Aug 31 2010

Tuesday 31 August 2010: You gotta have it.

Hope, that is. Saw this on some steps yesterday so went back to blip it today. It’s nice to have a bit of hope sometimes. Like I hope I win the lottery. And I hope one day I’ll have a yacht. Actually I think one is probably directly related to the other, so maybe that’s just one ‘hope’. They/that are/is a pretty selfish use of hope I suppose. So I hope they get the Chilean miners out safely.

Finally managed to catch the neighbour in tonight to ask him about cutting his trees back. I hoped he wasn’t going to be a nutter

you: but he was wasn’t he. A nutter I mean. He said if you touched his trees he’d kneecap you
me: nope
you: well he said he’d key your car
me: nope
you: aw come on, I’m losing hope here.
me: he actually said "that would be a great help, thank you"
you: aw I was hoping for a bit of neighbourly agro
me: I don’t like you very much sometimes.
you: ach you know I don’t mean it.
me: aye I suppose. If only mum and dad’s neighbours were half as reasonable. B@rstew@rds.

Aug 30 2010

Monday 30 August 2010: Best seats in the house.

If we had been any further round we would have been behind the stage! This was our view of John Bishop tonight. It didn’t really matter. It was still great fun.

Had to get the train home after work to do a house viewing for a couple that seemed about as interested in buying the place as they would have been in me offering to burn their hair off with a flame thrower. What a waste of time. Then had to get the train back through to town to meet magoo and jenelope. Would have been much better if I could just have met them after work.

We went for tea at what was monster mash, but isn’t any more, but is run by the same folk I think, and sells monster mash sausages mash and gravy. So monster mash by another name basically. Mums or something. Twas awright.

I was seeing double for the whole show, it was very strange. There was just a ghost image of John Bishop the whole time.

you: had you had a few jars before hand?
me: nope, a vanilla milkshake and a pint of cider. Would have been good if I could have blamed the double vision on booze
you: Sounds a bit off. Have you still got it now?
me: well I’m looking at the screen and there is only one of anything
you: just blame the theatre lights then
me: yeah, we’ll go with that shall we.
you: I would

Aug 29 2010

Sunday 29 August 2010: Hopetoun House.

Visited Hopetoun House this afternoon and went a wander round it’s extensive grounds with the missus. And a very nice afternoon it was too.

Went for a cuppa and a scone in the tearooms, which were in converted stables. It was a massive room with really high ceilings, but it was roasting. The lass working there looked a bit bemused when I asked how they heated the place.

Been round to the ’sort of neighbour’ twice this afternoon to ask if he minds if I take the tops out of the trees at his fence, as has been done in the past, before they get too big. Both times I have heard him moving about, once the front door was wide open, but he doesn’t answer. Odd.

Jenelope and Magoo are on their way up. We’re off to see John Bishop tomorrow night.

you: No wonder she looked bemused. What a weird question to ask
me: that’s what the missus said. I was just interested. It was really warm but there was no visible means of heating the room
you: you need to get some more interesting interests. No MW2 today?
me: yeah a few games, and a few level ups.
you: this has all the hallmarks of an addiction in the making
me: perhaps.
you: you gonna get the house tidied up for jenelope arriving?
me: naw I’m gonna go and do a bit of exercise.
you: well aren’t you just the ultimate host?

-aghhh. curse ctrl+c.
-oh, and backblipped for yesterday.

Aug 28 2010

Saturday 28 August 2010: Mmmm, that was better than ‘felix’ ….

…(other brands of cat food are available).

Today has been a day of 2 things. Modern Warfare 2. And hard drives. Lots of both. Probably more MW2 than anything. I’m going to have trouble sleeping I reckon, every time I shut my eyes I’ll be seeing men in camo’ running at me with machine guns.

