Aug 31 2012

Friday 31 August 2012: Starry starry night.

Starry starry night, cry your eyes out night and day
just want to go out and play, then realise that you’re only 3 months old.
what else can you do? produce just one shade of poo
why can’t you just use the loo, or at least inform us that you’ve got to go.

I can’t understand, what you tried to say to me,
goo goo gaa gaa whee whee bah bah ee ee, what’s that you said? I couldn’t hear
I have to listen I don’t have a choice, you’ve got such a grating voice.

hmm, maybe the Don Mclean’s version was better. And Ghengis, you don’t have a grating voice, I was just struggling with the last line.

Ghengis helped me cook tonight. Her knife skills are freakin’ awesome. Who say’s plonking yer bairn in front of the telly is bad for them! As long as it’s educational I don’t see a problem. She’s been watching loads of Gordon Ramsay show’s so her cooking skills are ace, but sadly she’s picked up his language too.

Anyway, this was my view at 545 this morning. Ghengis never wakes up through the night unless it’s me that’s looking after her. Because of her harness she doesn’t fit in her moses basket any more so we bought a travel cot. Trouble is you can’t rock it to get her back to sleep……you can now. I built some rockers for it today and it’s ace. I love making stuff.

you: I think you struggled with more than just the last line
me: you think?
you: you rhymed poo with loo. That’s not great.
me: aw come on, there’s loads of songs with worse lyrics than that.
you: name one
me: The Killers: Human – "Are we human, or are we dancer"? What a load of cack
you: granted.

Aug 30 2012

Thursday 30 August 2012: It’s a braw bricht moonlicht nicht the nicht.

Climbing tonight for the first time in about 4 months….and it felt like it. It would be nice to be able to blame it on the lack of practice, but I doubt todays "diet" would have helped.

Started off with a bit of apple and cinnamon cake, still warm from the oven, that one of the new starts brought in. It was delicious. But who has time to bake a cake before coming to work?

Then a curry at lunch for Mike E’s leaving do. It was just described as "lamb curry" on the menu. It was awright.

Then a cake from the Sicilian bakery which was perhaps the best cake I have ever eaten. It was a cross between a vanilla slice and profiterole, with cream and fresh fruit on top. Incredible.

Ghengis decided to crap on the missus tonight. It’s much more amusing when the turd is on the other parental unit. Then she barfed on me to even things up.

you : your missus barfed on you?! Euch! That’s disgusting.
me: no!
you: that’s what you just wrote.
me: I meant Ghengis
you: well you need to write things in a clearer fashion. Like this: You are a moron
me: no room for ambiguity there.
you: exactly. Lesson over.

Aug 29 2012

Wednesday 29 August 2012: Poo.

Not just the photo, but what I was covered in half way through giving Ghengis her bottle.

Just getting set to watch the opening ceremony of the paralympics. I’m hoping that there was some budget left and it’s not gonna just be a party popper and sparkler and a bloke in the corner doing karaoke.

This arvo there was the heaviest rain I think I have ever seen in my life. It was incredible. Thunder and lightning too. And because we work in what is basically a tin shed, the noise of the rain was deafening.

you: but you’re not are you?
me: what?
you: see, I knew it.
me: what?!
you: you, being overdramatic as usual. It wasn’t deafening at all because you can hear me fine.
me: more’s the pity.
you: oh, I almost forgot. HAHAH
me: yeah yeah Ghengis pooped all over the clothes I’d just put on. I was wondering when the laughing might start.

Aug 28 2012

Tuesday 28 August 2012: Nightswimming

The tree on the right reminds me of being in Australia with dad in ‘92. No idea why, it just does.

*Mt Victor
*the yellow datsun that stank of spilled milk…when we handed it back
*driving by myself
*180km/h when dad fell asleep
*dog turd sweets.
*being excessively tired.. permanently
*the queue outside a music shop in adelaide waiting on zooropa to be released.

All things I want to remember when I’m old, well, nearly all.

