Jun 30 2010

Wednesday 30 June 2010: blurrycam

Was just messing about in the menus of the new camera while sitting outside the boozer waiting on Napoleon to show, and accidentally triggered the shutter, hence the blurrycam and random composition. Shame the person wasn’t a bit further into the frame, and about the big blown out area of sky, but for some reason I still quite liked it.

you: been a while since you’ve mentioned being in the boozer. You feeling ok?
me: been a while since I was in the boozer.
you: jump back!
me: seriously. A week on friday and it’ll be a month since I had any alcoholic beverage of any kind
me: no, for real.
you: your only doing this cause yer mum was worried you were turning in to an alky aren’t you
me: pretty much. But it’s dead easy. Although the lone bottle of desperados in the fridge would have been mighty tasty to have had while sitting in the sunshine last week.
you: mmm, desperados, can I have it?
me: not a chance buddy.

Jun 29 2010

Tuesday 29 June 2010: First shot with new camera

It’s a half tradition that I have the the first picture I take with a new camera or lens is of my desk. I’m not going to be pretend to be impressed with this new bit of kit, because I’m not. It is dinky though, so at least I can always have it in my pocket. And because it has a wee bit of built in memory at least I’ll never have the "no memory card" annoyance I had today….again

you: you cant really expect a camera that you paid 40 quid for to compete with your dslr with a lens costing more than ten times the new camera strapped to the front!
me: I can if I want!
you: why did you even buy it?
me: because this review seemed decent
you: hmmm, yeah it does. I think you place to much importance on magazine reviews
me: what else can you go on though?

Jun 28 2010

Monday 28 June 2010: 7 years of marriage….

…..and all I got was this lousy t-shirt. Except I didn’t get a t-shirt. Still, I’ve got the missus, a fair trade I reckon. Thats nearly 15 years we’ve been together now. Pretty sweet. Just went out for a bit of tea, then watched the last few episodes of brothers and sisters. Nnnnnooooooooooo! As I said to the missus, this will be an anniversary to remember!

Just more windows without a view I’m afraid. I took one picture today, and this is it.

you: congratulations on the wedding anniversary
me: cheers
you: although I’ve no idea why she has stuck with you this long.

Jun 27 2010

Sunday 27 June 2010: HOwwwwwwwllll (wolf noise)

Seems to have been a lot of moon activity on blip today. Apparently there was a lunar eclipse over in the states. Whatever, the moon was super orange last night. I wanted to catch it just above the trees but there was a bank of cloud and I was too early for today anyway…then I got distracted playing god of war. The ol’ moon doesn’t half move quick. So at half past midnight this is the earliest I have taken a blip

Another day of zero viewings at the old house. Please, someone, just buy my house :-(

In the 2 hours I was up there I went through the entire toolstation catalogue, with my laptop on my, er, lap, buying things I wanted. This has been an expensive weekend and I haven’t even left the house!

you: what on earth have you been buying this weekend?
me: most expensive thing was £40, another camera, a wee point and shoot fuji finePix Z20fd. I’m not expecting miracles, but it should be ok for emergency blips
you: ok I’ll let you off with a camera. What else?
me: just a lot of sub £10 things, and a £20 car jack
you: and is your room finally tidy?
me: well the missus came in and said "wow, I can see the floor"
you: progress I suppose.

Jun 26 2010

Saturday 26 June 2010: Free range

Well, at least I know the place that delivers my eggs is free range. Either that or they buy them at a supermarket and stick straw a crap on. There are some of the wee red dudes in shot, gives a good sense of scale and the level of magnification in this blip

Spent most of the day trying to get my study sorted. The consoles are meant to be getting hidden away but the 10m component cable seems to act like an aerial and messes up the picture. Very annoying. Tried cutting it down and re-soldering the connections but that didn’t help. Seem to have spent a fortune on ebay today. Extension cables for dreamcast controllers anyone? Yes please I’ll take 2.

