Dec 31 2010

Friday 31 December 2010: Another one bites the dust

Well here I am. At the end of another year. It’s been awright.

Not a good day today though. My attempt to save a bit of money at the house we can’t sell has backfired. I had missed a bit of water in the boiler itself when I drained the house, and it’s frozen and knackered it. I thought the part was just going to be £100 or so, but it turns out the one my boiler needs is £300. Typical. So now do we bother fixing it, or just get a new boiler? I’m never trying to save money again. Debt here I come.

We watched Inception this arvo. It was quite enjoyable. Now I have The Sound of Music on in the background. I don’t think I’ve ever watched it properly, and today hasn’t changed that.

The traditional swamp hogmanay tonight. Cannae wait.

you: oh dear. So not only can you not sell the house, you might be putting a new boiler in, to go with the new carpets and paint. Nice.
me: blurg.
you: I was hoping for some sort of awesome blip and a deep and meaningful reflection on the year past, but all we get is "blurg"
me: blurg.
you: well you suck. Happy New Year to one and all….when it get’s here.

Dec 30 2010

Thursday 30 December 2010: Coinci-freakin-mental

Woke up….bit of random blip browsing….came across this shot of karenjulia’s. 10 double yolkers at one sitting! Amazing. So i commented to say as much, and to say I had only seen a couple of them in my entire life. As a result off seeing that blip all I wanted was a fried egg buttie. And I got a double yolker. I couldn’t freakin’ believe it! So that put a smile on my face. hurrah

you: I don’t believe you
me: what?!
you: I don’t believe you saw that photo of karenjulia’s then miraculously got a double yolker yourself
me: I don’t care if you believe it or not, it’s the truth. I wish blip comments had timestamps, then I could prove it. What do you think I did? Got a double yolker then searched blip until I found someone that had blipped somthing similar?
you: probably, knowing you.
me: well you obviously don’t know me at all. I’m not talking to you any more today. And thank you very much for taking the smile from my face.
you: you’re welcome
me: agghh. sometimes I hate having a voice in my head.

Dec 29 2010

Wednesday 29 December 2010: That’s not a mug. This is a mug.

So after almost a week of blips I’ve been more than happy with, the minute I get home I resort to photographing whatever comes to hand. Still, I managed to get a mutilated quote from one of my favourite films in, and my massive christmas mug. Alongside the missus’ Illawara Steelers mug, which is another oz link to my quote, wasn’t that clever? No?

Went up to the old house to check on it….open the door……drip drip drip….NOOOOO. The frost has somehow snapped the main pipe going in to the boiler. I have no idea how as I pretty much drained the house. And the frost blew the taps off the washing machine points too, and they were dripping. I decided I’d just suck whatever water was remaining in those pipes out. First mouthful, cold, spit it into the bucket, clear. Second mouthful, cold, spit it in the bucket, opaque bright green. If I don’t blip tomorrow there is an outside chance I am dead.

you: not the sharpest tool in the box are you?
me: I don’t think it was a bad plan
you: I rest my case.
me: talking of tools, made first use of the christmas screwdrivers as the runner broke off a drawer.
you: and?
me: screw-driving magic.
you: oh, I am pleased.
me: thanks

Dec 28 2010

Tuesday 28 December 2010: Driving shoes

Last night was cracking. Visited Doog, then headed to The Teachers and played a bit of pool with his dad and bro in law, then played Balderdash with the whole tribe of them, which was a grand laugh. Bit slow mind you…but I won in the end. Got home and watched family guy with jenelope.

Today I have been outside once. To get my camera out of the car. I made a pot of curried parsnip soup, and sat by the fire. And that was it. Grand.

you: I sincerely hope they are not driving shoes.
me: I’ve no idea if she drives in them. But they’re not far off what the missus wears to work, and she certainly drives in hers.
you: yer missus work in the region of any red lights by any chance?
me: "how very dare you"! I don’t know actually

Dec 27 2010

Monday 27 December 2010: The experiment

Jenelope was kind enough to pose for me today….she wasn’t up for me cutting her hair though…which is fair enough. I wouldn’t let me cut my hair either.

