Mar 31 2011

Thursday 31 March 2011: Step into the light, Enrique

work. euch. Not happy with that at the moment.

Out for lunch today though. The Dusit on thistle st. Man that place is freakin awesome. That’s me been there twice, both times delicious. Which is kind of good since I’m going there for tea on saturday.

My buddy from back home is up tonight. Maybe head out on the bikes tomorrow, but it’s probably gonna be howling a gale so that’ll be that idea out the window.

This is the first photo with my latest bit of camera hackery. A grid for my flash

you: what’s with all this eating out malarky? 5 times in a week?
me: aye I know. Dunno what’s going on.
you: don’t think Thai restaurants are renowned for their nachos though so you’ll be disappointed with that.
me: naw the food is so nice I’ll forgive them for the lack of nachos
you: and you mentioning work, Never a good sign
me: nope.
you: I don’t think I’ll delve into that one too much
me: not much to delve into really.
you: good. Speak to you tomorrow.

Mar 30 2011

Wednesday 30 March 2011: Triple nacho tastic

Within about 5 minutes of my blip mentioning nachos yesterday I had a text from Napoleon saying he thought that instead of our usual wednesday night beers in edinburgh he wanted to get the train through to falkirk to try the nachos. This is a big deal. He’s a tight git, so for him to shell out on a train ticket I just hoped they met his expectations.

I think the nachos did. Aitkens however didn’t. We found a glowing review of it online, headed round, and it was just a generic old mans pub, without good beer, and even without old locals. Expectations dashed.

So this was the third nacho meal I’ve had in 24 hours. Nachos for tea last night, nachos for lunch at the canteen today, and back to the same place as last night for more nachos.

you: and did you finish them tonight without questioning your ability to do so half way through.
me: oh totally. I think it was that I’d had some haggis chimi’s as a starter, along with half of the missus’ starter, that caused the doubt last night.
you: and what was the missus’ starter?
me: nachos
you: you’ve got to be kidding me?! What were the lunchtime nachos?
me: they were vege nachos. More like refried beans with jalapeños and broccoli on nacho chips
you : vege? I’m not sure they count.
me: oh they count. I had an extra portion of grated cheese on top and a massive dollop of sour cream
you: ok I’ll let you have that one. Nacho-tastic
me: indeed. I don’t think we’ll be in falkirk again for wednesday night pints for a while though.

Mar 29 2011

Tuesday 29 March 2011: Up my street (2)

Emergency blip as we pulled out of the drive to go out for tea. Nachos at BTW. I think they might even rival the Mercat’s mighty nachos. These ones had chunks of tender beef rather than mince. Delicious. I didn’t think I was going to be able to finish them

you: I’m going to stop you right there
me: what’s up?
you: correct me if I’m wrong. But last night you admitted to having a dream about playing football with a boy band
me: right
you: No. It’s wrong. And tonight you are admitting you thought you might have been defeated by a bowl of nachos?
me: might have been.
you: it doesn’t matter. What kind of man are you?
me: a manly man
you: I beg to differ. Next you’ll be going for pedicures. Don’t talk to me again until you have hammered a six inch nail into a block of mahogany with your forehead.

Mar 28 2011

Monday 28 March 2011: Awwww, young love….

…’ll never last.

you: what, that’s it? A cynical one liner?
me: that’s all I feel like tonight
you: how come?
me: CI builds taking too long
you: means nothing to me
me: and long may it stay that way. Met Obi-wan again for lunch. He’s giving me his telescope to look after while he tries a potential long term overseas excursion
you: so we can look forward to interesting shots of galaxy’s far far away?
me: it’s not The Hubble he’s asking me to look after!

me: I just remembered something. Last night I had a dream I was playing in a five aside footy team against newcastle united
you: You hate footy!
me: it gets worse. The other four members of my team were Blue
you: as in the colour? That is weird
me: no, as in the boy band!
you: FREAK!
me: "one love, for the mothers pride, one love, for the times we cried, one love, gotta stay alive….."
you: aggghhhh my ears. Stop, please stop
me: "….I will survive"

Mar 27 2011

Sunday 27 March 2011: For Sale.

"A delightful detached family home, in a highly desirable area. Local amenities include woods, trees, open grassland, and several streams. On top of this there are friendly local humans who provide occasional food

The plot has a delightful northerly outlook for that perfect temperature.

