Mar 31 2014

Monday 31 March 2014: upstairs downstairs

Seems like I live at the museum at the moment. Went a wander up with Sutin at lunchtime for another quick squint round the wildlife photographer of the year exhibition.

Not sure where the rest of the day went to be honest.

you: where would you live?
me: what do you mean?
you: if you lived in the museum
me: oh, in the bit with the big animals. Especially the dinosaurs. I’d have a guard dinosaur
you: it’s not much use as a guard dog, it’s been dead for millions of years
me: I said guard dinosaur
you: ok dinosaur, it’s still dead
me: but you’re aware that everything in a museum comes to life at night?
you: not again, how many times? That was a film

Mar 30 2014

Sunday 30 March 2014: Mothers day

Or Mothering Sunday if you want to be correct. Apparently.

Through to Glenskirlie house for lunch. It was nice, but my main was a bit disappointing.

The best thing was Ghengis. She kept holding food out to me, then when I ate it she took a big intake of breath and pointed at me and started shouting “mummy”, little tell tale. She kept doing it over and over. And for a change I got a nice video of it.

Got home and started trying to rake out the moss. It was hard going. One of the neighbours came over and said I could borrow his electric scarifier. So I did, until the wheelie bin was full anyway, which didn’t take long. Then I went and bought myself a scarifier with a bit more beef to it as I was worried our moss infested lawn would kill the neighbours one.

you: you weren’t worried about knackering the neighbours one
me: I was
you: that’s not the real reason though is it
me: yes
you: no
me: yes
you: no
me: ok ok I like to have my own tools.
you: thank you.

Mar 29 2014

Saturday 29March 2014: Desperation

The missus was feeling a bit better so she went of the Gleneagles for a spa day with her mum, leaving me on Ghengis duty. We didn’t get up to a whole lot. Played in the garden for a bit, went for a wee walk.

Popped down to B&Q in the afternoon with the bro in law and Ghengis. I was just wanting to check various timber sizes are I’m going to get cracking on her playhouse. Looking forward to that.

you: You’re not still going on about building a playhouse
me: I’m not “going on” about it, I’ve mentioned it twice I think
you: and yet there’s no progress
me: there is
you: what?
me: I know what kind of wood I’m going to use.
you: woooo, big deal
me: and the colour of the kitchen worktops
you: what? I thought it was a playhouse you were building not a real one
me: I’m contemplating putting a mini kitchen in
you: hang on a minute….You’re planning on living in it!
me: Well I have always wondered how much space I could actually live happily in.
you: about 12 acres given all the junk you have.

Mar 28 2014

Friday 28 March 2014: If looks could kill

Ghengis rarely looks at me when I have the camera, she purposely looks from side to side to avoid me. When she does look, this is what I get.

This afternoon I went down in to town armed with business cards and flyers and went in to a few wedding related shops, dresses, cakes, that sort of thing. Some were receptive, some dismissive. We’ll see if anything comes of it. At least I made a bit of an effort.

you: did you at least smile when you were speaking to them?
me: what’s that?
you: what’s what?
me: smiling?
you: aye it’s been a while eh
me: 1984 I think. Of course I smiled, I can be quite personable when I put my mind to it.
you: who told you that?

Mar 27 2014

Thursday 27 March 2014: Too slow

Working from home again today. I got quite a fright when I heard someone come in through the front door. Then doors started banging which gave me another fright. Then I heard someone barfing which was more of a surprise than a fright. Did we have a burglar that was so nervous about burgling that they were being sick? No, turns out the missus had come home feeling ill. Poor chook.

It meant I had to go pick Ghengis up from the nursery. It’s a good job she shouted “daddy” the second she saw me as the staff didn’t recognise me. But if someone stole my face they could kidnap her I suppose, which isn’t great.

