Aug 31 2013

Saturday 31 August 2013: Oh pi$$

Not again. When will they stop making it? When will we stop watching it? (at the live rounds is the answer to that one). Ach a few bits made me smile I suppose.

Spent the afternoon howking about under the floor trying to work out where to route some network cables and fit some other gubbins. Bit of a wander. Fish and chips again for tea, and that was that.

Oh. But as I left the chippy I saw my favourite bit of automotive DIY in a while. It was a "roof rack", presently carrying 2 large ladders. It was 2 bits of timber, with large screws protruding from them which went in to the roof of the car. Genius.

you: go and do something more interesting then if you don’t want to watch it
me: I kind of did, I sat and tried to work out where to move my ISA too
you: ooh, saturday night with you is a proper party. So where are you moving it to?
me: nowhere. I got too stressed out looking and ditched the laptop
you: how can looking for an isa stress you out?
me: anything involving money stresses me out
you: that reminds me, you owe me a fiver
me: agghh!

Aug 30 2013

Friday 30 August 2013: No!

Ghengis sweetie, I don’t care what Prince George has promised to give you, you’re both too young to get married….

…..what? He says he’ll make me a knight? And give me an estate? Where do I sign?

Took Ghengis to mini-gym again. There was too much dribble splattered around on the floor. A load of the wee boys had their cowboy style neckerchief dribble catchers on….they didn’t seem to be working.

you: I don’t think cowboys wore them to collect dribble
me: no perhaps not.
you: and would you really sign Ghengis away for a knighthood and an estate?
me: does the estate have a long drive with mature deciduous trees lining it?
you: for the sake of argument let’s just say it does.
me: eh….no…no…..of course I wouldn’t……Are they beech trees.
you: that was hesitation, repetition and deviation. It’s Mallet’s mallet for you.

Aug 29 2013

Thursday 29 August 2013: Oh dear….

….another back garden blip. It’s been one of those weeks.

Caught up with Monochrome for a quick blether in the gardens at lunchtime and that was about it. Steven had to work so that was climbing off. And Sutin has reduced the distance of our next cycle so I didn’t even bother getting on the turbo.

Spent the evening trying to sort out my backup process which appears to have been failing silently.

Ghengis kept waking up through the evening. I’m not sure if me going in to her dark room with my ancient schwa corporation tshirt with the big glow in the dark alien face on it was helping matters.

you: is the cycle going to be any more than your usual 30 miles?
me: think we are just gonna go for 80 miles or so and find a route with some nice hills and scenery
you: and you don’t think you ought to do a bit of training
me: I’ve thought about this
you: and?
me: I think if I watch a few stages of La Vuelta I should be fine
you: idiot.

Aug 28 2013

Wednesday 28 August 2013: The secret garden

A whopping 6 miles on the turbo trainer tonight. I was going flat out though so it was pretty tiring.

Ghengis’ new trick is nodding, in a very slow and exaggerated fashion. Normally she only does this in response to a question to which a positive response would be expected or desired: "Shall we get your breakfast?" "Are you going to be a good girl today?". But not always: "Are you going to get up at half five in the morning again?".

Went a wander round the botanics with Sutin at lunchtime. He showed me things I’d never seen.

you: what kind of wander were you on exactly?!
me: just a wander around the garden
you: well the way you have written it makes it sound seedy and all wrong
me: it was a bit seedy.
you: what?!
me: there were conkers
you: that statement doesn’t really help matters
me: what?! They’re seeds. The beech tree’s had seeds too.
you: ok ok I see what kind of seedy you meant. And what else did he ’show you’?
me: a big hedge with doors cut in it
you: ok. And?
me: eh, the queen mum’s wee house thing with cones on the roof
you: ok. And?
me: a dark passage
you: WHAT?!
me: through the trees.

Aug 27 2013

Tuesday 27 August 2013: Early morning rainbow.

Ghengis continues to wake before 6. No idea why. It meant I got my blip out of the way early though…but also meant I was tired all day.

Bit of a wander at lunchtime, and I went and sat in HMV. I wonder how much they have to take each day in there to cover the staff and rent on Princes St. I bet they don’t come close.

