Dec 31 2011

Saturday 31 December 2011: Boomer

This is Boomer. He is a Skylander. He lives at the swamp along with all the other Skylanders behind him. They are all part of a computer game where you sit them on a wee pad hooked up to the xbox and your in game character changes to whichever skylander is sitting on the pad at the time. An awesome bit of marketing, as you need all 32 of them to fully complete the game. At about 7 quid a shot, plus the game, it will cost some poor unsuspecting parents pushing £250. Luckily Fat Mungo isn’t going to be caught unawares….as it seems the game is as much for him as it is for the bairn.

Through at the swamp for our usual hogmanay celebrations tonight. The bairns are packed off to bed, the board game is out (Game of Life : Adventure Edition), and the beers are open. Should be good.

you: prepared to lose again?
me: very much so.
you: skylanders sounds like just the sort of thing you’d get hooked in to.
me: hmmm, maybe, though Fat Mungo is in a different league when it comes to collectables than me. And I never play consoles.
you: though you own one of each
me: that’s not a collection though. Just precautionary purchasing
you: I have no idea what that’s even meant to mean, and I’m not going to ask
me: lucky that, I don’t know what I meant either.
you: freak.

Dec 30 2011

Friday 30 December 2011: le chat dans la fenêtre

20 week baby scan today. It gave me the wink and the gun, so I know all’s well. Saw it’s wee hands and feet, and it’s heart beating, and all that jazz. Very exciting. Tonight I tried singing it a wee bit of Counting Crows: Round Here. No Response. So I tried Radiohead: Creep, and got a kick. So so far baby likes Vengaboys and Radiohead, musical tastes as diverse as mine. Result.

Also spent the evening doing a cv and job application. Man that takes a bit of time.

you: giving your crappy photo a french title doesn’t help you know
me: no? I rather liked it.
you: and how hard can it be to fill in a McDonalds application form?
me: I wan’t to start off with all 5 gold stars though. I don’t want to have to work up.
you: Ok lets try. What do you feel you can you bring to the job?
me: I’m going to revolutionise fries. How do you like the sound of ‘curly fries’
you: been done. Dumbass. You’re fired.
me: which implies I was hired, for a brief period.
you: you weren’t. Just get out of my office. Securityyyyy

Dec 29 2011

Thursday 29 December 2011: The ’staff pick’ effect.

I love graphs. I love graphs with interesting anomalies more. Like the one from my weather station where it appears a space ship must have suddenly hovered above my house as there was a near vertical temperature drop of 4C. That’s probably my favourite graph of my own data. But this runs it a close second.

The baby was going mental tonight kicking around. I was singing it the vengabus and it all kicked off. It’s gonna be a dancer.

Today I have spent about 7 hours on the sofa. Watched all of ‘Great Expectations’ (not bad), ‘Nativity’ (quite good fun), ‘Dr Who’ (fell asleep).

you: I don’t know where to start today. How about child abuse?
me: what are you talking about. The book said the baby can hear now so you can sing to it.
you: you sang VENGABUS! The poor wee bu99er was trying to escape not dance.
me: I offered some Johnny Cash but the missus said no.
you: and are you once again admitting to having a favourite graph?
me: nothing to be ashamed of there. Everyone has one
you: eh, yes there is. And no they don’t
me: really?
you: Really. And finally, could your blip have been any lazier?
me: lazy day, lazy blip. But it’s still a graph.

Dec 28 2011

Wednesday 28 December 2011: Breaking up’s so very hard to do

Unless you happen to be some furrowed soil that’s been getting battered by wind and rain for days on end.

Tired today. That’s what happens when you stay up late reading Top Gear magazine from ‘96

Drive back down from K’s this arvo was horrid. Very windy and wet. So windy that most big bridges in scotland were closed to high sided vehicles.

