Jun 30 2012

Saturday 30 June 2012: Ochil’s

Bit of a fractious day, mostly my fault. We did get out for a cup of tea/coffee and an cookie/no cookie though. We were at the Wheelhouse and even though there were a few spots of rain we sat outside and it was nice.

Watched some of the Tennis……..had to stop watching to go and feed Ghengis and it appears I missed a bit of a drubbing in the last set, come on Murray.

Talking of feeding Ghengis, it took her over an hour to have 150ml of milk. Why so slow?! To be fair she’d still beat Napoleon at a yard of ale.

you: mostly your fault?
me: possibly
you: definitely
me: how would you know?
you: because yer a grumpy miserable bampot
me: well….I’m tired
you: so, the missus is tired and ill
me: well I’m….
you: a pain in the @rse.

Jun 29 2012

Friday 29 June 2012: Fireman for a day (2)

WooHoo! I got to ride in a fire truck!

AB had once again won a health and safety comp at work. Again he asked did I want to go too. As with last time the only response I had was FREAKIN’ RIGHT I DO!

It was the same guys again, Kevin and John, and like last time they were friendly and enthusiastic, great instructors really

This time we got to deal with a real fire, as in not gas, but pallets. It was so frickin hot. Just after this shot my camera temporarily stopped working and I was worried I had fried it. The temp sensors in there were reading 480C at head hight, and over 100C down where we were crouched.

We got to go up in the massive height appliance thing. And we did a search and rescue in the dark too

you: go on, say it
me: I want to be a fireman
you: thought as much. You’d be rubbish though
me: would not!
you: aye you would, you’d just run away like a big jessie
me: would not!
you: I bet you would. All you’d be good for would be bringing marshmallows to cook on the embers.
me: ooh, marshmallows. Can I get a pink one?
me: I rest my case.

Jun 28 2012

Thursday 28 June 2012: Nuclear

There was a massive nuclear explosion in broxburn tonight, I was lucky enough to catch it on camera. Shortly afterwards I died from radiation poisoning.

So, another wedding anniversary. And we managed even less than last year. The missus is poorly so we lay on the couch and watched some Game of Thrones. I hate Joffrey Baratheon with a passion! I think for the actor to play that character so well he must be a wee $hite in real life too. He’s just like Regal in the book I’m reading, Royal Assassin, I hate him too.

Met HA for lunch, in the Taste of Italy again, and again I had the ortalano pizza, lovely.

Can’t wait for tomorrow

you: why, what are you doing tomorrow?
me: not telling.
you: aw go on
me: nope.
you: fine
me: good.
you: I didn’t want to know anyway
me: that’s lucky because I wasn’t going to tell you
you: just you go and have overly passionate feelings of dislike for imaginary characters from books and tv shows
me: I will.
you: fine.

Jun 27 2012

Wednesday 27 June 2012: Fanny

Couldn’t help but smirk when I saw this, it just reminded me of the current irn bru advert.

Out for nachos with JJ for lunch. Cask and Barrel. What they lack in finesse they more than make up for with value for money. And they’re tasty too. No salsa or sour cream is a bit of an issue, but guacamole is there and there’s cheese and chilli aplenty.

It pi$$ed down for the 5 minutes it took me to get up to the station so I got soaked through. Thankfully the recurring puncture I seem to have stayed away, for that part of the journey at least.

Right, it’s time for Ghengis’ last feed. What motorsport can I find to watch with her….

you: you have a puncture?
me: aye I think it was a bit of glass and the slime tube doesn’t seem to be coping with it
you: you have a puncture?
me: ok ok my bike tyre has a puncture.
you: bike tyre? Do you ride a unicycle?
me: ok ok one of my bike tires has a puncture. Jeez what’s your problem tonight?
you: that’s what you get for posting childish blips.

Jun 26 2012

Tuesday 26 June 2012: A pint of Orkney IPA….