Best pub burger I’ve had in ages tonight. At the Cumberland.

you: did they get the police in?
me: who? The Cumberland?
you: no HMV moron!
me: why would they?
you: a random bloke just comes in off the street and sits down, I think I’d call the police.
me: I wasn’t just sitting on the floor. They have couches in the classical music section, looking out over Princes St.
you: oh, right. I would still have called the cops. Not even because of the restraining order I have out on you, but just because I don’t like the look of you.

Aug 26 2013

Monday 26 August 2013: Stride. (2)

Marginally better day at work today. I felt like I actually created something. Whether anyone wants it is a battle that’s still to be fought.

Was going to go out on the bike tonight. That didn’t happen

Cut the new grass for the first time. I might save a few quid and just make do with the mower I’ve got until it dies.

you: are you feeling ok
me: not too bad, why?
you: you have the opportunity to spend money and you’re not going to?
me: there’s no need. The one I’ve got works fine. Why replace it?
you: call 999, or 911, or 111, or whatever the frickin’ number is these days. Medical emergency. Get out the biggest drill bit you can find, there must be pressure on his brain.

Aug 25 2013

Sunday 25 August 2013: I thought you said the park would be fun?

Summer’s back. Ignore the autumnal leaves. Today was beautiful. 21C in the garden, little in the way of humidity, and no wind.

Perfect for cycling. I got out this morning and did my 30mile loop. Can I really do another 3 of those in a row by the end of September? Averaged 16.8mph and just 2minutes off my best ever time too.

We all headed down to the new wee park I found on friday this afternoon and had a kick about with a ball and a play on the swings. All very nice.

Then I picked a shopping bag full of mushrooms from the new lawn. It looks so much better without them.

Jenelope cooked a cracking risotto and we sat outside in the last of the sunshine to enjoy it. Lovely.

you: you kicked a ball about?
me: yes. What’s wrong with that?
you: you hate football
me: yeah but it was for Ghengis’ sake really
you: and did it go in the direction you intended?
me: eh…
you: as I suspected. Stick to cycling
me: gladly.

…edit…. pic changed from a cute one of Ghengis. Apologies if you already commented.

Aug 24 2013

Saturday 24 August 2013: Living he11

Get. Me. Out. Of. Here.

Through to Edinburgh to go and see the World Press Photo Awards exhibition. Some incredible photos again. My favourites were a set of four portraits of sumo wrestlers. Black and white. Very low key lighting. They looked ace. Ghengis liked the ones of the penguins best. And the missus never decided.

Then we struggled through the crowds to get across town to meet Napoleon to wish his dad (who was with him) a happy 70th birthday. But the pub they were in wouldn’t let Ghengis in. And as they had just ordered food and had fresh pints we couldn’t move elsewhere. By this time I was pretty dehydrated, hungry, and exceeding grumpy. So going to the hell hole that was princes st was a bad move. But we had to to get to boots to get eyedrops for Ghengis who appears to have conjuntivitus again. I couldn’t take it. Too many people. I hated it. We got a taxi back to the car as it was just too stressful. I hate the festival.

Jenelope and Magoo arrived for the night. Jenelope and I did karaoke as you can get it through the tivo on virgin. Magoo and the missus looked on in disgust.

you: you? Singing?
me: aye
you: I did wonder what that cacophony was. And the festival makes town like this every year. You should know by now
me: I do know
you: so why did you venture anywhere near princes st?
me: I just don’t know. My head hurts just looking at this picture.
you: I’m going to print it out and stick it anywhere you might go. Ever.

Aug 23 2013

Friday 23 August 2013: Was that it?

I think summer is over. There has been a decidedly autumnal feel to the air the last few days. But on the plus side, I don’t really remember a summer producing such beautiful golden grass since I was a bairn, and that was a while ago now.

Took Ghengis to her first "mini-gym" session today. When I arrived there were men doing shuttle runs and carrying heavy bags and doing push-ups. I thought this seemed a bit advanced for Ghengis, so I went next door where there were other bairns. She seemed to enjoy it. I was the token dad. If anyone asks me my name I might just say Token, like in Southpark.