Always seems a bit sad leaving W.E, much like leaving B.C really.

you: dull.
me: I know, struggling tonight.
you: just call it a day, quit, give up.
me: naw
you: and what would posses you to read TG magazine from ‘96
me: they had a group test of an M3 Evo, a Supra, and a Cerbera on the isle of man!
you: riveting I’m sur…zzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Dec 27 2011

Tuesday 27 December 2011: Value for money

you: are you still wearing that freakin’ elf costume?
me: I’ve got to get my money’s worth
you: well you’ve been wearing it for more than a week so it must have cost a fortune!
me: £8.99
you: 9 freakin’ quid?! And you feel you have to wear it for a week solid to get your money’s worth?
me: oh yeah, gotta get plenty of use out of it.
you: by that reckoning you must be planning on getting about 4 million miles to get yer money’s worth from 20k of car.
me: I’d settle for 3million. 4 would be a bonus

Dec 26 2011

Monday 26 December 2011: Can’t think of a title.

Fire? Check
Tree? Check
TV with a chrimbo dvd? Check
Family randomly spread around the room in various states of wakefulness? Check

Must be up at K’s for boxing day then. Opened presents. Had a delicious meal. Watched a dvd. Melted in front of the fire. All good.

It’s really been howling a gale again today. I think it’s meant to calm down for one day then back wild for a week. If this is a result of global warming then I’d rather it just stayed cold.

you: is wakefulness a word?
me: I’m not entirely sure.
you: what was for tea?
me: a venison stew thing
you: recipe?
me: ‘chuck what I have in in the pot and see what it’s like’ apparently
you: sounds a bit like pot luck. Pot luck! Did you see what I did there?

Dec 25 2011

Sunday 25 December 2011: Christmas. Dishes. Done.

Some christmas day. The freakin cat appeared for five minutes at 1130 last night then disappeared again. It got to 5 pm today with no sign or sound and there had to be sommat up because it was extremely wild and wet outside and normally she’d be in. Anyway I was trying to be of the opinion that "she’ll just be hiding somewhere" whereas mum was too concerned so went out looking….and found her stuck up on the roof of a house down the road, bedraggled and yowling. So I had to get the big ladders out, in a gale. Thanks for that cat. Anyway, I’m glad she’s back as it means the missus won’t kill me for losing her cat while she was away. And….I’m just glad she’s back. Wee $h1t.

In the end though we had a lovely meal without any stress. All good. Thanks M&S. And Jenelope. And mum for finding the cat.

you: worried about a cat?
me: aye, what of it?
you: what are you gonna be like when you’ve got a bairn and it’s an hour late home for it’s tea because it was stuck up a tree?
me: the bairn or the cat?
you: either I suppose.
me: not good. My new years resolution is not to worry too much about things
you: you’re a bit early for new years resolution
me: ok, my resolution for the rest of the year then
you: much more achievable. Baby steps.

Dec 24 2011

Saturday 24 December 2011: Absolut

This time last year I was standing out on a frozen loch getting my blip. This year I have spent most of the night alternating between watching random tv ("cirque du soleil" from the 80’s judging by the audiences attire, Riverdance from Beijing and Outnumbered (which sadly is well past it’s best)) and going outside to shout on the cat who has gone awol. I saw her for a second then she disappeared again, no idea what she’s playing at.

Mum dad and Jenelope arrived this arvo. Turns out dad has fractured his pelvis in two places from his recent fall. Not good. Mum and Jenelope wanted to head in to town, I think they may be slightly insane. Shopping on christmas eve? No thanks.

Right, I’m away to bed in the hope that when I wake up santa has brought me a) a returned cat b) a pagani zonda r. (and a track to use it on).

you: is riverdance from beijing any different to riverdance from anywhere else?
me: not really. I think the audience looked slightly more confused/bemused than normal though.
you: not a very christmassy blip really eh?
me: not looking like it.
you: ho ho ho.
me: it’s not a laughing matter.
you: I was trying to inject some christmas spirit with a quick santa impression.
me: oh.
you: close. Reverse it and repeat three times.

Dec 23 2011

Friday 23 December 2011: Let the hangover commence

We inherited a drinks cabinet a wee while ago, but it’s been empty ever since we got it. So today I decided to make a start on stocking it up. Neither of us are drinkers really though, and most of these items we don’t drink full stop. So whoever inherits the cabinet from us will no doubt find most of the bottles still full.