My new laptop arrived this arvo. I say new, it was “factory refurbished, as new”. So they ship with a big dent in the lid that causes the screen to glitch do they? And stop working entirely after an hour? So disappointed.

you: if someone “stole your face”?
me: yeah, like in Face Off
you: you do realise that’s an action film? Not real life?
me: yeah but it’s nearly 20 years old.
you: so?!
me: I bet they can do it now
you: and why would someone choose you as the target of what would no doubt be a massively expensive operation?
me: to take over my life obviously!
you: oh yeah I bet the crooks are queuing up to take over your miserable existence
me: hey it’s not entirely miserable
you: you do a good job of hiding it then.

Mar 26 2014

Wednesday 26 March 2014: 100psi

I was working from home today, and it was a beautiful sunny day so at lunchtime I got the good bike out. First time this year. I just did my 12 mile loop. I wasn’t far off my best time so the turbo trainer must have kept me with a reasonable level of fitness I guess.

I was doing some training material which is why I was working from home, pretty slow going and really quite tiring.

Dunno what Ghengis was up to at nursery but when she got back she was absolutely shattered and a total nightmare. If she’s naughty now though she runs up to you and gives you a cuddle while saying sorry in the hope that she doesn’t get put in the naughty corner. It’s so cute it almost works.

Now I’ve got chilli in my eye and it hurts.

you: there’s another option
me: to what? Child discipline? Do tell?
you: no, another option rather than the turbo keeping you fit being the reason your time was close to your best
me: and what might that be?
you: that you were never fit in the first place and the time’s rubbish
me: quite possible.
you: and what kind of statement is “I’ve got chilli in my eye” to end on?
me: a factual one
you: no explanation?
you: I’ll take that as a no then

Mar 25 2014

Tuesday 25 March 2014: Don’t do it, don’t go in!

Sutin standing outside the entrance to the Taylor Wessing Photographic Portrait exhibition. What a load of tosh. MrJohn and others post portraits better than these on an almost daily basis. Half of them were just random family portraits sitting in the garden or one was a pile of folk sitting in front of a static caravan on a drive. The one thing they all had in common was they all had some guff arty farty description beside them: “my ideas for the shoot progressed as I got to know the subject”. Your ideas ‘progressed’ to her sitting in front of a plain grey background? Where did they start off exactly?

Very disappointing. The wildlife photography exhibition at the museum is infinitely better.

To be totally fair I do quite like the portrait that won. But we both liked the shot of an African choir master best. It had a bit of character and an idea of the environment.

you: settle down
me: oh man I was mad when I came out
you: calm down, it’s just a bunch of photos
me: exactly. Just a bunch of photos with nothing special about them. Shots on 500px blow everything there out of the water
you: take it easy!
me: I can’t. I was almost as mad as when I left the pompi-don’t centre
you: you mean the pompidou, idiot
me: no I mean the pompi-don’t, because I don’t think I have ever been so mad in my life. That place made my blood boil
you: well it provoked a reaction, that’s what art is meant to do
me: half of it wasn’t art! A 10′ * 10′ grey canvas with a pencil line across it and a splash of red does not “depict the final battle of achilles”. Must…stop…thinking….about….it. Blood….pressure….rising…..

Mar 24 2014

Monday 24 March 2014: Measure twice, cut once.

Ghengis’ eczema has been getting worse so we had a doctors appointment for her tonight. It was early so I had to bail from work before 4 today to take her….that felt good. It was such a lovely sunny day.

Saw this as we wandered about wasting time waiting on the pharmacy to dish up her various potions and lotions and it made me laugh.

Before she went to bed she was doing some superb blethering getting all of our names in to her nonsensical babblings.

Good workout tonight. Dad beat me at wide pullups yesterday so I had to try and make amends. I couldn’t. The latest sculpture he’s been asked to give a quote for will weigh 35 tonnes once he’s built it, by hand, so it’s a good job he’s strong as an ox.

you: you got beaten by yer dad?
me: yes
you: well I suppose you are a desk jockey well passed his prime
me: that doesn’t help matters
you: that eats a stack of 10 rich teas every night when he gets home from work
me: rich teas don’t count as calories.
you: of course not. Idiot.