Through to town tonight for SC and RMc’s leaving night. It was just going to be for one or two, but there was a good crowd and the banter was good, so 5 pints and a couple of shots later I got a slightly later than planned train home. There was a man on a train with a tiny dog, and a bag full of costumes for it. I’m not sure how I feel about this.

you: you do
me: what?
you: know how you feel about dogs in fancy dress
me: I don’t
you: you do.
me: ok. I do. It’s all wrong
you: under all circumstances?
me: unless it’s being dressed as Yoda
you: and is that all?
me: or Chewbacca
you: or in fact any Star Wars character?
me: what kind of sicko are you ? A dog dressed as Princess Leia. Eugh!

Aug 22 2013

Thursday 22 August 2013: Doesn’t look much like a climbing wall.

Steven and I set off to go climbing tonight and just before we got on the motorway I remembered Ratho is closing early all the time for some festival show. So we came back home and took the bikes out into the woods for a bit of a spin. I’ll text him in the morning to check he’s still alive as it wasn’t his usual kind of cycling terrain.

Was nice to get out in the woods for a bit though. Saw a deer, and a buzzard. Always nice to see a bit of (live) wildlife

The rx8 appears to have a puncture. Very annoying seeing as it’s only done about 200 miles this year. One of my bikes has a puncture too. It’s probably done more miles than the car though.

Last day with two more guys at work. They seem to be dropping like flies. I didn’t enjoy work today, found it a real struggle

you: why? because you didn’t get to go on a jolly like yesterday?
me: partly
you: and the other part?
me: I dunno, I just found it a real struggle.
you: had your crayons melted?
me: may as well have done.
you: aw, poor wee rxs couldn’t colour in properly. Get a real job.

Aug 21 2013

Wednesday 21 August 2013: Mojo mojo mojo King Bee.

I’ve been wanting to re-play Gitaroo Man for a week or so now. So tonight I did. And it’s still ace.

Random day at work today. A bit in the morning, a presentation, a bit more after that, then lunch, then the rest of the afternoon was spent either doing a photo treasure hunt around edinburgh, or once that was done it was a pub quiz. No idea who bought my beer, but it wasn’t me.

you: in other words you’ve been fired
me: no!
you: sounds like you have
me: why?
you: because is that not exactly what you’d have been doing if you were fired?
me: aye I guess so.
you: I’ll see you in the dole queue
me: it wasn’t just me, there were about 50 of us
you: you’d better get up early then
me: why?
you: because it sounds like it’s going to be along queue.

Aug 20 2013

Tuesday 20 August 2013: eeee by gum

Ghengis in her newest hat.

She’s understanding so much of what we say now it’s really cool. "Go and get your new hat". Off she goes and puts it on. "Bring a book and I’ll read it to you". Off she goes and brings back a book. "Leave that alone". Nothing. No response. No change of action.

you: Selective understanding
me: seems like it
you: much like yourself
me: sometimes
you: except in the majority of cases it’s not that you’ve chosen to not understand
me: so what is it?
you: yer just thick.

Aug 19 2013

Monday 19 August 2013: Selfie

This is what I saw when I looked in the mirror this morning. Shattered. Me, not the mirror.

Ghengis was up from about 330 – 530. Not non stop: She would go quiet for just long enough for us to think she was finally asleep and maybe we could go to sleep….then she’d start crying again. Poor wee chook. Whatever teeth it is she has coming through seem to be giving her a bit of grief, hopefully it’s over soon as I am freakin’ knackered.

Jenelope was through in town for the festival so I met her for lunch. A burger with bacon and peanut butter. Sounded right up my street, I don’t think there was enough peanut butter on it to make it worthwhile.

Then JH was in town too so a few of us from work met for a jar or two, and I had some nachos. They weren’t great. Good cheese dispersion but the condiments weren’t home made and I’m not convinced the chili was either.

Home, and in bed by 9:30.

you: 9:30? What are you? Some kind of pansy?
me: yes.
you: not even an argument?
me: no. And I think I’m coming down with a cold
you: oh no. A week of whining coming up!

Aug 18 2013

Sunday 18 August 2013: Bide yer time.

I’m not sure if this fella was asleep. He certainly wasn’t adding anything to the cafe’s coffers, as he didn’t have anything the whole time we were in there.

Through to Edinburgh for 2 reasons this arvo:

Resason 1: To see S&C who are up for a bit of festival action. Success. We met them in the National Portrait Gallery and had a nice cuppa and a blether.

