Apr 30 2013

Tuesday 30 April 2013: Mac G5

I inherited this today. It is without doubt one of the nicest designed things I own. The engineering that has gone in to it is superb.

It weighs freakin’ loads though! I had to carry all 21kg of it in one hand while wheeling my bike with the other for over a mile. And the surfaces aren’t exactly ergonomic for one handed carrying.

Shame about the wee ding on the front, that wasn’t me. Shame about the wee scratch on the foremost ‘handle’, that was me. Typical that out of the 4 edges the one I managed to scratch is the one that is going to be visible.

Not to worry though, it will be even nicer once I’ve ripped the innards out of it and put a pc with windows on it inside. What’s that I hear? The sound of an apple fanboys tears splashing on the ground? Muh-ha-ha-ha. What’s that I hear? The sound of my blip account being terminated because Joe has read my evil plan? Damn it!

you: you can’t do that!
me: why?
you: you just can’t. It must be illegal or something!
me: it’s too old though.
you: but….but…you can’t
me: it’s a powerpc one though so I couldn’t even use it for app development
you: that and you don’t have an original idea for an app
me: well, there is that too….at the moment.

Apr 29 2013

Monday 29 April 2013: The best thing….

…about a day at work is coming home to find Ghengis standing in the window looking for you.

Work is mince. The £100 of lottery tickets should be happening this weekend. Wish me luck.

you: I assume she didn’t climb up there hereself
me: well no, obviously not, the missus is holding her up there
you: so basically she’s being held against a window against her will.
me: no I’m sure she likes being up there
you: And she’s not looking for you at all, she’s looking for the dog that lives across the street.
me: do you have to spoil everything?
you: yes. It’s my job and I love it.

Apr 28 2013

Sunday 28 April 2013: Blue

Well that’s it. A crappy week off work punctuated with a crappy photo.

Today I have:
– defrosted the freezer
– steam cleaned the grout in the shower.
– moped about
– eaten too many marinated anchovies

you: one would be too many
me: oh no I love them. Pickled fish is awesome
you: and that was really the highlight of your day?
me: yeah I guess. I opened them just before tea, just to have one.
you: and you scoffed the whole jar
me: aye, I couldn’t help it. They were so more-ish
you: No. Chocolate is more-ish. Popcorn maybe. Percy Pigs from M&S. But marinated anchovies. Just, well, no.

Apr 27 2013

Saturday 27 April 2013: Ghengis and some random.

The missus went through to town for a bit of lunch with a friend so Ghengis and I went for a wander for a while and I took her to the playpark. She liked the slide. I sat her at the top to try and get a photo and she shuffled herself to the edge and down every time.

Got a few more photos onto my site while she had her lunchtime nap.

Oh, my hip is hurting like hell again.

It seems my blips are descending into family life tedium again. That’s all my life is at the moment it would appear. What a horrible situation to be in. A missus I love and who (claims) to love me, a Ghengis that’s awesome, and a house I like being in.

you: yeah poor you
me: I know I have to do something to change things.
you: like?
me: win the lottery.
you: for that you’d need to buy a ticket
me: I’m trying to convince the missus to buy 100 quids worth again.
you: because that worked out so well for you last time
me: we were just unlucky. This time it would be different
you: ah of course.

Apr 26 2013

Friday 26 April 2013: Blink (2)

I’m opening a new school. It’s a school for actors, and it focuses on one single item. Drinking in a realistic fashion. It does my head in. They might be the greatest actor on earth, but give them a "cup of hot coffee" and they throw it back like it is a)unaffected by gravity b) impossible to spill c)requires no form of temperature checking sip. Oh, and d) they wave it around while gesticulating during conversation. Actually that might fall under b).

Anyway, moving on. If you look at the original you’ll notice something has changed. Yup, I have a new camera since last time I took this shot. Oh, and Ghengis is no longer hitching an internal lift from the missus but instead is sitting being a squirming wee madam.

All of a sudden she is being a pain in the bahookie to feed. She’s gone from eating anything and everything that was put in front of her to causing a fuss unless it came from a packet. Extremely annoying and frustrating for the missus who goes to the effort of making her food from scratch.

you: yet your waistline is expanding ever further
me: why?
you: you’re trying to tell me you don’t eat Ghengis food if she doesn’t
me: I’m not trying to tell you. I am telling you.
you: so what happened to the fish pie she wouldn’t eat today
me: oh that was delicious
you: so you ate it?
me: well I wasn’t going to let it go to waste was I.
you: which kind of contradicts you saying that you don’t eat her food.
me: but it had a tenners worth of fish in it!
you: perhaps trying to feed her a whole salmon for lunch is the problem?
me: ahhh. You know you might be on to something.

