Sep 30 2013

Monday 30 September 2013: Oh how I have missed you.

Taste of Italy and your massive meaty calzone. Went along to meet monochrome and boab for a bite to eat. It was better than I remember. I think perhaps because by the end of my virtual tenancy of the place I was become rather over exposed to the food there.

Nowt else to report

you: have you photoshopped that?
me: no
you: that’s not a meal for one?
me: aye
you: no. You were sharing with the others
me: get out of it! Not a chance
you: but it’s massive
me: I’m sure the cycle back burnt most of it off again
you: what all mile and a half?

Sep 29 2013

Sunday 29 September 2013: Looking up.

Mostly because I have been on the floor. Tired today after yesterday’s exploits. The only thing that hurts is my shoulders.

Went down to The Helix for the first time. It was mobbed. I think it will be a really popular spot for families out for a sunday wander, so why the frick have they put a cafe in that looks like it will seat 10 people? There were about 20 folk sitting next the the building site eating sarnies. A massive mistake I fear. Or not a massive one is perhaps closer to the mark.

you: what did you expect?
me: a bigger cafe. I thought that was obvious
you: not the cafe, moron
me: what then
you: you do zero training then go out and do 100 miles on yer bike
me: I’ll have you know I did a training ride.
you: yes. Ride. Singular. 53 miles. In April. Idiot.

Sep 28 2013

Saturday 28 September 2013: Enjoying the view.

101 miles on the bike today.

90 miles with Sutin on this route (plus a few map (non) reading errors taking it to 90. We didn’t quite get the 18C temps and sunshine that were forecast, but there was zero wind which was awesome. It was a really good ride. The 3 mile uphill towards the end nearly killed me as we seemed to sit at 10-13 mph all the way up it. In the last 10 miles or so we had quite a few sub 3min miles which is ace fun just cranking along. Sutinwas certainly the Port to my Froome.

I got home though and thought I’d just pop out and do another wee bit to get me over 100miles for the day.

The missus and Ghengis were back when I got back in. Ghengis with claw marks on her face where the wee girl they were visiting had scratched her. I don’t think I’m going to cope very well with things like that.

Oh, and I’d stuck a note through the neighbours door regarding the electricity confusion. I saw the wifie and she said "that was very nice of you but you didn’t need to do that". Are you kidding? Yer husband was so raging he would barely look at me?! Anyway, hopefully that’s that finished with.

you: two things.
me: go on
you: I sincerely hope you meant Porte to your Froome. Referring to Richie Porte and Chris Froome in le Tour.
me: Of course, what else would it be?
you: I don’t even want to think about it.
me: and second?
you: why the frick would you go out and do another 11 miles?
me: I thought 101 miles sounded a bit more impressive than 90.
you: any cycling that isn’t to get from point A to B as a means of required transport is pointless. So it just makes you more stupid than we previously thought.

Sep 27 2013

Friday 27 September 2013: Bricks

Rather than mini-gym I took Ghengis to toddler sensory class today. The only problem with it is that it appears I have another new arch nemesis. His name is Jack and he’s about 18 months old. For some reason he kept giving me death stares.

Apart from that it was much better than mini gym. The theme today was the seaside, so they had paddling pools with lots of wee plastic fish and a bit of water. And an inflatable octopus thing the kids could go inside. And various other things. It was just better organised and more structured.

Got an email back from one of the wedding photography enquiries: she’s gone with someone else. Shame.

90 miles on the bike with Sutin tomorrow. If the forecast is to be believed the weather is to be perfect for cycling. I’m looking forward to it. My neck and back aren’t though.

you: another arch nemesis? That suggest you already have one
me: oh I have several. When you’re an international man of mystery it’s kind of hard not to accumulate a few here and there.
you: so that’s international men of mystery covered. Why do you have them?
me: When you have exceptional talent, good looks, and immeasurable wealth, it’s hard not to accumulate a few here and there
you : so that’s wealthy talented wealthy people covered. Why do you have them?
me: I just do.