Reason 2: To go and see the World Press Photo Exhibition at the Scottish Parliament. Fail. It was closed. Some pages on their site mention it’s shut on a Sunday. Others didn’t. We had checked one that didn’t. Very annoying. And just one more thing to add to my "I detest everything about that building" list.

Sutin has been getting concerned about our upcoming cycle – mainly due to my lack of training I think. So tonight I took action to allay his fears. 10 miles: Done. Just 115miles short of the requirement but I’m pretty confident I could have done 11.5 more laps. I was aiming for an average of 20mph. I didn’t hit it. 18.4. There was a bit of a breeze though

you: at least that’s your excuse
me: and I’m sticking to it
you: come on though man, you cannae let sutin down like this. Put some effort in
me: ach he’ll just have to actually do his share at the front this time
you: oh no he’s not one of them is he
me: aye totally. He just sits at the back drafting me, dawdling along eating his kendal mint cake and sandwiches
you: the whole way?
me: pretty much! Except on the climbs, and the flat bits, and the gentle inclines, and anything that’s in to the wind, and bumpy bits. He’s so selfish.
you: what you are essentially saying is that you are faster on the downhills and useless on the rest.
me: well, aye, but he should try harder.

Aug 17 2013

Saturday 17 August 2013: Not what I paid for.

I thought I was getting a lawn. Not a mushroom farm.

Another 530 rise from Ghengis. It’s getting tiring.

Started watching series 8 of Dexter. Not sure how it’s gonna pan out

you: the most interesting thing you did today is watch TV?
me: well we went in to town and got a spindle for the bannister to replace the one the previous folk broke
you: and how did that work out for you?
me: it was too short
you: pretty sure that’s no more interesting than you watching tv.
me: and we got some weed killer for the front lawn
you: that’s certainly no more interesting. So I shall bid you adieu
me: adieu, to you and you and you-oo
you: please refrain from turning my departing comment into "The Sound of Music" lyrics in the future

Aug 16 2013

Friday 16 August 2013: Chillin’…

….on ma tree stump. Bought Ghengis this wee trilby as a) it’s cute, b) she seems to like hats and c) when I get her a wee 40’s ganster suit it will look the business.

Colin and his wee lass came through today for what you might call a play date. Except there was the sum total of zero interaction between the two wee lasses. The minute O was set down on the ground she was off like bullet at a million miles an hour in whatever direction we weren’t going. Whereas Ghengis was showing some early signs of football skill. The one sport I’d rather she had no interest in. But with the full size footy ball she was off dribbling it around the park like a wee pro. I say around, I mean in a straight line.

Went down to the wedding dress shop to speak to the owner……it was shut.

you: why did you take the ball if you don’t want her to play footy?
me: good question
you: mine always are. So?
me: I thought she might enjoy it. I see the error of my ways. Don’t give her things to enjoy that I don’t want her to do.
you: So how many beers did you and Colin get through sitting in the sunshine.
me: None, we both had the cars and are responsible adults
you: so 2L of cider each?
me: aye. And a bottle of bucky for the road.

Aug 15 2013

Thursday 15 August 2013: No such thing as a free lunch.


Met JA for a bit of lunch today. She’ll never come to the canteen when I ask at work, but she’s on holiday this week so said she’d meet me at Pizza Express for a bite to eat. She even paid and refused to let me pay anything saying it was coming out of her holiday budget! I may have been a bit of a Ghengis bore. Hard not to be sometimes

The lawn got a good soaking tonight, which saved me getting out the hose. Thank you rain.

We’ve been watching a lot of an American dance show lately. SYTYCD. I have a new favourite bit of music.Nathan Lanier : Torn. I love strings.

you: You took advantage of the situation didn’t you
me: I don’t know what you mean
you: I bet you had two courses and a coffee when just a main would have done you fine
me: I did not!
you: no?
me: no I had three courses.
you: you sponging git! And some trade, tag along with you to the canteen or shout you lunch at pizza express and be bored by your Ghengis chat
me: hey it wasn’t just chat, it was a full on multimedia experience
you: scintillating I’m sure.

Aug 14 2013

Wednesday 14 August 2013: Lunchtime

Headed up to the high street for a wander with Monochrome at lunchtime. There were the usual flyer touters, the usual bloke doing his highwire type routine, and a very realistic predator costume.

