Apr 30 2011

Saturday 30 April 2011: Sunseeker

I did it again. Last year I didn’t cut this wee fella down. And I didn’t again today. I still don’t know why.

Cut the grass at both houses. After all the sprucing up that has been done the old house is without doubt in better condition now than it ever was when we lived there. Will someone please buy the freakin’ thing now though? We cannae go on like this indefinitely.

Also been trying to find frames for photos. If 6*4 is a common size, then why is the next common size 10*8 and not 12*8? I can’t find any 12*8 frames with a mount. I don’t want to get them made especially. Anyone know where I can find such a thing?

Junk telly tonight I’m thinking.

you: well there’s certainly plenty of that on
me: yup. See if we can get through britains got talent in under 15 minutes tonight I reckon
you: is it just me or is that show utter rubbish this time round?
me: you mean you don’t think it was last time?
you: well yeah, but there was at least an occasional act that was memorable
me: name one
you: ehhh
me: exactly. Though I think I remember a gymnastic troupe called Spellbound
you: oh yeah they were awesome. Fingers crossed there is something interesting tonight.

edit. It turns out the first place I normally look has plenty of what I need. Ebay to the rescue. Local shop folk I gave you your chance.

Apr 29 2011

Friday 29 April 2011: Hip Hip Hooray (holiday day 5)

The missus decided we were celebrating. Who was I to argue. And the bro in law came over too. The morning consisted of:

- watch a few guests roll up.

- champagne, fresh strawberries and blueberries. Freshly made nuffins

- watch a few more guests roll up, and William and Harry. Reckon the decoration on Harry’s jacket was a bit heavy duty, made him look like an American footballer or something. Wait for Kate Kate Katie Kate to appear, she looked beautiful

- freshly baked bread rolls and bacon…and champagne

- watch a bit more

- croissants with scrambled egg, smoked salmon and brie. Ran out of champagne.

- what do you call that? Give her a kiss man!

I quite enjoyed it all really. I like to see massive crowds of well behaved people. No nastiness (visible), just all united in a bit of happiness for a young couple in love.

you: for someone that claims not to be all that bothered about the royals this is the second day in a row you’ve mentioned them
me: aye I know. Just got caught up in it all I guess. And it was hard to avoid on telly today.
you: Spot on about Kate though. Marks out of two, I’d give her….
me: ….stop right there.
you: ha! You’re right about the balcony kiss too though. Bit of a primary school ‘I’m embarrassed my mates will see’ job that was
me: I know. I mean there’s no need for french kissing (on the balcony – sung to debbie harry’s tune), but kiss her like you mean it man. Give the crowd something to cheer about.
you: right, I’m bored of royal chat. I’m off.

Apr 28 2011

Thursday 28 April 2011: St Andrews (holiday day 4)

We drove up to St Andrews for a bit of lunch and a wander today. Another gloriously sunny day. The wind off the sea was a bit on the chilly side though

While we were wandering about I was thinking about Prince William and Kate Kate Katie Kate (as I like to call her for no apparent reason) seeing as St Andrews was where they met. I imagine her life is going to be very different as of tomorrow. There’ll be no more lounging around on super yachts and attending all the fanciest do’s. Oh hang on, yes there will.

I don’t have any particular interest in the Royals really. But I hope the media leave them alone to get on with their lives.

you: meh. I have no interest in the royals full stop. Except for that Miss Middleton is a wee hottie
me: I’m not sure you can refer to the future queen as a "wee hottie".
you: I can if I want. I don’t hear you disagreeing.
me: No, she’s a pretty lass. If her personality is half as nice as her smile William’s picked a winner. Good luck to them.

Apr 27 2011

Wednesday 27 April 2011: Can’t…….quite……. (holiday day 3)

….reach….next……beer. This is turning in to the worst day ever.

Actually it was another glorious day. Not as much fun as yesterday, but still not bad.

Did a bit of diy up at the old house. The painter has finished up there now too and it’s all looking ace.

Beat my record for my 14.6 mile loop on the bike. Averaged 17.1mph. Nothing fancy by tour de france standards (in fact probably about half their speed) but I was happy.

