Jul 31 2010

Saturday 31 July 2010: Boz + stove fuel + ignition

Camping turned out to be a lot of fun. As I kind of thought it would. Boz had never given fire breathing a shot before, but decided 2 in the morning after copious amounts of booze was the perfect time to try. Who am I to argue, it got me my blip :-) Was super hard to expose for this as it only lasted a split second. And to top it off I was hammered. Pleased with the way it came out, shame the flame hasn’t got more detail in it though.

We were up till just about 6. It was full on daylight by the time we crashed. Topics of conversation varied from France banning the burka (how sophisticated are we) to singing "I am the music man, and I can play…." (how, eh, sophisticated are we). Beatboxing was a new one for the music man for me.

Today me, party boy, ham, and stu climbed a local hill. We came down what would best be described as a stupid route, basically picking our way down among cliffs and trees. Still, as PB said, it made you feel alive.

The drive home was slow, but I did see the best rainbow I have ever seen as I came off the motorway, so raced off to get a shot.

Totally knackered now. Time for some kip I reckon. The rest of the lads are still out camping. Looks like the weather might be a bit better than we had last night.

you: you had a go at the fire breathing too didn’t you?
me: amazingly no I didn’t. I was quite surprised at that myself
you: blimey. You must have done something dumb?
me: nope. nothing dumb, and I even managed to refrain from going skinny dipping in the loch
you: this doesn’t sound right. What were you drinking?
me: beer, and whisky.
you: you hate whisky!
me: I know. Strange times.
you: indeed

Jul 30 2010

Friday 30 July 2010: Nature’s refrigerator

What better way to cool a bottle of desperados than a loch in the highlands? The spot the lads chose last year for the camping (and which we are using again this year) is pretty sweet! It seems to be out of the way enough that the neds don’t use it, so there isn’t much litter.

Got the tent up, gathered a pile of firewood, got the fire going, and opened a beer. Then the fun started.

you: neds don’t go camping do they?
me: you’re kidding me right?
you: no. It’s not something I thought they would do
me: drive up into the trossachs any weekend and every conceivable spot next to loch lubnaig will have a tent on it.
me: at least they are getting out and enjoying the countryside.
me: aye it would all be well and good if they didn’t leave all their rubbish
you: yeah that’s a bit off
me: and didn’t just $hit all over the place
you: that is definitely off!
me: aye, take a bin bag for your rubbish and a shovel for yer $hit you freakin morons!

Jul 29 2010

Thursday 29 July 2010: Hills here I come

Tomorrow night I will be camping out under the stars in the hills that are in the distance of this shot. I hope the weather stays decent. Just grabbed this shot on the way back from tescos having spent 30 quid on doritos, pringles, and jaffacakes.

you: Camping? I didn’t think you liked camping?
me: I don’t. It sucks.
you: so why are you going?
me: cause it should be a good laugh. Going with the lads from the ski crew.
you: Nice balanced diet you are taking
me: there is beer too.
you: oh, well that makes it much more balanced ?!

Jul 28 2010

Wednesday 28 July 2010: the last rays

Good night at the boozer tonight. White Lightning, Napoleon and CM were there, and even the Teacher made an appearance! The Ghillie Dhu has stuck it’s prices up though, over £3 a pint, was well below that last time we were in. All we can hope is that they are planning on ripping off the festival trade then setting the prices back to the level we were so appreciative of before.

Got home and had a bowl of leftover cauliflower soup, with leftover cabbage and peas chucked in, and some of the missus’ chilli bread thrown in for good measure. Blimey it tasted good.

you: £3 a pint doesn’t sound so bad ya old skinflint!
me: yeah by when it was £2.70 or so last time thats quite a difference
you: 30p?!
me: 30p’s add up
you: blimey, next you’ll be saying "look after the pennies and the pounds will look after themselves"!
me: well, you’ve got to look after the pennies……
you: nnooooo

Jul 27 2010

Tuesday 27 July 2010: Everybody knows…..

…..Badger loves MASHED POTATO. (check out bodger and badger on youtube if you don’t know what I’m talking about). Was out standing quietly waiting to see what the sky would do when I heard something coming up the field…..a badger! I don’t remember ever having seen one in the wild, other than dead at the side of the road. Pretty cool. It didn’t see/hear/smell me for ages, then bolted. Then about 10 minutes later another one came trotting up!

So now I have some incentive to try and get my laser trigger for the camera up and running again, see if I can get a good badger shot. Stop sniggering.

