May 31 2014

Saturday 31 May 2014: Jump around

Back to the 530am starts with Ghenis, sure makes for a long day. Which is made marginally better when the weather is as nice as it was today. 19.9C in the garden today.

Knocked another 22seconds off my park run time this morning. I was surprised at this as I haven’t been feeling 100%.

Obi-wan and his missus and bairn came through for the afternoon. We had lunch out in the garden and the bairns played.

Take away for tea. I think I’ve had a bit too much sun.

you: So….
me: what?
you: not feeling 100% eh?
me: naw, a bit stuffed up
you: so….
me: what?
you: did you take any medication before you went running
me: well yeah, some bits and bobs
you: I knew it!
me: what?!
you: doping! Cheater. That’s the only reason your times are getting any better
me: it was otrivine!
you: pretty sure that’s on the banned list….just let me check…..oh yeah there it is, otrivine, performance enhancing, banned.
me: aye? And where did you find this list
you: oh, i, it was….
me: you typed it.
you: I typed it.


May 30 2014

Friday 30 May 2014: Monkey watching monkeys

"Would that be a Gelada Baboon I see through those trees?"
"Indeed it would be little one. Are you aware they are daddy’s favourite thing at the zoo?"
"yes, because you tell me every time".

I took Ghengis through to the zoo this morning. We had a nice few hours wandering around. I say nice few hours, what I of course mean is a few hours of trying to shepherd Ghengis the way I wanted her to go.

Then home for an afternoon of playing in the garden. I say an afternoon of playing in the garden, what I pf course mean is an afternoon of Ghengis whining about one thing or another. It was 19C and sunny though so it wasn’t all bad.

Then the missus got home from work with a birthday present for Ghengis from one of her (the missus) friends. A wee wooden afternoon tea set from ELC, so we all sat out in the garden at her wee picnic bench and had a nice pretend tea party.

you: after yesterday’s gluttony I hope you took it easy at the tea party
me: everything was made of wood!
you: and did you realise before or after you ate your third cake?

May 29 2014

Thursday 29 May 2014: Rivetting

Too much. Just too much food.

I met Monochrome and Boab at TOI for lunch.

Then a couple of guys in the office were leaving so brought in a huge pile of the only cakes I can’t resist, Sicillian bakery ones. So I had one. Then there were loads left at the back of five and I didn’t want to see them go to waste, so I had another.

Then I went out for tapas, cake and beers with no stripes.

Too. Much. Food.

you: Not. Enough. Self. Control.

quite a contrast from this time last year.

May 28 2014

Wednesday 28 May 2014: Standing room only…. not quite

A great start to the day, with a breakfast of leftover fried rice with a combination of the leftovers of 3 different chinese dishes.

A wander with Sutin at lunchtime took me by the ross bandstand, where the edinburgh uni orchestra were warming up. They just reminded me of one of Eddie Izzard’s sketches about playing the clarinet, and Mrs Badcrumble.

The rest of the day can only be described as a day at work, followed by a wasted evening watching the semi finals of BGT.

you: what a waste of a night
me: it wasn’t entirely a waste
you: eh, sounds like it was
me: I wrote a few tripadvisor reviews
you: ooh, exciting
me: it earned me a new tripadvisor badge
you: oooooh, exciting.
me: I know right, once they get verified I’ll get my "Attraction Connoisseur" badge
you: and you will you sew it to your jumper next to your knots badge and below your home safety badge.
me: oh, and I fitted the new pump to the dishwasher
you: well you can add your home appliance fixing badge too. Congratulations.

May 27 2014

Tuesday 27 May 2014: Back to normal

After a weekend of Ghengis based activity, it was back to work today. And the pub tonight. This was the view as I left for the evening, from an establishment I am sure we vetoed early on.