One multifunction room with direct external access.

Would suit bluetit or similar. Ideal for first time buyer.

Finance available upon request".

Turns out it’s not just me that’s having trouble selling a property. This place has been on the market for almost a year. The previous owners disappeared without leaving a forwarding address.

Out for a walk with the missus, then out on the bike. A pretty nice day all in all. Shame we lost an hour, but I guess at least now it’s summer.

you: mental
me: what?
you: you made up your own for sale sign….for a birdhouse?
me: yeah, and?
you: mental.

Mar 26 2011

Saturday 26 March 2011: Hackery complete

This is the first shot taken with my latest bit of camera hackery. I finished making my flash extension cable. It’s all working nicely, even the ttl metering.

Won 13 quid on the boat race today. I am liking the HD channels we got yesterday. Watched the rally in HD too. It looks ace.

And that’s about it. It has been a day of dossing about

you: didn’t know you were a gambler
me: I’m not
you: but you just said you won £13 on the boat race.
me: I did
you: so you must be a gambler then?!
me: it was just a tenner
you: STILL A GAMBLER. Whatever. Hardly gonna change your life is it
me: no I dare say not
you: unless this is the start of a slippery slope and rather than hopefully finding a buyer for the house you are gonna use it as betting collateral
me: hmmm, interesting idea…..
you: I bet you don’t. Doh!

Mar 25 2011

Friday 25 March 2011: Ruuuun, he’s got a camera

Another nice sunny day today.

Dentist : no work required
Virgin media : tv and broadband upgraded (which is interesting, as when I phoned up I phoned up to cancel, not get more. Curse the salesman)
Washin : hung on line

Went for a wander in the local woods and there were a couple of deer right in front of me through some trees. I followed for a bit to try and get a decent shot, but failed.

Thought we had folk coming round for tea tomorrow. But I had written it down wrong, so we don’t.

you: doesn’t sound like you to get things wrong
me: you think?
you: NO. It sounds about right
me: thought that might be the case. Got out on the bike for a bit too
you: remember a hat of some description so your ears didn’t freeze?
me: no. but I did assess the temperature before heading out, and it wasn’t required.
you: Shock! Horror! RXS learns from mistake

Mar 24 2011

Thursday 24 March 2011: A beautiful day…..

….to be stuck in an office. Met Obi-wan in the gardens at lunchtime today. It was so nice to sit in the sun and feel a bit of warmth. The weather station reckoned 16C today. Nice.

Back at Ratho for the first time in ages. Man it was hard. As we were walking in the discussion went something like this:

Steven: I had to deal with council tax letters today as there was a backlog
me: aye?
Steven: aye. Had one from a right moaning git
me: I bet you get plenty of those
Steven: aye. This one was world class though. It was you.

I’d forgotten I’d even written a letter saying I thought it was freakin’ ridiculous having to pay 90% council tax and water bills on a house that’s empty and has the water turned off at the mains. Steven doesn’t normally deal with that sort of stuff, so what were the chances of that! Sadly rather than hook me up with a full discount he passed it to a colleague to deal with.

My new monitor arrived today. 23" of IPS panelled loveliness.

you: so you are a moaning git in the real world too?
me: oh aye. Gotta spread the love. I don’t reserve my rants and moans for blip
you: how fortunate for the world. And was this a sent letter, or an email?
me: Oh if you’re gonna complain it has to be a letter.
you: well I’m not going to argue with mr complaint 2010.

Mar 23 2011

Wednesday 23 March 2011: Me no likey

Went to get some cash out on the way to the boozer and the machine had this monstrosity attached to it. It looks like some third party cobbled together xray device specifically designed to see and record exactly what your pin number is rather than protect your pin from prying eyes. A big fail if you ask me. And it gets in the way when you try and get your cash.

After white lightning’s claim last week that the burger in the abbotsford was a 5 to the cambridge bar’s 9, we went to the cambridge. I had the mexican, and as much as I hate to agree with anything white lightning says, it was very very good. It cost more though, and there were no chips. If they threw in a wee bowl of chips for the same price it would be perfect.