Then it was hammock time. First of the year. Love it.

And a bottle of blue top with tea. All good.

you: are you wearing a cowboy hat?!
me: no. It’s a barmah
you: cowboy hat.
me: no. It’s an Australian bush hat
you: an oz cowboy basically
me: well, maybe.
you: and you think this makes you look cool
me: no, it keeps the sun off my head and face.
you: and you think it makes you look cool
me: no.
you: good because that weird look the kids across the way gave you should have made you realise, it’s not cool. And you are not Dr Who, you cannot say "barmah hats are cool now" and make it so.

Apr 26 2011

Tuesday 26 April 2011: What I spotted in the garden today. (Holiday day 2

Not my garden it has to be said. We went to Blair Drummond Safari Park today. And it was ace. One of the funniest things I have ever seen was when the sea-lion trainer got Lola the sea-lion to do an impression of how a seal walks. It was hilarious. The missus and I were in tears laughing. How on earth they train them to do these things is beyond me. I liked the ‘balancing of front flippers only’ trick too.

The lions did very little. The rhino’s made my heart jump when they ran in the general direction of our car. The elephants decorated themselves with clods of turf. The camels chewed. The deer things sat in the shade. The giraffes wouldn’t face the camera. And the meerkats sold us car insurance.

I also for the first time asked if a cafe owner will put some of my photos up on his walls for sale, and he will. An ace day all in all. Then we watched the new Dr Who. Hmmm, not sure.

you: you saw all those animals and this was the best shot you came up with?
me: I just thought it was a bit different
you: a bit crap more like. What about a nice shot of a majestic male lion?
me: He was asleep all afternoon on top of a climbing frame
you: or the tank like stature of a rhino
me: I just had my big lens on and they were too big to fit
you: or a meerkat standing with military stillness
me: I did get one of those
you: and yet you posted the back of a giraffes head
me: it would appear so.
you: loser.

Apr 25 2011

Monday 25 April 2011: Purfic. (holiday day 1)

Did my 30 mile loop on the bike today. Wasn’t far off my record. I don’t normally stop when I am out, but I did twice today. The first time was after 5 miles and I stopped to check that I had tightened the wheels up properly when I put the bike back together after taking it out of the car. I hadn’t. The second time was to blip this. Lovely fresh smooth tarmac, blue skies, and spring greens. What a difference it makes when cycling, the tarmac that is, not the colour of the sky. Shame it only lasted about 500m, the tarmac that is, not the sky.

Tonight I made up for the lack of chocolate eating yesterday. I ate the remaining 10 wee eggs.

Also watched Tangled, Disney’s latest animation. I loved it. The animation was superb. The characters were great. Just a nice wee film.

you: aye and aimed at about your mental age
me: quick off the mark with the insults tonight
you: yeah I figured I’d get in quickly
me: any particular reason?
you: aye because I haven’t much else to say
me: that’s a coincidence. I don’t either
you: interesting day eh.

Apr 24 2011

Sunday 24 April 2011: Easter cake.

Was expecting to have dead legs today after yesterday’s cycle. No such worries. I feel grand.

The missus’ mum had set up an easter egg hunt in the garden. No mean feat seeing as our "garden" is 99.99% gravel. The youngest participant in the hunt was 28. The missus was cute as a button (I’m not sure that’s a real saying) running around with excited squeals of delight when she found one. Made me smile.

First time I’ve played balderdash and it had all the fun sucked out of it though.

Typically it’s been a lovely day weatherwise after the nastyness yesterday when out on the bike.

Oh, and this is one of the cakes the missus made. And it’s awesome.

you: have you eaten a few kilo’s of chocolate?
me: nope.
you: I don’t believe you.
me: I don’t care. I ate 2 wee eggs that the missus grandma sent me
you: wee as in ostrich
me: no. Wee as in quail. Or maybe between quail and chicken
you: oooh, quail eggs. Get you.
me: what?! I don’t eat quail eggs. I was merely using them as a size comparison.
you: yeah yeah whatever. You’re probably sitting there in yer plus fours with a pipe all "yah dahling, I’m off out on the hunt with Tarquin and Maximus"
me: some strange things come in to your head sometimes. I don’t even know anyone called Tarquin.