Mar 23 2014

Sunday 23 March 2014: Status update

Neither of us got a great nights kip. And not for the reason you’re thinking, dirty mind. The room was too hot and the mattress was too solid. Woke up and it was a lovely sunny day though so we wandered out for a bit of breakfast, then up to the museum on Chambers Street to have a look around the Wildlife Photographer of the year exhibition.

The missus liked the jumping stoat best. And I liked a photo of a couple of male lions in the rain with their manes all flattened down. Some amazing photos.

We had a few vouchers for John Lewis left to spend, so went down there next. The aim was to get a digital radio for the kitchen within the voucher budget of 60 quid. Somehow we managed to end up getting 2 and having to spend an extra 50 quid. Fail.

By the time we’d done all that wandering about we were knackered and decided we’d just go home. As we arrived back on the street we saw Ghengis out a walk with Dad who had come up the road to pick up Mum. I love seeing her wandering along holding dad’s hand. So cute.

A nice bit of an afternoon out the back with everyone, and that was about the end of that.

All in all a nice weekend. And while the wee break from Ghengis was grand, we were quite happy to get back to her sharpish.

you: sad. That’s what it is
me: what?
you: you’d only been away a day and you were missing her
me: it wasn’t a day
you: that’s even worse!
me: ’tis not. She’s our wee baby girl. When she’s not being a pain in the bahookie it’s great spending time with her
you: I bet she never batted an eyelid once you were gone
me: once the initial tears subsided I don’t think she did. She was happy as larry with her grandma and grandpa
you: so you should have stayed out longer
me: next time…
you: in another 6 months.

Mar 22 2014

Saturday 22 March 2014: Just the two of us

Mum is looking after Ghengis for the night so we headed through to Edinburgh for a night at the Missoni. We were a bit early to check in so went for a bit of lunch at the Outsider and then general wandering around the Royal Mile area. We were surprised at the number of tourists. It was a nice sunny day but man the wind was cold.

Once we got checked in we decided to watch Gravity as we’d had enough of wandering. We both kept falling asleep but every time we woke up it seemed like good ol’ Sandra was in the midst of yet another set of explosions or trying to take control of yet another space station. I imagine it was quite an event in 3d. Not so much on pay per view in a hotel.

Out for a bit of a wander with the camera before tea. I passed a busker (This dude I think who was a bit handy with a guitar. On the way back down I stopped to give him a quid as I’d been humming the tune he was playing since I saw him. Spoke to him a bit and it turns out he’d supported my cousin at one of her gigs……and yet I still couldn’t ask him for a portrait. I think I’m just not cut out for street portraiture.

Nice thai meal at Thai Orchid, I chose the wrong dish for me. The chap next to me had a dish that smelled amazing though.

Back to the hotel. Bit of telly, and the prospect of 12 hours uninterrupted kip. Excellent.

you: if you can’t do it who else do you expect to do it for you?
me: what? Street portraiture? I dunno, I’m just not cut out for it
you: I meant choose a meal that you like
me: I just got it wrong
you: but it was for you?!
me: yes
you: so you know what you like and what you don’t like?
me: yes
you: yet you managed to choose a dish you didn’t particularly like?
me: yes
you: idiot.

Mar 21 2014

Friday 21 March 2014: Ghengis Friday

Swimming this morning, that was fine once we got past the soaked nappy and clothes before we even got to the pool. Today she decided she liked it in the shower, she stood in it for ages making me re-hit the tap button thing. There was a wee boy there that was a few weeks older than Ghengis, but he was so confident in the water. Turned out he’d been going to water babies since he was tiny.

Had an hour playing in the garden this afternoon. Eventually she decided she didn’t want to wear the hat so took it off and tried to run away when I told her to put it back on. She ran to her Little tykes cosy coupe getaway car and climbed in, forgetting that her cars hybrid power train was actually her pursuer.

