Nov 30 2010

Tuesday 30 November 2010: Healthy eating. Day 1.

today I have had 3 packs of crisps, half a jar of chutney, 3 weetabix, half a camembert, some sticky toffee pudding with ice cream, and a can of mushroom and chicken soup. Oh, and some double cream on the weetabix.

The soup confused me. I was sure I had picked up either mushroom or chicken. I couldn’t work out what flavour it was.
me: eh, that was a bit of chicken. It just doesn’t taste very chickeny… that was a bit of mushroom. It just doesn’t taste very mushroomy. What kind of frickin’ soup is this?

A bit more bumbling about today. Not as enjoyable as yesterday. So I came back to the house and watched iron man.

you: double cream on weetabix?
me: oh I forgot to say, I had a banana with it too
you: oh right. That makes it ok then. What did you think of iron man?
me: I quite enjoyed it actually. I think I might watch the second tomorrow
you: cool. Oh and you might want to watch out for that whole "talking to yourself" thing with the soup. First sign of madness don’t you know
me: thanks for the heads up. I’ll watch out for that.

Nov 29 2010

Monday 29 November 2010: Disco for 1.

I am willing to bet everything I own that I am the first person in history to moonwalk atop Orrest Head (784ft) to Starman by Bowie, but sung in Portuguese by Seu Jorge, while wearing a balaclava and what has been described as a ‘turd brown’ snowboarding jacket.

I could probably remove 75% of the criteria to that bet and still win it.

I wandered up to see if I could catch a decent sunset. I didn’t, but blimey it was cold. So I had a wee dance about to my tunes while I waited to see if it would improve. It didn’t.

It’s just been a day of bumbling about from place to place on my bike (which was fun in the snow) and on foot. And not really finding an awful lot to be honest.

Had a mussaman curry from the thai takeaway for tea, ’cause that’s what Jenelope always recommends. Very nice. And I have eaten my weight in crisps

you: Dancing atop a small hill?
me: I had to do something to keep warm
you: And did anyone see you?
me: hmm, not sure. I had my headphones in so I couldn’t hear much
you: lets hope not eh. Was it really all that cold?
me: pretty cold yeah. Not as cold as the time I sat up at the top of a mountain in the alps once all the runs had shut to try and get a startrails shot
you: and did you dance there too?
me: naw I dug a snow hole.
you: Well that sounds nice and safe
me: aye, in retrospect I’ve done smarter things…..and I didn’t even get the shot as my lens steamed up.

Nov 28 2010

Sunday 28 November 2010: Snow snow go away. It would appear I’ve been…..

…… over-ruled.

A beautiful crisp day in Windermere. Went a nice wander with the missus. Got down to the lake and I was allowed 15 minutes of photography time which had to incorporate at least one photo of us. Nothing like a bit of pressure to get your horizons squinty.

Also went out to try and get some sunset shots, but spent too long watching ice age 2 so didn’t get anything.

Then I started making my first roast chicken dinner ever. And half way through we got a call from Em, apparently it’s snowing…..look out the window…oh blimey it is there’s about 4 inches already…luckily she was nearly here and was just checking the last few directions. She arrived totally frazzled shaking and stressed. Snow + rear wheel drive + wide tyres + hills strike again.

you: And how did the chicken turn out?
me: very nice. Lemon and thyme.
you: mmm nice. What have you been over-ruled on?
me: my request for the snow to go away
you: lets be honest you don’t have a whole lot to say in terms of what the weather does
me: or my blips it would appear. I preferred this in black and white, but the girls over-ruled me.

Nov 27 2010

Saturday 27 November 2010: whoopee, holiday time

So the snow didn’t stop us escaping. Hurrah! We took it easy, and took the long way round to stick to the main roads.

And now we are here. Windermere. We arrived, and within 10 minutes there was a bl00dy awful noise.

me: oh what? We come away for a quiet week and move in next to a drummer?

It turns out not. It was Windermere’s chrimbo light switching on parade. Hurrah. And we got to see some fireworks too. Some pretty big bad boy fireworks. Cool.

