Jun 30 2011

Thursday 30 June 2011: The nutty professor

The cat caught this poor wee blighter and brought it back. He/she doesn’t appear to have any injuries, so perhaps the cat was just bringing it back home as a friend.

I couldn’t see or hear any parental units in the vicinity, so have brought it in for the night. And I went to the pet shop and got some meal worms for it. I doubt it will eat them though. Tomorrow I’ll pop it up in the highest branch I can reach and hope that it starts shouting and it’s folks hear. It’s so close to being able to fly, just can’t quite gain height.

And that’s about it for the day. Missed climbing, yet again. But I think animal rescue is a valid reason. I’m hoping Rolf Harris might pop round with his animal rescue show and while he’s here do me a massive mural in the living room that will make the house worth a fortune.

you: aye just you keep telling yourself that the cat just wanted a friend
me: anythings possible
you: except that. Would you really want a "can you tell what it is yet" on your walls?
me: are you kidding? Too right I would. I love Rolf. Quite often see prints of some of his paintings in galleries, with the occasional original. I really like some of them
you: you’re trying to make it sound like you go to lots of art galleries. What you meant to say is "I saw a poster of one once in hmv".
me: no. You’re wrong. I’ve seen them in falkirk and nottingham. So that’s at least 2. Actually I think I might just like a blether with him
you: well I hope you’d think of something more interesting to say than your usual drivel.

Jun 29 2011

Wednesday 29 June 2011: Happy days.

For three years of my life this was the most important door in the world to me. In those days though it wasn’t adorned with "Rocket"’s lovely handywork. We were the 121 lads. This was all well and good until the 121 gay chatline started up in the late nineties, the advert for which was filled with blokes in lycra working out and a very annoying tune. This was nothing to do with me or my mates. This was a different group of 121 lads. And they didn’t live with us. I dare say they all made more money than us though, and looked better in lycra.

A good night tonight. White Lightning was out for the first time since early april. We ticked off 5 more pubs from the poster.

Best pint? Tradewinds in Cloisters. Worst (two) pints? Bennets bar in tollcross. The pints would have been fine but they were accompanied by a burger on a mouldy bun, which was sent back and not knocked off the bill when a replacement came. I was on nachos, but it even put me off of them

you: something that put you off nachos?
me: yeah I know, serious stuff eh!
you: for sure. But are you sure you didn’t feature in a tv ad for a gay chatline in the late nineties?
me: believe me, if I had it wouldn’t have made much money!
you: hmm I think you might be right. I know they say there is someone for everyone. But that there was anyone for you, male or female, is still something I am struggling to come to grips with….kind of like the theory of relativity.

Jun 28 2011

Tuesday 28 June 2011: Nothing says I love you….

…quite as well as a couple of chunks of griddled cow.

Had a bottle of blue-top, a nice meal, and watched Hanna. Hanna is a film, not just a random girl I know. It was pretty good. A bit slow in places but the Chemical Bro’s soundtrack was ace.

Almost 16 years we’ve been together, not married as long as that though. As the missus rather oddly put it, I could have killed her on our first date and been out of jail by now.

Now I read that back I find it more sinister than odd. Perhaps I should be worried.

you: I’d be worried if I was you
me: aye I think you might be right
you: not about the missus’ comment. About you being a tight git and not taking her out for a nice meal on your anniversary. That’s lame.
me: I did try
you: not very hard obviously
me: not my fault the fancy restaurant was closed!
you: it’s awright though, you’ll have made up for it with a nice gift right
me: ehhhhh…
you: you didn’t get anything did you?
me: well….
you: you should be ashamed.
me: well I’m not. 10 years and I’ll buy something.
you: well I’m ashamed for you.

Jun 27 2011

Monday 27 June 2011: Weeding. Done.

Struggled big time tonight on the turbo trainer. Rubbish.

Out for a leaving meal for Eddie at lunchtime. A curry, at the 9 Cellars. It was pretty damn tasty. A wee starter, curry, a wee pud, and a pint, for £11, including tip and covering Eddie’s dinner. Bargain. I’ll miss his (neverending) tales and the trials and tribulations of a fell runner :-) Good guy.