Just me, Napoleon and Colin. Napoleon went off on a rant about comic relief. Then he stopped. Then I mentioned claudia winkleman or someone and he was off again

you: you’ve been watching too much telly if you think that is a crooks contraption to steal your pin
me: look at it. It looks terrible
you: but if it saves someone nabbing your pin?
me: what’s wrong with just putting your other hand over? At least I know that’s my own and some crook hasn’t hidden a camera or something in it
you: but are you really sure that’s the case?

Mar 22 2011

Tuesday 22 March 2011: Toot toot

Spotted this fella practising on his chanter. I dare say he’s just biding his time until he can make the big bucks like I am sure these dudes do.

I reckon some days it would be nice to have a job where you don’t really have any responsibility or pressure.

you: you don’t have any responsibility
me: that’s a bit harsh
you: or pressure
me: thankfully not too much. I reckon the city dudes that are burnt out by the time they are 35 are mental
you: but 60 years of retirement would be nice
me: aye, and the maserati
you: and the yacht
me: and the villa in the sun
you: this could go on a while
me: yeah, where do I sign up for extreme pressure and responsibility?

Mar 21 2011

Monday 21 March 2011: No reason given

I thought there might have been some folk handing out flyers or something to explain why they are instructing us to boycott the census. But no. Just a sign.

Went into virgin media to ask about the new tivo since my existing one keeps popping up messages saying I’ll lose service on June 1st. That’ll be a sad day. I think the new tivo is far to expensive. Gonna look in to cancelling the tv package and just getting a freeview recorder.

Blip posted a job this morning. It’s exactly what I’d like to do, not sure I could afford to do it though

you: and you don’t have the skills.
me: not true. I can do pretty much all the stuff they are looking for to some degree, and have knowledge of the stuff I might not have practical experience in
you: "have knowledge of"? You have knowledge of walking, but NASA aren’t gonna choose you to walk on the moon
me: no, but…
you: but nothing. There’ll be a million young whippersnappers that have nothing but the skills the blip team are after that are straight out of uni and as enthusiastic as hell
me: I’d be as enthusiastic as hell, and I learn quickly
you: not good enough I’m afraid.
me: if only now was ten years ago….

Mar 20 2011

Sunday 20 March 2011: Cupboard of goodies

Had a good night last night with the bro-in-law and his lass. Out for a nice meal and some beers. I had frogs legs. Don’t think I’ll bother again. They weren’t anything special. Thankfully I’d said I’d go halves with R and his carpaccio of beef, which was superb.

Got some good portraits of everyone last night too. First proper use of the beauty dish. It gives some nice results.

Bit of an O.D on Dr Brian Cox and his Wonders of the Solar System/Universe today. Still enjoying them, but the numbers annoy me a bit. I like science, but how they reckon they can say that the final death throws of a star will last 17 seconds I find a bit dubious. And when I wasn’t watching that I was in the cupboard putting up hooks for things. Oooh, exciting day.

you: dull photo. dull words
me: just one of those days.
you: didn’t frog legs freak you out?
me: not really, why would they? just wanted to try them
you: and you thought falkirk probably did better frogs legs than france?
me: good point. The restaurant was near the canal too
you: mmm, frogs legs with a hint of diesel and a sludge sauce.

Mar 19 2011

Saturday 19 March 2011: A walk in the woods

I didn’t actually walk. I was on my bike. Only the second time I’ve been in the gardens of Callendar House even though I’ve lived within a mile of them for over 10 years.

A quick trip to tesco for a few things resulted in my buying 3 more black and red notebooks of varying sizes

you: have you even written anything in the last one you bought?
me: well……
you: I’ll take that as a no
me: I still have’t thought about what I could use it for
you: and yet you think you need more?
me: well…..
you: basically you’ve bought in to a brand you have no use for
me: well…..
you: idiot.

Mar 18 2011

Friday 18 March 2011: Scotland. No, really, it is.

Got the train back down from K’s this arvo. It’s a lovely line down the east coast of Scotland, some beautiful views. And it was a beautiful day (when you were out of the wind) too. Both times I’ve caught the Aberdeen train it’s been lovely.

So this is how we should promote Scotland. Blue skies, sunshine, sand and the sea. Just don’t mention the fact the sand is probably covered in dog turds eh.