Mum arrived to help out with Ghengis tomorrow. Ghengis went mute for the first half hour, very odd.

Sport relief is on telly tonight. Some pretty funny stuff (patrick kielty doing synchronised swimming), and as usual some truly harrowing stuff. If you can spare a bob or two it only takes a minute.

you: you’re 36
me: and?
you: you really should be able to not wet your pants on a 10 minute journey.
me: ho ho
you: what was it? The excitement of going swimming? Or the thought of having a wander round aldi afterwards
me: neither. I’d just had too much juice
you: so it was you!
me: neither. of course not idiot!

Mar 20 2014

Thursday 20 March 2014: You don’t get that in F1.

yes it is what it looks like. Thierry Neuville’s co-driver is filling the radiator of their world rally car with beer. This is why I love the wrc.

It was a wild night last night, and totally tipping down this morning. I took to lifting my feet up and putting them on the crossbar to try and keep them out of the spray whenever possible. I probably looked rather odd.

Napoleon is through at Heriot Watt for a beer festival. Apparently the halls where we all met have been demolished. Sad.

Climbing tonight. Day done.

you: You love the wrc because they fill their cars with inappropriate fluids?
me: no because they’ll do anything to finish a rally
you: seems stupid to me
me: he would have lost 3rd place if he hadn’t got back to the service park
you: whatever. And it didn’t just look odd, putting yer feet on the crossbar, it was odd
me: I would have had soaked shoes all day at work otherwise
you: you mean you didn’t?
me: well, no, they were still soaked.
you: so utterly pointless then

Mar 19 2014

Wednesday 19 March 2014: Original specification?

Up to the castle again at lunchtime. Fairly sure this isn’t an OEM padlock.

I actually jumped when the gun went off today. Even though I was standing there watching the dude pull the trigger, I jumped.

Even ventured in to some of the rooms up there today too. There’s probably some interesting stuff in there. I wouldn’t know as I just blitzed through taking photos of things I liked.

For some reason Ghengis has stopped saying “ess” for “yes”. Now all we get is “bup” all the time. Do you want some juice? Bup. Would you like a story? Bup. Very odd.

you: I’m fairly sure that the person firing the gun is not referred to as “the dude”
me: what should I call him then?
you: I don’t know, but it’s not “the dude”. And you should take some time to look round the rooms rather than just running through like a rampaging tourist
me: but….but….that would involve….
you: …reading, yes, you are perfectly capable of doing so
me: but….but…it just….
you: just goes in one ear and out the other. I know.
me: I can’t concentrate….
you: …on history….I’m aware of this
me: are you trying to annoy me by finishing my…..
you: ….sentences? Bup.

Mar 18 2014

Tuesday 18 March 2014: Distractions

On the way between pubs tonight I got distracted and went and bought an ice cream. Very nice it was too. Salted caramel. Nice.

It was Napoleon’s last tuesday while under employment at the place he’s been for the last 15 years. So his sis had brought along a home baked cake to celebrate. And it was delicious.

The missus had a glimpse of the next 16 years while reading Ghengis her bedtime story tonight. She (Ghengis) insisted on having her toy peppa pig mobile ‘fon’ with her, and each time it did it’s random ring she would answer it, speak gibberish into it for a while before saying bye, and then allowing the missus to resume her story.

you: cake and an ice cream? Porker
me: and I most certainly did not have a cake when I got home.
you: ya big fibber
me: if this keeps up ‘big’ will very much be correct. Not as big as the bloke in the boozer. He was huge. The biggest droopiest beer belly I’ve seen in a while
you: that was a mirror

Mar 17 2014

Monday 17 March 2014: Tie fighter…

…hiding behind the lamp? Just me? Though so.

What was supposedly just an informal chat today about the secondment I applied for last week felt very much like an interview to me. I think my answers were a bit wooly.

I was on the verge of putting the xpro1 up on ebay tonight as it just annoys me with it’s slow focus. But I’ve done a bit of reading up and am going to give it one more go.