Almost died tonight.

you: ok before we get on to your fairly extreme final statement: Nice pink gardening gloves
me: well obviously they’re not mine
you: have you got a nice pink sun hat to go with them?
me: they’re not mine!
you: and a wee pinny of some sort to keep your clothes clean?
you: he doth protest too much. Ok so how did you nearly die? Hit by a train? Fall down a mineshaft? Held at knifepoint by a gang on neds?
me: I got stuck in my shirt trying to take it off
you: you what?!
me: I got stuck in my shirt. I undid a couple of buttons and tried to pull it over my head, and got stuck.
you: ok, hardly life threatening
me: I could have suffocated! Or fallen through a window
you: we can but dream….

Jun 26 2011

Sunday 26 June 2011: Homeward bound

I think todays and yesterday’s back blip rant are the two closest shots in terms of time taken that I have used on blip. Isn’t that interesting?…….?…………?

Driving home from Em’s bday do. Just dropped grandma off. Oh, look, it’s gone midnight. Blip. Done. No worries for the rest of the day.

It was ace to be back home with all the siblings and other half’s. It doesn’t happen all that often. Not that we were up to much. Just lounging about with the fire on and the papers. All good though. As the saying goes, you can choose your friends but not you’re family right? Lucky I got a good one then.

Mum and the missus started and finished a 1000 piece jigsaw this arvo. I showed up when there were around 10 bits left to fire some in and take the majority of the credit.

And dad and I watched one of my favourite films. Crocodile Dundee II. Love it. The outback, Linda Koslowski, and a bush hat with teeth on it. What’s not to love?

you: you’re kidding right. It sucks!
me: me and you are gonna fall out!
you: again, that kind of implies we are friends. But anyway, no I am not kidding.
me: pah! What would you know?
you: a good film when I see it.
me: and when was the last time you saw it?
you: 1988 when it came out. When hairdo’s were roughly the size of a house, and people might find the idea of an Australian bushman in new york funny. Oh, and in answer to your question in the first paragraph: No. Not in any way shape or form

Jun 25 2011

Saturday 25 June 2011: Merge in turn.

Drove home today for Em’s 30th bday do. Driving home we got stuck in a 4 mile traffic jam because of (non) road works. This put me in a foul mood. There was no need for there to be any queue. This was the M6 in Scotland. Where there is approximately 1 car ever couple of hundred yards. So how can it be possible that a queue forms when 2 lanes have to merge in to one? Idiots on the road. That’s how. It’s not rocket science.

When a sign says use both lanes, do it. When a sign says merge in turn, do it. And above all stay off yer freakin brakes because that just causes the idiot a hundred yards behind you to brake and all of a sudden cars 3 miles back are braking because you’re a muppet and get scared when you see a cone on the road.

And what annoys me most of all is when trucks/vans/idiots decide to take it on themselves to start blocking the outside lane 5 miles out from the roadworks. Stop being total tools. I hate you.

Em’s do was grand though. Loads of lovely home made food. And a bonfire. Result

you: blood pressure on the rise again from typing all that?
me: too freakin’ right. Man it’s annoying.
you: and you’re mr perfect on the roads are you.
me: I guess not, But I know what causes queues.
you: you think you know what causes queues.
me: no. I know. Brake lights. That’s what causes queues.
you: are you spelling queue right?
me: I was beginning to wonder that myself after typing it so many times

Jun 24 2011

Friday 24 June 2011: 10?

Good day today. Through to the restaurant that said they would put up some of my photos this morning. I took the framed 4 they had already seen, and a few other prints I had done. They liked them all. Then I showed them a few more on the laptop, and they liked most of them too. In the end they said they’d put 10 up. And I am to provide them with a bit of blurb about me as "the photographer" and they’ll put it in all their menus. Freakin’ awesome.

Then JJ came through and we went out for a cycle. Aim was to do my 30 mile route. But he’s just had a knee op so asked if we could cut it short. I didn’t do very well at this…..28miles later we were home. Hopefully his knee is awright tomorrow

Then tonight through to Stirling Royal Infirmary to see RP. Already he is up and moving about which was awesome to see. What will be more awesome though will be his ‘neck beard’. He’s not allowed to take the neck brace off for something like 6 weeks, even to wash or shave! Yet he can wash and shave his face fine. It’s gonna be a grizzly adams job I reckon.

you: 34 year old idiot with a camera.
me: what’s that?
you: the blurb about you to go in the menu
me: funny…..
you: not really, I was being deadly serious
me: so was I. I was going to say, "funny that, that’s what I came up with"
you: oh. Well for once we are in agreement.
me: lookin’ like it
you: and I think you should go for a neck beard too. Just for fun

Jun 23 2011

Thursday 23 June 2011: The nights are fair drawing in

20 past 11 and it’s very nearly dark. Next stop? Middle of winter.