Replaced a thermostat on one of the radiators. Sorted the boiler condensate pipe that I hacked up at christmas.

you: any side effects from drinking the vinegar last night?
me: naw not really.
you: and only just getting round to sorting the pipework. Bit sluggish no?
me: yeah a bit. At least I’ve done it right. The idiots that put it in had the last foot running uphill. No freakin wonder it was freezing up all the time
you: I think perhaps your house had it’s own gravitational field at some point, and water could run uphill
me: I think you might be right, based on some of the stupid things that have been done.

Mar 17 2011

Thursday 17 March 2011: ching ching

Up to Kirriemuir for the opening of Jenelope’s first ever solo art exhibition. She had some cracking new paintings. And she sold over 700 quids worth. Freakin awesome. It’s not even like it was friends and family making the purchases to make her feel good, it was people that the gallery owner had invited.

As a result of the beers and the late night I couldn’t really remember what I wrote in last nights blip this morning. And I didn’t remember ordering Wonders of the Solar System on blu-ray either. And I was slightly bamboozled to receive a text from Auslaender thanking me for a gift. "what freakin gift?" I thought. Then I remembered, I anonymously gifted him a blip subscription. Turns out I’m not very good at being anonymous since he knew it was me!

you: so a big fail on the anonymous front then
me: yeah I guess.
you: might have helped if you didn’t mention it here.
me: ach he already knew
you: so did you buy any of jenelope’s work?
me: not freakin likely, she’s too expensive for me.
you: too tight to help out yer struggling artist sister
me: pretty much. Up at K’s now. Had chips and a deep fried steak pie…and a jar of pickled mussels
you: a deep fried steak pie? I can hear your arteries clogging up from here! And I’m not even gonna start on the mussels
me: I did start them, then I finished them, then I drank the vinegar from the jar
you: good grief you are quite simply a freak!

Mar 16 2011

Wednesday 16 March 2011: Normality resumes

It’s wednesday. So I’ve been to the boozer. White lightning and Napoleon were there. As was Fat Mungo for a bit.

The usual state of chat. Ie a cracking laugh. And as it was just a random night where we had a few too many beers, it was a good ‘un. Even had some food, a burger and chips. White lightning reckoned that in comparison to a 9/10 for a cambridge aussie burger, this was a 5. I reckoned a 7 at least as you got chips with it. I dare say that argument will be continued next time we have a few too many.

With all the excitement of my 365 I’ve been neglecting to mention other stuff I probably want to remmember:

- Sunday was Fat Mungo’s 3rd bairns christening. And the second of his bairns I’m godfather too.
- I got a text from Oz on monday morning saying congrats on my 365. I didn’t know he even followed my blips, but apparently it’s part of his daily routine. Awesome. Miss you on a beer night bro.
- JH announced today that he leaves for leeds mid april. He was the guy that helped me settle in most to my new job when I moved which was very much appreciated, and basically he’s a good guy. So that’s a shame. But good on him and the missus for making a move they want.

you: a "godfather" for the second time? After all the times you’ve had your various rants about religion?
me: I don’t have rants. I express that it’s not for me.
you: Rants in other words. Highly hypocritical no?
me: As it happens I don’t think so. Although I was stressing for the whole church thing in the lead up to the actual baptism, I didn’t actually have to say anything that I didn’t agree with
you: and you reckon that makes it ok do you?
me: Aye, I think so. Will I look out for the bairns if god (perhaps not the best choice of word) forbid anything should happen to fat mungo or his missus? Of course I would. I had to google "what is the purpose of godparents" tonight.
you: and?
me: the answer I found that I liked was "they ought to show their paternal love by encouraging, counseling, and correcting".
you: and you reckon you can do that?
me: if I was ever required to, then yes, why couldn’t I?
you: because yer a muppet? What’s with the photo anyway?
me: 10pm in waverly and all these bikes are still in the racks. Do they just live there abandoned?
you: who cares?
me: me, if I ever need to lock my bike up.
you: as I said. Muppet.

Mar 15 2011

Tuesday 15 March 2011: The 365 fun continues

Joe, blip’s founder, commented on my blip yesterday of the golden camera I used in my 365. He said he wanted one. Today he has one.

An idea popped into my head. "Well I don’t really need it any more, it might be fun to send it to blip HQ". Instead of sending it, I decided to deliver it in person with monochrome. The blip crew were in a meeting but about to take a break and we were invited to stay for a cuppa, and a good chat and a laugh. It was ace.

