Jun 30 2013

Sunday 30 June 2013: Skyline

A much better nights kip in the upgraded room. Hurrah. Out for breakfast to Browns. I wasn’t allowed to get a bloody mary.

A bit more reminiscing around town then home to find a houseful of folk. The whole of my family in fact. Little L and Ghengis standing in the window in matching dresses was super cute. But Ghengis wouldn’t have anything to do with me which was most annoying. She walked across the room to get to the missus though. Pocket money: docked.

All in all it was a lovely weekend with the missus, even if we did miss the wee monster a bit.

you: are you sure it was lovely? You seem to just have moaned about it
me: no, it was lovely. Just some things weren’t as good as I wanted
you: the room, both evening meals, the museum…..
me: ok ok. I’m coming down with a cold so I’m not in the best of moods
you: and this differs from normal how?

Jun 29 2013

Saturday 29 June 2013: Room with a view (2)

So we both had a shocking nights kip last night. Unacceptable at £180 a night, so I went down to see if they had another room for us yet. They did. Another upgrade. Result. And an even better view of the castle.

Breakfast at Ryan’s was a bit of a disappointment, then off up to the museum on chambers street. Neither of us had been in the new bit before. It’s a bit hard to find your way around. We both liked the views from the roof terrace though.

Then the missus wanted to reminisce on where she lived as a student, so we headed off down to buccleugh st and then back along clerk st. She couldn’t remember many of the shops really, but "Edinburgh Bargain Stores" was as awesome as ever.

Out to Cafe Andaluz for tea. I’m not generally a fan of tapas as it’s too expensive, as this was, but we enjoyed it more than last nights tea.

Up to the Bow Bar to meet Napoleon and Esme for a jar, and that was that. Another day of our holiday done with.

you: nice.
me: what?
you: for your anniversary you take your missus to a free museum, then to a shop with "bargain" in the title, then to an old man’s boozer to meet your mates
me: but that’s what she wanted to do
you: are you sure?
me: yes
you: really sure?
me: stop sowing seeds of doubt
you: I’m not sowing them, they are already there, I’m just peeing on them to make them grow
me: nice.

Jun 28 2013

Friday 28 June 2013: Happy Annieversary

10 years today we got married. 10 years! Mental. So this arvo mum came up to take over Ghengis duty for the weekend and we headed off for a nice weekend……in Edinburgh…..in the hotel next to my office. It’s a 5*. But you could still literally see the desk 2 over from mine from the corridor.

After several emails, I finally got a response to say that my request for a room with a castle view had been met. Awesome. We arrived, sat on the bed, and it was creaky. Nothing in a 5* hotel should creak. I complained politely, there wasn’t another room they could move us to.

So we headed out for dinner to The Honours. It was nice. But at £160 we should both have been blown away. We weren’t. They brought this plate out and I said it was a lovely gesture but annieversary shouldn’t have the extra ‘e’ in it. The missus gave me hell for that.

Went in to a bar to get cocktails on the way home and by the time I came back from the dunny we had both decided we couldn’t be bothered. So by 9pm we were back in the room with a bottle of prosecco and some crisps, and proceeded to pull the chairs in to the floor-to-ceiling windows and people watch. "What is she wearing" "Why does everyone appear to be carrying a tuba?"

you : you moaning git!
me: what now?
you: someone does something nice for you and you complain
me: but it wasn’t spelled correctly
you: aye, like you’re the king of spelling
me: I know I know, but I don’t wheel out my mistakes in an expensive restaurant. And I was just pointing it out in case they had someone in that kicked up a stupid fuss
you: what? Like you?!
me: but, I said it nicely.
you: Moaning. Git.

Jun 27 2013

Thursday 27 June 2013: There they go.

Well that’s that then. My last day of working with this motley crew as they finish up tomorrow. FW is off to become a full time employee. JS is off to sit on the couch and watch telly. They know a lot. Work’s gonna be tough without them there.