The place we had tea ruled themselves out of possible nacho based stardom by being 40p over the allowable maximum cost. Who charges £10.40 for nachos? So instead I had a curry for a fiver, and it was pretty tasty.

you: I bet someone had them though didn’t they?
me: what?
you: the nachos
me: and why would you think that
you: because if they are anything like me they’d have them just to extol their fine qualities
me: well as it turns out they’re just like you…..even if they claim they wanted them

May 26 2014

Monday 26 May 2014: Two

We had her birthday party yesterday, so for her actual birthday today we took her to the safari park. And she loved it. You can drive through sections of it, and every time we passed one set of animals she would just say "more".

We saw the sealion show. And the birds of prey, but they weren’t up to much today as they didn’t like the rain. Of which there was plenty. But we still had great fun.

When we were leaving we asked what her favourite thing had been. The response? "Ducks". Brilliant. All that way and money for something we can see across the road. Haha.

Open letter to Ghengis (number 4)

To my wee Ghengis,

I think taking you to a safari park was quite apt, as your "terrible twos" make you quite similar to a wild animal: Utterly unpredictable. Compelling to watch. Sometimes scary, and sometimes cuter than should be possible.

You can be incredibly hard work at the moment, then at the flip of a switch be the kindest, gentlest little sweetheart on the planet.

As always, you are freakin’ awesome.

And three more words.

I love you.

Love from Daddy.

Oh, and there was more present opening. She has so much new stuff we need a bigger house.

you: Happy Birthday Ghengis
me: yes indeed.
you: I like ducks too.
me: you would.


May 25 2014

Sunday 25 May 2014: Almost two.

We had Ghengis’ 2nd birthday party a day early today. Just family. Good fun and food. And Ghengis got so much stuff it’s ridiculous. And that was without even opening anything from us.

She got an electric quad, and a picnic table, and a huge pile of clothes, and a drawing thing, and a trampoline, and a this and a that and the next thing.

When we sang happy birthday she was so excited it was super cute. Then she had a boogie with L which was highly amusing.

She was up at 530 again though and we were all ridiculously tired, so it’s now got to the point that I can’t actually remember what else happened.

you: a quad?
me: yeah
you: you bought it for you didn’t?
me: no
you: so the fact you’ve wanted a quad your entire life didn’t play a part in things
me: no!
you: aye right.
me: it’s a pink, hello kitty quad.
you: sounds like it was made for you

May 24 2014

Saturday 24 May 2014: Stop! Thief!

I caught this pair trying to steal the car earlier.

Did the local park run again this morning. Nearly 40 seconds off my best so far. Buggy man overtook me again though. I held him at bay longer than last time, but he can’t half shift downhill.

Got a drill bit stuck in my big sds drill. Very annoying. And the hammer function seems to have stopped working too. Still, I’m always needing to use my 2ft long 1" drill bit for putting pictures and stuff up…..

I’ve been loving the rx8 today. First time in a lot of years. Had to pop to the shops tonight and it had just been raining. Slippy roundabouts. wahey!

Ghengis birthday party tomorrow. All day she’s being saying "my party". I’m fairly sure she doesn’t have a clue what a party is. But she’s excited about whatever she thinks it is.

you: beer?
me: check
you: cake?
me: check. The missus’ mum has made her a cool RaRa the noisy lions one
you: drill bit stuck in drill?
me: check.
you: sounds like it’s time to get this party started.
me: good, cause everyone is knackered
you: sounds like it should be a blast
me: could you just blast quietly, some folk are trying to have a nap


May 23 2014

Friday 23 May 2014: puffin’ billy

I just liked the line of clouds just above the trees…. and I didn’t take anything else today.

Another early start, resulting in another grumpy git.

A bit of playing outside. A bit of mending mirrors. A bit of tidying. A bit of cutting grass.

The missus’s folks arrived this arvo so they are all away out for tea. Reckon I might just hit the hay.

For the second day in a row my tea has consisted of a can of tomato soup (tesco) with toast in it. And some sweet chili sauce. If only we had enough money to put real food on the table…… Saying that ghengis enjoyed her smoked salmon and scrambled egg bagel she had at the cafe this morning.

you: tight git
me: in what respect?
you: most. But on this occasion I’m referring to you being too tight to buy brand name soup
me: but I prefer the tesco tomato soup, and isn’t tesco a brand
you: no
me: what is it then
you: a multi-national behemoth hell bent on destroying local shops for local people.
me: you’re right. In future I shall purchase tomato soup made by the high station shop. Oh no, hang on, they don’t make any.
you: don’t get smart with me sonny jim

May 22 2014

Thursday 22 May 2014: Has it come to this?

