Oct 31 2010

Sunday 31 October 2010: Playing with fire

Inspired by some of flashead’s cool shots, I thought I’d have a wee go at messing about with a lighter tonight. I don’t smoke, I bought 4 lighters for a quid specifically to give this a go. Based on the amount of gas left I think I could have quite a few goes.

Had a good night at the swamp last night, although as far as trips to the swamp go it ended an abject failure….no new board game! We did watch strictly on fat mungo’s awesome new telly in hd though, and it looked incredible.

I got out on the mountain bike today, just to carron valley. They have re-done ‘The Runway’ and it was freakin great fun. So I am going to try and make more effort to get out there more often

I got home to house that smelled of fresh baking……a banana loaf. Well tasty! And I think if I can manage to leave some for a day or two it will only get better.

you: chances of you not finishing a cake off in under 24 hours?
me: yeah, pretty slim I know.
you: and no board game at fat mungo’s? Was he feeling ok
me: I think he was distracted by his ps3 not working properly….or maybe it was the new addition to the tribe
you: yeah never mind newborn babies, when tech goes wrong there is nothing worse
me: sometimes you sound an awful lot like me

Oct 30 2010

Saturday 30 October 2010: Fern

A nice sunny day for a wander in the woods again. They are full of mushrooms, and there are hundreds of fairy circles. I haven’t managed to get a shot of one that I was happy with yet though.

Early blip today as we are off through to the swamp tonight to meet the latest addition to fat mungo’s tribe, watch strictly, play a random boardgame, and have some beers.

Blurg. I just had some fairly out of date hummus as part of my lunch, I can feel the negative effects of it already. I dunno why I do it "ach it’ll be fine"….and every time it gives me a sore stomach.

you: basically you’re an idiot. That’s why
me: you could be right. But it tastes so nice
you: idiot. Case closed.

Oct 29 2010

Friday 29 October 2010: Disco mouse.

One of Molly’s million toy mice.

Fitted a new aerial point in the kitchen today. The jobs not quite complete as I didn’t have exactly the tool I needed. Just an excuse to buy a new tool really.

And fitted the new living room blinds too, so fairly productive.

Also went up to the old house to clear the junk mail out and check no ridges had come off in the gales. I don’t think we are going to get it sold this year :-(

you: 2 out of 3’s not bad going for you
me: yeah just the loft insulation that didn’t get done, I think I’ll save that joy for tomorrow
you: hmmm, we’ll see. And what new tool did you need exactly?
me: not sure exactly the right term, a box cutter/socket sinker
you: which you will use exactly once
me: probably. But if I ever need one in a life or death household diy situation in the future at least I’ll have it to hand

Oct 28 2010

Thursday 28 October 2010: Charging time at the zoo

All my mp3 players ran out of juice. And so made it as the subject of yet another duff blip.

Climbing was good tonight. Finished on a high, no pun intended, with a 6b+ top rope. Happy with that.

For tomorrow I have lots of plans. I’m going to fit an aerial point for the tv in the kitchen. I’m going to sort out the insulation in the loft. And I’m going to fit the new blinds that are meant to be getting delivered.

Freakin’ knackered now. The wind kept me awake last night. As it did the night before. Stop blowing please wind.

you: any particular reason to have 3 mp3 players?
me: not really. I just bought each of them for different reasons.
you: 6b+, I take it that’s harder than last weeks 6a+?
me: yup
you: see what happens when you just think about building a bouldering wall in the garage? Imagine if you actually did!
me: good point. I’ll think about it some more.
you: 7a’s next week then

Oct 27 2010

Wednesday 27 October 2010: Fruit n’ sawdust

Good night at the boozer tonight. Napoleon, the chemist, white lightning, colin, and shock! horror! the teacher!