Apr 25 2013

Thursday 25 April 2013: More practice required. (holiday day 4)

Ghengis already makes marginally less mess than I do when I eat. But at least I use the right end of the spoon.

Another awesome day of holiday. Oh no hang on, it was just another day of us not feeling great.

My (only) answer to "what can we do today?" (go for a walk?) was met with the usual disdain. I’m not sure how going to a frickin’ discount village is better than my suggestion. Or going to what has to be one of the largest ASDA’s in britain either for that matter.

Went to Nando’s for lunch. I am out of love with Nando’s. There was barely any chicken in my burger, and it was too expensive

Today I decided I was going to go back to using my nokia e71. 10hours later and I am back on my samsung. I do love the e71, but I’m just too used to a decent sized screen and a bit of pace.

you: yawn
me: tell me about it
you: you are the dullest man and have the dullest holidays of all the dull people I know
me: woo hoo! Top of my game. Result.

Apr 24 2013

Wednesday 24 April 2013: Rust never sleeps (holiday day 3)

But we do at the moment. A lot. Ghengis seems to be ok, but the missus and I are still ropey, sleeping at pretty much any opportunity, and going to bed early even for a school night.

Out for a decent lunch today which almost made up for yesterdays guff. You can always count on Behind The Wall.

We ticked one item off the "things to do to the house" list, in that we got a wee lamp for the sitting room. And I added and ticked off another item, chopping the tops out of the neighbours trees as they were impinging on our view.

you: I bet he’ll be delighted to come home and find you have mangled his trees!
me: I did ask first!
you: I thought you lived by "It’s easier to ask forgiveness than permission"
me: I think you’ll find that’s you
you: oh aye. And on that note I borrowed your car and wrapped it round a tree, will you fogive me?

Apr 23 2013

Tuesday 23 April 2013: Jalepeno 2/13 (1) (holiday day 2)

This is the Jalapeño plant RobP brought in for me the other week. I have decided it is going to form the basis of a blip series.

Still feel like cack. This afternoon I slept on the floor in the back lounge for almost 2 hours. It was about 28C in there because the sun was on it. I had 2 jumpers on. This is not right.

We went out for lunch. It was exceptionally disappointing. I don’t think I have been as disappointed with a lunch in a long time. But it got us out of the house.

you: lazy git!
me: I’m ill. I’m tired.
you: I wasn’t even referring to the fact that you have a common cold yet are complaining as if you are at deaths door.
me: I maybe am. I am positive that the common cold has more impact on me
you: oh that’ll be because you are a specimen of physical excellence
me: you think?
you: NO you oversized turd.
me: oh. So what were you referring to then?
you: that you are just going to churn out a photo of yer jalapeño plant whenever you’re stuck for a blip.
me: but it’s a series. It’s arty
you: lazy. git.

Apr 22 2013

Monday 22 April 2013: Safety first (holiday day 1)

Shopping is a dangerous game. Ghengis was worried that a badly stacked can of beans might fall on her so as we went down the aisle with cycling gear she requested a crash helmet. Her wish is my command. Right up to the point we got the end of the next aisle and the missus saw it and told me to take it off her….so I replaced it with the one that looked like a ladybird.

The missus and I are both full of the cold. I went to bed at 8 last night, and slept till 8 this morning. It didn’t help. So I’m gonna give it another go tonight. Not the best first day of a week off I’ve ever had.

We had a list of things we wanted to sort out on the house this week. Today we managed:
-putting up curtain tie back things I think are pointless.
-swapping a dimmer switch for a normal one.
And I watched the new version of karate kid

you: and?
me: what?
you: what did you think of it?
me: the curtain tie backs? I already told you. Pointless
you: no the karate kid
me: the same as the tie backs
you: have you OD’d on lemsips? Answer my question!
me: I did. It was pointless. It was never going to be as good as the original. Jackie Chan, the legend that he is, was never gonna be better than Mr Miagi, and Will Smith’s laddie is too cool for school, so could never match Ralph Macchio
you: with reviews like that you should replace Claudia in Film 13. "Karate Kid was like curtain tie backs. Next film please…."