Anyway I figured this wasn’t a bad view for the old cows when they are taking a drink

you: I loved bodger and badger
me: yeah it was pretty good. I dare say it has dated though
you: quality like that doesn’t date.
me: mmmm I dunno. I thought Ulysses 31 was the best thing ever made, till I saw it again recently and it wasn’t too hot.
you: I loved Ulysses 31
me: I think this conversation could get stuck in a loop.

Jul 26 2010

Monday 26 July 2010: Just a pea

Nothing more, nothing less.

Bit of a nothing day again today. Though I had my best game of MW2 yet, 9 kills, 14 deaths. Not great by any stretch of the imagination, but ok for a n00b.

About to watch Identity again. I don’t really like it but the missus thinks it’s ok. Now Keeley Hawes is a pretty lady, but the wardrobe department on this show ought to be strung up. She never looks anything less than the size of a house!

you: This has to be your worst blip yet!
me: I’m not gonna argue. But it’s a blip all the same
you: yeah but I question it’s worth
me: ok ok you don’t like it I get it. It’s just a journal entry for me then
you: and oh what an interesting life you lead!
the missus has just told me that my Keeley/house comment is a bit harsh. So Keeley, if you are reading this, I’m sorry. As I said you are a very pretty lady, but holy crap you look like a house in this show…..doh! I did it again. sorry.

Jul 25 2010

Sunday 25 July 2010: ’shroom

Through in the swamp last night for beers (interesting varieties), banter, pizza (extremely large ones) and the pre-requisite new swamp board game. This time it was Pandemic, and it was good, although we lost both times.

Just knackered today, no hangover.

Fixed the gutter that was the subject of the blip earlier in the week.

Had another open house viewing to which no one came….again.

And that’s about it really.

Oh, but the missus has made another batch of bread, and gingerbread. mmmm

you: yer always complaining about being tired these days.
me: I always seem to be tired, that’s why
you: well you ought to get to bed earlier.
me: thanks, dr you.

Jul 24 2010

Saturday 24 July 2010: Ah could crush you, like a wur-um

Just a line I remember from braveheart that seemed appropriate.

Out for tea last night with the parental units and the siblings and significant others for a surprise birthday tea for mu, Went to dusit, and it was superb. The food was delicious. In fact my main was awesome. As was the missus’ main, which I had half of. As was my mums dish….which I had a good chunk of……as was one of my sisters…….etc. Pudding was good too, although not what I expected. Nowhere did it say it was essentially a banana fritter.

There were some extremely annoying people in there though. Why is it that some freakin numpties appear to have absolutely no idea that they are being so loud that they are spoiling other peoples enjoyment. All of the staff were effectively giving them death stares and still they weren’t taking the hint. Grrr

New tyres on the car today. Always an expensive experience, but then owning a car is never anything but expense.

you: You sure they were being loud and it wasn’t just your low irritability threshold?
me: Oh no they were being loud. One of the girls appeared to find every syllable that came out of the mouths of her group utterly hilarious.
you: perhaps it was
me: even if it had been she didn’t have to SHOUT her laugh out.
you: oh that does sound annoying actually.
me: yeah. They left before we had pudding though, thankfully.

Jul 23 2010

Friday 23 July 2010: Better dead than alive.

I hate flys. I hate the noise they make flying. I hate the noise the make banging off of windows trying to get out. I hate the idea of them landing and gobbing on my food. I hate them in infant maggot form. I hate them. Hate hate hate.

Still they are pretty amazing things. But then so is most of the natural world.

you: That’s a lot of hate in there. Hate is a strong emotion you know
me: yeah but in this case it’s warranted
you: ok I’m going to agree with you on this one. I’m going to disagree on the most of the natural world being amazing though.
me: how come?
you: sea cucumbers
me: sea cucumbers?
you: yup. They are rubbish.
me: I have a funny feeling no matter what point I argue, I can’t win on this one.
you: You’re right. Sea Cucumbers. Rubbish. Fact.

Jul 22 2010

Thursday 22 July 2010: Cliché blip ahoy!

Rose? check. Vignette? check. Congratulations, we have ourselves a cliché blip.

Soooo tired today, which has resulted in me being in a foul mood. Which has resulted in barnies. Which is nice. Eh, naw.

you: You must always be tired?
me: why’s that?
you: well it’s not all that often you are in a good mood.
me: I think that’s a bit harsh.
you: did you do owt of interest today?
me: I bought more new music. This time Camera Obscura, as recommended by monochrome.
you: Oh I like them too! A bit like belle and sebastian
me: that’s the ones. Had a listen to monochrome’s shared music library at work, then went straight to fopp. result

Jul 21 2010

Wednesday 21 July 2010: STOP RAINING!!!!!

