May 31 2010

Monday 31 May 2010: Well that turned out better than I thought

Today I finally got the the shop to replace the climbing rope I bought ages ago , and got a £20 voucher to go with it! It just goes to show being a moaning old git does pay sometimes.

you: well they don’t come much moanier or git-ier than you
me: I’d like to argue but I’m not sure I have a leg to stand on. Not sure git-ier is a word mind you, or moanier now I come to think of it
you: then I shall petition the oxford english dictionary until they are. Oh, and you win today’s prize for most uninspired blip, and mankiest sunnies
me: yeah I was thinking that as I took it, quite liked it in the end though. Whaddya mean manky though? I spent 10 minutes cloning out the dust.
you: time that could have perhaps been spent coming up with a better idea?
me: ok i get it, you don’t like it.
you: good. Now please try harder tomorrow.

May 30 2010

Sunday 30 May 2010: Almost the same…

…but not quite. Back here I blipped a view I hoped I wouldn’t be seeing again, and to be fair it’s not exactly the same view. Was up on the roof again today to work out where the freakin’ starlings had been getting under the tiles and nesting. I got most of the gaps blocked up with mesh, no doubt they will still find a way in.

Got out for a couple of hours on the bike in the pentlands with a mate. It was good, got caught in the rain though and it was freezing. Then had tea with my mate and his family. Mmmmmm, burgers

you: starlings been in your roof eh, bet that was annoying
me: yeah they were keeping me awake at night.
you: that why you’ve been so grumpy lately? Lack of sleep.
me: who says I’ve been grumpy?
you: me. How did yer back hold up with cycling
me: hmm, seemed ok at the time. Still not right though.
you: at least you were out on the bike again though eh. Oh, did you have curry on toast as planned for breakfast?
me: too right.

May 29 2010

Saturday 29 May 2010: Moon River.

This is the song Andy Williams is singing about. No, really. Ok maybe not. Had a nice lazy morning at my sisters. Had a cracking nights kip. Took the dogs out for a couple of walks. Well trained they are not. Loveable they are. Then started heading home. Stopped in to say hello to the aunt and uncle in law, and the cousin in law just happened to be there. He took me for a spin in his audi S4, 4.2l of V8 loveliness. I need a car with a V8

you: need?
me: yes. Need. The noise is just awesome.
you: what is it with you and the noise cars make?
me: I just love it.
you: was yer missus with you?
me: naw, she has bu99ered off to palma with the girls
you: it’s awright for some!
me: it meant I could have a curry tonight though
you: and that’s a fair swap is it?
me: well it will be once I have the leftovers on toast for breakfast tomorrow.
you: no comment.

also back blipped for a week, starting here

May 28 2010

Friday 28 May 2010: Road to somewhere.

So today I drove up to dundee to see jenelope’s degree show. And very nice it was too. Then we went for nachos in the ice cream parlour just up from her uni. Very nice they were too. But the blueberry milkshake I had, that was proper awesome! Then I headed further north to visit my other sister and her fella. She was working late, so we had a good chippy for tea, even though there was some fresh pasta ready to go.

you: mmm blueberry milkshake
me: yeah it was so good I had 2……before the nachos arrived
you: I hope it was just a wee plate of nachos you had?
me: nope, it was huge! A close run thing with the nachos I mentioned earlier in the month in the merkat.
you: you sure like yer nachos
me: is there any finer food?
you: and a chippy for tea? Not exactly on a health drive at the moment are you!

May 27 2010

Thursday 27 May 2010: Hey, I put some new shoes on,

and suddenly everything is right.

Bit of a hang about at home waiting on deliveries day today. Then I realised one of the parcels had been sent to the old house. Well, not even my old house as it turned out, just the old street. But as it turned out the people in the house I didn’t used to live in have the same surname as me which was why the courier website appeared to be saying I had signed for something that hadn’t arrived. Oh, and I changed the spark plugs and ht leads on the car. And bought some new shoes.

you: ehm, not sure how to tell you this. But your new shoes are an odd pair.
me: what…..oh…! I actually bought 2 new pairs of trainers today
you: not like you, spending money on something useful
me: yeah I know. But the ones I wear to work stink by the afternoon once they get up to operating temperature.
you: oh, nice. And the second pair?
me: they were cheap.