Apr 21 2013

Sunday 21 April 2013: Welcome to the house of snot

These ferns are representative of the constant streams of snot being produced by all three of us.

I fear I wasn’t the most dynamic of hosts for our guests last night, seeing as mostly I just managed to lie on the floor.

Out for a quick wander with the missus and Ghengis this afternoon, then called mum on skype and Ghengis was rather entertaining. Box over her head. Check. Pulling herself to standing then letting go and balancing for what seemed like ages. Check. And best of all, sitting at the end of the tv, looking at the front then looking at the back to see where the people were.

Early bed tonight I reckon

you: you had guests and all you did was lay on the floor?
me: it was all I could manage
you: remind me never to come round to yours
me: like you’d ever be invited
you: one day you’re gonna come home to find me sitting in your favourite seat drinking your favourite beer
me: ok you’re scaring me now.

Apr 20 2013

Saturday 20 April 2013: It sure ain’t "glamping"

Camping, all fun and games until it gets to bed time when you realise that it’s about 0 degrees. Your sleeping bag isn’t up to the job. The mat you brought adds as much comfort as a bag of gravel. The pillow you didn’t bring isn’t doing much use at home and to be frank even aforementioned bag of gravel would be an improvement. Your mates snore like chainsaws. Its so cold you are trying to sleep in all your clothes. The "flat" area you pitched the tent is at about 45degrees.

So tired today.

Nice relaxing morning though. We all had a shot in the canoe one of the guys had brought. It was nice just sitting out on the flat calm loch

As I was leaving a sea plane came in and landed and moored about 10 yards from our tents on the shingle beach. Out popped a bunch of folk who were whisked away in a land rover for some fancy lunch at a restaurant up the road. We got chatting to the pilot and gave him a cup of tea and he let us have a sit in the pilot seat. Cool.

Home now and the bro in law and his lass are round for a bit of tea. Mama oishi it is then.

you: what a whine!
me: but it was cold
you: man up princess. It wasn’t cold. You were just ill prepared
me: It was still frickin’ freezing, and uncomfortable.
you: oh diddums. And yer not just whiny, yer like a big bairn
me: why?
you: getting all excited about getting to sit in the pilot seat of a sea plane
me: but it was sooooo cooooool
you: grow up!
me: when I grow up I want to be a sea plane pilot.

Apr 19 2013

Friday 19 April 2013: There she goes

All of a sudden Ghengis is able to pull herself up to a standing position. Mainly on the tv stand, much to my annoyance. Greasy paw prints all over the screen is the best option, a toy smacked through the screen is the less attractive option. Pretty cool seeing her standing though.

Meant to be going camping tonight, not sure yet if I’ll make it up. Pretty knackered and Ghengis is full of the cold still so we’ll see how she settles at bed time

you: you’re just using Ghengis as an excuse not to go
me: why would I do that?
you: because yer a big nancy and hate camping
me: oh aye, there is that…

Apr 18 2013

Thursday 18 April 2013: Fluoro Orange.

Properly enjoyed climbing tonight. Like really really enjoyed it. So glad we have started heading back through to Ratho. I had a go at a route on the comp wall, just the the left of the rope in this shot. It’s a 6a+ lead which isn’t particularly hard compared to some of the routes in there that I will never in my wildest dreams manage, but for me I’ll be happy if I can finish it. For a first go tonight I was pleased to get out on to the roof section, it’s a bit hard to see from the photo but up at the top it goes horizontal-ish for 4 or 5 feet before going vertical again. It was ace.

Another leaver today. RobP is offski, so the team went out for a Taste of Italy lunch. He brought me in a jalepeno plant the other day, looking forward to getting some fruit off of that.

Ghengis is full of the cold, poor wee chook. But this last couple of days she has all of a sudden been really responding to what we are saying. "Where’s dolly?" and off she shuffles to find dolly. "Where’s Ba-ba?". And off she goes to find Ba-ba. And strangest of all whenever the cat comes in to the room she starts clicking her tongue, because that’s what’s the missus does to get the cat to come over.

you: Ba-ba? Not another bairn that has a favourite toy sheep?!
me: why would you assume Ba-ba is a sheep?
you: eh, because that’s the noise a sheep makes?
me: no it’s not! Sheep say "baa-baa".
you: oh right, I see the distinction
me: good
you: not really you moron! So what is Ba-ba?
me: a fluffy rabbit.
you: oh right of course. I should have known
me: yeah, ba-ba-babbit. It’s obvious.