….and a wolf to guard it please.

Woohoo. Back in the boozer after a month off. Ace.

Oz told me he’d taken one of my photos of ghengis and sent it to one of the new fangled 3d printers. At this point I was thinking "hmm, they don’t take 2d images", but he was fairly insistent: "It didn’t come back how I expected though, shut your eyes and hold out your hands". Now when any man says that to me I feel instantly uneasy. Opened my eyes and sitting in my hands was a brand new Ghengis Wolf. Ready to guard my beer or sit on my monitor at work. Or maybe even sit on the top of the wardrobe in the nursery to guard Ghengis as she sleeps. Nice.

you: eh, how often do men ask you to close your eyes and hold out your hands?
me: eh, not very often
you: and where are you when this normally happens?
me: eh, the pub
you: in the toilets by any chance?
me: ha! No. Actually now I come to think of it I don’t think it’s ever been said to me before
you: you seem to be rapidly backtracking
me: no I’m…..
you: and protesting too much
me: hang on a minute how did me getting a toy wolf end up turning in to inappropriate proposals in the gents?
you: you tell me.

Jun 25 2012

Monday 25 June 2012: 11B

Fairly sure this door and it’s oversized partner have been blipped a few million times before. Never by me though. So here it is. Although I’ve never blipped it I’ve probably taken a photo of it a couple of hundred times, just every time I pass it really, in case I don’t get anything I prefer during the rest of the day.

First day back at work wasn’t horrendous. Was a pain to start off with a puncture on the bike though. Then to realise that I haven’t used my train season ticket for a month, so that’s £150 down the pan

Finally got a video of Ghengis sneezing.

you: did you manage to stay awake all day?
me: it was touch and go at 10am when all I was doing was sifting through a months worth of emails looking for anything important/urgent/I had to do funny.
you: and how was the new job
me: hmm, was just getting set up today really, or starting to at least. Slightly concerned it may not be the best of moves
you: pourquoi?
me: the "I f*n hate this job I’ve got a find a new one" comment of one of my new team mates.
you: ach it was just one comment
me: there were plenty of others in a similar vein
you: oh.

Jun 24 2012

Sunday 24 June 2012: Flasher

I have a major complaint: K told me I had to stop moaning about things in my blip. HA! That backfired on you eh? :-)

Spent a lot of today messing about with flashes. Got one shot I liked out of it. That’s one better than none I guess.

The inlaws and grandma in law arrived up for tea. The inlaws are gonna help the missus out for the week. Grandma in law has sensibly decided that a couple of hours with Ghengis is plenty and is heading on up the road.

Talking of Ghengis, she slept through the night again last night, and has been mostly a good wee girl today. Gold star.

And that’s that. One month off work over. Finished. Finito. Back to work tomorrow, to a new team and pretty much a new job. I’m almost looking forward to it. My new set of crayons are packed.

you: and how does the photo relate to your day exactly?
me: mmm, it doesn’t really. It was just flying about while I was on the phone.
you: you couldn’t have posted your one good shot from your flash experimentation?
me: naw, it’s not for public consumption
you: what kind of flashing were you doing exactly?!
me: ha! It was just a self portrait, and I’ve never done a proper on of those here
you: and I’m eternally grateful.

Jun 23 2012

Saturday 23 June 2012: Record breaker

you: aw come off it!
me: hey hang on, let me get my day over with first
you: screw your day. It’s another frickin’ flower!
me: not just any flower
you: it is, it’s just a flower. In fact it’s the same frickin’ flower you blipped here
me: exactly, it’s from the bunch Oz and his missus sent. It was a week or two old then, and it’s still going strong.
you: well whoop de doo. It must be some kind of record
me: exactly!
you: bored. You may as well get your day over with

Didn’t do much, weather was cack. RX8 had a flat battery

you: well that was worth waiting for.

Jun 22 2012

Friday 22 June 2012: Lightning strikes…..