May 26 2010

Wednesday 26 May 2010: When I were a lad…..

….this was the view from my bedroom window, but the trees were 15 years younger, and so a lot smaller. I had intended just getting up and heading home this morning, but in the end I was having such a nice time knocking about in the garden with dad that I hung about till mum got home from work…then hung on till tea time. It was the first contract for Smith and Pop roofing services today too. It didn’t go to well, but it was nice to be in a matching boiler suit and out on a job with dad all the same. Ah the good old bad old days :-)

you: I thought that was the view from jenelope’s room?
me: she might tell you that, but she is a wee LIAR!! The minute I was out the door for uni she took over and re-decorated it!
you: and your going to stand for that sort of behaviour?
me: turns out I didn’t have much choice in the matter. She also claims I’m adopted

May 25 2010

Tuesday 25 May 2010: Summer sky

Drove back up from loogabarooga today. Decided to detour home to see mum and dad on the way. I love going round the last bend on the road and seeing the house :-) Was a good clear non stop run, just over 4 hours.

you: Doesn’t look like a particularly summery sky.
me: It’s summer, and it’s a sky. Therefore it’s a summer sky.
you: geez, you still in a mood from yesterday?
me: it was you that went off in the huff.

May 24 2010

Monday 24 May 2010: Knock knock

you: who’s there?
me: eh, naw i wasn’t going to tell a joke, it’s just the title of the picture.
you: I thought you were talking to me a bit earlier than usual
me: yeah, just shoosh a minute
you: charming!

So spent the night at mrs handbag and tony’s. It was so hot, had a terrible nights sleep. Just went a bit of a wander for some breakfast with the missus and then she went shopping. Went to The Otter for lunch. Wasn’t great, was nice being by the canal in the sunshine though. And the missus dad is finally home from hospital, with his 34 tablets to be taken daily

me: you still there?…
me: off in the huff I guess.

May 23 2010

Sunday 23 May 2010: Roof down motoring….


Another awesome day in loogabarooga. Went out for a run in the bro in laws boxster. Roof down motoring rocks. Going to go through to Nottingham tonight to visit mrs handbag and tony.

you: so, tempted to get convertible?
me: you know it!
you: thought as much
me: the flat 6 sounds sooo nice when you give it a bit of right foot.
you: no doubt. It would appear that the driver is wearing a sombrero
me: well of course, you have to take sun protection seriously, and what other type of hat would you wear in a nice sports car?
you: ehm, ok, I agree, sombrero’s fit all occasions.

May 22 2010

Saturday 22 May 2010: Summer time….

….and the livin’ is easy. Just spent the day dossin about in the inlaws garden, between hospital visits.

you: So not going to london at all then?
me: naw. Just gonna relax at the inlaws. It’s freakin roasting and their garden is a nice place to be
you: fair enough. Weather good enough for a bbq?
me: funny you should mention that. Had one tonight. Surprised I didn’t get the meat sweats to be honest the amount of burgers and sausages I had. Wasn’t sure I’d be up for it tonight.
you: how come?
me: felt a bit ropey most of the day after a few too many jars with the bro in law at The Beacon.
you: just went for one no doubt?
me: indeed.

May 21 2010

Friday 21 May 2010: Wooo hoo. Holiday time….

… is my blip for today taken from the train to london on our way for a few days holiday.

you: eh, hang on. Looks very much like the inside of your car, what’s the story.
me: we were meant to be on the train to london today, but last night the missus dad came off his bike and broke three ribs and the docs have various other concerns, so we drove to loogabarooga instead.
you: ouch, ribs hurt!
me: too right.
you: maybe make you think twice about your ridiculous collection of bikes?
me: au contraire. I’m hoping to pick a new bike up on the cheap now
you: your compassion astounds me.
me: shame about the train tickets and hotel that can’t be cancelled
you: oh yeah we know how much you love to throw money away.
me: can’t be helped. On a plus point. I broke my record. 305.3 miles to a tank of petrol.
you: that’s freakin awful though!
me: not for me

May 20 2010

Thursday 20 May 2010: Nice Stripes.