Just watched some junk tv tonight, and now I reckon I can fit in one more game of MW2. Level 30 here I come.

you: I thought you had high hopes for a productive weekend this weekend
me: Yeah I did. I had all sorts of plans. Sorting out my hard drives was one of them
you: ooh exiting. You really are a party animal
me: yeah yeah whatever. Modern Warfare has killed off all my other plans now though.
you: the missus not getting sick of you playing it all the time?
me: aye, as it happens. She now refers to my room as the room of death
you: time to stop playing then I reckon.
me: yeah…..right after this game.

Aug 27 2010

Friday 27 August 2010: Going nowhere fast

Had to wait in on my new toy arriving today. The courier was DPD, and their website gives you an hourly slot. Very impressed. That’s twice I’ve been impressed with a courier company in the last fortnight. Fedex gave me a call on my moby when I wasn’t in to ask if there was somewhere safe I didn’t mind them leaving the parcel. Finally, they’re learning about customer service

Went through to town for a wander up the high street. Alternative shots for today were :
yeah I’m a bloke wearing makeup. What of it?
All very well but it’s not gonna get my windows cleaned.
Have a break, have a …..ribena?
Amy Perkins
Work in progress
Something I said?
Take a look and lemme know if you think I chose the wrong one.

On the train back there were some teenage lassies talking rather loud
her1: Yeah I don’t really know countries. Just my own.
her2: And Australia
her1: Oh yeah I know Australia too
her2: Sydney is Australia’s capital isn’t it?
her1: No, a lot of people think that but it’s actually Cumbria.

you: HAHAH
me: at last we agree on something

Aug 26 2010

Thursday 26 August 2010: Zambezi Express

I’ve seen these guys standing at the corner of Princes St and Waverly a few times now, and every time they sound awesome. I remember hearing them last year too, and loving them then. They are always smiling, and appear to love what they do for a living. Isn’t that a novel idea? I reckon if you can watch and listen to these dudes singing and dancing without cracking a smile or tapping a foot there is a fair chance you are a serial killer in the making or slightly disturbed in some other way.

Great night at the climbing again tonight. Started to push myself more this last couple of weeks, and I’m loving it.

Molly has been allowed to start exploring the rest of the house, I foresee the new couches being destroyed.

you: bit of a hard line suggesting if someone doesn’t like the zambezi express they are probably a serial killer. That’s like someone saying you must be a serial killer because you don’t like free form jazz.
me: but that’s different because free form jazz is rubbish
you: but that’s your opinion, don’t you see it’s the same thing?
me: no, it’s not my opinion, it’s fact
you: no! It’s your opinion
me: ok, it may be my opinion. But my opinion just so happens to be fact
you: i give up
me: yeah just you slink off into your corner and play some random notes on your saxaphone for 3 hours and call it music
you: fine. I will.

Aug 25 2010

Wednesday 25 August 2010: The study continues

you: aw come off it. We’ve already had this here and here
me: Yeah I know, but as I said, it’s part of my study into how the light decreases in the northern hemisphere as the year wears on
you: and what have you decuced from this study?
me: well, this shot was taken half an hour earlier than the other 2, so the nights are certainly drawing in
you: well done einstein. Anything else?
me: yeah the number 33 runs pretty well to schedule
you: certainly appears to.
me: Yup, and my final observation is that in a week or two I’m gonna need to look out my bike lights
you: It would appear that winter is well and truly here.

Aug 24 2010

Tuesday 24 August 2010: If you can afford the car….

….I dare say you can afford the fine. Just a quick wander at lunchtime and spotted this beautiful car about to get a ticket. I love maserati’s, I think they are awesome looking cars.

And that, I’m afraid is it for today.

you: Blimey, short one tonight.
me: yeah, been a quiet one. Just watched a bit of the touring cars from the weekend and that’s about it
you: thought you were a rally fan?
me: oh yeah, watched the german rally last night. Loeb won again. 8 times in a row, which is a record for any rally event on the WRC.
you: yeah that man’s a machine. Awesome.
me: too right.
you: any weird and disgusting leftover food combos for tea tonight?
me: Nope, chicken and veg.
you: how very normal.

