Feb 28 2013

Thursday 28 February 2013: Watch yer heid

All the way through to stirling to go climbing and we couldn’t get in because it was too busy. What a pain in the bahookie.

Still, it meant I finally had time to get round to putting a new chain onto one of the bikes. So at least I now have one fully working commuting bike rather than 2 with significant defects: 1 with barely working brakes and 1 with no chain. By tomorrow I should have 2 working commuters, and I’ll just pretend I don’t own the others since they barely see the light of day.

you: about time you sold a few I reckon
me: but which would I sell?
you :o ne of these
me: naw need both of them for when folk visit.
you: this one then?
me: but I just fixed it. And not the other commuter either before you say it
you: ok ok this one
me: but that’s my turbo bike
you: fine. This one
me: no way that’s my favourite and I need it for the 200km
you: agghhh, yer trials bike, you haven’t had it out in a year
me: no ’cause one day I’ll be danny macaskill
you: ok ok ok, just yer bmx
me: no, santa gave me that one when i was about 10
you: so it would appear you need all your bikes
me: what did I tell you

Feb 27 2013

Wednesday 27 February 2013: Train blip 1 million

Today was just a day. It was nice and sunny. Nothing of interest happened. I ate chocolates at work. That was naughty of me. I bought the wrong brake pads for my bike. That was stupid of me. Made a nice tea. That was clever of me. Half an hour on the turbo trainer. That was sweaty of me.

you: some days are just like that I guess.
me: yup
you: why were you eating chocolates?
me: dunno, just gave in to temptation
you: oooh, temptation

Feb 26 2013

Tuesday 26 February 2013: Giant hands….

…or small pint? The latter obviously. No one has hands that big. Or do they…

Good night at the boozer, the Teacher made it out too. Started in the newly refurbished Melville. Didn’t stay long as the music was awful and the food was a bit pricey. The decor was a bit trendy for the likes of us too. So we went back to the Au bar before it shuts.

On the jukebox there was a sign saying to choose music responsibly. Which was like a red rag to a bull it would seem as straight away Rage against the machine: "Killing in the name of" was on, followed by NWA "Straight outta compton". That one was a bit swearier than anyone recalled. It was followed up with some Glen Campbell though so it probably all balanced out in the end.

It turns out we can massively speed up conversations with Napoleon if the teacher is around as he seems to be able to interpret what is trying to be said. Even going so far as to pre-empt and make corrections to Napoleons thought processes. It was rather amusing.

Were talking about Tim Minchin, which reminded me of this which always makes me smile.

you: how childish are you to go putting on sweary songs?
me: I had absolutely nothing to do with what was put on
you: aye right!
me: seriously. I never even went up to the jukebox
you: what about the other patrons having to listen to that filth?
me: I’m not sure there were any
you: oh. Well that perhaps makes it mildly amusing if it was only for your own entertainment…but what about the staff?
me: why are you the sweary police all of a sudden?
you: I just fkn am. Awright!

Feb 25 2013

Monday 25 February 2013: Latte

So, back to work after a week off. Always a joy.

Met JJ and SL for lunch. I don’t normally get coffees from coffee shops, but I was in no rush to get back to the office so I stayed and had one with them. Are lattes meant to barely hot, so that it takes all of 2 seconds to drink? On the odd occaission I get one it always seems to be that way. Anyway, JJ paid so there’s nowt to complain about.

Got a call from dad: Mum had entered one of my photos in a wee local competition and it had won the category it was in. Box of chocolates. As long as there is one left next time I visit they can have the rest.

20 mins on the turbo trainer.

you: Taste of italy?
me: yup
you: calzone?
me: how did you know?
you: because you are so freakin dull and predictable
me: I had to though!
you: why exactly?
me: because I hadn’t had one in over a week!
you: the horror!
me: I was getting the jitters!
you: addicted to calzone. Only you.

Feb 24 2013

Sunday 24 February 2013: Winner.

For ten years dad was top of his game. Not a game that many folk play you might say, but never the less he was top of it. Drystane Walling. The main competition was held alternate years in Scotland and England, and pretty much every year he was first, either in singles or doubles. I dare say not many folk know there is competitive walling, let alone doubles. Anyway, I think it’s cool. These are the scottish medals he got to keep when the main cup was taken back each year. the english ones are nasty plastic trophies.

