Apr 30 2010

Friday 30 April 2010: Greeeeeen!

The view from our room. I love this time of year when everything just seems so vibrant, and for a week or two it’s just gonna keep getting better. The sky has been ace today, the weather has been very changeable which is the cause I guess. And it’s not just me that thinks it, got a photo text from a mate that I wouldn’t normally expect to comment on such things.

First house viewing of the old house today. Fingers crossed he shows up with a suitcase of cash and says he’ll take it

Napoleon and white lightning coming over this arvo for a few beers. I think I might just call it a housewarming party and be done with it

you: That would be very lazy
me: Just think how little tidying up there would be
you: hmmm, good point. Can I come?
me: ach go on then, you seem to be hanging around on blip longer than expected.

Apr 29 2010

Thursday 29 April 2010: Every one’s a winner, baby

Was one of those rare occasions where work pays for a few beers, and a buffet. Everyone got 5 raffle tickets, to be exchanged for 1 drink each (unless you are JH, in which case it costs you 2 tickets to get a shot of Macallan 18 year old malt).

you: So work got you 5 drinks eh, not bad
me: aye, and somehow my five tickets stretched to 5 pints of guinness and 4 southern comfort and lemonades
you: so-co and lemonade? Are you slightly effeminate?
me: hey, how come the imaginary you is insulting me?
you: get used to it.

Apr 28 2010

Wednesday 28 April 2010: A promise, or an order?

Fairly quiet Wednesday night tonight. Just me, esme, napoleon, and Mr scientist.

you: So where to tonight?
me: Started in the guildford arms, they had a few guest ales on
you: Nice, so I’m guessing you stayed for a few
me: No, it was absolutely stinking in there!
me: you’re telling me. So we moved to somewhere I cant remember the name of, esme or napoleon will no doubt mention it’s name
you: But no good beers on?
me: Actually they had a few guest ales on too
you: Excellent, any worth a mention?
me: Yeah, they had Northern Light on, which is always worth a taste
you: Oh yeah I like that
me: And they had Caledonian Brewery IPA, which I haven’t had before but was very tasty
you: I’ll keep a look out for that.
me: And to top it off, the hand drier in the dunny had a blue led that lit your hands.
you: Sweeet, you can’t beat a blue led to add a bit of futuristicness.
me: Too right….but is that even a word?

Apr 27 2010

Tuesday 27 April 2010: St Andrews Square cherry blossom

I like cherry blossom.

me: my back is getting worse if anything
you: doesn’t sound too good, that’s been a while eh?
me: aye, that’s over a month since I hurt it snowboarding.
you: maybe time to do something about it then
me: i’ll give it another week
you: that’s what you always say.

Apr 26 2010

Monday 26 April 2010: They’re back

Ok it’s not particularly in focus. Ok it is tiny in the frame. But you try getting a good shot of a tiny bird moving at 25mph when you have your slr with a big clunking lens and battery grip in one hand and are on the phone to your mum with the other!

Anyway, it’s plain to see it’s a house martin, the first I have seen this year. I was on the phone to see if my folks had spotted any yet, or if I had got the first spot, but apparently dad saw a swallow a good few days ago. Dang.

you: So, first day back at work, I bet that sucked?
me: Ach, it doesn’t bother me, it’s a means to an end eh?
you: I guess. You should think yourself lucky you have a job you don’t hate I suppose
me: for sure.
me: Oh, and we have a first call of interest about the house for sale
you: cool, that’ll be a bit of a relief
me: sure is, to celebrate I’m going to buy a jet-ski
you: wouldn’t surprise me. Later man
me: Later

Apr 25 2010

Sunday 25 April 2010: Dumb@$$

This was my view for 5 minutes or so today. Went out to Doune for a spot of lunch and a wee wander. Very nice it was too. Got back home and it was absolutely tipping down, properly bouncing. So I just sat in the car for 5 minutes till the missus got bored waiting and she got out and opened the garage for me ;-)

you: Doune must have been nice, spring flowers and the like out?
me: Yeah it was pretty nice down by the river, and the beech leaves were starting to come out.
you: that’s your favourite colour no? "baby beech leaf green"
me: spot on. So I went to blip it. "No CF card"
you: dumb@$$.