When I said to the missus I was going to sell it she asked why:

“Ach, it can take some beautiful photos, but it’s just too annoying”

“Sounds very much like someone I know” came the response. Touché.

you: couldn’t have said it better myself
me: really?
you: except for the beautiful photos bit.

Mar 16 2014

Sunday 16 March 2014: Well what do you know…

…it’s the Ghengis show.

We went up to the park this afternoon as the missus was away for the day. It was good fun too, until we started coming home and the screaming kicked off.

Half an hour on the turbo this afternoon, I need to sort out my video watching apparatus, it’s a bit boring otherwise.

Went to the timber yard to get a price list but it was shut. Once I know what I can get I’ll start working out what I’m going to build play-house wise.

I was intending getting a bunch of stuff ready and on for sale on ebay tonight. It hasn’t happened.

you: your day was so exciting you’re telling us about things you didn’t do again?
me: hmm, looks like it
you: when will you do something interesting?
me: I’m not sure
you: building Ghengis playhouse might be interesting
me: yeah maybe I’ll just do a day by day progress report on that once it starts
you: but you’ll only be doing anything on it at weekends! There won’t be much changing during the weeks
me: I’ll just tell you about other things I haven’t done then
you: I can hardly wait.

Mar 15 2014

Saturday 15 March 2014: 2 in a row

2 days in a row out playing in the garden with Ghengis. I reckon this summer is going to be fun….as soon as I get the garden baby-proofed by doing something about the chasm of death and the pit of doom.

Through to the swamp in the afternoon for lunch and fun with Fat Mungo et al. Too….much….food. Still managed steak and chips for tea of course though

Then we watched another episode of the first series of Line of Duty, which looks like it might be pretty good

you: it appears you’re using this blip break as a Ghengis marathon
me: 2 in a row is hardly a marathon
you: so what do you have planned for tomorrows photo?
me: well, the missus is away out for the day so I’m looking after Ghengis
you: so more of the same then?
me: it’s looking kind of likely.

Mar 14 2014

Friday 14 March 2014: Mirror mirror on the wall

I’ve had an ace day with Ghengis today. We went swimming and she went down the bigger yellow slide. She was coming down forwards until I was a bit late with a catch and she got dunked, then she would only come down in reverse. There was a bit of a screaming match when we had to leave.

Yesterday she started saying her name. I hadn’t heard it yet, but I had plenty of chance to hear it today as she kept making me hold her up to a mirror so she could point and say it. She seems to be struggling with “Ghengis” as it sounds like she is saying Bella.

We played outside in the garden for a bit, then sat down in the pit and pointed at birds as they flew over. I kept saying “can you say….” and the name of whatever bird had flown over. She had a go at them all, not one sounded like it was meant to but every one of them made me laugh.

Reckon she’s having a bit of a growth spurt as she seems to be eating like a horse. For a snack she had strawberries, grapes, a biscuit and a whole banana. But she’s not been in the naughty corner once, and she didn’t get up until 8 this morning, so long may it continue.

Bit of a Ghengis-a-thon write up, but that was my day. And it was ace.

you: you dunked her under the water?
me: I didn’t dunk her. She just came down the slide a bit earlier than I expected and she went under
you: you dunked her. And what were you screaming about when you had to leave? Had someone stolen your pound from the locker?
me: ho ho.

Mar 13 2014

Thursday 13 March 2014: Reggae Ian.

I haven’t ever listened to reggae before.  Other than the intro to Rasta Mouse,  and I don’t think that counts.  Out for a few beers and some food with the stripes tonight,  and at my suggestion we went to the 52 Canoes.  And what do you know?  It was reggae night.  Ian here,  and one of his mates were dj’ing, and I totally enjoyed it.  It was at a volume where you could still have a chat,  and the tunes just gave the evening a great relaxed feeling.

I broke my number 1 rule:  ”never share nachos”.  We just got a plate to share for a starter.

