Sep 30 2012

Sunday 30 September 2012: Party o’clock

The 80’s fancy dress party was ace fun. We had half of guns and roses, a fraggle, a care bare, supergirl, she-ra, he-man, public enemy, a ghostbuster, a rubics cube, all sorts really. Saz and Stu had made a huge pile of their awesome chilli burgers for the bbq. All good. Someone even had an official beer pong table. It didn’t make an appearance until the back of 2 so I just had one game and called it quits.

The views on the drive home were amazing. Loch Laggan looked incredible, but I couldn’t decide where to stop, and was tired so kept on trucking. As I was getting to the end of the hills I realised I was wasting a great photo opportunity as I don’t get up north often, so I dumped the car at the side of the road and climbed a hill to get a view….of a $hitty wee hill, so I climbed it, to get a view of…..another $hitty wee hill. So I went home.

Got home, went to swap the isofix base back in to the beemer from the rx8, and the catches wouldn’t release. I spent an hour and half wrestling with it and just couldn’t get it out. I even took secateurs to the leather seat to try and get access to the clips. So in the end I saved about a hundred quid on fuel…..and had to spend £110 to get a new isofix base. Annoyed.

you: one game? You big pansy
me: ach I was too tired, and it’s not really a spectator sport, and….
you: …you’re a big pansy
me: I did win the game I played
you: well that’s of some consolation I suppose. One good thing about the car seat being stuck in the car though
me: aye? what’s that?
you: when you come to sell the isofix base on ebay you can throw in a free rx8
me: aye, that’s probably the right way round.

Sep 29 2012

Saturday 29 September 2012: Scotland the brave

Long haul up to Fort Augustus for a ski crew party today. Ghengis tried to guilt trip me in to not going by having a wee screaming bout when she would usually have slept. It didn’t work.

Couldn’t decide whether to go the scenic route up through glencoe or the fast route up the A9. In the end I’m glad I went the scenic route as the roads were fairly clear. But the Rannoch Moor tree was gone! That was my guaranteed blip. A quick google suggests it’s been gone for over a year.

Right. Time to get my wig and yellow pants on

you: woah woah woah what?!
me: oh, it’s a fancy dress party
you: I hope your costume consists of some more items
me: aye of course! A moustache, a bandana and some yellow socks
you: you’re still not inspiring any confidence here.
me: oh, and a yellow vest thing
you: still sounds more than slightly concerning
me: and a home made WWF champions belt
you: oh well that makes it ok then. Hulk Hogan again?
me: aye, well none of the folk at this party have seen it
you: I’m fairly sure that’s a state though would have been quite happy to continue with.

Sep 28 2012

Friday 28 September 2012: End of (another) era.

I boxed my cd’s up today and put them in the loft. I just wasn’t using them enough, in fact I was barely using them at all. This would have been a quick job except for 2 things. The first problem is that my friends are idiots. They have always found it amusing to mess up my alphabetically ordered cd’s. When White Lightning and Napoleon came round after we had just moved in they excelled themselves: not only did they change the order which was their usual approach, but they swapped the contents round too. That was 2.5 years ago and I never got round to sorting them. So that was the first issue. The second was that having had my ordering totally messed up I couldn’t then remember what my usual approach was. Should “The Smiths” be under T or S. “Bob Dylan” should obviously be under D, but then where should Dizzee Rascal go? So in the end it took me about 2 hours to box a couple of hundred cds

It took 2 hours to get ghengis to sleep last night. This is totally unheard of for us, and as a result tempers were a bit short today. The missus went off to the swamp to say hello, and is now out for tea with a friend. I’ve managed to get some more photos on my site and that’s about it.

you: you were putting your cd’s in the loft right?
me: right
you: because you weren’t using them enought?
me: right
you: so why the frick does it matter if they are in alphabetical order?!
me: it just does. Imagine how I’d feel if I knew they were up there all jumbled up
you: I wouldn’t have thought it would get a second thought
me: but it would. It would niggle away at me until I went up to sort it
you: get a grip ya numpty!

Sep 27 2012

Thursday 27 September 2012: Chow down, wide load.

Out for another leaving do today. This time for RP and KD. We went to a place I can’t remember the name of, an Italian at the bottom of broughton st. And it was good. Very good actually. A bit slow though. It took 2 hours to have a 2 course lunch. I’ll let them off because there were about 20 of us. As I finished my main I noticed there were a lot of half eaten pizzas on plates around me, so I kindly offered to help out. It seems that I have a talent for being named ‘hoover’. I’ve been called it since I was a bairn. What can I say? I hate to see good food go to waste. It’s a shame that these days it seems to make a re-appearance on my waist.