Apr 24 2010

Saturday 24 April 2010: It had to end some time

Ok so today wasn’t quite as awesome as the last 2 days. Nowt bad about it, just not one to remember really. I figured I’d just carry one with our conversation from the last couple of days, for a wee while at least

you: why a toy tractor for todays blip?
me: gotta love tractors.
you: well, eh, yeah, I guess.
me: and if i’m ever a farmer and have loads of money I’ll have a john deere, to go with my cap and t-shirt
you: you have john deerea cap and t-shirt?
me: of course, you don’t?
you: no. Ever driven one?
me: not a john deere no. And one of my greatest regrets in life is that I didn’t get to drive esme’s dad’s john deere lawn mower when I was in canadia.
you: that’s sad.
me: I’m not sure how to take that….

Apr 23 2010

Friday 23 April 2010: And so it continues….

After yesterday’s freakin’ awesome day, today was utterly fantabulous, perhaps even "fan’dabi’dozi" if you are old enough (and perhaps Scottish enough?) to remember The Krankies.

One of my mates at work had won health and safety competition, the prize being a "day as a firefighter", and he asked if I’d like to be his +1. FREAKIN’ RIGHT I DO!

Often with this sort of adventure experience type thing I come away disappointed after not getting long enough, to go fast enough, to see enough. Not today though, it was bl00dy brilliant.

We got to do all sorts of cool stuff, wearing the full on fireman gear, breathing apparatus and all. I selected this as a blip as it’s an awright action shot, but when I have processed the others (got a totally sweet one of a fireball) I’ll fire them on flickr. The two fellas that ran the day, Kevin and John, were really good, and I now have even more respect for what firemen (and of course women too) do on a day to day basis to rescue us if required.

As the missus predicted, the first thing I said when she walked in the door: "I want to be a fireman!"

Now to continue our conversation from yesterday

you: blimey, you are still in a properly good mood eh? And whats with all the excitement? I thought you said it wouldn’t last?
me: oh yeah dude, it’s all good. Everything is all good.
you: ok you are starting to freak me out. I’m going to inform the blip team that rxs’s account has been hijacked, and inform the police that they may have a kidnap case on their hands.
me: whatever buddy. Fancy a beer
you <hmmm, maybe it is the real rxs after all>


Apr 22 2010

Thursday 22 April 2010: If you knew me….

….and we had a conversation tonight, it might go a little like this:

you: "so, had a good day today?"
me: "freakin’ awesome!"
you: "how so?" (with a hint of intrigue)
me: "well, 4 hours out in the country with my bike and camera for a start"
you: "nice, any good shots?"
me: "hmm, awright, but got some new kit and having teething problems"
you: "you still seem pretty happy"
me: "yeah, I finally seem to have my car running right again. It’s like a different machine. Made me laugh out loud a couple of times, had an awesome run in it"
you: "cool, at last I wont hear you moaning about it any more. So was that it?"
me: "nope, on my way home I stopped in callander and had a steak and black pudding peh* from the bakery."
you: "I thought ‘coni peh was your peh of choice?"
me: "oh yeah I had one of those too, and a can of pop for 35p."
you: "35p, I haven’t seen a can that cheap since I were a lad/lass"
me: "yup, pretty sweet."
you: "that really does sound like a pretty nice day."
me: "yeah, it was kick @ss. Then I went climbing"
you: "I like this new happy, excited and enthusiastic you"
me: "don’t get used to it." ;-)

* peh : Dundonian for pie.

Apr 21 2010

Wednesday 21 April 2010: Much better….

…..day today than yesterday. The british heart foundation called and came and picked up the furniture we were donating. No apology for wasting my whole day yesterday though.

Got some painting in the bedroom done so all it needs now is some photo prints or paintings hung up.

Got out for a quick ride on the bike. Glad I waited till the afternoon cause it was a freakin cold wind in the morning.

And tonight I went through to edinburgh for my usual couple of jars. Met my friends wee bairn, wearing a "mine’s a pint" t-shirt. Very cute. He fell asleep with me holding him for about 20mins, in the end I had to move which woke him, because a) my arm was dead b) I was gasping for a sip of my pint :-)

Blipped this when I got off the train.

Apr 20 2010

Tuesday 20 April 2010: Waste of a day.

It’s been a pretty crap day today. Spent pretty much the whole day at home in silence so I wouldn’t miss a knock at the door. The British Heart Foundation were meant to be coming out to collect some furniture we were donating. I asked if they could do a morning collection, and was told that should be fine. When it got to 2 oclock I called, "oh yes he is still coming", it got to four oclock, "yup he’s still out doing collections, he’ll be there." It got to seven and I was thoroughly p’d off. What a waste of a day of my holiday, it was a nice day outside too and I wanted to be out with the camera.