….and frustration.

I’d only just said to someone recently that it was a long time since I had got a lightning strike shot. So imagine my delight when a thunder storm rolled through today. The wind was blowing in a direction that meant even though there was torrential rain I could have the window open for the camera. I got everything set up and set the camera off. And sat, and sat, and sat, and there it was! Freakin’ awesome. A lightning strike right where I was pointing. Hit playback. WTF?! Where is my mega awesome lightning shot? It had happened between exposures. I can’t believe it. Felt totally gutted for the rest of the day. I hate missing a great shot, especially for a $hit reason like that.

Watched the Lion King, and the Little Mermaid too.

you: how do you know it was a great shot if you never got it?
me: it would have been, I saw it
you: how do you know what you saw is what you would have got?
me: I just do. Awright?
you: ooh touchy. Who’s in a bad mood today
me: me.
you: and watching 2 disney films in a day is excessive for any man.

Be Prepared.

Jun 21 2012

Thursday 21 June 2012: What is that thing?

I’m not sure if it’s meat or poultry. To me it looks like some sort of hideous child/penguin hybrid. For some reason it reminds me of the awful cabbage patch kid dolls. They were horrid. Pretty much like today’s weather. So glad I made the most of the sunshine yesterday.

Favourite quote from Gene Hunt today. "He looks about as nervous as a very small nun at a penguin shoot".

you: are you really quoting fictional characters?
me: no. Fictional character
you: smart ass. Not exactly a ‘quote of the day’ anyway is it, seeing as that episode was aired over 5 years ago
me: ok so I’m a bit behind the times.
you: Is that really all you have to mention today? The fact you watched more life on mars?
me: pretty much. Health visitor came. Ghengis fine. Rained. Didn’t get out other than tesco. Watched telly.
you: ooh productive. Couldn’t maybe have ticked off some of the things you were bemoaning you hadn’t managed in yer month off?
me: hmmm.

Jun 20 2012

Wednesday 20 June 2012: Feeding time at the zoo

Ghengis slept through the night! What a great start to the day. And it was sunny. What a great start to the day. So I fed her outside. What a great start to the day. And miraculously it didn’t entirely go downhill from there.

Tried to register a gmail account for Ghengis. What a job that was finding something that wasn’t taken.

Her wee finger nails were getting long enough that she was scratching herself, so I thought I’d best cut them. It was all going fine until I must have cut a bit close to her finger and drew a wee bit of blood on her pinkie. How much of a freakin’ monster did I feel! I was only trying to help baby.

Out for lunch. Walk along the canal. Out on my bike for an hour while the missus’ friend was round. Out with Ghengis in the buggy for an hour. And then I pretty much fell asleep on the sofa after tea. The missus woke me up at 10:30 and my first question was "did she sleep through the night again". Sadly not……yet

me: don’t! I felt really bad
you: oh but you’re over it now? You monster!
me: stop it!
you: monster monster monster. And she’s not even a month old, what on earth does she need an email account for?
me: well by the time she does need one there will be like another 20 billion people or something so she’d have to be like ‘isabellarose192939202@gmail.com’
you: hmmm, forward thinking, not part of the typical psych profile…for a monster.

Jun 19 2012

Tuesday 19 June 2012: Grouch

Ghengis seems to have had her volume turned up to 11 today. Poor wee lamb, dunno what’s up with her.

Sutin and Mrs Sutin popped round for a quick visit. I considered trying to hide in the back seat to make my escape as they left.

Got some cracking photos sent to me to wind me up at missing another beer night. And apparently the Shitmobile is destined for the scrap heap. A real shame.

Only 3 more days of my months "holiday" left. Where the frick has it all gone? Haven’t managed to get a single thing done that I had planned.

Holy crap I hate this photo, but am too tired to do anything else.

you: you expected to get things done on a task list even though you have a new born bairn
me: yeah I thought I’d have loads of time
you: idiot.

