Sep 30 2010

Thursday 30 September 2010: One trick pony

Another night where the sunset didn’t live up to expectations. Messed about in photoshop and managed to come up with a result that even I don’t like!

I’m on holiday now. I don’t care.

Tired. So tired…still

you: blimey not much to say tonight, what’s up?
me: ach I dunno, still feeling under the weather
you: seems to be a lot of that going around
me: aye. But I am looking forward to my week off
you: going anywhere nice?
me: not abroad if that’s what you mean. Still not sold the other house, In fact had not a peep of interest in a month now
you: and I see in the papers that mortgage approvals are at an all time low.
me: yeah thanks for that. I think we are gonna go and play crazy golf
you: crazy golf?
me: yeah, we like that. Mainly because I always win
you: I’m sure yer missus will have something to say about that comment!

Sep 29 2010

Wednesday 29 September 2010: 200

Today was utterly miserable to start with. I got soaked on the way to the train which meant I was wet all morning. Then I went for a wander at lunch and got wet again. And walked in to a lamppost for the second day in a row. An R8 was the cause this time.

I wasn’t back in time to get somewhere decent for a sunset, so this will have to do.

200 in a row. How time flies

you: oooh poor effort for your 200th
me: I know I know. I just don’t feel great
you: and that stopped you having a good idea why?
me: I have an idea, I just feel too tired to do it.
you: So, how have you changed over the last 200 days of blippery then?
me: well my wallet is a lot lighter, would never have bought my 70-200 2.8 if it wasn’t for blipfoto
you: you never use it for blips though!
me: that’s beside the point.
you: ok, well what else?
me: I pay a bit more attention to things I guess, except for lampposts, looking for things to blip
you: and?
me: I get nervous about memory cards being wiped by strange magical forces if I am planning to back blip
you: slightly worrying. And?
me: I keep trying to not take a photo to break the cycle….but can’t
you: addiction.
me: hmm this isn’t sounding good is it?
you: well no. So far we have: financial burden, a fear of strange magical forces, and addiction. Come on, something positive at least?
me: It keeps me off the streets.
you: You’re in your 30’s! It’s highly unlikely you’d be on ‘the streets’ and heading for an ASBO!
me: ok ok I love all the great photos, I like receiving and giving comments. I get excited on the odd occasion I make the spotlight page, and there are some genuinely interesting journals out there.
you: Finally! Here’s to the next 200.

Sep 28 2010

Tuesday 28 September 2010: Evora

You don’t see many of these. In fact I’m not sure I’ve ever seen another out on the road. I’m not entirely sure why, they got rave reviews in the motoring press. I wouldn’t mind one that’s for sure.

Feeling ropey today, like I am coming down with a cold. Which is quite possible as at least one of the folk I sit near in the office is off, and others have felt ill. Great. Just when I have a week off coming up.

you: Two car blips in a row. What’s going on?
me: Ach i’m not spotting much else of interest, but I notice cars. What I don’t notice is lamp posts. I walked in to one while admiring this car
you: again?! At least you were sober this time……I assume
me: yeah, perhaps if I hadn’t been work would be a bit more fun
you: I see it’s your 200th tomorrow. Got something big planned
me: no, I’m hoping for a nice sunset.
you: you’ll be lucky with the weather that’s due!

Sep 27 2010

Monday 27 September 2010: Doc Hudson

If I suggested that this was Doc Hudson from Cars to Fat Mungo’s wee laddie I think he would just laugh at me. Wrong colour, wrong car. But that’s what it reminded me of so that’s just the way it’ll have to be. Much cooler than the monstrosity to it’s right. I don’t understand the X6….or the people that buy them. What function does it fill? "I need something the size of a house but that has barely any room in it" "Ooh, you want an X6 then…..or a hummer"

Pretty uninteresting day today. I can’t believe how quickly the days are shortening. I almost needed the lights on my bike when I left this morning, and it wasn’t far off being dark at 7 when I went to put the car away tonight.