Went out to do my 12 mile loop and wussed out because I decided I couldn’t be bothered cycling in quite a strong wind.

you: strong wind? ya wee liar. It was a moderate breeze at most
me: either way, I didn’t want to cycle in it for 45 mins
you: and buying stuff for your dreamcast, you are aware it has been out of production for like ten years?
me: yeah, but it’s still a nice bit of kit. I love space channel 5
you: you could play it on the ps2
me: it wouldn’t feel right.

Jun 25 2010

Friday 25 June 2010: I’m a lumberjack, and I’m ok

Had to chop a tree down today. The neighbours up at the old house had complained about it in the past, and complained about it again recently. To be fair it was starting to get a bit of a lean on it…..over their cars. I probably wouldn’t have been keen on it hanging over my car in a storm either. I like trees though, so I didn’t particularly enjoy cutting it down. So to say sorry to the tree I thought I’d record it on blip.

Went climbing in the afternoon. First time in months, because of my back. It didn’t seem to increase the pain from my back, so that’s a good thing.

Time for a bit of God of War 3 I’m thinking.

you: "I like trees" ? you don’t half come out with some weird stuff sometimes!
me: what’s weird about that? I do like trees. And sunsets. And jam.
you: any particular jam?
me: nope, any jar of jam will do.
you: ok so you are placing jam, on the same level as sunrises? Think you might be alone on that one.

Jun 24 2010

Thursday 24 June 2010: Graduation day.

Jenelope’s graduation day to be precise. So as a result mum, dad, and grandma were up in brechin staying with the other sis, went to the graduation, and then came to ours on the way home and we went out for tea with them, Jenelope and Magoo. Went to Pierres…..again! Think that’ll have to do us with visiting there for a while or we’ll get burnout.

you: congrats Jenelope.
me: yeah well done Jenelope.
you: so this is the blip you were talking about the other night?
me: yup.
you: whoopee, you bought yourself a new keyboard to go with the new pc you built the other month. Aren’t you clever.
me: eh, naw, it’s the new keyboard that goes with the new pc I bought…..on monday.
you: you are freakin insane!

Jun 23 2010

Wednesday 23 June 2010: Driving shoes?

Weird place to keep them. These shoes were just randomly sitting on the roof of a car parked in a random location when I went for a wee wander at lunch.

Nowt much to report today. Just been tinkering with the ps3 and my other new toy.

you: this blip is in no way related to yesterdays, making your comment yesterday meaningless
me: yeah I know, but this wasn’t the blip I had planned. Maybe that’ll be tomorrows
you: haha, you’re trying to tell me you have the ability to plan a day in the future?

Jun 22 2010

Tuesday 22 June 2010: New toys

I finally got round to getting a PS3, for one specific game. God of War 3. I just played a bit of it last night, and it looks pretty sweet. Unfortunately it’s resulted in a pretty unoriginal blip.

Today was yet another cracking day! St Andrews Square was pretty busy at lunchtime. Was good to catch up with mr briggs for a bit of a blether.

Was very excited to see my 100th blip yesterday made the spotlight page though. Cheers to all the peeps that stopped by to comment

you: another new toy?
me: what’s that meant to mean? It’s ages since I bought myself anything!
you: eh, hang on, I seem to recall you buying a new bike not that long ago
me: well yeah, but that’s all in ages
you: ehm, and building yourself a new pc
me: oh, yeah, there was that
you: and buying yourself a 40" telly for your study
me: mmmm, you’ve got me there
you: I think you ought to seek professional help for your compulsive shopping
me: hmmm, your gonna love what I blip tomorrow then
you: oh dear.

Jun 21 2010

Monday 21 June 2010: Target reached.