Then we had a chinese takeaway. 2 Bottles of cava, a big bag of crisps, a big bag of chocolate raisins, and some camambert and jacobs crackers. So it’s not gonna be the healthiest of weeks.

One of my favourite thing about my tivo is being able to skip adverts, and hence I never see them. But strangely tonight I have enjoyed watching adverts, and even more strangely the ones I have enjoyed most are for dairy produce. Well done muller and yeo valley. But VW would have been better using flavia and vincent for their argentine tango based polo ad. I hope the house sitters are enjoying skipping ads just as much.

you: you’ve been horrible to me. You don’t care about me. You didn’t care when I hurt myself. You made me go out in the cold….
me: eh? What’s going on? How come today you are saying what the missus is saying
you: I’m not. Did you know that according to grazia Eva Longoria has just split up from her hubby because he spent too much time blipping?
me: eh, well yeah I did hear that just about 5 minutes ago
you: and you haven’t got the hint yet?
me: eh….think I’ll sign off now…..

Nov 26 2010

Friday 26 November 2010: Snow snow go away, and don’t come back

Noooo. We have places we have to get to tomorrow. By tomorrow there will be a pile of mercedes and bmw’s, and us, at the bottom of the hill. Unable to move while everyone else in their wee front wheel drive cars with skinny tyres buzz about like normal.

An annoying day to say the least. I spent a few hours up at the old house trying to drain all the water out of the radiators etc. It didn’t seem to go to plan. The plumber I spoke to said it would take him an hour tops, and be £60. So I thought I’d have a go myself. Just another case of me wishing I had just put my hand in my pocket and paid the man!

And had another go at repairing the exhaust.

And lost some stuff. I’ll try phoning the shops tomorrow, but I’m not holding out much hope.

you: there’s only about an inch of snow! What are you worrying about?
me: you’ve never tried to move an rx8 in snow obviously
you: nope
me: It doesn’t work very well….unless you manage to make it to a deserted carpark, then it works very well ;-)

Nov 25 2010

Thursday 25 November 2010: Out with the old…..

The clutch started slipping on my trusty drill, and the battery has seen better days. So I bought a new one.

I wanted to get a makita, as I have fond memories of wearing a makita cap when I was a nipper, and of most of dad’s tools being makita at some point. So if they are good enough for him, they’re too good for me. But £150 for a drill was just a bit too rich for me so I went for the £89 special offer option. 2 lithium ion batteries don’t you know. And best (and most gimmicky) of all, is that in the bit that the battery clips on to, there are LED’s that when you pull the trigger light up what you are drilling! How simple/cool is that?

Now putting up shelves in the dark is no longer a problem.

However putting up level shelves in the dark still poses the same issues as before

you: how, eh, interesting
me: not in to power tools then?
you: not really
me: once again I find myself wondering how I know you
you: no climbing tonight?
me: oh aye, we went through to stirling
you: any particular reason?
me: yup, we knew it would be warm, and ratho would be baltic
you: pansies!

Nov 24 2010

Wednesday 24 November 2010: Infidelity!

Shock! Horror! The Chemist spotted out in local boozer with unidentified female! Is the marriage already crumbling?

member of staff: Are you guys cider drinkers?
<quick as a flash>
the chemist: I am if it’s free
member of staff: haha
<wanders off>
<wanders back>
member of staff: actually would you mind talking about cider for a few minutes if there is a pint in it?
the chemist: not at all

And so there we have it. For a pint of a new brand of cider (magners gold, it was awright) the chemist is willing to pretend to be a cider drinker to a market researcher.

you: so in a fashion it is infidelity
me: well, to beer, yes.
you: no mercat nachos?
me: we went, but no room in the inn.
you: interesting filter you have applied to the photo.
me: eh, yeah, except that’s how it came out of the phone
you: oh…..

Nov 23 2010

Tuesday 23 November 2010: Wheee

And so it starts. The last minute blips as I run to the train of the various amusements set up around Scott’s monument.

The company my missus works for are one of the clients of the product I have been working on for the last 8 months. It was quite exciting/nerve-racking watching her make use of the site tonight!