Anyway, this is them with the leaving gift I got them

you: you got them a box of cereal.
me: not just any cereal
you: cheerios
me: no. Cheerio. Do you see what I did there?
you: yes, you scribbled the ’s’ out with a biro
me: no, I meant I made a funny
you: hilarious. I’m sure they were delighted. They give you a year of support and knowledge. You give them a box of cereal. Nice trade.

Jun 26 2013

Wednesday 26 June 2013: Chive talkin’

Another fitness test tonight. I managed to improve on everything….barely again in some instances. Two weeks left and I’m done. Without doubt I have never been as fit tired as I am now.

Getting to the pointy end at work. The two guys in the team with the bulk of the knowledge leave on Friday, so tomorrow is my last day working with them. Better extract their brains and keep them in jars I guess – eventually I’ll work out how to wire them up to my desk plant and be able to ask it questions, a bit like "Uncle" in "the adventure game"

you: did you really?
me: what?
you: title this blip "chive talkin’"
me: looks a bit like I did, aye.
you: that has got to be up there with the worst ever. And what are you talking about, "Uncle"
me: remember, that plant that used to shake when it was angry
you: no
me: you do. It was on a pillar and it moved about
you: No. Stop talking, you just sound weird.

Jun 25 2013

Tuesday 25 June 2013: *MUEL GIL* Rope maker.

This gravestone claims the dude was a rope maker. I reckon the mason got him mixed up with a pirate.

I saw the wee wren in the cemetary again, but had the wrong lens on. The wrong lens being the new one I accidentally bought today. I say new, it’s second hand, but new to me. 50mm 1.4.

you: have you decided how you want to be remembered?
me: you seem to be forgetting that I don’t intend to die
you: ok, hypothetically if you did die, have you decided?
me: hmm, a pretty sweet pirate style stone like this would be pretty good
you: oh yeah seeing as you are always off sailing the seven seas that would be a good fit….oh no, hang on, that’s not you, that’s an actual pirate
me: or maybe having a tree planted on top of me
you: nice and ecological
me: or maybe cremated. But on a bbq and everyone has to roast marsh mallows on the flames
you: you are gross

Jun 24 2013

Monday 24 June 2013: Kings

Part 2 in my series of pointless security cameras. Neither of these were above doors, or manhole covers, or anything of interest. Just watching the ground.

Ghengis was still on top blethering form. Not interested in greeting me when she arrived home – there was a man across the street that needed shouted and waved at.

Bit of a wander with Fat Mungo as he wanted to check something out in Evans. The BMC Time Machine took my fancy. At £4k though perhaps I’d better start cycling again. It’s been about 2 months since I went a decent cycle and I’m missing it.

you: stop it!
me: stop what?
you: calling a collection of crappy photos of similar objects a "series"
me: why? Plenty of folk do that
you: and you hate them for it
me: that’s only because they manage to sell them for millions
you: Bitter much? it’s no wonder Ghengis isn’t interested in greeting you.

Jun 23 2013

Sunday 23 June 2013: Pink

A bit of a wander in the woods with Ghengis this morning. A skype call with mum where Ghengis was on form. A call with K which was a bit worrying. Pick up the missus from the airport. Exercise. Fix washing machine. Make tea. Watch telly.

After all these months of Ghengis bum-shuffling around, she has decided that she can crawl too, just as she’s about to get going walking. Odd little thing. 7 steps today. It won’t be long till she’s flown the nest.

Oh, before I forget all about it, Ghengis had her first ever radio dedication the other night on Leeanne’s show after I sent a text in. "This one’s for Ghengis". Awesome, made us smile.

you: getting a bit ahead of yourself there I think.
me: where?
you: "flown the nest"? It was seven steps
me: seven tiny steps for Ghengis, seven giant leaps for…..I don’t know where I’m going with this.
you: do you ever?

Jun 22 2013

Saturday 22 June 2013: Black and white.

Took the missus through to the airport this morning to go and visit Em. Things didn’t start well when she realised half way there that I had printed the wrong boarding pass. Not the wrong one, the only one she was sent. But I hadn’t read it and neither did she. Then we got to newbridge and thought things were very busy for a saturday morning, and twigged that the Highland Show was on….so we had to queue to get to the airport.

