May 31 2011

Tuesday 31 May 2011: Excuse me miss,

I think you’ve forgotten your skirt. Surely?

This lass walked out of a shop in front of me on my way to the train tonight. Now I hate leggings. I hate "jeggings" more. I think the number of women that can wear them and actually look good is pretty tiny. Mind you I think the number of men that can wear them and look good is probably less.

Anyway. These were not leggings. These were pretty much just a pair of tights. With white knickers underneath. Has she done this on purpose? Is this the new fashion? Because I think it’s a bit odd.

Still at least she wasn’t wearing a thong/g-string. Because I hate them almost as much as leggings

you: what kind of man are you?
me: what have I done now to fail to meet your requirements for manliness?
you: Who hates g-strings?
me: me.
you: give me one example of when a g-string is bad.
me: fat, pasty, greasy, smoking ned, bending over one of many kids, g-string top around her kidneys, jean tops low enough to show her whole ass crack
you:….WOAH STOP STOP. I get the picture.
me: you see. G-string bad. Shorts good
you: shorts?
me: go check lasenza or something
you: oh shorts.

RXS. Bringing you unbiased women’s underwear reviews, all the way from Falkirk.

May 30 2011

Monday 30 May 2011: Lang way doon

Up the ladders tonight to sort out the weather station. Freakin’ batteries had died literally hours before last monday’s storm. If there was a duracel bunny nearby I’d run him over.

The car wouldn’t start for the missus again this morning. So I’ve had a new battery fitted. Top marks to McConechy’s on Grangemouth Road. They were cheaper than ‘tinternet, and they disposed of my old battery. And they fitted the new one. And the bloke was friendly. And the lass returned calls when she said she would.

you: and the day back at work
me: meh
you: and that’s all you have to say on the matter?
me: it is indeed.
you: nowt else to say on any other subject?
me: I suppose I could mention grandma’s £300 burberry jacket she got from a charity shop for 50p.
you: do tell more.
me: ehhh, nowt more to tell.
you: well aren’t you just a bundle of joy

May 29 2011

Sunday 29 May 2011: Holiday. The end.

This is how I feel about my return to work tomorrow. Hollow, empty, and with a paper gun to my head.

I don’t really. I don’t really feel anything. In that way I’m like Dexter I guess. I’m not a serial killer like him though. I don’t think I could handle the stress. Or the mess. Or the killing bit. It was just an idea for a blip.

you: I hope you’re going to iron that shirt before wearing it tomorrow.
me: I have ironed that shirt
you: oh.
you: blimey you’re quiet after the last few days of monster blips
me: I think I’ve gone over my quota.
you: and maybe you do feel something with regards to going back to work?
me: yeah I guess I do,

May 28 2011

Saturday 28 May 2011: Welcome home…..

– a delayed flight
– an hour wait for the baggage to appear even though the plane was 10 yards away
– a car that wouldn’t start
– 2 hour wait for the AA

and finally arriving home to have what appears to be some form of modern "art" installation in the back garden.

It would seem that this neck of the woods has had a bit of a battering this week from the wind. And with the fence on the verge of collapse the neighbours had used whatever they could find to prop it up as best they could. Lucky I have loads of junk round the back really.

And typically, we get a week of interesting weather, so my weather station goes on the blink. Perfect.

backblipped yesterday if anyone cares. It’s not a bad photo.

you: interesting weather? You are a sad man
me: I just like graphs ok
you: you just pushed the boundaries of sad and are now into the category of wierdo.
me: in your opinion.
you: so if it’s been a week of gales the house you can’t sell will have had all it’s ridges blown off.
me: that’s what I was expecting as I turned in to the estate and the first house we saw had a full row missing
you: oh oh.
me: but mine were all in place
you: result
me: tell me about it. Now if only I had my weather station data……
you: sad sad man.

May 27 2011

Friday 27 May 2011: How much?

The last time we were here these sun lounger/bed/things were 85euros for a day! You did get a free apple though. So obviously well worth it.

