Jan 31 2014

Friday 31 January 2014: Blue for the most.

No class again for Ghengis this week. We headed in to town to see if the doctors I want to move to was taking on any more patients. They weren’t. So we went and got Ghengis some more jigsaws as she loves them at the moment. And got me drakes fortune 2.

Then home.

I managed to fit in a 15mile turbo trainer session while she had her lunchtime nap. And fit in the highlights of the first round of the WRC. There are two brits in works teams. Brilliant! That hasn’t happened since McRae and Burns. They were both world champions, and both died before their time. I hope this current crop of uk drivers manage the former, and escape the latter.

you: aw naw
me: what?
you: it’s not started again has it?
me: what?
you: the world rally championship
me: I just told you it has
you: so every time you watch a highlights show we’re going to have you saying how incredible the drivers are
me: but they are
you: we know!
me: you should have seen the speed they were driving on slush covered roads, it was insane
you: we don’t need to see it, you always tell us
me: aw man but they are amazing!
you: we know already!

Jan 30 2014

Thursday 30 January 2014: Guess where.

Met Boab and Monochrome at TOI for lunch today. It’s been a while since a) I saw them and b) had a calzone. So it was grand.

Got stuck in to some work I’ve been looking forward to for a while today too. Headphones in and a bit of learning. Good stuff.

Then out for a curry with Steven tonight as my chest still isn’t right after my christmas bug. And on top of that this arvo my shoulder started to hurt so much that I could barely put my seatbelt on tonight. No idea what I’ve done to it.

you: you really are incredible sometimes!
me: why thank you
you: perhaps I should have said "sometimes you really take the biscuit"
me: thanks, I don’t mind if I do
you: my point exactly!
me: ok I think we’re talking at cross purposes
you: one day you’re whining about having put on a stone, then you eat out 4 times in three days.
me: I told you things had to change
you: yeah. Not exactly what I was expecting.

Jan 29 2014

Wednesday 29 January 2014: Computer no worky

It was announced today that CM has handed in his notice. This is a real shame for us. Not for the company that gets him. Best manager I’ve ever worked for for sure. When he says thanks it’s genuine. He doesn’t ask for that little bit extra all the time like some, so when he does people know it’s needed and are willing to do it. He looks out for his team and will back them up when the going gets %h1tty rather than running for cover. And on top of all that he’s a good laugh. Top Bloke. It’ll be a shame to see him go.

I inherited another old mac recently. Tonight I disembowelled it. I think it will be an easier case that the G5 to put a pc into. As with the G5 an incredible amount of engineering has gone it to what is basically a box. That’s apple for you. A bit of time on the turbo and that was it for the night really.

you: you know what’ll happen now?
me: what?
you: I bet him leaving is a catalyst for more to go
me: I did think that myself. Only time will tell
you: and you’ll be sitting there all by yourself
me: probably
you: until the end of time
me: more than likely
you: or you die.
me: aye. Whatever comes first I guess
you: I suspect it will be death.
me: I’ve told you before I intend to live a long long time
you: may Lorde have mercy on our souls.

Jan 28 2014

Tuesday 28 January 2014: Going up.

I weighed myself last night. I am over a stone heavier than when I finished insanity. This is not good. Things have got to change.

So today I swapped my usual breakfast of porridge for a cheese scone, my baked spud and beans for a burger (with bacon cheese and haggis) and chips, and for tea I had squid and chorizo for a starter, and a burger for a main. And a few jars. And a peanut butter kitkat chunky at the station. I feel much better about things now.

Met AB for lunch. It’s nearly 10 months since he took voluntary redundancy. He’d figured that if they lived relatively frugally they could live for 5 years without him working. An extension on the house soon put an end to that plan.

you: a stone?!
me: I know, not great eh
you: a stone!
me: yeah yeah, porker, fatso. It’s disappointing I know
you: too right it’s disappointing. You’re never gonna get on "The Biggest Loser" or "Super Size vs Super Skinny" if all you’ve managed is to put on a stone in six months
me: not exactly the lines along which I was thinking in terms of the disappointment
you: everything you do you fail at. A stone a month, that’s a good target. A stone in 6 months. Pah. Amateur.

Jan 27 2014

Monday 27 January 2014: Praise the Lorde!

For the majority of the day at work I have had "Lorde: Pure Heroine" on repeat. I looked her up on wikipedia. It made me feel old. She was born in 1996. I was in second year at uni then.