An utterly non-descript day in every way. Quite excited about tomorrow though. I have some of my pictures going up in another restaurant. Negotiating the sales commission might be fun…or might not.

Oh, the bro-in-law came round with my bday card containing 4 scratch cards with a maximum total prize of £550k. I won a quid.

Oh, and we had 2 viewings of the house yesterday. One of them not interested as the rooms were too wee….AGGHHHH what do you want for £140k? It’s a 4 bed detached with garden, stop being a total tool. And the other hasn’t got her property on the market yet.

you: bo-ring
me: anything in particular?
you: the picture. The words. Everything.
me: My mum always says only boring people get bored
you: aye, and people that read your blip.

Jun 22 2011

Wednesday 22 June 2011: Oi, bring back my pillar-y thing

Ticked 5 boozers off of the tour tonight. Colin, The Chemist and I for the first 3, Napoleon joined us for the last 2.

Best place? I think probably The Advocate. 4 tap beers on, and the same nachos as The Merlin from the other week. Can’t go wrong with that.

In the first boozer though there was a blind fella. He wasn’t just blind, his skin was an incredibly sickly colour. And he wasn’t just blind and an incredibly sickly colour, He was incredibly unsteady on his feet. And finally, he wasn’t just blind, incredibly sickly in colour and incredibly unsteady on his feet, but he still had the fixtures for an intravenous drip in his arm. WTF was he doing in a boozer drinking Koppaberg?

you: that’ll be you if you don’t cut down on your boozing
me: what, a max of six pints a week?
you: it doesn’t matter that it’s just 6 a week. It’s the fact you binge drink
me: I’m not out on a weekend getting absolutely hammered
you: doesn’t matter. Too much on any one night is a binge.
me: jeez you’re mr cheery tonight
you: I’m completely worn out from yesterdays ultra enjoyable attack on you
me: no wonder. You went to town.
you: oh it was fun though.

Jun 21 2011

Tuesday 21 June 2011: Longest day.

you: right, lets get down to business

…eh, hang on, whats going on here. Let me get my journal bit out of the way first eh?

you: no chance, get yer bold on

what are you playing at?

you: get yer bold on NOW
me: ok ok what’s your game?
you: too much material to get through from yesterday to worry about your crappy memories
me: eh?
you: for a start, what kind of idiot OD’s on yakult?
me: well they were giving them out at the station
you: ok, one per person I assume, hardly an OD situation…..oh, up to your old "circle round and get some more" tricks, I see.
me: no!
you: yes. How many?
me: just 3
you: idiot. You’re not a kid, you don’t have to grab as much free stuff as you can
me: but….
you: Be quiet. Moving on to your admission that you were/are in love with a piece of technology
me: I didn’t say I was in love with my tivo. I said I loved it.
you: eh….I don’t see the distinction. You’re a freak
me: but….
you: be quiet. Next you’ll be saying you’re in love with your dyson, and that’s an entirely more worrying proposition. In fact I’m going to report you to the police as a technology sex pest right now
me: I don’t know how to respond to that.
you: because you’re an idiot. Phew. I enjoyed that.
me: I’m glad for you.

It rained all day today. Some summer solstice.

you: see. What a boring memory.

Jun 20 2011

Monday 20 June 2011: Farewell old friend

June 1st was a sad day for me. On that day they turned off the service to my series one tivo. For almost 8 years it has been my favourite bit of kit. I loved it. Today is the first day I have been able to bring myself to talk about it. Closure I think they call it. I still can’t bring myself to take it away from under the telly though.

I think I have OD’d on yakult’s today too. Is it possible to have too much in the way of good bacteria? I love the taste of them. And 2 of them were yakult light’s. Not sure what they are light in though? good bacteria? calories?

Got to work today and found out that one of my workmates had had a pretty horrible accident out in the hills on Saturday. 3 hours unconscious, a night out alone and concussed on the hills. Making his own way down at first light. Calling an ambulance: 3 fractured vertebrae in his neck and some broken ribs I believe. RP I hope you get better soon man.

you: holy $hit!
me: I know.
you: I don’t think having a go at you for excessive yakult consumption or having overly romantic feelings towards a piece of technology seems quite appropriate after that bit of news
me: I quite agree.
you: it can wait until tomorrow.
me: oh.