Good night at the boozer, but they reckoned nachos would take 40 mins which meant I would miss my train, so instead I’ve had half a kilo of spuds, half a gallon of salad cream, and everyone’s favourite, out of date humous.

you: Based on the information supplied, you weren’t.
me: what?
you: in australia with your dad in 92
me: I was so!
you: well it was a very long queue outside the music shop
me: what are you on about?
you: zooropa wasn’t released until 93
me: oh well, whatever, the rest is still correct
you: you expect me to believe anything else you’ve written?
me: it’s true!
you: aye right. And I’m not even going to ask about dog turd sweets
me: it was really just….
you: shhht. I don’t want to know.

tunes I like just now:
Dizzee Rascal ft Pepper : Scream
Bat for Lashes : Laura (love the chorus. Swap Laura for Bella)

Aug 27 2012

Monday 27 August 2012: Missed it

ooh, there’s a cracking sunset brewing, I’ll get up the hill on the bike to get a photo from up there for a change……. by the time I got there it looked like the world was ending it was so grey.

Auslaender passed me a link to this today :
Call Me Maybe(chatroullete version). If you need a smile take a look, some of the reactions are ace. I’m sure this morning it was at 1.5M views, now it’s at 22.7M

Last Monday I lost my security pass for work. Until then I hadn’t lost it for 12 years. Today I lost my season pass for the train. I’ve had it for over 10 years. It has survived innumerable nights out when I have been not entirely compus mentis, yet somehow it managed to get lost between me showing it to get through the barrier to get on the train, and me getting off the train. I don’t get it. I’m a bit concerned about what I might lose next Monday.

you: not really eh?
me: what?
you: innumerable
me: ach you know what I mean
you: not really, please elaborate.
me: just a lot, ok, a lot.
you: and by non compos mentis I assume you mean totally bleezin’
me: blimey who’s mr nit-picky tonight
you: that would be me.

Aug 26 2012

Sunday 26 August 2012: New lens….

…..mug. Through to the swamp for lunch with Fat Mungo and the family, where I was presented with this. Awesome.

Ghengis has been a bit of a Grisabella today. Poor wee chook has been a right grinch, we think just because her sleeps got a bit disturbed. She went down for her evening sleep fine though so hopefully she goes through the night as usual too.

Day over, feel properly knackered.

you: me too
me: too tired for a chat?
you: chat? CHAT? We don’t CHAT! I give you abuse!
me: too tired to give me abuse then?
you: what do you think? You big useless plonker
me: thought not.

Aug 25 2012

Saturday 25 August 2012: Tear

Or the much less pretentious title, "Not another feckin’ gerbera". Kind of like when dogs at crufts are called "Marmaduke prince regal the third", but at home get called Spot. Maybe.

JH came round for a visit, meaning we finally met Mrs H after missing her when we were in York last year. It was a lovely arvo and great to catch up.

Suffered through another episode of XFactor, as usual there was one glimmer of something I liked. This time in the form of Lucy Spraggat and her tune Beer Fear. Almost as good as one of my other favourite songs, The Dead Badger Song.

you: "suffered" through the xfactor? Aye right! You love that tat
me: do not
you: yes you do, you watch it every year
me: only if I’m allowed to fast forward all the "ooh my dog died and that made me really sad and then I lost my job and then I lost my house and all I need is one lucky break and ooh my mum and dad split up but if i do really great today then they might get back together and I’m only 16 and if you say no it’ll make me cry"
you: in other words yer a cold hearted barsteward
me: no, it’s just I only have a certain amount of time I’m willing to allocate to crap telly
you: which is?
me: ach about 18 hours a day or so

Aug 24 2012

Friday 24 August 2012: Exhibitiion

Up at 5 with the intention of heading out to catch a sunrise like yesterday. When I looked out of the window the clouds were just flat and grey and I figured nothing would happen, so I went back to bed.

Down in to town where an exhibition on containing 3 of my photos (the 2 big ones in the foreground and the one with a bit of green in the background) has just opened. I couldn’t believe how big they had printed them out, I was well pleased. So I emailed the exhibition organiser to ask if I can get them when the exhibition is over. And I can.

While I was in town I heard perhaps the most terrifying threat I have ever heard issued to a child: "If you don’t start behaving I’m going to take you with me to Cumbernauld".