Then I got home, and I put it on loud. Ghengis got excited and started dancing around. Praise the Lorde!.

Then she (Ghengis, not Lorde) ran the length of the kitchen faster than I’ve ever seen her (I’ve never seen Lorde run the length of my kitchen so I would have had nothing to compare it to). It was incredibly quick. I think I’m going to set up some timing gates to keep track of her progress. I had hoped she was going to be into some form of extreme sport. But I guess if she’s going to be an athlete maybe I’ll get to meet Mo Farrah.

Oh, the photo, the other half is here

you: Oh dear
me: what?
you: Poor Lorde
me: why?
you: she has an overweight middleaged moron obsessing about her.
me: I don’t think I’m middleaged yet.
you: glad to see you you’re accepting of the other adjectives.

Jan 26 2014

Sunday 26 January 2014: Hoyo de Monterrey. Habana

Rather than being stored in a humidor this has been stored in the stationary drawer. The missus found it today when she was tidying up. The Teacher brought it back for me from his honeymoon. I was saving it for when my first bairn was born. But that ship has well and truly sailed. Instead I’ll maybe save it for next time he’s round here for a few beers. So it could be in that drawer a while.

Ghengis had her first camera based tantrum today. The missus and her were dancing to one of her cd’s so I went to get the camera. When I came back she stopped dancing and started shouting "No no no no no no no" while stamping up and down. That was me told.

Noticed today that we have watched 138 episodes of The Big Bang Theory in the last couple of months. That’s over 2 days. Lucky we like it really.

you: you don’t even smoke!
me: I know
you: you can’t bare it
me: and?
you: so why would you smoke a cigar?
me: I just wanted to say something appropriate after the birth of the bairn
you: what? "I don’t like you already so I’m going to smoke this to shorten my life and poison your tiny lungs"?
me: hmm, fair point, but no.
you: I know exactly what you were going to say. And yer not Hannibal Smith, so don’t even thing about it
me: aw come on! "I love it when a plan comes together" too.
you: you had to go and say it didn’t you. Go and have yer cigar now please, the less time I have to spend with you the better.

Jan 25 2014

Saturday 25 January 2014: Nex. 240V

The missus was away with Ghengis to visit a friend, but because it was a horrible wet and windy day I did 15 miles on the turbo trainer in the garage rather than head out on the road.

Then I spent a bit of time making some modifications to my website. While doing this I decided to try listening to some of the cd’s that arrived in the house at christmas. Katy Perry: Not much I can say about that except it gave me a headache. Other than 2 songs that I do quite like. Lorde on the other hand? Quality. I really like White Teeth Teens. The snare drum in it is cool.

A night of looking at 500px (I don’t yet understand how the rating system works. I had over 1200 views in a few hours for one photo, others had about 50 after a day), and watching the voice (no one of particular interest), and now no doubt an episode or two of either Big Bang, or Brooklyn nine-nine. The excitement never stops.

you: big jessie!
me: who?
you: you, obviously!
me: no way. If he’s not going out I’m not going out
you: what, you need him to hold yer hand?
me: not on a bike, no.
you: but off it? Does your missus know this?
me: why do you twist everything I say?
you: there’s not much else to do around here.

Jan 24 2014

Friday 24 January 2014: Say OOOOoooh

Out for a walk with Ghengis this morning. I decided not to bother taking the buggy. She did great on the way out, it was quite a long way she walked………she didn’t walk on the way back, so it was quite a long way I had to carry her.

Apart from that we didn’t leave the house. At one point I could hear a load of clattering, so went to see what she was up to. She had her pj’s off and was trying to fit her potty seat thing to the toilet. Hopefully that bodes well for easy potty training.

The missus and I watched Catching Fire tonight. As with the first one, I quite enjoyed it. I think it’s dumb that they are making the last book into 2 films.

you: you’ve tempted fate there
me: where?
you: by saying hopefully it bodes well for potty training
me: well hopefully it does
you: you’ve done it again!
me: ach it’ll be fine
you: if you count puddles, and little steaming piles everywhere fine, then I’m sure it will be.

Jan 23 2014

Thursday 23 January 2014: The view from the top

Meeting up on the 7th floor today. You get some great views from up there. This isn’t one of them.