Jun 19 2011

Sunday 19 June 2011: You and dad. Shall we take the quick way down.

The difference in weather between today and yesterday where we were was incredible. I got sunburn today. I got trench foot yesterday. Makes it even more of a shame for all the folks in yesterdays event.

I was going to get down the road and home early today, but as the weather was nice dad and I decided to climb Schiehallion. And it was ace. Barely any wind, loads of sunshine. Perfect. The top half mile or more is just a big pile of rocks. On the way down we absolutely flew across it jumping from rock to rock. We ripped past everybody that had set off ages ago, it was great fun. Probably the way dad would like to spend every fathers day…or more like every day.

Quick bite to eat with mum and dad and then home. There had been a lot of rain, but I seemed to skirt all of it. It looked like the world was ending for some parts just north of Perth the cloud was so black.

Got home and was ordered straight back out again. My feet were reeking as a result of being in wet boots all day.

you: why?
me: why what?
you: why would you decide to climb a Scottish mountain?
me: because it was there.
you: as stupid a reason as I expected.
me: if it’s a good enough reason for Mallory, it’s good enough for me
you: and a bit over dramatic with your "end of the world for perthshire" weather description no?
me: no seriously, it was so black and the cloud was so low something scary had to be going on.
you: or it was just raining a lot. One last dig: Racing people that aren’t racing you and winning isn’t anything to be proud of.
me: a win’s a win.
you: loser.

couple of others from today:
and this is just to feed yearofhappy’s cloud addiction

Jun 18 2011

Saturday 18 June 2011: RAIN!!

Is all it’s done. All day.

Today I was helping out Party Boy doing a wee bit of event photography for the Rob Roy Challenge. I felt sorry for 2 groups of people. 1) the organisers. All that effort and it just pi$$ed down for pretty much the entire day. 2) The competitors. All that effort and it just pi$$ed down all day. Some of them were out on course for over 10 hours. Poor blighters.

Today’s rant is aimed directly at Canon. I pay a fortune for a lens and you can’t even be bothered to spend the couple of pence it would cost to provide a center pinch lens cap. It’s a joke. It’s just about impossible to get the lens cap on or off when you have the lens hood on. Sort it out. And send me a new lens cap when you have.

you: I bet it’s sunny now the event is finished though eh?
me: nope, still pouring. I dare say the fireworks will either not work or not be watched by many.
you: you love fireworks though. Not heading back over to watch?
me: it’s car I hired, not a boat.
you: and you’ve decided to rant about a pretty obscure subject today too.
me: I just wanted to get that one off my chest.
you: in future keep yer whining about subjects no one cares about to yourself.

Jun 17 2011

Friday 17 June 2011: Top gear…. (holiday day 5)

….appears to be missing. I’ve hired a corsa to come up to Kinloch Rannoch with mum and dad. The cars not bad, but I reckon it could do with another gear. And another 100bhp. Based on that review I reckon I should now replace richard hammond on Top Gear.

As I drove past some totally crappy looking buildings I thought "jeez I’m glad we’re not staying in that dump". Then dad stopped in the car in front and started doing a u turn. Oh oh. And we ended up outside the crappy looking buildings.

I must learn not to judge a book by it’s cover, or a building by it’s shitty exterior. It’s actually pretty nice. And has a superb wee sun porch with a great view of Schiehallion. It even has wifi. Result. And now we’re watching the illusionist, which I have never seen, but am quite enjoying

you: well you certainly talk enough crap to be on top gear
me: I’d sort that show out. No more freakin’ "snow plough combines" wasting entire episodes
you: yer not still on about that!
me: I flicked through a repeat of it the other night
you: and why did you choose hammond to replace?
me: because I occaisionally like clarkson. And I can’t remember the other one.
you: so why not replace him?
me: because I think hammond is better suited to classy shows like Total Wipeout
you: which no doubt you want to appear on
me: yeah I reckon I could win that.
you: thought as much…

Jun 16 2011

Thursday 16 June 2011: Unnecessary (holiday day 4)

Most of the day lost to re-designing a website that will no doubt never see the light of day.