Mercat nachos again. Always a winner. Although tonight I got accused of leaving a chilli because I couldn’t handle the heat. And this was after I’d eaten all white lightning’s as he didn’t want them. This was a highly slanderous accusation. I shall be pursuing it in court to the highest level

As I ran for the train I decided I wanted pudding. So bought this. It actually tasted ok….for sawdust.

you: woah! The teacher was out?
me: yeah I know, weird huh.
you: what was the occasion?
me: none it would appear. He just fancied a jar and a bit of banter
you: must be his holidays or something no?
me: nope, not even that.
you: can’t believe you wussed out and left some chillies

Oct 26 2010

Tuesday 26 October 2010: I wish blip had smell-o-vision

We got a new mx5 as a courtesy car while our car is in the garage. I wish you could smell it, because it smells freaking awesome. I swore I’d never buy a new car again after losing over 20k on the last one…..but that smell….mmmm…..that’s got to be worth a few k.

Took it out for a bit of a spin too. Nice wee car, bit noisy. But so easy to take the roof up and down. It would be awesome to have a wee motor like this in the summer.

you: you lost 20k on a car? That’s obscene!
me: tell me about it :-( That was in the pre "oh we cant sell our house" days
you: it doesn’t matter when it was, that’s got to be a killer
me: ach, aye, but if I just focus on the few totally awesome runs I had in it over the year it was worth every penny
you: just you keep telling yourself that….and don’t think about the petrol
me: awww, the petrol….you had to go and spoil it!

Oct 25 2010

Monday 25 October 2010: half and half

Just looking up at a tree really. Nothing more or less. Nice yellow leaves against a blue sky. Autumn.

K&K were in town tonight as they are down for a mini break. They had frozen themselves on the top deck of an open top bus, and been to dynamic earth and stuff. I met them in Tempus for a couple of jars, and a hot chocolate to warm K up a bit.

And that was my day. No broken household appliances. And the car didn’t break down any more on it’s way to the garage. £180 for about 6" of pipe to be bought and fitted though. I was just going to get the part and do it myself which would be about £80, but I just can’t be bothered wasting more hours under the car. My time has to have some value right?

you: are you not scared?
me: what of?
you: well yesterday horrigans said she was going to come after you with a monster sized flounder if you didn’t blip a broken household appliance
me: I’m not sure that’s what she meant
you: Oh no, I’ve been looking forward to that all day. I’ve even got some popcorn.
me: serves you right
you: yeah. Well. Whatever. And I don’t think your time has any value. You’re a worthless so and so
me: I know you are but what am I?
you: I hate that retort.
me: me too.

Oct 24 2010

Sunday 24 October 2010: Mushroom kingdom (2)

Why can’t all Sundays be like this? It’s been nice and sunny today, with a wee hint of warmth still in the sunshine. I got out for a 2 hour wander, managing to make it all of about a mile and a half. Just into the local woods. I like these wee mushrooms, and these ones were growing against a pile of logs some neds had set on fire. I also saw the biggest mushroom I think I have ever seen. And very briefly considered this for my blip

Sat in the back lounge and it was roasting. Read a photography book until I almost fell asleep.

Made a pot of soup, broccoli, courgette and Gorgonzola. Not bad.

And now I think we might watch a film

you: hurrah, a photo that’s not of something that’s gone wrong in your household
me: yeah makes a nice change eh
you: so you didn’t make it out to the hills with the snow on them then
me: I’m not sure I trust yesterdays temporary fix enough for that sort of run
you: well you should have made a better job of it then

Oct 23 2010

Saturday 23 October 2010: Snow on the hills, blue skies overhead…..

… and I’m stuck in the garage with a car pi$$ing oil. AGGGHHHH. Dropped the missus off at the station, noticed the snow on the hills, came back up home, went in to get my camera gear, came out and noticed a big puddle of oil under the car. So after yesterdays hour’s of washing machine repair today was spent getting the car in a state that I can get it to a proper garage for repair. What a waste. Reckon this temporary solution should do the job. Just glad I noticed before I left or I could have had a very big repair bill coming.