And the heating has come on tonight. It’s the first time I have properly felt the heating on in ages. Say hello to massive gas bills. Over £200 for just over a month at the start of this year, hopefully we have built up a bit of a buffer as a result of a fairly high direct debit.

you: £200? Sounds like you need better loft insulation.
me: there is loads up there, but I think I need to sort it out a bit
you: well now’s the time to do it
me: yup, but I’ve said that almost every weekend of the year so far
you: now that it’s gonna start to cost you money I bet you do it sharpish
me: yeah, this friday for sure……

Sep 26 2010

Sunday 26 September 2010: Party in a bag

Stu had asked me to take along my smoke machine, laser show and disco ball for after the band left. I thought he was kidding…..he wasn’t.

A cracking night of boozing and dancing. In fact my moonwalk gained universal approval. All it took was a bit more commitment on my part than usual…or maybe it was a bit more booze. Not so sure the other components of my Michael Jackson repertoire are as advanced though. Eeee-heee, shamone!

Feeling a bit ropey today. Mostly tiredness as usual though.

you: you have your own smoke machine?
me: yup, doesn’t everyone?
you: and laser?
me: ditto?
you: well no I don’t think so. And what about the disco ball?
me: best £15 I ever spent. It may be small, and a bit weedy, and require refrigerator bulb pilfering from time to time to get it going, but it never fails to turn a room into a party.
you: eee-heee.

Sep 25 2010

Saturday 25 September 2010: Stingray

On arrival at the venue for today’s wedding the first thing I spotted as we drove up the long drive was an awesome looking american muscle car….as we got closer it got more awesome. An immaculate corvette stingray.

Turn’s out it belonged to the brides dad! Nice. What an awesome noise it made too.

As we were just going to the evening do we headed out for a meal with JJ, frenchie, and SML. We went to the birdcage in musselburgh. It was a really smart place. The food was ok.

What was better than ok though was the evening buffet at the wedding. In fact it has taken top spot as my favourite wedding buffet of all time, just knocking the hog roast from Em’s do off the top spot. Fajitas. Freakin’ awesome!

Our room in the hotel was tiny, not that much bigger than our ensuite at home!

you: Fajitas! What an inspired choice!
me: oh man yer not wrong! And I made sure Saz was aware of my opinion!
you: mmmmm, fajitas
me: not going to get much more out of you today are we?
you: f-a-j-i-t-a-s.

Sep 24 2010

Friday 24 September 2010: snakes in the…….gravel

Totally knackered today. Couldn’t get to sleep, ended up having a couple of games of MW2 and then working till after 3. Working! Which meant I woke up late, realised I had 15minutes to get to the other side of town on my bike to get to the dentist, spent half of that cleaning my teeth.

Anyway, got to the dentist, bish bosh bash, scale and polish, no work required, hurrah.

Got the train through to town to meet SML who is up from London and JJ. We were meant to be going climbing. Ended up going to hectors for lunch with party boy instead. I had macaroni. I was dissapointed. Mostly because I actually wanted something with meat.

Wandered up to urban angel for a hot chocolate then train home, tidy up, mop the floors, do the dishes, blip. Game over.

Quiet night tonight with the missus when she eventually gets home from work.

tired. So tired.

you: working till after 3? Idiot
me: yeah but once I started trying to work something out I couldn’t stop until I was finished or it would have annoyed me and I still wouldn’t have been able to get to sleep.
you: and macaroni cheese when you wanted something meaty? Idiot
me: I’m not going to argue on that one. I’ll just blame it on being tired.
you: you’d better get a good kip tonight or you’ll be falling asleep at the wedding tomorrow.
me: yup, i’m on it. Tomorrow will be nap-tastic in the lead up to it
you: I fancy a nap now you come to mention it. zzzz zzz zzz……
me: I wish I could fall asleep that easily

Sep 23 2010

Thursday 23 September 2010: Dedicated to Monochrome.

So after this blip monochrome was telling me at work how much he adores the massively over processed HDR look. So this one is for you buddy ;-)

Good climb tonight. Got home and watched a couple of inbetweeners. I can’t believe it’s taken us this long to get round to watching it. We are both giggling away through the whole thing. If you’ve not seen it and like childish teenage humour you’ll love it.

you: he didn’t say that at all did he?
me: who?
you: monochrome
me: no I guess you could probably say he said the opposite
you: thought as much.

Sep 22 2010

Wednesday 22 September 2010: Dude, your sticks are on fire…..

