoping now that I’ve finally stumped up for some makita kit, it won’t let me down.

We’ve hit a bit of a tv high/low depending on your opinion. Australian Beauty and the Geek, and Dance Moms. Some truly terrible reality tat. But I love beauty and the geek.

you: No. Way.
me: what?
you: a number of things
me: which are?
you: 1) I can’t believe the cowboy hasn’t taken out a restraining order
me: I hardly think that would be required. I’m only taking a photo of one of my favourite bars and it just so happens that he’s an almost permanent fixture in it
you: and 2) you cannot seriously be watching something called beauty and the geek
me: No, I’m not, it’s Australian beauty and the geek
you: and sticking ‘australian’ on the front makes it ok does it
me: it works for masterchef.
you: you are a sad and strange individual
me: why thank you
you: no compliment intended

Jul 14 2014

Monday 14 July 2014: I’m not waiting any more.

A scene familiar to blippers everywhere. "Just one more shot" "No, I’m bored, I’m off".

Wander with Sutin at lunchtime. Both of us full of the joys of being back at work after a holiday.

Playing at shops with Ghengis when I got home. It was her turn to be shopkeeper, and I said I’d like to buy the grapes sitting beside her. She said "No, my grapes", and promptly began to pretend to be eating them. Last time I go to her shop.

Contador crashed out of the tour today. That’s another top contender out. Had I been able to make the grand depart I think I would now be set for a podium finish. As it is I reckon I’ll be getting a call from one of the teams any day now as a substitute, so in preparation I did 5 miles on the turbo. I hope the call comes from Cannondale Liquigas. I’d like a ride with Peter Sagan

you: would you like to rephrase that
me: "it’s the last time I do my shopping in her store"
you: not that bit you moron
me: what then?
you: you’d like to ride Peter Sagan
me: who said that?!
you: you
me: no, I’d like to ride with Peter Sagan
you: you did it again
me: I’d like to cycle with Peter Sagan
you: better. Thank you. Although you exclaiming that behind him would probably make him go even quicker.

Jul 13 2014

Sunday 13 July 2014: Tuppence a bag.

A lovely sunny day today. And since we didn’t quite have the lie in of yesterday I took Ghengis down to the park to feed the ducks. And she loved it. "Duck bite my finger" (a statement, not a request), will no doubt continue to be heard for many days to come, especially seeing as that’s the second time in a week it’s happened.

Playing in the garden and a quick trip to the shop for bread, milk, and a game of chase around homebase, and that was about it. Other than finally starting to get together a list of the stuff I need to build her playhouse.

I continued last nights culinary tour de force with a packet of 39p savoury rice for my tea.

you: it’s well seen you’ve been in charge
me: why?
you: because today she’s dressed like a lumberjack and yesterday she was wearing a wooly hat in the height of summer
me: it wasn’t that warm yesterday, and I told you, she chose it
you: and is homebase a suitable venue for a game of chase?
me: it’s better than b&q for it
you: not really what I meant.
me: well we went passed the helix and it looked like hell on earth
you: flames? explosions? tortured souls?
me: approximately a million people, 90% of whom appeared to be screaming kids

Jul 12 2014

Saturday 12 July 2014: What time is it?

8:45 is the answer. No idea what’s going on, but for the last three days Ghengis has slept in till almost nine, rather than the usual 6. I could get used to this. Though I suspect I won’t get a chance.

Just me and Ghengis this weekend as the missus is away to visit Em and little T.

Today we went for a walk. She chose the hat. And went to toolstation. And played in the garden. And that’s all I remember. She was a good wee choock though, I know that much. Oh, except when I was trying to re-build the drill gearbox and she put the screws down inside the patio door locking mechanism. That wasn’t helpful

For tea tonight I had a pizza, which given the level of freezer burn has been in there since the beginning of time. I’m sure at some point in the past it even had cheese on it.

you: toolstation?
me: yeah, I needed some bits and bobs
you: not a park. Not to soft play. Not anything that might remotely interest your 2 year old daughter. Toolstation
me: she enjoyed it
you: serves you right if she lost some bits of the gearbox. What was up with it anyway
me: I got them back. And it was this which turned out to be a heap of crap. I’m not buying a bosch again
you: I’m sure they’ll be devastated to lose your colossal trade volume

Jul 11 2014

Friday 11 July 2014: This year’s crop. (Holiday day 7)

Packed up the house this morning and hit the road. It was a glorious day, and the drive through the borders to visit The Teacher was rather pleasant.