Climbing tonight, not bad.

But now I can’t get Ghengis to sleep. She falls asleep the second I pick her up then wakes up the second I set her down, and now she’s lying talking to herself. I don’t think I would have handled this very well if she had always done it, but I’ll let her off this once, as long as she stops in the next 2 minutes.

you: you kindly offered to help out?
me: yeah
you: how very generous of you
me: yeah I thought so too
you: sarcasm. Your not the youth you once were you know
me: and? what’s that got to do with anything?
you: a moment on the lips a lifetime on the hips.

Sep 26 2012

Wednesday 26 September 2012: BooBoo.

It seems like our luck might be starting to run out in terms of the incredible sleeping baby. After a couple of months of pretty solid through the night sleeping, Ghengis has started waking up a couple of times through the night. She doesn’t need fed, just a bit of a rock it seems, but something is waking her. We thought it was maybe because we are still swaddling her, so are trying her in one of the baby gro-bags. Not sure how well it’s going to work. But anyway, changing her sleeping arrangements reminded me of BooBoo, my childhood comfort blanket (although he was actually a pillow). And perhaps slightly strangely for a 35 year old man, I knew exactly where to find him.

you: slightly strangely?!
me: yeah I guess
you: just slightly? You’re freakin’ dreaming! It’s flat out weird!
me: really
you: eh…hello?! You’re a grown man who knew where to find his comfort blanket
me: but he’s so soft and feels so cool on your face
you: I’m gettin’ out of here, you worry me normally, but now I’m scared
me: here, have a hold, isn’t he nice to cuddle
you: get that thing away from me!

Sep 25 2012

Tuesday 25 September 2012: Itchy trigger finger.

There’s been a lot of full frame camera purchasing going on at work this week. There’s a D600 due to be delivered tomorrow. And a 5dmkiii on saturday. A 5dmkiii for £2.1k. That’s near enough the price at which I would have bought one 6 months ago. I’m finding quite hard to stay away from the “add to basket” and “checkout” buttons. It’s hard, but I think I’ll manage

Finished watching Kevin McClouds Man made house. That’s something I’d like to do. Buy a wee bit of woodland and build a wee hut on it. Just something dinky. I bet Ghengis would love it.

you: go on. Add to cart > checkout. It’s easy
me: why are you playing devils advocate?
you: because I want to see you get in to a financial hole you cant get out of
me: how very kind of you
you: and once you’re in that hole, you may as well buy a bit of woodland too, just to make the hole deeper
me: and then?
you: I’ll fill it with concrete.
me: nice.

Sep 24 2012

Monday 24 September 2012: Tic-tacs and tarmac.

“Our noses picked up intense floral perfumes (freesias, honeysuckle, jasmine, gorse, mimosa) with considerable sweetness (honeycomb, candy floss) and spice (ginger biscuits, fishermans friends, cardamon); also leather, beeswax and apples. The neat palate had the spic heat of cinnamon balls, ginger, clover and oddfellows sweets, along with Edinburgh castle rock (cured fondant) tic-tacs and tarmac. In reduction, the flowers now smelled dry and dusty, with mint (wrapped in newspaper) sweet macaroons and fudge. The reduced palate retained some flowers, gentle spices, vanilla and fudge, with aniseed and liquorice in the after taste. The original distillery was destroyed in the muckle spate.”

Is how the whisky I had at the Malt Whisky Society was described. Bollocks. Tasted like whisky to me.

The venison burger I had was very nice though. But then so it should have been at £12 with half a handful of chips.

It was quite an interesting experience to go. But when you have to be with a member who has to pay an annual fee I would have expected the service to be better. Not once were the empty glasses and bottles cleared from our table.

you: just what I would expect from you
me: what?
you: “just tasted like whisky to me
me: and why would you expect that of me?
you: because you have a palate as subtle as a sledehammer
me: hardly fair
you: aye? What can you distinguish between?
me: HP and Branston beans for a start
you: oh, how clever of you. The delicate hint of tomato sauce slightly different between them
me: exactly! You find the same?
you: oh yeah totally. Eh. Naw. Idiot.

Sep 23 2012

Sunday 23 September 2012: Let’s bowl.