Caught up with Oz on the phone. Always good to see what’s happening in the land down under. I asked the same question I always ask about coming home and got the same answer I always get :-)

Then climbing this arvo which was good. I was distinctly lacking in any form of skill or stamina though.

Started playing portal 2 co-op with this missus. Once she gets the hang of the controls I reckon it’ll be a lot of fun.

you: playing computer games with the missus? A bit sad no?
me: it’s better than her playing computer games by herself
you: surely you mean "it’s better than me playing….."
me: nope. She’s the gamer in this house.
you: aye right!
me: seriously. She must have played games like the sims for literally hundreds of hours
you: and you must do something productive with all this free time you have as a result
me: I wish. I fritter it away on unnecessary projects and the internet
you: what a waste.
me: you don’t need to tell me
you: well I am.

Jun 15 2011

Wednesday 15 June 2011: Poor wee lamb (holiday day 3)

sitting all alone with nothing more comfortable than a wall to lean against.

Not a bad day at all today. The missus took today off too. We headed through to edinburgh with the intention of going to an art gallery. We did. But not the one we intended to. We went to the Dean gallery, but had intended to go to the modern art gallery. We didn’t realise this until we left the Dean and the other one was closed. Probably for the best. Modern ‘art’ always brings me out in a rage. And the only thing I liked in the Dean was the big metal man in the cafe

Then met some Napoleon, Esme, The Chemist, and Colin to tick a few more boozers off our tour. Got an email from White Lightning part way through the night. He’s not a happy bunny with our choice of venues. Last week we ticked off the boozers right next to his work….he wasn’t there. Tonight we ticked off the ones right near his house…..he wasn’t there.

you: you can’t claim that modern art brings you out in a rage
me: why?
you: because you make it sound like a medical condition. Like "eating peanuts brings me out in a rash"
me: I can say it. Because it’s true. I don’t think I have ever been as close to going postal as I was when we left the pompi-dont centre in Paris
you: oh-oh. I’m sure you’ve ranted about this before….quick….diversion tactics……any good beers tonight?
me: my favourite beer of the day was a pint of plain old best. In the Mercat with the missus, with a bowl of the Mercat’s awesome nachos.
you: ah does life get any better?
me: yeah, the missus not insisting on sharing my nachos would have improved things.

Jun 14 2011

Tuesday 14 June 2011: Snap. (Holiday day 2)

I managed to avoid getting in to the head exploding situation of yesterday. Always good to not have an exploding head while on holiday.

Made a start on digging out around the fenceposts that are wobbling. We had decided to just beef up the lumps of concrete. But it turns out the concrete is just fine and not moving at all, it’s all the posts that have snapped just above the concrete. Pain in the proverbial.

Went to do my 30 mile loop on the bike – and cut it short as my ears were freezing. So I tidied the garage instead.

Then went a wander in the early evening sun with the camera.

you: you cut your ride because your ears were cold?
me: yeah. What of it?
you: you great big pansy!
me: but cold ears really make my head hurt
you: pansy
me: which sucks all the enjoyment out of it
you: pansy
me: but….
you: pansy

Jun 13 2011

Monday 13 June 2011: exploding head and blurred vision. (holiday day 1

Today has been probably the worst first day of a holiday I have ever had. I think my head is about to explode. Not because I feel ill, but because I have spent the entire day sat at this freakin’ computer, trying to design a business card for myself/my photos. One of the restaurants I was in recently asking about getting some prints up asked for my card. I didn’t have one. I felt foolish. Now I almost have one. And my head hurts. I preferred feeling foolish.

you: are you a designer?
me: no.
you: are you particularly artistic?
me: no.
you: do you have mad photoshop skills?
me: no.
you: exactly. So why the hell are you trying to do your own business card?
me: because…..
you: you’re an idiot and deserve the sore head. You should have enjoyed your day off an paid someone to design a card.
me: it’s a bit late for that now.

Jun 12 2011

Sunday 12 June 2011: June?

So why the hell have we got the fire lit? The weather was rank today. L & P have an open fire so they lit it. Very nice.

Headed out to Sherwood Pines to do a bit of mountain biking yesterday. But the bikes weren’t available for rent as there was a rally on in the forest. So we went and watched that instead. Ace. We saw a bunch of old MKII escorts and things. Then there was a break. Then the big boys came out to play in their WRC spec focus’s, and some evos and imprezas. The noise was incredible. The speed was awesome. Mum would have loved it. When you hear the cars coming she thinks it sounds like dinosaurs are coming. Albeit in this case fire spitting turbocharged 2litre monsters. Loved it.