A spot of lunch and a catch up with The Teacher and the clan in the sunshine was grand. Then back up home. I always like coming home at the end of a holiday. Which I suppose is rather fortunate.

There can’t have been much rain as the lawn had hardly grown.

Got the car emptied, and even gave it a hoover and clear out. Even managed to get the roof box off which we didn’t manage after last holiday.

All in all a cracking holiday. Roll on the next one…..in four weeks.

you: You didn’t take the roof box off after last holiday?
me: nope, never got round to it
you: in 2 months you "never got round to it"?
me: no.
you: you lazy git. Imagine all that wasted fuel. And you cannot possibly be off in four weeks
me: go on, get it in before everyone else does
you: holiday? Again?!
me: yes.
you: you disgust me.

Jul 10 2014

Thursday 10 July 2014: End of the road (Holiday Day 6)

We had intended to go over to Lindisfarne today, but we hadn’t checked the tides. Had we gone over when we planned we would have been stuck there for 5 hours. And I don’t think there was going to be enough there to keep Ghengis amused for 5 hours. So we went to Alnwick Castle instead.

Another £3 to park in the same place as yesterday irked somewhat. I did ask for a 2nd day in a row discount but no joy.

The castle seemed a bit lacklustre (aside from the obvious impressiveness of the building itself) for the price of admission. Other than nice lawns there didn’t seem to be that much to see or do. And the cafe didn’t seem very well geared up to deal with kids which annoyed me seeing as it’s playing on the whole Harry Potter (now the pub tour is over does that still count? Clarification required please) thing. But then we went in to the main bit of the castle. And the rooms are astounding. Properly amazing I thought. And to think the family still lives there is a bit odd. They’d also hidden a wee dragon and wee owl in each room for the bairns to find. Ghengis enjoyed looking for the "tiny dwagons". And then going to see the "tiny cows" when we got home too. I tried to tell her they weren’t tiny, they were just far away.

you: it definitely still counts
me: what does?
you: ha, you won’t catch me out with a simple trick like that
me: you weren’t even on the tour you don’t know what I’m talking about
you: I’m guessing there was some form of punishment
me: for what
you: I told you, you’re not going to catch me out.
me: it was worth a try
you: as would checking the tides at the start of the week have been. Moron.

Jul 9 2014

Wednesday 9 July 2014: Let’s get out of here, the adults are so slow

Mum, dad, and Jenelope came over to see K, K and L, and as a result of us being so close, us too today. We all met up at Alnwick gardens. And it was ace. The weather was cracking. The tiddlers had great fun in the fountains. They did a bit of boogying to a saxophonist. And it was just a jolly nice outing.

Then back to KKL’s holiday house where we set up a paddling pool. More fun ensued. Then we sang happy not birthday for L.

A bit more "eating tiny carrots" from Ghengis. Some cute hand holding and cuddling from the bambinos. And that was it. Job’s a good ‘un. As the saying goes, you can choose your friends, but yer stuck with your family. Lucky I got a good ‘un then.

Tonight’s randomness from Ghengis was her insistent and prolonged concern that "The cows not want it. Cows running away. Grass. Cows eat it. Cows not want it."

you: what are you feeding her?
me: who?
you: Ghengis!
me: just the usual
you: are you sure there are no hallucinogens involved?
me: not that I’m aware
you: maybe the imaginary tiny carrots are imaginary tiny magic mushrooms
me: I’ll ask her tomorrow
you: good luck with that.

Jul 8 2014

Tuesday 8 July 2014: Some dude in a hat

Got up this morning and it was tipping down. We had a tv morning. Perhaps the most TV Ghengis has ever watched in one sitting. Parenting at it’s finest.

In the afternoon we headed to Floors Castle. What was the first thing I saw? A slate sculpture identical to one of dad’s. But I could never remember him saying he’d been working for the duke of Roxburghe. So I assumed it was a copy which is always a bit frustrating. The gardener I spoke to didn’t help matters when he said he thought it was done by a bloke from the cotswolds. Anyway, turns out the gardener was talking crap and dad had built it after all.