The dude was out cutting the newly laid grass this morning, so these stripes are brought to you as fresh as can be, I think he should maybe have kept them a bit straighter. Was a lovely day today. Really warm, and felt like summer. It’s just a shame the office appears to have zero air circulation, it wasn’t pleasant.

you: Who made you the lawn stripe police?
me: I’m not, just if I had cut it I would have kept them straight, without the 2 kinks
you: And what experience do you have of striping lawns?
me: I cut the lawn at mum and dads for years
you: And if I asked your mum or dad this they would validate your claim?
me: eh, probably, though they might dispute the frequency
you: Any more recent experience?
me: Yup, I cut my own lawn this weekend. Quite hard to get a nice stripe with a narrow electric mower, but it looked ok
you: And you kept them straight
me: Sure did. I went for diagonals
you: Ooh, you really are a rebel.

May 19 2010

Wednesday 19 May 2010: Days gone past……

….not as much as I thought now I come to think about it. I thought that in this day and age of instant emails that no one would use post boxes any more. Then I thought about it some more and realised I am always using post boxes. Part of being an ebay user I guess. Oh, and complaint letters.

The phone box on the other hand. I haven’t used one in many years. In fact the only people I ever see in phoneboxes are the people in there checking the change drawer to see if anyone has left any coins.

you: Why would you post a complaint letter rather than just send an email?
me: Because I always send them recorded mail so they can’t say they never arrived
you: Send a lot of complaint letters do you?
me: More than my fair share probably
you: I’ll not pretend to be surprised. So did the police come round the office?
me: Yup. The ladies of the office seemedvery keen on the male officers (all of them by the sounds of the banter), and I am sure I saw at least one guy run to make sure he was next in line for the room with the one female officer. hehe
you: It wasn’t you was it
me: Ha! I said I saw it happen

May 18 2010

Tuesday 18 May 2010: Fiddler on the pavement…..

….This wee dude was out playing in the cracking sunshine at lunchtime today. I gave him a bit of change, it was nice to hear something other than the usual pipers or peruvian pipe bands.

Met fat pete and mike for a jar in the magnum tonight. Not a good start to my week off the bevy. And the crisps were too expensive too.

Jenelope graduated from uni today. If you have time stop by and give her a wee congratulatory comment :-)

you: beer on a tuesday?
me: I know. I did try not to. I just had tennants if that makes it any better
you: ach I’ll let you off with just the one
me: cheers, it was three though.
you:tsk. Is that a susan pilley ‘missing’ poster behind the violinist?
me: it is indeed. Apparently the police are coming round work tomorrow to speak to everyone individually. I’m starting to feel guilty and I haven’t done anything wrong.
you: just tell the truth, and don’t hit the police, and you’ll be ok.
me: wise words.

May 17 2010

Monday 17 May 2010: You owe me your life….

…. well not you specifically, but the daisy. When I was mowing the lawn yesterday I cut around this wee fella, rather than chop him down. I don’t know why.

Missed my train this morning, it’s not often I do that. Realised it was because my watch and phone weren’t set to "train time". I wonder if all commuters set their personal timepieces by the railway clocks? The speaking or atomic clocks can say what they want, I’m going with what it says on the platform screen.

you: mowing around daisy’s now. You really are odd.
me: well I talk to you every day, so I think mowing round flowers is the least of my worries.
you: fair point. Overdid it a bit on the shallow depth of field with this one
me: yeah, a bit, but I couldn’t be bothered going to get the tripod
you: and the in focus grass bottom right is distracting.
me: blimey, your in a critical mood today.

May 16 2010

Sunday 16 May 2010: If you go down to the woods today…..

…’re sure to find a bloke with a 10 stop ND.

Had a good night in the swamp with fat mungo and family last night. As usual fat mungo got out a new and different board game… usual he won ;-)

Felt a bit weary today, so got out in the sunshine for a few hours with the camera, that (often) makes me feel better.

you: 10 stop ND eh?
me: yeah, bit of a ghetto contraption, but it works pretty well
me: I’ve seen a few daytime long exposures on blip lately, boab and jrc313
me: yeah the filters came from me, just waiting to see what monochrome and steviefish come up with with the ones I sold them. Same thing I used for this too.
you: So plenty of bluebells in the woods?
me: Still not quite all out, and the sun was off the shot I wanted
you: Shoulda got yer @rse in gear a bit earlier in the day then shouldn’t you.