….and someone has shaved your hair off.

Blimey, another street blip. Another unfocussed, un-composed, un-paused for, wander past blip. Still, at least it’s not something sitting on my desk.

Fairly short night at the boozer tonight. Napoleon + 1 , the scientist + 1, and Colin. Had been ages since I’d seen Napoleon’s + 1, aka esme, so it was nice to see her. And to hear of Napoleon’s bed hopping antics….which would have a cinema rating of U.

Not a lot else to say really. All I am focussed on at the moment is the upcoming week off work. It can’t come soon enough.

you: yup it’s marginally better than something on your desk….or food….or molly.
me: well, that’s all that counts. I got out for a wander and took a photo of something marginally interesting
you: yup, marginally being the operative word
me: And can you juggle with flaming clubs?
you: well, no, but I can juggle.
me: as can I. But not to the extent I would stand on the street and try and make money from it.
you: It appears he has his guitar with him too. Now if he’d juggle with flaming clubs and his guitar I’d be impressed

Sep 21 2010

Tuesday 21 September 2010: "Hello, I’m Johnny Cash"….

…. is the start to one of my favourite albums: "Johnny Cash at Folsom Prison".

Have seen this dude a couple of times. He sounds not bad actually. Next time I see and if I’m not in a rush I’ll maybe see if he can do John Henry, or Boy Named Sue, and stand and listen to him.

Not a lot else to say from today really. Far too tired after staying up till after 1 trying to get my freakin phone to send emails properly, after I realised the reason I was never getting responses was that my outgoing emails were just sitting in the outbox and never sending. Grrrr. 10mins on the cross trainer was all I could be bothered with tonight. Followed by Jamie Oliver’s latest cash cow tv show, followed by Ramsay’s latest cash cow tv show. Seem to have bought in to the celeb chef cash cow shows a bit much lately

you: How can "At folsom prison" be one of your favourite albums?
me: well why not?
you: because you don’t like live albums!
me: hmm. that’s a very good point. It turns out maybe I’m wrong on that opinion, as I also quite like Neil Young Live at Massey Hall.
you: So at this point in time it appears that you disagree with one of your own opinions!
me: eh, yup, it’s kind of looking like that isn’t it?

Sep 20 2010

Monday 20 September 2010: Sunshine and showers

Had booked today off in case of post stag trauma, but felt fine. Had a fairly productive day. A quick bit of MW2 this morning, then I spent the rest of the day trying to come up with a website design. ‘Tis tricky.

Headed out for half an hour with the camera then had a play with cs5’s hdr features. This was the result.

you: mmm, not bad. Not sure if I like HDR
me: yeah sometimes I agree, sometimes I don’t.
me: got to run, new series of spooks has just started and I’m getting shouted at.

backblipped for the weekend it anyone cares

Sep 19 2010

Sunday 19 September 2010: ‘Sporting legends’ – day three.

Another decent lie in. Another decent fry up. So once again, no hangover. Same can’t be said for white lightning though. He was in bad shape.

Tidied the house up a bit and then most of us hit the road, except white lightning who felt too rough and headed home later.

Not too bad a drive home, car was running well it seemed for a change.

Got home and realised I had no stag photos for today, and was too tired to think of much, so this is it.

you: bit of a duff shot.
me: agreed
you: especially as an end to what sounds to have been a good weekend
me: agreed. But it wasn’t just a good weekend, it was full on Hulkamania

Sep 18 2010

Saturday 18 September 2010: ‘Sporting legends’ – day two.

Had a reasonable lie in today, and a big ol’ fry up for breakfast, so not too much of a hangover after last nights antics. Part of that might be down to a ‘tactical’. Not a beer induced tactical I might add, more of a ‘I just ate a whole raw chilli and I think I’m going to die’ tactical. Glad I did too, as the chemist, who was my partner in stupidity, woke up in the night with an aching stomach.

Today the stag had to complete various ‘Sporting Legend’ based tasks. One of which was ‘Duncan Goodhew’. He had to go for a swim in the local river, in a sparkly thong and armbands. We all just stood up on the bridge in the rain to watch, which is where this beer was blipped.