Finally got around to taking the studio kit down. It’s only been sprawled across the lounge for the last 7 weeks. It’s not like it was impeding on normal day to day living…..much.

Another gloriously sunny day. Weather-wise I think it’s probably been one of the nicest weekends we’ve had this year. Out for a couple of walks in the sun with the missus and Ghengis.

Maggie Smith’s character in Downton has to be up there with Gene Hunt as one of the best tv characters ever. She had some cracking lines tonight. “No house guest should be admitted until a departure date has been agreed”. Love it. I think I’ll be using that in future.

I can’t find my toothbrush. So rather than turn the lights on and wake the missus and bairn up I have just ‘brushed’ my teeth with toilet paper.

you: you cleaned your teeth with toilet roll?!
me: it was all there was
you: you set up hundreds of quids worth of champagne for a blip yet you don’t have a spare toothbrush in the house
me: I do so!
you: so why did’t you use it?!
me: I couldn’t find it either.
you: perhaps this highlights something about your organisational skills
me: like what?
you: you don’t have any.

Sep 22 2012

Saturday 22 September 2012: Flotsam and Jetsam.

Up before the sun today. Sutin picked me up and we headed up Aberfoyle way to get some photos. Sunrise didn’t amount to much as there wasn’t much in the way of cloud to give it some colour. Some great mist though. Much like last time I went up there, but this time I didn’t sit in a fog bank for 2 hours hoping it would burn off. It was ace, just driving from spot to spot, a great way to spend a morning, and so much more enjoyable as a result of not being on my tod as usual. Oh, and that’s the arrochar alps in the background.

Ghengis has been a wee giggle monster today. It’s been ace. Based on the reaction I was getting to a simple peek-a-boo I think I should be on “live at the apollo” for it’s next series.

you: All by myself, don’t wanna be, all by myself, any more
me: eh, what are you doing?
you: singing, what does it sound like
me: well it doesn’t sound like anything as it’s just words on a screen. But why?
you: you set me off with yer “not being on my tod”
me: ah ok, obviously?!
you: and you went all the way up there into the stunning scenery and took a photo of berries?
me: looks like it
you: could you not have done a nice fog shot?
me: sutin did that
you: second best 2 days in a row. Loser.

Sep 21 2012

Friday 21 September 2012: Jump the gun.

The coffee tables from John Lewis were getting delivered this morning. They arrived nice and early which was grand. Then when I started putting them together I realised they had only delivered half of each nest. I phoned the driver and he said he would get dispatch to phone. Waited an hour or two and no call, so phoned customer services and the best they would do was deliver in a weeks time. Off the phone, complaint letter written. Off in to town. Post letter. Home. Call from dispatch, we’ll have them with you this afternoon. Oops. Now I feel guilty. I’ll have to write another letter.

While in town I picked up the prints from the photo comp, and my rosette

you: special award?
me: looks like it
you: for special people?
me: no!
you: there was one on every entry wasn’t there?
me: No!
you: so what was it for?
me: runner up in the adult age group
you: runner up?
me: aye, not what I was told
you: first loser in other words

Sep 20 2012

Thursday 20 September 2012: Hot Shave

This fella was sitting on the sign shouting this morning. It was raining, he was wet, he didn’t seem like a very happy chappy. Anyway, I hopped off the bike took his photo, then headed on my merry way.

Phoned up to complain about the tivo tonight. The menus are just too slow. It’s frustrating to use which is really annoying. It responds like an underpowered smartphone.

Half an hour on the turbo trainer followed by half a tate and lyle golden syrup cake.

you: Ying and yang eh
me: with great power comes great responsibility
you: what are we talking about?
me: I have no idea.

Sep 19 2012

Wednesday 19 September 2012: Bundle

The dressing gown that the missus ordered for Ghengis arrived today. It totally swamps her, and within 5 minutes of her putting it on it was covered in milk, but for about 10 seconds it looked cute.

Out for iainn’s leaving lunch today. Taste of Italy, and I took a massive gamble by not having a pizza. Instead I went for a burger and fries. Very nice it was too, the chips in particular. I think I would still have preferred a calzone…..with chips.

Ordered the new kitchen table and chairs tonight.

And blue top is on offer at the supermarket. What else was there to do but order a case…..or two.

you: party at yours then?
me: no. Why would there be?
you: well why else would you buy 2 cases of champagne?
me: because we don’t do much else any more
you: so you may as well get drunk on overpriced grape juice?
me: pretty much
you: and no doubt you’ll drink it through a long bendy straw?
me: I was thinking more along the lines of one of those beer hats, but with a bottle on each side instead of a can.
you: classy

Sep 18 2012

Tuesday 18 September 2012: Who drank all the milk?….