Jun 18 2012

Monday 18 June 2012: What a difference….

….a bit of blue sky and sunshine makes. I’d rather not have seen the sun rise though, thanks for that Ghengis.

Got out on the bike this arvo, I’d decided to cut my route to 20miles, but arrived at a road closed sign that resulted in a sever mile diversion. Typical. Nearly blew my heart up going as hard as I could up about the steepest bit on the route to get out of the way of a lorry I was holding up. He gave me a wave at the top, so at least my efforts were appreciated. Got home and Ghengis had screamed the whole time I was away.

Needed a few more bottles for her today. Did we get the £2.30 for 3 boots own brand ones? No, we got the £28 for 6 MAM ones, because apparently they reduce colic. I don’t even know what colic is, so why am I paying through the nose to reduce it? It might be a bad thing to have reduced. Just checked amazon and they are only £20 there.

Anyway, I decided to see what all the fuss was about and put my juice in one of the bottles. Frickin hell it’s hard work to get anything out of them! So I thought they were broken and tried one of the old ones. Same thing. There must be a technique.

you: eh, hang on, you were drinking your ‘juice’ from a baby’s bottle
me: trying to.
you: oddball. And I don’t imagine it was a friendly wave the truck driver gave you
me: I’m sure it was.
you: what shape was his hand and what was the motion?
me: open hand, side to side.
you: hmm, sounds like he maybe did appreciate you trying to get out of his way. Shame your heart didn’t explode though, that would have been amusing. "Man with baby bottles on bike falls off due to exploded heart"

Jun 17 2012

Sunday 17 June 2012: Shelter.

Ghengis was so excited at the idea of our first fathers day together that she decided to wake up at 3am and not settle down again until 6. Thanks kiddo. The card and mug were much more appreciated.

One of the missus friends came round for a visit today, with a huge bag chock full of baby clothes. Like literally tonnes of clothes. All from fancier places than I’ll ever be buying her stuff.

Napoleon and Esme came through too. Instead of baby clothes they brought lasagne. We have now been provided with approximately 400 lasagne portions, and every one of them has been more than welcome. Not as welcome as the nachos obviously ;-)

Quick wander with Napoleon and Ghengis got us caught in a rain shower so hid under some trees. I imagine some of the neighbours thought there was a new gay couple on the street walking their baby.

you: why, were you holding hands?
me: eh, no.
you: did he have his arm round you?
me: eh, no
you: did you have his arm round him?
me: eh, no
you: so in actual fact what your neighbours probably thought was "there’s that numpty from up the street and one of his mates"
me: awright awright no need to get a bee in yer bonnet
you: and "literally tonnes" of baby clothes? Don’t be ridiculous
me: ok ok ok, jeez, you got out of the wrong side of the bed today eh!
you: I was woken at 3am.

Jun 16 2012

Saturday 16 June 2012: Bzzzzzzz

It was grandma’s birthday today. She’s 89. Got a nice portrait of her holding Ghengis. Grandma is 32487 days older than her, that’s a lot of days. Got nice portraits of her with mum and dad, Aunty L and Aimee too.

So now I have the leftover cake which is delicious, and a rhubarb tart from grandma, can’t wait to get stuck in to that. And have just eaten my favourite chicken dinner that mum made and brought for me. The chicken was tough as old boots for some reason, but I could drink a gallon of the honey and mustard sauce.

10 miles on the turbo trainer because the weather is totally rank again

you: you’re kid is gonna get flash blindness
me: she was only in front of the lens for about 95% of her waking hours today
you: she’s gonna hate you
me: as long as her first word is camera I don’t care.

Jun 15 2012

Friday 15 June 2012: Man Tin.

This is my first ever gift (other than $htty nappies) from Ghengis. I think she has severely underestimated the sheer volume of leads, screws, and other pointless stuff I must keep. I could fill a skip. But I shall keep my most treasured pointless junk in here.