Then out for thai. Nice. But not dusit quality. Then on for cocktails. At 8 quid a go! £64 for 2 rounds!

P and I went to watch ‘Senna’ this arvo at the cinema. I enjoyed it. I’m not particularly an F1 fan, but the man had a gift. I felt a bit odd as the film was getting to the end and I realised that I was effectively about to watch a man die. I don’t really know what the emotion was. But then I’m not too hot with emotional recognition!

So all in all a very enjoyable weekend.

you: £8 a drink? I bet that made you wince
me: didn’t half. They were very nice though
you: they’d have to be.
me: and 4 out of 5 rounds I managed to pick not only the girliest in colour but in glass shape too
you: that doesn’t surprise me in the slightest. You’re all ‘rally’ this and ‘power tools’ that. But it’s all an act. Yer just a big pansy.

Jun 11 2011

Saturday 11 June 2011: First time

woo hoo. My first ever stranger portrait. He gave me a smile and said hello as I was sitting on the pavement outside the co-op. And gave me another as he left. Having chickened out of asking a few people already I thought to myself "man up princess" and caught up with him and asked if I could take his photo. He was utterly bemused by the whole thing but was quite happy to let me take a shot.

He had a cracking smile and laugh when I was talking to him, but I just couldnt coax it out of him when I had the camera up. Still, I quite like his expression in this one, kind of a "WTF?!" look. Although I imagine that acronym wouldn’t mean a thing to him.

He claimed his name was Ronanld Macdonald MacDouglas. I have no idea if he was telling me the truth. The glint in his eye and the big grin suggeted otherwise….I wish I’d got a shot of that. Still, it may not be the shot I wanted, but it’s a start

Oh, and it was the first time my monotone drawl has been described by anyone as a "lilt from north of the border

you: hang on lets back up here. "while I was sitting on the pavement outside the co-op"?
me: yeah I was having my breakfast
you: and what does one have for breakfast while sitting on the pavement outside the co-op?
me: a croisant and a bottle of sprite. Continental style don’t you know?
you: contimental more like. I’m surprised Ronald didn’t run a mile

Jun 10 2011

Friday 10 June 2011: malfunction

Something went wrong with my phone’s camera tonight. Right after this mess-up everything went very pink. Seems to be working again now though.

Jennie Mc and Ewan popped round for a bit today. Was nice to see them both and the wee man was way bigger than last time they were round. He was running around and babbling away to some extent

Flight down was fine. As we came in to land we flew over the download festival. Korn were on stage. Saw probably as much as I would want to see, and heard nothing. Perfect

You. I thought you weren’t going anywhere
Me. Does Nottingham count as anywhere?
You. Probably. For the hundreds of thousands of people that live in the vicinity
Me. Ok, so I’m going to Nottingham
You. Why am I not getting bold titles for my part?
Me. Because I’m on my phone and it takes too much time

Jun 9 2011

Thursday 9 June 2011: Have a sweetie before I push you to your death

un-be-frickin-lievable. That’s me finished work for a week, and at about half past 3 this afternoon I started to get a sore throat and head, and the exertion of typing now is making me sweat.

you : off again?! You’ve just had a holiday
me : I know, it’s the end of the holiday year so just using them up
you : going anywhere nice this time? More chocolates and strawberries on arrival?
me : naw. Not heading abroad this time. Or away.
you : the missus off too I take it.
me : nope, she’s working. I’m gonna try and make a bit of progress with some projects
you : very mysterious
me : not really.
you: crap photo by the way.
me: yeah, it’s as good as I feel.

Jun 8 2011

Wednesday 8 June 2011: Yet another….

….train blip.

We (The Chemist, Napoleon and I) ticked another three pubs off the list tonight. Started in the Merlin. Not bad. A bit ‘chain’ like, but decent beers. And good nachos. We had a bowl of traditional chilli nachos. Nice chilli, cheese throughout the nachos rather than just dumped on top which gets extra brownie points, but the salsa was a bit fake. And haggis nachos. Very good. Same comments re salsa and cheese.