It has rained all afternoon, and is still raining now. The clouds don’t look dark enough to be holding the amount of water that is coming out of them! It’s not like it’s a wee bit of drizzle, it’s tipping down.

I was going to fix this gutter last weekend, but got distracted and didn’t (also known as couldn’t be bothered going to get the ladders).

Good climbing tonight. It was like we had our own private climbing wall. Thrown into disarray now though, because tomorrow should be friday.

you: why exactly should tomorrow be friday?
me: because I climb on a thursday
you: but it’s a wednesday, so your last statement is incorrect.
me: who made you the day police?
you: seems like you have a bit of a water theme going on in your blips
me: it wasn’t planned

Jul 20 2010

Tuesday 20 July 2010: Wrong side of the tracks

I still haven’t found my ‘go to’ spot for when the sky looks like it might turn nice. Was nice out tonight, maybe a bit too muggy. The car was saying 21 degrees when I was driving back up after this shot, and even now my weather station is saying 17.5. Time to get some windows open or I’ll never sleep. There were loads of bats out too. Cooool :-)

Bought some new albums today. I say new, one of them was released in 93. Pearl Jam vs. For some reason I always thought it was a camel on the front. It’s actually a sheep.

A good workout tonight. I can see it becoming addictive. After all the time I spent getting the consoles set up they’re not gettin’ much love.

you: not the right time of year for gaming though really is it?
me: I used to think that every time of year was gaming time
you: yer getting on a bit now though, and have realised there are more important things in life
me: what, like blip?
you: well, yeah. Duh!

Jul 19 2010

Monday 19 July 2010: Stop! Thief!…..

… yer hae’in a laff ain’t ya? Ya do realise yer in a fookn smart car? I could out run ya ya bam’.

Or that’s what a thief would probably say. The police were in the gardens, molesting some bloke. Or at least that’s what it looked like. One of them had a rubber glove on, and I’m sure he had his hand down the blokes kecks. Or at least that’s what it looked like. Not entirely sure what he was being accused of, although it was perhaps for stealing a high visibility jacket, which is what he was wearing. Not the best attire for a thief I wouldn’t have thought. I think they might have been about to arrest him. Or at least that’s what it looked like. Although where they were going to put him if they did I have no idea. Perhaps they carry a skateboard and a tow rope, and one of the bobbies gets a tow whenever they arrest someone, Back to the Future II stylee?

you: A lot of "or at least that’s what it looked like" in there
me: I thought that might help me avoid any legal ramifications of statements that turn out to be untrue in a court of law, in relation to the action of the officers in question and their actions
you: Seems to me that you are talkin’ $hite. Or at least that’s what it looks like.

Jul 18 2010

Sunday 18 July 2010: water fall

Took me ages getting any shots I liked. Still not sure I chose the right one, take a look at the others here if you want and let me know in the comments.

Just been a bit of a wander and done some cleaning so far. Not got many plans for the rest of the day I don’t think. So that’s it. Weekend over. Maybe I’ll play a bit more Red Dead Redemption. Not far into it yet, but so far am well impressed with the voice acting.

Oh, we finished the 1000 piece jigsaw we started on Friday. It was a Disney tea party one. Very mature of us. And there was a bit missing……agggghhhh

you: that’s what you get for doing jigsaws, nothing but disappointment
me: you’re not on about jigsaws again. Were you harmed in some way by a jigsaw as a child?
you: no.
me: you were pretty quick to answer there. Hit a nerve have I?
you: no.
me: and again…
you: ok ok I got 3 bits of jigsaw stuck up my nose when I was a kid
me: 3. impressive.

Jul 17 2010

Saturday 17 July 2010: Reasonable sunset. Terrible location.

Been a slow day today. Didn’t get up until 11. Then I don’t really know how the rest of the day passed. A bit of tidying. A bit of time on the rolling road on the bike. A bit of helping the missus with her latest jigsaw. Pizza from benny t’s for tea. Listened to Alan Carr and Melanie Sykes on the radio which is always worth a listen for a giggle. I love Melanie Sykes’ laugh, it sounds like they are having such a good time. Then out to try and grab a sunset.

you: woah, jigsaw’s, you really are rock n’roll.
me: ach whatever man, it passed the time.
you: so does watching paint dry, but I wouldn’t want to do it
me: some days you are just a pain in the ass.