So there we go. 100 in a row.

you: Not like you to stick at something for so long
me: well 100 days isn’t long compared to some blippers
you: no, but I’m trying to give you a bit of credit here
me: yeah sorry, that’s what confused me.
you: so you gonna keep it up?
me: yeah I think i’ll see if I can hit 365
you: I’m just off to the bookies to bet on you not making it
me: I knew the ‘giving you credit’ approach wouldn’t last long
you: I just want to see a 365 version of this blip.
me: eh, naw, it was enough hassle dealing with 100 shots and compositing them
you: any particular reason you have used capital i’s throughout?
me: no, other than my reader didn’t seem to like the pdf I created.
you: you couldn’t just have taken one shot of a blank screen and put the text on in paint.net?
me: well, I suppose I could have
you: but you didn’t and you’re a dumb@$$
me: and there we go, you’re back on form

Jun 20 2010

Sunday 20 June 2010: Cracking day….AGAIN!

Scotland, or at least where I live, has had awesome weather for the last few days. Had our first bbq at the new place tonight, and ate it in the pit, which was ace as it was down out of the breeze.

Decided to try again for the wee red spiders after the slater stole the show yesterday, this wee dude was less than a mm long! Time for me to get an MP-E 65mm I reckon :-)

Had our first open viewing to try and get the old place shifted. Not a single viewer, a bit depressing. Anyone want to buy a house?

Got out and did my wee 12 mile lap on the bike. Was a bit of a strong breeze, but still nice to be out. Didn’t manage it as quick as on friday mind you, but I’m blaming the breeze.

Then to top the day off, I got my trials bike out. I’ve had it over a year now, and until this week I have spent all of about 10 minutes on it. This week I have had it out a couple of nights after work though, and tonight I managed to do my first ever rear wheel hops. I managed 5. I was over the moon

you: 5?! Not exactly danny macaskill are you?
me: nothing you say will dampen my spirits
you: is that a challenge?
me: nope. Just a fact. When I bought the trials bike I just wanted to learn one trick, and that was to hop on the back wheel.
you: well, I guess I’ll give you that one. What made you start trying this week?
me: This dudes videos. He started learning when he was 47
you: cool, I see he is over 50 now and still going.
me: yeah he has a few years on me, so if he can do it, why cant I?
you: cause yer back is gubbed?
me: well, there is that

Jun 19 2010

Saturday 19 June 2010: You cannot defeat my armour..muh-ha-ha-ha

Another top notch day weather wise. Was out the back with the macro tubes on getting shots of the tiny red spiders. Got a few, but preferred this one of a slater. He looks pretty well protected to me

you: so it’s a beautiful day and you are taking photos of bugs?
me: well, yeah.
you: should you not be out on your bike or something?
me: ach it’s too warm for that carry on.
you: well if I were you, I’d be out in that hammock of yours
me: good call! bye.

Jun 18 2010

Friday 18 June 2010: lazy blip

Was working from home today, so I didn’t get as much of my own stuff done as I normally do on a friday. Got the grass cut at the old house. Have moved to open viewing for sunday, I hope someone comes :-(

you: work all day?
me: naw i did 5 hours. Then got out on my bike before doing house stuff
you: looks like it was a cracking day
me: oh yeah it was, the clouds were cool. I thought the sunset would turn in to more than it did though
you: so you fancy going back to a 5 day week after todays sample?
me: no thank you
you: you really are a dropout! And I think your blip should have been landscape format

Jun 17 2010

Thursday 17 June 2010: Much better

It’s weird how one day can seem so much better than the previous one, even though nothing has changed.

Weather was properly warm today. Ace.

We went back to Pierre’s again to have the world cup themed menu I mentioned the other night

you: so how was the chickpea and lamb soup?
me: very nice. In fact the whole meal was lovely. There is just something though that stops me giving it a full 5 stars, but I can’t quite put my finger on it
you: a bit of "je ne sais pas, pourquoi", to quote the lovely Kylie. So did you get out a wander in the sunshine at lunchtime?
me: yeah, but I am gettin fed up of being billy no mates at lunch. I need to save up some flex so I can go a wander with the other blippers in the office
you: well it serves you right for being a part time dropout. I’m always there anyway, it’s just you choose not to speak to me in the canteen
me: I think that’s probably for the best

Jun 16 2010

Wednesday 16 June 2010: Crap day….