For the 20 or so years it was his main profession a rough calculation based on a conservative day rate suggests he has moved over 80 thousand tonnes of stone. By hand. There are probably 100s of miles of walls that dad has built round about back home. They’ll be there long after I’m deid I imagine too. I think that’s cool.

And I’m fairly sure none if it would have happened if mum hadn’t made him his lunchtime piece bag up every day. Otherwise he would have starved to death. He can make a pot of soup now, but it’s taken him 40 years ;-)

Anyway, I know where some of the walls are. I like knowing where they are. I’d quite like to map them all out in google maps. I like things like that. Next time you’re in the countryside just take a look around and you’ll notice just how many walls there are. A lot of skilled folk put them up. My daddy was the best.

you: that’s quite a legacy really if you look at it like that
me: aye.
you: and what are you gonna leave Ghengis?
me: eh….
you: I’ll tell you what: At the very most some $hitty websites and some faded photos.
me: and the three top-stones it took my an afternoon to put on
you: oh yeah of course, how could I forget. Hang on a minute though, didn’t….
me: yeah yeah awright I didn’t actually get them on right and dad sorted them.
you: which makes you a?
me: Loser.
you: well done.

Feb 23 2013

Saturday 23 February 2013: The fire….

….is making me sleepy.

Home to BC having dropped yesterdays photos off at the hotel. We had a nice lunch while we were there. Had a nice surprise when we arrived too, because not only were mum and dad there, but Aunty A, Uncle S, E, J and bump were there too. As was Aunty N.

you: surely they hadn’t all popped in to see you
me: no one ever pops in to see me any more. It’s all about Ghengis
you: Well you’ve at least…
me: ….another 17 years and 3 months of that
you: not that you’re counting.

Feb 22 2013

Friday 22 February 2013: Out of sorts

Ghengis has been a wee grouch the last couple of days. Not sure if she’s teething or what, but if she doesn’t stop soon then she’s going to find herself living in the garage…..or I am.

Mabie House Hotel have agreed to take my wedding flyers and business cards which is great. Even better is that they have said they will put up a wee display of my photos. So I’ve spent this evening sorting out this set. Pretty pleased with how it looks. It’s a cracking venue so hopefully I get some work out of it.

you: She’s maybe just realising what a duff deal she got
me: who?
you: Ghengis
me: In what way? Her house?
you: naw yer house is nice enough
me: her toy selection?
you: no, if you’re to be believed that’s ok too
me: what then?
you: having you for a dad. Threatening to make her live in the garage!
me: What? It’s got all mod cons. TV, laptop, stereo, gym equipment, a boiler.
you: yeah, a boiler, but no heating
me: well, there is that….

Feb 21 2013

Thursday 21 February 2013: Ice breaker. (holiday day 4)

Jenelope arrived last night. This morning her and the missus took Ghengis to her baby sensory class while I went out delivering flyers.

This afternoon, based on a recommendation from monochrome, we headed through to Summerlee Industrial Museum . It was pretty good and a grand way to spend a chilly afternoon. This swan was breaking his way through the ice on the canal. He didn’t seem that fussed by it all. How on earth do they stay warm?!

Mama Oishi has re-opened after being shut for new year. I don’t like black bean sauce. But I ordered it. It was delicious.

you: you don’t like it, yet you ordered it? ….. nope…..I can’t figure out how even you can produce logic to support that one
me: well…
you: and here it comes….
me: I’m trying everything on the menu, so I had to give it a shot
you: Oh, that actually maybe has something behind it. But even the things you know you don’t like?
me: things I thought I didn’t like. Now I have one more thing I like
you: let’s face it. That’s a pretty long list already.

Feb 20 2013

Wednesday 20 February 2013: The big bath. (holiday day 3)

Ever since yearofhappy sent her this swimming costume, Ghengis has been banging on about us taking her swimming. So we did. And she appeared to like it. She’s already a better swimmer than me.

you: which wouldn’t be hard.
me: nope. One length and I was knackered
you: one length? Of the kids pool? You should be embarrassed.
me: I am. But it wasn’t the kids pool I did the length of
you:regulation Olympic pool?
me: well, no. But to be fair it wasn’t a very good pool for swimming in
you: oh, no, of course. Too watery?
me: ha. ha. ha. No.
you: too splashy?
me: very funny. No.
you: too wavy?
me: leave me alone.
you: learn to swim and I’ll leave you alone.