I’ve now been using the new phone for a week or 2. And while I love using it, and the screen is lovely, the battery life is freakin’ awful! It’s totally dead now from being fully charged last night. So not even 24hrs. That’s probably with a few emails, half an hour of browsing, a few texts, and 4 photos.

And talking of photos, didn’t it handle the varying light sources of tonight’s blip well?

you: not really, no.
me: I was being sarcastic
you: hard to tell with you sometimes
me: Fat Pete left the country today. He’s now a fully fledged german
you: good for him
me: and I just got a text from him to tell me my favourite champagne is 13 quid a bottle at his corner shop
you: so when do you move?
me: I’ve got my flight booked. Auf Wiedersehen
you: eh, aye, cheerio

Nov 22 2010

Monday 22 November 2010: Oink

What an utterly bland day. Dull weather, dull day. Dull dull dull.

Got a bit of exercise done, and decided to have another go at repairing the exhaust before buying a new one.

you: what the hell is that?
me: what?
you: that thing in your blip
me: it’s entirely obvious what it is
you: well it’s not, or I wouldn’t be asking
me: it’s obviously a pig, with a broken ear
you: why?
me: I made it when I was at school. It survived in one piece for the last 20 years, then molly managed to break it
you: so, in essence, dull day, dull blip.

Nov 21 2010

Sunday 21 November 2010: Bravado’ll get you nowhere

So after yesterdays statement that I was going to fix the exhaust for 100 times less than the garage quoted, today I failed. Dunno why it didn’t work. But it didn’t. So it’s back to the drawing board, or more accurately, ebay.

So that was a few hours wasted.

Wasted another hour or so up in the loft trying to get closer to what I wanted with last sundays blip. I failed at that too. I dunno why, I just couldn’t get what I wanted.

Yet more time wasted trying to get another idea for a blip to work. Couldn’t get that to work either. In the end I gave up, and this is all I was left with.

And to top it all off, Ann bl00dy Widdecombe is still in strictly

you: this is the best you have after several hours of faffing?
me: yup
you: poor show.
me: And you think I don’t know this?
you: I reckon you should just give Boab his flashes back and admit yer not man enough to know how to get a decent shot with them.
me: I agree wholeheartedly.

Nov 20 2010

Saturday 20 November 2010: Tulip

Today hasn’t consisted of an awful lot to be honest. Spent a bit of time under the car working out what I need to fix the exhaust. A bit of time with a wire brush and seven quid spent at halfords and I have everything I need. So where on earth the garage came up with their quote of over £700 I have no idea…..unless I am missing something?

Just goes to show how easily folk could spend a fortune on their cars when perhaps they don’t need to. Thankfully I am a Mr Doubty-pants and like to check everything out for myself.

Went in to town with the father ‘n bro in law to get the exhaust repair stuff, came back with some new trainers, wood chisels, some other drill attachments I’m not sure I’ll ever use, an inspection lamp…….and the exhaust stuff.

After the backlit gerbera from a wee while back I thought I’d have another go since I still have boab’s flashes. So this was lit with 2. One for the backlight, and a fill light from the front. And I’ve just noticed something I don’t like about it. Damn it!

you: and you reckon your repair is going to get you through the impending mot?
me: I’m hoping so.
you: catch strictly tonight?
me: yeah, time for ann to go.
you: you say that every week.
me: I know, yet the public keep her in. Stop it!

Nov 19 2010

Friday 19 November 2010: Ooof. What a week.

Boy am I glad that’s over. 13hrs of work yesterday, didn’t get finished till half eleven. I hate days like that. Thankfully they don’t come often. Strangely I had several of them this week. It’s been a nightmare, but there are plenty in the office that have been doing more hours than that, and for weeks on end. So I’ll shut up now.

I have spent most of today watching Danny Macaskill’s new video, over, and over, and over again. It is utterly incredible. The man’s a hero. I’ve even hooked an hdmi up to the big telly in my study so I can watch it bigger.

Apart from that, fat pete and ele came round today for a last cheerio before he becomes a german. Was good to see them. Made some beetroot soup, it turned out pretty well.