Next the Canny Man’s. A place I have never been. Mainly because a) they wouldn’t let a friend in in 1996 as he had shorts on. b) I heard it was expensive. A) was rectified, the Chemist got in in shorts. B) wasn’t, £3.60+ a pint. I quite liked the eclectic mix of wall/ceiling hangings though. But nothing can make up for b).

And finally the true gem of the night, in fact the tour so far. Bennets of Morningside. Good ales. One on at £2.50. Nice proper pub interior (coat hooks under the bar). And the best banter from the staff by a million miles. It’s the sort of place I’d love to have as a local. We didn’t have any food, but will on our return.

Bad stomach again today. Not as bad as sunday, still had the sweats though. Not good.

you: A little respect please everyone, Dr RXS is in the house.
me: what are you on about?
you: well let’s face it, not many people would think to pile nachos and beer on top of an upset stomach. There has got to be years of medical training and some previous knowledge of a little known tribe in south america using beer and nachos as a remedy for an upset stomach to come to that as an appropriate course of action?me: well, no. I like beer.
you: and let me guess. You like nachos too?
me: now come on, you know I love nachos.
you: and haggis nachos? WTF?!
me: you’re in Scotland now boy. Man up.

Jun 7 2011

Tuesday 7 June 2011: Who’s winning?

I saw this at lunch time and it just made me think of a board game. Probably one that old men in china with no teeth would sit outside and play in the sunshine. Sounds good to me. I wonder what the rules are?

Tonight I have taken a couple of hard drives to bits and spent half an hour on the cross trainer. And that’s the extent of my day.

Probably a good job I did some exercise as I had some rice pudding at lunch. It was listed as creamed rice, although I think riced cream might have been more accurate. It was so creamy it was ridiculous.

you: you need to do more than 30 minutes ya porker
me: it was just one bowl of rice pudding
you: aye, and what about all the cakes the missus has been baking that you’ve neglected to mention
me: mmm, yeah. You might have a point. I’m the heaviest I’ve been in a long while
you: I know. oink oink.
me: well I guess having you berate me is one way to make sure I do something about it.
you: oink.

Jun 6 2011

Monday 6 June 2011: No reason….

…I just didn’t manage to get further than the front drive for tonights blip.

If you look closely you can see where the body shop (not the high street purveyors of smelly stuff) put a massive dent in the front wing and denied it when it was in for a repair.

If you look closer still you can see the four dents that match up with the four legs of the deck chair that I dropped on it.

And no matter how hard you look you won’t see them in this photo, but they’re there. All the dings that inconsiderate gits have put in it with their car doors when in car parks. Why can’t people be careful with other peoples belongings.

Made some nice soup tonight. Pea and gorgonzola

you: it sure doesn’t sound good.
me: it was. I sieved it and everything
you: what’s that got to do with anything?
me: everything. If a chef goes to the effort of sieving something it’s guaranteed to be good.
you: ok, 1) please don’t refer to yourself as a chef. 2) I could sieve a dog turd and it wouldn’t be good.
me: well, no, but it would be less lumpy. And make sure you wash the sieve well afterwards.

Jun 5 2011

Sunday 5 June 2011: You’ve done what?

Eric was absolutely furious. They were in the middle of the concrete desert, so how on off earth had Jim managed to get the mobile research station stuck in a pile of leaves? And to make matters worse Eric’s phone had terrible reception way out here, and it sounded as though the RAC were saying it would be at least 8 light years until they could get out.

Looked like Jim, Grant, and Tarquin were gonna have to push. If Eric could get them to do more than stand around laughing in the background.

Today I have made some lego models. And tidied my room.

you: hang on am I on the wrong journal?
me: No I don’t think so.
you: Are you sure. It sounds very much like I’m in an eight year old boys journal. "Made some lego models and tidied my room"
me: mmmm, I can see how you might get that impression. I cut the grass too though
you: again, something an eight year old might do for a couple of quid.
me: ok how about this: I bet I am the only person on blip, if not earth, that spent some of this afternoon cutting up an old mattress with an angle grinder, while wearing slippers.
you: Ok now I know I’m in the right place. There is nothing that anyone could write that would convince me of the fact more than what you just said.