In the afternoon we headed into Aviemore to watch the shinty in the pub. The plan had been to head to inverness and watch it live, but it was a rank afternoon. We definitely made the right decision. We all had our costumes on, so it was a good laugh.

Polished off the remainder of the 3 kegs, and a crate of cider, and various spirits. Another good night.

you: So you polished off the kegs without any problem
me: Certainly seemed to. I’m not sure who the main contenders were but I’ve a feeling I was quite a way off the pace.
you: not like you. Are you not normally the pacer?
me: yeah I’m normally up there for sure.
you: so hulk hogan is a pansy when it comes to real ales?
me: yeah perhaps that was the problem, my wrestling trunks were too tight
you: sounds like a lame excuse.

Sep 17 2010

Friday 17 September 2010: ‘Sporting legends’ – day one.

First night of the stag do today with a theme of ‘Sporting Legends’. Spent a bit of time completing my hulk hogan costume this morning. It got a good laugh so it was worth the effort.

Was a decent drive up the road. Met a few of the others at the brewery to pick up the kegs. Then we all stopped at the taybank for some food. I think only napoleon actually likes it in there, but it seems to be a bit of a stag do tradition that we stop in on the way up or down.

Once we got in to the house first job was to get the kegs cracked open, second job was to get tea going, so I did that. I think this is my first food blip, just a mahusive pot of chilli. Mmmm tasty. If you want to cook perfect rice, ignore napoleons instructions, then realise he was probably right, add the rest of the water you should have added in the first place, and bingo. Perfect.

The rest of the night was spent drinking and just having a cracking laugh. All good.

you: Hulk hogan? Not exactly got the physique for it have you
me: eh, not by a long way, but that’s part of the joke
you: What were the lads expecting you to go as?
me: Jet from gladiators
you: hahahah
me: aye but I let slip I was thinking of that and had to think of something else
you: probably for the best.
me: possibly.
you: keg update please?
me: just over one and half down. So about 120 pints
you: nice start.

Sep 16 2010

Thursday 16 September 2010: The pope’s in town

I had intended to go through to Edinburgh today with the camera to get some shots of the hysteria that no doubt goes with a papal visit. But I woke up already in Edinburgh. Feeling freakin awful. Oh boy my head hurt. It was a good night though – so perhaps it was worth it. Actually thinking about it some more, nothing is worth feeling like this. One day I’ll learn.

I liked the way the setting sun was lighting the rose bush outside the front door. The setting sun was lighting lots of more interesting things too, but I didn’t feel like going anywhere else.

Left oz’s flat at about 10, and it took me an hour to make it to the station.

The rest of the day has just been random cleaning. MW2. Napping. Feeling crappy.

Tonight I have made what is hopefully the last part of my costume for the stag do. It’s not quite finished but it looks decent enough.

you: haha you never learn
me: I know.
you: you’re going to feel exactly the same on saturday morning
me: I know. I am gonna try and have a glass of water after ever pint or something
you: you reckon you’ll get away with that at a stag do?
me: I can but try.

Sep 15 2010

Wednesday 15 September 2010: Just a bit too windy

Still windy. I looked up as the train came in to waverly to see what the flags from yesterday’s blip were doing today, and noticed the big bad boy union jack was knackered. So a quick detour to the gardens, blip done. Result.

Boozer was a full house tonight (Colin, A and the wee man, the scientist, white lightning, oz, napoleon). Quality. Ace to see oz after so long – even if he does look a bit twiggy! ;-) The scientist has grown a full on beard since last time we saw him. I’m not sure if it is part of his costume for the weekends stag do or not.

Had far too much beer. "Missed" the last train home. Went to Topkapi for the first time ever. Which is odd since I lived just round the corner for 3 years. Had a Shishlar or something like that kebab, and it was very tasty.

Back to oz’s awesome flat, another beer. Sleep.

you: sounds like a good night
me: it was
you: work won’t be a lot of fun tomorrow with the hangover your gonna have
me: thankfully I’m off.
you: how long is oz back for?
me: just three weeks I think.