Sep 26 2013

Thursday 26 September 2013: Has it really come to this?

It’s a cable. That was sitting on the table on the train on my way home. (edit: now it’s a cat in a bush. Not much better)

And that was my day.

Oh. Had lunch with DB. I borrowed dad’s old film camera the other day, and it turns out DB has all the kit required for developing B&W, which is a coincidence as I bought a B&W film. So, do I spend £12 and just send if off, no hassle no worries. Or do I borrow the gear and spend weeks trying to get it right?

The new binocs I got dad arrived with him. I’m looking forward to having a go with them next time I’m at BC.

And a decent climb tonight too.

Turns out my day was much better than the $hitty photo.

you: The latter no doubt
me: latte? You want a coffee?
you: No, the latter. You are about to embark on a pointless, futile, and ultimately fruitless exercise trying to develop your own photos.
me: it might be fun though
you: or it might be pointless, futile, and fruitless
me: or it might be fun.

Sep 25 2013

Wednesday 25 September 2013: Nowt as queer as folk

Yesterday the neighbours electricity supply failed. The engineer came round to ask the missus if he could put an emergency link between our houses. Which would have been fine. Then he asked if we would be in today, to which the answer was no as we would be at work. The engineer said that this meant he couldn’t do it as there needed to be someone in to remove the link. This statement appears to have entirely escaped our neighbours who are now in a massive mard because we said they couldn’t use our power. Which we didn’t! AGghghhhhhhhh. It’s so freakin’ frustrating. We’ve always had a fine relationship with them until now.

Out for a leaving lunch today. The last of the VR boys and a contractor, Neil and Colin. Both good guys with a lot of knowledge. Yet more seeping off the project. It was a super tasty curry. But it was a bit slow for what was a set menu.

you: how mean of you not to let them link up to your power
me: agghh! We didn’t! The first I knew there was an issue was when I went round tonight to see if they had any power and if not would they like an extension cable plugged in to our garage, and he would barely look at me he was so angry
you: oh. Not good
me: not at all. It’s just so frustrating! And no doubt this story will be re-told to the other neighbours and embellished.
you: oh. Not good at all.

couple of backblips start here

Sep 24 2013

Tuesday 24 September 2013: 50

If ever there was a good example of why I need a new camera phone, this is it!

As part of our 300+ pub tour, we have probably 300+ rules. One of the rules is that every 50th pub we visit we get a bottle of proseco, which has to be drunk from pint glasses. Tonight was our first 50th. It was in the Alexander Graham Bell, who I believe is a fictional historic character. ;-) Anyway, it was "steak club" night in there, so we had our tea there. Tonight in total I had:

Full rack of ribs with coleslaw, chips and onion rings : 2216kcal
Portion of fajhitas when I got home: some more kcal
A honey yoghurt: some more kcal
A shortbread biscuit: yet more kcal
and to top it all off:
Half a bag of thorntons chocolate covered toffee: 521kcal.

Lucky I didn’t have breakfast or lunch or I would have been way over the recommended daily limit. Oh hang on. I did. And according to the wetherspoons site the rib meal was 111% of my daily allowance. Ach well, at least it’s a nice, interesting, round number.

Got home from the boozer and the missus said she had ordered some new glasses. "So will they make you look like a sexy secretary or librarian?" "Maybe, I don’t know". At that point I switched off from the conversation, and I seem to have accidentally bought a pinstripe pencil skirt and a white blouse.

you: I hope you took into account what you ate tonight ya fat git
me: with regards to what?
you: your purchase that I didn’t need to know about
me: eh?
you: you’ll never fit into your new skirt after eating all that
me: it’s not for me you moron
you: just you keep telling yourself that, at least there will be one person that believes you.

Sep 23 2013

Monday 23 September 2013: Hanging in there.