Feb 19 2013

Tuesday 19 February 2013: Amazonia (holiday day 2)

Today’s holiday adventure took us to Amazonia. Ghengis wanted to go and see the toucan like she sees on In The Night Garden. The toucan hid in the foliage at the back of his cage. She liked the fish though, and the parrots, until they spoke to her then she just started crying.

These leaf cutter ants were ace. Some of them were carrying pretty big bits, and they just worked away, back and forth, non stop. A bit like dad at the moment, he’s doing 11 hour days in freezing temperatures…at least it was warm for the ants.

The theme park is still closed for the winter, it was kind of creepy wandering around it. There was one of those fortune telling boxes like in Big, it freaked me out so I ran away.

you: I think I’d start crying if a fish spoke to me
me: I meant the parrots spoke to her
you: you really have to make things clearer.
me: I do try
you: my patience. Good to see you got yer dad’s work ethic though, working yer @ss off non stop whatever the weather, and never having a holiday. Oh no, hang on, you work part time, in a temperature controlled office, and permanently seem to be on holiday. He must be so proud.
me: But I’m below one of the vents at work and it gets really chilly some times.
you: my heart bleeds.

Feb 18 2013

Monday 18 February 2013: Waiting

The missus had a meeting at work today to see about going back part time. Ghengis and I waited in the car park, I did about 20 laps while she napped. My favourite car there was probably the fiat 500 Abarth. I like those. Bit of a poor showing really though, where were the ferraris

Out for a bit of lunch in Stirling and quick wander up along the castle walls. Another lovely sunny day.

Got out on the bike as the sun was setting, it wasn’t particularly warm when I started, and by the time I was home the sun was out of the sky and it was getting chilly. Great to be out though.

you: and were you in a better mood than yesterday
me: mostly
you: if I asked yer missus would she concur?
me: she’s not concussed. Is she? What’s happened since I came upstairs to blip?
you: I said concur, not concussed!
me: who’s concussed?
you: I’ll take that as a no.

Feb 17 2013

Sunday 17 February 2013: Moon on a stick

If I could just get up on to that roof, then shin up that flagpole, I reckon I could grab the moon. And I’m pretty sure that would be worth a lot of money. I think that’s as advanced as scotland’s space programme has ever been. I’m not a particularly patriotic person, I do like our flag though. Even better when in front of our mountains

A gloriously sunny day, mostly spoiled by fratching (a good yorkshire word for you there), my fault.

Seem to be in a funk again. I don’t mean to be. I cannae help it. Dunno why, no reason to be.

you: I’ll tell you why. Because yer a world class bawbag.

Feb 16 2013

Saturday 16 February 2013: This is war

Ghengis sustained this life threatening injury to her face at the hands of another human being. The monsters. I won’t stand for it. I’m off to sports direct to purchase a baseball bat and I’m gonna sort them out.

you: how old were they?
me: who, the assailant?
you: the other child?
me: yeah the violent offender, that’s what I said
you: what age were they?!
me: oh I dunno, 18, something like that
you: you of course mean months, not years
me: yes
you: so basically you are going to "sort out" an 18 month old playmate with a baseball bat?
me: well, when you put it like that maybe it’s a bit over protective
you: aye, maybe.

Feb 15 2013

Friday 15 February 2013: 10 miles….

….and the view never changed.

Beautiful start to the day, blue skies, sunshine, and even a bit of warmth. Too nice not to get out on the bike. But I was on Ghengis watch, so I just took the turbo outside and got ten miles in while she slept. Hence the baby monitor.

Out delivering some of my flyers in the afternoon. Ghengis just sat quietly in her pram the whole way round, she’s a good wee chook.