Actually it seemed to be one meeting after another. I’m not a really a meeting person.

It was so bad I had to pretty much inhale my baked spud for lunch.

Then home, and Ghengis wouldn’t let me play with her, or read her a story, or do her jigsaw with her. What she has failed to realise is that it’s me that’s looking after her all day tomorrow. Lets see how she likes it.

you: you can’t just refuse to play with her tomorrow
me: watch me
you: what age are you?
me: some
you: well act that way
me: she started it!

Jan 22 2014

Wednesday 22 January 2014: No the one oclock gun

At lunchtime today I headed up to the castle. I’d timed it perfectly to go in and get some shots of the one oclock gun being fired. But they wouldn’t let me lock my bike up. So I had to head back down the road to find somewhere to lock it. Then I headed back up to the castle. Then I got my ticket. And just as the guy handed it to me the gun fired. I wasn’t there. There is no photo.

And I for all the photographic stuff there is in there I didn’t take any shots. I got distracted by the second enquiry regarding wedding photography in 24hrs. If one of the couples hired me that would be great. If they both did that would be magic. Only time will tell.

20minutes on the turbo. 6.01 miles.

you: I wouldn’t let you lock your bike up either
me: any particular reason?
you: I just don’t want you anywhere near me.

Jan 21 2014

Tuesday 21 January 2014: Solut Odka

The important stuff: Nachos : Bar Kohl : good.

The other stuff: One of the boys handed in his resignation today having found a new job. Other than that: not much.

you: blimey you’re full on information today
me: short. Informative. To the point
you: the polar opposite of yourself
me: eh?
you: tall. Boring. Waffly
me: doesn’t "waffly" have an ‘e’
you: that would be weffly
me: not there! Never mind.

Jan 20 2014

Monday 20 January 2014: Check it out! (2)

woop woop! Still daylight in the sky when I left work. Ok so I left at 16:25, but there was still daylight.

Home to take over Ghengis duty so the missus could get to her pilates class. I think pilates is some kind of Italian meal. I don’t know why she never brings me any back.

Put a few shots of the Buachaille Etive Mòr up last night if anyone fancies a gander.

Watched "Don’t look down" tonight. It’s on 4od and worth a watch. If you like watching mentalists hang off of 100m tall cranes with one hand.

you: 16:25?!
me: aye
you: were you on a half day?
me: No! I was in the office at 7:55
you: so a late start too?! Slacker.

Jan 19 2014

Sunday 19 January 2014: Night riders (2)

51 seconds handheld, through a window with a big reflection in it. Don’t do it.

Ghengis had her first go on the bike I got her for christmas, and she seemed to enjoy it as she went back to it later. This made me very happy.

you: you made her get on it you mean
me: no I was upstairs and the missus shouted me to come and see.
you: but you made her have another go
me: no she went back to it herself. I promise. I’m not going to be a pushy parent
you: unless?
me: unless nothing
you: unless?
me: seriously, I’m not going to be a pushy parent
you: unless?
me: unless she doesn’t do all the cool things I want her to do in which case I’ll gently guide her in that direction
you: with a gentle shove?
me: with a firm shove and a threat of cancelled pocket money.

Jan 18 2014

Saturday 18 January 2014: Who ate all the pies?

Who ate all the pies?
These fat princesses these fat princesses,
they ate all the pies.

Here, from right to left, we have Snow "ain’t got no flavour so I’ll have some Häagen-Dazs" White, Cinder(’s are all that’s left after I bbq a pig)ella, and Belle, or is it beast.

I think disney need to hire a new dietician.

I never left the house today. I built my new exercise gear, then I played ps3.

you: you can talk, lard-ass!
me: hey gimme a break. At least I built some exercise gear
you: yes I note "built", not used
me: but we didn’t have a wash on
you: eh?
me: this new one has loads of places to hang damp clothes
you: you select your exercise kit based on it’s suitability for drying clothes?
me: doesn’t everyone? And besides, I was playing Uncharted: Drakes fortune again
you: so?!
me: there’s loads of running and jumping in it
you: You know when I told you watching sport doesn’t count as exercise?
me: I think I recall something along those lines yes
you: well the same goes for computer games….unless you want fit thumbs.

Jan 17 2014

Friday 17 January 2014: Falkirk fashion week

Here we have Ghengis Wolf modelling the latest in toddler fashion.
Dress by: Aunty K
Boots by: Mummy
Hair by: Daddy
Cheeky face: Models own.