Off out to pierre’s tonight with the inlaws, and the bro in law and his new lass. I am freakin starving so I hope it’s as good as usual

you: WOAH!! just watched that video. Doesn’t he know the laws of physics?
me: it would appear not. Check out 4:20, he gets up what has to be a 4ft wall, no ramp, nothing, just utter skill. I can’t get over it
you: I’m getting slightly concerned here
me: what do you mean?
you: just a bit too much enthusiasm
me: man if i had the right body parts I’d have his babies. He’s a legend. Period.
you: eugh! ok that’s enough, stop it now
me: but, just watch it again…..
you: yeah I get it, he’s got skills.
me: understatement of the decade.
you: right you’re boring me now. I just have one last thing to say. Beetroot soup?………….

Nov 18 2010

Thursday 18 November 2010: How come *you* don’t have a laser, Woody?

The inlaws arrived yesterday, and with them came this years advent calendar. I’m looking forward to getting stuck in to it. Only one day at a time though, of course.

After yesterdays long day of work, today was worse. I finally finished at half eleven after a wee break for tea. Far…..too…..long. Still I got what I had to get done done, and now I can relax…except I feel too tired to relax

you: another day of mentioning work. This is getting tedious
me: tell me about it…
you: this is gett……
me: actually don’t, I want to go to sleep.

Nov 17 2010

Wednesday 17 November 2010: "My eyes, my valuable eyes"

Not quite a quote from The Simpsons, but close. 12 hours staring at work today. That’s not quite true. It was 10 hours of staring at my screen, 2 hours on a conference call. Not my idea of fun, especially it was a call about how much $hit was about to hit a big ‘ol fan, and which direction it was going to be flying.

Anyway, this isn’t an out of focus picture, (well it is…but…) it’s an accurate representation of what I’m seeing now.

you: mentioning work a lot this week eh, which flies in the face of your usual blip philosophy
me: yeah I know man, but so far this week has only been work
you: you’ll have been getting a bit of gaming and exercise in though?
me: no time, too tired.

Nov 16 2010

Tuesday 16 November 2010: Sunrise. Time for work

This is the only picture I took today, and was just as I glimpsed out of the curtains before jumping on the bike to get to the station. It was freakin’ freezing, as can be seen by the frost on the ridge tiles. I actually had to get off my bike and push as the path was so icy, which made me miss my train, and then the next train got stuck behind slower train and it took forever to get to work.

And then work happened. Underwriting. AGhhhhhh

you: good start to the day then
me: oh yeah, the best
you: which no doubt put you in a great mood for the rest of the day
me: you know me so well.
you: I’d hope so.

Nov 15 2010

Monday 15 November 2010: Little n’ large

I inherited another laptop at the weekend, from Napoleon. It’s gonna either run my weather station software, or live in the garage to stream my tunes when I am in there. So tonight I installed xp on it and got it all running the way I wanted.

It’s been a bit of a nothing day really.

you: just what you needed, another laptop.
me: I know, how lucky was that eh?
you: that was sarcasm
me: oh, I see.

Nov 14 2010

Sunday 14 November 2010: You (2) – it didn’t work

Finally got around to having a play with Boab’s flashes this afternoon. My idea didn’t work. I think the concept is maybe ok, it’s just it needed a lot more work (and skill) to make it look like anything. I needed to clear the floor in the loft, and the rear flash needed to be stronger and more against the back wall to create a better silhouette.

Apart from that, haven’t really done a lot today. Went a wander with the missus (at her suggestion. I nearly fainted in surprise). Caught up with Strictly (Kara and Scott were both superb). And ate at least half of a banana cake the missus made. It’s MkII, and superb.

And then to top all that excitement off I spent half an hour on the cross trainer, and now my knees hurt

you: Hmm, I think I see what you were trying to do
me: You think?
you: Yeah I think so. You’re right. It didn’t work.
me: Thought as much. Thanks
you: Sore knees? You really are getting on a bit eh.
me: Thanks.
you: No x-factor this weekend?
me: Nope – I have escaped it’s evil grasp.

Nov 13 2010

Saturday 13 November 2010: Blokus

Round to Esme and Napoleon’s for tea tonight. First time I have been round in nearly a year, the kitchen looks ace.