Just watched strictly. For any ladies that get annoyed because their fellas wont watch it with them, show them Erin’s dance outfit tonight, I’m sure they’ll be instant fans. Shame the dance was crap.

Just having a blip-break for five minutes, then it’s time to watch xfactor. Lets see how quickly we can get through the 2hr15mins of show, 1hr 45mins of dross, 30mins of "singing"…… I love my tivo.

you: Blimey a lot’s going wrong at the moment eh
me: tell me about it!
you: doesn’t make for very good photos]
me: yeah, well just imagine this is the snow capped peaks of the hills out past callander, with beautiful blue skies and whispy clouds overhead
you: oooh, nice

Oct 22 2010

Friday 22 October 2010: F……

….(insert appropriate number of *’s for a word of your choosing). I know what my word is. So close, and yet so far! The new part for the washing machine arrived today, and once I eventually found it….in my neighbours blue bin (?!) I set about fitting it. It all went so well…. until I realised I had this one screw left. It’s just one that holds some part of the shell on, but I can’t for the life of me work out where it goes. That’s a lie actually. I know exactly where it goes, I just don’t know where the one that is in it’s hole goes. If you know what I mean.

Anyway, I don’t care. The washing machine is working grand, I’ve saved a few bob, and I can add "washing machine repair man" to my cv.

Nowt much happened today really, and I don’t think much is going to happen tomorrow either.

you: well, one spare piece is better than the 5 you were expecting.
me: yeah, I’m happy enough.
you: you’re annoyed really though aren’t you
me: ach just a bit. I’m just going to put it down the the machine being over engineered in the first place, it didn’t really need it.
you: well, that’s one way of looking at it. Did you make use of any non-standard tools today, like the crow-bar from the other nights blip?
me: hmmm, car jack
you: ha! That is almost certainly a non standard washing machine repair tool. Well done on making use of as many random tools as possible.

Oct 21 2010

Thursday 21 October 2010: Best I could manage

Oh dear, a phone blip. It’s been a while since I did one of those. Didn’t climb as well as last week, this was the trickiest route I managed. I wish I could get climbing more than once a week, but it’s just too expensive. It cost me exactly £14 in petrol tonight. Which is freakin joke, I only went 44 miles. So a ridiculous 16.6mpg….and the engine was playing up a bit too. Aghhh

Went and took a look at the HTC Mozart today, running the new windows phone 7 os. It seemed pretty slick, and that particular model has a nice camera, with a proper xenon flash. It’s an option for my impending phone upgrade which I am quite looking forward to, if I can pull myself out of the "there’s something better coming soon" dilemma that I’m sure all tech fans get stuck in

you: 6a? Means nothing to me.
me: ach it’s just a grade of climbing route. Not a particularly high one, but one that I have never got far beyond.
you: It’ll be like most things, you cannae progress without practice
me: exactly
you: so what you gonna do about it?
me: I’m going to build a bouldering wall in the garage
you: here we go again.

Oct 20 2010

Wednesday 20 October 2010: Now what…..

Man that was a struggle. But I’ve got the washing machine in bits, I’ve made further progress and identified that the broken part is the spider. Looking at about £50 I think. Bish Bosh Bash, job’ll be a good ‘un. And I’ll have saved a good chunk of cash too.

you: The book is now open on how many nuts/bolts/other vital items you have left at the end of your "repair"
me: hmmm, what odds are you giving on 5 parts?
you: not the response I was expecting. I was expecting some manly bravado
me: hmmm, well I was looking at the bits I got off last night, and already I couldn’t remember where they went.
you: oh dear, not a good start.
me: I fear not. I’ve taken loads of photos though, and labelled the parts I took off tonight.
you: Is that a crow bar at the front of the picture
me: ehhm……it might be…..
you: fairly sure that’s not a traditional piece of kit in a washing machine repair man’s arsenal…..

Oct 19 2010

Tuesday 19 October 2010: The scene of the crime

So the missus has finally broken the washing machine by overloading it, even though I’ve told her a million times. I’ve got the back off it and am now working out how to get the drum out to find out which part is broken so I can get a spare part ordered and fix it. It’s been a while since I had to fix something like this in the house, with the fridge being the last thing.