May 15 2010

Saturday 15 May 2010: Another one bites the dust.

This has not been my month for computer hardware that’s for sure. Having finally got my own machine up and running the way I want after my hard drive disaster, this morning the missus’ machine wouldn’t start. And it’s taken me all day to get a new hard drive set up…..even from a backup (which acronis was saying was corrupt when it wasn’t!)

I hated this drive since the day I got it though. It has the most ridiculous jumper configurations. Grrrr. I hate computers.

you: can’t live with ‘em, can’t live without ‘em eh?
me: spot on! Still, it’s a while since I had a look inside a hard disk, and without doubt the platters are the shiniest smoothest things on earth
you: give yourself a fright when you looked it it?
me: you got it. What a waste of another day. Off to the swamp for a jar or two later though
you: remember yer mum is worried about your alcohol consumption
me: just water for me tonight, don’t worry…….that’s had stuff added to it and been fermented ;-)

May 14 2010

Friday 14 May 2010: who’s a pretty boy then

Had a superb morning today. I was at phoenix falconry by auchterarder for a "meet the birds" session. And it was awesome. There had been a balls up with the bookings, meaning it was just me, when normally there would have been 3 or four. This meant I got to have much more of a hands on morning and I got to have a shot with 8 different birds of prey, getting them flying in and landing on my arm and stuff.

This fella was the biggest of the bunch, but my favourite was a bateleur eagle called Wallace. Unfortunately I didn’t get a very good shot of her (wallace for a girl?)

you: sounds good
me: oh yeah it was properly ace. They were all totally beautiful
me: and I saw possibly the strangest thing I have ever seen
you: come on then, spill it
me: well the male birds that have been raised in captivity apparently won’t mate with the females of the species. Instead the bloke puts a hat on that has bubble wrap fixed to the top, goes into the enclosure, turns his back on the male, and shrugs his shoulders, at which point the male jumps on his head and humps the hat, while the bloke makes random noises. They then collect the semen for artificial inseminaton
you: SHUT UP!
me: I kid you not, I wouldnt have believed it if I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes.
you: ok I feel kinda sick. And I wouldn’t want the dude in your blip humping my head
me: me either… perhaps they have a different approach for him


it really was good. Even the hour long introduction on which there were 2 other folk was really good, and is only £25.

May 13 2010

Thursday 13 May 2010: eek

Went to the docs this morning about my back. He sent me down to the hospital to get it xrayed. I was tempted tempted to keep the gown that didnt fasten at the back. I am sure if I wore it long enough it would become fashionable.

While I was there I saw this sign. I don’t know what Nuclear Medicine is or does. But I thought it sounded like the kind of place that you might be able to pick up a superpower or two, so I hung around for a bit. Alas, I still can’t fly, or make myself invisible. Ah Well, not to worry.

you: so, up to owt else today?
me: well, seeing as I can’t climb at the moment, met my climbing buddy and we went to wetherspoons for curry night again.
you: any good?
me: well I had the chicken bhuna, and I have to say, it was extremely tasty
you: hang on, weren’t you at the pub last night too?
me: yeah, what of it?
you: hmm, I’m starting to think your mums concern at the frequency of your drinking isn’t misplaced.
me: naw, surely not. I mean it’s only been 2 nights this week. Tomorrow is champagne friday, not a thing I can do about that, and saturday I’ll be out for a few jars in the swamp, so that’s only 4 nights this week
you: not good man
me: it’s less than 75% though
you: oh, well that’s ok then?

May 12 2010

Wednesday 12 May 2010: wooot, blipping from the train

good night toninght. Met white lightning, (tory) napoleon (he’s not a tory, but it’s so much fun saying he is), esme, the scientist, and, eh, colin for a few jars. And actually, I bumped into Mr Ray-Ban(JJ) too, and he came for a couple. As i said yesterdaay’ it’s cool bumping into yer mates when you dont expect to.