We went out for some lunch, burrito time. Oh I have a use by/best before date query for you. I was having the leftover chilli from Amy’s nacho supply. In the cupboard I had a packet of microwave rice, with a best before date of February 2011. Would you or would you not eat this? I tend to not concern myself too much with best before or use by dates, but knew there was something dodgy about rice. Anyway I based my decision on Jenelope’s apocalypse theory: If there had been an apocalypse and you found the food item under consideration, would you eat it. If the answer is yes then it’s fine. I ate it.

Watched some Danny Macaskill videos, that put me in a better mood than yesterday. Also watched Keelan Phillips. He deserves more views than he’s had, awesome skills. Take a look.

you: apocalypse theory?
me: yeah, I like it.
you: so you’re gonna be scraping rabbits and hedgehogs off the road for yer tea now?
me: hmm, depends
you: on?!
me: if there has been an apocalypse.
you: oh is that all?!
me: hmm, depends if I have salad cream available I guess.
you: you make me sick.
me: hopefully I don’t make myself sick
you: oh, and I was pleased to see you got the abuse you deserved in yesterdays comments
me: so was K, she found it highly amusing

Jun 14 2012

Thursday 14 June 2012: Meh,

Tired. Lethargic. Bored. Lazy. Downhearted. Miserable.

you: you missed one. Moaning b@st@rd.

Jun 13 2012

Wednesday 13 June 2012: Torch

Took Ghengis out to see the olympic torch. As she does with everything (except the night) she slept right through it. I was amazed at the size of the crowds that had turned out in Falkirk. This is Robert Marshall, a young lad that is battling cancer. He had a lovely friendly smile. Good luck to him.

We also registered Ghengis while we were in town. Sadly I didn’t manage to get what I wanted on the form. So Isabella Rose it is.

Amy and the bairns came round this morning. She brought what is perhaps the best gift ever given in the history of gift giving. Nachos. Containers f home made chilli, home made salsa, sour cream, and two trays of nacho chips with pre dispersed cheese. Awesome. Whack ‘em under the grill, job’s a good un

Quick blast on the bike tonight. Saw what seemed to be a pretty young deer. It was pretty bambi like anyway

you: a gift of nachos?
me: brilliant eh?
you: Ghengis will never manage to eat them
me: I’ve kindly offered my assistance in the consumption of said gift
you: I bet you have
me: I’ve kindly offered to help out with the other part too
you: which was?
me: a bottle of Ossian.
you: nachos and beer. It really was the perfect gift.

Jun 12 2012

Tuesday 12 June 2012: A Bug’s life

A bit of a day of visitors.

JM from work and her wee’est laddie Grant came round. It was nice to catch up with her, and amusing to see the wee man making progress around the room having just learned to crawl the other day. I had to keep warning him to stay away from Ghengis, and telling Ghengis that boys are bad and to stay away from them.

The Steven came round and brought not only a gift for Ghengis, but something for Mollie too as he figured she was probably miserable at losing out on a shedload of attention

Out for a wander round the meadow with the buggy and camera this arvo which was nice.

you: a fly?
me: looks like it
you: couldn’t have found something more appealing?
me: I just liked that it’s covered in pollen
you: it’s still a fly though

Jun 11 2012

Monday 11 June 2012: Smoke on the horizon

Another terrible pano. Not sure what the fire on the horizon is. The smoke looks pretty black. My guess is a tyre fire at the breakers yard over that way.

Started designing a flyer. That seemed to take ages without much progress.

Then Fat Mungo and the missus and swamplings came round. Not sure the pink cast on his ankle suits him ;-) They brought us a (not so) wee swing thing for Ghengis. Slowly but surely she is filling the house with her own furniture. I’m sure if I modify it I can make it loop the loop like a fair ride.