Apr 17 2013

Wednesday 17 April 2013: Lift 7

Being shut away in the shed that I work in it’s easy to forget that it’s a frickin massive company I work for. Was up at the mothership today. 7 lifts for the general plebs and 1 more if you are going to the top floor. Hundreds upon hundreds of people. I don’t have a clue what they all do.

K+K+L were down in edinburgh buying the same car seat as us, so they came round for a bit of tea. It was ace seeing Ghengis and L sizing each other up. Ghengis was super excited, L was more interested in commando crawling around looking at Ghengis’ toys.

Right it’s nearly 10, it’s past my bed time

you: 10? Ya big baby
me: oh man I am so freakin tired at the moment. I fell asleep on the couch at half nine
you: Man up! Yer getting at least 8 hours of sleep a night
me: I know I know
you: What are you doing that’s making you so tired?
me: I have no idea.
you: I’ll tell you what it is. Eating too much.
me: That could very well be the case
you: so what are you going to do about it?
me: eh, chew less so eating doesn’t take so much effort

Apr 16 2013

Tuesday 16 April 2013: Neoprene

Napoleon turned up at the boozer tonight wearing a neoprene skull cap in the hope that it would make him a faster drinker. It didn’t work.

A change of venue tonight, it was a mistake as they didn’t serve food, let alone nachos. So we went across the road where I had a full Scottish breakfast for my tea. Then got home and had half a pizza that the missus had left and half a Hotel Chocolat white easter egg that I have somehow managed to resist until now.

you: why?
me: what?
you: did Napoloen have a neoprene bunnet at the pub?
me: he didn’t
you: and yet he appears to be wearing one
me: it belongs to Oz. He had taken delivery of a variety of items to aid him in his upcoming triathlon. This was one of them
you: let me guess, you had on the wetsuit?
me: No! He didn’t have one
you: like you would have been able to get in it anyway! Lard @ss!

Apr 15 2013

Monday 15 April 2013: Going somewhere nice?

Just doing some exercise in the garage and heard on the radio that there have been explosions at the boston marathon. Came in to watch the news and it appears some mthr fkrs have targeted the crowds. 2 people dead so far. 2 too many.

I can’t deal with stuff like this. I can’t understand it.

you: it’s also awful to watch on news 24 as the hosts try and fill in blanks based on no new info
me: aye, access to all the news as it happens is a blessing and a curse I think
you: more of a blessing
me: I guess. They had an eye witness on who was very good, he spoke calmly and factually, and he didn’t respond to questions where the host was trying to lead him
you: milatary?
me: aye, a veteran. It showed.
you: Whatever folks opinions of the forces, there is no way you can deny that all the training they do pays dividends in situations like that.
me: aye, he got people out of the way, got in, assisted the services as best he could, and got out when he was no longer adding anything, "If I’m not a part of the solution I’m a part of the problem".
you: I dare say there were a lot of other brave folk running towards rather than away from the sites to try and help
me: aye, amazing. I hope they catch the fkrs before anything else happens.

Apr 14 2013

Sunday 14 April 2013: Surely there’s some mistake?

Having a "slow" sign on a downhill section before a banked turn?

Had a nice relaxing morning lolling around on the living room floor with Ghengis. She just scoots around playing with her toys and books and comes back every so often to climb over me/hit me with a book, which I think is baby language for "read me this. Now".

Into town where we had all the excitement of getting some new socks, and a ride in the disco lift at M&S

Then out for a quick scoot on the mountain bike.

Just watched Graham Norton and Buble was on it, his new song is getting on my nerves, but he was pretty funny

you: what is a disco lift?
me: just any lift that we happen to be in with Ghengis
you: and what makes it a disco lift?
me: the missus and I sing the vengabus and dance around as soon as the doors close until they open again to amuse Ghengis…and us.
you: glad I asked. RXS and Buble in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G, first comes love….
me: shut up!
you: you’ll have to watch out or Gary Barlow will get jealous!
me: SHUT UP!
you: oooh yer blushing.

Apr 13 2013

Saturday 13 April 2013: This way.