Jun 4 2011

Saturday 4 June 2011: John Deere POWER

I decided to try a few more cafe’s and restaurants to see if they would be interested in hanging my pictures and taking a commission on any sales. It turns out that managers apparently don’t work Saturday’s as of the 5 places I tried only one was in. She liked my pictures, but had apparently only just given a wall to another photographer that had worked with them on a recent charity event. She said to give them a ring in a week or so and if they haven’t heard back from him then she’d be interested. So not all bad I guess. And I have a few email addresses.

Decided to check out a few locations I’d had my eye on on the way back. And couldn’t resist when I saw a field full of John Deere’s. One of them pulled up, basically to see what the hell I was up to….apparently I was making them nervous. Imagine my surprise when it was a lass driving. And then her sister was in another of them! I hope the dude driving the chopper with the cowboy hat on is a relative too. Kinda cool to see the whole family involved. And he’s wearing a cowboy hat. And they’re all in John Deere. And…..

you: enough already.
me: what?
you: of the John Deere and cowboy hat nonsense
me: hey I can’t help it.
you: sounds like you’ve found your dream woman though eh?
me: yeah I’m married to her
you: no I meant the John Deere driving sisters
me: hehe.
you: and you know how you were told the managers weren’t in?
me: yeah
you: I bet it was all lies. You were talking to the managers, they just thought you were a freak and wanted you to go away.
me: thanks

note to self. Totally ballsed up the exposure on this. Don’t expose for a crappy grey sky

Jun 3 2011

Friday 3 June 2011: I hate technology

I finally bit the bullet and bough an SSD for my pc. I got caught up installing all my apps and operating system on it and didn’t get to bed until 3:30 am. Then when I got up it had decided it no longer worked. So I had to do it all again. Then when I came back to it tonight the drive isn’t even detected. So I’ve basically wasted over 6 hours of my life. The tech forums are full of issues with the drive I bought. What a freakin joke :-(

The weather was top notch today so I got out on my bike for a few hours. I reckoned I was on for beating my best time on my 30mile loop. Half way in I was beating my ghost time on the gps by 3 minutes. By the end I was 8 minutes behind! What the hell happened?

you: you’re a lard ass is what happened
me: but I was 3 minutes up
you: and then your lard ass decided it was knackered and gave up
me: it certainly seems that way. First time ever I even had an energy gel thing the minute I felt tired
you: oh no not one of those black currant flavoured sachets of wallpaper paste
me: that’s the ones
you: oh man they are gross!
me: I actually quite like them
you: aye but we all know your taste buds are defective. Kind of like your SSD.

Jun 2 2011

Thursday 2 June 2011: Don’t do it.

Climbing at Aberdour tonight. It’s the first time in about 5 years that Steven and I have climbed outdoors. I was pretty nervous before doing the first route. And more nervous half way up. An more nervous still when I couldn’t find anywhere to get some protection placed.

But mixed with the nervousness was excitement. Or maybe the nervousness was excitement. We were only on the equivalent of a nursery slope, the section of the cliff we were climbing was maybe 25ft tops, but it was still fun

It was an absolutely beautiful night so was great to be outside in the sunshine.

you: do it!
me: what?
you: jump
me: naw I’ll give it a miss if that’s ok with you.
you: it’s not. Jump.
me: Ha!
you: and are you not a bit old to not know your emotions?
me: eh?
you: not knowing the difference between nervousness and excitement
me: go on then, you describe the difference in the way you feel to me
you: easy. Nervousness makes me feel, eh…… ok ok Excitement makes me feel, eh……. ok ok nervousness is like, eh……
me: I win
you: NOOOOOooooooooooo….

Jun 1 2011

Wednesday 1 June 2011: IMPOSTER!!!

ok so this wasn’t actually taken at the blipnic. I was there though, on princes st, with quite a gathering of blippers. But this took precedence. Someone trying to steal the limelight of the mighty Desperados?


It was too limey. And tasted kinda chemically. Desperados are still the best.

Good night at the boozer. Napoleon, The Chemist, and Colin too. We ticked another 5 places off of the list.

you: best pint?
me: probably Big Lusty May, by Houston brewery. Which we had in Thistle St Bar
you: worst pint?
me: other than the imposter, I think it would have to be the pint of Best, also in the Jekyl and Hyde
you: but you like a pint of Best
me: I know. I think it was down to the location.
you: in what way?
me: it made me feel grubby
you: ooh, that doesn’t sound like a great way to feel in a boozer
me: nope, that’s what I thought. And apart from anything else they were selling Desperados IMPOSTERS!
you: settle down!