Anyway, all was fine, they just printed her a pass. But not before we had had a stress induced barny, my fault.

So I’ve had Ghengis for the day. Good as gold as is the norm.

Tonight I finally got round to watching No Country For Old Men. Had I not read the book I’m not sure I would have stuck with it as it’s a bit slow. But I enjoyed the book, and I think I enjoyed the film. Almost…..then I realised it was a Coen Brothers film and everything became clear. It’s a long time since I’ve just sat and watched a film though

you: who could we ask?
me: ask what?
you: well you "think" you enjoyed the film. Who could we ask that could tell us definitively if you enjoyed it or not?
me: eh…
you: come on, who? If you don’t know who will?
me: ehhh… me….I guess
you: so? Did you?
me: hmmm, I, eh, I think so
you: answer the damn question. Stop sitting on the fence
me: aghhh…you’re stressing me out.

Jun 21 2013

Friday 21 June 2013: Tunnel

Still not the shot I want.

Out for a wander with Ghengis. And apart from dozing on the couch while she played, that was Friday that was.

Freakin’ knackered.

you: another worthwhile update from you, thanks
me: sarcasm?
you: sarcasm.
me: yay, I’m learning
you: yup. You’re virtually a genius
me: thanks!
you: sarcasm
me: oh.

Jun 20 2013

Thursday 20 June 2013: Est 1885

Nothing beats a pint of cold juice in the sunshine. An early departure from work today for another leaving do. It was roasting and we managed to get a spot outside in the sun at Lebowskis. I just stopped for a couple before heading home.

Also met HA for a bit of lunch. Ended up with a Big Tasty from Macdonalds and sat in the sun in the gardens. No.3 on the way for them which is exciting stuff.

you: A ‘big tasty’, fitness food at it’s finest.
me: I know, bit of a slip up there eh
you: just a bit. Strange looking juice too.
me: Juice. Beer. Lager. I’d take any of them on a sunny day
you: but preferably the beer.
me: well, obviously
you: even cooking lager which is what it appears you are drinking
me: even cooking lager. Which I like
you: there had to be someone that did.

Jun 19 2013

Wednesday 19 June 2013: Everyone’s (not) a winner

Not to be outdone by yesterdays shot of Oz, today Ghengis went out and won herself a gold medal. Apparently it was sports day at nursery. I’m not entirely sure what sport she won at, but she came home with gold, so I won’t complain. I certainly hope it’s not a case of "oh you took part, so that makes you a winner, just like everyone else". B0ll0cks. You either win or you don’t. I can’t be doing with all that namby pamby nonsense.

We were watching a new Miss Marple for a bit of random actor spotting and who should appear but Robert Webb from peep show. I can’t take him seriously in anything as I just wait on a line from Jez. It freaked me out to see him reading kids stories on the disney channel.

Bit of tea, bit of exercise (of which I am now getting very weary) and that’s it, jobs a good un. Oh, booked the Caledonian for a couple of nights for our 10 year anniversary. It had better be nice.

you: I can just see it now
me: what?
you: you mocking ghengis as you beat her at cycling/archery/jenga
me: a random selection of events you selected. Actually that sounds like my kind of triathlon
you: you didn’t deny it!
me: I won’t mock. I will point out that I won
you: and she lost
me: well, yes. But I’ll do it in a nice way
you: you better make the most of it, I doubt your winning streak will last long, old man.

Jun 18 2013

Tuesday 18 June 2013: 70.3

Oz did his half iron man at the weekend. 70.3 miles of swimming, cycling, then running. Well impressive as far as I’m concerned.

Fire alarm at work today was probably the highlight.

Good turnout at the boozer tonight. Fat Mungo and the teacher. And there was us thinking it was a quantum impossibility for them to be in the same place at the same time.