Sep 14 2010

Tuesday 14 September 2010: Windy windy windy

Had a crap nights sleep last night because of the wind. And it’s still super windy today. All the flags around town are flying nicely. All except the one on the left here. For some reason it can’t be bothered, and just does an occasional flap.

you: not much to say today?
me: not much has happened

Sep 13 2010

Monday 13 September 2010: drip drop

I’m inside, yet there is water dripping off the ceiling. Something isn’t right here. Today has been WILD. Not in a good "woah that was wild" way. More in a "holy crap it’s blowing a gale and tipping it down" way. I got absolutely soaked cycling home. Which kind of summed up my day.

I managed to get the last part of my costume for the stag do this weekend. Cannae wait for that. 3 kegs with barely any more of us than can just about polish off 2?! It’s going to be carnage.

you: cool. Stag do’s rock.
me: aye. And I reckon the sort we have rock the most
you: how come? You jetting off somewhere nice?
me: nope. We hire a house up north, get a few kegs in, and have a laugh. None of this jetting off malarky that costs everyone 500 quid
you: yours must still add up though?
me: the most expensive one we have had has cost £101 per person, and that included accomodation, all food, and all booze
you: woah that’s a bargain
me: tell me about it, you end up spending more than that on one night in town

Sep 12 2010

Sunday 12 September 2010: teensie wee

I like the speakers on my sony dav-is10 surround system in my study. They are only the size of golf balls, but the sound that comes out of them is plenty big enough for my room

Just another day of leveling up in MW2. Dull

you: spending quite a lot of time gaming
me: yeah it’s pretty addictive
you: all play and nothing else makes RXS a dull boy
me: yeah I guess so. I’m struggling with blip still. Starting to feel it’s a bit of a chore.
you: get out with yer camera and try and get some nice shots then
me: I know I know….

Sep 11 2010

Saturday 11 September 2010: Party time

Was at a mates 20th wedding anniversary tonight. I was designated driver, so no booze. Thankfully though there was food that I could get stuck in to. Lots of food. Lots and lots of food. Even with my attempts I’m sure the leftovers will still be going strong in a weeks time.

The rest of the day was pretty much watching photoshop tutorials, and leveling up in MW2

you: 20 years. Impressive
me: aye.
you: not like celebrities these days that are married for five minutes
me: that’s exactly what my missus says. Closely followed by "People just don’t try any more".
you: what kind of scran was there?
me: chilli, stovies, and curry
you: you’d get stuck in to all of those then
me: yeah – only had one portion of the curry though…I think they forgot to put the meat in
you: no that’s called vegetarian.
me: pointless. I’m not a vegetarian.

Sep 10 2010

Friday 10 September 2010: And…..relax

Worked till midnight last night, and in to the office today. Typically things went right to the wire. I had to be finished by 2pm. It was a couple of minutes after when I got finished….but I set my watch back so that must be ok, right?

Left the office at 2 and met Jenelope. We got some sainsbury’s chilli and went and ate it in the gardens. It was pretty hot in the sun. Pretty windy too, all the flags on the bank building were flying, and a chinook went past which was kinda cool.

Then we went to the national galleries of scotland for a gander. Some nice stuff, and a lot that just makes me go meh. I’ve decided that my criteria for liking a painting is if I think I would like to live in the scene.

Then we went along to charlotte sqare and the Scottish national trust, where Jenelope was in the shortlist for a painting competition. Over 250 entries from around the country, 20 or so on the shortlist, 3 categories. Nice work Jenelope. She didn’t win. Boo. The one that did win in her category was rubbish, in my opinion. The ones in second and third were better.

Then I came home, had tea, had champagne, and watched telly. This is just a blip from our bedroom window. I like the V of geese in it, which I didn’t even spot when I was taking it.

you: blimey, bit of a long entry today
me: yeah, had something to write about for a change.
you: sounds like a decent day, except for the work…and Jenelope not winning.
me: ach aye. I suppose
you: what did you think of the gallery "Scotlands most popular free attraction"
me: As I said, some nice, some I didn’t like at all. It was a bit smelly though, it seemed like folk were coming indoors to pass wind
you: eugh!!
me: yeah, so I waited till I left to trump
you: eh, thanks for that bit of info.

Sep 9 2010

Thursday 9 September 2010: Eh?

Had a double take as I wandered past this bin. Surely that’s like advertising "RXS’s Vegetarian Restaurant – great fillet steaks and venison"?