Didn’t take a whole heap of photos as not much caught my eye. These dudes sitting in the sun down one of the vennels was one, and another was a dude with dreadlocks sitting on a windowsill writing. I even went over and spoke to him. He was nowt to do with the festival other than visiting. He was just back from 2 years of travelling and I enjoyed talking to him. I even asked if I could take a portrait shot. You hear that MrJohn? I spoke to a stranger and got the OK to take a photo.

Ghengis woke us at 1am, 5am, 530am and then finally I gave up and got up with her at 6 and took her down to her playroom with a pile of duvets for me to try and sleep in. It didn’t work. I find getting hit in the face with an Incy Wincy Spider book a bit of a barrier to sleep. I am freakin’ knackered.

you: I take it the portrait was guff seeing as you didn’t post it?
me: hmmm, I cropped in tighter than I should have
you: guff in other words
me: naw it’s awright. I just preferred this
you: so it was guff.

Aug 13 2013

Tuesday 13 August 2013: The incredible white hot man

Went to see David O’Doherty tonight with the boozer posse. He was pretty funny. I particularly liked the song about how Lance Armstrong was responsible for everything that went wrong in his (DOD’s) life in the years 1999-2005 (the years of Armstrong’s doped up domination of the tour de france)

First night I could have done with lights on the bike on the way home. The nights are fair drawing in…

you: could you sound any more like an old farmer leaning on a gate chewing a bit of straw
me: yaarrr
you: is that not a pirate?
me: narrr

Aug 12 2013

Monday 12 August 2013: Stairway to…

….heaven Magala Crescent

Out for a good wander at lunchtime with Sutin. Talking of lunch, today I had the lunch of champions: 2 macaroni pies and a custard donut.

For the second day in a row Ghengis woke at 5. Dunno what’s waking her, but a bit of a cuddle and she goes back to sleep….until 630….which is still too early. Fingers crossed normal service will be resumed tonight.

She’s been getting super excited about things lately, and continues to love Everything has changed (Taylor Swift & Ed Sheeran). The other night I just let the first couple of notes play before pausing it and she was instantly tuned in and ready to dance. Love it.

you: fat champions
me: who?
you: that’s the sort of champion your lunch was the lunch of
me: it tasted nice enough at the time.
you: and have you got your complaint letter about the wedding fayre sent off to the organisers yet?
me: I have indeed. I decided not to waste any more money on a stamp to them though and just sent an email
you: cheapskate. If a complaint’s worth making it’s worth making by snail mail.

Aug 11 2013

Sunday 11 August 2013: Some days are better than others

So I exhibited at my first wedding fayre today. And it was a joke. Less than 20 brides came through in 4 hours. No idea where the event organisers advertised it. But I know where they didn’t……eh…..everywhere. They didn’t even have a banner up at the gates of the venue. And the only "advertising" I saw as I drove to it were 2 scrappy wee signs handwrittenscrawled in unreadable green marker at the side of the road about 5 miles away, and then nothing else after.

As the wedding cars were leaving this one caught fire. I guess it was better leaving the "event" than coming though. And better yet there was no bride on board, and no-one was hurt.

There were no signs up internally to say where exhibitors were. There was no one greeting people as far as I am aware. The communication was appalling, they didn’t even say thanks to the shop that arranged the fashion show for them and got models and make up and stuff done!

Ach, I spoke to the other exhibitors and swapped business cards and stuff. I believe they call that networking. The few brides to be that I spoke to that didn’t already have a photographer booked seemed to like my photos and some seemed to genuinely like some of my ideas. We’ll see, I suppose something might come of it. I’m not holding my breath till it does though.

you: I wish you would
me: what?
you: hold your breath until something comes of today
me: why, do I need to brush my teeth?
you: no, well, probably, I meant it’s likely to be a long time so it would save me having to listen to you whine on
me: you listen to me whine on?!
you: I don’t whine, I give un-constructive criticism.

Aug 10 2013

Saturday 10 August 2013: The lawn

I did warn/promise that this was coming.

Mum and Dad came up to stay, baring gifts of brocoli and spuds and some other bits and bobs dad grew in his garden. The brocoli is super sweet, the spuds are ace with a bit of butter, and the other stuff will make a nice soup…or something.