I like fixing stuff, I like the fact that I’m (probably) saving cash, and having a go at something most folk probably wouldn’t bother to try.

Bit of time on the bike tonight, so I’ve probably burnt off at least 2 of the ’nuffins’ from the other day by now.

you: Do your own freakin washing then instead of complaining to the missus that she overloads the machine
me: I knew you were gonna have a go at me for saying that. I do plenty of washes
you: and of course you never do anything wrong?
me: well, not that I can think of
you: thin ice my friend, thin ice.

Oct 18 2010

Monday 18 October 2010: 15 minutes of fame

Not for me obviously, but steviefish. Went along to support the small scale flashmob as a result of this palava.

Met fatpete for a jar after work. 25 days and he’s off to Germany. Always good to catch up with him. Got him a wee leaving gift, just an engraved tankard, with "It was Pete’s fault…" on it. That used to be my default excuse for coming home drunk :-)

you: by the looks of things you need to get escorted away from some place for taking photos.
me: why?
you: look at the number of views he’s had!
me: ooof, yeah that’s gonna bump the average up a bit eh!

Oct 17 2010

Sunday 17 October 2010: Paint the whole world with a (grey) rainbow

Well blimey that’s it. The weekend is over. With both Saturday and Sunday being pretty much non events it’s going to be a shame to go back to work tomorrow.

The highlight of the day was leaving the house (once), to go to the co-op. It was billed as a trip to spend a £3 voucher we had. I thought this sounded like fun, seeing how much we could get for our whole £3. But on the short journey there it turned out I had been misled and we had to spend £30 to get our £3 off. Now I’m not quite so excited. Still we wandered round, picking up random things we though we might need, got to the till: "That’ll be £29.20 please". Are you freakin kidding me? We failed to spend £30 to get our £3 off? Ok I’ll have 2 packs of gum, how much are we at now. "£30". I win, woohoo.

Oh and I de-frosted the freezer.

you: man your life is a total riot. A trip to the co-op and de-frosting the freezer. Wow
me: hehe I know. It’s rare that I think a weekend has been a total waste, but this is one of those occasions
you: is that really the most exciting thing you did this weekend?
me: pretty much. Oh we watched Salt, which was ok. First time we have watched a film in my study on the new couch.
you: oooh. And whats with taking the beauty of a rainbow and making it grey?
me: just what I felt like
you: i’m done with talking to you for the day, misery guts.

Oct 16 2010

Saturday 16 October 2010: Nuffins.

The missus decided to have a go at making muffins today. They didn’t quite work. We’re not sure why, maybe because the baking powder is 3 years out of date? Anyway, they didn’t really rise. And they’re not really cupcakes either. So I reckon Nuffin is a pretty good name for them. Whatever you want to call them they are freakin tasty. I’ve had about 10 so far.

My shoulders and arms are really sore today after playing on the trials bike yesterday.

Spent most of today working on a website. Which can be very frustrating! Tonight we are just watching all the reality tat that is on, and got a pizza for tea

you: oof, 10 nuffins?!
me: yeah they are very just so tasty.
you: you’ll have a bit of a sugar rush going on?
me: oh man yer not wrong. I’m not gonna have any more or I’ll get a headache. Spent half an hour on the cross trainer this arvo
you: that should burn off 1
me: if i’m lucky.
you: Just 4 and a half hours more on the cross trainer then
me: yup, I’d best get to it….

oooh spooky. Just watching a motorbike show on tv, and I was really enjoying the soundtrack (Foo Fighters : Pretender). Show finished, came upstairs and my machine that is playing my 1000’s of songs on random was playing the same tune.

Oct 15 2010

Friday 15 October 2010: Repair required

Not a bad day today. Mate from home came up for a few hours, was grand to catch up with him. Just headed in to town, then made a pot of soup, went a wee blast in his re-mapped car, and then watched some ‘New world disorder’ mountain bike videos.