Today is going to be a day of mostly sitting by the fire…again. The weather is rank so no walking today. Gonna head to see The Teacher and his family since they are in the same neck of the woods. And pay a visit to Doog too. My one remaining buddy other than the The Teacher from back home. Then back to the fire.

Watching Ice Age 2, again. I love Sid.

you: jenelope the one that claims you are adopted?
me: yup, that’s the one.
you: no excitement for today?
me: what’s not exciting about sitting by the fire?
you: eh, everything.

Dec 26 2010

Sunday 26 December 2010: Baffies by the fire

The relo’s came through for the traditional boxing day fun and games. And the "fat ignorant woman" didn’t manage to spoil it, so that made it all the better. 30 seconds of excitement with the dimmer switch that started smoking and fizzing, then back to relaxation by the fire.

you: you appear to have odd baffies on
me: told you yesterday I got 2 new pairs.
you: you appear to have odd baffies on.
me: I didn’t want to offend anyone so wore one of each
you: oh. Great plan. You appear to be awfully close
me: hmm, yeah. These new ones are more padded than the old ones, so I didn’t notice as quickly that the soles were melting off.
you: need new ones?
me: it’ll wait ’till next year.
you: shame it’s out of focus
me: my feet were melting off!

Dec 25 2010

Saturday 25 December 2010: Dad.

Out for a walk on the ice again. Jenelope came along today too. She decided the best way to test the strength of the ice was to do cartwheels. Seeing as she is now lying on the floor in front of the fire I suppose the strength test was successful. And she stayed warmer than last night when she was helping me with my blip. Her feet were 4C when we came back in (measured with a non contact infra red thermometer… case you wondered).

Don’t like seeing dad limping. He’s meant to be a minimum of 10 strides ahead on any walk.

Santa brought me exactly what I wanted. A set of screwdrivers, and 2 pairs of slippers. 2 pairs! What more could a man want?

you: you wanted 2 pairs of slippers?
me: well no. I wanted one. But I got two.
you: eh, great?!
me: what did santa get you?
you: oh he hasn’t been yet. I’m in a different time zone at the moment so I’m sure he’ll be here soon.
me: awwww. Yeah. I’m sure he will be. Merry Christmas

Dec 24 2010

Friday 24 December 2010: You (5,6,7). Follow we, lets go find baby Je.

Today’s been grand. A wander over the hills to drop some chrimbo presents off at some relations. Walk back across the hills. Walk around the loch, on the loch. Walk over to the islands in the loch. A bit more of the old Jesus story there I guess, but this time it was me walking on water. We took the chainsaw out and cut a hole. 7" of solid ice. Enough for any man…or woman……

you: You took a chainsaw out on to the ice and cut a hole? I don’t think I really want to delve too deeply into the sort of mind that thinks that’s a good idea.
me: Don’t worry, it was dad with the chainsaw
you: Oh that makes it ok then?!
me: Yeah well I don’t have my own so it would be a bit silly me using it when I don’t know how.
you: uh-huh, that’s the part I thought was silly. Eh. naw! No mention of the back today?
me: I don’t freakin believe it. I slept with a hot waterbottle on my back, and woke up with zero pain. Freakin amazing. It’s a christmas miracle I tell you.
you: hah.
me: Thank you to those that have wished me good health with it over the last few days

I’m not religious. But the old chrimbo story aint a bad one, and I fancied a bit of the three wise men for tonights blip. I’ve said it before, to me all most religion boils down to is "be a good dude and be nice to people". I can’t argue with that, and it’s what I try to be and do. But I don’t get the rest of the stuff that seems to have to go with it. But once again, each to their own eh.

A nice tea of leftovers. Then out on to the ice with Jenelope to get this shot. I didn’t have a spare tripod for the flash. So she was it. I got a real nice shot of her with the moon too, with the moon casting a river of yellow light. Nice.