Out a wander up to the masts with dad while the missus and mum played with Ghengis out back. She was laughing her wee heid off when we got back at the "peg on the nose" game. I’ve always said there is no better sound than a wee bairn laughing. It turns out there is: yer own wee bairn laughing.

Spent the night doing final prep and stressing about the wedding fayre tomorrow. Got it all finished with a fair bit of much appreciated assistance

you: nice to see you were prepared well in advance
me: I thought I was
you: except you were traipsing round the town trying to get yer final prints done in time
me: there was that
you: and you hadn’t thought about how you were going to stand yer frames up
me: there was that too
you: and you….
me: awright awright I get it. I wasn’t prepared far enough in advance.

FAO MrJohn. This was not taken through a loo roll!

Aug 9 2013

Friday 9 August 2013: Now that’s engineering.

We have a lawn! It looks ace.

Out to South Queensferry for the annual meet up with JJ and Adam. Adam has quit teaching. Not because he didn’t love it, because he did. But he hated the ever increasing paperwork, politics and ofsted bull$hit. I think that’s a real shame if passionate teachers are bailing because they aren’t able to do their jobs properly because of all the crap they get landed with. It’s the kids that are going to lose out if they don’t have folk like Adam educating them.

I love the Forth Rail Bridge. I think it’s incredible.

Did I mention we have a lawn? Maybe I’ll blip that tomorrow.

you: oh the anticipation. A photo of some grass
me: it’ll be nicer than the one of dirt last night
you: most things would be.

Aug 8 2013

Thursday 8 August 2013: Phase one complete.

So far so good. The new lawn is progressing at pace. They’ve got loads done today it seems like to me. But then there were a squad of 5 of them at it so I guess it’s to be expected.

The missus is away out tonight with uni girls. Which means I have been in charge of babysitting. ie doing some exercise and messing about on the computer.

Had a wander round the craft fair at lunchtime. A lot of jewellery. A few painters. A few other arty types, and some photographers. Have enquired about getting a stall for next time.

you: why? Have you started making jewellery?
me: no
you: painting?
me: no
you: become an "arty" type?
me: no
you: so what are you intending selling?
me: photographs obviously
you: obviously? Based on what evidence?

Aug 7 2013

Wednesday 7 August 2013: Two birds with one stone.

One : This is the roller banner I was working on at the weekend to use at my stand at the Bo’ness Wedding Fayre this weekend.

Two : this is one of the last days that my "garden" will be chips. There is a wee mini digger parked outside the house, so I guess they are going to start work tomorrow.

you: have you tried to start it yet?
me: what?
you: the mini digger
me: no, that would be irresponsible
you: tell the truth
me: of course I have!

Aug 6 2013

Tuesday 6 August 2013: Stripe

Lots to get through. Must rush:

*went for a wander in my cemetery at lunchtime and there was an invader! I went over to politely ask them to leave, then realised it was LeeAnne so introduced myself…then politely asked her to leave. ;-) Nice to meet you finally!

*couple of jars. Good nachos. £5.45. Very good value and very tasty. At the Barony. A pub that has offended me in the past but no one can remember why.

*bought the missus a wee present, and she liked it. A really cute wee lunchbox for her to take her minging gluten free sandwiches to work in

*the roller banner I designed at the weekend for the wedding fayre I am doing this weekend arrived, and I am well pleased with it

*Ghengis has apparently been super cute today. When the missus asked "shall we get your bedtime milky" Ghengis wandered off down the kitchen to her bib drawer, got out a bib and tried to put it on. Then when the missus put her to bed she said "kiss night night" which resulted in a kiss, and a big cheery wave goodbye.

*my "not training" regime continues to pay dividends. Fastest ever lap of my 14 mile loop the other night….by 6 minutes! And an average of 17.9mph

you: you sound…..cheery……what’s going on
me: dunno
you: how much beer have you drunk?
me: just three
you: is this really the effect nachos has on you?
me: seems to be
you: cheaper than drugs I suppose.

Aug 5 2013

Monday 5 August 2013: Embarrassed….

Is what I am by this photo. But it’s all I took today and I cannae be bothered to take anything else.