I was going to try and do a year with no dandelion blips. Fail. Quite impressed with the amount of detail the phone was able to capture though.

Signed up to instagram. May have been a mistake.

Out for a run tonight, beating my best time by a, eh, whopping 12 seconds. Still, faster is better than slower.

Another early start from Ghengis, 545 again. Second day in a row. By half 6 I had the dishwasher in bits as it’s been making a funny noise. We haven’t tried to use it since I put it back together.

you: Is suspect one of two things will happen
me: and they are?
you: it will make a worse noise
me: or
you: it will make no noise as you’ve totally broken it
me: I think it’s going to make exactly the noise it did before I started
you: so you haven’t even fixed it?
me: I’ve identified the part that needs replaced
you: and then you put it all back together? Genius.


May 21 2014

Wednesday 21 May 2014: Dining al fresco

Glorious night tonight. Got the grass cut. Ate half an easter egg. Played with my massive balls.

you: eh….
me: what?
you: Perhaps you ought to see the doctor
me: I am on friday. My elbow is just getting too sore. It’s not got any better in the last month, in fact it’s getting worse
you: it’s not your elbow you should be worried about
me: my knees? Naw they are just sore from running
you: I was referring to your testicular problem
me: I don’t have a testicular problem thank you very much
you: I’d say playing wither your massive balls was a testicular problem
me: oh, right, me not being clear again. I bought a few big yoga balls for Ghengis to play in the garden with
you: why the frick didn’t you just say that then?

May 20 2014

Tuesday 20 May 2014: Gingerbread family

The missus and Ghengis did some baking today.

Jolly tasty it is too.

Apparently Ghengis liked the mixing. And of course the consumption afterwards.

you: She has consumption? Oh no, that’s terrible.
me: not the consumption. She partook in the consumption
you: I really wish you’d be a bit clearer when you write things

May 19 2014

Monday 19 May 2014: Suntrap.

Met party boy and chris at lunch for a bit of a blether in the gardens. There was a bit of a chill wind. When they left I went for a wander and found an awesome little sun trap. There was no wind, the sun was on it, no one was around even though it was 20 yards from princes street. I nearly fell asleep.

Finished my collage from Saturday.

Calling all runners: I need suggestions of good songs to run to. So far Foo Fighters: Pretender is the best my quite a distance.

you: which is more than you run
me: what is?
you: quite a distance.
me: it was just the 5k route I mapped out again. And it took me exactly the same time as last time, which was disappointing. But you know what that means
you: you’re rubbish and not improving
me: no, I’m at the top of my game, there’s noting to improve on. I’m like the drivers in the world rally championship who after 100’s of miles of flat out off road driving can have the same time.
you: except you’re slow, and rubbish
me: except I’m slow and rubbish.

May 18 2014

Sunday 18 May 2014: Not Ghengis.

Down to the teachers youngest’ (not shown) baptism today. I say baptism, what I mean is we popped down to say hello afterwards. Lovely weather down in the borders and always good to catch up with everyone. The wee man didn’t seem very happy about things. Too many people invading his house I suspect.

Ghengis had a lot of fun playing in the garden and snatching food off the table when she thought we weren’t looking.

Exceptionally tired after yesterdays adventures. Which made me grumpy later in the day.

you: you just turned up for the food again didn’t you
me: no. That wasn’t the plan. It’s just a happy coincedence
you: and just later in the day?
me: what?
you: you were only grumpy later in the day?
me: of course not
you: you were grumpy all day, just more so as the day wore on?
me: that’s about right aye

May 17 2014

Saturday 17 May 2014: Scottish Cup Final

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. So by that reckoning this saves me 39 thousand words. So an abridged version of events on the day I went to my first ever football match.