And to top it off I spent the whole freakin day trying to get the missus ‘hand me down’ pc from yesterdays blip running right with her games. agghhhhh.

BLURG is pretty much all I have to say about my mood this evening. Hope tomorrow is better.

Apr 19 2010

Monday 19 April 2010: Farewell, old friend.

Built my new pc today, so this old fella is gonna become a hand-me-down for the missus. Either that or go on ebay to try and recoup some of the cost of the new kit. It’s silently (literally) worked away for me for the last few years without issue, but I felt like an upgrade

First day of holiday today, got bits and bobs done. Radiator reflector stuff? Check. Wall mount tv? Check. Charity shop coming to collect old furniture? Check.

More of the same tomorrow I think. Shame the weather has turned rank.

Apr 18 2010

Sunday 18 April 2010: Bringer of life….

….to a car at least. Mine hasn’t been running properly, surprise surprise. Changed the coils yesterday which did improve things, but still not right. Took the plugs out today, but no carbon buildup, so I guess it’s not them, even though they are starting to look a bit long in the tooth.

Been a bit of a lazy weekend this one, always feels like a bit of a waste. At least I got out on the bike on Friday.

Just watched the Turkish leg of the World Rally Championship. Every time I watch the world rally I am left gobsmacked by the speed and commitment. Those boys are the best drivers in the world, period. If you’ve never seen it, the next one is New Zealand, weekend of the 7th of May, and it will astound you.

Apr 17 2010

Saturday 17 April 2010: Snap, Crackle and Pop

I got given this alarm clock as a christmas present way back in 1982. I think most of my cousins got one too, so I have no idea how many boxes of rice krispies grandma had to eat to save up the tokens!

One of the hands fell off many moons ago, and I had to smash the glass to get access to fix it. I ‘repaired’ it by supergluing some clear plastic on the front and cutting it to shape.

It still works a treat, even if it does have a super loud tick.

Spent half the day trying to get an old xbox to boot off a compact flash card just the way I wanted. Got there in the end. The amount of time I seem to waste on projects like that is colossal!

Apr 16 2010

Friday 16 April 2010: The best bit.

Out on the bike again today for my 30 mile loop. Last 10 miles into a headwind which sucks. I love getting to the point on the route in the blip though. You come over the crest of a hill and the road just seems to disappear. It is properly steep at the bottom too, freewheeling at over 40mph today.

I want to hit 50mph on that hill, but haven’t managed yet. Got just over 49 once, but the surface is quite bumpy and my chain jumped off! Brown trouser moment!

Views to the distance were quite hazy today, I don’t know if that is perhaps still down to the ash cloud from Iceland, which once again has all the uk’s airports closed.

Apr 15 2010

Thursday 15 April 2010: At least his job’s safe…

… I dare say he’ll never be out of work. Dunno what he was painting on there, but when I went past on the way home all the tagging had faded. I imagine whatever it was is as toxic as hell. I like real graffiti, some of it is stunning art in it’s own right, but tags (and taggers) are just a waste of time.

Interesting day today, what with all the uk’s airports being closed due to volcanic dust in the air as a result of a volcanic eruption in Iceland. I don’t ever remember anything like that happening before. Thankfully I wasn’t expecting to fly anywhere.

Apr 14 2010

Wednesday 14 April 2010: Curse you fuji f11

After singing the praises (in a fashion) of my fuji f11 in a previous blip, today it let me down.

There was a steam train in the station this morning when i arrived, which was quite the spectacle. I asked when it was leaving, and got myself in a good position for a shot. The whistle blew, the steam billowed out, and I was prepared.

However the fuji wasnt’t! By the time it decided to focus the damn train had passed. Still, it was nice to see a steam train in action. It’s been a long time. I remember mum and dad taking me to see what I think was the flying scotsman when it passed through Dumfries, though I may be mistaken. Whatever, it was cool to see it today, all the steam and the smoke and the noise was quite exciting.

On the downside for today, one of my best mates was made redundant. Though as is tradition for any for sort of occasion, positive or negative , we got him an Alan Partridge ‘ladyboy‘, and had one or two or three or more beverages to celebrate/commiserate.