This time the missus reckoned they were 45euros a day, still with free apple. At that price you’d think they’d still sit empty. But Russian business geek and his model-like other half were at least one couple using them. With their chilled bottle of bubbles sitting in the ice bucket.

A bit of a wander for lunch, and a trip in to town to wander along the port and then go back to the cheapo-goodo tapas place.

you: 45 euros and you didn’t make use of them?
me: not a freakin chance. I had a balcony that I was already paying for when I got bored of being right by the sea
you: and back at the same place within a week. Ever hear the saying variety is the spice of life?
me: yes. But have you ever heard the saying if it ain’t broke don’t fix it?
you: how very boring of you. Anyway, how was yer meal at yer fave place?
me: lovely. Prawn and clam risotto, lamb and cous cous which was freakin ace, then cheesecake with raspberry sorbet, which was superb.
you: sounds good.
me: and the missus’ lemon meringue pie (freshly made to order) with the zingiest lemon sorbet ever was awesome.
you: sorbet is just ice cream gone wrong.

May 26 2011

Thursday 26 May 2011: Check the EXIF

well would you look at that. It appears this shot was taken with a canon 400d. But I dropped mine last night and it stopped working. How can this be?

Because I’m a tweezer wielding ninja that’s how. It turns out that the reason it had stopped working was that the view focus thingy had come loose and was blocking the mirror thingy from working. Some violent shaking and the focus thingy and various other thingy’s fell out.

The camera now took photos but there was no way of knowing what was in focus as all the focus points were missing and no red flashes.

A fair bit of googling and and the aforementioned tweezer wielding ninja skills and the camera is back up and running. It does appear that someone has emptied a bag of dust into the viewfinder though.

And that was todays holiday.

Out for tea tonight though at what is currently my favourite restaurant that I have ever been to. 2 years since we were there, but I can still picture and taste the warm chocolate brownie with white chocolate soup, raspberry sorbet, and mint.

you: that sounds like the ponciest pudding ever
me: yup. But man was it good.
you: if you can still taste it from 2 years ago you might be advised to brush your teeth a bit more often
me: I just hope it’s still as good.
you: And as for being a tweezer wielding ninja, more like a tweezer wielding prat. How many "thingy’s" did you have left?
me: none in the end. It was looking like 1 for a while though
you: you binned it didn’t you
me: No! …..

May 25 2011

Wednesday 25 May 2011: Brian, you are a b@st@rd

This is Brian. Brian is a b@st@rd. Right after I took this photo he poked me in the ribs and I dropped my camera. The lens didn’t smash thankfully. But the camera is what is referred to in technical terms as fooked.

Had best meal out of the hols though. tapas place. I hate tapas normally as I think it is a rip off. Tonight the portions were decent, the prices were acceptable, and a pint of lager was 2.10 euros.

But I still dropped my camera. Looks like I’ll be getting a 7d MkI rather than MKII

Just a very lazy day really. only managed 1 andd a half lengths of non swimming today.

Last night we hd tea in a marina that had the most incredible yachts. One, the White Cloud, is apparently the 18th Largest american owned private yacht. It had it’s own freakin chopper!

you That wasn’t very nice of Brian was it?
me No, the little git. He’s lucky I didn’t bite his freakin head off
you who is Brian anyway?
me he lives in my camera bag, He has ever since I cycled around arran with JB
you blimey that was a while ago.
me yeah, I’ve taken him round the world and this is a ll the thanks I get
you he didn’t really poke you in the ribs did he?
me no. I picked up my bag and didnt realise the zip was open.
you dumbass. Appologise to Brian
me sorry Brian

May 24 2011

Tuesday 24 May 2011: Trip to the shops?

I couldn’t believe it when this dude and his dog appeared around the corner this morning. I have a photo of them from at least five years ago. No idea where they go to, but they were away for a good few hours. I was hoping that when we saw them this morning it was the outward journey as I had the wrong lens on. An afternoon on dog/canoe watch proved that it was.

What else have I done today……eh….. started with a 3 course breakfast including cava. The missus was as unimpressed as usual with my interesting flavour combos. Pickled herring and fig jam anyone? No? Just me then.