Jul 16 2010

Friday 16 July 2010: Worst 100 quid i ever spent

Went through private healthcare about my back today. "There’s nothing can be done, it might be better in year or so". Well thank you very much Mr Specialist. And I had to get up early to drive through for the appointment.

Made gooseberry jam today. It tastes ace. Although I remember seeing mum make jam a dozen times I don’t think it ever quite sunk in how full of sugar it is. "Same weight of sugar as fruit" the recipe said. Eh, that must be a misprint surely. Apparently not. So basically jam is flavoured sugar pretty much. That’ll be why it’s so good then

you: bit of a jam fan then?
me: oh yeah, give me a pot of jam and a spoon and I’m a happy man
you: not really?
me: oh yeah jam’s great. No bread required And I just found out recently that dad does the same.
you: yer both weirdo’s then
me: don’t you talk about my dad like that, i’ll ‘ave you!
you: well I’ll set my dad on you
me: well my dad’s The Stone-man. So I win
you: fair do’s.

first time I’d messed about with gels on the flash, though it wasn’t gels. It was a cable packet out of the bin

Jul 15 2010

Thursday 15 July 2010: Dance monkey boy dance

I didn’t do any dancing, but this old lady was playing on rose st today, and I liked it. Reminded me of the Amélie soundtrack. Gave her 50p and she gave a massive smile and said thanks. So I stood and listened to her for a bit. I should have got a better photo, but I didn’t. Maybe I’ll blip her again.

Went for a climb tonight. First time in a while. All new routes at ratho and man we were struggling on everything! Have to try and get back in to a better routine of making it to one wall or another.

Saw a nice R8 on george st. It was going to be my blip until I found squeezebox lady. The R8 is one of the few cars the missus always says "can we have one of those" to when she sees me looking at them in evo. Maybe one day……

Got another go of driving Dr Rich’s porsche tonight. Love it.

you: bit car themed today no?
me: a wee bit I guess.
you: was the R8 the V8 or the V10
me: the V8, I was standing just by it when he fired it up. Lovely.
you: still a cheapskate though not going for the V10, a bit like yourself with your 50p donation!
me: oh yeah, and what do you drive exactly?
you: anything you can imagine.

Jul 14 2010

Wednesday 14 July 2010: This is summer?

What an utterly minging day! Holy crap, it’s just been horrible. Wind rain and fog from the moment I got up till the moment it got dark and i couldn’t see any more. I felt sorry for any tourists that are over here just now.

So this blip is of the home made bread I mentioned yesterday. It’s a shame I didn’t include anything to give a sense of scale, but this thing is roughly the size of a small planetoid! This is the second of them and it hasn’t been touched yet.

None of the usual crew could make it for a beer tonight, so I went with what appears to be a regular crew from work. Was a shame I couldn’t stay longer really, just had time for the one.

you: yer not wrong about the weather, it has been properly miserable.
me: aye, wish I could have stayed in bed
you: I did
me: how did you manage that when I was at work?
you: hmm yes that is a conundrum

Jul 13 2010

Tuesday 13 July 2010: Where’s the freakin sunset?

Went out tonight to get a sunset, looked like there would be a decent one, and there have been some crackers lately……and……nothing

Got home tonight and for the first time ever the house smelled of home made bread. Not made with a breadmaker. Made by hand. And it was delicious. Cheese and chilli bread. mmmmmm. Not sure how many the recipe was for, but we’ll be eating it for about a week.

you: can’t beat the smell of home made bread
me: you certainly can’t
you: maybe that’s why you haven’t sold your house, because it doesn’t smell nice?
me: no one has been to smell see it though
you: hmm there’s where your problem lies
me: you think?

Jul 12 2010

Monday 12 July 2010: Festival time

You know there has been a music festival on over the weekend when you arrive at St Andrews Square for work on Monday morning and it is full of wellie wearing, mud encrusted, rucksack toting revellers idiots. That’s a bit harsh actually. They are never any bother that I see. Mostly because they are utterly knackered. There were a few just asleep in the park. The bus-loads of them seemed to still be arriving at lunchtime.

The number of wellies that were abandoned on the street didn’t seem to increase after the morning though, so either the first people back to town weren’t wellie fans, or there was a dedicated wellie patrol put on by the council. I favour the latter.