Test drove a GT86 today. The salesman asked me to slow down. I wasn’t even trying! Quite liked it, seemed like a nice wee motor, I think it would suit me.

you: aye, underpowered and a bit limp wristed, it would suit you just fine.
me: I was thinking more along the lines of lightweight, lithe, and agile.
you: haha! Don’t make me laugh! Like the missus would let you get one anyway
me: I left the brochure on the table and went out for a cycle. When I got back the missus was actively interested in it.
you: I’m sure Ghengis will love being crammed in the back
me: it has isofix, at least she’ll be safe
you: and I’m sure there’s loads of room for her buggy and everything else
me: ach, she can just learn to walk a bit earlier than most.

Aug 23 2012

Thursday 23 August 2012: Fire fire

Ghengis woke me up briefly at 545 this morning. I got up, rocked her crib for a second, then noticed a rosy glow in the curtains, took a peek out, and then ran to get my camera. Blip done, and it wasn’t even 6am. Result.

Bit of a slow, duff day at work, and sadly not duff as in the variety of beer Homer likes. The only amusing thing was that I got an error box popped up, with a heading of internal error, and the content of the internal error box said "An internal error occurred attempting to display an internal error". But I did have a meeting up at the big house, and I missed the shuttle back down to my office so had a nice walk through town. George St has now been partially Ghengis’d.

And now it’s time to go watch Mrs Polizi rescue another hotel.

Oh, and I sold 2 more photos today.

you: you find that amusing?
me: aw come on, it is mildly amusing
you: maybe to a sad geek that lives in a world without sunlight and happiness
me: that sounds like someone I know
you: aye, you ya moron.
me: I have happiness
you: I said happiness, not beer.
me: oh.

Aug 22 2012

Wednesday 22 August 2012: ten quid blini’s

-Pea and mint soup with a pork, apple and smoked paprika bonbon

-Mackerel lightly pickled with cardamon & star anise with red cabbage thai slaw and red pepper & chilli jelly

-Fillet of 31 day aged Scottish beef with fondant potato filled with tomato fondue, onion puree, baby watercress and sauce perigourdine

-Raspberry smoothie

-Blueberry mousse layered between sable biscuits with cassis & liquorice ice cream

That was my tea that was. The missus and I headed back to Glenskirlie house for some tea while Ghengis had her piano and karate lessons. And very nice it was too. You could cut the steak with a butter knife, which was lucky as they don’t give you a steak knife.

you: I had yoghurt on toast.
me: you win.

Aug 21 2012

Tuesday 21 August 2012: Time to put the phone away.

For some reason the domed roof caught my eye while waiting at the lights. So I took a quick snap. And apart from an out of focus photo of nachos this was the only picture I took for blip today. Terrible picture, good night.

We headed up to Henricks for nachos. Once again they were delicious. But once again the only thing wrong with them was the condiments were too cold, making the dish cool down to quickly. The Teacher joined us even though it was a school day, and even White Lightning made an appearance. 4 more Ghengis stickers have been applied.

Home, feed Ghengis, bed. Oh, and Grotty had her hip scan today and hers are fine, so that’s good news.

you: yer missus lets you handle the baby after beers?
me: I had to pass a test first
you: like the american police use?
me: yup, walk along a chalk line she painted on the road, while holding a finger against my nose. Which I passed with flying colours
you: and did nothing actually interesting happen with your day?
me: not really. Thought some more about the playhouse design. I haven’t decided whether to go for a miniature version of our house, or a steel and glass (painted wood and perspex) modern apartment type affair.
you: couldn’t you just get a cheap garden shed and paint it pink?
me: where would the fun be in that. At the moment I’m leaning toward the steel and glass.
you: I dare say whatever you build will be leaning too.

Aug 20 2012

Monday 20 August 2012: Hurray for rainbows

They appear out of nowhere when you don’t have a blip for the day.

A week or two ago Ghengis was a right chatty wee thing. Coo-ing and ah-ing and generally sounding cute. She seems to have given up on that and has moved on to creaky door impressions. That’s a bit harsh, sometimes it’s more like someone letting the air out of a balloon.

Round to the neighbours to help them out with their computer. While I was there I virtually got a bollocking for not cutting my grass often enough, and not tidying up the trimmings when I do. Things won’t be changing. I have more interesting things to do with my life.

you: I bet Ghengis is still more interesting than you, even if she does sound like a creaky door.
me: probably. She’ll probably make more money than me too now that we have hired her out as a sound effect specialist.
you: The roles she can fill are fairly limited I though.
me: she could be a creaky window too
you: granted
me: or a creaky fridge door.
you: eh, that’s still a door.
me: hmmm.
you: idiot.