No climbing tonight, the wall is shut to prep for some competition. So we went to wetherspoons and had a curry instead. As usual it was rammed. As usual it was tasty. As usual it was cheap. All good…except for the rammed bit, although it was fine really

Signed in again and working now though, as I have been for the last couple of hours

you: oh dear. Working from home. Not good.
me: indeed. I’m freakin knackered, this ain’t helping
you: it’ll all be over tomorrow though
me: yeah here’s hoping. I know there are at least a couple of others still working now too. I hope the freakin company appreciates it
you: ach you know it’ll get brushed under the carpet and become expected as the norm
me: yeah but it can’t keep up like this. People will just burn out
you: stop blethering and get back to work then
me: yup…not for much longer though. My head is starting to hurt

Sep 8 2010

Wednesday 8 September 2010: How…..

….can you go to the toilet wearing a belt, leave not wearing a belt, and not realise? Very odd. This was haymarket station, at 8pm.

Just me and napoleon at the boozer tonight. We went straight to the mercat and had some nachos.

Work is doing my head in.

you: must be bad for you to mention it after your vow of work based blip silence
me: oh yeah it sucks big time at the moment
you: noticed you didn’t blip for yesterday yet
me: oh yeah, I’m struggling at the moment. No good shots, just random snaps, and can’t think of what to right
you: ach don’t stress. Just get something down so you have a complete journal. Something will come along soon enough to give you a bit of inspiration
me: here’s hoping

Sep 7 2010

Tuesday 7 September 2010: WTF

you: I’d like to echo the title. WTF?
me: I told you I was struggling for inspiration
you: this is worse than struggling. This is lame
me: very much so.
you: and you don’t even like footy, so why do you have a (flat) germany 2006 football in your study?
me: I have no idea. It arrived through the post in 2006 (surprisingly) and I have no idea why or how.
you: odd indeed.

Sep 6 2010

Monday 6 September 2010: Smart cars? Pah! Out of my way, peasant.

Yup, if I was wanting to get around in a city with tight streets and limited parking I’m fairly sure I’d choose something the same size as a house too. Eh, naw. Hummers are just a bit too big, and they still look cramped inside which is ridiculous.

Interesting weather today – well interesting if you like paying an interest in the weather other than "it’s raining i need a brolly", or "it’s sunny I’ll leave my jacket". An easterly wind you see. And we don’t get them all that often.

you: you’d still have one if you were offered though, wouldn’t you?
me: what?
you: a hummer
me: well yeah, I probably would. I’d rather have a milatary spec one though
you: with a roof mounted machine gun?
me: if you’re offering.
you: right. That’s it. I’m confiscating your ps3. No more modern warfare for you sonny jim
me: awwwww. I hate you.

Sep 5 2010

Sunday 5 September 2010: Last man standing (2?)

This is the last of whatever kind of flower it is, that was respectable enough to be left in a vase. Luckily it’s a tall thin vase, or it would have looked a bit odd.

It’s been a good weekend of MW2 ranking up, but that’s about it. It was fun to kill my wee sisters fella…in the game of course. Although to be fair I think he killed me about 10 times first.

Nice day today. Obi and his missus came round and we had a bbq. Once again everything cooked to perfection, even if I do say so myself. Even the chicken, which was still nice and moist, but posed no health hazard due to being partially cooked.

you: hark at you. Jamie Oliver watch out eh
me: not at all. It was just nice to have a bbq where the food was tasty and worth the effort of getting the bbq going
you: why not just get a gas one?
me: I don’t see the point in them. Although the neighbour has one, and when he fires it up it doesn’t half smell good
you: maybe time to take a look at one then?
me: ach, for all we use it I’ll stick to the charcoal I reckon
you: one day you’ll see the error of your ways.

Sep 4 2010

Saturday 4 September 2010: Hidden in plain sight

Last sunday Jenelope and magoo stayed the night. On monday morning, jenelope put the dishes away from the washing up. Since then we have had no large kitchen spoons. Me and the missus have looked everywhere. We looked in all the drawers. We looked in cupboards. We looked under things in drawers. We searched the utility room. We searched the kitchen….again. I’ve been shouted at. The missus has been shouted at. "We’ll just buy some more" was suggested which sent me off on one… "we don’t need more, we need to find the ones we already bl00dy own." Tonight when I went to get some bread (which has happened a lot in the last week) I spotted the spoons, in the ‘other utensil storage location’. Oh. There they are. Out on the worktop. In plain view.