Through to Glasgow to pick up a new car seat for Ghengis. After spending ages doing online research we decided the only way to go was to stick with a rear facing seat. Some studies suggest it is over 5 times safer for the child in a head on collision, so knowing that there was no way we could do anything else really. So we left with a nice new Cybex Sirona and a considerably lighter wallet. Seems like the rear facing stuff is starting to gain a bit of traction in the uk, whereas in northern europe it’s been the recommendation for freakin’ ages. Loads of info here for anyone looking for a new seat for their bairn.

Then we went for a bit of lunch to the Pelican Cafe. It was as tasty as usual, but rather slow for the food to come out considering we were only having fish and chips and a lasagne. We didn’t have time to nip in to the Kelvingrove museum, so are gonna go back in a few weeks when I’m off.

you: how much?!
me: aye, rather pricey. But I cannae really put a price on Ghengis’ safety now can I
you: I suppose not.
me: and she likes the way it swivels for us to get her in and out
you: she likes or you like?
me: a bit of both maybe. She did have a massive grin on her face as I spun her round.
you: looking at it all she needs is a……
me: freaky looking cat and she could be….
you: Dr Evil
me: Exactly!
you: screw the safety, it’s still money well spent.

Apr 12 2013

Friday 12 April 2013: The big white telephone

Ghengis got in late last night after a heavy session out on the booze. I walked in to find this scene as she was talking to <insert deity of choice> on the big white telephone.

Not really of course. It wasn’t late last night she got in, it was early this morning.

Not really of course. What she is actually doing is trialling her new idea for a TV show. "The toilet inspector". Once you have finished cleaning your loo she will come round and give your efforts marks out of 10. I got a nine for this one (a mark off for a pube by the hinge). The other shunkies in the house scored perfect 10’s. So far she has interest in a pilot episode from channel 5 and ITV4.

Dentist’s this morning to see about getting my chipped tooth sorted. By 1030 they were already running 45mins late. Which meant by the time I got seen I didn’t have time to get any work done as I had to go pick up Ghengis. I was not in a good mood about this.

Dad popped in for a brew on his way up to W.E. Ghengis demo’d her "one handed peekaboo" and "360 clockwise spin" moves. Reserving her new "wave at a departing family member" for when he was no longer visible.

you: nice loo seat. Oh no, I meant it’s not.
me: that was the previous owners. It was the second thing we were going to change straight away when we moved in
you: which was three years ago.
me: hmm, aye.
you: well it was the second thing on your list. The first has been completed I assume
me: changing the kitchen worktops……eh…..nope…..not done that either.

Apr 11 2013

Thursday 11 April 2013: Mr Purves Oil Lamp Emporium

Just managed to catch this old van going by on my lunchtime wander. Looking at the age of the occupants I got the distinct impression they have had it since new. Which I like the idea of a lot.

Jen A. left work today to head off to pastures new. She always had a cheery "hello" for me in the mornings as she went to her desk behind me which was a good start to the day. They [days] mostly go downhill from there, so without that in the mornings I’m not sure how low we’ll end up. The co-op had cut price "decorate your own easter biscuit" kit’s on sale so I got one and decorated a going away biscuit for her. It looked very much like an easter biscuit with BYE JEN written on it in hundreds and thousands if we’re honest

you: I can’t imagine he’s still in business
me: who?
you: Mr Purves.
me: why not?
you: surely there’s no call for oil lamps these days?
me: just goes to show how much you know. His shop is still there, and it opens once a week.
you: once a week?!
me: the kind of work hours I’d like
you: that’s roughly what you do anyway is it not?

Apr 10 2013

Wednesday 10 April 2013: More new kit

Before DB left on his NZ adventure I’d said he should pick me up a 5dmkiii and 24-15mm lens if he stopped off anywhere with cheap camera gear. He did, so last night he presented me with it.

I thought it was a rubber, but it’s better than that, it has a 8gb memory stick hidden in the lens.

you: and it probably takes better photos than you seem to manage with any of your other kit
me: it doesn’t actually work as a camera
you: neither does the rest of your kit judging by some of your photos.

Apr 9 2013

Tuesday 9 April 2013: Sly old dog.

DB is back from his New Zealand photographic adventure, so I met up with him tonight for a catch up. By the sounds of it he had a freaking awesome time, he has some incredible photos to show for his efforts, and it only cost him a small frickin’ fortune.