Tonights blip is from the boozer we started in. The Ghillie Dhu. I have (relatively) fond memories of the place when it was a casino, and it is quite a nice boozer now too. And as you can see it has a U.S.P in it’s shunky.

We then moved to the me(e)rkat, where i had the best nachos i have had for a while.

you: the best nachos?
me: oh yeah, they were decent. They were seven quid though
you SEVEN QUID!? They had better have had loads of chili on them
me: oh yeah plenty of chili. Worth a visit for sure
you: I’ll bare that in mind (is that rhe right kind of bare?)
me: just you do that
you: nice angle on the blip by the way
me: eh, yeah, havent worked out how to rotate shots on the phone yet ;-)


me: got home and a letter is waiting for me from the corporate overlords as monochrome likes to call my employers. 10 year long service award
you: nice, so what’s that? A pen? A watch?
me: * notes. Can’t complain
you: better than a kick in the nuts
me: how nicely put.

May 11 2010

Tuesday 11 May 2010: Just another train blip

Skies were pretty cool tonight. Could see rain everywhere, but somehow got home dry. Bumped in to white lightning at the train station. Always nice to randomly bump in to yer mates :-)

A "Suzanne Pilley" has gone missing in town. At the end of George St the police have set up one of those MASSIVE tv’s with a speaker system just playing a video of her last movements on it. It must be well annoying for the folk that work nearby. There were police all over the place too, apparently she works in the same street as me. The police stopped a few of my colleagues to ask if they could provide any info, they didn’t stop me though, perhaps because I took my usual porridge detour. Anyway, I’ve never seen the police use these massive screens before, that was what I was going to say. Hope they find her.

you: a porridge detour?
me: best way to start the day.

May 10 2010

Monday 10 May 2010: Strange place to keep biscuits

This morning I saw a couple of young lads at the storage box I thought the dude in the tweed jacket was trying to break in to. I took a nosey as I walked past and could see that it was full of boxes. All of the ones I could see had "Orange Penguin(s)" written on them. Strange place to store biscuits I thought, and why is the George hotel storing their biscuits in a container on the street?

At lunchtime it all became clear. The church next to the hotel had its (bi?)annual book sale, with acres of "Orange Penguin" books. There were also some green penguins.

you: so did you buy anything?
me: yup I bought a kids book on garden birds
you: any particular reason?
me: yeah, cause every time I ask the missus "do you know what that is?" about a bird in the garden I get "eagle?" or "pigeon?" in response. She likes sitting watching them, but has no idea what a lot of them are, so this might make it even more enjoyable
you: Did you get me anything?
me: No, sorry. But if your name happens to be esme, you might fancy a wander along, as there were loads of books on sewing and stuff like that.

May 9 2010

Sunday 9 May 2010: Welcome to the family.

Got a new bike today. Well, I say new, I bought it off a mate, so perhaps I should just say got another bike. Mate and his missus came round for a spot of lunch, hadn’t seen them properly for months so that was nice. Finally got my pc up and running again after last weeks disaster.

you: oh yeah I heard you had fried a hard drive with no backup
me: word sure does get around
you: I bet you’ll back up now eh?
me: sure will
you: you’ve got a fair bit of back blipping to do
me: sure have, I’ll get it done this week I hope.
you: that’s an awful lot of bikes
me: yeah I now have more bikes than the number of times I have been out this year.
you: idiot.

May 8 2010

Saturday 8 May 2010: yeee. and might i add, ha

Since the car has been running right again, signs like this bring a smile to my face. Not on this road mind you, a bit narrow to give it the beans on, i’m not mental. Out with the camera for a few hours this afternoon. Was trying to get a good shot of the oil seed rape, but didn’t get anything I liked.

Fish and chips for tea…without the fish, and with the addition of two big slabs of bread, some mushy peas, and salad cream. Mmmmm, sandwich of kings.

you: salad cream and mushy peas? yuck
me: you ever tried it?
you: nope
me: well don’t knock it!

the blip that could have been : odd man out

May 7 2010

Friday 7 May 2010: chooo chooo.