He left about 5, and feeling inspired by the vids I got my trials bike out. 20. 20 hops. My new record.

The ring is just something sitting on my desk that I have to fix.

you: It’s been sitting on your desk for ages
me: I know, I’m gonna get round to it soon.
you: like the loft insulation?
me: ehm, yeah….

Oct 14 2010

Thursday 14 October 2010: Pants graf.

I’ve blipped this wall before. Last time it was someone from the council cleaning the graffiti off. So I dare say I might have the opportunity to blip him again, as it’s getting pretty scabby again.

I don’t have a clue why someone would choose to use a pair of pants as their logo. I tried a quick google to see if I could find an NSA ‘crew’. All I could find was Napier Students Association. I’m guessing it wasn’t them. But you never know.

Good climbing tonight. Managed a very long 6a+, and I got a proper buzz from completing it. Awesome.

you: 6a+, not the toughest of routes eh?
me: maybe not for you, but a long lead route at 6a+ is getting towards my limit
you: well at least it’s a bit of exercise. Maybe yer not quite as Tubbs as I though.
me: good, well maybe now you can gimme a break.
you: we’ll see. You gonna join steviefish and crew for their lunchtime flashmob to protest against security goons causing photographers hassle?
me: ach sadly not. I’m not gonna be in town. Good luck to them though

Oct 13 2010

Wednesday 13 October 2010: Planned spontaneity

Spotted this on a brief lunchtime wander. It was barely visible, but made me do a double take, and I liked it, so I blipped it.

Quiet night at the boozer tonight. Just me and Napoleon. We were lamenting the loss of the original Tuesday night booze spontaneity, where all of a sudden we would decide we were going on a bender, and be out till three in the morning.

So, both having pre-decided we were only going to have one or two jars as we both felt a bit ropey, we threw caution to the wind, and have a few more…..and nachos. Not just any nachos. Mercat nachos.

So all in all a fun night, and I was still home before 10.

you: ooh 10pm, what a blow out!
me: yeah I know, lame, but we are 10 years older and 10 years wiser than the good old days
you: what you meant to say was yer both married now and would get in trouble
me: ha! Not at all….we’re men….we do as we please
you: and are home by ten
me: well….yeah
you: ’nuff said!

Oct 12 2010

Tuesday 12 October 2010: If in doubt, use some yellow lines

Another day, another dollar. Nothing much happened today that’s worth talking about. Oh, except for the fact the I got home (later than usual) tonight, and there was a freshly made lasagne ready to be dished up. I nearly fell out of my cycling helmet, if that was even possible. What a pleasant surprise!

you: pleased to see you made a bit more effort than yesterday with the blip
me: yeah marginally. And it took me about 50 minutes less than yesterdays monstrosity.
you: well there you go, a bit more creative, and it saved you time.
me: yup, just having the wee camera out and about and looking for anything even remotely interesting is better than scrabbling about shooting breakfast cereal I suppose.
you: and don’t you forget it. So I hope you did some exercise with all your spare time tonight? Tubbs.
me: agh get off my back dude. I still don’t feel 100%, I did a bit last night, and I was late home so didn’t actually have any spare time
you: excuses excuses. Tubbs.
me: You and I are going to fall out.

Oct 11 2010

Monday 11 October 2010: Tesco Blueberry Wheat


you: oh man, what on earth are you playing at?
me: blurg
you: and what’s that meant to mean?
me: exactly what it sounds like. After some blips I have been more than happy with over the last week I’ve run out of steam. Today I was just unable to think of anything.
you: you haven’t half run out of steam! This is appalling!
me: oh I know. I was tempted to not post anything today, but couldn’t do it
you: might have been better if you hadn’t
me: would you believe this took me an hour?
you: In a word : No. In two words : No way.
me: Still, one thing made me smile today. After watching some telly with the missus, and me asking what shall we do now, the response was " Let’s freestyle until spooks at 9" :-)
you: Sounds good, so did you get a bit of mario galaxy in?
me: No, apparently "freestyling" translates as me doing the dishes while the missus goes and plays the sims.
you: ha :-)

Oct 10 2010

Sunday 10 October 2010: Game time

I can’t remember a weekend when I spent more time playing console games. Yesterday I completed the MW2 single player campaign (curse you Shepherd!), and played a bit of Mario Galaxy 2, which is superb so far. Also played some Bit Trip Beat which is an infuriating little music game.