Quick blast on the bike this evening. Very quick, because in the minute it took me to stop and take a photo the midges descended and decided to stick with me for the rest of the ride. Wee barstewards.

you: modifying baby swings should probably be fairly low on your list of priorities
me: but you agree it should be on the list?
you: very very very low on it
me: above or below fix leaking gutter in extremely awkward position of the roof
you: just below that. There’s a fair chance you wont survive that one, so Ghengis should be safe.

Jun 10 2012

Sunday 10 June 2012: No you can’t have a puppy

Ghengis is 2 weeks old. I don’t walk around with at petted lip, the missus doesn’t either. So how on earth has she learned to do this already? Why couldn’t she learn something useful, like talking. Or maybe develop a ‘full’ gauge for feeding?

Ghengis was very nearly guaranteed to be an only child today too. While I was taking this photo the missus opened a drawer. I leaned in to take another photo, leaning against the cabinet. The missus closed the drawer….on my knackers.

K & K and Jenelope came down for a visit. Jenelope made more soup and brought more cupcakes and dealt with Ghengis when she cried. I think K and I might get in to a bidding war to hire Jenelope as a live in nanny/chef.
Oz and Shazza came through too. First time I’d seen Shazza since they got back from oz. So a good bit of blether with everyone which was grand

And that was all that happened with my day. Holy crap what a waste. (edit: that I didn’t do anything productive)

Oh, we started watching Life on Mars, which we missed first time round. Gene Hunt has to be one of the best tv characters ever.

you: hahah
me: yeah yeah I got my nuts shut in a drawer. Hilarious.
you: it is!. And you do so
me: what?
you: walk around with a petted lip all the time
me: do not
you: and there it is

Jun 9 2012

Saturday 9 June 2012: Bounce

Another appearance from Grisabella today. I’ll maybe mention it once more, then after that I’ll just have to assume that’s her default state. Which will not be good.

Her first trip to Tesco today. You have no idea how happy it made me: Parent and children parking bays, legitimate use of which has been my dream for many years. No more door dings, at least that’s my hope.

Had some serious downpours today, properly belting it down. I quite like watching rain like that.

Oh, and you know that "use your elbow to test the temperature of baby’s bath" thing? Can anyone tell me how that’s meant to work exactly? I’ve done it three times now and ended up none the wiser but with a wet elbow.

you: so you were one of those childless bams that parked in the parent and child bays were you?
me: no! I can honestly say I never parked in one, ever, until today
you: aye right! I bet you were a habitual disabled space parker too
me: no I wasn’t thank you very much. Those folk are on a par with littererererers and dog $h1t leavers.
you: you mean dogs?
me: well no, I was referring to their owners.
you: I can just imagine a non disabled range rover driver, in a disabled bay, opening their window and dumping a bag of dog turd, I think you might explode
me: and yet I’d probably still say nothing.

Jun 8 2012

Friday 8 June 2012: It’s arrived

take a guess. Nope, not a bit for the car. Nope, not a bit for a bike. Nope, not the innards of a pogo stick. It is in fact the adjustable suspension for the pram, which has finally arrived. A gimmick in other words. I’d forgotten this one doesn’t have disk brakes. Slightly disappointed by that. I do like the quick release wheels though.

The missus and I made it out for some nachos this arvo. Oh sweet sweet nachos, how I have missed thee.

Ghengabella has been more like Grisabella tonight. A right wee whinge bag. Ended up resorting to a dummy, and that was on top of the ipad playing the noise of crashing waves which always seems to settle her….so far.

Was down in the crawlspace under the house today. I don’t like confined spaces. I didn’t like it. At one point I thought I couldn’t turn round to get back to the exit, that got the stress levels up.

you: shame you didn’t get stuck, that would have been funny
me: eh, naw it wouldn’t
you: aye it would. Imagine if the fire brigade had had to come out and lift your house up to get you out
me: not entirely sure that’s how they would have done it
you: they would, it woulda been like a kid looking under rocks for beetles
me: ehh….
you: imagine the look of disappointment on the fireman’s face when he realised there weren’t any beetles, just you.
me: what are you on?
you: if I was him I’d just drop the house back down. Squish.