Saw this awesome train of clouds as I was getting the train through to the physio. Shame about the reflections but not to worry

you: what you at the physio for?
me: my back still hurts from snowboarding
you: still? you said ages ago you were going to do something about it!
me: stop hassling me.
you: so how did it go?
me: not great. Sent to the docs to see about getting an xray to check for compression fracture
you: doesn’t sound good.
me: naw, the physio said it was unlikely but possible given the type of pain and the duration
you: ach well, better to get these things checked out
me: aye. eventually

May 6 2010

Thursday 6 May 2010: Stop! Thief!

Actually you don’t look much like a thief, or perhaps you are a master of disguise.

Heading out for a few jars tonight with some of the folk I used to work with. And going to the Blue Parrot for tea.

you: you’ll have to let us know what you think of it
me: ok


me: The food was very nice. The chorizo nachos were ace
you: sounds good
me: and the margarita’s were deadly
you: sounds like a hangover

May 5 2010

Wednesday 5 May 2010: Spot the difference

No? A few of the chips have different version numbers on. Very frustrating. I bought the same model of drive to the one I fried in the hope I could switch out the controller boards. No joy. My drive did fire up though, so I haven’t lost all hope yet. If you have a western digital WD10EACS-07D6B0 please get in touch ;-)

you: blimey that’s a long shot, considering about 5 people look at your blips
me: gotta give it a shot though eh
you: clutching, and straws, are two words that come to mind

May 4 2010

Tuesday 4 May 2010: The problem….

…and what should have been the solution. On the bottom is the hard drive I fried on Sunday. Crushing it relentrlessly from above is my backup drive…..unused and unloved. What an idiot

you: I’m not gonna argue.
me: didn’t think you would

May 3 2010

Monday 3 May 2010: DANGER….

….dont forget to check your ISO settings! Dunno what happened this arvo, Was in a bit of a tiz and didn’t notice the iso was whacked up at 1600, so no good photos.

Was a bank holiday so me and the missus went through to glasgow and had a spot of lunch. Pretty uneventful. Every time I go to pizza express I come away a bit dissapointed. The missus must be feeling poorly too, she cut her shopping trip short!

you: blimey things must be bad!
me: yeah, I wonder if a hot toddy is an appropriate cure?
you: it’s appropriate for everything else…according to you.

May 2 2010

Sunday 2 May 2010: Wall Lizard

Was at the teachers bairns christening today, or perhaps it was a baptism. Is there a difference? Anyway, the churchy bit was a bit too much for me, I think I’ll stick with Darwin and his interesting wee theory, but each to their own. As far as I can see all most religion boils down to is "be a nice person and don’t do bad stuff". I’m not gonna argue with that, I just don’t understand all the other stuff that has to go with it. However the buffet bit? Now that’s a language I understand :-) The teacher and his family had done a cracking job, and it was nice to see everyone. The bairn still seems to have an aversion to my camera though.

you: bit controversial with your comments today no?
me: hey it’s just a personal opinion
you: well I guess you did say "each to their own" so I’ll let you off.
me: very kind of you.
you: so whats with the lizard?
me: ah that’s just something on the wall in the teachers kick @$$ conservatory
you: I see.
me: Got home and DISASTER!! I fried my hard drive, with loads of stuff not backed up, including a month of photos.
you: Well you will go talking about darwin ;-)
me: ha!

May 1 2010

Saturday 1 May 2010: mmmmm

Imagine my delight when I noticed that my local shop sells these, yet the massive tesco doesn’t. Go figture!

backblipped for yesterday.

Napoleon and white lightning came through to enjoy a few drinks. I am now officially calling that my housewarming. Little did I know a couple of desperados and a bottle of champagne were going to lead to getting home the back of 3am after going to a club.

you: HAHAHA, you in a club? You don’t belong in places like that
me: tell me about it, We were about 15 years older than the rest of the clientele.
you: and i bet you loved the music eh?
me: I at least recognised quite of a few of the "tunes", poor Napoleon looked a bit bewildered. And did it have to be so loud?
you: They’d have some nice guest ales on though eh ;-)
me: Stop winding me up, I’m feeling delicate….and old