Aug 19 2012

Sunday 19 August 2012: The german’s think of everything.

Out to Glenskirlie House for lunch for the missus’ mum’s birthday. It was a lovely meal. Since Ghengis isn’t old enough to drink alcohol she said she’d be designated driver as long as she could put her milk in the cup holder. I thought it was a fair deal so got tucked in to the beers. When we were ready to leave I got her buckled up and realised that her legs didn’t reach off of the front of the seat, let alone to the pedals. And to top it off she couldn’t reach the wheel either. The final straw was when she couldn’t find reverse.

So we’re still sitting in the car park 8 hours later waiting on me to sober up. What is it they say, a unit an hour is the sobering up rate? So we should be good to leave by Tuesday.

you: you just had fresh orange and lemonade and drove didn’t you?
me: yup.
you: idiot.

Aug 18 2012

Saturday 18 August 2012: That’ll do.

Made my one trip to the festival tonight. Jambon’s birthday so a lot of the ski crew were out and I went to join them. We went to see Jimoin, and he was pretty funny. In fact he was very funny.

Then we wandered across town to teviot and had a beer and a crepe. Too. Many. People.

Bit of banter and then I left. Depositing a few Ghengis stickers on my walk back.

you: jeez you are a misery. It’s one of the biggest festivals in the world and you’re complaining about the number of people?
me: ok ok I’ll concede, it was quite a nice lively atmosphere
you: yet there’s a "but" coming on
me: it was too loud and hard to hear the person you were talking to. If I wanted that I’d go to a club
you: except you wouldn’t
me: true.
you: so basically, you are a moaning old fart
me: doesn’t seem like we’ve learned anything new today then
you: I guess not.

Aug 17 2012

Friday 17 August 2012: Waste

This shed is where I learned to climb. Not long after I started the owners of the climbing wall were told, at very short notice, that they had to close because the owner of the shed wanted to turn the place into an indoor market. And it’s $hit. The market that is. What a waste. Anyway, the black sky over it caught my eye today. And it turns out it closed in 2003. I thought I’d only been climbing for a few years, maybe time I got a new harness.

Turns out the rx8 battery had a 3 year warranty. So I took it in, they tested it, it was knackered, and they replaced it. Great. Glad I hung on to that receipt for sure.

Cashed the cheque I received as the deposit for the first wedding I have booked, so that was exciting.

Then I had the most annoying call with any customer service department I’ve ever had the misfortune of dealing with. It was with 3, the mobile provider. All I wanted was my PAC code to move my number, right up front I told her I wasn’t interested in any deals, could she just tell me if she had arranged for my PAC code to be sent. It took 20 minutes of her talking over me to finally get her to say it was done.

you: And your complaint letter is in the post?
me: yup, printed, enveloped, stamped, ready to rock.
you: blimey that was fast, for you!
me: I just came off the phone so freakin’ annoyed.
you: I hope you remained polite?
me: I did my very best.
you: which no doubt wasn’t good enough. What did you say?
me: I told her that the only time I had been disappointed with the service I had received from 3 was during that phone call.
you: I’m not sure if that’s polite or not
me: I didn’t swear.
you: oh, well that’s ok then. She was only doing her job.
me: badly.

Aug 16 2012

Thursday 16 August 2012: National service needs you.

Headed up to the Sick Kids Hospital this morning from work so I could be there when Ghengis had her first hip scan since she had the harness put on. On the way I spotted this poster, so on the way back I made a wee detour to go and get a photo of it. I love stormtroopers.

Cut a picture of Mo Farah crossing the line in his 5k out of the paper and stuck it up in the garage. I might start a ‘hero’ wall. So far I have Mo, and a Greek riot police man running from a firebomb, not because he’s a hero, but because it’s a great photo. If I could ask Mo one question in an interview it would be this :

"Mo, what are you more proud of, your olympic golds, or beating the cube on itv?"

I think I know what the answer would be. I mean he had 6 lifes left in the cube, I don’t think that will ever be beaten.

you: are you seriously suggesting you think he would answer "the cube"?
me: oh surely. I mean he won £250k for charity.
you: oh yeah, yeah, of course, what was I thinking, there was me thinking he’d be most proud of being the best in the world over 5 and 10k, but your right, some dumb ass game show on telly is way more important.
me: exactly.
you: no. Idiot. And how was Ghengis’ scan?
me: great. The doctor, when he eventually showed up, was more than happy with how her hip is developing
you: good.