Aug 23 2010

Monday 23 August 2010: Crossed the line

I always wonder how lone shoes appear on streets. Ok I can maybe understand if you are on a street littered with bars and clubs and it’s 3 in the morning. But 8 in the morning on a quiet back lane, I’m not so sure. Did he step on this line and blow up? Did the rest of him including his right shoe fall down through the grating? Was he abducted by aliens? Who knows.

Fairly grey day today. We did however get another viewer for the house. A young couple looking for their first house. Fingers crossed ours is just what they were looking for. Although they looked at 6 today and are looking at 4 tomorrow, so by the sounds of it we have some competition

you: another viewer, cool
me: yeah, and we have another booked in for sunday
you: well it’s not a steady stream of viewers, but a trickle perhaps
me: aye, and better than we had for months in a row.
you: much else happen?
me: not really. I finished off a fair bit of leftover bbq stuff for tea. 2 sausages, 2 burgers, a pile of potato salad, tomatos, salsa, bread, cheese, coleslaw….
you: mmm, healthy….

Aug 22 2010

Sunday 22 August 2010: 18

So all the visitors have gone home now, we have the house to ourselves. BBQ was really good last night. Our consumption of the beer from yesterdays blip was embarrasing though. 4. 4 bottles. That’s all I had. I did my usual silly trick of eating too much and then feeling rubbish. When will I learn? It was a very good bbq though :-)

Played a game of outburst. I have never seen such a blatant cheat as the missus’ uncle. He just kept moving the girls piece on the board in the wrong direction. It was very funny….but I did pick keep picking him up on it. In the end we won without cheating. The best way I feel.

Just went a wee wander with the missus and that was about it today.

you: ooh get you on your moral ‘no cheating for me’ high horse.
me: ha, had I had more to drink I might have let it slide
you: pretty poor show on the beer consumption
me: yeah, not good. Especially with a few stag do’s on the way. Think I need to spend some serious time in the boozer as part of a training regime
you: oh aye, any excuse. What’s the title of this blip about?
me: ah I was messing about on my trials bike again. Managed 18 rear wheel hops.
you: a slight improvement over your previous 16
me: yeah i was sure I was going to break 20….but lost concentration and it went wrong
you: try, try, try, or you’ll never get to catch that fly, as one of the spider songs goes
me: I’m sure that’s relevant somehow.

Aug 21 2010

Saturday 21 August 2010: Beer? Check. Power tools? Check….

….what a perfect combination. Let’s do some damage!

Meant to be having a bbq today for the missus’ mum’s 65th. Some of her relatives are coming down too. Unfortunately it’s pretty windy and the weather isn’t the best, so I reckon the bbq will be in the garage. Anyway, getting the blip out of the way early today.

Woke up with a pounding headache. I don’t do headaches. Gone now though, I reckon it was dehydration.

Bought 250m of cling film

you: I’m not sure why you made that last point?
me: because I reckon it will last us years, and by mentioning it here I can look back when it runs out and see how long it lasted
you: some of the things you do worry me. Could you not just have written the date on it?
me: oh I did that too.
you: ok, cling film, and your lawn clippings from last week. Not good blip topics.
me: ok I’m learning.
you: I notice you didn’t feel the san miguel was beery enough, and hid it in the background.
you: nice spot!

Aug 20 2010

Friday 20 August 2010: But I only needed one.

In fact I didn’t need any, as I already bought 5 of them (again when I only needed one). But could I find the remainder? Could I b*ll*cks! So I ended up buying more. It’s not like I’ve spent more than a couple of quid total, but it doesn’t half wind me up that I can’t find the first lot.

Set up some motion sensing lamps inside the garage today which will make things a lot easier come winter time. Also set up my new pillar drill. Lidl is my friend.