We were back in the Mercat for nachos. And I’m pleased to be able to inform you that they were back on form. The last few times we had been in there was far too much moisture resulting in soggy nachos. Tonight though they were really very good. Even the cheese dispersion was spot on. The only thing letting them down was the price. I think £8-9 tops for nachos. £10 is just pushing it a bit too far.

you: Aw jeez I thought we had escaped the incessant nacho reviews!
me: never!
you: and how exactly do beer and nachos fit in with this new, selft proclaimed, healthy rxs
me: tuesday is my night off
you: so that’s how it works is it? One night a week you can do as you wish
me: I’m hoping so….seeing as I also had half a pack of chocolate biscuits
you: fairly sure that’s not how it works
me: you think I might have lost the belt notch I’d gained
you: I’m afraid so.
me: damnit!

Jun 17 2013

Monday 17 June 2013: Busy wee blighter

Unlike someone else I know.

Spent 40 minutes in the graveyard at lunchtime. I spotted this wee dude going into a nest through a crack in a gravestone so I just stood and watched as it went back and forwards with mouthfuls of bugs. Sometimes I could see him hopping around in the grass, other times he disappeared for a few minutes before appearing back. I couldn’t get a decent photo, I’m tempted to go back with the good camera and lens for another go.

The exercise is starting to pay off. I’ve dropped a belt notch. I feel frickin’ knackered all the time though so I’m not sure if the benefits outweigh the cons. An hour a night is a bit of a commitment. Still, night off tomorrow for a few jars.

you: dropped a belt notch?
me: aye
you: you mean you bought a longer belt where the notches start further along
me: no
you: aye right
me: no seriously. Same belt, one notch tighter
you: tighter being the operative word. You’re just pulling harder. If I breathe in and pull hard I can drop 5 belt notches in a night
me: I think I’ll take that approach from now on, much easier.

Jun 16 2013

Sunday 16 June 2013: Can you not read the sign?

…get that camera out of my face!

Ghengis went out to get me a fathers day gift and came back wearing this wee jumper. I laughed my head off.

For some reason she woke at 5 this morning. And 530. And 6. She hasn’t done that in months! She must have been excited about fathers day. Or still excited from all her dancing yesterday. Whatever the reason, I gave up and she came through to my bed and fell asleep beside me. Snoring!

Out for a walk with the missus to the new ice cream parlour again. Last week we left disappointed as they had run out of ice cream. This week we left disappointed as there was no ice cream at all as their machine was broken! How many more chances do we give them?

you: I’m surprised you went back after the first disappointment
me: me too
you: do you have heat stroke?
me: it was nice today, but not that nice
you: ah maybe it’s sleep deprivation
me: yeah that might be it
you: you still had 6 hours! Man up princess.

Jun 15 2013

Saturday 15 June 2013: Get out yer bunting…

….and massive crepe paper baubles.

Down home today for Grandma’s 90th birthday party. The girls had done a grand job of decorating the hall and it was a lovely afternoon. Family from far and wide were there. And Ghengis had the time of her life dancing like a hoolie to the wee ceilidh band that were there. She danced with people, she danced by herself doing her wee circular bum shuffle, she loved every minute of it. It was amusing to have people come up and say "Hello Ghengis" because they read my blips :-)

you: but it’s not her birthday until tomorrow
me: I know. Who does she think she is? There could have been other people there whose birthday actually was today, and she stole it from them like taking candy from a child
you: you sound a bit bitter about something?
me: oh, I wonder what that could be?!
you: you didn’t get enough sandwiches did you?
me: spot on! I had to make do with cake after cake after cake. I’m a savoury man.
you: you’re an unsavoury man

Jun 14 2013

Friday 14 June 2013: Cheeky chops.

Looking after Ghengis today, as I will be every friday from now on. I was so frickin tired after a couple of late nights that by mid afternoon I was struggling to stay awake. Which Ghengis took full advantage of. She took the car out. Had a party. Ate sweeties.

you: no more detail on your day?
me: there isn’t any.
you: something? Anything?
me: eh, I managed to fit in some exercise at lunchtime while she slept
you: boring
me: and we went to tesco
you: you virtually live there so that’s no surprise
me: and I bought some star wars lego
you: Ghengis is too wee for lego you moron. She’ll choke!
me: it’s for me.
you: I don’t think your the target demographic
me: I am the exact demographic. On the box it said "for age 36"
you: 3 – 6. Idiot!