Aug 15 2012

Wednesday 15 August 2012: Biker mice from Germany

A big gaggle (fairly sure that’s the correct term for a group of bikers) were just leaving their hotel this morning as I was passing. I need a new phone with a better camera, although at nearly 200 blips taken with this one it’s not done too badly.

Decent day at work today. First time I’ve had a chance to get my crayons out and colour in, which is what I wanted the move for in the first place. I was enjoying it so much I lost track of time and missed some meetings….even better.

Jenelope is here for the night and has as usual made us a delicious tea. And we finally got the thank you cards made for Ghengis to send out.

you: did you stay inside the lines when colouring in?
me: of course
you: and did you just shade in one direction so it didn’t look scrappy?
me: is there any other way?
you: and are you 5 or 35? Get a real job!
me: if it was always like it was today then this one would suit me just fine thank you very much.

Aug 14 2012

Tuesday 14 August 2012: Zambezi Express (2)

For the last few weeks I hadn’t spotted the blip that is perhaps more special to me than anything that I have posted. It’s the door that meant so much to me for so long, combined with my babies sigil sticker. And it can be seen here.

Good night at the boozer. The Teacher made it for the last day of his holidays. Blipgate, as it is now referred, was brought up, but has (for the moment) been consigned to the anals (stop sniggering at the back) of history. And i had a burger with blue cheese.

I was running to the station when i heard these guys again and just had to run through the oncoming traffic to go for a listen. Love them.

you: more special than your first blip of Ghengis?
you: ok maybe not that one
you: or your 365?
you: ok not that one either
you: or any blip you have taken of nachos
you: ok ok I may have over egged the pudding. I like it, it’s a special blip to me ok.
you: aye, in the same way that you’re special. Weirdo.

‘I’ before ‘e’ except after ‘c’. So is my phone correct in suggesting that spelling of weirdo?

Aug 13 2012

Monday 13 August 2012: Nothin’ to see here.

Was just watching "the golden games" or some such documentary about the olympics. In it there was a comment about Bradley Wiggins having "the favourite sideburns in britain". I’d like to contest that comment. I’m fairly sure that accolade belongs to me. Can he not just be happy with his 7 olympic medals?

I’d posted some of the cycle race photos from saturday on my site, and the event organiser had linked to them on facebook. Within an hour I had an email from one of the competitors wanting to buy one! Well pleased!

Ghengis is awesome.

you: there’s a difference between your sideys and Wiggo’s though.
me: aye? what’s that?
you: his are a style choice. Your’s are through laziness
me: no they’re not!
you: how else do you explain them covering half your face and being about a foot long by the time you need a haircut.
me: eh, I don’t know where the sideburn trimmer is for my shaver
you: laziness.

Aug 12 2012

Sunday 12 August 2012

For the last 6 months this buddleia has looked like a pile of dead sticks. I doesn’t any more, especially in the last sunshine of the day.

It was the nct class reunion today so were down the road for that. Nice to see everyone and their new bairns. Ghengis was the cutest. Obviously.

Watched the olympic mountain biking. Couldn’t believe the speed they were going up the hills. I think I must be doing sommat wrong….or maybe i just need a new bike.

Watching the Olympic closing ceremony and not thinking much of it so far. Black trapeze artists on a black background? Genius. Putting a massive bright light behind performers so you can’t actually see them? Inspired. Playing the same music twice? Cheap.

you : and there it is
me : what?
you : i knew it wouldn’t last
me : WHAT?!
you : you being mr excited happy happy cheery cheery
me : aw, that. I’m worn out.
you : 2 days of being pleasant too much for you?
me : so it would seem
you : so 2 days every 2 years is your limit?
me : it would appear so
you : pathetic. I can manage at least 3.

Aug 11 2012

Saturday 11 August 2012: Do the mobot.

Breaking news: Shouting at the tv during sporting events has been downgraded from moronic to slightly foolish. But I couldn’t help it, in fact it was completely involuntary. I just had to shout for Mo Farah in the 5000m final. It was frickin’ awesome. I’ve never been as excited about any sporting event in my life. I might never have been as excited. Absolutely loved it.