Ghengis and I went down to her toddler sensory class today and the blimmen place was all closed up. No email, phonecall, text, nothing. Rather annoying.

So we just had a nice day at home.

Then for I think the first time ever both sets of grandparents were here at the same time. Mum and Dad were up in Edinburgh as dad had a job on, so they took a detour on the way home to come and pop in. Mum was playing hide and seek with Ghengis, who was looking under the couch for her.

you: yay!
me: what?
you: you didn’t moan about health issues
me: what’s the point?
you: that’s what I’ve been trying to tell you! I don’t want to hear it.
me: fine.
you: and what exactly did you do to her hair for the photo
me: nothing, it’s better that way
you: I hardly think you can claim credit for doing nothing
me: politicians do
you: fair point.

Jan 16 2014

Thursday 16 January 2014: Flat battery

Out for a wander with Sutin at lunchtime to go and see the life boat photo exhibition on castle st. Some absolutely superb photos. The photographer though was supposedly "just some volunteer". Aye, just some volunteer with about £20K of camera gear! Every other shot was taken with a different body it seemed: Nikon D4, D3X, D3x, D7000, some hassleblad!

But I went out with a battery with just enough power to turn my camera on and long enough to tell me the battery was flat. Brilliant.

Out for a curry with Steven tonight as I’m still not up to climbing. I’ve hurt the left side of my chest with coughing, so it hurts to cough, so I tense the muscles in my left shoulder to try and protect it, so now my left shoulder is in knots.

you: feck sake I thought you’d got over whining about yer health
me: but it’s so frickin frustrating
you: you don’t have to tell me, I’m sick to the back teeth of hearing about it
me: be fair. I haven’t mentioned it in ages
you: well it doesn’t seem that way
me: well it is. That’s 1/26th of the year gone and I haven’t yet felt 100%
you: your days of 100% are long gone
me: 90%?
you: dream on
me: ok I’d settle for 75%
you: I’ll see what I can do

Jan 15 2014

Wednesday 15 January 2014: How old?

The missus folks and bro were round for a bit of a birthday tea for her. She refused to stay out of my photo. Who does she think she is, the birthday girl or something.

Had the other half of the huge bit of beef I cooked at christmas, and this half was much much better. Odd

The house feels frickin freezing. To the extend I have put a hoody on. I don’t like wearing hoodies. I find the hood uncomfortable and annoying.

you: it’s three weeks old!
me: no that’s just some random candles
you: not the cake. The beef. Why would you eat beef you cooked three weeks ago
me: we didn’t. I cooked it tonight
you: well that’s not what you said. And that’s your life of antisocial behaviour knackered if you can’t wear a hooded top.
me: I know. And I’d only just been out and bought some spray cans and a bottle of buckfast and a book of foul language. What a waste of money.

Jan 14 2014

Tuesday 14 January 2014: Peace candle.

It’s rare that a hand sneaks into my photos and has the V’s pointing this way.

I was hoping we were going to go back to the stockbridge tap for a burger since we had a few more boozers down that way to tick off. But that plan was vetoed (and if I’m honest, rightly so), as we don’t re-visit places on the tour until the tour is complete.

Anyway, I went on hunger strike and refused to eat where everyone else did. Then formed a splinter group with Oz and we went and ticked off an extra pub while the rest ate. It was probably the worst place I’ve been to on the tour. It stank of paint and/or chip fat. Had zero atmosphere, and my pint was rubbish, I didn’t even finish it. Then we left to catch up with the others who were at the next place a couple of doors down, The Bailie. And walking in there was like walking into another world. It was busy, it had atmosphere, it was nice and warm, it had an open fire, it was just so much nicer.

And fearing my hunger strike was on the verge of killing me, I had nachos. And they were good. I ordered the nachos for two. They weren’t for two. They were just about right, for me.

you: some bundle of joy you are eh. Hunger strike then forming a splinter group.
me: it wasn’t long lived though
you: what?
me: the splinter group
you: or the hunger strike now you come to mention it
me: but I was feeling faint
you: because you hadn’t eaten for how long?
me: about 5 hours! That’s pushing the boundaries of human ability
you: eh, aye. Idiot.

Jan 13 2014

Monday 13 January 2014: Downwardly mobile.