We went to the Abbotsford. Haven’t been there for a while with the boys so I was excited to see if the cowboy would be there. He wasn’t. At least I didn’t spot him right up to the point we were leaving. It made me smile.

As was possibly predictable I got taunting texts from Napoleon relating to the nachos at the chosen venue for the night. Because I wasn’t going the email that was sent out as part of the organisation of the evenings beers read "…..The world is our oyster since we are not bound by nacho obligations…..". Nice to know I bring a bit of structure to their lives.

you: it made you smile that man you don’t know was in a boozer you no longer drink at?
me: aye, is that a bit odd?
you: more than a bit. Freak.
me: it was just nice to know that the world is carrying on as usual.
you: and it’s not structure you bring to their lives. It’s monotony.
me: no no no. That was just Napoleon wanting to go and drink his nancy 2/3 pints at the hanging bat
you: just you keep telling yourself that
me: no no no. That was just Napoleon wanting to go and drink his nancy 2/3 pints at the hanging bat
you: not literally you moron.

Apr 8 2013

Monday 8 April 2013: Dry riser inlet.

As modern flats go I’m sure these are very nice. I couldn’t live in one though. Not any more. I’m too used to having a bit of space around me. And I couldn’t handle hearing neighbours moving around or talking, or sharing a stair well, or a communal garden, or people being so close to me generally. And I’d need about 3 of them to fit all my junk in so it could get quite expensive.

A bit chipped off my tooth today, it’s left an edge that is razor sharp and also has strange magnetic powers over my tongue. Dentist tomorrow I reckon

you: is it safe?
me: I don’t know what you’re talking about
you: is it safe?
me: what are you on about?
you: is it safe? It’s a literary reference you dimwit. And it’s what your trip to the dentist is going to be like. I suggest you go and read the *

* ten points to anyone guessing the name of the book.

Apr 7 2013

Sunday 7 April 2013: The crow road.

Today I got it in to my head that I wanted to blip The Crow Road from Lennoxtown to Fintry. Unfortunately this meant a 53 mile round trip on the bike. First decent distance ride of the year. When I got the bike out of the garage and could see my breath I should just have gone back inside. But I didn’t. The first 30 miles were quite enjoyable. The next 15 or so were miserable with a biting headwind and 4C temperatures, my hands and feet were frozen. The last bit wasn’t too bad, perhaps because I knew I was almost home. Only stopped twice and that was because of traffic lights, even all my photos were taken on the fly. Oh, and this isn’t the crow road so I didn’t even do what I set out to.

Out on the bike twice in a weekend which is a bit of a rarity. I beat my best time for my 12mile loop on Friday, not sure how that happened, perhaps i should recommend my recent diet of nachos and beer to Bradley Wiggins.

Ghengis has started putting her hands on her head when we sing "heads, shoulders knees and toes". Seeing her learn things is frickin’ awesome.

you: you went to all that effort and didn’t even take the photo you set out to?
me: I did take some. I just didn’t like them
you: so, a world class fail then
me: I still got out on the bike though. Even though I under clubbed on the clothing as usual so it was a bit of a cold few hours.
you: wrestling trunks and a bandana?
me: how did you guess

Apr 6 2013

Saturday 6 April 2013: Learning……

…. in brown cords. Ghengis looked so frickin’ awesome in her brown cords and a wee brown top with pink and orange and cream spots. Go Ghengis.

Another lovely sunny day here today. Not very warm, but a bit of sunshine doesn’t half lift the mood.

We headed down to the railway at bo-ness. There wasn’t any specific event on, we just went down and had a wander and then went along the shore. It seemed pretty nice. I think we’ll go back for more wanders.

Gave both cars a wash. That should be them for another couple of years.

you: so was that you "decidedly morose" rather than "a miserable git"?
me: what are you on about?
you: you said the sun lifted your mood. It think "decidedly sullen" is one step above your usual state
me: no that’s the name of my band
you: you’re not in a band
me: but if I was that’s what it would be called.
you: And were you responsible for dressing Ghengis today, in swathes of brown?
me: nope, the missus. Which makes it even better.

Apr 5 2013

Friday 5 April 2013: Not guilty.

Just like The Hurricane, Ghengis has been jailed for a crime she didn’t commit. She knew if she just kept herself to herself in prison that the truth would come out and she’d be set free. Failing that she has a collection of toy bunnies in there to keep her company, so if she can just perfect the spell that she reckons will animate the inanimate then she’ll get them to dig her out.