Had a really nice meal out last night. Back in Pierres. Then sat up with the bro-in-law, watching shopping channels and shouting at them…in between bits of lethal weapon 3.

Cheers for all the comments on yesterdays blip.

you: cava last night and lidl today. Has the recession finally hit you?
me: I love the weekly specials lidl and aldi do. Especially the tools. Ok they wouldn’t stand up to a whole lot of professional abuse, but the one time I need a pillar drill, or a bench vice, or an sds hammer drill with a 600mm long 22mm masonry bit, I’m gonna be well sorted
you: I guess so. It is very annoying trying to do a job when you haven’t the right tools.
me: exactly!
you: I’m not entirely sure what you are ever going to use such a big drill bit for though
me: no, I’m not so sure myself. But if I didn’t have it, I’d need it.
you: that could be quite an expensive habbit, being prepared for any eventuality
me: yes indeedy….hence I get a lot of tools from lidl
you: fair do’s.

Aug 19 2010

Thursday 19 August 2010: lollipop, lollipop, mmmm lolly……..

lolly, lolly lollipop – pop, de-dum-dum-dum.

Super quick wander up the to see what was happening at the royal mile again today. Not a lot new. This is one of the clockwork orange performers. None of the super scary guys were there today so I grabbed this photo as I wandered past. All the info is there on the orange. You hadn’t noticed the orange had you? Other shots for today were
yay! manga!
let’s dance

Woo hoo it’s the weekend! Off out for tea tonight for the missus’ mum’s 65th. Looking forward to it.

you: eating out again?!
me: yeah, seems to be happening a lot
you: you’re in a rush aren’t you
me: yup – i’m gonna get shouted at, the cava has just been popped
you: cava? slumming it eh?
me: it appears so

Aug 18 2010

Wednesday 18 August 2010: You’ve served me well

Climbing tonight. Once again climbing on a wednesday has thrown me out of sync. Wasn’t quite as good as last week tonight, still good though. Need to get some new climbing shoes as these ones are starting to get a bit worn on the toes. I think boreal have stopped making this model, but hopefully can find some old stock online

Went a wander with AW at lunch. He got his missus a new pet rabbit (not that kind!) called Nemo. The poor thing is gonna be well confused. Am I a fish? Am I rabbit? Who am I?

The bloomin’ motorway junction I needed was shut on the way home. Aggghh. How very annoying.

you: I reckon you’re just gonna have to get used to climing on a wednesday, you can’t keep saying it confuses you
me: but it helps explain away my permanent state of confusion, at least one day a week
you: now it all becomes a bit clearer.

Aug 17 2010

Tuesday 17 August 2010: No. I refuse….

…to play in the fashion you want me to. Instead I shall play on this new climbing frame you have provided. muh-ha-ha-ha

Today turned out to be pretty hot and sunny, so once again the weather forecast was a mile out.

Wandered up to castle photographic today on the mound. That’s the third time I’ve been in that shop and the third time the dude has p’d me off. I won’t be returning. He just seems to be sooo unhelpful, with me at least. "Hi, I’m looking to get a canon 70-200 f2.8, the non IS version, is that something you stock or could get in?", "we’d have to order that in", "do you know what sort of price you might be able to do it for?", "No. I’d have to check the computer"……awkward silence while I wonder if he is going to check the computer. He isn’t. I amble off. Annoyed.

you: they do say, never work with kids or pets.
me: and they are right
you: what else have you been up to today, apart from getting annoyed with shopkeepers
me: not a lot to be honest. I’ve looked at a lot of pro-photographers websites tonight, from a list I got out of a magazine
you: impressed?
me: hit and miss, some of their sites are tat. Some are absolutely awesome.

Aug 16 2010

Monday 16 August 2010: Come and see my show or the pooch gets eaten

Went a wander up the royal mile at lunchtime today to see what was happening. just the usual it would seem. The clockwork orange guys standing on their usual bollards, etc etc. Hadn’t seen this dude before though, Piff the Magic Dragon. Seems to be pretty well reviewed.