I did stick to my 3 drink rule though,  and as a couple of the others had been in work since before 7 they were knackered too,  so it was a pretty early night.   Home for a bit more Diablo III on the playstation with the missus.  Now all I have to hope is that Ghengis continues her slightly later wake up calls tomorrow morning.

So this is the first of my blip break entries.  Silence did fall.

you: you shared a plate of nachos
me: yeah I dunno how that happened!
you: are you sure you just had three pints?  That sounds like the actions of a drunken you.
me: maybe someone spiked my drink!
you: of course, that’s the only possible explanation

Mar 12 2014

Wednesday 12 March 2014: Silence will fall.

The Silence

you: eh…..hello?
me: <tumbleweed>
you: 4 years? Anything to say?
me: <pin drop>
you: it’s dark in here

Mar 11 2014

Tuesday 11 March 2014: Three of my favourite things:

1) Cherry blossom
2) Stripy lawns
3) Sunshine

All rolled in to a shocking composition.

Went to got for nachos for lunch with Sutin today and the frickin place was closed. I’d been looking forward to them all weekend. In the end we got a mcdonalds and went and sat in the gardens. A poor substitute. But it was a lovely sunny day to sit in the gardens.

Fixed the second of the broken laptops I bought. So that’s 2 for 2. Now to decide if I keep it or sell it.

you: so you’ve fixed them both?
me: yup
you: successfully?
me: yup
you: so my prediction that you’d just end up with a pile of bits was wrong
me: very much so
you: I was just, well, wrong?
me: indeed
you: what a strange feeling.

2.3/70 6 1 0 14 11 12 2.65/15.9 calibrated to 40psi

Mar 10 2014

Monday 10 March 2014: How high….

…is the sun. Look at it. That’s me on the way home and sun is still miles up.

The missus and I have spent the evening slaying demons. Not in a "relationship issues" type way. In a "playing Diablo III on the playstation" kind of way. We used to play games like Balders Gate together all the time, it should be fun playing through this one.

Ghengis dropped a wee mine in the bath this evening….she wasn’t very happy about this. Neither was I particularly

you: how sad are you!
me: what?
you: playing computer games with yer missus
me: it’s better than the other options
you: which are?
me: playing computer games not with the missus
you: or?
me: watching programmes about fat people.
you: oh. Slay away.

Mar 9 2014

Sunday 9 March 2014: Bah-bay

Although the entourage continues to grow, it’s still Bah-bay that get’s the cuddles come sleep time.

I sat with Ghengis this afternoon going through her picture books with her. I love seeing her learn. We went through them all a couple of times and she was pointing at everything and saying what it was. While the pronunciation might not be spot on you can tell what she’s trying to say. I very much wish she would pronounce the "L" in clocks though.

Up on the roof to sort out the leak this morning. One job done. And I cut the tops off some more of the neighbours trees that were starting to impinge on my view. 2 jobs done. Garage partially tidied. Three jobs done. Think I’d best have a rest.

you: so you did?
me: what?
you: have a rest?
me: well I didn’t do an awful lot if that’s what you mean
you: you no doubt just sat and ate.
me: I’ll have you know I’ve eaten a limited amount today. For lunch all I had was 4 rich tea biscuits with peanut butter spread on them
you: and that’s all
me: oh, a snickers I found in the garage
you: bit of a peanut theme going on
me: yeah lets just call it thai cuisine. It uses a lot of peanuts
you: generally not smeared on biscuits or mixed with chocolate and nougat though
me: let’s just call it experimental thai cuisine then
you: let’s not.

Mar 8 2014

Saturday 8 March 2014: Flutterby

Ghengis was up at a normal time today. Woohoo. Shame I couldn’t get to sleep till the back of 1 last night though as I was still knackered.

Through to the swamp to borrow some stuff. Ghengis disappeared out of the room with swampling 2 and re-appeared dressed as a ladybird with a diddlybopper headband. I never heard a peep out of her, so how come we have so much trouble getting her dressed. Then 2 minutes later she was sitting quietly while swampling 2 brushed her hair. Again, she rarely does that for us. I think we need to hire swampling 2 as a nanny!