Wait on the train. Not much orange to be seen.
Get on train and meet White Lightning, Napoleon and The Chemist. More orange now.
Arrive in glasgow. Getting oranger.
Beer. Burger. Sticky toffee pudding.
Orange people.
Walk. Bookies. Rain. Taxi.
Arrive. Oooh, it’s big. Lots of orange.
Flames, flags, lions.
Blue people more enthusiastic.
People kicking ball. Other people shouting abuse at people kicking ball.
I ponder whether 40thousand people generate enough heat to create a thermal, as the seagulls don’t seem to be flapping much.
Pondering lasts around 85 minutes.
Walk. Through the barras. Bit Grim. LinoLand.
Nachos. Shared. Wrong. Enchiliada. Not shared. Right.
Walk. Don’t want to go in that pub. Go in that pub. Awesome fun.
Old man dancing like Beyonce.
Karaoke. Text The Teacher to ask for a song for me to do. "In the Navy".
Train. Gameshow: "This is safe" 40p and two scratch cards. But you could have won..
Home. Toast. Couch. Sleep.

And that was that. Had a frickin awesome day out. It may have cost £150. But it was worth every penny. Well every penny except the £22 at the bookies.

you: Football?
me: yeah football.
you: you went to a football match
me: it appears so
you: why?!
me: to carry out research into how many people are required to produce enough heat to create a thermal for seagulls to soar on.
you: that really can be the only possible explanation. So who won?
me: The blue ones.
you: You’ve forgotten haven’t you. So what did you sing?
me: nothing in the end. I can never think of a song to do. And someone else murdered Dignity
you: you murdered yours a long time ago.

May 16 2014

Friday 16 May 2014: Happy camper

Today was a good day for drying laundry. I’m not comfortable that I just said that.

Down to the post office to pick up some parcels. Two ’sorry you were out’ cards through the door, one for me, one for the missus. I had my bank card, and I had a bank statement with both our names on it. Would he give me the parcel for the missus? Would he b0ll0cks. FFS. I would understand if I’d shown up with just the missus card and nothing else.

A bit of garden tidy up, getting rid of the chips from around the rose bush out front. Then a fair bit of time playing out the back with Ghengis. I got I photo I preferred over this, but I like her smile in this one.

Steak. Chips. Elementary.

you: what’s elementary about steak and chips?
me: nothing
you: so why did you say it?
me: it’s what we are watching while we eat steak and chips
you: what is?
me: It’s elementary
you: WHAT IS?!
me: The tv programme
you: which is?
me: elementary.
you: tell me what it is and I’ll be the judge.
me: there’s no judge in this one.

May 15 2014

Thursday 15 May 2014: They’re back (2014) (Proper)

Although I spotted the swallows back here it didn’t really count as the sighting has to be in the vicinity of my house. And tonight was the first time I saw a house martin or swallow at home.

Had a meeting down the road all afternoon. During which I consumed 2 greggs doughnuts. It’s been a while since I had one. And I’m not sure I’ve ever eaten 2 in one sitting. One custard, one pink jammy. I’m not sure which I enjoyed more, I think I need to try again and pay more attention.

Ran the 5k route I measured out last week. I managed to keep running all the way up the hill, it was slow going, but I didn’t stop. This surprised me.

I think the entire escapade surprised my knees. They don’t seem too happy.

you: No freakin’ wonder!
me: what?
you: your knees are complaining
me: why is that not a surprise?
you: having your lard @rse pounding down on them
me: hmm, yes, I think I’m about 2 stone over what I need to be
you: I wonder what the cause of that could be
me: yeah I’m not sure
you: 2 doughnuts! That’s part of the cause ya freakin moron
me: but that was just today
you: or the 10 rich teas you have every night the minute you walk in the door
me: but dunking them saves me picking the mug up to drink my coffee
you: ah yes of course. Eating piles of biscuits to avoid picking a cup up. It makes total sense.
me: you see.
you: No. I don’t. You’re an imbecile.


local route: 26:29

May 14 2014

Wednesday 14 May 2014: Stick a pin in it

Emergency photo.