Jun 7 2012

Thursday 7 June 2012: Breeding like

Rabbits. Ghengis has been given a couple of wee comfort blankets with rabbits heads. That sounds kind of macabre written like that. They are cute rabbits heads, not roadkill. Anyway, none have traveled farther than this little lady who arrived today, all the way from Germany, in a box packed once again with haribo sweets. Everyone’s a winner.

But better than the gift of the cute wee bunny was the gift of a name. Ghengabella Rolf. A perfect combo of Ghengis’ real name, and my name for her. Cheers Auslaender, that had both the missus and I laughing away. With a beauty of a name like that floating round my head I think me being sent alone to register her name could be a high risk maneuver.

The verbal sales of my photos turned in to actual sales. Actual paid for sales. Well happy.

you: I liked Ghengis Wolf, I like Ghengabella Rolf better
me: I know, it’s freakin awesome.
you: you have to register her as that
me: I know, how will I get that one passed the missus though
you: don’t worry about that, I’ll distract her
me: are we……are we working as a team here?
you: oh bollocks. It does look somewhat like that
me: isn’t this nice?
you: screw you weirdo.

Jun 6 2012

Wednesday 6 June 2012: Spot the joins

While Ghengis had a bit of a kip this afternoon the missus and I headed out for a couple of hours. I took her to all the best places: Dunelm, Next Home, Argos, and to top it all off, Poundland. What a day.

Then I managed to get out on the bike for half an hour, where I had a quick play with the panorama app on my phone. Because I was standing balanced on top of a fencepost there is some fairly wonky alignment. I tried to mask that fact by making a total balls up of the editing.

Things I love about Ghengis:
-tiny hands and toes
-the way she snuffles about when she’s hungry
-when she’s quiet.

Things I don’t love about Ghengis:
-she can’t ride a bike
-she isn’t financially self sufficient
-the manky bit of umbilical cord

But the manky bit of umbilical cord came off today. So you’re 3:2 up positive to negative kiddo.

you: ehh….
me: spit it out.
you: she’s 11 day’s old. A bit young to be leaving her home alone?
me: she was asleep.
you: ehh, not sure that makes it any better
me: I made sure the iron was off, and the gas, and there were no pans of boiling water with the handles dangling temptingly over the edge.
you: oh well that’s fine then. Eh, naw.
me: and the inlaws were watching her.

Jun 5 2012

Tuesday 5 June 2012: Bedraggled

Is pretty much how the missus and I are feeling today. Ghengis has been a bit of a bore. Ok kiddo, you’ve demonstrated your ability to not sleep for hour upon hour upon hour, and I’m sure we’ve now heard your full vocal range several times, but how about showing us some other talent? Off you go and crochet yourself a new blanket or something.

I have now gone from one verbal sale of a photo to two. Still not worth the paper they’re written on, but hopefully tomorrow……

We ended up watching a bit of "Chatsworth" , a documentary about the running of the house. Not usually my cup of tea, but I quite enjoyed it. It would have been better viewed in one sitting, rather than about 50 as I ran up and down the stairs trying to settle Ghengis. Even time in the buggy failed.

you: you reap what you sow, stop complaining
me: I know I know.
you: I think you are expecting too much of her
me: yeah crochet is pretty hard. Maybe she could start with cross stitch.
you: not that, dumbass, I meant with trying to get her into a routine
me: the sooner we start….
you: the sooner you fail.

Jun 4 2012

Monday 4 June 2012: Last of the sunshine

Em flew up to meet Ghengis today, and brought her her first ever tutu. She looks ridiculously cute in it. She hasn’t got the hang of dancing yet though.

Got out on the bike for half an hour.