So here we have my blip on screen in blip central. How cool is that? And blips founder having a play with his new toy!

you: how freakin’ cheeky are you? Just rocking up unannounced and uninvited to people you’ve never met’s place of work!
me: eh, yeah, I did kind of feel that way as I knocked on the door.
you: I’d have told you where to go!
me: I have no doubt you would. The golden camera provided a good laugh though
you: I wouldn’t have laughed. I’d have told you where you could shove it
me: well luckily the folks there aren’t nasty like you
you: so who did you meet?
me: Joe, G, and Graciepix, and they were all very friendly. Blip is in good hands blippers!
me: crap photo though
you: mmm granted. I didn’t think the "not taking a camera" thing through

Mar 14 2011

Monday 14 March 2011: The missing detail

This is the hard to see detail I mentioned in yesterdays 365. It was a bit hard to see in any but the largest version. My new gold camera to go with my new gold camera icon.

Thanks for all the comments yesterday. Over 100, I nearly fell off my seat.

First day back at work. Bonus and pay rise day. A bonus is always just that, whatever it amounts to, and in the current financial climate I was glad of anything. And as with everywhere pay rises were negligible. I was kind of glad to be back at work after last weeks "holiday".

you: you bought a gold camera for your 365? Freak
me: no, I bought an old camera, and some gold paint.
you: super freak.
me: thanks
you: you should have just used this for your 365 and saved yourself a load of time and hassle.
me: and where would the fun have been in that?
you: in the saving of time and hassle perhaps?
me: anyway, it didn’t save a massive amount of time. This still seems to have taken me an hour.
you: man you are slow!
me: I guess.

Mar 13 2011

Sunday 13 March 2011: Blip spins me right round baby right round

And there we have it. 365 days in a row, no gaps. When I started blip did I think I’d do it? No. At various points through the year did I think I could be bothered? No. Am I glad I did. You betcha.

This one was a while in the planning.

Unfortunately because of the size I’ve had to shrink things to one of the most important details is kinda lost… you might be able to spot it in the bigger version here, or even bigger version here

I’m quite excited that I managed the full 365. It’s a while since I’ve felt quite so happy.

you: well yer not getting any pat on the back congratulations from me
me: I’d like to say I’m surprised. But I’m not
you: well it’s not all that much of an achievement really is it? It’s not like you’ve invented a way to make beer from gravel.
me: ach dude come on, don’t be a downer on me today
you: ok I’ll tell you what: Make it to my birthday with no breaks, then I’ll congratulate you
me: ok, that’s a deal. And I’ll hold you to it.
you: cool. And as one concession to your blip birthday, lets have a beer now, on me.
me: cheers buddy

Cheers to Napoleon for being my custom made platform spinner. While I stood on it, he turned it in the 1 degree increments I had marked, waited while I triggered the shot, then moved me on another degree. It took a while. Oh, and he is also the hand model. Cheers dude.

And cheers to monochrome for continually hassling me until I joined in the first place.

And of course thanks to the blip team ;-)

Mar 12 2011

Saturday 12 March 2011: Grey day

This is how the day started. Then it got greyer, and damper, and colder, and just plain miserable basically.

Drained all the radiators and the boiler at the old house. We learn from our mistakes they say. All I learned is that one wee grub screw on the boiler, or more my failure to find it pre christmas, was the cause of £650 of damage and 2 months of stressing. So what I actually learned was RTFM. The grub screw is at face height. So just to annoy me some more as I loosened it it popped out and I got a face full of freezing cold water before I got a bucket in place.

you: HAHA
me: the cold wash?
you: yup. HAHA
me: thought as much. I got about a dozen mouthfuls of random water from various receptacles as I was trying to syphon bits and bobs empty. So you might have to make the most of your glee today as it might be the last chance you get
you: if you feel poorly I’ll get Dr House on your case, he’ll solve it, via the usual episodes worth of wrong guesses followed by the usual last minute epiphany based on someone else’s random comment.
me: yup. It’s virtually the same every episode. I do love it though.
you: me too. See, we do have something in common.

Mar 11 2011

Friday 11 March 2011: Tangled mess (holiday day 5)

Today I turned an old wireless doorbell into a remote camera trigger. The camera has to be focussed manually, but then I can trigger it from anywhere in the house , through walls, no line of sight required. I’m rather pleased with myself. About 75% of the stuff in the picture isn’t actually being used, it’s just still set up from my 300th blip. About 90% of the remaining wires etc probably aren’t needed either, but I don’t really know what I’m doing so they are there, it works, and that’s the way it shall remain.