Anyway, we had a bit of food. We had a look around the house. And we had a bit of a wander in the gardens. By the time we left the sun was scorching. And the countryside was lovely to drive through.

Ghengis spent ages singing a song we didn’t know. It was something along the lines of "my name is Ghengis, my name is Ghengis, my name is Ghengis, who are YOU?!" and at that she would point at one of us, shout mummy or daddy, then start again with "My name is mummy, my name is mummy,….." over and over. It was very funny.

you: my name is you, my name is you, my name is you, who are YOU
me: my name is me, my name is me, my name is me, who are YOU
you: ooh this is fun, where’s that come from
me: we have absolutely no idea. Much like her other party piece of the moment
you: which is?
me: at any random time she gets down on all fours, makes a nibbling noise, and announces "Me eating tiny carrots"
you: what?!
me: I know. We have no idea! But it cracks us up. She’s so funny just now :-)

Jul 7 2014

Monday 7 July 2014: Let’s go fly a kite. (holiday day 3)

Unbeknown to us, or them, K&K and L booked a holiday house just 7 miles from our one! Today we went to the beach with them and it was ace. Ghengis and L liked having their feet buried in the sand. And eating cake. I preferred the latter.

K had brought a wee kite, and it reminded us of flying our wee yellow stunt kite when we were bairns, in the back field…..next to the power lines.

K braved a full dip in the sea. I braved getting my knees wet. L had a good dunk too, and seemed to be loving it.

We now have a car full of sand, a windbreak, a parasol, and some buckets and spades. Reckon I now deserve the "family holiday in the UK" tshirt.

you: power lines?
me: yeah
you: and kites?
me: yeah looking back it wasn’t all that smart. We were careful though
you: well, obviously, seeing as your still here. Didn’t you ever see the adverts?
me: the ones with the kids flying kites next to power lines?
you:that’s the one
me: yeah what happened to those? Don’t kids fly kites any more?
you: not next to power lines, no.
me: survival of the smartest I guess
you: yeah, but somehow you made it through.

Jul 6 2014

Sunday 6 July 2014: Small boats big skies (holiday day 2)

A bit of a wander around berwick upon tweed this morning. Then we went to Paxton house. We just wandered round the grounds, and Ghengis showed off her rather impressive climbing skills in the playground. A bit of a teddybear trail, an ice lolly, some giant connect 4, and that was about it for the day.

She’s taking to singing quite a lot at the moment. We had several renditions of tinkle tinkle little tar, and some random singing along to the radio which is all very cute.

I did some drawings for her on her wee doodle pad. It’s amazing how bad a drawing can be but still somehow recognisable to her.

you: what’s this meant to be?
me: what?
you: the photo
me: the best of a bad bunch. Wasn’t feeling to today
you: don’t say it
me: still feeling a bit under the weather
you: I said don’t say it
me: it’s annoying though. Everything tastes like it’s made of plastic
you: stop eating ghengis’ toy food and you’ll be fine.

Jul 5 2014

Saturday 5 July 2014: I see the SEAAAAAAA (holiday day 1)

First time Ghengis has been to the beach. I think she was excited.

Left home in glorious weather. An hour down the road and it was grey, miserable and cold. Dumped our bags at the house and went out for lunch. The place was pretty slow, and they nuked my lasagne to within an inch of it’s life. So all in all not the best start to a holiday. And to top it off I have a cold, exactly the same as this week last year which is odd.

But then we went to the beach, and Ghengis was so freakin’ excited it was instantly a good holiday. She ran in and out of the waves with the missus for ages, then we went and looked in the rock pools for a while and found some crabs and a wee fish and the missus found some star fish. I’ve never seen a star fish outside of an aquarium. Neither has Ghengis. Then finally she decided to tell us her feet were wet. We took off her wellies and they were full! Silly wee sausage.

Now there is a frickin’ rock band playing full volume in the field next to the house and it’s doing our heads in.

you: cows?
you: sheep?
me: eh?
you: horses?
me: what on earth are you talking about?
you: you’re sure it’s a rock band and not some farm animals?
me: unless ungulates have developed the ability to play a drum solo it’s certainly a rock band.