At the community picnic yesterday there was a wee curry stall. An old weegie bloke with the most nicotine stained hands I have ever seen, and his pakistani mate turned up, set up a wee stall, and proceeded to provide one of the most delicious curry’s I’ve ever had. For free. When I asked how they could afford to do it for free I got the following response:

"I’m fae glasgae. We hae ither sources ae income"

Ok, I’m slightly scared now. Could I have another helping please though.

you: so you’re guilty of handling stolen goods?
me: I don’t think the curry was stolen
you: ok, so gaining from the proceeds of crime
me: I really have no idea.
you: and yet you ate it
me: it was sooo tasty. And I have my doubts that they were a modern day robin hood variant, stealing from, well, anyone, and giving to the general public

Jun 3 2012

Sunday 3 June 2012: First solo exhibiton

Ok so it was basically in a field.
For the local residents association/woodland group big picnic.
And there were maybe 100 people, 75% under 10 years old.

But it’s a start.

I was asked if I could provide some shots from the local woods, which I did, and I got some really nice comments about them. Mostly not even directly to me, as I had to pretty much set up and run, but via other folks, which perhaps made them more legitimate. I even got a verbal agreement to purchase a print from someone down the road. It was a bit of a missed opportunity really though, I should have had some studio shots of bairns on display to try and get a bit of business.

Jenelope came down and made us tea and helped out with Ghengis which was ace. She (Ghengis) has been a bit upset for some reason today, but she seems to fall straight to sleep if we put her in the pram and bump her down some steps.

you: it’s not worth the paper it’s written on
me: what?
you : a verbal agreement.
me: you might be right, but we’ll see.
you: and are you sure she’s not unconscious rather than asleep after you "bump her down some steps"?
me: pretty sure.
you: and finally, the comments were no more legitimate. They were still lying to yer face.
me: thanks.

Jun 2 2012

Saturday 2 June 2012: Oot the windae

A much much much better day today. We are trying to follow a routine that is in one of the many books we have. Feeding seems to have gone a bit better for the missus, with an occasional formula feed thrown in by me to give her a break. Fingers crossed Ghengis continues to comply.

Took her out for her second outing in the pram. Same route, and she slept right through it again. I saw a group of 4 lads, about 12 or 13 years old I guess, dropping an empty juice bottle on the ground. I shouted at them to pick it up, which they did, followed by a torrent of verbal abuse. Wee $h1ts. Stuff like that stresses me out because I am mr paranoid. "Do they know where I live? Will they key my car? Will they steal the milk off the step when it gets delivered?". I don’t know, because I’m not a cheeky little b@stard with no respect for anything, but I dare say it will never cross their putrid little minds again, whereas I’ll fret about it.

Bro in law popped round for a bit to drop off a pressie. And I got some nice studio shots of the missus and Ghengis. We realised today that we hadn’t even taken a picture of the two of them yet, basically because I was told the traditional "sweaty mother with gunk encrusted new born baby" shot was banned.

you: a week in and you hadn’t taken any pictures of the missus and bairn
me: aye.
you: ridiculous! And "putrid little minds"? Nice description
me: aye.
you: any other words in your vocabulary other than "aye" tonight?
me: no. Dammit!

Jun 1 2012

Friday 1 June 2012: mmm, backblip….can’t remember

Ghengis first walk out in the pram today. She slept the whole way. Was nice for the missus and I to get out of the house though.

Also managed 30 minutes on the bike. The bracken was so green it was lovely cycling in the woods.

A slightly fraught morning verging on arguments. Too little sleep, too much to do. All’s well that ends well though, right?

you: you know it’s carcinogenic, right?
me: what?
you: bracken spores
me: isn’t that just an old wives tale?
you: you tell me, it was your memory
me: but you said it.
you: ehhhh.

thanks to everyone for the advice and stuff yesterday, much appreciated, even if I haven’t got round to thanking you via comments yet!