Watched some footage of the tsunami in japan today. Utterly terrifying. I don’t know what’s going on with old mother earth, she appears to be severely hacked off at something given the last few weeks of natural disasters around the pacific though. I hope the death toll doesn’t rise much more. Sadly I think the chances of that are slim. Certainly puts my whining about a few burst pipes into perspective.

you: why exactly would you want to trigger the camera from anywhere in the house?
me: I don’t.
you: come on, what are you up to? Sounds highly dubious to me.
me: naw I just need to be able to trigger the camera without being in direct line of sight for a planned blip
you: hmmm, I’m not convinced.
me: the doorbell chimes ever time it’s triggered as it is anyway
you: ok well that’s not exactly much use for a covert operation
me: yeah I need to work on that
you: I knew it. Up to no good.
me: no, it’s just rather annoying

Mar 10 2011

Thursday 10 March 2011: I deserve this (in my humble opinion)(holiday day4

Heating : check
Hot water : check
Leaks : negative.

Woo hoo. I got the hot water working today. Result. Then had to drain it all out again as the house has to be drained for the insurance. Felt very much like pi$$ing money down the drain as I watched it run out of the drain pipe half way up the house and onto the cold ground. I realised once it was finished that I should have had a shower or a bath or something to make use of it.

Speaking of baths. I had the first bath I’ve had since we moved house over a year ago.

you: I thought there was an awful smell, now I know what it was.
me: shut up a minute eh, I’m not finished.

I thought when we eventually left this place, if we ever do, that the bath would remain unused. But now it obviously won’t be. I quite enjoyed it. It was nice to be in a bath that didn’t require you to tuck your knees up to fit in. And I listened to Sleeper "The it girl" while I was in there.

you: I thought there was an awful smell, now I know what it was
me: it wasn’t funny the first time.
you: what’s with telling me to shut up anyway. That’s not how you speak to me
me: oh really? And how ought I speak to you?
you: every sentence should end with sir
me: never gonna happen
you: sir
me: never gonna happen, sir……damn it!

Mar 9 2011

Wednesday 9 March 2011: The keys to hell (holiday day 3)

I wasn’t aware that you needed keys to get in to hell. But it appears you do, and I own them. The plumber came and fixed the burst pipe. I turned the water back on for him. "Hmmm no water coming out of the hot taps upstairs". Perhaps that’s because the living room and kitchen are flooded. AGHHHHHH I’m sick to the back teeth of this place. The plumber left. I spent the next 7 hours locating and repairing the burst, and drying out as best I could the carpet and testing the boiler. Although the water is now running it’s not getting hot, so I dunno what’s going on. But it appears I’ve got all the leaks sorted now. All I have to do is put the roof back up in the garage……

you: some holiday you’re having
me: tell me about it. And when I got up this morning the fields were white with snow. WTF.
you: yup you’ve sure picked a good week to be off.
me: I know. All my plans of cycling and getting out with the camera are coming to nothing
you: well if you didn’t spend so much time up at the old house you’d have more time to do other things
me: you think i freakin want to be up there?
you: I’m beginning to wonder. Is this some elaborate ploy to get 25% off yer council tax by saying you live there yourself
me: if only.

Mar 8 2011

Tuesday 8 March 2011: X-mini’s (2) (holiday day2)

Day 2 of of my holiday had less highlights than yesterday. Mostly because I spent the whole of it sitting in front of my pc messing about with css and dojo on a site I have been trying to get together for my photos. I’m fairly sure it was just as, if not more stressful than being at work. Why can’t all browsers just work the same.

you: GEEK. What a cop-out of a blip
me: Aye a bit, I’m providing a service though
you: and what might that be?
me: davidd wanted something to give yesterdays blip a sense of scale
you: I’m sure he’ll now be delighted. How is Black Ops coming along?
me: ach I keep having rubbish games of it and can’t be bothered
you: not getting addicted like with MW2?
me: not yet. I do find it particularly amusing when I hear "friendly napalm inbound"
you: oh aye, hilarious, flaming death from the skies
me: exactly, not sure how it could ever be classed as friendly.