First day back to work. Time I got a holiday sorted out I reckon.

Have decided not to get the new phone. Just too much money.

Home and Ghengis and the missus were playing in Ghengis’ playhouse. The missus was giving her a fright by jumping through the door and Ghengis was screaming in delight. Very cute

you: are you sure it was delight?
me: what else would it be?
you: terror?
me: what’s the difference in sound

<short scream based interlude>

me: it was definitely delight.

Sep 22 2013

Sunday 22 September 2013: In sync.

Ghengis decided she was taking Grandma and Grandpa for a walk this morning. It didn’t matter that Grandma was in the middle of cooking and had her pinny on. She was coming along. NOW!

Left BC after lunch, and had a nice easy drive home, as it normally is really. Got the car emptied of all our clobber, and then had to start putting it away, and doing washes etc etc. Still, it’s nice to be home and in my own baffies.

In the last week, out of the blue I’ve had two enquiries for wedding photography. Nothing has come of either of them yet. But I’m delighted to even have the brides get in touch!

Got the grass cut, watched some ozzie masterchef, had fish and chips, and now we’re just waiting on the new downton. Oooh I cannae wait.

you: ya big saddo
me: what?
you: you’re life is one big rut
me: what are you talking about?
you: downton and australian masterchef
me: yeah, great aren’t they. But what about them?
you: all you had to talk about was much the same last year
me: what can I say? There a couple of good shows.
you: and as your life is based around the tv guide that’s all you have to talk about
me: not entirely
you: but mostly. Saddo. And I have my doubts you have ever been out of your own baffies
me: that’s true. I had the pair that live in the car for emergencies while I was on holiday. And the pair that live at BC. And now back in my own ones.
you: you have slippers spread around the country. Mega Saddo.

Sep 21 2013

Saturday 21 September 2013: Ghengabella Rolf

We couldn’t get a late departure from our holiday house as there new people coming. Bit of a pain, but it meant we hit the road at 9.

Ghengis was pretty good most of the journey, the missus had to sit in the back for the last while though to keep her amused.

Arrived at BC and what better is there to do than sit in front of the fire. Oh, and fulfil my family tech support role. Hopefully that’s dad’s machine running a bit better for a while now.

Once that was done though it really was sit by the fire time. And eat chocolates. It’s highly suspicious that whenever we are there mum claims to have "just received" her monthly hotel chocolat delivery. I’m beginning to think that the ready availability of them on every visit suggests a daily delivery

you: turn it off and on again?
me: pretty much
you: more than once for good measure?
me: five or six times I reckon
you: should be good for a couple of months with that level of support expertise.

Sep 20 2013

Friday 20 September 2013: Ilkley mini meet

Today we headed through to Ilkley. What a rather nice little town. We decided that if it could see the sea then we would retire there. But it can’t, so we won’t.

Had a lovely lunch at The Wells Cafe and then I went to meet YearOfHappy and MrJohn while the missus went a wander round the shops. Lovely to meet them both for a bit of a blether and a coffee and a cake. The missus and Ghengis came and met us after a bit and MrJohn had a wee soft toy wolf for Ghengis, which as children seem inclined to do, she duly threw on the floor. Show a bit of gratitude madam!

This was another go at my new night lighting/post processing technique. Not quite as pleased with it as my first go. But it’s all a learning experience.

you: I’m not sure they ever can?
me: who can what?
you: towns
me: towns what?
you: well they don’t have vision you see
me: what on earth are you going on about
you: you said you would have retired to Ilkley if it (being Ilkley) could see the see. I fear you will never find a retirement destination if that is your major criteria. It’s impossible. You see?
me: I see. You pedantic git.

Sep 19 2013

Thursday 19 September 2013: When Ghengis met Audrey

Through to Manchester today to meet up with LadyPride and wee Audrey, and A was there too for a bit which which was great. As tiddlers seem to do, they mostly ignored each other. Ghengis threw her (not inconsiderable) weight around when Audrey had a toy she wanted though. Wee monster. To show she’s a good un’ at heart though she gave Audrey an un-prompted kiss and a cuddle goodbye as we were leaving, which was as cute as anything.