And it was lucky he won really as we opened a bottle of champagne just as the race started and it gave us a reason to have it rather than just a random bottle of champagne. Not that there’s anything wrong with random champagne. It was delicious.

Was photographing a bike race today. That was fun. Then I got out on the road bike. It turns out all the dedicated hours of watching cycling on tv lately has done me just as much good as all my training did me last year. I was only a minute off my best ever time.

And I cut the grass. I even enjoyed that.

you: slightly freaked out at the moment
me: any particular reason?
you: yes. You.
me: what have I done?
you: happy? excited? Two days in a row. Are you dying? It seems that there’s something wrong with your brain
me: not that I’m aware of. Can’t help it dude.
you: I’ve spotted a pattern though, every 2 years or so you are in a good mood for all of 2 days.
me: lets see what tomorrow brings. Now do the mobot.
you: I don’t want to.
me: DO IT!
you: ok ok. Oooh, fun.

Aug 10 2012

Friday 10 August 2012: Harvest time.

I LOVE SCOTLAND! On days like today there is nowhere on earth I’d rather be. Blue skies, warm sunshine, golden fields, and beautiful views.

Headed up to see K&K and to meet Lottie for the first time which I was excited about. Got there and K was just about to fire up the combine for the first time this year. So I spent an hour running about a barley field taking photos. Wide angle on…get close in to the action….playback…..holy crap perhaps a bit closer than I intended, given the proximity of that massive camera smashing, head skewing spike!

Then got a few photos of Ghengis and her new wee cousin while K made some lovely tea.

Then drove home again in the sunshine. Grand.

you: what’s got in to you?
me: what?
you: you just admitted to being excited about something!
me: well I was.
you: and what’s with all the enthusiasm?
me: dunno, I just felt really good today.
you: were you drunk?
me: no
you: did you have nachos?
me: no
you: are you sure you had a good day?
me: yup
you: blimey! I haven’t seen you this agreeable since the first day we met

Aug 9 2012

Thursday 9 August 2012: Cleared for take off.

This wee dude was just sitting on the patio table when I went out to feed Ghengis. His shadow reminds me of the Vulcan Bomber . I was telling the missus a story about a butterfly then I realised I was talking bollocks. Not sure when the last time a butterfly turned in to a caterpillar was exactly.

Out for a curry with Steven tonight. And I decided to treat myself to an ice cream sundae with banana. Very nice it was too.

Then home to watch the 200m final. Bolt is just incredible.

you: you always talk bollocks. But a butterfly turning in to a caterpillar takes some beating.
me: I just got it back to front.
you: and you got it back to front saying you were telling the missus a story, not Ghengis, too.
me: no, it was the missus
you: I’m sure she was delighted to have you inform her of nonsense information about the natural world
me: I have lots more. Did you know mice can do cartwheels? Did you know chameleons don’t actually change colour, they just spray a chemical into the air that makes you hallucinate? Did you know that the favourite meal of the hedgehog is spam on toast?
you: did you know I stopped listening ages ago as your drivel bores me?

Aug 8 2012

Wednesday 8 August 2012: Chomp.

Another lovely sunny day. Had tea outside.

Got out on the bike for half an hour to see what was happening up in the woods. It smelled great up there, just like christmas. I hope the felling of the trees doesn’t force the local deer to find new homes. I didn’t exactly cycle far, so it won’t have done anything in terms of fitness, but it was great for the mind.

Ghengis didn’t up her game by throwing poop at me when I got home, or projectile vomiting. Instead she opted to pretend I didn’t exist, refusing to look at me. I think I made a mistake back here when I sang Mr Cellophane to her, as that’s exactly what it seemed like.

you: we all try
me: what
you: to pretend you don’t exist. And "it was great for the mind"? What kind of airy fairy nonsense is that?
me: yeah well I couldn’t word it correctly. It made me feel better is what I meant.
you: well why didn’t you say that?
me: eh, I don’t know.
you: because you are an idiot.

Aug 7 2012

Tuesday 7 August 2012: Out on the step.

This morning couldn’t have been more of a contrast to yesterday. While it was pi$$ing down when I cycled to work yesterday, today was beautiful blue skies. There was more than a hint of autumn to the air though. Has summer really been and gone without saying hello?