Thought I had lost my new camera tonight, to the extent that I drove back down to the station to see if it was in the taxi I got back up home…..it wasn’t. But there it was lying on the bed…..where I looked before I went to the taxi rank!

you: taxi back up the road? You lazy git!
me: yeah, I know, but it looked like it was going to rain and I didn’t have my bike today.
you: ok I’ll let you off. So you don’t fancy going to a music festival then?
me: nope. I don’t want to be anywhere where there are the sort of folk that will happily pi$$ into an empty can of tennants and then throw it forward over the crowd in front.
you: perhaps that is just the media blowing things out of proportion?
me: perhaps, but I’m not taking that risk!

Jul 11 2010

Sunday 11 July 2010: Car boot sale?

This is a quick blip of the 1000 piece jigsaw the girls did yesterday, before it gets cleared away. It was entitled "I love car boot sales", though looking at it it’s not like any car boot sale I ever attended. Every other woman has stockings on show. Someone is being struck by lightning. There is a populated coffin for sale. And a stall that appears to be devoted to selling blow up dolls, many of which have blown away and appear all over the place in the jigsaw.

Bit of a nothing day today. Got a bit more cabling sorted out, it just seems to be dragging on now.

Watched a bit of top gear. They have the best jobs in the world.

you: maybe if car boots were like the one in the jigsaw they would be more popular
me: aye possibly. I was slightly surprised to find that I couldn’t spot my grandma having made it in to the picture selling tablet and treacle toffee
you: yeah I thought she was synonymous with car boot sale.
me: me too.

Jul 10 2010

Saturday 10 July 2010: blurg

so my month off the booze came to a cataclysmic end last night. A nine hour, 12 or so pint, 50 quid type cataclysm. We left the Ghillie Dhu just before 3am. Actually Napoleon was thrown out. We don’t know why (him included). He also doesn’t know why his shirt was on outside in yet fully buttoned up when he woke up this morning having fallen asleep on the couch.

I think it took us a long time to walk home. And I walked into a lamp post. It’s a while since I’ve done that. Today has essentially been a write off. Met Napoleon in a greasy spoon for a full fry up. That was a bad idea. I got the sweats half way through and had to leave.

Realised I had lost my train pass. Got the moby out, googled ghillie dhu, dialled the number from the web page, bingo, they had it. Mobiles and web access just make life so easy.

Played a bit of modern warfare, had a nap, walked around in my usual half folded over hang over position, generally felt rotten and wondered why we do it to ourselves.

Just had a sumo take away and now all is well, except I’m properly knackered.

Oh, and the girls did a 1000 piece jigsaw today

you: you walked into a lamp post?
me: well, it was more of a sign post I think
you: and this is something you have done before?
me: ehm, just the once..or maybe twice.
you: can’t say I’ve ever done that myself
me: ooh get you and your superior skills
you: don’t be smart with me boy.

Jul 9 2010

Friday 9 July 2010: Booze free month complete

So to celebrate I was out with Napoleon, White Lightning and The Teacher….and had about a months worth of booze. We went for a monster mash too. Was decent. Chilli mash was pretty hot.

Felt like a bit of a lazy day, didn’t get up to much until heading through to town to meet the boys. I did manage to get a bit more of my cabling sorted out though.

Our visitor went on a shopping spree in Edinburgh and spent a small fortune.

you: what was yer visitor shopping for
me: all sorts. Shoes, tops, bags.
you: no technology? sounds like a failed trip to me
me:: I quite agree

Jul 8 2010

Thursday 8 July 2010: Busy girls.

You might think from the title that I have some young siblings I have never mentioned before, or maybe had some kids visiting. But no, the ‘girls’ in question are both 33. I got home to find the house smelling (pretty good actually) of ginger, they were in the process of making gingerbread men. I left, and came back an hour later and they were decorating aforementioned gingerbread men (well, men, animals, shapes).

These three are from their "Animals that want to be other animals" range. So we have a hippo that wants to be a zebra. A hippo that wants to be a bee (my fave). And finally an elephant that wants to be a tiger

you: but did they taste any good?
me: oh yeah. I think they are laced with cocaine, or some other addictive substance, as I have eaten almost my weight in them tonight.
you: any other ranges?
me: yup, there were the evil animals range, the superhero/men in pants range, and of course the insults aimed at me range
you: hey I’ve got copyright on all insults aimed at you
me: take it up with them

Jul 7 2010

Wednesday 7 July 2010: Gerbera… I think

Forgot to mention that Em arrived yesterday. She very kindly came up to spend some time with the missus since they both missed out on their trip to turkey. When they went shopping they picked up some flowers, hence the blip.