Then I watched the ships "comin’ in and goin’ out again" (said with a vic and bob voice)

Then I went for a "swim". I like to call it swimming. Perhaps a more accurate description is "failing to drown". I wish I could swim. I blame mum and dad for never taking me as a kid….oh hang on that’s not right. They took the girls almost every week and I refused to go. So….eh….yeah well….I wish I could swim. Oh, and I smashed my toes when I jumped in and it wasn’t as deep as I thought, and now they are turning black.

Tomorrow I think I might try and hire a canoe and hit the open seas. With or without dog.

you: have we not had this before?
me: what?
you: you bemoaning the fact you can’t swim, then straight away saying your going to try something that would involve swimming for survival?
me: mmm, perhaps. What can I say?
you: you’re an idiot?
me: AAAgghhh……ants…..
you: what the….
me: a column of ants has just appeared
you: serves you right for being somewhere warm.
me: aye it is warm. It’s cooling off now though so I might put some clothes on
you: woah too much information. I feel sick. And with that in mind keep your disgusting food combos to yourself.
me:…now where are my boxers….

to put everyone’s minds and stomachs at ease this blip was not brought to you in the nude. But the pickled herring and fig jam thing is right so you might still feel a bit queezy.

May 23 2011

Monday 23 May 2011: A nice surprise

The flight was an hour late. We’d paid for extra legroom seats, which were at the front, which meant absolutely every single person that went to the toilet a)grabbed the back of my chair b)bumped my shoulder/elbow c)annoyed the hell out of me

But now we have arrived. It’s sunny. It’s hot. The hotel is still nice. And we’ve just been out for a nice meal. Even if we did have to listen to muzak. I had grouper. And it was pretty tasty.

One of the hotel porter dudes delivered these strawberries and chocolates and a wee hand written note. A nice touch.

Got the balcony door open as it’s so hot and all we can hear is the sound of the waves. Ace.

you: on holiday and you still manage to start with a moan
me: it was very annoying.
you: just remember what it was like when you left home this morning, that should stop you moaning
me: yeah blowing a gale and tipping down. Amazing the difference a 3 hour flight can make
you: sounds to me like yer a poncy git staying somewhere that delivers strawberries and hand written love letters
me: it’s not a love letter!
you: whatever. Ponce.

May 22 2011

Sunday 22 May 2011: The sign speaks the truth

Today California "did what it says on the tin". Beautiful blue skies. Lovely sunshine. Mind you it could just have easily said "wettest place on earth", or "where the gales blow". It’s been one of those days. Mixed weather resulting in me doing nothing. Which as usual feels like a waste.

For the whole day I’ve been saying, "right i’ll just finish this and then I’ll go do some exercise". I never did. I normally replaced "do exercise" with "eat junk", and then started another task that I’d "just finish this before doing some exercise"…..and repeat.

you: so you’ve done absolutely nothing of interest?
me: not to you I wouldn’t think
you: try me
me: I did a bit more work on my wordpress theme for my site
you: you’re right, I’m not interested.

May 21 2011

Saturday 21 May 2011: Ride ‘em cowboy

It’s rained all afternoon. So I watched some pro bull riding. Those blokes are mental. The bulls are incredible. Just huge slabs of snorting muscle. The speed they move and the height they jump and kick to is amazing.

Then I had a nap.

Tiring times.

In other news we have a decision to make. We might have renters for the house. It’s gonna be a load of hassle getting the mortgages shuffled round and getting all the required paperwork. But at least we wouldn’t be paying 2 sets of council tax and 2 mortgages and have a house sitting empty that we can’t even get viewers into never mind sell. Decisions decisions. I hate decisions

you: so when do you start?
me: start what?
you: you’ve surely entered yourself into the pro bull riding tour by now?
me: man I can’t imagine even sitting on the back of one of those monsters when it’s still in the crush, never mind once they let it loose.
you: what’s wrong? Chicken?
me: what did you call me?
you: Chicken.
me: nobody, calls me, chicken.
you: well that was a fun bit of back to the future roleplay
me: eh, let’s not call it roleplay eh. That sounds a bit wrong. It was just some quotes.
you: mmm, yeah, good call. I’m not in to roleplay. Especially not with other men.