Couldn’t get out of bed this morning, just too tired all the time at the moment. Early to bed tonight I reckon.

PC is doing my head in, the hard drive is just chattering away all the time and slowing my pc up. I wouldn’t mind (well I would actually) but it’s the whole new system I built a month or two back

you: what do you do to your pc’s? They are always going wrong?
me: no idea. Just seem to have bad luck with hard drives.
you: reckon you’ll head up the mile again tomorrow?
me: aye, if there weather is decent. And with work the way it is I might not go back.
you: get yourself a costume and you’d fit right in
me: at work?
you: well no, I meant on the mile. But you could always wear it to work for a bit of fun.

todays blip rejects :
blip, done.
just take a left at the second burrow
stop takin’ my freakin’ photo

Aug 15 2010

Sunday 15 August 2010: What a day

Today’s weather has been utterly glorious. Just out of the blue, and totally unexpected. Got out on the bike, was just going to do my 15 mile loop as it was too hot, but once I got going I didn’t want to stop so I did my 30 mile loop instead. It was ace. A fair bit of relaxing in the garden with the bro-in-law too, just reading magazines

Mum, dad, and jenelope (that’s the last time the wee blighter gets a link, as she appears to have escaped from the clutches of blip before it got it’s claw’s in) stopped in on the way up to see the other sister and we had a lovely tea outside. The missus had made some more of her awesome cheese and chilli bread, and this was the first time it had been sampled by a non-spousal consumer. It went down a treat so she is well pleased.

you: the photo doesn’t exactly reflect the fact you’ve had a great day
me: very true. I’m not overly keen on it myself. But I’m tired
you: no excuses now. And ‘non-spousal’, not sure that’s a word
me: perhaps not, but I can’t think of a better way to say it.
you: ok, this pic is cack. It’s not even in focus…..hang on…..what just happened there?
me: I couldn’t do it. I couldn’t post the previous one, it annoyed me.
you: good. It annoyed me too. This isn’t much better, but at least it’s in focus. What is it?
me: a small jar of unlabeled green stuff. Mum claims it’s mint jelly. It looks suspiciously like cartoon poison to me though. She also brought me a bottle of grandma’s elderflower wine. Can’t wait to get fired in to that.
you: mmmmm, your grandma’s elderflower wine…..

Aug 14 2010

Saturday 14 August 2010: Shooo, fly (oh, you’re dead)

Woo hoo. My blip from yesterday made it to the spotlight page…..for all of about 10 minutes I think!

After the excitement and bustle of the royal mile yesterday, today I just hung about at home and did exciting things like cut the grass. 4 whole baskets of clippings

you: has it really come down to you telling us how many baskets of grass clippings you got?
me: mmm, it would appear so. That’s not good is it?
you: no.
me: but I usually only get 1 and a half
you: still not interesting.
me: oh…… Went out for tea to antonios with the in-laws and bro-in-law
you: marginally more interesting
me: and I nearly loaded the credit card with a canon 70-200mm f2.8
you: now we’re getting interesting. The IS version?
me: I cannae afford the non IS version, never mind that one.
you: I’m losing interest
me: don’t leave me here all alone…..

Aug 13 2010

Friday 13 August 2010: It’s not all fun and games you know

Went through to town at lunchtime and went for a bit of a wander with monochrome and steviefish up the royal mile. There were too many people for my liking, but then anything more than my immediate group tends to be too many.

Initially I felt uncomfortable taking photos of folk, but soon enough realised they don’t care, it’s all just promotion for them.

Didn’t like the clockwork orange folks, they scared the crap out of me. And it’s not a show i’d watch in a million years. I watched the first 20minutes of the film and realised it wasn’t for me. I did take a bunch of shots of them though, as they had interesting characters/costumes.