Can’t say I have eaten particularly healthily this weekend either. Today has been a bowl of crunchy nut cornflakes, pizza, half a kilo of chocolate brownie, and to top it off, the missus is stopping in at McDonalds on the way home from dropping Em at the airport.

Also can’t say I’m looking forward to going back to work tomorrow. Normally I don’t mind that much, but seeing as I have felt cack most of the holiday I wouldn’t mind a bit more time off.

Had a go at backlighting for todays blip. Not sure I got what I wanted. But after about 60 exposures and a couple of hundred flashes I couldn’t face going back and trying again.

you: ooof you must be getting on for the size of a house eating all that junk
me: well, not quite…yet
you: haven’t heard much mention of exercise over the last couple of weeks either
me: that is very true. Haven’t done anything in ages
you: Not good man.
me: I know I know. When did you get your gold badge in nagging?
you: it’s for your own good.

Oct 9 2010

Saturday 9 October 2010: The gun show.

If my guns are as good as this when I’m 60 I’ll be a happy man. If my guns were as good as this now I’d be a happier man.

Mum and dad paid a surprise visit today. Dad was finishing a job up this way. The missus and Em were out shopping though so they missed them which is just the way it goes sometimes I guess.

I showed them the photos from white lightning’s stag do. Conceding the fact that I don’t exactly have "24 inch python’s" for biceps to go with my hulk hogan costume I got a reminder of the original guns from dad hehe.

Tonight I get the impression it’s going to be a night of crap tv and a nice meal from M&S, so not all bad.

Now though I’m going back to finish the single player MW2 campaign. See if I cant get those pesky ruskies out of the whitehouse.

you: haha "dont exactly have 24 inch pythons" indeed. More like a couple of knots in a piece of thread
me: hey come on, they are knotted garden string at least!
you: keep on dreamin’, small fry!

Oct 8 2010

Friday 8 October 2010: You (1)

Holiday, day 5. Today was my turn to feel a bit better, but the missus feels worse. Typical when her friend arrives tonight for the weekend.

So instead of doing the planned holiday activity (visit a castle) we watched the last few episodes of a tv show we’d been watching. And I dismantled a bed.

you: hey you didn’t ask my permission to take a portrait of me.
me: I didn’t think you’d mind
you: nah, yer right, I don’t. Not sure you got my best side though.
me: That’s why I added the (1), as I’ve decided there will be more.
you: okely dokely
me: who have you turned in to? Ned Flanders?
you: never mind about that. What do you mean you dismantled a bed?
me: I took the bed that was in my study to bits. So now there is loads of space in there.
you: any particular reason you took it to bits
me: it was no longer needed, and I figured I could use the wood to make something
you: ooh, get you, going for recycler of the year award?

Oct 7 2010

Thursday 7 October 2010: "Be a nutter with a putter"

Day 4 of our holiday. Could I be starting to feel a bit better? I’m not entirely sure to be honest.

After yesterday’s gastronomic delights we went to Nando’s today. And I enjoyed it. I liked the medium piri-piri sauce. I tried the X-hot, and it was properly hot. Kind of like the scotch bonnet sauce I used to drink then run around tooting like a train….and this was while I was at uni.

Then we went to adventure golf island, and we had a lot of fun. The sun came out so it was nice just to be outside. Never mind the fact that the missus decided it would be more fun if we had money on it. So £35 was decided on as the stake.