A trip to M&S to pick buy food for our christmas meal. Since when were turkey crowns £35!! Got it home and realised it fed 6-10 people, oops. They were sold out of other stuff I wanted so on the way home decided to try the big Asda. I got half way round and just couldn’t face carrying on, so did something I’ve never done in my life, abandoned a half full trolley and walked out. The day could have ended up like Falling Down, but instead I just went to Tesco.

you: What! Pull the other one! "Neither of us are drinkers"
me: what? We’re not.
you: you virtually live at the pub!
me: hardly! Ok what I meant was that we don’t drink spirits at home
you: but the beers flanking the spirits are in trouble?
me: most certainly

Dec 22 2011

Thursday 22 December 2011: Confusion reigns

Utterly bamboozled by this sign I rode straight in to it on my bike.

Actually I just spotted it as I left the boozer. Out for a few jars, a bit of banter, and a curry with JB. All good

That’s me finished work for christmas. I’m not going to pretend to be sad about that.

The missus flew home this arvo. Last time that’ll happen at chrimbo I guess. All will change.

you: you’re an idiot if this sign confused you
me: why? Keep left. Keep right. Which one is it?
you: I’d suggest it’s whatever one is in the direction you are travelling
me: oh.
you: idiot.

Dec 21 2011

Wednesday 21 December 2011: Bassist not required

I think monochrome must have stolen my phone and emailed himself my blip when I wasn’t looking. Alternatively there was nothing else we saw on our separate lunchtime wanders that was worth a photo.

KD at work today had a random fruit based sweety thing, as he often does. There was quite a commotion as people tried it, most were not pulling a happy face afterwards. So I went for a taste. First of all it smelled freakin awful. Then I tasted it.

Now I will eat most things, in fact if I am ever going to anyone’s house for tea and they ask if there is anything I don’t eat the only thing I have on my list is celeriac. However I would gladly eat celeriac cooked any way you liked rather than eat this stuff again. Even salad cream wouldn’t make it palatable.

The Durian fruit. Avoid. You will see one quote on wikipedia that claims the taste is like "completely rotten, mushy onions". I can only agree.

you: Celeriac?
me: aye, what of it?
you: what kind of world do you live in where you imagine you might get served celeriac?
me: I don’t know, but if I don’t mention it I might get it.
you: Dumbass. And another thing, didn’t the fact that people obviously didn’t like it put you off?
me: well no, I have to admit it piqued my interest
you: I’m going to let the use of the word "piqued" slide for the moment. Ok so the smell didn’t put you off either?
me: hmm, it did dampen my enthusiasm somewhat
you: and yet you still ate it!
me: well, yeah.
you: you are a freakin’ numpty.
me: a numpty that very nearly barfed.

Dec 20 2011

Tuesday 20 December 2011: Running late

I missed my train this morning as I saw what appeared to be the start of a nice sunrise, so I hung about at home to get this. Shame I wasn’t somewhere a bit more interesting.

Managed to not fall off my bike today too. That was nice. I saw that the route I usually use looked like a sheet of ice so I stuck to the road. I might do that till the warmer weather comes back…..which if the weather forecast is to be believed is the next few days. 11C for Falkirk in December? That’s a 28C shift from last year! Mental. And 15C forecast for down south.

you: congratulations
me: on what?
you: not falling off your bike
me: no need for sarcasm
you: that’s quite a skill you have there, not falling off your bike. You should think about joining a circus
me: I said there’s no need for sarcasm
you: kind of pointless you saying that to me seeing as it’s my reason for being.

Dec 19 2011

Monday 19 December 2011: Black.

Geoff was totally glad he had his cycle helmet on when he hit a patch of black ice this morning and fell off his bike on the way to work.

Oh no, that was me. Not the best start to the morning. But then it was already going pretty badly as I woke up at 530 and couldn’t get back to sleep. No idea what was going on there.

Then when I got to work there were no bananas for my breakfast roll

you: any injuries?
me: naw, it was smooth tarmac so I just skidded along getting a wet @rse.
you: shame.
me: the wet @rse or the no injuries?
you: the latter.
me: thanks, I thought as much. I did have a sore head all day, but I’m pretty sure I didn’t bang it when I fell.
you: and who has a banana on a roll for breakfast?
me: well me for a start. Sometimes with sugar, sometimes with salad cream
you: salad cream?!
me: don’t even pretend to be surprised.