For tea we had spinach pancakes with lime butter. Yum. Then monkfish with rosemary and lime, and roasties and peas. Yum. And then a sticky chocolate pudding thing, with clotted cream ice cream. Yum. All home made bar the ice cream. My favourite quote of the preparation period "F* you egg whites!"

Then we played blokus. I wasn’t any good at it, I don’t do strategy. So I just wrote my name with the pieces and took a poor blip of it.

you: you don’t do strategy?
me: I struggle thinking of the move I am on, never mind the next move
you: really?!
me: believe me. I can lose at Noughts and Crosses…..and Connect 4? Fugeddaboutit
you: Any particular reason for the NY colloquialism?
me: oooh get you and your big words.

Nov 12 2010

Friday 12 November 2010: It’s arrived……FAIL

So my new toy arrived today. A samsung omnia 7, running windows phone 7, much to the amusement of various friends. But I wanted to try something different.

It seems to be a pretty slick operating system I reckon. And the screen is glorious. I haven’t got used to the form factor yet, finding it a bit tricky to get comfy in the hand, but I always get that with new phones until I am used to them

you: and yet it’s a FAIL. I did tell you…..
me: it’s not the device itself….well…it might be….or it might be nokia’s fault
you: but it’s a samsung?!
me: yeah, I know, but I couldn’t import my contacts properly form my old phone
you: bluetooth?
me: they wouldn’t talk to each other
you: irda?
me: new one doesn’t have it
you: I’d blame M$ if I were you
me: perhaps. In the end I had to export from nokia software as a csv, then work out why/where the headings didn’t match, then import to my Live account
you: quack quack
me: indeed
you: fail.

Nov 11 2010

Thursday 11 November 2010: It’s been a while…..

…..since I blipped a desperados. This is the emergency desperados that lives on my desk. I think things will have to get pretty bad for me to drink it. Kind of like the packet of opal fruits (yes, opal fruits, none of your starburst nonsense) that also live on my desk. Ok they went out of date on 08-08-98. If I ever find myself trapped in my room I’ll be glad of that beer and pack of sweets though, I’m sure of it.

boab has given me a loan of three more flashes, and various other bits of strobist kit. I’m looking forward to having a play with it over the weekend. Can I re-open the tap of creativity though, that’s the question

you: Well, I must say, I’m glad to see you haven’t decided to air any more of your off the wall opinions like yesterdays
me: not off the wall, fact.
you: I’m not starting that again. Why do you have a pack of 12 year old opal fruits?
me: they were from my christmas selection box in 1997
you: not really a good explanation that, is it?
me: I’m hoping they might mature with age, like a good wine.
you: you don’t even like wine!
me: That’s beside the point.

Nov 10 2010

Wednesday 10 November 2010: Bookmarks are now illegal

Plenty of folk at the boozer tonight. Me, napoleon, esme, the chemist, white lightning, and colin. I was in a minority of 1, who thinks that bookmarks, and/or page folding of books, should be made illegal.

In my opinion, and therefore it is fact, if you can’t remember a section of book that you claim to have read, you weren’t paying attention. The correct way to read a book is to read it, and when you are done with reading for the time being, close it. When you come to read it again, open it to roughly where you thought you were, and read a paragraph. If you cant remember reading it, flick back a page, and read another paragraph. Continue in this manner until you find a paragraph that you remember, and then read on from there.

you: i don’t even know where to start with this one
me: and that’s because you have realised the error of your ways
you: no, I just think it is one of the stupidest opinions you have ever felt the need to voice in public
me: no, you have realised that for all these years you have been reading books wrongly
you: oh yeah….. that’ll be it. Eh, naw. Why the 360 controller for tonight’s blip?
me: I just think the 360 might take over from the ps3 and wii for the next few weeks that’s all
you: well at least that’s a good reason, rather than this bookmark rubbish!

Nov 9 2010

Tuesday 9 November 2010: Who needs the LHC?

Earlier today, mere hours after the scientific geniuses at CERN successfully collided lead ions to produce a mini big bang, I created and monitored the worlds first higgs bosun particle. Also known as the god particle.