Jun 13 2013

Thursday 13 June 2013: Heart of gold.

Through to the SECC to see Neil Young tonight. Someone needs to tell him that 15 minutes of noise is not music. I agreed wholeheartedly with the chap who shouted "just play us a fkn tune!" Someone also needs to tell him that every song doesn’t need a 10 minute outro. Apart from that, I enjoyed it, especially Heart of Gold which was ace.

Left work early so I could get my exercise done before going to the gig. Wasn’t sure I’d manage it after last nights monster session. Was out for lunch with Sutin today too, so I wasn’t actually in the office all that much. Got my application in for a new job role though. We’ll see what happens this time.

I am freakin’ knackered now. 3.5hours of standing has done my hips in.

you: how old are you exactly?
me: you know full well.
you: aye, well stop complaining like an old man. "ooh, my hips hurt, there must be rain a comin’ "
me: There is rain coming. But as I said it was standing on one spot for so long that’s hurt them
you: well you should have danced around a bit to get some movement
me: not entirely sure it was dancing music
you: so you stood like a grumpy old git and clapped occasionally
me: aye, occasionally.

Jun 12 2013

Wednesday 12 June 2013: Stride.

On the way in to work this morning I stopped at all the office blocks with security guards to ask if the climbing harness I bought/lost yesterday had been handed in. It hadn’t. I figured I may as well ask in my own office….and they had it at reception! I hadn’t even made it out of the building before I lost it! Big smiles.

It was the missus’ first day back at work after 14 months off. She was surprisingly calm and relaxed about it last night, which seemed strange to me as I can’t bare to go back after a week off! She didn’t enjoy it much in the end though, mainly because people she needed to be around were off for a variety of reasons.

This also meant it was Ghengis’ first full day at nursery. One of the staff said they barely knew she was there, she just scuttled off and played quite happily by herself. While I’m glad that she’s fine, some suggestion that she missed us might have been nice. Apparently she has made me a fathers day card for Sunday. Can’t wait to see what her artwork is like.

you: who had the big smiles?
me: me!
you: yeah right. Who was it?
me: ME!
you: you don’t do smiling. You do grumping and groaning
me: oh that came later in the day.

Jun 11 2013

Tuesday 11 June 2013: He wouldn’t listen

I tried to tell him it was bad for him and if he stopped he could maybe get a bit fitter and move faster. He wasn’t interested. He said it would ruin the saying "moving at a snails pace" if a snails pace was any faster.

Met JJ for lunch. Wannaburger is the new Taste of Italy for me I think.

Bought a new climbing harness at lunchtime. Lost it at home time. Gutted :-( The zip on my rucksack burst and it fell out of my bag somewhere on the half mile between work and the station. I didn’t notice until just as the doors closed on my train. I did my best Fagin impression by calling on the hordes of urchins at my command to go and find it…..awright so I just called Fat Mungo who had a look as he left the office, and Napoleon and Esme who went and had a look on their way home. No luck. 50 quid down the pan. No doubt the sale I got it in will have finished by tomorrow too just to add insult to injury.

me: I know it’s not really funny and I shouldn’t laugh….
you: but you’re going to….
you: hahahah

Jun 10 2013

Monday 10 June 2013: Pants man

Bit of a wander with sbarlster at lunchtime. We saw the diggers in digging up the concrete and re-bar that has only just been laid for the trams. It makes my blood boil. Anyone involved in that frickin’ shambles should be locked up.

Also spotted this bit of graffiti of what appears to be a man running in his pants. He has an awfy skinny heid. And he pretty much sums up my day:

Pants, man.

you: pretty much like the photo.
me: pretty much.
you: have you stopped being a misery at home yet
me: I am trying
you: everyone’s patience?
me: I manage that with consummate ease.