Lovely day today so when I got home we played out in the garden for a bit.

jeez I am struggling to think of anything to say. What did I do today…hmmm….

Today I invented a device to place stones in horses hooves so that everyone with a swiss army knife can make use of the horses hoof stone removal functionality.

you: interesting day then?
me: yup. Totally memorable
you: much like the photo
me: very much like the photo.

May 13 2014

Tuesday 13 May 2014: GREEN!!! BLUE!!!

Quick wander in the gardens at lunchtime. Lovely day for it. This tree caught my eye, it’s just so green. It’s on the verge of stealing the title of my favourite colour. Which is already a tree based colour.

I skipped the boozer tonight to come home for a bit of a play in the garden with Ghengis and then to attend the local woodland group AGM. Much like last year it was pretty much the committee plus me. A young lad who had shown an interest arrived but had been given the wrong start time so missed most of it, poor lad.

The sun was still up when that finished so went a quick blast on the bike.

Day, done.

you: were there any squirrels?
me: what?
you: badgers?
me: eh?
you: bears?
me: what are you talking about?
you: fairies?
me: enough already. It wasn’t that kind of woodland group. It was the community woodland association
you: owls?
me: yes, there were owls. 5 owls.

May 12 2014

Monday 12 May 2014: Time to retire.

Forget yer electric cars. Ghengis has figured out how to make hers run on tapwater. I think I can now retire a rich man.

And her first royalty cheque will go to cover her little artistic foray this afternoon. Picking up a stone and using it to draw on the rx8. Not good.

Found out who got the promo I went for today, and it’s a chap I thought already was in a senior role. So given that, I don’t care so much.

Sleep time

you: talkative today
me: just tired
you: what did Ghengis scratch on the car? "Dad’s a loser"
me: no that would be incorrect.
you: sorry, "Daddy is a loser"
me: better thank you.
you: you’re welcome.

May 11 2014

Sunday 11 May 2014: Pear

One of the wee mini slate pears dad builds. Thought it looked nice after a rain shower.

Finished off getting dad’s new computer set up. Had to nip to town to get a new keyboard.

Ghengis went a walk or two with mum, she seems fairly taken by the swans. She kept talking about them in the car. I also came through to find her eating her beans for tea directly from a massive pan with a huge wooden spoon. She does love those "bees".

I got a couple of hours kip this arvo. Much needed after another 5am start. Ghengis got back to sleep, but I didn’t because I felt guilty. I said "I’ll be back in a minute", and was just going to leave, then just as I closed the door she said in her cutest voice "ok daddee".

I took a few photos at the wee girls birthday party yesterday and sent them to her mum. Just got a text to say she loved them and had burst in to tears when she saw them.

you: where did they take her?
me: who?
you: the swans?
me: they didn’t take her. She liked them is what I meant
you: once again, your just not clear. And what kind of monster are you?
me: what?
you: telling fibs to your poor wee daughter in the middle of the night
me: don’t I felt bad enough at the time
you: and so you should.

May 10 2014

Saturday 10 May 2014: Party time

Ghengis was invited to a wee second birthday party today. One of the wee girls that was at the friday class I used to take Ghengis too. The party was run by the same people that used to do the class so it was all singing and puppet shows. I think Ghengis misses the class a bit…. or maybe that was just wind.

The missus is away to visit Em, so faced with a weekend of Ghengis duty when I’ve been up at 5 for the last couple of days with her I headed home to BC. Which just continued Ghengis happiness.

An evening spent trying to migrate all dad’s stuff from his old xp machine to a new one. The joys.

you: you couldn’t even manage a weekend
me: of what?
you: of looking after your daughter
me: you’re kidding right?
you: eh, no, it’s kid of your responsibility
me: but it’s sooooo tiring
you: man up princess
me: she is a wee princess eh
you: I’ll repeat. Man up princess.

May 9 2014

Friday 9 May 2014: Hide and seek

There’s a lack of good hiding spots in the garden. Ghengis tried to make the most of what was available. The game didn’t last very long though.