The wee dude in the blip was from the cast of an adaptation of oliver twist. Again not an adaptation I think I’d go and see. He won out over all the other shots of today.

The other candidates were :
me and my gal
I’ve got a ladder in my tights
the festival is just so tiring

Any opinions on if I chose the right shot?

you: So did you enjoy it in the end?
me: Aye i did actually. I stopped and watched a few acts and just wandered up and down looking for photo ops.
you: Do anything else today?
me: got out on the bike first thing, and took the car for a service. It needs £700+ of work
you: OUCH
me: Aye but it can just keep needing it. I’ve got my eye on a 70-200mm 2.8
you: hehe good choice.

Aug 12 2010

Thursday 12 August 2010: Like a monkey

you: this is an emergency blip if ever I saw one!
me: well, yes and no. I was climbing tonight
you: and?
me: the missus always asks if I climbed like a monkey when I get back
you: and?
me: this is a monkey, in a fruit ball.
you: ah, now I see the connection?
me: was that meant to be a question?
you: yes. Anyway, was climbing good?
me: aye it was ace tonight. Led a new 6b. That’s the upper limit of my ability at the moment. First time I attempted the route I finished it, well pleased
you: that means nothing to me, but I’m glad you’re happy
me: cheers. It was ace. Did loads of routes and came away buzzing. Awesome.

Aug 11 2010

Wednesday 11 August 2010: Poor old Spongebob

It would appear he has reached the end of his useful life. There was a bit of a crack down his side and coffee was leaking from it like tears. How very sad. It would also appear that I have resorted to blipping the office kitchen bin. That is also quite sad.

you: I’m not sure if it’s sad or strange
me: possibly a bit of both I guess
you: not at the boozer tonight?
me: Aye actually I was. We went to the Mercat for nachos, which were once again awesome.
you: I think they have just won some award or other haven’t they?
me: yup, edinburgh evening times pub of the year or something, although I can find nothing about it online.
you: And does it live up to it’s billing?
me: well the staff were friendly and helpful, and the nachos are awesome. The food took a bit long to arrive, but it was worth the wait
you: If you were served nachos in a toilet you’d be impressed
me: only if they were good nachos.

Aug 10 2010

Tuesday 10 August 2010: Introducing Molly(ie)

Meoowww, meooowww, meoowww…… ad infinitum, that’s all we hear. Poor we blighter is probably shouting on her mammy.

Anyway, this is the new addition to the house. Molly, or as I have said before, Mollie if you ask the missus. She was a captured stray, so is a bit on the wild side, in that as soon as you go near her she hisses. Very cute when she is playing with a ping pong ball. Quite a tricky wee blighter to photograph as she keeps hiding behind things….and moving….and shouting. Even when she is eating she has to shout.

Nowt much else to mention today. A good workout tonight and that’s about it.

you: awww cute.
me: aye for sure. If only she would shut up
you: how would you like to be taken away from yer mammy as a wee baby? You complain non stop as it is!
me: yeah fair point
you: not been up the royal mile with monochrome yet
me: naw, but next week I certainly aim to.
you: based on that blip can I come with you?

Aug 9 2010

Monday 9 August 2010: Looonnnng legs, tiny body

Good night tonight. Met Fat Pete for a few jars. And not just Fat Pete, but his new lass Ele. A new lass from the t’internet. And not in a seedy Thai bride internet way. A new lass through a mutual love of Bollywood. Who would have thunk it, a Scottish bloke and a German lass hitting it off through the medium of a bollywood forum. Getting on like a house on fire, meeting up and still getting on like a house on fire. Freakin’ awesome :-)

Got home and the new cat won’t shut up. How can something so wee make sooo muuuuchhh noiiisseee?! And that’s just a cat, not a screaming bairn.

you: seems to be a lot of repetition of letttteeerrrrssss tonight?
me: yeah, a semi drunk attempt at emphasis.
you: it doesn’t work.
me: thanks.
you: that wasn’t a compliment. Neither is ‘Fat’ Pete surely?
me: that’s his choice of name. And if you saw him you’d know
you: size of a house is he?
me: ehm, no. Actually, you wouldn’t know.