….who drank all the milk?
you fat baby. You fat baby
you drank all the milk.

Ghengis is turning into a right wee chubster. Her wee legs are like tree trunks and her arms are like a string of sausages. And she’s all the nicer to cuddle for it. I’ve signed her up for “The biggest loser: baby edition” and “secret eaters” though, so she should be on a tv near you soon.

Missed the pub again tonight. Not good. Finished my complaint letter about the pram though. Managed to get “ridiculous”, “utterly atrocious”, and “totally unacceptable” in there. We’ll see what I get back.

you: pot. Kettle. Black?
me: what?
you: you calling Ghengis a chubster!
me: she is a wee bit though.
you: at least she’s meant to be putting weight on. What’s your excuse?
me: cake
you: that’s the reason, not the excuse. And I’ll tell you what you’ll get back as a result of your letter
me: aye? what?
you: sweet f.a.

Sep 17 2012

Monday 17 September 2012: I got stripes….

….Stripes Around My Shoulders
I Got Chains — Chains Around My Feet
I Got Stripes — Stripes Around My Shoulders
And Them Chains — Them Chains They’re About To Drag Me Down

Just a dreary Monday with nowt much happening. So some Johnny Cash it is.

Ghengis was a wee monkey today apparently. Grizzling and gurning for most of the day. But she came to meet me off the train and was good as gold for the rest of the night.

Made a start on my complaint letter about the pram. I’ll finish it off tomorrow night

you: but you usually go to the pub on a Tuesday
me: and?
you: is writing a complaint letter after a few beers a good idea?
me: why not?
you: i suspect the content and language might descend into a foul mouthed rant
me: who do you take me for?
you: someone that rants without beer, and rants more with beer
me: while we’re on the subject of ranting, I’ve got a good one
you: I don’t want to know.

Sep 16 2012

Sunday16 September 2012: Research and Development

Jenelope and I started work on having a think about the design I want for Ghengis’ playhouse. I couldn’t quite work out how some of the joints were going to work, so we took to the tried and tested method of cutting up an empty cereal box. Initially I was thinking I was going to make the floorplan 7′ * 14′, but then I realised that’s freakin’ massive. 6*12 or 5*10 will probably do. It’ll just depend on what size I can get the materials in. Had a look at some solar lighting for it too. It’s gonna be ace.

Out for a bit of lunch to the Orchard. It was very nice, but did the waitress really have to say “oh, I’ve never seen anyone actually finish that before” as she cleared my (empty) plate away. Yeah, thanks for that, why not just call me a porker and be done with it.

Downton starts again tonight. Woo hoo.

you: porker.
me: oh my, what a surprise. I didn’t see that one coming at all.
you: you set ‘em up, I’ll smack them out of the park
me: don’t use your americanism’s with me
you: my bad
me: I said stop it.
you: chill bro’
me: agghhh

Sep 15 2012

Saturday 15 September 2012: I enjoyed that

Auj and his family came round for a bit of lunch today, and to get some portraits of the girls done. Easiest kids photoshoot I’ve done yet, proper wee characters with lovely smiles. Job done.

While I was lying on Ghengis’ playmat I’ve done something to my hip. It’s frickin agony. Having to literally crawl up the stairs. Time to get to the docs as they are getting worse.

Strictly started again tonight. Johnny Ball’s in it! Awesome. I love that bloke, whenever I see him on the telly I can’t help but smile. I can’t remember an awful lot about his show from when I was a bairn, I just know I like him. So we had a fish supper from the newly found awesome chipper and watched that.

Jenelope arrived for the night too. I wonder if Ghengis is starting to recognise people. Who knows.

you: why on earth did you watch that?
me: what? Strictly? Because I love it.
you: but that’s not what you watched
me: aye it was!
you: no it wasn’t. According to your write up you watched your fish supper.
me: will you stop being so pedantic?
you: it’s highly unlikely. And why were you lying on Ghengis’ play mat
me: I was just keeping her company
you: I’m sure she was delighted.