Anyway. A Merry Christmas Eve to one an all, whatever your take on the religous aspects may be. Don’t forget to be a good dude ;-)

Dec 23 2010

Thursday 23 December 2010: You (4) – the big dipper

Frozen Lochs, don’t you just love em. Though saying that, I was stood out there maybe 30 yards from the edge, and there was the ‘pinging’ noise that anyone that has been near a large body of frozen water will recognise. I must admit even though I knew I was as safe as houses, when I heard the noise and felt the vibration through the ice, for a split second my trousers almost became the same colour as my jacket.

I’ve fished in this loch. I’ve canoed on it. I’ve sailed on it. I’ve swam in it. I’ve skated on it. Now I’ve blipped on it

While I was out on the ice a V of geese flew past (in the dark?!)….. and I was hit by the moonlit shadow of a goose. That has got to be lucky. Surely?

My back is still a state. The doc has given me some strong painkillers. I’m not sure if it was them or the hot waterbottle against my back, but something briefly improved things.

you: are you inventing lucky scenarios now?
me: what?
you: all of a sudden being hit by the moonlit shadow of a goose is lucky?
me: Don’t be daft. That’s not lucky.
you: ok good.
me: being struck by the moonlit shadow of a goose while standing in snow on a frozen loch that you swam in as a child. Now that’s lucky
you: ah. ok. I’m glad we cleared that up.

Dec 22 2010

Wednesday 22 December 2010: D3

Way back in May I fried a hard drive. Ever since I have been searching ebay for exactly the same model number to try and swap the controller boards so I could get my photos back. I didn’t have any luck. For some reason today I decided to do what I should have done in the first place, and went to the manufacturers forums. I read a bit. I read a bit more. I forcibly cut D3 from the board. I put the drive back together and plonked it in my external caddy. Et voilà, I have my photos back. Freakin awesome!

And in other good news I can now get the car out of the garage again. The frost has lifted the flags meaning the door was jammed shut. Grinder to the rescue.

Other positive stuff, K&K stopped in on their way home for a plate of soup and to get chrimbo presents. And K is talking about a big career decision. Fingers crossed.

And lastly for the good stuff, Molly and I watched Batman Begins. I thought I hadn’t seen it, then 30seconds or so in I realised I had. We watched it anyway.

Now for the cack. Breathing hurts. Woke up yesterday and my back was agony. I stayed still most of the day and hoped it would be better today. It wasn’t. No idea what’s wrong, it just hurts when I move. A lot. Apparently breathing is classed as moving.

you: yay for D3 amputation
me: yay indeed.
you: maybe you should try amputating your back
me: use the grinder?
you: that’s what I was thinking. A recurrence of your snowboarding injury
me: I thought not, now I’m not so sure. So frustrating as it was mostly better, and I didn’t do anything to hurt it. I was asleep!
you: maybe you’ve been a naughty boy and santa brought your present early.

Dec 21 2010

Tuesday 21 December 2010: Holiday day 1 – Shortest day

The sky looks warm here, so how is it that it is so freaking freezing? I took a look at my weather station to see why it has been reporting southerly winds for the last week – it’s covered in wee ice spikes an inch long – that’ll be why then.

The missus headed off for her chrimbo break at her folks today. She’s not back for a week, so at the moment it’s just me a the cat.

I’ve had a reasonably productive first day. I’ve updated my dad’s site, just making use of the google maps api to plonk a map with pins on. If I could have only one site for the rest of my life it would be google maps. I love it. Or maybe I should have picked blip, at least it is constantly changing and I could interact with people.

you: How did the missus get down the road?
me: with her bro in the boxster. I dare say the roof wasn’t down.
you: So for the first day of your holiday from your job in IT you have sat in front of your computer working?
me: basically, aye.
you: so very sad.

Dec 20 2010

Monday 20 December 2010: Farcical

So a rail broke today, and as a result there is a reduced service. That’s fair enough (although it seems to be taking a long time to fix).