We went swimming this morning. Then in to town, where she promptly fell asleep in the buggy, which, as expected, was the death knell of the lunchtime nap. Most annoying as I didn’t even get any of what I went in to town to do done.

In a bit of a mard about yesterday still. Have started work on a new wee project for myself instead.

you: quit yer whining
me: I’ve barely whined!
you: you were going to start, I can tell
me: nah, can’t be bothered. I get well paid and am part time. What’s the point of stressing about it.
you: no no no this is unacceptable
me: what’s not?
you: if you’re not particularly bothered how can I needle you and get some digs in?
me: I guess you’ll just have to find another way. You always do.

May 8 2014

Thursday 8 May 2014: Calzone for 1.

So I didn’t get the job. Apparently I wasn’t enthusiastic enough. Among other things no doubt. Just the same as last time everyone was ‘really close’. fck sake.

So I went to ToI for a calzone to cheer myself up. By myself. Boab popped in for a coffee though so that was grand.

I was actually along that end of town to go in to Leith Army Stores.

The clouds as I left work were frickin awesome. Very reminiscent of Independence Day.

you: time to give up eh
me: you’d love that wouldn’t you
you: makes no odds to me
me: it would give you something else to gloat over
you: what were you doing in leith army stores?
me: looking for something
you: planning on a Falling Down recreation?
me: no. But now you come to mention it…

May 7 2014

Wednesday 7 May 2014: Bump

Had a great fun today doing a double baby bump photo and portrait session. Not double baby bump as in twins, but a double baby bump as in two pregnant ladies. Sisters. S & L.

Pretty pleased with the photos I got. A few more are on my site here.

It was looking like rain for most of the day, but at lunchtime it dried up, nice cloud cover for soft light, and great gardens to wander around in.

Got home and Ghengis looked cute as a button. And I got some photos I liked of her too. So it’s been a decent photo day for me. Hurrah

you: you mean my rain dance didn’t work?
me: it would appear not
you: I wonder what went wrong
me: I don’t know, but I’m glad it did.
you: and today I’ll give you some credit, I like this photo
me: why thank you.
you: don’t get used to it, most of your blips are poor at best
me: I am well aware. Maybe I’m coming out of a creative funk
you: don’t get ahead of yourself, let’s see what tomorrow brings

May 6 2014

Tuesday 6 May 2014: I asked for a pint. Not a chemistry experiment.

can’t be bothered writing this up again, already done it once.

you: but I had so much interesting stuff to say
me: by interesting you mean offensive and nasty?
you: well. yes.
you: such a shame it’s been lost then

May 5 2014

Monday 5 May 2014: Cat cables

Whenever I see inside these boxes I wonder how anyone can know what’s going on in them. It just seems to be a massive jumble of wires, with no real pattern or indication of what goes where. Which is what I imagine the inside of my head is like.

First day back after a holiday often reminds you why you needed the holiday in the first place. As was the case today.

Tonight was my first time out on the mountain bike this year. Which is ridiculous considering the trails are 300m from the front door. I measured out a 5k route that I could use as a training run. It has a killer hill in it, so if I can get my time down on that then I should be able to get well under my current best 5k time. That’s if I ever actually run the practice route.

you: we can look if you like
me: where?
you: I have a drill and some scissors
me: what are you talking about?
you: we can have a look at the inside of your head and see what the wiring is like
me: I think I’ll pass if you don’t mind
you: ….pass out more like, when the sleeping tablet I slipped in your tea kicks in……nurse, pass me the drill
me: you have an assistant nurse….where on……..zzzzzz

May 4 2014

Sunday 4 May 2014: 14:34

Either my camera is wrong, or JH watch is slow.

Had a lovely visit from, and photo session for, JH and his family today. It was nice to meet little G for the first time. And he was a pretty good wee fella when we were doing the photo session. Until he got hungry at least, then it all kicked off.