Is how I feel sometimes. Quite often on a monday.

Ghengis continues her bid for world domination one sticker at a time. This week she’s sent her minions to the Alps

20 minutes on the turbo last night. 20 minutes tonight. That’s my exercise complete for the year.

you: you mean week?
me: nah. Year. I’m never going to achieve my goal of appearing on the biggest loser if I sit on the bike every night
you: you might, if you just sit on it.
me: eating chocolate
you: and drinking coke.
me: good shout. Thanks, you’ve been very helpful
me: it wasn’t intentional

Jan 12 2014

Sunday 12 January 2014: Haze

K informed me that pricesses for the castle Ghengis got for christmas were half price in sainsbury’s. So we went through to stirling to get some. And that was it. The entire output for the day was going to buy some plastic pricesses.

you: you must have done something else
me: I downloaded a bunch of photography videos from youtube
you: well that’s productive
me: only if I watch them
you: fair point. What a waste of a day
me: oh, I’ve almost got rid of the cold I’ve had for three weeks. So I might do some exercise tonight
you: much like the videos, it’s only productive if it happens
me: hmmm, what a waste of a day.

Jan 11 2014

Saturday 11 January 2014: So, who-dunnit?

Ghengis appears to have had quite a shock to find that it was the Pontypines that were hiding under Iggle Piggle’s blanket. I don’t know why, we’ve had to read it to her a million times.

The missus was through visiting her bro after his op, so I was on Ghengis watch. She was up at 6 which wasn’t the best of starts. And she was pretty whiny later in the afternoon. I don’t know why, I took her out to Aldi and Lidl.

The Voice has started again. So that’s a few weeks on mindless saturday nights lined up. There was one lass playing a harp that was ace though. I think I’m going to buy a harp

you: I would be too
me: whiny?
you: aye. Aldi and Lidl in one day? That’s enough to push anyone over the edge. And are you missing an ‘oon’?
me: I don’t even know what an ‘oon’ is, so I’m pretty sure I haven’t lost one.
you: You said you were going to buy a harp. I assume you meant harp’oon’
me: what on earth would I do with a harpoon?!
you: what on earth would you do with a harp?!
me: play it of course
you: oh yeah, Mr musical. You’d be more likely to get a tune out of harpoon

Jan 10 2014

Friday 10 January 2014: Frazzled

I was helping out Party Boy today, acting as second shooter at a wedding he was covering. And it was without doubt the hardest place I have ever had to photograph under pressure, and I think he was in the same boat.

For a start the place was called the caves. You get the idea. Zero natural light. Literally zero. That place was dark. And in place of natural light the venue have yellow, orange, pink and blue lights. In one room there was nothing but one massive pink light. It was just so dark, and so coloured it was really hard work. Sure, slap the flash on and crank it up, fine, but then there is no ambient light left and you lose the feel of the place. The pink, "why has everyone got sunburn?" feel of the place.

Between us we have plenty of shots. But to be a lone shooter there would be scary.

I got there and went over to say hello to the videographer, and almost fell over in surprise when he turned around and it was a work colleague…..then remembered he had a twin brother.

Anyway, now I am tired and my head feels like it has melted.

you: what’s that?
me: what?
you: the photo?
me: the wedding cake
you: why?
me: because it’s one of the photos I took today, as per the rules of blip
you: not that. I mean why is it mouldy?
me: eh, it’s cheese. duh.
you: well it’s not cake then is it
me: it’s a cheese cake, dopey
you: oh the youth of today. What’s wrong with a plain old chocolate cake?
me: and you say I’m an old fuddy duddy!

Jan 9 2014

Thursday 9 January 2014: To the victor the spoils

The christmas hamper I won in the photo competition arrived today. And rather nice it is too. I don’t know why I set it all up nicely and then shot it from the wrong angle…..perhaps it’s because there were actually 8 beers but five appear to have gone missing?

Met Party Boy and Chris for a bit of lunch. Party Boy kindly bought mine. Had I known that at the start I would have had a steak rather than macaroni cheese :-) Then a bit of a wander. Feels like it’s been a fairly productive week at work, though all I seem to have produced is emails.