Apr 23 2011

Saturday 23 April 2011: Full speed ahead.

Or it would have been if we hadn’t had an almost perpetual headwind. How can that be on a circular route? It was wet, windy and cold. The last few miles were ok. Would have been a lovely route had it been sunny and dry. Thankfully it was a bit shorter than we thought at 44miles. The five solid miles of uphill to get to the top of the devils beeftub were a bit of a killer though. Anyway, I still enjoyed it.

Pretty sure I did my usual and took on 5 times the calories that I burned off.

Got home, an hour in the bath where I kept falling asleep, then a nap in bed.

you: falling asleep in the bath doesn’t sound like the best of plans
me: I only fell asleep until my ears were in the water
you: surely that means your nose and mouth were in the water too.
me:…..oh yeah.
you: was the water not baltic after an hour?
me: each time I woke up I drained a bit out and topped up with hot.
you: and did you have an entire M&S fruitcake in your oversized saddle bag this time?
me: no it was a bit of a fail on the cake front. I took a few slices of malt loaf or something…..JB is still chewing the bit I gave him. It was a tad on the chewy side.
you: pair of losers anyway. I would have been round without a stop headwind or no headwind.
me: aye well you just carry on, stopping for cake is part of the reason I go.

Apr 22 2011

Friday 22 April 2011: You never buy me a f’n cake!

Climbing this arvo. Tiring but good. Up at the old house to help the inlaws and the missus sort out the garden and pull out some bushes. Tiring but the house now looks a lot better from the front. And it will look even better still once the painter sorts it out Monday.

Out for tea with the inlaws and bro in law and his lass. Pierre’s again. And as always the food was very nice.

Doing just under 50miles with JB on the bikes tomorrow. I think I might die as a)the route’s pretty hilly and b)I’m not very fit and c) I’ve eaten a big 3 course meal. Shame the weather’s not looking great.

me: happy birthday to You!
you: you remembered!
me: how could I forget dude?
you: has it really been one year?
me: yup one year ago you made an appearance and have given me pretty much nothing but abuse ever since
you: you just can’t get rid of me
me: it would appear not. And today I got abuse off the missus too when I told her I’d bought a cake for your birthday
you: how come?
me: well she doesn’t swear much, so when she does it has a bit more impact. The blips title says it all
you: oh dear. Well I appreciate it.

Apr 21 2011

Thursday 21 April 2011: Soap opera of choice.

Since I stopped watching home and away and neighbours a couple of months ago my life has been kinda missing the drama, the trials, tribulations and love lifes of normal (albeit abnormally beautiful) people, and perhaps as much as anything the beautiful scenery.

Lately though that void (apart from the abnormal beauty bit ;-) has been filled as a result of reading gazimp’s journal. There’s been the high drama of the dude just out to cause trouble. The lows caused by stress, and of late a pending romance on the cards.

There were the heady heights of first blind date jitters yesterday afternoon, with the date last night.

So today, F5 has been my most used key. What can have happened? F5. Did it go well? F5. Did he blow it with an ill timed furious rant about celebrity culture? F5. Is he ever gonna update this freakin journal? F5. F5 F5 F5 F5….hurray. All good. No evil stepsister getting in the way. No past loves crawling out of the woodwork. No ill timed rants about celebrity culture. It would appear the moaning git is on the verge of getting the girl. "Back of the net". (alan partridge quote).

you: this is bizarre
me: what?
you: you giving two hoots about the love life of someone you’ve never met.
me: aye maybe I would have said the same a year ago as I wasn’t a regular participator of any online community
you: and now you reckon you are?
me: 404 days and counting.
you: awright awright, enough of the blip love-in. Anything else of note?
me: had to go along to the mothership for a meeting. 30minute round trip of walking in the sunshine
you: nice.
me: and now I am off work for a week and a half.
you: result.