Jul 4 2014

Friday 4 July 2014: C & S

Through to Edinburgh today to shoot C & S wedding. A totally relaxed couple, it was great fun. Started in their flat….which has to be the nicest flat I’ve ever been in in Edinburgh. Scratch that, it’s the nicest flat I’ve been in. Period. Then up to the venue for the rest of the afternoon. Plenty of shots for them to choose from I reckon. They haven’t seen any yet which is why I chose one showing neither of them, just the detail of the dress, and the groom’s newly adorned hand. Congratulations to them both.

As expected I didn’t use half of the kit I took. But had I not taken it I would have needed it for sure.

I got home just before the missus and Ghengis. Ghengis raced right through the house shouting daddy daddy daddy and pounced on me. So nice when she does that. Then she had a marathon potty session.

you: you can’t do that!
me: what?
you: be talking about a wedding one minute and a potty the next
me: I can
you: but why would you?
me: because that was my day
you: so?
me: it may have escaped your attention, but that’s what my journal is. My day
you: It’s always me me me with you

Jul 3 2014

Thursday 3 July 2014: Too much stuff

Another day frying my brain on illustrator training. Feel a bit more comfortable using it now. Still a long way to go though I reckon.

I’ve got all my gear together for the wedding tomorrow. This is the weight of my camera bag, with a few things still to be added. Not sure my back is going to thank me for it. I suspect the fee for the wedding may be spent at the physio/chiropractor.

Ghengis was a wee monster again tonight. Chucking stuff around and generally just playing up. I hope this phase passes sharpish.

you: and there was me thinking you’d been crash dieting
me: That would have been quite a crash. The overconsumption of bombay mix the other day had a fairly severe effect on my internals.
you: too much information
me: you could have been forgiven for thinking donald duck was hiding in the shunky
you: you won’t be forgiven for that mental image.

Jul 2 2014

Wednesday 2 July 2014: Just Geoff.

Just messing about checking the batteries/flashes etc for Friday. I’m hoping I won’t need them but if the weather is like it was today we’ll be stuck inside.

Spent today doing Illustrator training. For some reason I’ve always struggled with it. Today was the first concerted effort to learn it properly though, and I have another day of it tomorrow. A bit much new info I think, not sure it’s all sinking in. I can but try. To help me learn I ate a cake. A big one. Not sure it helped.

you: oh yeah cake is a well known brain food. What kind was it?
me: some M&S thing, summer mango or something
you: oh that’s the best kind of brain food! Well done you
me: really?
you: No. Moron.

Jul 1 2014

Tuesday 1 July 2014: Pub tour. Done.

Tonight we finished our latest pub tour. Over the last year we have been to visit every pub within a mile of Edinburgh castle. Tonight we went and had a drink in the 274th that we have visited. Then went to Berts, which officially marks the end of the tour. As we wandered towards William St it felt kind of cool. It felt like we were going home.

Seeing as the last tour which was around 170 establishments gave us a good couple of years of pub banter, I reckon this tour might get us through the next few years without too much trouble. Although as the pubs on this tour were all in the town, there were no £100+ taxi bills. No military grade bus planning by Napoleon, and no loanhead roadhouse. So maybe it won’t last that long after all. Time to get the next one planned.

Out for a Nandos with the team at work. I normally think it’s too expensive, but with a 20% work discount it’s a bit more acceptable. Then met Esme for an ice cream in the sun.

A puncture on the way home wasn’t the best end to what was a not too bad day. The photo’s just from my cycle along the road after work. I normally quite like cycling in traffic, going between the buses always makes me a bit nervous though

you: Nandos and ice cream. Ya big bloater
me: oh jeez that wasn’t the half of it
you: two nandos and two ice creams?
me: not quite what I meant. A new indian contractor started and he brought a sack of bombay mix stuff, and the indian cashew nut sweets I am so fond of
you: that’s fine though because you have some self control. Oh no, hang on, you have none.
me: aye that might account for me having about 5 cup fulls of the blimmen stuff.
you: so the puncture was just caused by your massive weight
me: quite possibly.