I won. Hurrah.

you: Was it a close match?
me: I won the first 18 holes. The missus was well up half way round the 2nd 18, but then I got a hole in one, and she was on a 7. So that was it pretty much game over.
you: You couldn’t have fluffed a few shots to let her win?
me: With 35 quid on the line? Not a chance!
you: What a gentleman!
me: Hah, you say that with sarcasm, but a taxi driver called me that yesterday because I helped the missus down off a wall.
you: What was she doing on a wall?
me: Trying to get down.

Oct 6 2010

Wednesday 6 October 2010: The Pelican Cafe, 1377 Argyle Street, Glasgow

Day 3 of our holiday. And I feel pretty much as ropey as yesterday. The missus is ok though. As planned we headed through to Glasgow for lunch. We had intended to just have a quick bite to eat….and ended up having 3 courses, and coffee. The food was superb. The prices were very reasonable too. And the staff were friendly. I’d highly recommend it.

Because we took so long for lunch though, the cheap day return part of our train tickets weren’t valid and we had to upgrade them. This p*ed me off. A lot. It had already cost us £18, so to stick another £5.40 on it was a joke. We (sadly) have one of the most uneconomical cars on the planet, yet we could have driven through and paid for parking and it would still have cost us less. No wonder folk use their cars instead of public transport.

you: well at least you tried to do something with your holiday today
me: yup. And the food really was ace. The carpaccio of fillet beef was delicious
you: eugh, raw cow?
me: hmm, yes, I hadn’t thought of it like that. Glad you weren’t with us.
you: And you couldn’t have blipped some of Glasgow’s lovely architecture? Kelivngrove Museum or something
me: hmm, yes, apologies. Bad day for photos.

Oct 5 2010

Tuesday 5 October 2010: A manly cupcake

So, day 2 of our holiday. I still feel rubbish, the missus slightly less so. We didn’t manage to do anything holiday-like today. We drove home from K’s, via homebase where we got a hook for the missus’ dressing room door, and tesco, where we got the usual stuff that we don’t need but that seems to end up in the basket.

I had to go up to the old house to cut the grass as we had a viewing booked for this evening…..and they didn’t turn up. AGGGHhhhhhh! So very annoying! I waited more than 20 minutes after the scheduled time. That’s long enough, right?

Tomorrow I think we might go to Glasgow. I’m not sure why exactly, but I think we are. So we’ll call that a planned holiday activity.

Oh, and K baked the cupcakes, and they are awesome. Jenelope is also a cupcake maestro. I reckon we need to have a family bake-off, with me as the judge.

you: you really are going to all the best places with this holiday. A garden centre yesterday, Homebase and Tesco today. I wish I was with you!
me: ach it’s just cause I feel cack. We were going to go to Scone palace but I felt too ropey. So we came home and I fell asleep on the couch instead
you: your holiday stamina astounds me.
me: yeah it sucks.
you: Still, at least you will have quenched the doubts that have been raised on blip this last couple of days about your manliness, by posting a cupcake
me: If I’m not mistaken, it’s you that has been the instigator of those ‘questions’.
you: Hey I can’t help it, I have to keep myself amused somehow, sitting here by myself all day waiting on you to drop by.

sorted out yesterdays image which I wasn’t happy with as it was done in a rush

Oct 4 2010

Monday 4 October 2010: Mmmm chips

Well not quite chips yet. But spuds, as fresh as you could get them.

Day one of our holiday, and what a start, with us both feeling rubbish. All the same, today we have done stuff. We have visited 2009 Garden Centre of the year, Glamis Castle, and now we’re at sibling 1’s. Which is where the blip is from. That’s the bro in law in command of the blue tractor, hiding behind the sun glare.

Just had a cracking tea. Sis is a bit of a nigela lawson fan.