Apr 20 2011

Wednesday 20 April 2011: Pr1ck in a suit

Not a very appealing title for a pretty bit of cherry blossom, but the bloke that sat next to me on the train was exactly what the title says. A total @r$e. He really hacked me off the way he spoke to the conductor. No idea who he was, but he got on at Polmont, had a big ol’ bald patch, was in a dark grey suit and sat staring into his blackberry for the whole trip. If that’s you, you were a total knob with regards to properly filling in your ticket, and I hate you.

Not often I hate someone I have never spoken to that isn’t a ‘celebrity’, or a ‘modern artist’, but today I hated that man.

Just me and colin at the boozer tonight. We found a nice sunny spot out behind Thistle St Bar. First time I’d been. The nuts were good.

Ate tea al fresco. First time this year. Twas nice.

you: hate’s a strong word you know
me: yes I do. And he deserves every bit of hassle that ever comes his way
you: blimey he hasn’t half got you riled eh?
me: there’s no need to speak to anyone the way he spoke to the conductor
you: moving on…… Did you have something appropriate for outdoor dining? A nice tuna nicoise. Or maybe a caesar salad?
me: I had beans on toast, with slightly old humus
you: delightful. You are a heathen.

Apr 19 2011

Tuesday 19 April 2011: Beautiful Cherry Blossom

It is. Really it is.

Out for a run on the bike after work. Beat my record for my 12 mile hilly route.

So neither of the weekends viewers were interested in the house. One for the stupidest reason yet:

"It’s too far up the hill".

The stupid biatch (excuse my language) already lives on the same freakin’ estate (I think – at least one of them did) so already knew exactly where it was. Why go to the bother of booking a viewing and getting our hopes up. Biatch. In fact nosey biatch is probably a better description.

So now we are looking at spending yet more money on the damn place

you: you’re not going to move it down the hill are you?
me: no! Well actually I hadn’t thought of that. I wonder if I could get a crane on ebay
you: probably.
me: gonna see about just getting windows and stuff painted
you: that’s gonna make you grimace
me: I know. Why can’t people have a bit of vision? It’s at least £15k cheaper than anything else on the estate. Ok it’s a bit tired looking, but not as bad as a lot. And did I mention it’s £15k cheaper than anything else
you: ok ok I get the picture. The house is hacking you off again
me: too freakin right
you: well we had a run of a good few weeks without you complaining about it I suppose

Apr 18 2011

Monday 18 April 2011: They’re back (2011)

And 8 days earlier than last year . Ok last year it was a House Martin, today it’s a swallow. But they both count as far as I’m concerned.
So there we have it: Irrefutable evidence of global warming. RXS, bringing you science without you even knowing it.

you: or you knowing it
me: but I do know it. I just said it therefore I know it. Q.E.D.
you: more like I.D.I.O.T
me: no, because I have written it down that makes it science. It’s just my latest piece of research to move humanity on scientifically
you: your latest? And what was previous to this
me: I answered the commonly asked question "Does spam float?"
you: Oh yeah, useful. And I’m pretty sure it’s never actually been asked
me: and "what’s faster, light or sound"
you: eh, think someone got there before you on that one. Hang on. This is your bid to become the next Prof Brian Cox isn’t it.
me: don’t be silly
you: ha! It is. You are a spanner.

Apr 17 2011

Sunday 17 April 2011: Jewel

Two in a row. Another totally beautiful Sunday.

Went to the garage to get a bike and go for a cycle and wondered why one was missing. "Oh man someone’s stolen one of my bikes……why have they taken the worst one……oh hang on I left it at the station when I was drunk" Was basically the entire thought process.

Out for a wander with the camera, and out for a while in the garden reading. That’s about it really.

The missus still feels poorly and it is getting her down. It’s doing my head in as I can’t do anything to make her feel any better. I hate not being able to fix things. I’m a fixer I think. I just want things to be right

you: you thought someone had stolen a bike?
me: yup, and my heart skipped a beat
you: from a well locked garage? Leaving all your other stuff that’s probably worth more
me: well, yeah.
you: a bit slow really aren’t you
me: on occasion
you: I think you meant to say in general
me: ehh……hang on……no……pretty sure……
you: I rest my case.

one of the few times I’ll bother to say but this is probably better bigger

Apr 16 2011

Saturday 16 April 2011: Get in the hole!