Dec 18 2011

Sunday 18 December 2011: ho-ho-ho

For most of today, like yesterday, I have worn an elf costume. It has bells on it around the neck and shoulders (clearly visible in this shot). It has pointy bits on the sleeves (clearly visible in this shot). It has a hat (which you may also be able to see).

I only took it off as the missus wouldn’t let me wear it in to town. I put it back on to wrap presents when we got home, and too cook our second christmas meal in 2 days. Didn’t have the over hot enough today though so the roast spuds were more like, well, spuds.

you: please tell me you had children visiting?
me: but that would be a lie.
you: it can’t be. Please.
me: no kids visited today. Why is that upsetting you?
you: it’s the only explanation I can think of for a grown man opting to wear an elf costume. But thankfully you qualified your statement with "today" so at least kids were round yesterday, that explains why you wore it then.
me: hmmm, nope, no visitors yesterday.
you: ok I give up. I was trying to convince myself you weren’t totally odd.

Dec 17 2011

Saturday 17 December 2011: Christmas day

Not for most people. But it is for us. I thought divorce could be on the cards this morning though when the missus said she didn’t think she could face watching Elf again this year. But we did, so that’s saved me some solicitor bills. Tree up and decorated, chrimbo meal had. Nice. I forgot the bread sauce though, big mistake.

Out for a wee ride this afternoon. Play was stopped a couple of hundred yards after this photo as there were a lot of trees down. I climbed over, under, and through a few, carrying, sliding and dragging the bike. It kind of detracts from the act of cycling. Not actually being on the bike that is.

Heard the baby’s heartbeat when the missus was in at the midwifes yesterday. Awesome :-)

you: bread sauce is pointless
me: take that back!
you: I will not.
me: next you’ll be saying something ludicrous like sprouts are evil
you: sprouts are evil.
me: sometimes you test my patience
you: I’m not entirely sure why you find it necessary to defend bread sauce and sprouts so vehemently
me: hmm, neither am I.

Dec 16 2011

Friday 16 December 2011: Something’s not right here.

Quick cursory check of blip this afternoon. "You have 11 new comments". Woah thats odd, I never get that many unless it’s a blip birthday…..have I missed my own blip birthday?……hang on they are for one that’s day’s old…what’s going on?……I’ve made the "staff picks" for this week. How freakin’ excited was I? Very is the answer.

Then I commented on a journal and noticed I had a wee crown icon under my comment. How freakin’ excited was I? Even more than 3 lines above, is the answer.

So I made myself a crown and have worn it around the house and made the missus feed me grapes and fan me with palm leaves.

you: you need something else in your life.
me: why?
you: because a wee icon shouldn’t make you this excited
me: oh but it did. And you should see my crown, I made it look as close as possible to the wee icon as I could
you: you worry me. How is it held on?
me: the way all crowns should be
you: a full ringlet of gold?
me: selotape.

Dec 15 2011

Thursday 15 December 2011: We have a new contender

Wandered along to The Cask and Barrel at lunchtime with a few of the guys for the office. It was one of the boozers that we took in over the summer tour, but at the time we missed a very important point: Nachos for £4.30. So I had them today, and they were good. Ok they perhaps lacked the finesse of the current holder of the "rxs’ favourite nachos" title, the mercat, but at almost half the price I think they take the title. Need to go back with Napoleon et al for confirmation.

Then I went out for the climbing club christmas meal tonight. Wetherspoons, £6.99 including a pint. Far better than last nights, and again at half the price.

you: climbing club?
me: yeah
you: but there’s only two of you
me: that can still be a club can’t it?
you: hmmm, not really. And what’s with all the eating out?
me: it’s christmas
you: seems more like you are trying to get a place on the biggest loser
me: if the excessive eating and drinking, and non existent exercise regime keeps up then you could be right
you: porker.

Dec 14 2011

Wednesday 14 December 2011: Merry christmas. (3)

After 3 months or so in the planning and development, today’s demo to some big-wigs was cancelled. Freakin typical. Never mind.