Jenelope has arrived tonight as she is looking after Ghengis for me tomorrow as I am shooting a wedding. Looking forward to it.

you: but there weren’t, were there?
me: what?
you: 8 beers
me: well, no, there were three
you: so why did you photograph it from the wrong angle?
me: because my glamorous assistant (in her pj’s) was complaining she didn’t want to help me so I rushed
you: you shouldn’t have done that
me: what? Rushed? I know. I should just have taken my time
you: no, i mean said the missus was complaining
me: she said I had to give her a mention for helping
you: I dare say not like that. Idiot.

Jan 8 2014

Wednesday 8 January 2014: Arty type.

An uneventful day. Met Oz at lunch to give him some Ghengis stickers. They’re going global again. He’s off to where my 2 favourite snowboarding holidays have been: Les Arcs. And he’s gonna stick some on the chairlifts for me.

I’ve cut my hair. I’ve put Ghengis to bed. So now it must be time to go and play My Singing Monsters

you: play what?
me: my singing monsters
you: a kids game!
me: not it’s not. The missus has been playing for ages. And the tune is nice so I like playing it
you: what happened to Drake’s Fortune?
me: oh, yeah, I could play that instead
you: but all the shooty shouty men scare you
me: do not!
you: do too!
me: ach screw you, I’m off to tend to my Clamble’s and Bowgart’s
you: You should probably see the doctor about that

Jan 7 2014

Tuesday 7 January 2014: Sam

This is Sam (between smiles – he wasn’t really about to swear at me, although it may appear that way). He is the chef in the Stockbridge Tap. To say he is the chef does him a bit of a disservice. He makes the best burgers I think I’ve ever had in Edinburgh.

To say he makes the best burgers I’ve ever had in Edinburgh does him a bit of a disservice. He makes what I think is the best burger I’ve ever had.

To say he makes the best burger I’ve ever had does him a bit of a disservice. He makes burgers that are better than any nachos I’ve ever had. Ok so I’ve overstepped the mark. A great burger will never beat great nachos. But I think I’ve got my point across. They were awesome. And Tuesday is burger night, which means they are only £6! Including chunky fries/wedges. Stockbridge Tap. Go there. Great beers, supreme burgers. For reference, I had the steak and chorizo burger, and a pint of Mary Jane made by MrJohn’s personal brewery in Ilkley

Out at lunch for a bit of a photoshoot for Oz’ work. Potential for there to be a bit of money in it which would be ace if it comes off.

Switched sim cards to my new one and couldn’t get texts to send. Popped in to the shop to see if they could help…where the chap promptly sent himself a text…and replied….without changing any settings. Boy did I feel sheepish. But now I have his mobile number so I’m going to spam him for being a smarty pants.

you: so does he or doesn’t he?
me: what?
you: make the best burgers you’ve ever had?
me: I already said he did didn’t I?
you: no. You said you think he does. Let’s get specific
me: ok….let me think….
you: hurry up
me: ok ok. Yes. It was superb.
you: Good. And what comprising positions were you photographing Oz in?
me: eh?
you: you said there was potentially some money in it
me: and?
you: I assumed blackmail.

Jan 6 2014

Monday 6 January 2014: Mother Hubbard….

…needs to turn some lights out or she’s gonna have one hell of an electricity bill.

A bit more Drakes Fortune tonight. I’d forgotten how much I enjoy computer games. And how the time flies when you are playing them. And how "just five minutes more" turns in to an hour.

So that was it. First day back at work after a fortnights holiday where I felt ill every single day. I still felt rubbish, so that’s something to be glad about.

you: something to be glad about?
me: yeah
you: feeling poorly?
me: yeah
you: why? Yer a whining big baby. Why would you be glad to still feel ill
you: imagine how annoying it would be to have felt fine first when my holidays were over
me: blimey that’s the one scenario I can think of when you might have been more whiny that usual. It is something to be glad about after all.

Jan 5 2014

Sunday 5 January 2014: Little feet. Littler feet

It still freaks me out a bit to see Ghengis pushing a pushchair with a lifelike dolly in it around the house. I’m too young to be a grandpa.

The coffee and cheeseburger late last night with The Teacher wasn’t the best plan. I was still awake at 3am. Still, it meant I got the household financial stuff sorted out.