I felt properly rough this morning. My head was banging, and I was far too dehydrated and tired. Falling asleep on the sofa for the night probably didn’t help. And when I woke up frozen rather than do the sensible thing and go to bed I decided placing a sofa cushion over me would work just as well as a duvet. It didn’t

Nando’s for lunch. It may just be yet another generic fast food franchise, but I like it.

Then to adventure golf island. I wanted to just re-do this blip, but the sun wasn’t out on that hole. We were playing with the bro-in-law and his lass and we had a couple of bets on. A fiver between me and him, and a losing couple buys the cakes one.

I won mine, and as a result we also won the couples bet. Result.

you: so you’ll be turning pro soon?
me: what?
you: crazy golf. That’s you won both times you’ve played
me: and?
you: is it not at this stage that you would normally rush out and buy a monogrammed putter and decide that being a pro is all you can really see yourself doing?
me: true. Maybe if I didn’t still feel a bit rough.
you: and the hangover paranoia?
me: oh yeah that’s there of course. I can remember snippets of things I said that sound ridiculous as stand alone sound bites, I’m just hoping they sounded better in the context of a conversation
you: oh dear.
me: ach it’ll all be fine. I’m sure I didn’t really just accuse one of the managers of lying about his degree. There had to be more to it than that.
you: see you in the dole queue Monday.
me: mmm, save me a spot in line.

Apr 15 2011

Friday 15 April 2011: Generation gap.

It was JH’s leaving do tonight, and although the boozer was grand, somehow I ended up at Reubin’s place. I thought I knew where it was. Turns out I didn’t. And as a result I missed the last train home. Luckily I wasn’t alone, so shared a cab, £40 for me. Curse you RP.

The most interesting thing of the night was RP’s nephew. The blip is of he. He owns his own hair straighteners. I thought this was odd enough. But the fact the he dug them out of his bag an proceeded to straighten his hair mid evening, makes me think that it is me that is odd, rather than he.

you: well you are odd. We know this.
me: but is it normal to straighten your hair mid-night?
you: oh yeah, totally
me: even if you’re a boy?
you: oh yeah, totally
me: and you would know this how?
you: because I’ve got some GHD’s fired up right now
me: I’m slightly worried that I know what you are talking about
you: it’s totally normal
me: not where I come from

Apr 14 2011

Thursday 14 April 2011: Joe, G, and the Ponce.

Wandered up to the Scotsman buildings at lunch with monochrome,streetspirits and skinnypiggy to join in the good natured blipmob that were there to descend on Andrew Hoyle as a result of this article. It was taken in the manner it was intended I think. I’m assuming there was some form of poison in the flowers that were presented to him ;-)

Best of all I got a free blip badge. Nice.

Cut the grass at the old house tonight. We knocked another £10k off the price in the hope we can finally shift it. Got a viewer coming Saturday. Fingers crossed. £140k for a 4 bed detached with garden and garage. Anyone? Anyone? Come on, it’s so cheap if I didn’t already own it I’d be tempted to buy it.

you: the only reason you went was for the badge wasn’t it?
me: no, I wanted a wander
you: wasn’t it?
me: no, i wanted to meet some fellow blippers
you: wasn’t it?
me: no I wanted the ponce to see we weren’t ponces
you: wasn’t it
me: no
you: wasn’t it
me: ok ok i wanted a badge.
you: I knew it
me: but the other reasons were valid too
you: whatever.

Apr 13 2011

Wednesday 13 April 2011: Ol’ faithful

There he is. Denim? Check. Toolbelt? Check. Cowbow hat? Check. Pint of tennants? Check. Paper? Check.