I did this without CERN’s multi billion dollar budget. It was done at a total cost of 25p, or one quarter the cost of 4 lighters from the local shop, and a burned thumb.

This has led me to reveal my work of the last 241 days. A new law of physics (among other things). It is a something that I have christened the BMMTC law.

It states that the amount of time spent thinking of what to say in my blip, is directly proportional to the amount of rubbish I type. It is the Blip Makes Me Talk Crap law.

you: I don’t believe it. I think you might actually have hit on something!
me: I know I know. It’s exciting isn’t it?
you: How did you survive the temperatures a million times hotter than the centre of the sun that were created when the god particle came into existence?
me: Oh that was the easy part. I wore a tinfoil hat, sunglasses, and oven gloves.
you: uh huh. I thought it might have been something along those lines.
me: And I’ve harnessed the energy, and now everything in my house is plugged in to small glass vial containing the higgs bosun
you: ….ehh, ok……. did you spend a lot of time thinking of what to write tonight?
me: a wee bit aye.

Nov 8 2010

Monday 8 November 2010: The tap of creativity….

….is well and truly closed.

Spooks was good though.

you: Struggling a bit with the blip tonight then?
me: mmm, it would appear so.
you: so nothing of interest done today?
me: not really. Kipped on the couch again because of the wind last night, so am a bit tired today.
you: you really need to get your wind/gale phobia sorted out
me: tell me about it. Just one of those things. Once it’s inside your head it’s impossible to get rid of……kind of like your good self.
you: I have no idea what you mean!
me: oh-oh-oh I did do something interesting. I ordered a new phone
you: Iphone?
me: nope
you: htc desire hd?
me: nope
you: go on then, what?
me: samsung omnia 7
you: a windows phone 7? You are freakin weird!

Nov 7 2010

Sunday 7 November 2010: Monarch Butterflies….

….ok it’s just some beech leaves. But it reminded me of the monarch butterflies section of one of Attenborough’s nature documentaries. I had a couple of other shots I considered today, but they lost out :

So this morning I got out for a couple of hours in the sunshine. It was quite chilly, there was a bit of frost in the shade. I could certainly feel the cold in my hands.

Apart from that all I have done is finished off the 2 drawers I was making for the garage, and did a bit of exercise, though I wasn’t really feeling it today. I could barely keep the wheel turning on the rolling road!

you: you can watch the monarch’s here
me: oh yeah that’s the one. Pretty cool huh?
you: yup, that’s nice. And I even kinda see why your blip reminded you of them
me: wow! You’re agreeing with me?
you: I’m in a generous mood.

Nov 6 2010

Saturday 6 November 2010: Wheeee. Fizzzz. Bang. Damp squib.

A lot of folk seem to have hung on until today in the hope of better weather for their bonfires and fireworks. And who can blame them when it was so freakin wet here yesterday. Anyway, they didn’t get better weather. It’s damp and grey.

So I decided to have my own bonfire and firework display in the garage.

All I have done today is start on making the drawers for my workbench in the garage. Going ok so far, and making good use of the reclaimed wood from the bed I demolished a couple of weeks ago.

The missus has made some wee ginger cake things this arvo even though she isn’t feeling well. Very nice they are too. I just managed to sneak another one without her noticing….

you: making use of the 4 for a quid lighters again I see
me: aye.
you: burn your thumb again?
me: aye.
you: you’re talkative tonight
me: aye.
you: I give up.

Nov 5 2010

Friday 5 November 2010: Look left. Look right

A relatively productive day today, considering I didn’t get up till after 11. Only about the 5th time I have had a lie in on a friday since I went part time 3 or four years ago.

Tidied up the house and finally sorted out the insulation in the loft! And sorted the door to the garage so it catches on the sneck, that’s been annoying me for a while, and now I type it, I’m not even sure ’sneck’ is a word, even in some random local dialect! Blimey that was a lot of commas.