Pounding headache at work today. I don’t get headaches in general, so it always concerns me when I do.

Ghengis upped her "welcome home from work" from tears to widdle tonight. Somehow she managed to make her nappy leak all over me.

you: I can’t wait to see what she does tomorrow.
me: I thought that might amuse you
you: you know how it is. Anything that’s bad for you is good for me.
me: I’m only too aware.

Aug 6 2012

Monday 6 August 2012: Big fat bird.

More gold from the cycling team tonight. I feel totally inspired…to sit and watch.

Got home tonight and came in to say hello to Ghengis. Rather than a cute wee smile in recognition that I had been out earning a crust to keep her fed she put on a petted lip and started to cry. Not the welcome home I wanted.

you: no freakin’ wonder!
me: what?
you: if my mealtime was interrupted by your ugly fizog peering down at me I think I’d start to cry too.
me: and the petted lip?
you: most certainly.

Aug 5 2012

Sunday 5 August 2012: Smelly sticks

Haven’t left the house today. Hence a blip of a bunch of sticks that are dunked in some kind of smelly oil.

Caught the end of the tennis. Yay Murray. Thought Murray and Robson were gonna get the doubles too.

Am loving the olympics. Who woulda thunk it? I don’t really like sport. Go Team GB.

The end.

you: I’m sure the description would be ‘fragrant’ rather than smelly?
me: would that work when applied to me?
you: no, that would be ‘reeking’.

Aug 4 2012

Saturday 4 August 2012: Cloud-tastic

Home alone with Ghengis today as the missus and Em went off shopping. Typically she decided to play up a bit, not sleeping when she normally would.

JJ and Adam came through (as they did a year ago tomorrow) for a coupla hours. A glorious day, much like last year really. This time though we just sat in the garden and enjoyed the weather. Watched the Brits be totally awesome in the velodrome again. I’ve decided what event I’ll be doing in the velodrome in Rio 2016.

Tonight I’ve had a nice bottle of Ossian and am watching whatever sport happens to be on. Just waiting on Mo Farrah, I wan’t him to win just to see his smile, it’s awesome.

you: you love him
me: eh….
you: you want to hug him
me: are we in the playground? It’s nice to see people happy
you: because you find it impossible?
me: perhaps.
you: and you’ve decided your gonna be in Team GB for 2016? Very kind of you
me: yup
you: and the event?
me: Keirin
you: haha! Aye, an event requiring explosive power and serious fitness. You should be fine….eh, naw
me: I have a plan. I’m going to ride the pacing motorbike, but just keep going to the end
you: ah of course, that should get you gold! Idiot.

Aug 3 2012

Friday 3 August 2012: Stop.

Took Ghengis through to Sick Kids to get her harness changed which meant she got to have a bath. She seems to have forgotten how to kick and was quite happy to just sit in her new froggy position.

Finally felt a smidgen better today. Still ropey, but an improvement.

Watched a bit of the cycling in the olympics, so to celebrate Victoria Pendleton’s gold and the mens team pursuit gold I decided to do a bike blip.

you: because actually going for a ride would be too much like hard work?
me: well, obviously. I’ve done nowt but watch cycling for about the last month, you can’t really expect me to be able to participate too?
you: it might be an idea, given that watching cycling isn’t all you’ve been doing?
me: no? What else have I done?
you: slight change in your diet at all lately?
me: mmmm, not that I can think of…..
you: massive bars of chocolate and packets of biscuits and the big packet of chocolate covered raisins that you had forgotten about from christmas that you ate in one go?
me: oh, that change in diet….

Aug 2 2012

Thursday 2 August 2012: Blue bug

Just another day feeling like $h1t.

you: not still
me: I dunno what’s going on I’m just not getting better.
you: at least you’re still managing to blip
me: barely.

Aug 1 2012

Wednesday 1 August 2012: Self portrait

Spent almost the entire day asleep in bed.

Ghengis is turning into a right wee smiley chatterbox which is ace.

And that’s that.

you: another thrilling installment there then
me: what can I say? I’ve done nothing all day. I haven’t even dressed
you: make something up, that’s what you normally do
me: brain…hurts….can’t……do it…..must…..feel….better….soon