Aug 8 2010

Sunday 8 August 2010: Wrong

Had fun at The Teachers last night. A very enjoyable tea of lasagne and salad, followed by eton mess. Yum yum. Then we played balderdash. Had never played it before but it was good. Reckon it might have been about 50 pages of instructions short to be a viable game to play with Fat Mungo in the swamp though.

Today went and picked up our new kitten. Molly, or Mollie, depending on if you ask me or the missus. No blip of her as she is too scared of everything at the moment. I’ll wait until I can get her to sit still, in a non cowering position.

And I managed 16 hops on my trials bike. I was well pleased

you: so you’re still having a go at trials riding
me: yeah just occaisionaly.
you: what’s with the grapes?
me: The Teacher has a massive grapevine in his conservatory, which is competely laden with fruit.
you: Sweet!
me: No. Quite tart really. Not ripe yet.
you: Smart@ass! And the blip title?
me: Ach just not happy with the photo. I left it too late in the day and had no natural light left to play with .
you Doesn’t usually bother you
me: Well it did today.

Aug 7 2010

Saturday 7 August 2010: Shopping

This picture accurately depicts what I feel like when I go shopping. Sort of jumbled up, stressed out, and grey. It’s not even like we went shopping for long. I had to waste an hour while the missus got her hair done (and very nice it is too), so that was no problem, I had my camera. Then we went to time 4 thai for lunch, not bad, but dusit is in a different league I think. Then a grand total of about 10minutes in jenners and i instantly became tired, grumpy, and irratable.

To make matters worse because the festival is now in full swing princes street is a horrible place to be. Too many people, not enough space.

Going to The Teacher’s for tea tonight. Looking forward to that. But before we get there apparently I’ve to go to kinnaird park. I can feel the headache building already

you: you really are a moaning git sometimes
me: so you like shopping do you? At the busiest time of the year, other than, or perhaps even more than christmas?
you: well I wouldn’t go that far
me: aye, well, just you keep yer opinious to yourself today then eh
you: how very rude.

Aug 6 2010

Friday 6 August 2010: Champagne Friday

It’s been a while. Today was fairly poor. Not a lot happened. I leveled up a bit on MW2. Getting annoyed with it though, think I might go back to God Of War 3, or maybe get my hands on Mario Galaxy 2 for a bit of a change of pace.

The missus arrived back with some Green and Blacks white chocolate for me, which is awesome, some Maltesers for her, and a bottle of champers for us.

Bottle open. Blip taken. Now to settle down and watch the first episode of Sherlock, which seems to be getting some pretty rave reviews

you: champagne friday? what’s all that about?
me: ach a year or two ago the missus and I had a bottle of champagne almost ever friday of the year
you: sounds expensive
me: aye, it was, but we just called it champagne friday, and enjoyed it
you: sounds quite good actually
me: you’re welcome to join us, there is some left
you: get a glass out, I’ll be there in,…..oh, I already am.

Aug 5 2010

Thursday 5 August 2010: TURN IT DOWN

Why are there so many idiots? What is it that makes them think everyone else in the carriage/on the bus wants to listen to the $h1tty treble and excessive bass that is destroying their hearing and spilling out into the environment in equal measure? Do they realise that the $hitty bits of plastic that came with their premium music player probably cost less than 10p to make and do nothing for the music they are listening to, and that they are forcing everyone else to listen to?

The thing is I don’t think they even give it a second thought. Why? Because they are idiots. I hate it. I utterly detest having to hear it. I would say so to everyone on public transport if I didn’t think it would end up with me getting stabbed, or perhaps just verbal abuse. I did get to the end of my fuse one day and walked down to the other end of the carriage where the bloke was and told him I no longer wanted to listen to his music would he please turn it down. He did, but I also feared for my life based on the look I got.