As with other days recently they are making us queue for the queen street train. With the service reduced to one an hour that’s a big queue. If you were in that queue back at the station though, how freakin’ raging would you be if you knew that this was how they let it leave Waverley? More than half empty! There was audible laughter, and gasps of surprise from the few people that actually were on the train as it pulled away.

Even when it left haymarket there was no one standing, there were even spare seats! Scotrail, you should be ashamed. It was the quietest rush hour train I have ever been on!

Apart from that, I switched my holidays up a bit, so am now on holiday for 2 weeks. Hurrah.

It was a cold walk up from the station, it’s not got above -3.3C here today. My wee nose nearly froze off

you: blimey you have hairy wrists
me: what?! Never mind that. Be outraged about the trains
you: I don’t commute, so I don’t care. And it’s not that wee though is it
me: what?
you: your nose. It looks like you’ve been several rounds with mike tyson

Dec 19 2010

Sunday 19 December 2010: Merry Chrimbo

Today was christmas day in our house. We opened our presents and had our christmas meal and a nice bottle of champagne. We do things a bit differently round here. Watched Elf again. I love that film. And the missus liked what I got her for christmas, so that was a relief. Just some new perfume and some photos and some wellies.

After spending a bit of time getting a shot I liked yesterday and messing around with lighting, todays blip is the first thing to come out of my phone.

Snowed here again today. Only an inch or so. But no doubt enough that scotrail will make tomorrows commute an utter misery.

you: eh, you’re a week early
me: yeah, we normally are.
you: what did you have for chrimbo dinner?
me: chicken and all the trimmings, stuffing, sausages wrapped in bacon, sprouts, etc etc
me: yeah. Fail. I know. I saw a turkey breast thing, and it was £15! So picked up a chicken one instead. It was a fiver.
you: tight git, even at christmas. Bah humbug eh!

Dec 18 2010

Saturday 18 December 2010: Expired

Had a cracking night out with the boys last night. Napoleon, White Lightning, The Chemist, Colin, Wee Neil, and Fat Mungo.

Great curry at Kebabish. Then drinks. I learned from my mistake earlier in the week – too much beer makes RXS a sick boy. So I quickly moved to the hard spirits. Who says I don’t learn? And I even finished up with a can of irn-bru, followed by a cuppa.

As a result felt grand this morning, even though I didn’t get to bed till 3.

Met JJ for a bit of lunch in town. Got the train home. Put up some chrimbo decorations. And waited on the missus to get home

Then we listened to Alan Carr and Melanie Sykes and did some jigsaw. Apparently Mel likes jigsaws too, so she said in the show, so I’m in with a chance there.

And the right person won strictly. Well done Kara.

you: yeah moving from beers to spirits. That sounds like solid learning. Idiot
me: I’ve decided it’s total volume. Not alcoholic volume that’s the issue
you: oh yeah that sounds like sense. Where did you end up last night?
me: The ghillie dhu. Wasn’t as good as last time
you: Napoleon get kicked out for falling asleep?
me: hehe nope.

Dec 17 2010

Friday 17 December 2010: "Not been asked for one of those in here ….

…before" Was what the barmaid said when I ordered Fat Mungo’s drink of choice, a blue wicked with a glass of port, mixed (well poured by him I might add, pre shake-up) to make a cheeky/crazy vimpto. That was in Berts after our curry at Kebabish.

Didn’t get up to a whole lot during the day today. Finally got the chrimbo cards posted. Some photos I’d sent off to get printed also arrived. Quite pleased with them, although one has a patch of lens flare that I never noticed on the screen, annoying.

Headed through to White Lightning’s for a pre-pi$$-up beer. Then tea and hitting the town with the boys. All good.

you: a pre-pi$$-up beer?! Eh, how do you differentiate between the pre and actual pi$$-up beers?
me: quite easy really. The pre ones were already in white lightnings fridge
you: I’m sure in your head that logic holds up

Dec 16 2010

Thursday 16 December 2010: Cat + wall + superglue = blip

Met my climbing buddy for a curry/christmas dinner tonight. £6.99 for a chrimbo main and a pint. Bargain. It wasn’t great, but was grand for the price. And I see that the wetherspoons in town is now selling desperados. Result.