Apr 13 2010

Tuesday 13 April 2010: "Support Miners Strike"

This blip just reminded me of being wee. I was staying with relatives for a week during the strike so I guess I would have been about 7. I can’t remember exactly why, but the household was affected by the strikes. The two main things I remember about the holiday :

1) I got a an utter b0ll0cking for having a whole glass of milk. Money was tight and I just couldn’t understand it
2) The neighbours kids could breakdance and so put on a show for us.

Some good some bad, as is life. Ah, living the high life in Dunlop.

On another note. Was in bed last night reading on my ebook reader:
Me: "This new book I am reading is awesome"
Missus: "It looks just like your last one" (said with a twinkle in her eye)

I just about wet myself laughing :-)

Apr 12 2010

Monday 12 April 2010: Alert! Alert!

They have arrived. This is the first group of them I have seen this year, but I guess for the next six months or so Princes St is destined to be over-run with massive groups of kids with matching caps and/or backpacks. They will form into stationary clumps on pavements, block access to pedestrian crossings, and generally get in the way.

Was I really this annoying on my school trip to France? The answer is no, because I wasn’t wearing a coordinated cap and/or backpack. The other accusations might be closer to the mark though.

I wonder if any of the kids in the photo are staying with a family where not just the kid, but the mother gets taunted by the school bullies. Ah, Fabien Vidou, where are you now? Ah, a week of playing megaman on some console or other, and fishing in the local river. Happy(ish) days.

Apr 11 2010

Sunday 11 April 2010: Happiness is…

…not a cigar called hamlet in this case. But my hammock, a hawaiian shirt, a barmah hat, and sunshine.

Woke up still feeling guilty at not having completed the full route we had planned on the bikes yesterday. So hopped on the bike and fired round my 30 mile loop. Equalled my best time for the route, well pleased since I haven’t done it since 7th August last year.

It seems to have been a day for mates winding me up that they had managed to find bottles of desperados. First a text message from one mate, then napoleon rubs it in with his blip. But at least I have the memories

My weather station is reporting over 20degC for today. Not bad at all :-)

I’ve just realised that I was missing something for proper happiness. A bottle of desperados. Curse my mates! :-)

Apr 10 2010

Saturday 10 April 2010: Guilt sets in…

Out for a cycle today with a mate from work, starting in Aberfoyle. We had planned out a 56mile route. Couldn’t have asked for better weather. Beautiful sunshine, and barely a breath of wind.

The scenery was utterly superb! I wanted to stop every 50 yards to take a photo, but it would have just taken too long. So the guilt has already started…."that was an awesome view, why didn’t I stop and get a shot?" Some of the views really were incredible, what with loch Katrine being flat calm.

As it was we seemed to keep stopping anyway, mainly to make sure I finished the half kilo or so of marks and spencer sultana cake I was lugging round. It was delicious though.

In the end we did 31.44 miles (every decimal place counts!) and decided to call it quits. Spent the rest of the day eating, or so it seemed.

By bed time I was feeling guilty at not having completed what had been planned………

alternate blip

Apr 9 2010

Friday 9 April 2010: I think the colour might affect the resale value.

Finally got round to building this wee model today. I got it for christmas and it’s just been sitting there waiting to be built. Maybe one day I’ll own a real Murcielago . If I do I dont think I’ll get it in dark green. Bright orange maybe, or matt black would be pretty sweet.

Anyway, enough of the daydreams. Good day today. New carpets fitted, home report completed, bike fettled up. Weather was ace, a real hint of warmth and zero wind. Got a 56mile cycle tomorrow out Aberfoyle way with a mate from work. Will be going over ‘The Dukes Pass’ in both directions which is a fair bit of climbing. Looking forward to it though, and just hoping the weather stays like it was today.

Apr 8 2010

Thursday 8 April 2010: What you lookin’ at?

Decided to try for a we wander at lunchtime with the compact camera. Had forgotten it’s not a bad wee bit of kit, with some manual controls.

Ended up in a wetherspoons bar again tonight. Not the standing order this time though, the falkirk one. And unbelievably beer is even cheaper! £1.39 for a pint of deuchars IPA. I dont think pints in freshers week 15 years ago in the student union were that cheap! To top it off the ‘curry club’ is a quid cheaper than edinburgh too. £4.99 for a curry (ok it’s not the finest, but still tasty) and a pint, it’s no wonder they are riding out the recession quite happily. Oh dear, I think i may be turning into a wetherspoons fanboy. hehe.