After a nice wander and a bite to eat and a blether we left them to it. And went to hell on earth. Also known as the trafford centre. That place is incredible. It’s so big. And so busy. On a school day? Doesn’t anyone work? The apple shop was permanently mobbed. I just don’t get it.

Had a play with the lumia 1020, my (probably) next phone. Very nice. I’m still swithering over the cost. It’s just too much money when I’ve got used to a tenner a month.

you: you know where she get’s that from then
me: what?
you: the weight.
me: from eating too much bread?
you: no, from your lardy genes. And stop going on about this new phone
me: I’ve mentioned it twice. That’s hardly "going on"
you: more than once is going on. Buy it or buy not. There is no in between.
me: thanks for that yoda

Sep 18 2013

Wednesday 18 September 2013: Swish (holiday day 4)

After our usual incessant dithering about where to go and what to do, we finally decided to head over to Ripley Castle. It was further away than we had initially considered, but we’d had enough of looking at leaflets so off we went.

As we pulled in to the car park I realised we’d been before. Doh.

We had a nice lunch though. Although these days we find ourselves wolfing it down just so that we get some, as Ghengis continually points and grunts at our food and the only way to shut her up is to give her some of your sandwich. The other day I got soup and a roll. But I didn’t get a single bite of the roll. Wee madam.

Shortly after this photo she had her socks and shoes off and was sitting on the edge of the flower bed kicking her feet in the dirt. We couldn’t get her out. We tried walking off and saying cheerio. She just turned and waved then went back to kicking. She looked like a wee street urchin with filthy feet when we left.

you: you didn’t really
me: what?
you: visit somewhere you’d been before
me: I’m afraid so.
you: I’d expect that sort of idiocy from you. But the missus?
me: I know. We were just leaflet/googled out.
you: Why didn’t you go to the Ingleton Waterfall trail and get some nice photos.
me: because argos doesn’t sell child carrier rucksack things.
you: what?!
me: I know. I thought argos sold everything too!
you: that wasn’t the source of my what. It was the utter randomness of your response.

Sep 17 2013

Tuesday 17 September 2013: I feel…

…tired, oh so tired. Ghengis was stirring from 5am. I say stirring. I mean howling. In short bursts and then going back to sleep.

Still, it’s not quite as windy as the last couple of days, so that’s a blessing. It’s still p’ing down though, so that’s not.

This arvo we went for a look round East Riddlesden Hall. We went with the aim of having a bit of lunch in the cafe there first. But they stopped serving soup and stuff at half two, and we didn’t get there till three. Who stops serving lunch at 2:30? So until tea time I had consumed nothing but scones. Scones for breakfast. Scones for lunch.

Each room had a member of staff in, and as we left each one Ghengis gave them a massive wave, which they all seemed to like. She liked the duck pond too. Standing pointing and snorting at all the ducks. She didn’t seem quite so keen when they came to within touching distance though, grabbing for her mammies leg.

you: who doesn’t?
me: doesn’t what?
you: stop serving lunch at 2:30. You arrived at 3, that’s virtually tea time
me: They should work to Ghengis’ time
you: or you could try working to ‘everyone else on the planet time’
me: you tell her that then.

Sep 16 2013

Monday 16 September 2013: No chance of escape.

Another wild day. Not in terms of excitement, but totally rank weather.

We headed through to Skipton to go and take a look at the castle. Challenge 1 was finding lunch. We had consulted trip advisor to find well reviewed locations. Finding them wasn’t a problem. Finding one that wasn’t either upstairs or super pokey with no room for the buggy was. It got so annoying we contemplated going to Greggs because they had some seats. In the end we found somewhere that was awright. And it had a wee fish tank, so we told Ghengis we had taken her to the aquarium.