Got an infra-red temperature gun thing which has a laser pointer built in. The cat was going nuts for it, it was like having a radio controlled cat. Much amusement to be had.

And I lost another new book of stamps. The missus isn’t pleased. We are still ten stamps short, so the 24 I have lost is rather annoying

you: Not still going on about losing stamps
me: that’s £8’s worth now
you: in the grand scheme of things and the amount of money you spend on junk it’s not gonna break the bank is it?
me: it’s just annoying!
you: well take better care of yer stuff. Idiot.

Dec 15 2010

Wednesday 15 December 2010: Nope, I can’t think of anything

Bit of a wander with obiwan at lunchtime. He was talking about buying a beemer. So I breifly considered buying his motor off him. I wish my first thought when I hear folk are getting rid of stuff wasn’t always "ooh i could buy that". But it is.

Ended up going out for a few beers with guys from work which was a good laugh. A few turned in to a few too many. I was a mess when I got home. It took me 40minutes to do 20minute walk. Then it was barfarama time. Not good. And I lost £4 of stamps

you: ooh a whole £4
me: yeah well now I don’t have enough stamps to get the chrimbo cards sent out
you: buy some more then!

Dec 14 2010

Tuesday 14 December 2010: J-I-G-S-A-W M-A-N-I-A-A-A-A-A

Another totally meh day. Work had better improve soon or I might go insane.

Got a bit more chrimbo shopping done. Sorry siblings, no IOU’s from me this year (I’ve kept the receipts though, don’t worry)

Just going to watch another bit of "any human heart". I’m not bothered about it, but the missus claimed last night "I love Matthew Macfadyen’s voice, I could listen to him read the phone book". Great, I’m glad for you. But why does that mean I have to watch 5hrs of a tv drama I’m not fussed about.

you: stop it stop it stop it. Jigsaws are not cool, even if the blip is a negative. In fact that perhaps makes things worse
me: it’s perhaps a sad reflection that 10 minutes of jigsaw is the most enjoyable thing I’ve done today
you: 10 minutes? Is that all. We’re gonna have to put up with these dull blips for weeks at this rate
me: hey I can’t help it if everything is a bit mince at the moment.
you: I bet quiksilver will be delighted with the free advertising from such a pair of hip and funky individuals
me: oh yeah :-)

Dec 13 2010

Monday 13 December 2010: lazy

Just one of those days. This was the only shot I took and isn’t it a beauty? No?

Got a wee bit more chrimbo shopping done at lunchtime.

Fired up god of war 3, which according to the save games I haven’t touched since 16th July?

And a wee bit more jigsaw mania.

you: what did you get me what did you get me?
me: eh, I didn’t think we were getting each other gifts this year?
you: Oh what? Every year you trot out the same excuse
me: and what did you get me last year exactly?
you: Hey not fair. You know I wasn’t around then. And I told you yesterday, "Jigsaw mania" does not make doing a jigsaw sound cool or sexy

Dec 12 2010

Sunday 12 December 2010: He almost made it home.

Such a sad and tragic waste. This poor trolley so very nearly made it to the safety of the shelter where he would have been safe and warm.

Alternatively it reminds me of the scene in jaws where the hand is in the sand.

Spotted this as we were leaving tesco, where we had had a fry up, and then spent far to long in the toys isle trying to work out what to get for various mates kids.

Not done a lot else today really. Bro in law and his lass dropped in on their way home and had a cuppa and some freshly baked chocolate brownie. And we zipped through the SCD results show. The right people went through. Oh, and a wee bit of jigsaw mania.

you: jigsaw mania? Is that you trying to make doing a jigsaw sound hip and sexy?
me: mmm, I guess. Did it work?
you: no it just made you sound like a freak
me: ah well never mind eh. It meant we were in the kitchen which is at least warm

Dec 11 2010

Saturday 11 December 2010: Track day

Here I am on a track day in my 450bhp rx8. Sadly it’s only a computer game. I have to say though, they have modelled the interior of the car perfectly, very impressed.