Out to the Abbotsford for a few jars, and my second christmas meal. I don’t think it was any hotter than the last. It was certainly better quality, but was it 4 times the quality? I don’t think so. At £15 they should have provided a pudding too.

At the boozer tonight I sang my favourite song of the moment to my mates. They liked it too. Davidd should release it on itunes. They did wonder at how he remembered seeing a dead badger at the age of 2 though? ;-)

you: you were at the abbotsford and didn’t blip the dude in the cowboy hat?!
me: oh my giddy aunt! I don’t think he was there! The world must be about to end!
you: I don’t know whether to pick you up on the use of the phrase "oh my giddy aunt" or your excessive use of exclamation marks
me: how about neither?
you: how about both!

Dec 13 2011

Tuesday 13 December 2011: Guess where.

Looks familiar? I guess this will be my stock blip whenever I am waiting on the missus at the airport. I can’t find the previous one that’s pretty much the same, but with a different shaped mirror. Does anyone care? No. Do I care? Not at the moment.

It’s another crazily wild day today. Been gusting to 50mph pretty much all day, and raining too. It was a cold old cycle the wee way home.

Felt the baby kick for the first time tonight. Wooot. It was definitely attempting a kickflip. Or maybe a pop shove it : the only skateboard trick I ever managed. Anyway, I’m off to order a baby skateboard

you: bit soon for a skateboard no?
me: I don’t think so, already chosen it’s first bike
you: no.
me: yes, and it’s awesome!
you: what if it doesn’t want to ride a bike or skateboard?
me: I’ll have it covered. Rollerblades, scooter, bmx…..
you: eh, that’s just another kind of bike
me: oh yeah….ice skates, climbing gear, motocross bike, quad bike, canon 5d mkiii
you: hang on this is just a shopping list for you
me: that’s the point of kids right?
you: the poor wee bu99er….

Dec 12 2011

Monday 12 December 2011: Boke(h)

mince day. Nothing to say. My hips hurt.

you: short and sweet.


you: not even a response. Blimey.

Dec 11 2011

Sunday 11 December 2011: Jade.

Party Boy was doing a bit of a shoot for a salon up in Perth and asked if I wanted to come along for a shot. Too freakin’ right I did. Packed all my lighting gear up in the boot and headed up for about lunchtime. 6 hours later we were done. The salon seemed pretty happy with the shots we were taking. It was great fun. This is Jade, one of the models, I thought her flame red hair looked awesome in the photos.

Drove PB back to Edinburgh and that was it, pretty much day over. Got back and the round table were on our street doing their annual "tow santa around behind a transit van while playing loud chrimbo music", so I gave them a few quid. I should maybe point out that santa is in a sled/trailer. He’s not just being dragged along the road by his feet or anything like that.

you: you mean your gear was asked if it wanted to go along for a shot.
me: eh?
you: Party Boy was really asking if he could borrow your lights wasn’t he.
me: that appears to be a statement, not a question.
you: yes.
me: well for your info he didn’t know I had bought studio kit before he asked me.
you: that’s what he’s telling you.
me: it’s the truth!
you: well just for info. I would ask your lights. I wouldn’t ask you.

Dec 10 2011

Saturday 10 December 2011: Chrome Vanadium.

Had a cack nights sleep because my hip is giving me serious grief at the moment. Almost at visiting doc stage.

Went and got new tyres put on dad’s car this morning. Then spent ages messing about setting up the new monitor I’d taken down. There wasn’t a vga cable at home, so I ended up buying one for £12 which was extremely annoying as I have about 5 at my house. But it was just easier to get it all set up while I was at home.

you: I bet your blood was on the verge of boiling over. £12 for a vga. Stung.
me: you’re telling me. I even stepped over one as I left to go home
you: oh yeah, cause everyone has a vga cable just lying where it has to be stepped over to exit their house.
me: come on, you’ve seen my room
you: oh yeah, student cesspit springs to mind
me: It is not! There is nothing mouldy in my room.
you: so? It’s still a tip.
me: but it’s not a cesspit. All my mess is clean mess.
you: oh, ok then. Idiot.