Started watching Skyfall. But I think we might beat last nights record of falling asleep at 1030. In fact I’ve now turned it off. Blip and Kip.

you: She must have been asleep for hours
me: why?
you: it’s not like you’re lance armstong
me: what? A blood doping cheater?
you: no I meant fast on a bike
me: I hit my target that’s all I’m bothered about
you: and what was that? Not falling off?
me: 8 miles in half an hour. And then a couple more miles.
you: well, we’ve all got to have targets. Just a shame yours are neither interesting nor impressive. Right it’s ten past nine, time you were asleep. Old man.

Feb 14 2013

Thursday 14 February 2013: That was valentines day, that was.

Carried on the important scientific research from the other day. Namely, testing the special edition kitkat chunkies. Hazelnut today, and the chocolate fudge. And last years champion for comparison. And a base model as a control. Sadly I think this years crop are doomed to failure, last years peanut butter one is still the best. The coconut should have been able to do it, but a flawed implementation sees it at the bottom of the heap.

It’s verging on full daylight when I get home now. Awesome.

Asleep before 1030. Rock n’ roll.

you: "a failed implementation"?
me: yeah. A few of us agreed
you: so what’s wrong mr "biscuit construction expert"
me: there should have been a coconut creme as a top layer, like the peanut butter, rather than a very mild coconut flavour in the chocolate
you: if you want coconut, buy a bounty

Feb 13 2013

Wednesday 13 February 2013: I can’t take it any more.

Please, no more macaroni. I’ve had enough now.

Out for lunch with Sutin today. It was slightly concerning that the waitress didn’t bother to ask what I wanted. She just said "Calzone". I’m not even sure it was a question, just a statement.

Then home, where I couldn’t face yet more macaroni by itself, so we had a pizza and pasta combo.

Ghengis has a new trick. If she overbalances onto her tummy she can get back in to a sitting position by doing the splits and then pushing back with her hands until she is upright. Highly amusing if she is on the wooden floors as she just slides along backwords.

Upgraded the phone to WP7.8. That should make it last at least a while more.

you: Oh. My. -insert deity of choice-
me: what?
you: you!
me: me what?
you: when are you going to realise you can’t keep eating this much
me: soon. I think.
you: when your arteries are clogged up or your trousers don’t fit?
me: I’d prefer the latter. I did try to do some exercise tonight
you: and?
me: I realised Ghengis’ bottles needed washed
you: which took all of 5 minutes
me: well…yeah.
you: buck yer ideas up lardy.

Feb 12 2013

Tuesday 12 February 2013: Insert geordie accent here

"Day 2 in the macaroni house". Only works if you ever watched big brother I guess. We made another valiant attempt at demolishing the mountain of macaroni the missus made yesterday.

Today I tried one of the special edition coconut KitKat chunkies, purely for research purposes, to see if it was good enough to oust last year’s champion, the peanut butter KitKat chunky. It wasn’t.

Boozer for a quick couple of jars. Yorkie at the station. I think I might stop having yorkies. I’m not sure I like the chocolate enough.

Then home for a cookies and cream regular sized kitkat. Purely in the interests of scientific research of course.

Well through the second Hunger Games book now. Pretty good, and hard to put down.

you: not something you’d be good in
me: what?
you: any form of Hunger Games
me: going by what I ate today you could be right
you: Maybe I’m wrong though, you could survive ages on yer in built lard store.

Feb 11 2013

Monday 11 February 2013: Weights and measures

Got home and the missus had made us tea. I’m not sure who else she was expecting, she’d made about 10kg of macaroni cheese. She says it was a fancy recipe she had torn from a magazine ages ago. I think she tore off the "Serves X number of people" part, and it was a recipe for a platoon of soldiers. I’ve had to re-enforce the fridge to hold the leftovers. Luckily it’s nice as we’ll be eating it for the rest of the week. Saves me cooking. Thanks missus.

Ghengis has her 3rd tooth.

Went to the garage to do half an hour on the turbo trainer, couldn’t face it, so I did 15 minutes on the cross trainer instead.

you: what’s with the massive cutlery?
me: big portions need big cutlery.
you: ah, more of your basic non-logic.
me: of course.
you: you’ll soon make a dent in that though
me: We’ve both had our tea from that bowl
you: Oh, it looks untouched
me: exactly
you: this could take a while

Feb 10 2013

Sunday 10 February 2013: New to the market…..