Sep 14 2012

Friday 14 September 2012: MOT

When we bought the beemer last year we got a free MOT, so I traipsed through to Edinburgh to make use of it today. If I valued my time at all then it probably wasn’t worth the effort, but it did give me an hour or so to kill, so I headed down to Portobello beach. It’s only the second time I’ve been, the last time being on the day of ten pints of awesomeness.  Both times I’ve been impressed.  I’ll have to head back with Ghengis and the missus. Hopefully it will be a bit less windy though. It was blowing really hard and now my hair is full of sand.

When I got home no one was around. Then a quick call to find out where the missus was turned in to an SOS call from the missus. She had wandered into town with the buggy, and hadn’t appreciated how steep the hill back up was and was knackered at the top. I wouldn’t have fancied pushing the buggy and shopping up it that’s for sure. So I wandered along the road to walk the last wee bit home with them.

Then a nice tea and a bottle of champagne to celebrate Ghengis getting her legs back

you: it was nothing to do with Ghengis getting her legs back, was it?
me: what?
you: the champagne
me: aye it was!
you: no it wasn’t. It was because it was friday wasn’t it
me: ok, we’ll call it 50-50

Sep 13 2012

Thursday 13 September 2012: Legs!

Ghengis got her legs back today. Woo hoo! Through to sick kids where the doc was more than happy with the improvement in her hips, commenting on the depth one of the sockets now has with “you could lose an elephant in there”. I was quite surprised at how happy it made me to see my wee girl without her harness on. She’s just a floppy wee normal baby now…which means we have to re-think how we carry her.

Nachos at Henricks to celebrate. And they were even better than usual, as the salsa, guacamole and sour cream weren’t too cold.

Then back home to take her to the normal doctors, where she got her second set of jabs. This did not please her one wee bit.

And finally, through to stirling for a climb.

Bit of a gale blowing tonight. I’m hoping that doesn’t keep me, or Ghengis, awake

you: yay! Baby got legs.
me: aye, it’s awesome
you: has she worked out she can kick yet?
me: in a fashion, she still holds them up in a froggy position, but she was getting excited kicking as best she could on her play mat
you: aw, wee froggy
me: what’s going on with you?
you: what?
me: you’re not being obnoxious
you: I can be if you want
me: naw, yer awright, I’ll gladly take a day off from your caustic comments

Sep 12 2012

Wednesday 12 September 2012: Legs?

A nice wander at lunchtime today. There was a definite autumnal feel to it. Nice sunshine, but the air felt crisp.

Tomorrow we are off through to The Sick Kids hospital to see if Ghengis can get her harness off and get her legs back. Over the last couple of days the missus and I have been getting more and more excited at the prospect. I hope we’re not setting ourselves up for disappointment.

you: you should be used to it
me: what?
you: disappointment
me: and why would that be?
you: because you are one
me: one what?
you: a disappointment
me: in what context exactly?
you: kind of hard to be exact, it’s all encompassing.

Sep 11 2012

Tuesday 11 September 2012: Naughty Naughty Square Man

We’re still sticking kids tv on for Ghengis from time to time. It’s all nice and bright and colourful. We’re going to have to watch her though as sometimes I catch myself standing in a trance watching it. And the adverts for all the toys? Wow! Slightly concerned about the content of some of the shows though. Tonight’s had a flying blue elephant with a wand that let him turn everything in to squares, because according to him “squares rule” . I wasn’t sure if I was dreaming it all. Apparently I wasn’t.

Eeech, 8:30 and already dark. That’s it, winter is here. This morning on the bike it was so cold that I was worried there was going to be black ice at my annual “fall off the bike on the way to work” spot. There wasn’t though, and I didn’t.

you: how do you catch yourself watching something?
me: hmm, not sure now you come to mention it
you: what you meant to say was the missus catches you gawping at it like a big bairn
me: that would perhaps be a more accurate description yes
you: And summer is barely finished, you cannae be worrying about black ice already!
me: did summer ever begin? And yes I can.

Sep 10 2012

Monday 10 September 2012: Here they come

All the way home on the train I was excited because Ghengis was coming to meet me off it for the first time. When I got off the train it was raining a bit so I was disappointed as I guessed the missus wouldn’t have walked down in the rain. But she had. Woo hoo.

My hips have been getting sore again. So it’s definitely caused by riding the single speed. Either the gear is too high, the saddle’s too high, or both. So I fitted the new chain on the boardman so I can use it again.

you: you big sap!
me: what?
you: being excited because Ghengis was coming to meet you off the train
me: but she’s so cute
you: and she wouldn’t have been ten minutes later when you got home?
me: but she’s so cute
you: and what would have changed in that ten minutes?
me: but she’s so cute
you: not going to get much more out of you today eh?
me: but she’s so cute
you: I give up.