Ghengis has been a mixture of angel and monster today. When G was crying as he was hungry she was stroking his hair and gently "shhhhh"ing him. On the flip side she just kept doing stuff she knew she shouldn’t be, and looking me square in the eye while doing so.

My right elbow is absolutely gubbed. I think Ghengis is finally too heavy for me to carry with one arm, as my elbow started to hurt a couple of weeks ago, and seems to be getting worse rather than better. Picking up the milk jug was enough to hurt it tonight.

you: you mean you?
me: I mean me what?
you: you mean it all kicked off when you got hungry.
me: no, I mean the little 16 week old baby that howls when he gets hungry
you: you’re sure you don’t mean you, the 36 year old man that howls when he gets hungry
me: I don’t howl. I ululate
you: I don’t want to know what you get up to. And that’s probably what knackered your elbow.

May 3 2014

Saturday 3 May 2014: Easter

Didn’t make it out for the park run this morning as the missus had a migraine so I stayed home to look after Ghengis.

I cut the grass. I finally started on my easter eggs. We watched Frozen, which we both enjoyed.

Non event.

you: What the frick is that meant to be?
me: it’s fairly obvious isn’t it?
you: well, no, that’s why I’m asking, mornicon
me: it’s a white chocolate easter egg with freeze dried fruit in it
you: what a waste!
me: what?
you: chocolate should be brown, preferably non ‘milk’, and unadulterated by fruit
me: no no, chocolate should be white, and freeze dried fruit is always good
you: white chocolate is sickly sweet and I can barely stomach even being in the vicinity of it…..come to think of it, that’s pretty much my feelings regarding you. Except for the sickly sweet bit

May 2 2014

Friday 2 May 2014: Holiday day 7 : Berwick Upon Tweed

We decided that rather than head back the easy way we’d go up the A1 to Berwick Upon Tweed. I hate the A1.

I do however like BUT. Not a good acronym. I like Berwick Upon Tweed is of course what I meant. Every time I’ve seen it from the train I’ve wanted to go. So today we did. And it was a beautiful day for a visit.

We had a bit of lunch, then wandered out to the lighthouse. Ghengis enjoyed this, while at the same time being a pain in the behind.

Home now. It’s always nice to come home. Car unpacked. Washing machine on. Tea had. Job done.

you: you had to get a complaint in there somewhere eh?
me: what?
you: even though you essentially had a nice day, you had to complain about the A1
me: ach it’s just a drag. But it’s a fair point. I’ve had a nice holiday. I stopped at somewhere I’d always wanted to go. And now I’m home, where I like to be. So I shouldn’t complain
you: yet you will
me: I said I’m home, not fundamentally changed as a result of a weeks holiday
you: that was too much for any of us to hope for

May 1 2014

Thursday 1 May 2014: Holiday day 6. Mole Hill Hoose.

This has been our wee hoose for the week. And very nice it has been too. Even it is as squeaky as a squeaky thing. We seem to have a habit of booking squeaky residences.

Woke up and it was tipping down. So we decided to abandon the idea of trying to make use of yesterdays purchase and went to the Metro Centre instead. Rather than me getting dragged around the shops thoroughly miserable, Ghengis decided to take pity on me and took me to the soft play for an hour and a half. After a shaky start I got on fine. As did she.

And that was about it. The last day of our holiday was pretty much a washout. It did dry up by evening to let me get out and get this shot. I was hamstrung a bit by not having the right kit with me. Which is a shame, as the owners house just round the corner would have been absolutely superb for this kind of shot.

you: didn’t you like all the scary children
me: they spoke funny and stuck their tongues out at me
you: that’s called an accent. To them you spoke funny
me: and you were in their soft play area, no wonder they stuck their tongues out.
me: but I had to test it all out
you: did you really
me: yes, only for safety reasons
you: and not because you thought it looked fun?
me: no no of course not……though I couldn’t help smiling when I bumped down the lumpy stairs
you: big bairn!
me: and I had to shout on Ghengis to give me a cuddle when I hurt my shin in the tunnel
you: you do realise you are cramping her style?
me: the sooner she gets used to it the better.