The castle was pretty good and worth a visit. Ghengis enjoyed running round all the big rooms. And sitting on one particular step that we had quite a problem getting her to leave.

New series of Australian masterchef has started. It’s so much better than the UK version. Why we don’t just use their format I have no idea.

you: it wasn’t just contemplation was it?
me: what?
you: you went in didn’t you?
me: where?
you: Greggs
me: No!
you: Yes. You did. You are on holiday in a new town with lots of nice little eateries, and you went to Greggs
me: we were getting fed up of trying to find local places as we often do with too much dithering
you: and there wasn’t a mcdonalds visible
me: exactly
you: you are so lame
me: there weren’t any spare seats. What does it matter
you: it’s just very very sad .

Sep 15 2013

Sunday 15 September 2013: They’re Greeeeeaaaaaaaattttt!

Check it out. Heart attack milk and frosties. I can’t wait for breakfast tomorrow. In fact i might not. Suppertime isn’t very far away.

Totally rank day today. It’s been blowing a gale and pi$$ing down almost the entire day. It brightened up fir a bit as our guests were leaving. So hopefully they got a better drive home. JH and his missus came round for afternoon tea. We weren’t entirely sure what afternoon tea consisted of in these parts, so while I had a nap on the sofa the missus made some nice sarnies. Together with the cream cakes and muffins we got at the supermarket I think it would have passed as afternoon tea anywhere you like.

And that was day 2. A trip to the supermarket to spend a fortune on not a lot. A nice afternoon with friends. And a night on the sofa eating leftovers and watching telly.

you: hang on minute!
me: what?
you: while you had a nap you set yer missus to work?
me: it wasn’t like that!
you: so how was it?
me: nice. Tney were tasty
you: not how were the sanwiches moron. How is it that yer missus made the sandwiches
me: eh, bit of bread, bit of margerine, some filling, another bit of bread, you know, just the normal way
you: I give up.

Sep 14 2013

Saturday 14 September 2013: Who would live in a house like this?(holiday day 1

I got the roofboox so that packing would be easier and the car would be less rammed. How is it then that the car is just as rammed, yet the roofbox is full too? What the freak have we got in all these bags? Ach it doesn’t matter, we’re off. And this is our kitchen for the week.

The drive down was ok. It’s the way we used to come when I was wee and we were off to visit Granny in Colne. I don’t remember the roads being quite as twisty. Those holidays were spent mostly sitting waiting on teletext to do it’s once a day update to get new jokes and kids news. I think this holiday might be the same…. There’s no frickin wifi! WTF? How am I meant to survive? There’s a 3g dongle so at least I can get the laptop online….if i stand in the window.

The house is lovely. And it doesn’t creak like last holiday.

So. Here we go. A week of inconvenience coming up.

you: teletext?!
me: aye we didn’t have it at home so going to Granny’s was a treat
you: and you would sit waiting on it to update?

me: pretty much
you: so you were just as dull in childhood. And were you just as miserable too?
me: me? miserable?
you: aye. Who else would go on holiday to what looks like a lovely house and call it a week of inconvenience
me: that’s the definition of "holiday" though isn’t it? You haven’t got your stuff. You don’t know where anything is, and did I mention there’s no wifi?
you: you miserable git.

Sep 13 2013

Friday 13 September 2013: Up my street (3)


Mini gym with Ghengis this morning. She wasn’t for going and playing, she just kept wanting me to pick her up and give her a cuddle. Which is nice. But not when I’m paying for her to be somewhere playing. Go and play dammit!

Then Doog arrived and once Ghengis was awake we went out for some lunch. He’s in the process of buying his first hoose. Hope it works out. I guess it looked a bit "my two dads", the pair of us out walking around with her. It reminded me of a scene on a plane in Modern Family.