Shame they didn’t put as much effort into the sound effects though. It sounds the same it you skiff a wall at 5mph as it does if you crash into another car head on with a closing speed of 300mph. And the jaggy shadows when the cars are on the start line. What’s all that about? And the menus. Why are they so freakin slow? So all in all Gran Turismo 5 is a bit hit and miss for me.

Done very little today. Didn’t have any hangover from the christmas do last night, so should probably have been a bit more productive. We started another big jigsaw just to pass the time.

you: bit sad going straight for the same car you own in the game is it not?
me: yeah I guess it is. But I always do it just to see if they have modelled it well
you: yeah, sad, as I thought. It also appears that you are heading straight for a wall.
me: Yeah well that’s cause I was trying to get a photo! Go on then, what would you have gone for?
you: pagani zonda r
me: nice. When I have a spare 1.2Million euros I’ll get you one
you: very kind

Dec 10 2010

Friday 10 December 2010: woo hoo it passed

So my exhaust repair got through the MOT inspection. As did the rest of the car. Now I need to find something else to stress about far more than is necessary.

Was the work Christmas night out tonight. We started off in Tiger Lily, then we went to the Sheraton for our meal. The highlight for me was some sort of egg nog dessert, with a side of pickled herring I nabbed off the still present starter buffet.

I’m currently on the last train home, so this is my first mobile blip in a long time. At the moment it is moving at approximately half of my walking speed, so I should be home in about 10 hours.

you: egg nog dessert and pickled herring? I quite literally don’t know what to say
me : how about "Mmm, yummy"?
you: how about you make me want to be sick?
me: and best of all the whole night for everyone was on the company credit card :)
you: oof, I wouldn’t want to foot that bill
me: naw me either. Oh, I washed the egg nog and herring down with a couple of glasses of port.
you: That’s not making things any better

Dec 9 2010

Thursday 9 December 2010: Yay for autosocks

This missus got stuck on the hill gentle slope up the estate to our house, because the compressed snow which we could drive on has turned to slush, which we cant. Eventually I managed to get off the slush into someone elses drive, popped the autosocks on which probably took 5 minutes, then drove straight up with ease. Well worth 65 quid. And now I know if I ever really need them they will work.

More farcical behaviour from scotrail today. Huge queues to let people onto the extremely limited trains, and once again letting them leave half empty.

I’ll find out if my exhaust repair meets mot requirements tomorrow. I have a funny feeling it won’t.

you: I bet you were in a good mood having to queue for ages for a train?
me: hmm, I think I may be a jedi
you: here we go. What makes you think you are a jedi?
me: well I was stood in the huge queue for the queen street train, and they announced the dunblane train that I could also get. I went to one of the barriers for which there was no queue to ask where to go for the dunblane train, and she waved me through! I couldn’t believe it. It was very much like obi wan’s "You don’t need to see his identification"
you: so basically you’re a queue jumper? I hate you!
me: No! I didn’t actively set out to jump any queue. I was just after information. She waved me through. She’s to blame
you: Don’t care. You could have said "but isn’t there a queue?"
me: Not freakin’ likely. I wanted home in less than several hours
you: I hate you

Dec 8 2010

Wednesday 8 December 2010: Behind bars.

At least that’s what today felt like.

Walked/slipped/slided/slid/slidded for 20 minutes this morning (-8C) to arrive at the station just in time to hear "No trains are leaving glasgow queen street" on the tannoy. So I slidded (decided I like it best) home again.

And had an utterly crap day of working from home. Things that had worked stopped. Things that should have worked didn’t. Aggggghhh.