…..and a crappy photo to go with it. Work sucked today. Although I dare say the dudes that carved all the grooves into the stones that go to make up this building had a pretty monotonous worklife. At least I don’t have that.

you: blimey work must have been cack, cause ages ago you said you would never mention work unless it was really good or really bad
me: oh it was bad. ‘Nuff said.
you: there must have been something good about your day?
me: I had some jellybeans when I got home
you: There you go then. Stop complaining

Jun 15 2010

Tuesday 15 June 2010: Another one bites the dust.

Strange, I’ve used that title before, but for a completely different reason.

Decided to go out for tea tonight. Went to Pierre’s in Falkirk. We’ve been once before, and it was just as good this time. They have a special world cup related menu on on thursday, one of the starters is chickpea and lamb soup, I thought that sounded superb

you: sounds like a bit of a weird combo to me
me: I can’t remember what team’s country it was a dish from
you: Ah I see. Dishes related to teams that are playing. Nothing scottish then haha.
me: actually there was. Scottish cheese’s and sour grapes was a dessert
you: <tumbleweed blows past>
me: well I liked it!

Jun 14 2010

Monday 14 June 2010: I just saw a submarine

Absolutely beautiful night tonight. Sunny, warm, and still. Couldn’t ask for better.

Stopped and had a blether with a fella that was fishing on the canal. Apparently it’s stocked with coarse fish like bream and carp and stuff. Now he had heard it second hand, so I guess that’s third hand by the time it reached me, so maybe the true story is that someone once dropped their fish supper in

you: you ever had a go at fishing?
me: aye when I was a bairn. For a year I had a permit on a local trout river.
you: catch much?
me: I caught one rainbow trout in the whole year, but it was about 3 days out of season, and because I was scared of the ghillie I put it back.
you: you really are a pansy

Jun 13 2010

Sunday 13 June 2010: Construction complete, project incomplete.

Phew, been a long hard day today. Got my mezzanine in the garage finished. Well…apart from the hand rail. Now all I need to do is get some shelving up and change the lighting and it’ll be done. Well pleased with it, has given me so much more storage space.

you: tuzzzzzz bzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz wuzzzzzzzzzzzz
me: no….you haven’t?
you: oh yes I have
me: but you know I hate the noise of the vuvuzela, I’ve been saying so the last few days.
you: I thought you might like it if I was celebrating the end of your wee project
me: well I don’t, please stop
you: bzzzzzzzzzz tuzzzzzzzzzzzzz fuzzzzzzzzzz
me: sometimes I wonder why I like having you around.

Jun 12 2010

Saturday 12 June 2010: Under construction..

…not the plant. But my garage project. Made a good start on it today with a little help from dad.

I was helping him install one of his sculptures for a customer in Edinburgh. As usual it looked cracking. This plant was in the garden. Anyway, it was only fair he then helped me out in the garage :-) It was a nice surprise that mum came up too. A shame the missus was out though….still, her new ‘do’ is very nice.

Caught bit’s and bobs of the England game. Holy crap those horns are annoying!

you: You can’t say that about what is part of African sporting culture
me: I can, they are bl00dy awful.
you: actually I’m not a fan myself. So what do you class as a ‘little’ help from your dad.
me: he handed me screws and tools, and very good he was at it too ;-)

Jun 11 2010

Friday 11 June 2010: Don’t go in to the dark place….

…..you’ll never come out alive! It’s already killing all the plants.

Good day today. JJ came through for the arvo. Went a wee cycle along to the wheel, back for some cheese on toast with a fried egg on top, washed down with a cold desperados. Perfect.

Then proceeded to watch the opening match of the world cup. I don’t particularly like football, and it wasn’t a game to change my mind.