May 20 2011

Friday 20 May 2011: The tower on the hill

I see this all the time. The sun always seems to be shining on it no matter what the weather. I have yet to make the effort to take a good photo of it though.

Out for drinks and a meal with guys and gals I used to work with. Went to Dusit for tea. That food in that place is freakin awesome!

you: not much to say today?
me: no I nearly used my quota up yesterday
you: your quota?
me: yeah my man words quota
you: what on earth are you talking about?
me: you know, men are only allowed a certain number of words per week or it upsets the balance of the universe, and I nearly used all of my weekly quota with my ramblings yesterday
you: so if you used them all up we might get a bit of peace and quiet
me: well that’s one point of view I suppose.
you: if only I could think of a topic to get you started on…..

May 19 2011

Thursday 19 May 2011: Twang a lang

This dude was just setting up when I was wandering past on rose st. So I hung around for a listen. I threw him a quid and then took a couple of photos. I quite liked his tunes and voice. I reckon this is a banjo….. so now I expect to be told off by davidd because it’s actually some rare outer mongolian ukulele, in retaliation for me giving him grief for calling a Collared Dove a Pigeon.

Met Steven for a curry and a pint tonight at the wetherspoons in town.

me: two vindaloos please <and I go back to my seat>
……time passes
server: sorry there’s only one vindaloo left
me: ok I’ll have a beef madras then please
….more time passes
server: sorry there are no madras left
me: aw man! Can I have the premium tikka then please since we’ve been kept waiting and not pay the extra
server: sure
……yet more time passes
server: they burnt the last vindaloo
me: you are kidding?
server: no. But pick another curry and we’ll sort you out with a full refund

RESULT! No unpleasantness, no aggro. They offered a full refund. Perhaps some people might say and so they should. I didn’t expect it though, not from a chain pub, not without asking, so it was very much appreciated. And my premium tikka was all the better for it being free.

And I had 3 bottles of desperados.

And now I’m off work for a week.

Woo hoo.

The local second hand car yard has an 05 BMW 760Li in. I want it. V12 power!!

And finally for today. Some utter b@st@rd stole White Lightning’s nice bike today. And a boy in the office had his front wheel knicked on tuesday. I so want to use the "C" word to describe the utter scum that do that sort of thing but mum and dad will tell me off.

you: a free curry and desperados?
me: yup
you: so now you’re gonna be floating up near the ceiling with happiness for your week off?
me: pretty much
you: It doesn’t take much to please you does it?
me: naw, just a bit of good service
you: and some desperado’s
me: spot on…..and a V12

May 18 2011

Wednesday 18 May 2011: Spicy

It’s been a while since I just blipped something I saw on a lunchtime wander. So this rectifies that. I had no idea what papadjabs was, turns out it’s chilli sauce. I might have to have a look out for some.

My knee is a lot better than last night, bl00dy hell it was sore. Got a new chain ordered. £22 for a chain?!

Just been outside. It’s almost 10:30pm, and it’s still not dark. Awesome.

you: well done you
me: what?
you: you’ve rectified a problem that didn’t exist
me: it did exist.
you: no it didn’t. Do you think anyone actually pays attention to things like "how long it is since rxs posted something he saw at lunchtime"?
me: well, when you put it like that…..probably not.
you: not probably. Definitely.

May 17 2011

Tuesday 17 May 2011: Owwwwwww!

Out for a play on the bike tonight and my chain snapped. Result? My knee smacking into the handlebars with extreme force. I now have some component or other stamped into my knee, and can barely walk.

you: you should have taken your own advice then
me: and what advice would that be?
you: to avoid exercise as it’s bad for you
me: you know what, I’m coming round to my own way of thinking
you: if you’re not already in agreement with your own way of thinking then I think we have an issue
me: I think my issues are piling up

May 16 2011

Monday 16 May 2011: Mission complete

After 20 years of being cryogenically frozen while travelling through deep space stored in a cardboard box Eric had finally found it. The fabled 4Gb SD card of Ulysses. Now if only he can make it interface with the 5 1/4" disk drive he has onboard his ship cardboard box.