Thanks for putting the washing up away jenelope, but in future large spoons live in the shallowest of the big wide drawers ;-)

Today was pretty hot. Went and got the missus some more books from the charity shop (I can’t tempt her with a kindle). The afternoon clouded over and I went a wander with my camera…….replace battery pack. Doh.

you: You never find things you are looking for
me: not if they are right under my nose but where I don’t expect them to be, no.
you: Fish and chips for tea tonight seeing as it’s a saturday?
me: Nope, the missus made a lasagne again. And it was very tasty. Better than last week, but just needed a bit more cheese I think
you: you’d best watch out or she wont try again.
me: I hope she does.

Sep 3 2010

Friday 3 September 2010: Oh dear…..

…’s a "what’s on my table?" blip. I got this for my 13th (I think) birthday. I can still remember it. I cut myself on day one. Good work. It’s still pretty much the only thing I use to take electronics apart. The round tip of the blade is perfect for tiny cross head screws.

The weather was top notch today, warm, sunny, not a breath of wind.

Today I took the tops out of the neighbours trees, which has opened up our view again. Awesome.

And I got out on my bike. Did my 30 mile loop. I’m not gonna say I enjoyed it, because I didn’t. I don’t know why. Everything hurt. My hands, my feet, my @ss.

you: so why didn’t you just cut your route short and come home if you weren’t enjoying it?
me: because you wouldn’t let me
you: eh?
me: every time I thought about bailing, you said "don’t be such a pansy, you set out to do 30 miles, so just do it"
you: not me I’m afraid. I don’t really like cycling
me: aw what? There are more than one of you?
you: my brother likes cycling, maybe it was him

Sep 2 2010

Thursday 2 September 2010: Pink bubbles

No climbing tonight, my buddy is ill. Hopefully he feels better soon. The missus came home with a bottle of pink fizz, reckoning it would be one of our last chances to sit outside. Very nice it was too sitting out in the sun.

Popped down to see the not quite neighbour again, just to say I was going to make a start on the trees. I was expecting to find I had dreamed the other nights encounter and find he was in fact a nutter, but no. Once again :

him: ….That would be a great help, thanks.
me:Oh man you have no idea how much I was stressing about coming round and asking you
him: how come?
me: ach cause you read all this crap in the press about idiot neighbours
him: man if you’ve got a house with nice views like yours of course your gonna want to see them. And I’m not precious, it’s a freakin bush

I couldn’t help but laugh.

you: Oi. What’s your game?
me: what do you mean?
you: not you, him
him: what, me?
you: yeah you. Get your own blipper to converse with
him: I’ve never even heard of blip. What you talking about?
you: just get off my patch buddy
him: geez you read about these mental imaginary friends
you: who are you calling imaginary?
me: will you both settle down! You, stop giving my neighbour agro, him, I have no idea how you ended up in this conversation. sorry.

Sep 1 2010

Wednesday 1 September 2010: pretty flowers

Oh dear, the pocket camera seriously struggled with this one. "Black granite and light flowers? what do you expect me to do with that?" appears to be the question it has asked of me here.

Whatever. It brought a smile to my face to see the handlebars festooned with flowers. Buddleia and the kind my sis had at her wedding (in a different colour) but which I cant remeber the name of.

Decent night at the boozer tonight. Napoleon is back from canadia, though 66% alseep. White lightening was there too, and colin.

you: nope I don’t recognise the flower at the moment either
me: naw, but it is on the tip of my tongue.
you: I saw in the news 500 SL’ers are being made redundant. you safe?
me: yup. Much a-do about nothing for my area, not so nice for the 500 who are affected
you: for sure.
me Aye, if you didn’t want voluntary, that would suck. Reasonable redundancy package though
you: 2 weeks per year worked?
me: naw 4
you: I guess that would tide you over till you found a new job
me: lets hope so for those it affects eh.
you: back to hope from yesterday already….