Dec 9 2011

Friday 9 December 2011: Stargazer

Drove home to mum and dad’s tonight to see how the amazing (non) flying man is doing. The hospital has only given him one crutch (as he can’t hold a crutch with the broken wrist), so he is using an upturned yard brush. Are we stuck in the 40’s or something? He looks like Tiny Tim.

Got 65.7mpg on the run home. Awesome.

And the results of the blood tests the missus had a couple of weeks ago came back. Apparently the baby is low risk for whatever it is they test for. Phew. As long as it’s not common sense they test for.

I was frozen solid by the time I’d stood still for long enough to get a star trails shot. I won’t be doing that again in a hurry! ;-)

you: any particular reason you’re looking randomly at the sky?
me: I’m looking at the moon actually
you: well you spoil the picture.
me: by just being in it?
you: well, there is that. And you’re looking out of frame, it looks dumb.
me: I know.
you: and you must have driven like a proper nancy to get 65mpg.
me: 65.7mpg thank you very much.
you: now you’re getting over 20 I don’t think the decimal places count so much
me: good point. Lets call it 66.

Dec 8 2011

Thursday 8 December 2011: A bit blowy

It was so windy today that work shut at lunchtime and everyone was sent home. That’s a few thousand folk given a half day off so they could get home without travel nightmares, that’s gonna cost some. Nice to work for a company that takes employee safety seriously.

I hastily got my anemometer stuck up on the fence seeing as I haven’t had a chance to get up on the roof, and today probably isn’t the day for that. A 50mph gust was the maximum reading. It must not be getting a clear run of wind though as it was certainly windier than that, the whole house was shaking. Some parts of Scotland have had a proper battering. 165mph up on Cairngorm!

Dad got out of hospital today, so that’s good.

you: are you feeling ok?
me: fine, why?
you: because it sounds as though you applied common sense, a skill often lacking in your day to day decision making
me: what are you talking about?
you: I would have expected you to get the big ladders out and get the weather station up on the roof.
me: hmm, well I did consider it. That would have been some interesting data I could have got.
you: just imagine the graphs you could have had
me: I knew I should have got up on the roof.

Dec 7 2011

Wednesday 7 December 2011: 69 Across.

Cracking night in the boozer. White Lightning, Napoleon, The Chemist (having finally finished his mental shifts), and shock of the night, The Teacher. Once again though he had no births, deaths, or marriages to announce, which makes it even better! ;-) Back in the Abbotsford which is always good. And the crosswording cowboy was there, as usual.

In other news, Dad fell off the roof of the big shed and is in hospital unable to walk properly and with a broken wrist. This isn’t a big shed as in 12′*8′. This is a big shed as in 60′*40′, with a roof thats probably 12ft high at least. I have to commend him for the reasoning though. He was wanting to see how much power the snow was sapping from his solar panels by clearing them off. I would do just the same. Message to dad : That’s three times you’ve broken your wrist in ladder based incidents. Stop it. And you said you were going to be more careful now you’re gonna be a granddad.

you: WOAH woah woah! Who’s gonna be a granddad?
me: dad
you: ok that means either your missus, jenelope, or K are expecting. Only 2 of those options are acceptable because you having offspring is of grave concern
me: Its’s the missus. Awesome eh? May 15th bambino is due. Rock on.
you: what?!
me: see back here, where I said I got a friendly wave? It was the baby giving me a wee wave at the scan.
you: Oh ffs. Could you not just have been careful?! Now the world is gonna have to suffer another that is potentially as strange as you.

Dec 6 2011

Tuesday 6 December 2011: Number cruncher

When you are doing calculations and you find that your result is double what you expect, there’s a fair chance you forgot to divide by 2. Yesterday’s mystery solved.

you: you numpty
me: I know, it did seem a bit odd. I was hoping for a better expanation
you: like what?
me: I’d left the power on to the time travel portal in the garage. I hadn’t
you: yeah that would have been a better explanation. You are very sad graphing your power usage.
me: sad? SAD? It’s not sad it’s interesting. Look at the way the charts rise and fall with the passing of the seasons.
you: not interesting, logical. Idiot.

RP I have updated all the units in my charts for you. It had better be appreciated.