And we finally remembered to open our advent calendars. And they were crappy too. While the chocolate is fine, there are no pictures behind the windows. Not happy. Just rip off merchandising basically

And the boiler packed up again.

you: well I don’t think the advent calendars are aimed at people your age
me: I don’t care. One of the bits of chocolate looked like Darth Vader, and because there was no picture to correctly identify what it was meant to be, I will forever more have to think that vader is christmassy.
you: well he is: "No, I am your father (christmas)"
me: terrible!
you: hey I’m here to slag you off, not the other way around! Anyway, how did you fix the boiler today? Hack saw off another bit of pipe?
me: nope, I used my 2ft drill bit to get the ice out the pipe
you: I knew it wouldn’t be something normal

Dec 7 2010

Tuesday 7 December 2010: First Scotrail – you SUCK!

Ok so you’re running a half rather than quarter hourly service, I can almost accept that. But that means you have twice the rolling stock available right? And probably twice as many people trying to get on each train than usual? So at 5oclock, peak rush hour, you put on 2 coaches instead of the usual 6? And then say it’s only stopping at it’s final destination? Then cancel the next train? It’s no freakin’ wonder you made sure there were police at the gates as you counted (the first time in 10 years) the people onto the train, and let it leave the station not even full.

Still, my delay meant that I got a bit of Christmas shopping done. Every cloud and all that.

And finally I found a use for the cold weather. My juice is refreshingly chilled. Sadly I am now blind in both eyes having spiked them

you: both eyes?
me: yup
you: slightly odd. All the icicles are different lengths, which means you could only get one eye at a time………..which means you went back for a second go after spiking yourself in one eye
me: I was thirsty
you: idiot. Nice to see a 2003 cale beer festival glass still on the go though
me: I wouldn’t know. Spiked eyes remember.

Dec 6 2010

Monday 6 December 2010: Dead

Woke up today and it was tipping snow down. So I didn’t go to the office as I thought the trains would probably get cancelled. A lot were, but some made it. Central Scotland has had a bit of a pummelling today really, motorways at a standstill etc etc. Took one of the missus friends over 12 hours to not get to work! A few hours on the way in, gave up at 11am, got off and back on in the other direction, and 10 hours later got home. It’s only a 45 minute journey. Nightmare.

So I worked from home. I didn’t enjoy it. I don’t mind when I am clear on what I’m to do. But as today was first day back after a week off it sucked.

Just measured the new snow. 8 inches. So I’ve cleared the drive again. Pretty pointless as there’s no way the car will get out of the estate.

you: So did the straight cut sides of your previous snow clearing efforts make life easier?
me: Certainly did. My drive and the road out front now look neat and tidy again.
you: I think you’re taking this snow clearing a bit too seriously, especially if you’re still not taking the car out.
me: perhaps, but it looks nice
you: Anything else to report?
me: Yup, got the boiler running properly again. The condensate pipe had frozen up
you: so how did you defrost it? Hair dryer? Hot water?
me: hack saw
you: I don’t want to know….

Dec 5 2010

Sunday 5 December 2010: Too late.

The sun was already almost gone by the time I had hiked through the snow to get the shot I wanted. As a result, this is not it.

you: not what?
me: the shot I wanted
you: good. ‘Cause this one is cack
me: I know. I was well annoyed. I knew exactly the shot I wanted, and thought I left in plenty of time. I could see before I got to the location that the sun was off it. So stopped, snapped this where I was, and went home.
you: Finished yer holidays on a high then eh? Back to work tomorrow?
me: Thanks for the reminder
you: You’re welcome.

Dec 4 2010

Saturday 4 December 2010: You (3) – dig.

After stressing all of yesterday about the drive home today, it turned out to be fine! The motorway was all clear, and virtually deserted. It would have been a perfect run home if the engine warning light hadn’t come on. Gonna get the laptop out and hook it up to see what the code is later.

Typically, the place with the most snow of the whole journey was our street, which had a single lane cleared by a digger. So I had to get the snow shovel out to get the car out of the way. And then I just kept shovelling.