No construction work took place though.

you: so, resorting to taking blips of other men’s @$$es have you?
me: well that’s not meant to be the focal point of the picture, no.
you: I bet you cacked yourself cycling through there, ya big wuss.
me: no….well…maybe a wee bit. There were bits where all of a sudden it was pitch black to my right hand side, anything could have been hiding in there
you: haha I knew it! Bet you didn’t come back that way either?
me: well….no…but that’s just because the other way was shorter
you: uh-huh. Whatever.

Jun 10 2010

Thursday 10 June 2010: Dude.

Bit of a Bill and Ted moment as I walked past this. Very childish I know, but I couldn’t resist. After the horror that was yesterdays weather, today was lovely. As has become a bit of a tradition of late, today was once again 2 curry Thursday.

Shame I felt "rough as a badger’s" this morning, but a double lorne roll from snax soon cleared that up.

All my timber arrived for my garage project today. Just need one more set of things and I’ll be good to go. Hoping they arrive tomorrow.

you: 2 curries, and a double lorne roll? Looking after your figure I see
me: my body is a temple
you: that’s full of crap
me: harsh but fair.
you: as always.

Jun 9 2010

Wednesday 9 June 2010: Back again.

So I was here again. I love my friends.

you: drunk by any chance?
me: how very dare you! I am not durnk, merely merry
you: durnk?
me: yes, durnk. That’s what I said
you: so who was out tonight?
me: mainly just napoleon and white lightning
you: did you have any food to temper the alcohol?
me: only the most expensive chips I have ever had. Nearly £10 for 4 smallish bowls!
you: blimey, but they filled a gap right?
me: not like nachos would have.

Jun 8 2010

Tuesday 8 June 2010: Last man, no longer standing

This is the same fella I blipped yesterday. Had the extension tubes on, and since they are cheapo you don’t get the aperture controls, so have to stop the lens right down before attaching it to the extension tubes, which makes it really hard to see anything through the viewfinder, which makes focussing which has to be done manually, even harder.

you: what a load of gibberish
me: some folk will feel my pain
you: did nothing more interesting happen today?
me: in a word. No.

Jun 7 2010

Monday 7 June 2010: Last man standing.

Or perhaps the title should be "Everyone else is doing it so why can’t I?" Harvested most of my current crop of dandelions trying to get a dandelion "action" shot. Turns out it was pretty hard, and I didn’t like any of the shots I got.

Nowt much to report today really. Except my room is now covered in dandelion seeds, oh, and for tea I had rice pudding on buttered toast. mmmm

you: weirdo
me: it was tasty though.
you: I hope the rice pudding was at least warm
me: of course it wasn’t. Cold is when it’s at it’s best
you: no salad cream on it?
me: I was tempted. Maybe next time.

Jun 6 2010

Sunday 6 June 2010: George

This is George. The Teacher brought it back for me from his honeymoon. You’d think based on the subject matter that he had been to Africa. Nope. Jamaica. He brought me a cigar too. I haven’t smoked it yet, saving it for a special occasion, I hope they don’t go off.

Not a bad day today. Weather sucked but Doog came up from home with his bike and we went a wee run. And we watched all the BTCC races which were pretty good. And we went a run in his new motor.

you: so, another new car that you want?
me: well yeah, I wouldn’t say no.
you: what was it this time?
me: skoda octavia vrs.
you: a skoda?! Wouldn’t catch me in one of those.
me: ach you badge snob. It’s a nice bit of kit. 50mpg aint to be sniffed at. And 250 or so lb/ft of torque means it’ll get a shift on
you: I’m not convinced.
me: Well, since you are me, you don’t have much say in the matter
you: but…..

Jun 5 2010

Saturday 5 June 2010: Agggghhh **** you ya ****** I ******* hate you

Glorious day today, so where was I? In the frickin’ garage fighting with this nut for nearly 3 hours. It had rusted solid, was in a super awkward position, I couldn’t get my tools in, I couldn’t see what I was doing, it sheared, aghhhhhhhhhhh. But I beat you in the end you little *******!!!!