Just me and white lightning at the boozer tonight. A good laugh. I dearly wish I could head to NZ for his 2nd wedding. But 60+ hours of travel in less than a week would kill me.

you: stalking denim clad men again?
me: what do you mean again?
you: you’re always doing it.
me: if sitting in a pub with yer mates having a beer is classed as stalking then I guess I am
you: I knew it. Freak,
me: too tired to argue. I’ve already been asleep once tonight
you: sounds like a lame excuse
me: ZZZZZzzzzzzzzzz

Apr 12 2011

Tuesday 12 April 2011: Protection

There had to be something good about getting soaked on the way home. Turned around and there it was. A pretty good rainbow. This wasn’t my favourite shot. But the missus said the other was the worst shot I had ever shown her. This’ll do. I like the way the rainbow looks to be protecting the houses from the worst of the weather

you: not spot anything while out for a lunchtime wander?
me: naw not really. There wasn’t anything to shoot in greggs.
you: pineapple cake was it?
me: yup
you: can’t get enough of that fake cream eh?
me: nope.
you: you don’t class yer body as temple really eh?
me: I got home and did half an hour on the bike
you: and?
me: had 3 slices of the banana cake the missus made…..and a slice of chocolate brownie.
you: ok, so your body is a temple to cake.
me: that’ll do me.

Apr 11 2011

Monday 11 April 2011: Sign me up

I want to be a tractor driver. This one would do. A mini John Deere. And I could wear my John Deere cap and tshirt.

Wasted tonight messing about with my phone app. Can’t get it to do what I want. Very frustrating.

We’re still watching Dexter. Have decided it’s pretty good.

you: I told you last time you mentioned your John Deere fetish. Not cool
me: it is. You know it is
you: No. It’s not. You haven’t got the skills to drive a tractor
me: I do so. I just never liked the way the brakes didn’t seem to mean stop.
you: eh?
me: it always seemed to me that braking in a tractor meant "slow down, come to an apparent stop, then roll forward 6 inches for not apparent reason
you: sounds like user error to me
me: actually maybe I just dreamt it
you: that could explain a lot.

Apr 10 2011

Sunday 10 April 2011: summery mushroom

An absolutely beautiful day today. Looked at my "1 year ago" and it was exactly the same last year.

Last nights dinner party was great fun. Clean plates all round. Saz and Stu had brought me some desperados, so they are welcome any time! Broke my le creuset dish thing though. I had it straight on the hob as I thought you could do that, and it cracked. Checked the website today to see what sort of warranty there was. "DO NOT place on hob or direct heat source". Doh.

Could hear a woodpecker from the garden today so went off in search of a woodpecker blip. But failed.

you: a beautiful day, so you post a brown mushroom
me: hmmm yeah I thought that myself
you: and yet you still blipped it
me: it would appear so
you: and you reckon yer a bit of a chef now after the clean plates do you?
me: Not really. But if I ever meet Jamie Oliver I’ll tell him that his watch runs slow. Half an hour my @r$e!
you: struggle to get meal done in the right sort of time frame
me: yeah I was much slower
you: you’re a bit slow in general though so that’s to be expected.

Apr 9 2011

Saturday 9 April 2011: A beautiful day – not spoiled

Te$co breakfast
Te$co shop
Lunch in the garden
grand national

We won’t be watching the national again. I found it quite sad when on lap 2 some fences had to be skipped, because there was a dead horse under a tarp on the other side that fell on the first lap.

Saz and Stu coming round tonight for a bit of scran and booze.
-caramelised onion pear and stilton tart thing
-jamies 30 minute meals mustard chicken, potato dolphin-noise (as gary tank commander called it), and french peas
-gooey chocolate pot thing

Not made any of it other than the pudding before. Should be awright though.

you: menu sounds acceptable
me: you angling for an invite?
you: no. Well yes.
me: sorry buddy. Full house. You can sit in the garage if you want?
you: oh thanks. Mr generous
me: that’s where I keep my beer
you: I’m there.

Apr 8 2011

Friday 8 April 2011: A beautiful day spoiled

A beautiful sunny day today. Marred by a $hit morning in the office when I shouldn’t have been.

I left at 1 and went and sat in princes street gardens with a curry. So that was a bit better.

Then when I got home I went out on the bike. First time in just short sleeves.