This arvo we went through to butterfly world. It was good fun. Ghengis liked watching the butterflys. She also liked some wee snub nosed snake thing. But most of all she liked running round and round the outdoor area. We ended up just having lunch, and then a cake in dobbies. And I looked at playhouses for the garden. I’m just going to build one.

Tonight we finally finished off the last series of Dexter. The last season wasn’t a patch on the early ones. And I can’t say it ended how I would have liked. But as an entire series there were some cracking episodes.

you: good job really eh
me: what?
you: she liked watching the butterflys
me: why?
you: because surely that’s the point of "Butterfly World"?
me: oh, aye, I guess so.
you: and why would you build a playhouse rather than just buy one?
me: the one I liked was £1200. I reckon I can build a better one for under £500.
you: by better do you mean more dangerous, less structurally sound, and unfit for human habitation
you: just you wait.

Mar 7 2014

Friday 7 March 2014: Concentrate.

I’ve been part time at work for 5 or 6 or 7 years now. Quite a while anyway. In that time I have never once considered going full time again. Today I not only considered it, I wished it was the case. In the name of all that is holey Ghengis was hard work today. Starting with a wake up call at 3:50am wasn’t the best. She did go back to sleep by herself, but she continued to provide intermittent wake up calls right up to normal getting up time.

I took her to the soft play place, she was fine there. One of the mums from the toddler sense class was there, apparently it’s completely finished as the bloke has knackered his back. Not good, that and kids parties were his livelihood.

Lunchtime was a stressful nightmare. She did have a couple of hours kip after though, and I did the same.

Most of the afternoon she was hard work. We had a bit of a play in the back garden, this is her concentrating on rolling balls down her slide. She was fine by bed time though.

So actually it was just lunch time and the afternoon that were really hard work. Maybe I won’t go full time again after all.

Got an application in for a secondment at work. I suspect it will be over subscribed by quite a margin. Also signed up for an online uni course module in linux.

you: "in the name of all that is holey"
me: aye
you: you mean "holy" ya moron
me: no, I mean holey. Socks, sieves, edam. That sort of stuff.
you: of course. I should have known. Idiot

Mar 6 2014

Thursday 6 March 2014: It’s not every day….

… see a waste of £500M rolling down the street. The frickin things wouldn’t be worth £500M if they flew! I’ve just about come to terms with the ridiculousness of the cost of the Scottish parliament building. I don’t think I’ll ever come to terms with the farce that was the edinburgh tram construction process. I need to stop thinking about it. I’m getting stressed.

A wander with Sutin at lunchtime and a climb tonight.

Ghengis was playing up tonight. She would not get in the car seat when the missus picked her up from nursery. She just kept kicking off whenever the missus lifted her. In the end they both got soaked through as it’s been raining all day (the garage is leaking again). For such a wee thing she can’t half put up a fight.

you: a waste? They’re worth every penny
me: don’t try and wind me up
you: just look at the tram with it’s nice shiny cyclops eye
me: and just out of shot is a bus that already takes people to the same place the tram goes
you: but the bus doesn’t have a cyclops eye headlight
me: every bus in the country could have had a cyclops eye fitted and we’d still have £499950000 left. Frickin he11 look at the size of that number, it’s obscene. I’m starting to get mad
you: so, lets talk about the parliament building…..

Mar 5 2014

Wednesday 5 March 2014: Mossy cracky painty parky cars

I fell over at lunchtime and while I was down I thought I may as well take a photo.

I didn’t really fall over. I did take a photo. Perhaps it would have been better the other way around.

Yesterday I ordered a new battery for the fuji as I thought the other wasn’t going to be replaced under warranty. Today the new one and the warranty one arrived. Typical.