Sep 9 2012

Sunday 9 September 2012: Thumbs down.

Got Tivo installed on friday, and my immediate impressions weren’t good. I thought I’d give it a few days for me to get used to it. Still not good. Which is a bit of a shock, as my series 1 Tivo was my favourite bit of kit for 5 years or more. The menu’s are slow and clunky, they’ve taken away the 4th push of fast forward reverting to normal speed, just wee things like that.

Climbing at ratho today for the first time in about a year. I’d forgotten how big that place is. I found it fairly hard to believe that I used to be able to lead 6b’s on the big wall, when nowadays I’m lucky if I can get off the ground.

Bit of a walk with the missus and Ghengis this arvo, we almost got caught out in a torrential downpour, which would have been a disaster as the buggy runs on slick tyres and the handling would have been atrocious in the twisty stuff.

you: three points to make tonight.
me: shoot.
you: if no longer being able to push fast forward on Tivo 4 times is what constitutes a major concern in your life then you’re pretty lucky
me: accepted
you: try eating less pies, and sneaky slices of cake, and not eating a whole tub of philadelphia in one sitting, then you might get off the ground a bit easier
me: but it was out of date and I didn’t want to waste it
you: there’s surprise.
me: and lastly?
you: I’ve forgotten

Sep 8 2012

Saturday 8 September 2012: That’ll do pig. That’ll do.

Had a photoshoot this arvo with Gwak’s wee boy. He was a dab hand at crawling just slightly faster than my autofocus, and at stopping stock still in a nice pose just too close for the 1.5m focus range of my lens. I still foiled his plans of sabotage and got some nice shots.

The missus had the afternoon in town with a friend so I was looking after Ghengis. We played a bit of table tennis. Went for cycle. Listened to some tunes.

Time for a blip break. Hence the title. Maybe a week. Maybe a month. Maybe more. We’ll see. I’m just gonna keep my journal elsewhere so that I can back blip when I feel better about it.

you: you can’t escape me that easily
me: that’s my fear.
you: and you couldn’t think of a better film quote than one from Babe?
me: Is there a better film quote?
you: eh, aye, almost any.
me: Frankly, my dear, I don’t give a damn!
<walks off>
you: hey. Hang one. Get back here. You don’t get the last word, especially when it’s a smart ass reply. Oi. Get back here.

Sep 7 2012

Friday 7 September 2012: Visitors

The Mabie Hoose posse had been up visiting K&K last night and came to visit us today. So I made a pot of soup and we had a nice bit of lunch and a nice blether for a couple of hours. They took a pile of my cards away with them, so who knows, a bit of business might come my way.

The missus had a few appointments so was out and about a fair bit, which meant I was babysitting Ghengis. Though Sutin says I can’t call it babysitting when it’s my own kid, and seeing as I don’t seem to get paid for doing it I guess he might be right. Anyway Ghengis was a good wee chook, as usual.

Wee bit of exercise, and I think I’ll call it a night.

you: so you went out for lunch then?
me: who?
you: you and the mabie house crew
me: why would we do that when I’d made soup?
you: for exactly that reason! And Sutin’s right, you can’t expect to get paid for looking after yer own kid!
me: I’m not sure I understand why.
you: that’s not a surprise. Idiot.

Sep 6 2012

Thursday 6 September 2012: I’m a little teapot

Short and stout. Here’s my handle. Here’s my spout.

Fairly enjoyable day of colouring in at work today.

Watched a few stages of La Vuelta. I’m not sure what my opinion of Contador is, coming back after a doping ban, but he’s certainly exciting to watch. The views on some of the stages are incredible. And some of the climbs are insane: 23.6% gradient? Mental.

you: a fairly good description of you actually
me: what?
you: short and stout. But lardy would be better.
me: ho ho ho.

Sep 5 2012

Wednesday 5 September 2012: Heart attack x2

Met Sutin for a bit of lunch today. Up to the Taste of Italy as usual. What was better than usual was getting 10% off the bill as we have a corporate discount there now.