But overall the crapness of work over-rides anything that was good today.

you: been a while since you train blipped
me: aye it has. everything was so vibrant looking today though that it’ll do


you: what, nothing else to say today?
me: not really. Oh, I went and helped the neighbours out a bit more with their computer
you: they must be loving having tech support next door
me: I got six bottles of IPA in return
you: ok come off it. You’re trying to claim that 6 bottles of IPA isn’t enough to counteract a crap day of work
me: mmm, fair point. 6 bottles of ipa for free is good enough to make any day positive.

Apr 7 2011

Thursday 7 April 2011: lotto millionaire

I hereby resign. I freakin’ wish. Not quite. But I won 163 quid on the office bonus ball lotto thingy. Result. Bought a pile of cakes for the office as there just happened to be a charity cake sale downstairs. The lass thought I was kidding when I started saying I would take the whole cakes rather than just the slices.

The rest has been spent already too. Bought myself a studio background setup, stands, backdrop etc….it would be nice if I had a studio to put it in I suppose.

Too long at work again. Pi$h. And then home doing more. Double Pi$h. And going in to the office tomorrow. Triple Pi$h.

you : you use a money clip
me: aye, what of it?
you: you look like an idiot using it
me: don’t care. I’ve used it for 10 years since the missus brought me it back from mexico
you: It’s not like it’s stuffed with 50’s though
me: that’s not the point. Its better than having an ever expanding wallet full of receipts and junk
you: just you keep telling yourself that. I think you look like a tool. And I’m right
me: thanks
you: and nice work buying a backdrop system for a studio you dont have. Idiot.

Apr 6 2011

Wednesday 6 April 2011: "Meet hope half way"

Only a couple of jars tonight as I have loads of work that is "critical". It seems that everything everyone ever gets given to do is "critical". It’s got to the point it doesn’t really mean anything any more. Stupid. Was a shame too as the teacher was out for a bit.

No idea who Matt Clarke is. Is this a famous quote? I have no idea really. And when I think about it I’m not entirely sure what it’s even meant to mean.

you: and yet you blipped it
me: mmm, yeah. It’s late and this is my regular emergency blip
you: what do you mean?
me: I photograph it almost every day on the way to the canteen. Just in case.
you: you photography the same stones and bit of chalked graffiti every day?
me: almost every day
you: and all to be sure that you don’t accidentally miss a day
me: for sure.
you: Sad. Addict. Sad. And what’s even sadder for us is that now you’ve used this cack emergency blip at some point we’re going to find out what your emergency emergency blip is. I dare say it’s freakin awful.

Apr 5 2011

Tuesday 5 April 2011: Who you gonna call?

We’d fancied one of these for ages. We finally bought one. 6 minutes of lithium ion powered ghost busting. Or dust sooking. Whichever you need. It’s a nice wee bit of kit. I like it.

Spent a couple of hours next door setting up a new pc/printer/router for the neighbours. These things always take 10 times longer than I think they will. Not helped by their new broadband being slower than I used to get on my 56K modem.

Watched the first episode of Dexter last night. We enjoyed it….we think. Will give another couple of episodes a go before passing judgement. A "good" serial killer is a bit tricky to get your head around.

you: blipping a new hoover? Sad
me: I just think it’s smart
you: as I said. Sad. That your good deed for the day helping out the neighbours
me: aye it’ll have to be as it’s the only one of the day. Oh no, I held the door open for someone
you: does that even count these days?
me: what do you mean "these days"? Of course it counts
you: mmm, not sure.
me: that’s just because you are an inconsiderate sod sometimes.

Apr 4 2011

Monday 4 April 2011: Well that was better than going to the office.

Was getting properly fed up with work at the end of last week, so looking for any excuse not to go I booked myself onto a wedding photography seminar.

It was pretty good. Learned a lot. But was completely dumbfounded at all the folk there that make a living from photography yet didn’t have a scooby about how to do basic stuff in bridge/cs5. How can that be? They were ooohing and ahhing and asking "how did you do that" when all he’d done was put a grad filter on in bridge. Weird. It was a shame there were so many folk as it made getting eye contact with the model for your shots tricky.

I think the main thing I learned was it seems to be all about having the gift of the gab. He was talking not stop to the model/bride. Ok, she was a model and knew what she was doing, but I could see how he was making her feel comfortable and confident in the way he was talking to her. Oh, and leave plenty of space. It’s easy to crop out, not so easy to add in.