Mar 7 2011

Monday 7 March 2011: X-mini’s (holiday day1)

These we fella’s are x-mini’s, wee portable speakers, and they are ace. The built in batteries last forever (like 12hrs), and the sound that comes out of them is great for the size. You only need one really, but you can chain them.

Day one of my week off. Pretty lame.
Lowlight : discovering there is another burst in a pipe up the road.
Highlight : probably watching Wonders of the Universe, the new series that started last night. It was really good. The cinematography is cool, the score fits it perfectly, the special effects are ace, and I like Dr Brian Cox’s voice, it just seems to make stuff interesting. But if he had said "profound" once more I was going to scream. I bought my first ever blu-ray the other day. Wonders of the Solar System. Can’t wait for that to arrive.

you: so yesterday you admitted to being a beiber fan, and today you’re a Dr Brian Cox fan. I reckon the missus should be concerned.
me: a) I never said I liked bieber. b) what’s wrong with liking Dr B.C.?
you: well he was in D:Ream for a start.
me: oh yeah, that’s a good point. "Things can only get better" eh? When exactly?
you: and his mouth looks to be slightly too big for his face
me: what a strange thing to comment on. Anyway I don’t care. At the moment I like him, and if he helps make science interesting then I’m all for that.
you: just as long as he stops saying profound eh?
me: exactly

Mar 6 2011

Sunday 6 March 2011: Light and space

Climbing today instead of last thursday. I wish I’d remembered that when I was messing about on the weights yesterday. Turns out I must have been messing about longer than I thought as my arms and chest were knackered before I started climbing. It was still good though. And I picked up the parts I think I need to fix the leaking pipe, after yesterdays frustrating attempt.

We just watched an episode of glee, and now I have a Bieber song stuck in my head

you: I would have put money on you being the sort of bloke to get sucked in to Bieber fever.
me: eh, naw. I do not have bieber fever. I find it amusing that one so young has an autobiography though
you: you mean your jealous
me: no. And millions of dollars.
you: your jealous
me: NO.
you: and what about having hair on his head that doesn’t look like it should be in an armpit
me: well ok, maybe I’m jealous of that.

I just googled bieber. 2 quotes (apparently) from his autobiography that I love
"Singers arent supposed to have dairy before a show. But we all know I’m a rulebreaker. And pizza is just so good."

"It was like I opened my eyes one day and noticed that the world is full of beautiful girls. I’ve had a hard time thinking of anything else ever since."

welcome to puberty buddy.

Mar 5 2011

Saturday 5 March 2011: Transport

I’ve spent almost 4hrs travelling tonight, for 2hrs at JB’s birthday. I think I got the ratio all wrong. I decided to use public transport so that I could have a drink for a change…..and missed one train and two buses on the way there. The way back was less eventful. The vege curry made it worthwhile

I grew up in the literally the middle of nowhere. I was giving my mate a backy (or whatever your local word is for "giving yer mate a lift on yer bike" is) to the bus one day, and the police stopped me, told me I wasn’t allowed to do it, and made me give my mate my bike so he could scoot off and not miss his bus. There was nowhere to leave my bike safely at the other end. Would they have done anything about it if it had been knicked? Would they bollocks. Jobsworth.

you: see, if you’d been t-total you would only have been travelling for a quarter of the time
me: I know I know. I am always designated driver though so quite often at this kind of thing I end stone cold sober as those around get drunker and louder.
you: you get JB anything exciting for his birthday?
me: a pair of bottle cage screws
you: you what?!
me: well I wasn’t sure whether I should get anything. And he has a new bike, so thought they might come in handy
you: ya tight git! And I bet you drank his beer too.
me: well….
you: I’ll take that as a yes.

Mar 4 2011

Friday 4 March 2011: Surprisingly calm…..

…….was how I felt when water was still pi$$ing through the ceiling when I turned the water on to test my shower repair. My shower repair isn’t at fault. It’s just the water we thought was coming from the broken shower was actually from elsewhere. After a lot of listening to work out where the leak was I cut out a section of flooring to find this…..a 2" section of pipe that wasn’t lagged, and had burst. Anyway I’ll sort that out tomorrow. Why couldn’t they just have lagged it when it was built

I bought Black Op’s today. This could have been a mistake, as it may be all that I do in my week off. If it is I am wholeheartedly blaming monochrome.