…..canon ultrasonic rusks. Slow release nutrients. Long lasting flavour (ish).

Went to go for lunch at the new cafe at Callander house. It was shut. Which meant the planned blip didn’t happen either. I put enough effort in to yesterdays blip though so today can just be a Ghengis shot.

Visited a wedding fair at the venue i have booked to exhibit at later in the year. I hope more folk show up at the one I am at, today’s was dead.

you: you realise that ‘exhibitor’ and ‘exhibitionist’ are very different words?
me: of course.
you: really?
me: yes look at them . One ends in ‘or’ and the other ends in ‘ionist’.
you: one ends in you getting arrested, the other probably ends in not much but a lighter wallet.
me: I think I’d better go and check the dictionary.

Feb 9 2013

Saturday 9 February 2013: Long way to go….

….for a kip. The party was good fun last night. I noticed I’d missed a call from the missus went to my room to call her back, lay down on the bed, and fell asleep. It was only 11pm. I woke up at half 1, went back downstairs, took some photos, then went back to bed. So, 300 miles to be asleep before I usually am. Brilliant.

The plan had been to get some nice landscape shots of the mountains covered in snow on the way home. The weather had other ideas. Grey, wet and miserable. So I had to re-think. I’ve posted a few more here.

Home now, and knackered.

you: how can you be knackered ya big pansy! You slept through the party!
me: i dunno, the 3hr drive?
you: I would suggest you are missed off the invite list for the next party
me: Aw come on, I tried!
you: not hard enough!
me: I did a 300 mile round trip for one night! And I supplied the party lighting and smoke machine.
you: you could just have given the "party in a bag" to someone else to take
me: No no no. I’m in control of the party in a bag. Where I go it goes.
you: so it was in bed by 11pm too was it?
me: No, admittedly it had more party stamina than I.

Feb 8 2013

Friday 8 February 2013: Every house should still have one.

Still there.

you: still not been cleaned by the looks of it!

Feb 7 2013

Thursday 7 February 2013: It’s been a while….

…since I posted a lazy sky blip. I think.

Frickin knackered today after an hour on an instant messenger support thing last night until midnight. My wedding flyers turned up, they look good, but I ordered exactly the same amount of essentially the same product as my tutorial flyers yet I received over 1kg less of them. I was trying to find out if I had been sent too many the first time or too few the second time. It was like pulling teeth. They just would not give me a straight answer. I figure it was an offshore support centre, and because I was veering off their script they didn’t know what to say. So frickin’ annoying.

Awright day at work. I broke my "no cakes at work unless they are home made" rule today. Not sure why, I just did. So I had a muffin, a doughnut and a biscuit. Nowhere near as good as the home made carrot cake I had yesterday, so I’m re-implementing my rule.

Climbing tonight. Two weeks in a row. It’s a miracle.

you: why didn’t you just count the flyers?
me: 1000 of them?
you: well you would have known if you had the right amount
me: but they could have just given me a straight answer rather than just keep saying "you were sent the correct weight". Which time? The time I received 5kg of them or the time I got 3.7kg of them? They both can’t have been right
you: you’re getting wound up again aren’t you?
me: yes
you: you counted the flyers, didn’t you
me: yes.

Feb 6 2013

Wednesday 6 February 2013: I like…..

….the curve of the tram rails here. It’s the only thing I will ever like about the whole shambolic project. It’s disgusting how much money has been wasted. It’s even more disgusting that they knocked at least one good boozer down, and have been responsible for the closure of at least one more. Grrr.

Wedding flyers arrived today. So now I have 2000 flyers in need of dispatch. Sorry, 1970 flyers in need of dispatch, the missus put 30 or so through local doors, and Ghengis has mangled a couple.

Met Gwak for lunch today. Best calzone ever.

you: what made it the best ever?
me: it was free
you: how come?
me: Gwak paid.
you: why?
me: He stood me up last week
you: so?!
me: yeah that was what I thought too. But he decided he was going to pay for me which was very nice of him
you: and you didn’t argue?
me: you know me, I hate confrontation
you: aye right

Feb 5 2013

Tuesday 5 February 2013: Well would you look at that?