Hopefully my back’s better next week, as thats the reason was at the boozer tonight, would otherwise have been climbing.

On the way home was accosted by an old drunk dude as I was looking at the clock tower in the town center. According to him, if you stand with your back against big ben’s tower so you are looking across westminster bridge, when the clock strikes the hour you can’t hear it at all. And this apparently stands true even if you are tripping on LSD, which, according to him, gives you hearing 10 times better than a mere mortal. So now you know.

Apr 7 2010

Wednesday 7 April 2010: All over for another year

The snowboard kit is all packed away in it’s bag for another year. Sad times indeed.

Few jars with napoleon, esme, and some non blippers tonight. All good.

Over 500 quid for a home report today. What a frickin rip off. All that money for a template document with some generic comments stuck in it. Makes me mad.

Apr 6 2010

Tuesday 6 April 2010: April showers

I wonder how many times that has been used as an image title on blipfoto so far this month?

Bit of a lazy a$$ blip from the back garden tonight. Still,rainbows are pretty nice, even if this isn’t the most inspiring photo of one.

Bit of tech support on the phone for dad tonight. Seems I had been a bit haphazard with my setting up of spam filtering on his email account. Apart from that, 2 hours of sorting out photos. It’s a tough life.

Apr 5 2010

Monday 5 April 2010: Light up my life…..

….or at least a small portion of the living room floor. Oh dear, blipping in the living room again, in the dark. Gonna have to start taking my camera out with me more.

What a rank day today! After getting out on the bike for an hour last night in glorious weather I was hoping for more of the same today, but it wasn’t to be. Instead I’ve spend 700 quid on a house I am trying to sell. grrr. That could have been a new lens instead.

Apr 4 2010

Sunday 4 April 2010: And the winner is….

So when I was wee we always had a family easter picnic and an egg decorating competition with all the cousins, judged by grandma. None of us are wee any more, but seeing as we were all home we decided to take part for the first time in years. It just so happened that we had other visitors too, relatives and otherwise.

The beautiful creation you see above won first prize. I even tried to bribe the judge with 80 quid to no avail!

So a hearty congratulations to Mhairi. Not even a member of the family yet she wins a family egg decorating competition. I think I shall request a stewards inquiry!

(the missus has just seen this blip and is demanding to know why her entry wasn’t the subject matter :-)

Apr 3 2010

Saturday 3 April 2010: Looking west….

Bit of a random one this, I’ll be the first to admit. Wish I had bothered to get my tripod out to get an ever so slightly deeper depth of field, ach well, that’s what I get for being lazy….again.

Back home for a surprise dinner for dad. Not very often me and the siblings (and partners) are all in the same place at the same time so it was ace. Cracking meal too at "the auld alliance" in dumfries. It was gonna be a beer blip today, but I managed to refrain.

Apr 2 2010

Friday 2 April 2010: Never to be seen again…

Hopefully this is the last time I have this particular view. Was up on the roof sorting out some ridge tiles that had come loose in the recent gales. All sorted now. I do quite like being up there though, it’s just a perspective of the street most folk don’t get.

I have to find a smart-phone that can take a better picture than this monstrosity. Think i can get a new one on my contract soon, anyone got any suggestions for a decent phone on 3?

I got an ok shot of a mini daffodil today with the real camera, but thought I’d use blip as a photo diary for today again.

Had the house surveyed to get it on the market. Not worth as much as we had hoped. Bummer.

Looking forward to the weekend, gonna see my family.

No beer today, although i did text napoleon to see if he fancied a jar for the third day in a row. He did. As did I. But decided against it in the end.

Oh, just heard a shout from down the stairs. "No more ‘blopping’, lets watch some telly." How can I refuse.

Apr 1 2010

Thursday 1 April 2010: Travel chaos.

A man died when he was hit by a train at Edinburgh Park this afternoon. Not good.

Blip looks like any other day at the station though. Thats what I get for being lazy and not moving a few yards.

So instead of sitting on diverted and delayed trains for hours I went to the boozer…again. Not by myself I hasten to add, 2 of last nights comrades came along when I asked them. Had some tea at the standing order, second curry of the day.

Saw someone using a mk1 nintendo ds. I like seeing people using old stuff. Like the dude on the train that looks a bit like bill bailey that still uses a tape walkman. I want to give him one of my old mp3 players and see if his head explodes at the thought of having all his cassettes on one wee machine. Or at least ask him why he is still using tapes!