Climbing tonight, so I finally got round to using the new harness I bought/lost/found almost 2 months ago. Not sure it’s quite as comfy as the old one. Crushed nuts. And because it’s not climbing night I am going to be all out of sync for the rest of the week. Or maybe even my entire life

you: I hope there is a mix up in this entry and crushed nuts refers to the topping you had on your ice cream
me: if only
you: No one, myself included, want’s that information
me: well it’s out there now
you: and it can never be taken back. Much like this monstrosity of a photo…and entire blip come to think of it.

Aug 4 2013

Sunday 4 August 2013: Zoo

We took Ghengis through to the zoo this arvo. A few reasons this was a bad idea:
– it’s the school holidays
– it’s a sunday
– it was a decent day weather wise.

When we arrived the car park was full, and the street was parked up solid for about half a mile in either direction. By the time we walked back to get in the car park was no longer full.

Reckon Ghengis’ favourite thing was watching the penguins through the glass wall of their pool again. The missus liked the koalas, and my favourite thing was the wee hoppy penguins going mental when the dude was feeding them. They were hopping around all over the rocks and down into a wee tunnel at a heck of a speed. Not sure what kind they were, but they were cool

you: what were they doing?
me: hopping
you: on?
me: rocks
you: any clues to the kind they might have been in those two answers?
me: macaroni?
you: I give up.

Aug 3 2013

Saturday 3 August 2013: Way back from the chipper

Jenelope arrived this arvo with cup-cakes in tow. Almost literally she brought so many.

Chippy for tea tonight. It’s been a while, dunno why as we all enjoyed it

you: the level of information in this blip is astounding
me: back blip.
you: so. What did you do?
me: how on earth would I know, it was 3 days ago?!

Aug 2 2013

Friday 2 August 2013: Come on Ghengis….

…it’s time to go home. I just like the way it looks like she is stomping off in the huff. She wasn’t. She was having a ball on the promenade at Portobello.

We were through to get the beemer serviced. I’d chosen the edinburgh garage even though it was 30mins further away as they said it would be done in 90 minutes. Which meant I knew what was going on and could work around it with Ghengis. When 2hr15 mins later I was still waiting I was not a happy bunny. I won’t be using them again.

It also meant I had to cut short my visit to The Teacher’s hoose to meet No3.

Oh, and I’ve pretty much been up since 3am this morning. It would appear my subconscious is properly hacked off at not being successful with the promotion application, as that’s when it woke me up. And for the next 3 hours all my brain would do was think of witty and biting things to say in a resignation letter. I tried jotting down notes as that’s what some folk say helps them get back to sleep, but in the end I once again had to bring out the big guns: The original soundtrack to Disney’s Beauty and the Beast.

you: it wasn’t me
me: what wasn’t?
you: it wasn’t me that woke you up. I couldn’t care less that you didn’t get yer promo. In fact I think it’s funny. Loser.
me: well if it wasn’t you, who the frick was it?
you2000: that would be me. Hello.
me: oh ffs. As if my head wasn’t in enough of a mess just now you’re now both in there again
you: hey past me, how’s it going
you2000: pretty sweet dude. You ready to cause some synapse failure?
you: let’s get this party started

Aug 1 2013

Thursday 1 August 2013: Secrets

This wee memory stick on my keyring holds all of the governments secrets. If only I could get Julian Assange to answer his phone I could could them all on wikileaks.

On the subject of secrets, I realised that I have no idea at all what the largest key on my keyring is for. I can imagine the noise it makes as it goes in to the lock. But not what the lock is for. When I asked the missus if she knew what it was for she said perhaps it was for my secret life. I’m a little worried she might be right, and it’s so secret that I don’t know about it in my normal waking state.

Good morning playing with Ghengis. And tonight she decided herself that it was bed time (at the correct bed time). She pointed at her room and the minute the missus carried her in she started arching her back to be put down in her cot! Now if only she’ll kip till 7 rather than 6.

you:slow day?
me: what makes you say that?
you: you’re just making crap up about government secrets and wikileaks
me: oh yeah, that would give it away
you: and the key thing?
me: oh no that’s all real. I have no idea what it’s for
you: good. You haven’t worked it out
me: worked what out?!
you: oh nothing, nothing, forget I said anything…..
me: woah hang on a minute!
you: bye now, goodbye, see you later….