Ghengis is in super cute mode at the moment. When you pick her up she just stares at you, unblinking, with a look of what I’m going to call amazement on her face. And she is talking/shouting all the time too which is very funny too listen to. As you would expect she stops the second I try to record her.

you: you and sutin have a corporate discount? How often do you go?!
me: “we” as in “the company” we
you: perhaps you should say that then. And it’s not a look of amazement at all
me: no? well what is it then
you: one of two things
me: which are?
you: horror or constipation.
me: I’ll just stick with amazement if it’s all the same with you.

Sep 4 2012

Tuesday 4 September 2012: The grand entrance

Fat Mungo joined us for some grub and a pint tonight. He got the same train as me home. I got off at my stop then shortly after received a text saying the train didn’t stop at his station. Doh. That’ll be him grounded again.;-)

Napoleon has taken a pile of ghengis wolf stickers with him on holiday. Ghengis wolf, coming to a city near you in 2012. Probably.

Heading back up the road I cut up across to the pitches, some of the street lights were out and silhouetted against the one working light further up the road was a zombie shambling towards me. It had to be a zombie. No normal man would walk like that. Tempted as I was to turn and flee I decided to keep going. Turns out it was a man after all.

you: why exactly would it be a zombie?
me: everyone knows that the zombie apocalypse is coming
you: oh aye, of course. And it’s going to start on a Tuesday night near the train station
me: well it’s got to start somewhere
you: the closer it starts to you the better, is my only thought
me: because you know I’m going to be a mega awesome zombie slayer?
you: no, because you’ll get your brains chomped out first.

Sep 3 2012

Monday 3 September 2012: Ghengis and her mammy

Booked our holiday tonight, looking forward to that. Sunny Carlisle here we come. Not quite the usual trip to the melia de mar, but it”ll do.

And that’s about it. The only news item of interest other than the paralympics is probably the couple that have been arrested for shooting at 4 burglars that broke into their house. Surely they have a right to defend themselves? There’s no telling what the scumbag burglars might have done to the homeowners had they gone unchallenged. At least an MP has spoken out in support of them. I tell you, if I owned a shotgot and scum broke into my house while I was in it I’d….

you: hide under the bed and blow your own foot off by accident?
me: probably

Sep 2 2012

Sunday 2 September 2012: Little and large.

Home to BC today. It was a lovely sunny day which made the drive easy and the garden inviting. I got some nice photos of us all, some nice ones of butterflies, some nice ones of the awesome view from the house. But I liked this one best of all. I doubt Ghengis could be in a safer place than being held in those shovel sized hands. Right up to the point Grandpa dropped her…..not really. Not like K dropping Jenelope on her head.

The drive home was easy too. 61.4mpg which I thought was a new record for me. Turn’s out it wasn’t.

Got home, opened the lounge door…..what the frick is that smell? Baby barf? An abandoned dirty nappy? Oh no, it’s a mouse that has started to decompose in the corner behind the sofa. Nice. Thanks Molly.

you: looks like those hands know the meaning of a hard days work.
me: much like mine.
you: HA! You colour in for living!
me: so, I’ve still done a hard days work in my time.
you: aye, "a", as in singular. Over the last 35 years you have managed one day of hard work
me: no!
you: ach stop yer whining, be quick now or you’ll miss your manicure appointment.

Sep 1 2012

Saturday 1 September 2012: Now that’s magic

We went looking for a coffee table today. We found one we liked, and the salesman pretty much actively put us off buying it: "oh they’re not a supplier I’d rely on, you could be waiting 6 months for that". Very well, we shan’t give you our money. And we left. An odd experience. My sticky pork salad starter and whole mackerel main for lunch were a much better experience.

Have watched a fair bit of the paralympics today. It’s been freakin’ ace. I have no idea how the classifications work, so have given up questioning it, but if you want to see an inspirational gold take a look at Richard Whitehead. I couldn’t believe the speed he came through on the straight. And Eleanor Simmonds was awesome too. I was on the edge of my seat in her 400m swimming final. And because it’s on channel 4 I’ve had to watch loads of ads. This is one I liked. Some great slow mo, 1min in is ace.

And the new Dr who was good too. Farewell Amy Pond, hello Souffle girl.

you: What’s magic? Certainly not the photo, I can think of far more accurate adjectives.
me: the sponge.
you: Just looks like sponge to me
me: but it’s called a magic sponge
you: and what can it do that’s "magic"?
me: wipe things up?
you: still sounds very much like a sponge to me. Here, I have this ‘magic’ brush for sale. Your’s for fifty quid
me: what can it do?
you: eh, sweep stuff up.
me: ooh, I’ll take 2.