Tonight we have spent most of the evening watching last weeks Xfactor, which was fine as we’re both tired and the missus isn’t feeling great still. Think we are gonna secretly enter Jenelope next year as she’s a better singer than half of them that get through.

you: not very secret now is it
me: what?
you: you secretly entering Jenelope in the xfactor
me: aw baws
you: indeed.

Sep 12 2013

Thursday 12 September 2013: Damo

Lovely and warm for my lunchtime wander. I was hoping it would keep up seeing as I’m on holiday next week (cue cries of disbelief). But it hasn’t. It’s raining.

The new phone I want has finally been released. The nokia 1020. But I don’t think I can bring myself to take out a 2 year £34 a month contract. Decisions decisions.

Did a bit of exercise tonight. Insanity is a dim and distant memory. I found it really tough and am knackered.

I think part of the problem is all the indian contractors at work. Not the contractors themselves, they are a good bunch. But the indian sweets they bring in. I can’t stop eating them. My motto has gone from "don’t ever eat anything that’s brought in" to "I’ll have one indian sweet and that will do, just to try something from another culture", to "give me more…..all of it….I don’t care that it’s 60% sugar and 40%butter". After this holiday I’m going back to approach 1.

you : or you could just have a bit of willpower
me: and what might that be?
you: approach 2 sounds pretty close to the mark
me: I can’t do it. I just can’t. They are so tasty.
you: and who are you trying to kid about not getting the phone
me: myself?
you: and that will be the only person you fool.

Sep 11 2013

Wednesday 11 September 2013: Terrible photo. Awesome tree.

Check it out! Look at all those colours on one tree. I love autumnal colours. Such a shame we missed "The fall" both times we were in eastern canada. I think my head might have exploded had I been able to see all those trees in red’s and yellow’s. I love trees. Not sure I’ve mentioned that before?

Continuing to watch The Hunger Games and continuing to enjoy it. Might get to the end on the train tomorrow.

Got new PC’s at work today. Finally we have some machines that are up to the job we’re asking them to do. The previous ones were a joke. What else is a joke is that these new PC’s have been sitting in one of our warehouses since last November! So while they were top spec when they were bought they aren’t any more. Ridiculous.

Started getting set up to write apps for android tonight. Now I just need a decent idea.

you: you have.
me: what?
you: said you love trees
me: oh
you: and I didn’t care then, and I don’t care now.
me: you should love trees too.
you: don’t get me wrong. I like trees. But I don’t feel the need to go on about it.
me: ok ok settle down.
you: And it’s never going to happen
me: what?
you: you having a decent idea.

Sep 10 2013

Tuesday 10 September 2013: Behind schedule

An exciting lunchtime wander to buy some "Thunderbolts". Self tapping bolts for anchoring into concrete. How exciting is that? No? I got them from Murray’s Tool Store on Morrison St. It’s a wee hardware shot I’ve used on several occasions over the years. I have no idea how it survives given it’s location. But I’m glad that it does.

Out for a few jars to progress the tour. I made it to more pubs than I have managed for a while. 4. But by half 8 I was getting sleepy.

Having read The Hunger Games trilogy earlier in the year I decided to watch the film. Watching a movie doesn’t half make the train ride pass quickly. Seems good so far. The only bit that’s annoyed me is why did they change it so that Primm gave Katniss the mocking jay pin rather than the Mayors daughter?

you: what’s exciting about that?
me: what’s not exciting?!
you: it’s bolt’s. For in concrete.
me: see, now you get it!
you: No. I don’t. It was just a statement.

Sep 9 2013

Monday 9 September 2013: X6

While walking past and admiring wondering at the utter pointlessness of the BMW X6 in general, I noticed this wee fella having a wander on the bonnet.

Beemer passed it’s MOT so the effort I put in at the weekend was worth it.