Met Obi-wan for lunch today. Pretty sure it’ll be the last time I see him before he goes off on his big adventure. Went to the Cambridge, had the mexican which was as good as last time. Just as annoying as last time though was that chips aren’t included.

you: Eric’s space suit looks a bit grimy
me: he’s been in deep space a box for over 20 years, give him a break
you: that’s no excuse for not looking after his space suit. Doesn’t he realise that’s what’s keeping him alive on what appears to be a wooden planet
me: I’ll have a word with him…..hang on you’ve got me talking to lego men now
you: you talk to other inanimate and/or imaginary objects and people
me: true. What do you mean and/or imaginary?
you: remember that imaginary standard lamp you were talking to?
me: oh yeah, bernard. He was a nice guy
you: eh, yeah…..

May 15 2011

Sunday 15 May 2011: I can see you.

This is what Napoleon looks like through a "Dora the Explorer" magnifying glass. We were all through at the swamp for an evening of booze and games. Muchos fun. With haggis neeps and tatties in a massive yorkshire pudding being a pretty good way to start off an evening.

I spent an hour this afternoon messing about with lighting by taking self portraits. According to the missus I just look like a murderer. So maybe I need to work on that a bit.

you: lights completely off and flash not attached might help in your case
me: I fear you might be right. Which is why I prefer to be behind the camera.
you: what the hell is a ‘neep and tattie’?
me: you’re not seriously asking me that are you?
you: it would appear so. Don’t be so arrogant.
me: neeps are turnip. Tatties are potatoes.
you: and a haggis is a wee animal that lives in the highlands of Scotland and can only run one way round the hills as it’s legs are longer on one side than the other?
me: Yup. That’s the ones.

May 14 2011

Saturday 14 May 2011: Risk and reward

I noticed it was big euromillions jackpot in the week so figured I may as well get a ticket. I also noticed that they had changed to rules so the matching 2 numbers gets a prize. I got two numbers. This was my prize. I don’t think I’ll be retiring any time soon. The ticket is 2 quid. So I’m 60p up. I can’t even get a can of juice with that!

Out on the bike for a bit this arvo. I found a mobile phone. I’ve called the contact number that it displayed (quite a good feature I thought, well done blackberry), and the owner is due to collect it at some point today, but they are running out of time.

Also spent a bit of time framing up some more prints for the cafe. I hope they sell as quickly as the others. I tried out a new developer for the first time. Almost impressed. The same image printed in 2 different sizes has come back one set correct, the other with a slight colour cast. I’ll give them one more try and if it happens again I won’t be using them. Which is a shame as they are a quarter of the price of my usual place.

you: it’s the taking part that counts
me: I don’t really think that saying is meant to apply to lotteries that you have to pay to enter
you: Oh really? Well I just applied it and it doesn’t appear that the world has ended.
me: I don’t really think that improper use of sayings is ever likely to end the world.
you: you seem be doing a lot of "don’t really think" today.
me: hmm it appears so.
you: how about you just cut down on the rest of the waffle. Leave it at "I don’t really think" and you’ll be about spot on.

May 13 2011

Friday 13 May 2011: Ching Ching.

Woot! I found out today that I’ve already sold 2 photos that went up in the cafe last friday! Over the moon.

Shame the rest of the day has been a bit of a waste. No cycling. Not much productive. Time seems to just have frittered away in front of the computer. I’ve ordered a few more prints and frames and that seems to be about it.