And as a special treat they have lit the open fire for the first time this year (this firelighting year). And boy is it nice.

you: you visited a garden centre as part of your holiday? Ooh fancy
me: as a necessity rather than by design
you: eh?
me: toilet stop
you: ah, now I see. And Glamis? Another toilet stop?
me: No that was planned.
you: Any good?
me: Yeah quite impressive. I love fields with big mature trees in. But £6 for a baked potato?
you: Man you’re tight! Oh, and who’s not a nigela fan?
me: mmm, I think you maybe have a different reason though.
you: mmmm, nigela…..

Oct 3 2010

Sunday 3 October 2010: Mushroom

So in my 200th I was saying how I thought that blip had made me more observant. And this blip is proof. While I was wandering through the woods the other night on my way to get a shot of a sunset that didn’t happen I noticed these mushrooms, so today I returned in the hope that the sun might hit them. It did, but boy do you have to move quickly when the sun is falling fast and filtering through many branches.

Today has just been a case of sorting through the photo’s I took at White Lightnings wedding yesterday. And watching too much reality tv, xfactor and strictly.

I am totally choked with the cold, as predicted, just in time for my week off.

Oz and his missus popped in very briefly to see the new house. I was very glad they went out of their way to do so, because I was kicking myself for not saying cheerio properly last night before they head back to Sydney tomorrow. Hopefully the calls I put in to the foreign office have paid off and their visas have been revoked. We miss you dude (and dudette) :-)

you: "while I was wandering through the woods"?
me: what of it?
you: just sounds a bit, well, feminine or something
me: you reckon?
you: yeah. And lets not even start on the public admission that you miss one of yer mates
me: hey that’s low.
you: ok ok, I’ll let that one slide. But watching strictly, come off it!
me: Two words. Hot Dancers.
you: Based on the rest of this post I’m going to assume you mean Anton Du Beke
me: oh yeah he’s so funny……..ehm, ok…………I’m just away to sort the engine on my car
you: yeah, as The Chemist’s missus said to you yesterday, "Man up princess"

back blipped for yesterday

Oct 2 2010

Saturday 2 October 2010: Cheeky monkey

White Lightning’s wedding today. And it was grand fun. First wedding I’ve been at where folk have had their beers in at the ceremony :-)

They got lucky with the weather, there was a bit of break in the rain so they got some photo’s outside. A nice meal, a good laugh at the best man’s speech, and then on to the ceilidh. What more could a Scottish man want? Stovies. That’s what. Not quite as awesome as the fajita’s last week. But lets face it, stovies are more than welcome.

This shot is of my beautiful missus, I just like as it was a partially accidental shot, and she looks like a cheeky wee imp in it. Kind of looks like I took it with a holga… but I didn’t

you: Not like you to feature someone you know in a blip
me: I know. And I am uncomfortable with it. I still might change it
you: You really are quite strange. If I had a missus like that looked like that I’d be showing her off.
me: Yeah but you’re not me are you?
you: That’s debatable

Oct 1 2010

Friday 1 October 2010: Harvest time

This is one of the 3, yes 3, peppers that grew on our tiny pepper plant out back. It is approximately 2cm long. So we’re not exactly self sufficient.

Spent the afternoon up on the roof, again, this time sorting out the leak that made an appearance again today in the garage. Whoever the roofing company was that did the loft conversion in this house ought to be shot. They were running the water out of a gutter and under the tiles. Much like the idiots that fitted the velux that dad helped me sort out earlier in the year. They were running water under the tiles too. Grrrrr. Anyway, sorted now, albeit perhaps not the most permanent fix. Need some lead you see.

Also tidied up the garage a bit. So a fairly productive day.

Just had a bottle of Louis Chaurey with our tea. It was pretty nice

you: good view from up on the roof?
me: It was a bit grey. I was only up on the ridge once anyway to move my ladder
you: all the proper safety gear I assume?
me: what, wellies and a partially retracted stanley knife? Check.
you: good good, would hate to think you were risking life and limb by not taking the appropriate precautions.
me: oh, and in other news, fat mungo’s missus had their 3rd bairn today. 11lb 1oz wee girl
you: ouch!