Through to town today for a new year catchup with the beer troops and other halves which was grand. At henricks again. Nacho’s as usual, and as usual the condiments were too cold. I was going to say something this time but was dealing with a nappy disaster when the waitress came to collect the plates. Maybe I’ll just tweet them

Early blip tonight so that I can watch Sherlock uninterrupted.

you: that would be just like you
me: what?
you: spineless
me: what are you talking about?
you: rather than mention to them in person you are going to use a faceless twitter account
me: I’m not spineless, I’m British
you: Spineless. So much so that you wet yourself thinking about talking to them, hence the nappy disaster
me: it was Ghengis’ nappy!
you: aye right. Whatever.

Jan 4 2014

Saturday 4 January 2014: 2nd Date

After last years hot date with the teacher we gave it another go. We went to see the second part of the hobbit tonight. I’m not sure anyone involved in making the film has ever read the book. WTF! Not happy bunnies when we left.

Last year I was dreading going to see the first part, and came away pleasantly surprised. Sure they had added bits and bobs and skimmed over other sections, but in essence it followed the book. Tonight was completely different. I was looking forward to seeing it but didn’t enjoy it. Had I never read the book it would have grand. But I have. So it wasn’t. Some of the cgi was incredible, especially Smaug. Some of it was pretty poor.

you: so how did the date end?
me: with double cheeseburger and coffee at mcdonalds
you: how romantic. And you’d even had a shave for him
me: have you been speaking to my missus again
you: maybe. Why?
me: because she accused me of having a shave to go to the pictures too
you: well, did you?
me: I had a shave yes
you: and then went to the pictures with yer mate
me: yes but having a shave had nothing to do with going to the pictures.
you: aha. Whatever. No wonder yer missus is mad at you
me: she’s not!
you: no? So where are you sleeping tonight?
me: the spare room
you: I rest my case
me: but it’s only because my cough would keep her awake
you: yup, you just keep telling yourself that.

Jan 3 2014

Friday 3 January 2014: Feelin’ hot.

What happened today?

The neighbours came round for a brew and a bit of christmas cake.

Ghengis did some crazy dancing.

We watched Elysium, and quite enjoyed it. And we ate cheese and biscuits.

you: and by the looks of things you cremated something
me: cooked. Not cremated.
you: looks like cremation to me. Look at how black your pan is!
me; it’s a wok. And it’s seasoned, not burnt
you: I think you need to re-read how to season it.
me: stuff doesn’t stick to it as it is, so it must be ok
you: stuff doesn’t stick to it because it’s scared of what it might catch!

Jan 2 2014

Thursday 2 January 2014: A brave new dawn

After not turning it on for over a year, today I went and bought some games for the ps3. And I moved it from my study to the living room.

I bought the games in CEX. I’m not a fan of CEX. I’d rather that when I bought a game or some music or a dvd, some of the money went to it’s creators. It would appear no one else shares my feelings as the shop was full and there was a massive queue.

So, Uncharted: Drakes Fortune will be replacing tat tv for the foreseeable future.

Watched the new episode of Sherlock. Really enjoyed it, I’m glad it’s back.

you: so essentially your new years resolution is to sit on the couch more
me: yup
you: getting fatter
me: yup
you: and if you don’t like CEX and second hand stuff why didn’t you go and buy it from Game or something?
me: because they closed the shop just as I arrived. At 4 oclock. Who closes at 4? That was an easy sale they lost
you: they didn’t close the shop. They closed the doors. To you.

Jan 1 2014

Wednesday 1 January 2014: Out of sync

Noooo. Skylander blips are meant to be the 31st. I got it wrong. This is the worst start to a new year ever.

Ghengis woke up a bit early, not taking in to consideration that we were up too late shooting jelly blobs and pigs that snort. So I got her in to my bed to see if she’d go back to sleep and she did…in a fashion…but I’ll let her off as she kept looking up and giving me a wee kiss on the cheek.

Then she turned into a misbehaving monster trying to pull down Fat Mungo’s christmas tree.

Then there was almost a plumbing disaster – I’m sure he who shall not be named from Lochindorb paid a visit while I wasn’t looking.

And now I just feel tired. Which is the norm.

you: you can say it now
me: what?
you: happy new year
me: oh. Happy new year.
you: ok you’re doing better than yesterday, at least 50% of your statement is correct today.
me: but you’re still not happy
you: No. For the same reason as yesterday. And what kind of party were you at where you were having jelly shots and snorting pigs
me: I said we were shooting jelly blobs and pigs that snort
you: still sounds like some messed up party
me: we were playing wii-u
you: oh. That sheds a whole different light on things.