Since the place was near fat mungo’s I popped by with one of the bairns late birthday presents. Mrs mungo was slightly bemused to see me standing there I think, more bemused when I asked for a skoosh of fat mungo’s deodorant so I wasn’t reeking by the end of the day.

you: booking yourself on seminars instead of going to work could get expensive.
me: aye it could. Although I think today was probably worth £85 seeing as I didn’t have to travel too far
you: were there others from further afield
me: aye, from all over the country. Reckon if I had travelled a long way I would have been disappointed
you: were you not significantly underpowered in the camera stakes
me: body wise aye. Was holding my own with the lenses though
you: underpowered "body wise". Not just in terms of the camera for you eh
me: I was wondering where today’s dig would come from.
you: well you gave me plenty of ammo with the deodorant. But decided to go for the less obvious route.

Apr 3 2011

Sunday 3 April 2011: Gusty

Tricky to get any of this in focus as the wind was blowing it about all over the place. I love spider webs. Not the funnel web type things. Proper spider webs, like this one. I think they are amazing.

A bit of sitting in the sun room reading. A bit of exercise. A bit (or a couple of bits if I’m honest) of the banana cake the missus baked. Oh, and I started work on a blip app for windows phone 7. I’m not familiar with silverlight, but have got it displaying the equivalent of the front page so far with thumbnails, blipper name, and blip title.

you: GEEEK. Coding at home. That’s sad
me: I just wanted a wee project
you: and is this wee project destined to never finish? Like the weather one?
me: no this one maybe stands a chance. Though whether I’ll ever publish it I don’t know, not sure I can justify the $100 developer fee.
you: what’s the point of doing it if you don’t publish it?
me: just to prove to myself that I can do it.
me: is that all you have to say?
you: no, happy mothers day to my mum
me: oh yeah. Happy mothers day to mine too.

Apr 2 2011

Saturday 2 April 2011: Effort.

The wind died down a bit today, although still fairly gusty. It was very windy last night though, ended up kipping in the lounge again to get away from the noise.

Obi-wan came round today with the telescope. It’s huge. Takes up a massive area. Hopefully we get some clear skies soon so I can take a look at the sky.

Was meant to be out with the missus for tea tonight, then going to a birthday drinks do. But because she’s not feeling great we cancelled tea and I just drove through for the drinks. A lot of effort. But I wan’t to try and see the ski-crew more if I can.

Got out on the bike this arvo too.

you: not like you to go out on the bike if it’s windy
me: what are you saying like?
you: that you’ll use any excuse to not go
me: hey that’s not fair….actually I guess it is
you: many folk out tonight?
me: yeah there was a fair group out. The highlight was stu trying to push open a glass door…..which was open.

Apr 1 2011

Friday 1 April 2011: There’s a storm a brewin’

Out for lunch with doog today. Went to Champany. It has quite a reputation, and prices to match. The one other time I’ve been though it didn’t meet expectations. Today it was decent. And so it should have been at 14 quid for a burger and chips.

What was probably better than the food was the comedy value of the table next to us. A forty something business man, all blackberry’s and smart suits. And a 40 something hyper-tanned business suited lady with probably the most effective push up bra ever invented. Not in a huge boobs need serious scaffolding effective push up way, more in a if they get pushed up any further she’ll not see where she’s going when she’s driving kind of way. Based on the conversation snippets we could hear she was certainly married to someone else, but very flirty, and you could have cut the sexual tension with a knife. Quite amusing. Naughty girl though.

Went down to blackness for a wander afterwards. As predicted it’s really windy so we have skipped the bike ride in favour of watching crap telly.

you: eating out again? You’re starting to take the mickey!
me: I know. So tonight I’m gonna make a cottage pie
you: you should be starving yourself never mind making cottage pies.
me: don’t worry, I cannae see me being out for tea tomorrow as planned, the missus is off work for the second day in a row ill
you: not so good
me: yeah, she can’t even eat the chocolate easter chick I got her to cheer her up. I think I’ll eat it so it doesn’t torment her
you: you’re all heart.