I ran a mile today. I haven’t run in years and years and years. And might never have run that far without stopping. I say I ran. It was probably more of a jog.

you: any particular reason?
me: for what?
you: you breaking in to a run
me: I was being chased by a pack of wolves.
you: thought that might be the case
me: and a flock(?) of terrifying eagles
you: ah yes, I’d heard there was an issue with them in falkirk
me: and an oompa loompa with a gun

Sep 8 2013

Sunday 8 September 2013: Double trouble (2)

backblipped yesterday with a half decent photo if anyone cares.

Got a decent nights kip. Ghengis wasn’t for settling at one point so I brought her in with me, and she slept curled up in her sleeping bag like a wee mouse beside me all night. Cute as a button. Except cute buttons don’t slowly shuffle towards the edge pushing their daddy out.

A morning playing with the bairns, then an easy drive back down the road. Followed by another couple of hours messing about with the frickin car. The skoosher bottle for the beemer is the stupidest design on the planet meaning it’s impossible to get the slime out that has built up in there blocking the pump. And to get to the pump you have to take all the arch liners out. Anyway, pump cleared, if it fails it’s MOT it won’t be for skooshers or indicators not working.

Out on the bike this arvo with one intention: to beat my PB for my 12 and a bit mile loop. Which I did, by over a minute and a quarter. Which would have been perfect, had it not left me 16seconds off breaking 40mins. So that’s the next target. 18.2mph average.

you: another job you should have left to the garage then
me: no way. That would another £100 down the pan.
you: it would have saved you time though
me: ah, but each year I do it I get faster
you: through practice?
me: no, each year I seem to have a few more screws left over. So it’ takes me less time to get them out.
you: by that reasoning you may as well leave some of the wheel nuts out
me: aye well it has 5, that’s probably overkill. We’ll see how it gets on with three

Sep 7 2013

Saturday 7 September 2013: W.E.

Ghengis and I headed up to W.E to see K K and Lottie. And Jenelope came up too. We went along to a garden centre with a playground that had huge bouncy pillow things. I was having great fun….until K pointed out that I was bouncing Ghengis and Lottie out of control and off the bouncy pillow thing. We went on the zip slide too. And the slides. But Ghengis wasn’t a fan of the swings today. She did however like taking handfuls of the sand that was around the bouncy pillow things.

Bit of telly, bit of playing with the babies, bit of tea, fall asleep on the sofa watching Lake Placid. Which is a film that’s worth a look if you like nonsense B movies. I like it.

you: pillows?
me: aye bouncy pillow things
you: your description isn’t helping any. What are you talking about?
me: they had these huge inflated pillow like things in the ground, and they were bouncy
you: Oh! Bouncy pillow things. Why didn’t you say.

Sep 6 2013

Friday 6 September 2013: Sealed unit.

The indicator on the car was playing up. It appeared one of the 15 led’s was causing the others to misbehave. Two days before it’s MOT! BMW don’t repair things like that. They say the whole rear light cluster is a sealed unit, and charge something like £260 to replace it. Put it this way, mine isn’t sealed any more. Well it is, but not the way it left the factory.

I took it all to bits, identified the problem LED and had a go at sorting it. It was obviously just a loose connection as a bit of pressure brought it back to life when attached to a battery, but it was a surface mount component, too small for my clumsy soldering skills. Took it to an electronics repair man (who used solder as fine as a hair!), £5 later and it was sorted. £1 for some 2 part epoxy resin. £1.80 for some silicone sealant. Job done. Take that BMW ya scamming gits!

Not the day I had planned though. The inlaws were looking after Ghengis so I had a big cycle planned. That didn’t happen. Did 33 miles though.

The photo is of The Kelpies under construction. They are going to be pretty impressive when complete.

you: what about your time?
me: what time?
you: your time.
me: what do you mean?
you: doesn’t your time have a value? How long did you spend faffing with the car?
me: about 3 hours total I guess
you: right, so what do you value your time at?
me: £1M an hour
you: So your tight-git repair cost you £3,000,007
me: damnit!