There’s still light in the sky by the time I’m home from work. That’s always something to be glad about. And it’s even starting to get light in the mornings, which is something else to be glad about.

I’m beginning to see why the area I now work in has resulted in folk being off long term ill. There is just so much bull$hit.

30minutes on the turbo trainer tonight and for the first time this year it felt like I was getting on ok. So that’s something to be glad about

you: woah woah woah
me: what?
you: what’s all this "something to be glad about" nonsense
me: what do you mean?
you: it almost sounds like…..like….like you are being positive
me: almost.
you: say something negative
me: I finished the first of the hunger games books the other day and it annoyed me
you: that’ll do
me: so I started the next one and am quite enjoying it
you; Stop.Being. Positive

Feb 4 2013

Monday 4 February 2013: Out with the old, in with the new

Since I now have a computer that can run it without grinding to a halt I got myself Lightroom 4. Which means I have Lightroom 2 to sell. Any offers?

you: surely you have something else to say?
me: happy birthday?
you: no
me: happy wedding anniversary?
you: no!
me: eh, I love you?
you: NO! I just meant you hadn’t written much

Feb 3 2013

Sunday 3 February 2013: "You coulda parked…..

…me a bit bl00dy closer".

Through to stirling today as the missus is making all of Gnengis’ food from organic veg and Sainsburys seem to be the only folk selling it. We did our big shop while we were there and it got us out of the house so it didn’t matter too much First time I’d seen her sit in the trolley, she loves it. And the taste of it too it would seem as she kept trying to eat it.

Held my first proper tuition session today for Elf. Think it went pretty well and hopefully she thinks it was worth it. Still ran over my allotted hour, not sure how as within 10 minutes I was terrified I was going to be finished my slides within 20 minutes!

you: you probably just spoke r-e-a-l-l-y s-l-o-w-l-y
me: I don’t think I did…
you: and in your monotone drone
me: quite probably
you: are you sure you didn’t put her to sleep?
me: pretty sure. She did answer my questions
you: hang on I thought you were doing the teaching, why were you asking questions?
me: just things like "are you awake?" "do you want to leave now?"
you: ah that makes sense.

Feb 2 2013

Saturday 2 February 2013: Berghaus

A nice morning up at W.E. Out for a wander with Ghengis, Dad, and K down to the river. You could see where it had been up to when it was in spate and the volume of water flowing past every second must have been incredible.

Jenelope arrived too, so it was a full S tribe which doesn’t happen very often so that was lovely. She needed a profile photo for her "Spring Fling" entry so a quick photo session was held

Stopped in at the missus’ aunts on the way home. The missus cousin was there too. He has traded in his S4 for an RS4. I was jealous before. I don’t know what to be now.

Ghengis has been a bit out of sorts today. We had to make an impromptu stop to buy some calpol as the wee chook was howling and we figured it was teething troubles. She woke up after a couple of hours sleep tonight too which is virtually unheard of. Apparently my calm her down approach wasn’t acceptable.

you: taking her for a walk to calm her down?
me: no.
you: rocking her gently?
me: eh, naw.
you: singing soft lullabies?
me: nope.
you: I give up. What?
me: I put on the new disco light.
you: of course you did. Why didn’t I think of that? Oh, it’s because I’m not an IDIOT!
me: yeah, she was jumping up and down and shouting with glee and flapping her arms. It wasn’t my best fathering moment. But she was happy

Feb 1 2013

Friday 1 February 2013: W.E wander

Up to W.E for a visit seeing as we missed out at Christmas. I think Grotty Lottie has been misnamed: the wee chook hasn’t made a grumpy noise all day. She learned to shout yesterday though and Ghengis can’t handle it. She’s not used to not being the loudest and turned into a right wee scaredy cat.

Mum and dad arrived, that was a nice surprise!

Lovely tea as usual. Panattone bread and butter pudding: delicious.

Got some decent photos of the new wind turbines but liked this one of K and Blue better.

you: it’s always about the food with you!
me: no that’s just an added bonus of a trip to W.E to visit the siblings

me: aaaggghhhh trying to type this up on the tablet is doing my head in

you: wimp.