Thankfully I got out on the bike for a quick ride in the morning. Oh, and the missus got some plants for the planters round the back, they look better already.

you: ehm, not sure I want to talk to you today, you seem a bit angry.
me: I’ve almost calmed down, don’t worry.
you: what were you doing?
me: replacing a drop link on the car
you: well, at least it’s done now. You watching britains got talent?
me: you know I love that kind of tat tv, as long as it’s taped and I can skip the worst of the cack
you: seen anything cool this series?
me: Yes. Spellbound. They are freakin awesome. (skip to 1:35). Although the same with any dance type stuff, the directors should be shot. The choreographer goes to all the effort of making something look brilliant from square on and the idiots go doing stupid angles and close shots and it makes my ******* blood boil and…..
you: you’re getting mad again i’m off.

Jun 4 2010

Friday 4 June 2010: Up my street…

…the sun always shines. It doesn’t actually. There were some quality rays coming through the clouds…..this picture doesn’t do them justice, but I was being lazy :-) Couldn’t get anywhere more interesting in time so decided not to bother.

In and out of town 3 times today, I was frickin fed up of it. The hill up out of town is a killer on a bike when you have a wall mount for a 40" plasma strapped to your back! Still, I’d rather it was the wall mount than the new telly. Finally I can get my consoles set up in my study :-)

Also cut the lawns today. Cracking weather.

you: so what are you planning on playing on the new telly?
me: red dead redemption looks good.
you: that’s an 18, you old enough?
me: aye, and then some!

Jun 3 2010

Thursday 3 June 2010: sunshine, beer and banter. Result

Good day today. Weather was beautiful, and the clouds were really cool, high up and wispy. Finished the final book from Conn Iggulden’s Emperor series. They were ace. 4 books in 2 months is unheard of for me, but I couldn’t put them down. Reckon I’ll give the conqueror series a go now

Met JJ for beer in the sunshine at olorosso post work. Ok it’s expensive, ok it’s pretentious. But on a nice day like today I love being up on that roof. Some of the ski crew stopped by too so it was good to seen them, and party boy’s photography story was hilarious

you: been a while since you blipped a beer
me: been a while since I had a beer!
you: I find that hard to believe. What’s that you are drinking anyway.
me: Viru it was called. Estonian. Rather nice.
you: not gonna tell us party boy’s story?
me: naw, that’s his.
you: spoilsport

back blipped for yesterday

Jun 2 2010

Wednesday 2 June 2010: Rules don’t apply to ME!

Every day is the same, folk stand by the no smoking signs smoking. I’ve been meaning to blip it for a while.

you: if this is a planned blip you coulda made a better job of it
me: gimme a break, I was running, and it was just in case I didn’t get anything else
you: which you didn’t, it would appear.
me: well, no. I was tired, and spent the night modelling my garage in 3d
you: any particular reason
me: just a project I am working on
you: intriguing
me: not really. And the 3d model is a bit of overkill. I would have been better off with some paper and a pen.
you: but that would have been sensible.

Jun 1 2010

Tuesday 1 June 2010: Room without a view

Just another bit of random stonework adorning the streets of Edinburgh. Bit of a weird one this I reckon. Doesn’t look like it was ever actually a window, just a bit of detail to make a plain wall look a bit more interesting. There is another one next to it.

me: Fancy a bit of a nap tonight but doubt it will happen. Got to pick the missus up from the airport at silly o’clock you see.
you: I see. And I am also pleased to see a photo with slightly more effort having gone in to it than yesterdays. I mean at least you got outside today.
me: yeah just a bit of a wander at lunchtime.
you: I dare say you’ll be looking forward to the missus coming back?
me: aye this house is too big for one.
you: is that as close as you can get to saying in public that you missed her?
me: ‘fraid so.
you: man up!