Sep 5 2013

Thursday 5 September 2013: Just another train blip

But it shows what I believe is called the parallax effect. See how the posts of the railing appear to be at an angle? In real life they aren’t. But as a result of the high speed of the train and the scanning nature of the way the phone takes photos, it looks as if they are leaning. Interesting huh?

We finally managed to make it to climbing again. Managed a full route of the overhanging comp wall. Pleased with that. Almost every hold was a jug, and the route didn’t go on to the horizontal top section….but I still finished it.

The missus got wiped out by whatever bug she has today and she came home from work at lunchtime. I hope Ghengis doesn’t get it…..or me.

you: not really
me: what?
you: your parallax effect, not very interesting
me: well I think it is
you: that’s because you wrote it. The majority of what you write is of no interest to anyone, even yourself probably.
me: I bet at least one other person will find it interesting
you: Whatever. And nice sympathy for your missus "I hope I don’t get it".
me: I did say "aww, poor chook" to her
you: referring to her with australian name for a chicken. Sympathy at it’s finest

Sep 4 2013

Wednesday 4 September 2013: The missus

Or what she says she feels like. She’s full of the cold.

Ghengis and I are fine…so far.

Apparently at nursery today the other kids didn’t like the tuna mayo pitta pockets they were given as a snack. Ghengis did. So she had three. Go on girl!

Currently trying to convince the missus we ought to buy a b&b/hotel back down where I’m from. It’s on the market at £550k. I reckon we could make a good go of it. And if not it’s garden runs right down to the sea, so I’d be quite happy sitting watching the water and the boats…..ignoring the massive mortgage.

you: you as a hotelier?! Don’t make me laugh!
me: what’s so funny about that?
you: you have all the personality of a wet fish
me: what kind?
you: what kind of what?
me: fish of course
you: eh….
me: see. You don’t know do you. Maybe I have the personality of a clown fish. That would be ok in the hotel industry?
you: what? Depressed and hiding your misery behind a fake smile?

Sep 3 2013

Tuesday 3 September 2013: Blinding

Just a super quick jar after work tonight so I could get home to chuck Ghengis in the bath. Napoleon continues to do a cracking job of the pub tour write ups. Brewmook, if anyone cares. Both rules lists were there tonight. I hadn’t seen one of them before, highly amusing.

Ghengis has added the "shake of the head" to her repertoire…which so far just consists of nodding. But she’s getting there. I haven’t seen it as a response to a question yet, but I’m sure I will soon enough. Probably directly after "Ghengis have you seen that twenty quid I left on the kitchen table?"

you: how delightful, "chucking" your daughter in the bath
me: well I didn’t literally throw her obviously
you: you dropped her?

Sep 2 2013

Monday 2 September 2013: Healthy eating.

Met Fat Mungo for lunch today. We ended up going to Subway, where I got a foot long meatball marinara sandwich with extra cheese. We went and sat on top of the museum to eat. It was windy, but nice to be up there to see the skyline. Note to self though, meatball marinara sandwiches are a pain in the bahookie to eat. Thought the security guard was going to chuck us out, but he just wandered by. Took todays photo through the telescope that is up there.

I forgot there was an implementation today that I’d said I’d stay in to support. They ordered in pizza, of which I certainly had my share.

So not the healthiest of days all in all. But I enjoyed it all, that’s the main thing.

you: tell that to yer arteries
me: I’m sure they enjoyed it too
you: so it would appear your health drive of the last few months is well and truly over.
me: it would appear so
you: you’re ability to see your feet won’t be far behind if you keep this up.

Sep 1 2013

Sunday 1 September 2013: Static

If this weekend was an episode of Friends it would be entitled:

"The one where everything was an argument". From curtain rails to diced potatoes.

Best forgotten about. What a waste.

you: only you could argue about diced potatoes
me: it takes two to tango.
you: and isn’t that a digital radio, hence no static?
me: don’t you start!