Molly is back from the vets and has eaten a bit tonight, so that’s good. And a relief too.

you: getting a bit fed up of this sort of shot from you if I’m honest
me: what, yer not even going to give me any form of congratulation on the fact people I don’t know liked one of my photos enough to part with cash?
you: it seems like you just trot out this shot whenever you haven’t been bothered to get something more original
me: unbelievable. You’re not even gonna mention it.
you: ok ok, so it’s nice vibrant greens and a nice spring/summer sky, but it doesn’t make up for the fact you’ve been lazy.
me: I like this view. Some friend you are
you: awright awright I’m happy for you
me: said with such conviction
you: when you hand in your resignation letter to make a living from it I’ll congratulate you
me: hmm, I could be waiting a while.
you: baby steps and all that. This is yer first.

happy birthday J.

May 12 2011

Thursday 12 May 2011: Sky drops

I just liked the way the sky was reflecting in the droplets. That’s all.

Molly is being kept in at the vets another night. The wee lamb still isn’t eating :-( That’s been since monday.

Out for tea tonight to try and cheer the missus up as she is miserable. Not in general, just about Molly.

you: I thought Molly was a cat not a sheep
me: she is. It’s a turn of phrase.
you: oh. Missing climbing again?
me: aye. Seems like I am never gonna get to use my new shoes.
you: maybe an unwise purchase seeing as you seem to rarely make it these days
me: I prefer to think of it as an incentive to make sure we start going more regularly
you: You, thinking positively? Shock! Horror!

May 11 2011

Wednesday 11 May 2011: Pub poster, day 2. Homeward bound.

So tonight we had scheduled in 5 pubs from the pub poster that we started last Wednesday. In the end we visited 6 pubs. And only had 3 pints. 3 of the pubs that were on 2008’s poster no longer had any real ales on real taps, so didn’t deserve our custom. One of the pubs we visited isn’t on the 2008 poster which we own, but is on the 2011 poster which we don’t yet. And one of the pubs was £3.55 for a pint. That’s too much.

Anyway, Napoleon, The Chemist and myself have got us another 3 ticked off, and that’s what counts.

And the quote of the night had to be Napoleon’s opinion on history:
Let it go, it happened freakin’ ages ago. Unless you’re avenging your fathers death in which case you’re allowed a generation and a half.

you: I’m with Napoleon on the history front
me: me to on the dates and battles and kings and queens and stuff. I like buildings and things though.
you: fair enough. But is it not a bit ironic that Napoleon has chosen his name based on a famous naval and political leader from HISTORY yet claims we need to "let it go"?!
me: Wrong Napoleon. Dynamite, not Bonaparte.
you: Ahhh, "Vote for Pedro"?
me: That’s the one.
you: So, pint of the night?
me: The first pint : Adnams Broadside.
you: 6.3%?!
me: so the site says.
you: probably a good job you just had 3 pints starting with that bad boy
me: agreed.

May 10 2011

Tuesday 10 May 2011: Scraping the barrel.

Or should that be fruit bowl.

Whatever. Another one of those days. The highlight was getting out on the mountain bike for half an hour in the woods. No wildlife tonight, other than the neds throwing stones at each other. Still, better than them throwing stones at me.

The apprentice started again tonight. Can I face watching the whole series? I’ll probably get sucked in. I just wish they’d speed it up a bit. I don’t want to see a million panning shots of the gherkin.

Molly’s still not well. Took her to the vets tonight again, then did the usual and checked with K that what they did was right. It’s fun to play "name that unpronounceable drug". I give the symptoms, and a totally botched attempt at the name of the drug, K works out what the hell I am talking about and gives the correct name. Impressive.

you: You’re fired.
me: I bought a £5 scratchcard today that promised £40k a year for life, in the hope I could resign rather than be fired
you: I don’t think it "promised" £40k for life
me: well I assumed it did. Sadly I didn’t win a penny. I won’t be buying one of those again
you: I bet you do.
me: I bet you £40k a year for life I don’t
you: not this again.

May 9 2011

Monday 9 May 2011: Evil pokemon?

Nope. Just a crap photo that I detest but can’t be bothered improving on today. If you drew evil eyes on the petals either side it could be a sort of pokemon of some description though, with a nose and mouth….. maybe

My favourite pokemon is still Geodude. Not that I ever played pokemon.