For the first time since we moved house I wasn’t in charge of tea, Em cooked us a lasagne, and bl00dy good it was too. 2 Lasagne in a week. Can’t be bad.

you:which was better
me: I think I preferred Em’s, cause we had a bit of salad with it too and it just made it a better meal.
you: I knew you’d claim that.
me: it’s the truth

Jul 6 2010

Tuesday 6 July 2010: Aye, I’m dressed in pink space armour. What you go

Bit of an emergency blip. This wee dude sits on my desk. I painted him years ago. Not sure why I chose the colour scheme, but I still like it.

you: He has skulls on chains, and a skull face, but you put him in pink?
me: hey just because he is a cold hearted killer doesn’t mean he hasn’t got a feminine side
you: but…… pink?

Jul 5 2010

Monday 5 July 2010: Waiting.

Today wasn’t the satisfactory end we had hoped for. In fact it was distinctly unsatisfactory. Spent 2 hours waiting in this room, and more hours waiting in other rooms The contents of the room would have been perfect for constructing some sort of armoured vehicle, if only I had been a member of the A-Team.

Had a nice lasagne for lunch, that was the highlight of the day.

you: If you were a member of the a-team who would you be?
me: Murdoch i think. I would love to be able to fly a helicopter.
you: I’d be Face, he got all the ladies.
me : It was all just a front, he was in love with B.A

Jul 4 2010

Sunday 4 July 2010: I want to be a seagull

Today has been non stop, from first thing in the morning till an hour ago. Spent half the day in the loft, entered through a new loft hatch I made today – that wasn’t planned! And all for the sake of tidy cables. Pleased with the result.

It has been properly windy here today. My weather station has recorded the highest gust speed since we moved, 49.2mph. And that was at 16:22. It did feel windy then, could feel the house move. Thankfully it has died down now, and the ridges are still on the old house. So I might get a decent nights kip.

Hopefully tomorrow will bring a satisfactory (or as good as it can be) end to the last few days of cr@p.

you: a seagull? Why?
me: because I was watching them today in the gales. They just looked to be having so much fun
you: you sure they weren’t just being blown past the window?
me: naw, they were in complete control, and it looked awesome.

Jul 3 2010

Saturday 3 July 2010: When I were a lad…..(2)

So as I was drinking yesterdays blip I noticed on the bottle top that you now get 30p for returning the bottle. I am sure when I was a bairn it was 10p. I remember going along the hedgerows looking for bottles the fishermen had chucked away. I must have made all of £2 over 20 years :-)

When we moved out of our flat at uni the bottles were worth 20p. We took all the ones we had stored up back, and had nearly 90 quids worth! That’s a lot of bottles. The majority were The Teachers.

Kept busy today. Tidied the house, very nearly finished my garage project, went a wee wander. Tonight we’re gonna get a sumo takeaway and watch a film.

you: 90 quids worth of fizzy juice bottles?! Did you have any teeth left?
me: hehe well yeah I have most of mine, but I have had a lot of problems with them.
you: No wonder. Looks like Scotland has been at the forefront of recycling for a lot of years
me: yeah I had never thought of it like that. Nice work Barr.

Jul 2 2010

Friday 2 July 2010: Crap day best forgotten

Not a good day :-(

Got a bottle of cream soda to cheer myself up seeing as I am still off the beers. It reminded me of when I lived in Tilli. I was studying for my finals and wandered out to get a bottle of juice. I was walking back up the high street swigging from the bottle when a wee ned of about 7 or 8 years old shouted from his upstairs window "eugh, cream soda tastes like sp*unk". I couldn’t keep a straight face. So thank you young tillicoultry ned. You made me smile then, and you have made me smile now.

you: what was up with the day?
me: it was just bad dude. Don’t want to talk about it.
you: yer ok though?
me: aye, dinnae worry.

Jul 1 2010

Thursday 1 July 2010: Money maker

I am positive these fellas make a fortune during the festival period. Whenever I go past there are loads of tourists round them, and there seems to be quite a collection of golden tokens, as well as the odd bit of paper based money. All tax free as well. Lucky. Must be hot standing out in the summer sun (when it appears) in all that gear mind you.

you: not thinking of a change of career are you
me: naw, but sometimes I think if they had a someone doing a sword dance with them they could rake in even more cash
you: get yer kilt fired on and give it a go
me: hmmm, mebbie not. Last time I did a sword dance I was about 5. The sisters are kick @ss at it though.

just missed a freakin awesome sunset as I couldnt tear myself away from modern warfare 2. Idiot.