Jun 9 2013

Sunday 9 June 2013: Oi, you down there

Through to Ratho for a climb this morning. We didn’t know that there was a european youth climbing competition on. It certainly explained why the carpark was full though. Watching them was incredible. Then the speed competition started. 7.81seconds was the fastest we saw to get up the speed competition wall! Incredible. Here’s a wee clip from 2011 to showsome of them in action. 2011

Another bbq tonight.

you: and did you learn from yesterday’s mistake?
me: bbq’d vegetables are not a mistake.
you: so basically you didn’t learn
me: I guess not.
you: How are you ever going to improve at anything if you don’t learn from your mistakes
me: but I like vege kebabs
you: don’t say another word
me: but…
you: zip-it
me: I…
you: zip

Jun 8 2013

Saturday 8 June 2013: Where did the sun go?

Went to the new ice cream parlour. It was too busy. They had run out of ice cream. Not an ideal situation for an ice cream parlour I wouldn’t have thought.

Ghengis had her first go in the paddling pool she got for her birthday. She seemed to enjoy splashing around anyway.

Tonight we had a bbq.

you: at which point I’m going to stop you
me: why?
you: what is wrong with you?
me: what?
you: why didn’t you clean the grill. Look at all that green mould on it!
me: eh, that’s vegetable kebabs
you: I’ll repeat my question. What is wrong with you?
me: I don’t understand
you: Meat. Meat is what goes on a bbq. Not meat and vegetables. In fact, not vegetables. Meat. Just meat. And maybe marshmallows when you are done

Jun 7 2013

Friday 7 June 2013: Curly wurly.

Up at 6 to get the missus through to hospital as we were told she had to be there by 7. She didn’t get seen until 20 past 8. Annoying. When you are paying through the nose for private healthcare you expect the communication to be good and things to happen when they say they will. It wasn’t and they didn’t. Very poor, especially considering how good recent experiences with the NHS have been.

Jenelope looked after Ghengis for us. And when we got back we all went out for lunch.

Jenelope decided to give Ghengis a few wee sprial curls for fun when she came out of the bath. Made a change from my "the only hairstyle I know is a side parting that makes you look like a wee boy but that’s what you’re getting" approach.

Another lovely sunny day. Summer has certainly been here this week.

you: hospitals 2 days in a row. Must be your go next
me: why what’s wrong with me?
you: where do I start…..
me: I meant health wise.

Jun 6 2013

Thursday 6 June 2013: Buttercups and a big hoose

Off work today to take Ghengis through to sick kids to get her hips xrayed to check all was well after the pavlik harness when she was wee(er). All was fine. So nowt now until she’s 5 at which point she’ll get an MRI.

I want a house in the grange, or morningside. Not a flat. Not an apartment. A house.

Then through to Stirling to drop her in at nursery for another ‘get her used to it’ session of a couple of hours. Which meant I had a couple of hours to head out with my camera. Because of the glorious weather I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Jenelope has arrived to babysit for us tomorrow morning. She decided to join in when I was exercising. I think I prefer her approach, she was eating a slice of pizza at the same time.

you: you’d better start saving then
me: what for? I don’t think Jenelope is that expensive as a babysitter
you: not for the babysitting you moron, although you had better pay well, for the house in marchmont
me: it doesn’t have to be huge, it just has to be detached, with a decent sized walled garden, parking for 2 cars and a double garage for my toys
you: oh is that all?
me: oh, and a conservatory wouldn’t go amiss.
you: no problem
me: and maybe a wee tower.
you: anything else?
me: a mature beech tree. Preferably a normal one, but a copper beech would be acceptable
you: sorry, I had exactly what you were looking for….except it’s an oak not a beech tree
you: hmmm, maybe I could compromise….nope, I can’t do it.

Jun 5 2013

Wednesday 5 June 2013: Through.

In 3 years of living on lothian road I didn’t know you could get to the gardens through the graveyard. Today I found out that you can. I like being back in the mothership even if I do have a crappy desk location. Being able to go for a decent lunchtime wander is nice. I liked this tree atop someone’s grave. I like trees. If I die I’d like a tree shaped gravestone.