The cat isn’t well today. She has been sitting in her litter tray for ages now. Kind of sums up today really.

you: I bet you did play pokemon
me: nope I tried a couple of times. Just didn’t get it
you: and collected all the cards
me: nope
you: and had a pikachu costume
me: how did you kn…….. I mean no. I watched the cartoon when I was at uni though. "Team Rocket, blasting off agaaiiiiiinnnnn". Maybe I could become a pokemon hunter. It would have to be better than work
you: geez you are a proper misery guts today.

May 8 2011

Sunday 8 May 2011: Wait for me

Went for a wander with the missus this evening. She got bored of waiting on me taking photos so left. As is normal. As is normal she always walks about twice the speed when she is stomping off than she does when I’m with her.

I decided today that I hadn’t bought myself anything for a while. So seeing that Halfords had a sale on socket sets (as they always seem to do) I went off and bought myself a sweet set of sockets and ratchets etc. It’s in a carry case with a comfy grip handle and everything.

you: oooh a comfy grip handle, how exciting
me: I know, nice eh.
you: you are a sad sad man.
me: oh, you were winding me up then?
you: when am I not?
me: good point.
you: I don’t think claiming the missus "stomps off" will go down very well.
me: I dare say not.

May 7 2011

Saturday 7 May 2011: Camping. Done. Pansy.

Woke up about 11. So in theory 7 hours sleep. But as it was camping sleep it was probably the equivalent of 7 minutes. It wasn’t that I was cold, just uncomfortable. The 10 quid foam mattress thing didn’t seem to help much. Maybe it would have done had I actually slept on it rather than beside it.

Chris got up about 1 and was hilariously drunk still. Highly amusing. He didn’t stay up for long.

It was actually pretty warm, especially when the wind died down. Just nice sitting relaxing round the fire.

I left at four and within about 15 minutes was driving through torrential rain. I hope it didn’t make it to the lads as they were camping tonight too.

you: I take it you have a good excuse for not staying the second night. Again.
me: yup I do
you: and it is?
me: eh…
you: No way! You chickened out? Again!
me: I wouldn’t go that far I don’t think
you: oh I would. What a complete and utter pansy
me: no, I, eh, need at least one decent nights sleep per weekend.
you: you old. Miserable. Spoilsport. PANSY!
me: that’ll be me told then

backblipped yesterday

May 6 2011

Friday 6 May 2011: Nature’s refrigerator (2)

Back in this beautiful spot again. Plenty of beer. Plenty of firewood. Result.

Framed up my prints today and took then to the cafe. The owner was delighted with them, and took everything down off one wall so my shots could have it to themselves. Well pleased. Hope they sell now.

Dad was up at glasgow for a checkup on his bionic hip and then came up to see me for lunch. An unexpected nice surprise!

Then I drove up to the camping.

A cracking night. Even the pouring rain didn’t dampen spirits. Boz’s 40 quid ex scout owned tent worked a treat as a boozer. When I eventually got to bed at four I was expecting to climb into a sodden tent as it was properly pouring down. JJ must have done a good job of pitching it though as it was dry as a bone. It’s a nice noise that rain makes on canvas. Not that I heard it for long though as I was soon asleep.

you: no fire breathing this year?
me: nope. We had a grand fire though.
you: I’m slightly disappointed
me: and why would that be
you: because the rain dance I have been perfecting since last year doesn’t seem to have worked.
me: oh, it worked. It was bouncing down at some points of the night
you: I don’t mean about making it rain. I was wanting to spoil your trip
me: you really are a tool sometimes.

May 5 2011

Thursday 5 May 2011: (You 8) Reading by lamplight

Bought a wind up led lantern today. This is it.

Work is mince.

The frames I ordered arrived. A bit bigger than I was expecting, but I think once my photos are in they should look good.

Voted tonight. Not exactly sure what or who for. But I voted.

you: they’d look better if they had someone elses photos in
me: still smarting as I got to call you an idiot for a change yesterday?
you: no
me: a bit quick off the mark there eh? Defensive?
you: what’s your game? You’re using all my lines and derisory tone
me: the tables have turned my friend
you: hah! Not for long.