Tonight Ghengis got a new nappy out, and said something almost entirely unintelligible except for the last word while pointing at it. The last word? Poop.

you: it would have been better the other way around
me: I figured you’d think that
you: especially if a bus was involved
me: a bit harsh
you: or even better a tram
me: fairly unlikely
you: you could be the first person to be hit by one of the trams
me: and that would be my claim to fame would it?
you: it’s the best hope you’ve got. I’d run with it.

Mar 4 2014

Tuesday 4 March 2014: What a tosser.

ho ho ho I bet that one’s never been done before.

Today I discovered that 52 Canoes, the home of the best nachos I have ever had, have an offer of 2 for 1 all day on a tuesday. Meaning I got my nachos for £4. Which was a complete and utter bargain. They weren’t even a cut down portion! I caught up with Praveen, who I have worked with on and off for the last 6 years or so.

The missus was complaining at the weekend that I was never enthusiastic about anything. £4 nachos?! I couldn’t have been more enthusiastic and exciting

Ghengis was a wee whinge-bag all day today so I skipped the boozer to come and help the missus out.

Then we had pancakes. I was wondering why the mix looked like floury eggy milky runny soup ….then realised the mistake I made, I was missing half the flour.

you: but you didn’t get nachos for £4 did you?
me: I did, I just said so
you: but it cost you eight quid didn’t it?
me: I don’t know what you’re getting at
you: there’s no way you had just one portion.
me: I did!
you: pull the other one! You got 2 portions for yourself
me: I didn’t
you: whatever, porker!

Mar 3 2014

Monday 3 March 2014: An unceremonious ending.

She was in a skip. Ghengis threw one of my £460 lenses down the stairs yesterday. Had the lens been broken she it would have been in the skip too. I’m not convinced the focus is right though, she it might still be destined for the skip.

Went for a wander with Monochrome at lunchtime. It was lovely in the sun, there’s a bit of warmth in the sunshine again. It was cool in the shade though.

you: another exhilarating Monday
me: very much so
you: can’t wait until next weeks thrilling instalment.

Mar 2 2014

Sunday 2 March 2014: Before and after

I wish I’d thought to wet the drive before I took the first photo to give a better comparison. Waiting on the drive to dry once I finished wasn’t an option given that it was pouring down.

So, spent the arvo pressure washing the drive and deck. Out for a bit of lunch. A bit of a wander with Ghengis in the morning, and that was that. Sunday over.

Another article in the Scotland on Sunday with dad’s work in it today. I wish he’d stop getting all this free advertising and bl00dy retire. Not that he needs it, he’s off to Notting Hill soon to install a job. We’ve had to tell him Julia Roberts doesn’t really live there, it was just a film.

I popped a few more shots from yesterday on my site

you: They look the same.
me: not exactly
you: almost
me: yeah the difference in the photos isn’t as marked as in real life
you: just you keep telling yourself that rather than acknowledging you’ve wasted an afternoon.

Mar 1 2014

Saturday 1 March 2014: Bang bang

Went clay pigeon shooting with the ski lads this morning. I’m not a fan of hunting really, but as far as I know clay’s have no nervous system so I assume there was no pain involved. Except for a few shoulders. Today was my first play with a double barrelled shotgun. I like guns. I got a couple of pairs, that felt cool.

This afternoon we just had an afternoon at home getting bits and bobs done around the house. Ghengis has mostly been good as gold. Now we just need her to stop getting up so early at the moment. While 630 is better than the 530 of the last few days, it’s still too early.

Right, steak, chips, and a film await.

you: two sentences there that should worry the world
me: which ones? Ghengis getting up early? While her plans for world domination continue apace, I don’t think her early starts are to get more evil genius scheming done.
you: no I was thinking more along the lines of "first play with a shotgun". Play and Shotgun. Not two words that I ever like to hear together
me: fair point. What’s the other
you: "I like guns".
me: what’s wrong with that?
you: you liking of things tends to end in a purchase of something. Just close the ebay tab down please…
me: aw…but I was half way through buying a fake gun licence and a real gun
you: that way round?
me: yeah, the other way is no fun at all.