Ghengis has had her first couple of practice goes in the nursery. Just for a couple of hours at a time to let her get used to it. Yesterday she was a bit upset. Today she apparently scooted around giving the other kids hugs. Too cute. And it has to stop. She’ll pick up ever germ in the place if she gets too close. I’ve purchased a zorb ball to keep her in.

you: hang on hang on, "if" you die?
me: yeah, I don’t really fancy it myself.
you: eh, you don’t really have a choice in the matter
me: oh aye? And who’s gonna make me like?
you: time.
me: I’ll just wind the clock back
you: do you ever venture in to reality?
me: from time to time. It smells funny.

Jun 4 2013

Tuesday 4 June 2013: Boom

It’s quite a while since I saw and heard the one oclock gun. In fact I’d kind of forgotten all about it. Glorious weather today though, and being in the mothership means easy access to the gardens. So eating al-fresco with CB was just the job

Full house at the boozer tonight. Happy days

you: What time do you call this to be heading home?
me: home time?
you: don’t get lippy with me just because you’ve had a few jars.
me: I’m starving though
you: doesn’t excuse bad manners. What concoction do you have planned for tea?
me: a couple of cup cakes. And some cold beans on toast with lashings of S&M piri-piri mayo.
you: I’m hoping that was meant to be lashings of M&S piri-piri mayo. What you typed just sounds perverted

Jun 4 2013

Tuesday 4 June 2013: Boom

It’s quite a while since I saw and heard the one oclock gun. In fact I’d kind of forgotten all about it. Glorious weather today though, and being in the mothership means easy access to the gardens. So eating al-fresco with CB was just the job

Full house at the boozer tonight. Happy days

you: What time do you call this to be heading home?
me: home time?
you: don’t get lippy with me just because you’ve had a few jars.
me: I’m starving though
you: doesn’t excuse bad manners. What concoction do you have planned for tea?
me: a couple of cup cakes. And some cold beans on toast with lashings of S&M piri-piri mayo.
you: I’m hoping that was meant to be lashings of M&S piri-piri mayo. What you typed just sounds perverted

Jun 3 2013

Monday 3 June 2013: Yellow

Another day that happened, but not much happened in it.

Wander at lunch with Sbarlster for a bit of a blether. It’s been a while.

you: full of the joys today eh
me: tired
you: that’s no excuse. Entertain me.
me: tired
you: at least tell me how the missus and Ghengis are
me: tired
you: I mean the conjunctivitis
me: oh. Both a bit better.

Jun 2 2013

Sunday 2 June 2013: Maximum security

"Sent to prison by a military court for a crime she didn’t commit, this baby promptly escaped from a maximum security stockade to the Falkirk underground.

Today, still wanted by the government, she survive as a soldier of fortune.

If you have a problem – If no one else can help – and if you can change a nappy – maybe you can hire, Ghengis."

Just thought it looked a bit like she was in a maximum security prison. In fact she’s in quarantine. Her and the missus have the dreaded pink eye. Thankfully Ghengis doesn’t have it as bad as the missus who’s left eye is basically what appears to be a puss factory.

Lovely sunny day today though.

you: thanks for the charming description
me: it’s gross. It’s just all this green gunky stuff
you: no really, no more detail is required
me: it’s sticking her eyelashes together
you: I mean it, stop!
me: it’s like…..
you: STOP!

Jun 1 2013

Saturday 1 June 2013: ‘Cause that’s how we roll.

When chores get done in this house they get done in style.

Princess frock? Check. Oversized shades? Check. Jenelope you are clear to hoover.

It was Ghengis 2nd 1st birthday party today, so all my family came up/down for the afternoon. Always nice to see everyone together. And even nicer to see Ghengis and Lottie almost starting to interact. Ghengis leaned over to give Lottie a kiss and it was the cutest thing ever.

Watched yet another BGT semi final, and as usual most of it was dross. But what Attraction did was frickin’ ace. Really clever and worth a watch even if you hate "talent shows"

you: You invite people over then have them doing chores?
me: look we’d put on a nice spread, they had to earn it somehow
you: so what else did you have done?
me: mum re-puttied the windows, dad fixed the roof. K&K polished windows, and Grandma mowed the lawn
you: and what did you do exactly?
me: someones got to check the workers are doing things right, right?
you: remind me never to accept an invite to your house.