May 4 2011

Wednesday 4 May 2011: Finally, we’ve started

Blurry? Check
Strange ghostly lamp? Check
Good good that’s what I was aiming for….

So we finally started on our Edinburgh and East Lothian Pub Crawl poster. For years we’ve been saying we’d visit all the pubs on it. There are about 100. Tonight we visited 5. A long way to go, but it’s a challenge I am willing to accept.

We ticked off The Halfway House, The Jolly Judge, Ensign Ewart, The Castle Arms, and Deacon Brodies Tavern.

Simples. It turns out that it must have been people with surnames starting Mc or Mac that were holding us back from starting ;-)

Anyway, a good night. Colin, Napoleon, The Chemist and me. Oh, and Esme for a bit too.

you: a historic night that will go down in history
me: yeah I guess so.
me: but it will. You’ll see.
you: best pint of the night?
me: probably the Trade Winds
you: so, alcoholic by the end of the poster?
me: if we do it in a month as planned aye
you: seriously?!
me: No. Idiot. Ah that felt good.

May 3 2011

Tuesday 3 May 2011: A marketers dream.

Two words. Limited edition. Two tone livery. Black and silver. One result. I’ll be having one of those.

The number of times me and the missus pick up something that we had no intention of buying because we like the packaging is ridiculous. Well maybe not ridiculous. But probably more than average. Or maybe not. They do it for a purpose after all. It works.

Out for a play on the mountain bike in the local woods. A nice (very) wee loop of uphill and a bit of technical downhill that I am going to work at getting my average speed up on.

you: You’d buy a polished turd I reckon
me: perhaps taking it a bit far.
you: or maybe not. Seeing as you are a gullible turd.
me: nice.
you: and you’re verging on 34. You no longer "play" on your bike
me: I beg to differ.
you: beg all you like. It won’t change facts.
me: I bet loads of grown men (and women) play on their bikes
you: well if they do then they are as deluded as you.
you: going cheap, extremely rare limited edition polished turd, just 10 of your scottish pounds
me: I’ll take it.

May 2 2011

Monday 2 May 2011: Ready or not here I come….

….was what I heard over the garden fence as the kids were playing hide and seek. A long time since I’ve heard that.

Last day of the holidays. Back to work tomorrow. Just trying not to think about it too much.

Went out a wander with the missus. Then headed out to Carron Valley for a bit of mountain biking which I thoroughly enjoyed. On top of that I’d stuck another can of BG44K through the car and it’s running like a rocket again. Love it. So I gave it it’s first wash of the year when I got home.

And then painted some of the decking that needed it.

Topped off the day with the most tasteless takeaway meal I have ever had. It wasn’t just that I’d picked badly, the missus meal was terrible too. We won’t be going back.

you: it must be about time for your first wash of the year too eh?
me: don’t be so damn cheeky, I had one last month.
you: April?
me: eh, oh we’re in to May. No, sorry, it was March
you: thought as much. Good luck with shaving off a week and a half of stubble too
me: shouldn’t be too bad. I’ve charged the shaver up. Anyway, it’s ‘designer’ stubble
you: ‘George’ at asda more like.

May 1 2011

Sunday 1 May 2011: eh….. blue and yellow.

Portal 2 – awesome
Sitting in the sun and reading- awesome
Car battery going flat in tesco carpark in 10 minutes – not so awesome
Trolley collector dude giving me a push, then bringing his car round to jump start mine – awesome.
Lunch at the Park Bistro – tasty

So not a bad day all in all. Not sure why the battery went flat quite so quickly, even if I had left the lights on.

Selected my pictures and ordered the prints and frames for a the cafe.

you: this picture would have been better if you hadn’t fiddled with it
me: mmm. I couldn’t get it to look like I wanted
you: and you couldn’t just have left it as you took it?
me: no ’cause it didn’t look like how I saw it
you: did you have your sunglasses on at the time?
me: yes
you: so how was it ever going to look the same?
me: fair point.