She’s been a wee trooper so far today. She played in her cot for an hour while I took photos. And only one grinding of teeth that put my nerves on edge.

Early blip, so not a lot to say. Have a nice weekend.

you: You don’t have a lot of interest to say most of the time anyway so it makes no real difference if this is early or not
me: that’s fairly true I suppose
you: But once again you are claiming Ghengis is a Dark Wizard(ess?) with your suggestion she can raise the dead?
me: no no. Not the dead. That would be gross. Just toy bunnies
you: oh right I see, and that’s ok is it?
me: oh aye totally. Necromancer’s are total bam’s and really drag the mood down at parties. But imagine having an army of fluffy bunnies at your command
you: more appealing than an army of the dead I suppose
me: Exactly

Apr 4 2013

Thursday 4 April 2013: Problems.

My phone had problems today, one of which was it wouldn’t focus. Other days I might be able to relate that to my own state of mind, but not today. It was fine. Went and sat in the park at lunchtime, chilly but sunny. Can’t complain.

Ghengis has started grating her teeth. It’s a truly horrible sound. I hope she grows out of it soon.

Monochrome has given me a loan of some Battlestar Galactica series. I’ve never seen any, though have heard from various folks that it’s ace, so I’m looking forward to getting stuck in to that.

you: geeeek!
me: why?
you: sci-fi geeeeek!
me: it’s meant to be great characters and story lines, not just about the sci-fi
you: geeeeeeeek!
me: is that all you have to say today?
you: No. What’s wrong with you? Why didn’t you take the opportunity to whine like yer usual wee whiny self about your phone not working right?
me: not in the mood for it
you: see a doctor quickly, you must be coming down with something.

Apr 3 2013

Wednesday 3 April 2013: Linlithgow outskirts

Out for lunch with JJ to taste of italy, followed by a wander. I didn’t have my usual calzone, instead I had a pasta thing that wasn’t that tasty. Trying to be marginally more healthy is tasteless. Jenelope came down last night though so I knew I had one of her meals to look forward to. Turns out she made almost the same thing as I had at lunch, except it was tasty.

We wandered up calton hill after lunch. I don’t do that often enough. The views are pretty good, and it was a lovely sunny day so it was a nice place to be.

Ghengis barfed in her bath tonight. First time she’s done that. She wasn’t happy at being unceremoniously plucked from the water.

you: two big pasta meals? Carb-overload
me: I didn’t make either of them in to sandwiches though like I normally do
you: what do you want? A pat on the head?
me: no I want some toast.
you: you are aware that people like Kinda Horrigans get by on 500 calories some days?
me: I am aware, but I think that some sort of voodoo is involved. I don’t think it’s physically possible to survive on that little
you: not for you. Porker.

Apr 2 2013

Tuesday 2 April 2013: Variety….

….is the spice of life. Or so the saying goes. So tonight I made a sandwich from my nachos with the top off of someones burger.

you: you tried to make a face in it didn’t you
me: yup.
you: and you didn’t know "someone" did you, you were just mine-sweeping and stole it off a plate
me: no it was someone from our group
you: so the start of the exercise and diet regime has started well I see, with nachos and beer
me: it was a wee treat to myself for being good. There were home made cookies and banana bread at work, and I managed to abstain
you: oh well done you. How very brave

Apr 1 2013

Monday 1 April 2013: Status report

One week on from my challenge and as you can see things are progressing swimmingly.

Weighed myself last night for the first time in ages and I am heavier than I have ever been. It would appear that the relaxation of my "I only eat home made cakes" rule to "I only eat cake" is catching up on me. Things are going to change. I was going to do a blip diet/exercise photo journal type thing, but seeing as it hasn’t helped any with tidying my room I think I’ll skip it.

The office was dead today. Someone had been up to the burtons biscuit factory and had a huge bag of mint viscount biscuits they had got for £1.50. I managed to refrain.

you: nothing has changed! At all!
me: it has so!
you: what?
me: you’ll notice the door to the console cupboard has closed a couple of inches
you: wow! That really is progress
me: and the tape gun has rotated slightly
you: oh my goodness
me: and the battery charger for the camera is no longer on the floor
you: because it’s….?
me: now on the couch
you: I take it all back. I have no idea how you have managed to do so much in such a short space of time