And finally, after yesterdays crumbling of power, the dishwasher was put on today. I went back to change the tablets we got as Davidd said I should have got the ones in bags (couldn’t find them) and JB had told me the other night not to get flavoured ones, so I got an email this morning asking if I had been paying attention and why had I bought lemon ones. When he said not to get flavoured ones I thought he meant beef or chicken or something

you: beef flavoured dishwasher tablets? Are you mental?
me: well I didn’t know anything about them did I!
you: but would you want all your dishes to taste of beef? Don’t answer that. So how was it
me: I’m not sure. Some things made me smile as they looked brand new again. But the glasses, I’m not sure, is that a hint of "squeak" I detect?
you: no that’s a hint of clean
me: have you been talking to K^2?

Mar 3 2011

Thursday 3 March 2011: Civil unrest

The crumbling of the various regimes in the middle east at the moment seems to have had an impact on home life. We moved house a year ago. Our first place with a dishwasher. And we have never used it yet. Why? Because I don’t like the the feel of glasses when they come out of the washer. Most recently we have been using the dishwasher to store crisps in.

At the weekend at K&K’s I was pretty much ganged up on. Tonight the shopping included a box of dishwasher tablets. My iron grip on my own home is slipping. My power all of a sudden being eroded.

you: you’re not seriously comparing the troubles in the east to your dishwasher hatred?
me: no. Not really. It’s pretty mental what’s going on at the moment. I hope it’s sorted out soon, but fear it won’t be. It’s just hard to think of what to write some nights.
you: ok good. Now we have that cleared up. "Iron grip"? More like sponge fingers.
me: aye that’s probably more accurate.
you: and storing crisps in the dishwasher. Could you be any more random?
me: well we’d run out of space in the cupboards. And it’s basically just a cupboard with sliding shelves if you think about it
you: ooh, actually that is handy.
me: see! Not such a daft idea after all.

Mar 2 2011

Wednesday 2 March 2011: You talkin’ to me?

Out for a curry and a few jars tonight with JB. We went to the khukuri. I had the lamb sultan, which was absolutely freakin delicious. What wasn’t quite so good though was the atmosphere. We had no idea what was going on as we couldn’t understand what was being said. But the waiters/chefs/owners were having a major barnie behind the half height, not properly closed curtains. We were slightly concerned that ceremonial swords were going to come in to play. Thankfully they didn’t.

At one point one of the waiters came bursting through the curtains, having obviously been shoved. The split second he was on the customer side though he was all smiles and "is everything ok for you". That’s professionalism for you….when on the right side of the curtains at least.

you: Blimey yer having a lot of curries these days no?
me: certainly seems that way aye. This was a proper curry though
you: a proper curry?
me: yeah, as in not canteen, and not wetherspoons.
you: late train home then?
me: naw the 9 so not bad. Still had to listen to someone elses tina turner a’thon though. The question is, was it the mid 20’s trendy looking indian guy, or was it the slightly frumpy looking mid 30’s woman.
you: my money is on the woman.
me: mine too….but it was the young guy.
you: hang on a minute. Who are you to guage trendy, or frumpy come to think of it?
me: mmm, fair point.

Mar 1 2011

Tuesday 1 March 2011: I’ll never get a moltov cocktail away up there.

I’d never spotted this cctv camera hiding away up there before. The first thing that popped in to my head when I saw it was grand theft auto. There is normally some mission in there to destroy all the cctv cameras in whichever city you happen to be being a naughty boy in. And I always tried to use molotovs.

you: have you ever made a molotov cocktail
me: not being to sort to take part in violent protests I’ve never felt the need.
you: didn’t think you would have actually.
me: When I was wee I used to dunk bullrushes into the petrol tank of the old yellow lawn mower and light them to pretend they were torches or flaming arrows though
you: And the winner of this years health and safety prize goes to…..not you
me: hey I was wee.
you: and did it work
me: better than you can imagine. One word of advice though: Don’t stamp on them to put them out. All the petrol soaked fluffyness becomes an uncontrollable fireball in the garage.
you: sometimes I wonder how you made it to the age you are.
me: mmmm, me too. I don’t know what the old mower died of. I’m pretty sure it wasn’t "fuel line blocked with bullrush syndrome". But if it was…..sorry dad.