Dec 5 2011

Monday 5 December 2011: Blanket

Ok it’s not as much as a year ago yesterday. But it’s still a covering of snow. It was properly cold cycling to the station this morning. It was ok on the snow though as it was fresh and uncompressed so I had plenty of grip. I think tomorrow will be a different story.

Something odd is going on with our electricity usage. Last months was almost double the highest amount we’ve ever used in a month. 730kWh. Have to get to the bottom of that.

Weird day at work, in that several folk were saying what sbarlster and I have been working on for months was looking good and we were doing a good job. Praise from several people can only mean one thing.

you: what?
me: a $h1t storm must be brewing.
you: why?
me: how often at work is something positive followed by a big pile of steaming crap.
you: that’s the spirit, a nice positive mental attitude. Idiot.

Dec 4 2011

Sunday 4 December 2011: Mocking me.

So after my failure to get round to putting the winter tyres on yesterday, it snowed last night. Not a lot, just enough to cover the cars and put a thin layer on the road which promptly half melted then re-froze to a nice sheet of ice. The ochils are properly white though. Winter is well and truly here.

I got them changed, eventually, after one of the nuts that had been torqued on so tightly broke my tools. But then we headed over to the swamp for an afternoon of mario kart. Mrs Fat Mungo broke her foot while dancing at her christmas night out last night. They are having some time of it lately.

you: I told you!
me: I knew this was coming.
you: I told you though yesterday. Being a lazy ass was going to come back and haunt you.
me: aye ok ok. And talking of lazy asses, my tv viewing has taken a turn for the worse
you: why’s that?
me: this weekend I have watched two episodes of "The biggest loser"
you: which is?
me: where massively fat people go to a boot camp type thing to lose weight
you: holy crap. What a waste of your life.
me: you mean their lives? Not taking care of their bodies?
you: no your life. Watching that dross. There’s only one biggest loser in this blip journal
me: point taken.

Dec 3 2011

Saturday 3 December 2011: Productive

Today I spent several hours sorting the garage out, and I put the winter wheels and tyres on the car…..

…..oh no that’s what I planned to do. What I actually did was fall asleep on the couch. For several hours.

Then I started (far too late in the day)trying to get xbmc running the way I wanted on the revo. I now recall why I stopped tinkering with pcs as much as I used to: Because it does my freaking head in.

you: that’ll come back and bite you.
me: what?
you: you’re failure to get the winter tyres on the car
me: pah! It’s not gonna snow yet!

Dec 2 2011

Friday 2 December 2011: Well done dahling….

….was what I heard an elderly lady say to her husband as I ran for the last train home after the work chrimbo meal. It was a pretty good meal – curry at the new Kushi’s at the top of leith walk. JH was up for the weekend so came along which was cool, and had a good blether with other dudes too.

Quite an exciting day photography wise, though you might wonder why based on this blip. I had over 200 prints delivered today, from Claire and Rob’s wedding earlier in the year, and various other bits and bobs. Among the other bits and bobs were the prints for the frames we got from ikea a couple of weeks ago. I picked them and ordered them and put them up without telling the missus, and she likes them. Win. And I like them. Double win.

you: so, stay off the booze tonight?
me: I tried
you: and failed. Loser.
me: it was only because the food took so long! I managed the first 3 hours without any bevvy.
you: and then you failed.
me: do you have to put it so harshly?
you: yes. Fail.

Dec 1 2011

Thursday 1 December 2011: Choosing wallpaper is so tiring

Available for rent: The amazing wallpaper choosing cat. For only £600 Molly(ie) will travel to anywhere in the uk and select the ideal wallpaper to suit any room you choose. Just have samples of all of your choices randomly scattered throughout the room of your choosing and Mollie(y) will pick the right one. This is a limited time offer. Get in while you can.

Good climb tonight, which was unexpected.

you: did you knock your head while climbing?
me: no. Why?
you: because you’re talking more cack than usual.
me: oh.
you: and £600 seems a bit steep.
me: yeah? What would you pay?
you: £400 tops?
me: you’d pay £400 for a cat to choose your wallpaper? And you call me wierd?!
you: hang on a minute, what just happened there? How come I ended up the numpty? This isn’t right.