Out for beers and food tonight with the old canteen crew, which was great. It sucks having to get the last train home though, that’s when things are just getting to be fun. Ach well. That’s the way it is I guess.

you: finally you’ve sorted out the insulation, I was starting to get cold
me: yeah I know, hopefully it makes a difference.
you: where were you for tea?
me: the living room.
you: ooh a chain?!
me: yeah, but the goats cheese and mushroom starter, and the fish pie main were ace.
you: ok that’s fair enough. They don’t do many proper beers though?
me: no, but strangely I decided to have wine
you: oooh, not like you at all. You feeling ok?
me: aye, grand. And I think it was a very wise move. As it meant I could have a few jars of real beer once we left, without feeling sick due to being too full.
you: blimey, so you are finally learning?
me: it would appear so

Nov 4 2010

Thursday 4 November 2010: Miss you baby.

The missus is in London for a few days at some conference or other. I doubt she has internet access, but just in case she does I thought I’d post this. It’s a special wee trinket we have.

Today’s highlight, as with yesterday, was overhearing a conversation. Just as I was heading up to the station I heard 2 girls talking as I passed them

"Oh she was brilliant, she was doing no-handed cartwheels…."

at which point I’m thinking, "yeah that sounds quite good"

"….and no-handed handstands…."

at which point I laughed and continued on my merry way, all the happier because some girl has managed levitation. It can only be a matter of time before she conquers time travel too, right?

you: ya big softy
me: what?
you: missing yer missus. Should you not be out on the town drinking with the lads?
me: pfff, did that yesterday.
you: so what did you do while the cat’s away?
me: tidied my tools in the garage, and set some kit up in there
you: I’m ashamed to be associated with you. What a waste.

Nov 3 2010

Wednesday 3 November 2010: Walking to the boozer blip

A good night at the boozer again tonight (i’m going to stop saying that, most nights at the boozer are good). Just me, napoleon, and colin. As a result chat was distinctly geeky. At one point I am sure we were discussing version control systems. Had white lightning or the chemist popped in I am sure there would have been some quack quacking.

And that is my tip for the day. If you are ever out with your friends and they start discussing a topic you don’t like or don’t understand, (eg for me, that might be football), just start quacking. They will soon realise that you don’t like the chat, and move on to a new topic.

There was a 21st party group in the boozer tonight. A mixed group of P.Y.T’s (a la michael jackson). Didn’t half make us feel like we are getting on a bit when we started discussing our 21st’s, and realised they were 12 years ago.

Then on the train I was sat next to an interesting couple. Interesting in that she was a pretty young lass (late 20’s I’d guess), and he was a non pretty older geezer, (mid 40’s I’d say). At one point she snuggled in to him and said "I love you you know babe", awwww, cute. To which his response I am sure was "OK". I struggled to stifle a giggle. Nice work fella.

you: quack quack.
me: I saw that one coming.
you: quack.

Nov 2 2010

Tuesday 2 November 2010: Seeing red

Because we have another stupid phone bill. It’s not massive, it just annoys me that there is one at all. STOP CALLING MOBILES!

Rant over, and I feel guilty already as the missus isn’t feeling well.

Made a random sausage and red cabbage and red wine casserole for tea, and it actually tasted ok.

Another fairly rank day weatherwise. I’ve just downloaded a 30 minute white noise mp3 to see if that will help me sleep when it’s windy.

you: you get mad about the most trivial things
me: I know I can’t help it.
you: and was that really all the ingredients in your "casserole"?
me: well no, there were some onions. And chilli flakes. And ketchup. And flour to thicken it a bit
you: mmm, not sure about the sound of that.
me: sounds better than the pig trotters on ramsay tonight surely?
you: it’s a close call

Nov 1 2010

Monday 1 November 2010: Time slipping by

Not an awful lot to report today. Finished fitting the aerial point in the kitchen, though my box cutter/sinker tool was useless. It says it’s for brick, yet it didn’t even dent the plasterboard in front of the brick. It doesn’t have sharp edges, surely that’s not right.

Spooks was good tonight. Lucas you naughty boy. And that’s as exciting as my night got.

you: Time slipping by? More like you just couldn’t be bothered tonight
me: so it may appear to the casual observer
you: what’s that meant to mean?
me: I actually did this about 50 times before I got one I liked
you: I’d like to say it was worth it. But I’m not a liar.