At work I have now asked 5 people to turn their tunes down. These people aren’t idiots, they genuinely did not know that other people would be able to hear their music, so what chance do I have with genuine idiots. I couldn’t have sat and listened to it all day, I had to say something. And I’m glad I did. The fact I was able to do it by email, even though they sat next to me, somehow made it easier. Removing any possible confrontation. The fact that I got the name of someone wrong resulted in a bit of confusion "I’m not even listening to music and I don’t have an ipod". Oops. Sorry.

you: oof, bit of a rant today
me: yeah I know, sorry
you: no need to apologise, I’m with you on this one
me: I partly blame the manufacturers, if they would ship players with even cheap earbuds then that would reduce the amount of noise spilling out massively
you: yup. So what are your views on people that dont even bother with headphones?
me: oh man, don’t set me off again. There was some old dude with an iphone 4 watching yes prime minister on the train with no freakin headphones on yesterday. AGGGHHHH

Aug 4 2010

Wednesday 4 August 2010: Look familiar?

you: ehm, yes. It looks like you have just re-used last wednesday’s blip
me: eh, naw, it’s just part of my study of how light decreases in the northern hemisphere as the year wears on
you: you mean you left the boozer at the same time as last week and this is the best you could come up with?
me: well, eh, no, ehm, well yeah.
you: at least you show accurate timekeeping. That’s the same bus as last week!
me: so it is well spotted
you: good night tonight?
me: yeah, fat mungo was there for a bit, having started his new job this week. The Teacher was there. Colin, Napoleon and White lightning were there too. All good.

Aug 3 2010

Tuesday 3 August 2010: You’re looking the wrong way

What a wonderful composition. Eh, naw. More of an "I’m gonna miss my train, oh look there is a rainbow………runnnnnnnn"

And I am too tired tonight to come up with anything better. I am devoting tonight to Modern Warfare 2. Already ranked up a couple of levels. Maybe I’ll do a bit of exercise, maybe I won’t.

you: you rebel you. I bet you do do something in the form of exercise though.
me: aye, no doubt. I did have a strawberry icecream at lunch today
you: shocking
me: and a couple of chocolate biscuits
you: and you reckon you have the time to sit here talking to me? Lard@ss

Aug 2 2010

Monday 2 August 2010: ah’m gonnae eat you up.

Sometimes the prettiest things can be seriously scary. Take this blip for example. The mouth of one of the monsters from tremors? Nope, a pretty wee pink flower in the bunch I got for the living room at the weekend. Any particular reason it has to look so freakin scary close up? Another good example of pretty things that can be scary is my missus ;-p

Had 2 viewers at the house tonight. Yup, you read that right. 2 viewers! After 4 months with not a single viewing, I phone the solicitor and tell them what I think they should be doing, and within a week of it being done we have three viewers. Now that’s not coincidence. So why exactly am I paying them a ridiculous amount of money when I am doing their job for them? One of the photos in the schedule is even mine!

you: Wow you must be pretty pleased
me: Yer not wrong!
you: When was the third, you never mentioned that
me: Aye I forgot, it was last Thursday.
you: You reckon any of them will fire a bid in
me: Here’s hoping
you: I reckon yer gonna get a smack for your comment about yer missus
me: I think you might be right.

me: the slap just arrived.

Aug 1 2010

Sunday 1 August 2010: Camping. Done.

Just knackered today after camping out friday night. My boots were soaked when I got home yesterday after our mountaineering expedition, but I think they are wetter now than when I hung them out this morning.

No one came to view the house…again.

you: Not a very interesting day then?
me: naw, I got out for a wee cycle
you: at least you did something then
me: yeah, that’s the way I’m looking at it.
you: and your boots will probably dry better if you hang them out in dry weather
me: good point.