Got in to the house and it was completely baltic, with the boiler flashing a warning light. Luckily after a quick skim through the manual we got it fired up again. But according to my weather stations indoor temperature recorder it’s been on the blink since the day we left, and last night my study hit 0C! I think it’s a good job we came back when we did or we could have had some burst pipes. My study is now a balmy 9C.

you: blimey I made a good job of clearing the drive eh?
me: certainly looks like it. I like the nice vertical edges
you: yeah I reckoned if it snows again I’ll have a nice clean edge to work to
me: sounds sensible
you: yeah I’m sure my dad taught me something along those lines
me: hmm, I recall something similar.
you: shame you didn’t get my head outlined against snow on the roof
me: I know. Too cold to try again though.

Dec 3 2010

Friday 3 December 2010: No no no.

It hasn’t really snowed here all week, then the day before we leave it snows all day and the roads are now properly covered in snow and slush. I am not looking forward to tomorrows journey home in any way shape or form.

Today I have watched Four Lions, which was ok. I also watched Aladdin, which is as superb as last time I watched it. I can’t have seen it in years, but still remembered all of the words to the genie’s song. Robin Williams is superb in it.

The girls did a 1000 piece jigsaw this arvo. Mostly because I said I didn’t think they could.

you: so another day of not leaving the house?
me: we did leave for tea. And I had the same as earlier in the week, huge yorkshire pud with cumberland sausage, mash, peas and gravy
you: Oooh sounds good. Is that really all you’ve done with the last day of your holiday?
me: well to be fair, stressing out about the snow all day has taken a lot of my time
you: you worry about the daftest things. Why not wait till you see what it’s like before worrying about it?
me: eh, I don’t know.

Dec 2 2010

Thursday 2 December 2010: Kendal Castle

No. I didn’t know Kendal had a castle either.

Got the train along this morning to pick up my autosock’s. Hopefully give me a better chance of getting a bit closer to home on saturday. Quite a few folk on the car club forums seem to report favourably on them. The bloke that came in to the shop while I was there with a set he bought yesterday…..shredded…..didn’t seem to think so much of them.

Watched Gran Torino today, which I thought was freakin’ ace. Looking at IMDB for once it would appear my opinion on a film is shared. Sad/nice end.

Also watched Kick Ass, which wasn’t bad. I’m not really a fan of even cartoon style violence in films, but I wouldn’t mind a jet pack with shoulder mounted mini gattling guns. Oh, or machine pistols. I don’t think there were any machine pistols in the film, but I just thought of them and I love the church/machine pistol scene in Face Off.

you: "I don’t like violence……..but I want machine pistols"?
me: I didn’t say that
you: it seemed to be the gist of where you were going
me: well it wasn’t.
you: Another day well spent I see
me: Gran Torino was time well spent
you: I’ll give you that one. Anything else to report?
me: not really. I’m just heading off to take a look at jenelope’s blip’s as she has made a stealth re-appearance…… And to check ebay for machine pistols
you: I knew it!

Dec 1 2010

Wednesday 1 December 2010: 2 reasons.

1) I didn’t leave the couch to take it which meant I didn’t need to go outside
2) I find it strange that each side of the street has a different name.

Didn’t get up until after 11. I guess that’s part of being a hardworking young(ish) professional. You get worn out. So that explains the girls, I think I was just being lazy. But hey, we’re on holiday.

Watched iron man 2, which I enjoyed. Ate some more crisps, which I enjoyed. And Em had made some soup, which I also enjoyed.

Phoned one of the neighbours at home, and the snow there is up above the car doorhandles! My weather station has stopped updating online, I don’t know why.

Going out for tea tonight. Then we are going to open some champagne and watch The Apprentice

you: Didn’t leave the couch to take your blip?
me: nope.
you: so making good use of your fancy lens then, shooting through dirty glass
me: hmmm yeah I guess.
you: is this really all you have done with your day?
me: No, we did wander up to Lakeland Plastics head office/shop. I prefer the one of George St
you: eh, good to know. I’m going before you put me to sleep with your riveting chat